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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 30,2015

Best multicuisine Dining

One of the best fine dining multicuisine restaurants in Pune which serves remarkably good dishes as per the high-end dining standards The view from the terrace it's the best part, what more can you say about this funny seamless mix of 4-5 restaurants combined into one.Y hey have both buffet and A-la Carte, the latter is more preferable. Just try to make a reservation, cause it is most likely be full on weekend.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 19,2015

Decent Buffet

The place is quite spacious, also there is outdoor seating as restaurant is at Top floor, i would suggest you to try buffet option for veg/non-veg lunch.
Food is quite tasty, service is quick and you can spend pleasant time with friends/family. I liked that there was fish in starters as well as in the main course. Buffet is at Rs. 550 per person including taxes. The dessert counter needs a little improvement as far as variety is concerned. Overall very good.
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prerna21patil - Burrp User


August 31,2013

Fabulous Dinner!!

Tried the Rooftop place (Infinity) for dinner yesterday! Its an absolute delight!
Haven't eaten such amazing vegetarian food in a very very long time! We went straight for the main course because we just wanted a fulfilling meal after a couple of drinks. Our order was pretty simple, Paneer Handi, Dal Makhni and Accompaniments, but still it turned out to be one the most sinfully satisfying meals ever! The dishes were placed above tiny candle flames to keep the food warm. Probably why the Dal Makhni was so sumptuous! Perfectly cooked! Was pleased with the service too! They were all pretty prompt and hospitable. So going again!
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Ankit Surana - Burrp User

Ankit Surana

July 11,2013

Avoid This Place

Worst Buffet Experience Ever !!

I can't rate any single thing good.
Poor ambience.
Food was cold.
Servings were empty.
Staff was not responsive.

And above all, they were not apologetic about it.
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Ruchi Thakur - Burrp User

Ruchi Thakur

July 08,2013

Wonderful And lavish Buffet At Post 91

We had been to this place earlier also but this time we had a wonderful time. We were twelve people. Once we entered, we were greeted by their staff and it felt very warm. We got a good place to sit . The food was brilliant here. Kebab's were too nice.
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manali777 - Burrp User


July 06,2013

Great Food

I had been to this place quite often but this time felt like the quality of food has moved on to height the interior , ambiance , food was perfect . Kebab was mouthwatering . Main course we had is veg and it was delicious . Nice mock tails at the house .
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Nikhil Deo - Burrp User

Nikhil Deo

July 05,2013


I have been to this place many times and the quality of this restaurant has been up to the mark specially the Dal tadka. It was so tasty and perfectly cooked. We had asked for a veg manchurian in starter and masala papad. Then we called for panir Malavada and dal tadka in main course. Butter naan was very soft. Rice was brilliant . Ambiance was also nice. Service is great .Thank you Post 91 ;)
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Sachin  - Burrp User


April 12,2013

Goood Foood

Have been here a few times and must say that the food is awesome.
Have tried both Day buffet and A la carte at roof top.
Had dinner at the rooftop. Ambiance and food was awesome.
Service was a bit on the lower side. Took almost half an hour for Dal Makhani.
Buffet was good. Overall a good experience.
Food : 4/5
Ambiance : 3.5/5
Service : 3/5
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vikiby - Burrp User


November 19,2012

A Buffet A Day

The only All Day Buffet restaurant seems to be changing its stripes slowly but surely.

The food needs more innovations and something new to keep the clientele coming back for more.

Waiting for some positive news before I go back here
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Deepak Singh - Burrp User

Deepak Singh

November 17,2012


Ohhhhhh amazing place in Pune...... its more than just a hangout for my peer group n me as we have enjoyed the bad n good days both, here at POST91. A cool place for enjoying unlimited drinks n tasty food. All of this if you get to see the latest spoting action on a big screen. We made it a habit to watch the finals of major spoting actions be it the soccer world cup, the cricket world cup or F1 finishes. A buffet of a wide range of feasts is available @POST91. The best cuisine was the idea n concept of PARATHAS of your choice ingredients made right infront of you ekdum garmaa garam. Anda handful of chocolates await you as you move out of the restaurant after a stomach full of food n many dessert combos. A fun place is POST91!!
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freelanceeater - Burrp User


November 13,2012

not worth a single penny

i had recently visited this place and i have only two words overly expensive and charred food.the menu is limited,the food was charred(i had ordered a buffalo wings and the pieces seems like it was off a dwarf chicken)the pieces were slightly burned.the main course was more appalling than the starters as it wasn't even enough to fill one person.overall a bad experience and im never going back to post91.
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Sauptak Banerjee - Burrp User

Sauptak Banerjee

April 28,2012

Pretty good....

I was a little skeptical about the place intially coz of the mixed reviews i read in here... so me and my friends only went for drinks and starters.... and Voila!!!... It was surprisingly good...u wont get the taste of it unless you try it yourself...good ambience....good starters and good drinks.... loved the brain hemorrhage....and also the staff was very friendly, helpful and pleasant in their service.... starters tried were delicious .....the menu had quite a variety..... looking forward to going their with a bunch load of friends for a full fledged meal... cheers! :)
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Akshay Peshave - Burrp User

Akshay Peshave

April 06,2012

Poor poor service...

Decent mocktails, the water mist system is a personal favorite, food on the a-la-carte menu is a good spread of cuisines. I can even live with the restricted menu in terms of vegetarian food. But their service kills the mood across board.
Their lounge may be decent but the service at Grappa Garden is one of the poorest among similar joints. I felt that their staff incapable of managing a table of more than four people.

P.S. : ...and the Kheema is over-rated
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thefoodcritic - Burrp User


January 14,2012

Pathetic is the Word!

