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kersy - Burrp User


August 15,2015


food ok ok
service very sad ...no one attends to you...so many flies...such a unhygienic atmosphere. he waiters kept disconnecting the fans to charge their mobiles... some girls next to us were smoking. . Never again
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Aashwiin Miglani - Burrp User

Aashwiin Miglani

August 10,2015

Yuck worst

Yuck for kondhwa!!! The WORST place to have food. Worst management. Please heed my advice and dont go here!! The person who sits on the counter is shifty and doesnt deserve an ounce of respect. I called for a teriyaki chicken burger. I told them it did not have wasabi sauce and asked the guy to replace the burger. He did not do that he poured so much wasabi on the burger that my eyes and ears started burning. I demanded my money back and the guy said we dont give the money. Neither he gold me he wil replace the burger nor he was sorry about it.no regard for the customer.
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Vikas Bhadani - Burrp User

Vikas Bhadani

December 31,2014

A surprise gift of Cockroach inside Burger! Filthy Kitchen!

For all those who found their burgers yummiest and the place great, think again!
I went there with two of my friends and this is what we had to find inside the burger..LIVE COCKROACH!
so if anyone was finding it the crunchiest burger ever, you never knew what was inside!
We went there in the late afternoon since we had heard a lot about this place and Burrp has a descent rating(surprisingly!). We ordered Classic Chicken Burger, Spicy Fish Burger & Crunchy Paneer Burger with French Fries to go with it. Although, the place itself was not giving us good feelers, with the chair I was sitting was broken and the table itself was about to fall. As we started munching on the burgers, one of my friends spotted a cockroach on my plate, half alive and was sandwiched between the buns. I had to puke outside the joint. Within seconds, we called up the waiter and he rushed the plate to throw the stuffs off into the dustbin. We asked the outlet manager to show us their kitchen, which he resisted and tried to cover up the whole thing. He kept apologizing saying he will refund it but one of my friends rushed inside the kitchen and saw it was so filthy and dirty that the cockroaches were roaming here n there.
We could not take the photographs nor the bill(since it was refunded) in the heat of things but its high time their management takes notice of the cleanliness and hygiene in their kitchens.
For public at large: Mere flaunting zomato certified and high ratings does not mean they are good.
For Burrp: You got to revisit your strategy to certify and rate the restaurants/food outlets.

We were also saddened by few people who were ordering at the counters and were aware of the conversations we were having on dirty kitchen and cockroach after we found it but did not stop them from eating those.
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farshos - Burrp User


November 25,2012

Nice Burgers

Burger Ban is a good place to have burgers . Variety of Burgars are available out there. Alovely place to eat
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batman - Burrp User


February 27,2012

Tasteless, mediocre burgers; no variety

I tasted burgers two-three times at Salunke vihar outlet.
I must say that all burgers are made from same patty - one for veg and one for non-veg.
Only the outer sauces and toppings differ that too not much.
The chicken patty or the veg patty itself is life less and dull in taste.

Amazing part is there is self service.
When anytime you go, you will find 4-5 employees of the barn sitting outside under a tree , just chit-chatting. But of-course they wont serve the customers.

I have heard horrible tales of "hospitality" and "manners" of the manager (Sardarji) at their Koregaon park outlet. Hence never visited it.
Once I ate a burger sitting outside their old KP outlet, surrounded by flies, a dog sleeping and a beggar pestering right at the table. What ambience.

It is sad to say for want of competition , burger barn is surviving on its mediocre stuff.
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comfort1327 - Burrp User


February 25,2012

Best Chicken Burgers in Town !!

