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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

March 28,2013

Starry eyed surprise

PBC has been one of those places quietly going around minding its own business.

when i.browsed through the place and looked at some intricate chocolate carvings and craftsmanship in chocolate moulding inwas pretty sure the place was a star.
When it came to celebration time, it obviously was chosen also because it supports all payment modes. The pastry chef is pretty good at what he does.

we ordered for a 4kg black forest cake with fondant but probably they forgot the black forest part and gave us chocolate.

the cake had numerous layers. i stopped counting after 6. the layers were filled with chocolate buttercream filling and covered with blue and white fondant.

each piece of the cake was a mini meal itself.

good cake albiet pricey..but what more can you expect from a bakery in a 5 star...

do try out this place for your cake needs...
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Pc Terix - Burrp User

Pc Terix

February 19,2013

Delicious cheese cake

Delicious cheese cake, great sandwich and a service with a smile. Will come back again.
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Neha  Kulkarni - Burrp User

Neha Kulkarni

January 18,2013

Desserts and more!

Lovely place with an awesome variety of desserts. if you wish to grab a quick bite the sandwiches are really good. They have a make your own sandwich and the options available are really good with different types of cheese, breads, meat and veggies.
The bacon and onion quiche is a must try. The desserts are too die for and it is so tough to choose one.
Perfect for coffee, conversation and more!
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Pushkar Deshpande - Burrp User

Pushkar Deshpande

November 14,2012


Although high priced and premium, their goodies and bakery are worth splurging on. The wide variety of teas and coffee are also delectable. They have several gifting options too.
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saurabhmukh - Burrp User


September 29,2012

Pune Baking Company

There are pros and cons to everything...pros: the quality of food and taste of bakery products including coffee, is great!...however, the cost of food + VAT and Svc tax would amount to a thousand bucks for 2 people (easily). The cheesecake is the star of the menu and a first time visitor should have it and so is the chocolate mousse. Unlike, WestIn or other 5 star hotels of Pune, PBC served coffee in plastic(fibre) glasses and that is something you won't like!

Sitting outside in the garden, if you are with your spouse or g.f would be heavenly!

I will rate this 3.5 out of 5!

Best of Luck!

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Ankur Borwankar - Burrp User

Ankur Borwankar

January 16,2012

Marriott's Own Atlantis

This cosy bakery on the ground floor of one of Pune's premier hotels was for a long time an undiscovered treasure in the heart of the city. Oddly, instead of letting popularity ruin it, the Pune Baking Co. seems to have become impatient and committed harakiri.

It started out serving coffees and pastries in one corner of the hotel's immense atrium. The selection of coffees is excellent. South African, East African and even French Roast are on the menu along with tried & tested classics like the cappuccino, mochaccino and latte. They serve every coffee with a tiny biscuit that varies with the coffee. There're shakes too, and some yoghurt based berry drinks for the health conscious. Everything on the menu is excellent, and a single latte will suffice for two.

I've had many interesting conversations here and it has become a breeding ground for ideas and intellectual stimulation. The food was never really great, but it wasn't bad. Some puffs and some sandwiches - nothing out of the ordinary. The waiting staff is very well trained and always courteous.

An outside seating area exists, but I've never occasioned to go there. Near one corner there's a refrigerated section stocking imported drinks. There's also a bookrack with a selection of magazines from around the world and some exquisitely destined Lonely Planets. All of these make for good reads and the management seems to welcome window shoppers - an admirable and apt policy. A big fake (and apparently hollow) chocolate cake sits waiting on the counter surrounded by lollipops and gum balls. There's also crazy things like chocolate CDs, a chocolate iPhone and a chocolate car - and they're all for sale, though nothing ever leaves the shelf. The atmosphere is perfect for conversation and late night dates. Or at least it used to be.

A couple months ago, the 24x7 was cut drastically short and the cafe now goes lights out by midnight. Worse still, the prices have climbed unchecked and, truly, only the 1% can afford to buy a snack with their coffee. The price for a joe has gone from 100 to 165. Those tiny biscuits that were like surprise gifts now seem a pittance, sitting there mocking you for being robbed in broad daylight. Cookies can be evil.

Sadly, at this rate, it's just a matter of time before the cafe goes belly up.
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