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Koregaon Park
393, Sanas Corner, Lane No. 5, South Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune
09:00 am to 12:00 am

Price: Rs.1800 for two

Cuisine: European, Italian

Known for: Beef Momos, Terttulia Pizza

Large Group Friendly
Serves alcohol
Bar area
Valet parking
Large screen
Air conditioned
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Anand Shetye - Burrp User

Anand Shetye

April 15,2014

Good Place to Chillout on a Weekend..

This is my second visit to this place and I must say I love the ambiance of this place. The interior decor is wonderful with wooden furniture and vintage collections hanging on the walls. Good music playing in the background just helps in creating a mood. But I personally recommend outdoor seating. It is the best with wooden furniture which are comfortable, also wooden walls. Overall ambiance is great to chill out.
Coming to the food review. The first time I came here, for starters I ordered rosemary baby potatoes which were great. Just needed some spiciness. Then for main course I ordered BBQ grilled chicken which was great. It was a proper mix of roasted outer part and soft interior flesh complimented with BBQ sauce and mash potatoes. It tasted really great.
But this time when I went, I ordered the same dish ( BBQ grilled chicken) and I was disappointed. The chicken was a bit tougher than usual to cut through. Also the sauce was less which made it dry. The mash potatoes were great though. Along with me a friend of mine had ordered King prawns dis with brown sauce (Sorry forgot the name), but the prawns were stinking a bit and the taste was not at all good. We also ordered pasta dish of penne with tomato cream cheese sauce. That dish was the only dish we liked. But we were disappointed with the main course.
Then for dessert we ordered a gooey chocolate pastry which was wonderful. The cake was super soft plus the warm chocolate sauce was slowly dripping out of it.. Aah! Just wonderful!
Well, I won't say that the food is bad.. I know that there are other dishes in the menu that I haven't yet discovered but they might be good. So I won't directly comment on the quality of food. But all I want to say is that the management should look after the food that comes out of the kitchen.
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Rohit Khopkar - Burrp User

Rohit Khopkar

November 14,2013

Strictly Average

Had been dying to go here ever since I had heard about this restaurant, finally got an opportunity to go and dine there with some colleagues. Located in a serene corner of Koregaon Park, Terttulia is great for that quiet get away from the hustle and bustle of the main road. Surrounded by well kept trees, one is immediately put at ease and prepares one's self for a casual dining experience. They have an outdoor seating which I am told is very popular and an indoor section; this is a mixture of dining tables, cabana style seating and high cock-tail tables.

There is no host desk and one can just walk in and request a table, we decided to sit in the indoor section as it was a tad bit hot. What caught my eye in the indoor section was their wine display it was magnificent!!!

The menu is very similar to an all day dining deli and has a variety of dishes to choose from; our order was as follows:

BBQ Chicken Pizza: The crust was not good, it reminded me of a Khari (Puff pastry biscuit) biscuit, the BBQ sauce was non existent and the cheese was the local Amul grated cheese. The overall taste was horrible, the Pizza lacked substance and tasted more like a Chicken Coated with Tomato Ketchup Pizza.

Vietnamese Basa with Hollandaise and Grilled Vegetables: The Basa was cooked perfectly, however except on the crust it was completely bland, the hollandaise was grainy (indicating it was pre-made and ready to split any moment), the grilled vegetables were also under seasoned.

Pork Ribs with Corn Meal: One of the better dishes in their menu, the Pork was tender and fell of the bone indicating they had cooked it properly, the corn meal was well seasoned and accompanied the pork ribs perfectly. No complaints on this one!

Chef Sanjay's Special Burger: This was a curried nightmare!!! One just tasted curry everywhere, it was overladen with Mayonnaise and was accompanied by a curried slaw!!! The patty itself was hard and dry (a good indicator that maybe no one orders it and its been sitting in the deep freezer for days...what a gut wrenching thought!!!). There is nothing special about this one!!! This is served with a side of country wedges which has no salt, I sincerely hope we did not appear to come off as people on a low sodium diet to them ?!?!?

Chicken Wrap: Good dish, great flavor, the egg coating along with the pesto and chicken worked very well to create a harmony on the palate.

Lamb Ragout with Buttered Spaghetti: Ahhh!!! The star of our main course!!! The lamb was succulent and tender, the jus or gravy was divine and the spaghetti was not only perfectly cooked but was a great accompaniment to the dish as each strand of it encapsulated the jus!!! Great dish, a definite must try!!!

Gooey Chocolate Cake: EXCELLENT!!!! Moist and sinfully delicious!!! I swear if I had place in my stomach I would have ordered one more of this!!! P.S. They also have a dessert display, where one can go and choose their desserts from...Great concept!!!

The food was better than average but where they need to improve upon is their service, the service is not efficient!!! We had 3 people come and take our order, we had to keep raising our hands to grab some one's attention, there was no manager or supervisor present on the floor, to hear our grievances. The kitchen also needs to work faster, it took them 25 minutes to bring out our Pizza (there was only one other table in the restaurant) and another 30 minutes for our main course!!! Very very slow, that is why a supervisor or manager is required!!! No one even asked us what our meal was nor did they give us a comment card at the end of the meal.

The only thing holding this place together is their location, I do not see any other reason why I would want to go there again!!!
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