When BBC finally opened at Salunkhe Vihar, i had been waiting with countdown each day.. 2yrs now, n yet not bored with the taste of classic barn..
i converted into a veggie for a while, and not bieng a gr8 fan of paneer i found it diffcult to choose something..
But After-Eight (for mint lovers) and Oreo Shakes just cannot be missed ..
Even Fish and Chips , Salads are a great grab ..
its not a very good idea to get waffles or pancakes home delivered or parceled, try eating it fresh there..
You can grab a drink or tell at the counter that you will pay later(after ur meal) they just note ur table number, nothing very hard and fast about pay first.. they are pretty understanding that you are eating, if you are chatting away and you order the server the response was pretty obvios.
Uncle is nice and is not seen around much these days, But "Junior" i guess his name is Sunny .. is a real sweetheart, he recognises all the regulars and does come up and chat with us often.. He was quite a support when we attempted the Epic WTF burger challenge..
Its good place to catch up over a cup of coffee or ice tea too.
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sudhakarhannda - Burrp User


August 26,2010


I realized the irony after 2 visits. The first time I was so pleased with the great taste of the burger, that I ignored the boorish behaviors of the 'servers'. Thats what a waiter called himself when asked if could take an order - this was when half-way thru that delicious burger I had a pang of thirst and wanted a coke. The 'server' informed me that he can only serve and not take orders - you have to place it yourself with the cashier and pay and then you will be served at your table. Though I had placed my order with the cashier, I had not realized that I was following the system.
Also , I realized, there was no place for the ketchup - you just have to pour it on the burger - or just open the burger and lay it on the inner pattie.
All the dishes (except paste, noodles) are served in a plastic netted basket - where you are required to dip in to get the burger. Nice idea, but not too comfortable if you have to keep bending yr wrist to reach inside the basket. They could be slightly shallow and maybe of better material. Netted plastic is a bit difficult to keep clean and hygienic.
The other experience was at the Koregaon branch.When I walked in the grumpy looking sardarji behind the counter seemed busy with his computer, little did I realize that placing an order with him would pull him away from his computer-solitaire and invite his well controlled and unspoken wrath. But it was too late , I had spoken to him and placed an order.
After that I sat in the furthest table from him - in complete silence praying for a non-incidental evening.
The food is very well made, the best hamburger in town! But, as always in nature, there is the service to offset the great taste!!
I believe a little training for the staff could go a long way in creating a very pleasant experience at every visit.
Now I prefer the take-away to sitting there, specially at the Salunke-Vihar where a hoard of uninvited flies like to gather around my very delicious burger. Cant blame them, I guess.
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Reply from restaurant management

Visited the K-Park outlet last week. 'Uncle' wasn't there, met the junior Sikh. Pleasant guy, but you need to make this family smile. Or maybe we cant see it. :-) The food was great as usual - the hygiene can be improved with a little bit of effort.

Visited the K-park outlet last week. "Uncle" wasn't there, met the junior Sikh. Quite pleasant and the food was great as usual.

Vikram_OO7 - Burrp User


June 12,2010

Burger Bum

Went to this place, not the trendiest of places to say the least and uncomfortable chairs that hurt your back. Ordered fires which were served in a bread basket with no saucer for ketchup. Burgers are alright, but there are better places to chill and have coffee/shakes like Brew Brothers Cafe nearby.
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Gaurav Malik - Burrp User

Gaurav Malik

May 30,2010

Here To Stay

I am not a Burger fan and at one point of time was confused which one is better KFC Burger or the Mcdonalds one. After trying the Burger Barn Cafe, I am sure the would go a long long way provided they keep the food the way it is and keep delivering consistent product as product quality is very important. I think Burger Barn Cafe has all the ingredients to take India by storm and atleast give both Mcdonalds and KFC a run for its money. Guess they need to expand aggressively.
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priyadarshan - Burrp User


May 14,2010

Burger and Shake lovers

A nice place for having cheap, sumptuous and substantial burgers. For veggies, Mushroom burger is a suggestion by me .
Shakes are also good. They have (iced) tea, coffees etc. too.
The place is small , approx. 4 tables, but good to stop by for the evening meal, while in KP.
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Suryad Pai - Burrp User

Suryad Pai

April 26,2010

Nice place, worth a try

Nice place to try some different burgers... located in lane 7 of Koregaon park, it offers nice range of International Burgers... price ranges between 50- 100... dont compare it to McD coz the concept is totally different... Decor is interesting... cosy but comfirtable....

Certainly not 10 on 10 but its worth an occasional visit
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manjot77  - Burrp User


April 28,2013

it sticks

try it and I am sure it will happen again. fast food only
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