I found the Mojo buffet (at New year) the most awfully pathetic buffets i have ever had in the city after having to shell out 1999/- (with IMFL) for it (thanks to Zomato). Do you guys even know how to make people happy while they pay to expect some ambiance worth the bucks?We guys were made to sit outside the buffet area in the open on a crappy table. No music on New year?WTF!!
About the buffet, I can say dessert was up to the mark. But the sea food sucked, the squid was probably just tossed on fire for 5 secs. It really didn't seem like a buffet one would have expected on new year's eve. I wouldn't ever recommend the Mojo Buffet @ Post91 to anyone ever, especially if they wish to welcome the New year and opt for it.
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Dhiraj Kotai - Burrp User

Dhiraj Kotai

December 10,2011

Nice place to be

It;s nice place. The ambience is really good with nice mannered staff. We went there on our anniversay and enjoyed the starters calamari, bruschetta is to die for really nice n delicious. There are 2 floors in post 91 the goriund is served with buffet, then u have discotheque on 1st n the last they have is the rest. known as grapa garden.....if u get a chance to go do not miss the plce.
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gaurav padiyar - Burrp User

gaurav padiyar

September 24,2011

good food (only if you order, not buffet)

food was good, but variety of soups is very less.. mean two soups for vegens
service was also good..
good ambience at 2nd floor .. moderate prices
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saumya123 - Burrp User


June 16,2011

Superlative Value for Money!

Im actually shocked to read some of the bad reviews here, because be it their terrace bistro Grappa or the Mojo buffet at any time of the day has always been an enjoyable experience.
I discovered Post 91 by accident actually when i was looking for a friends address and i'm so glad i remembered to go back!
Mojo Buffet always has a extensive menu that is never the same (variety is definitely their forte) for both non-veggies as well as vegetarian counterparts. Their live counters is what i look forward to most. Also their mutton preparations are a delight
The food festivals that showcase different regional specialties are spectacular. Infact their ongoing Monsoon Flavors of India is the perfect example of incorporating recipes from the whole country; traditional items i don't get to eat anywhere else in the city. Also i must make a mention to their Karaoke nights which are just so much fun!

Grappa Garden is like your ideal monsoon adda; the beautiful view and a cozy ambiance is just what i love in this weather. And the kheema pav here; man oh man - i mean its should get like an award or something! The deserts too get a special mention; all this and at such reasonable rates.

They always have great liquor and food deals that are value for money; and the location too is ideal - right in Koregoan Park but away from all the traffic and noise!
What can i say - i love Post 91. Great job guys!
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sushant27 - Burrp User


May 25,2011

The Place To Be

post 91 rocks in terms of ambiance and excellent food and very rightly priced.
the buffet has an awesome spread and the quality of food rocks.

Grappa Garden the A La carte multi cuisine bistro is amazing
amazing thin crust pizzas and the sumo burgers and the KHEEMA PAV is to die for with a terrace to sit and amazing fogging system with nice HOOKAs ........ this place rocks
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Reply from restaurant management

We LOVE our Kheema Pav as well. Thank you for your beautiful review and we hope to continue satisfying you in the future. :)

Preeti Bhasin - Burrp User

Preeti Bhasin

May 24,2011

awful food

Extremely poor food, too greasy, cold and bad choice of menu, at least for the vegans... could not go past the starters...
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sachin9988 - Burrp User


May 06,2011

Awful..Pathetic food quality & worst service

Food Quality : very bad
Service : worst
Ambiance : bad (ACs are not working, bad smell, fan blows smoke on your face)
Drink : No indian drink (doing fraud business). No Variety of beer.
We had very bad experience and would not suggest to anyone to go there. Don't waste your money here.......
They don't know how to treat to customer, they should close their restaurant.
Guys, stay away from this restaurant. I don't mind to pay more for good service and food quality.
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Sonam_D - Burrp User


April 04,2011


Pathetic is word they deserve...Quality of food was worst then any C grade restaurant (as it was stale) and worst then this was their staff...they shud close their restaurant nd turn it into some road side dhaba.....
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Reply from restaurant management

I sincerely apologise for the experience you had. We would love it if you would give us a chance to better it.

Post 91  - Burrp User

Post 91

January 03,2011

Best Buffet In Town

Raj we are very surprised at your review. We have on any given day - Lunch and dinner - a large variety of carbs i.e. rice and noodles and even biryani to go with the steam rice. We have 5 varieties of salads and 2 varieties of raita on our Salad Bar on any given date lunch and dinner. There's 2 varieties of soups on our buffet and u can ask our chefs to prepare your favorite soup any time, in addition we have crabs and all meats on our buffet - lunch and dinner everyday.

We have approx 10 different varieties of desserts including some Indian ones on special occasions.

We have an air conditioned space which seats 60 and an outdoor space which seats 50 and the outdoors has a temperature controlled environment provided by an Italian fogging system.

Our pricing is competitive for the services provided.

We feel hard done by your very ill informed web post and if we may say, very misleading information to the netizens.

Raj every reviewer has to be a responsible individual when expressing their views on the world wide web.

Having said this we hold no grudges and invite you to a meal on the house for you and your family next time you visit our wonderful restaurant.


Team - Post 91
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rraj5 - Burrp User


September 23,2010

Worst Buffet in Pune

(1) No Variety - only 1 type of soup; only 1 type of rice - plain white rice; no variety of salad or curd/raita related items

(2) Hopeless dessert - this is the only buffet where I have boondi laddoo in dessert (give me a break!)

(3) Roadside dhaba type ambience - pedestal fans blowing smoke on your face

(4) All this crap at a hefty price

Stay away from this restaurant. The incident is not far when someone will fall sick of the poor quality of food
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akshayapan - Burrp User


August 21,2010

Good Place, moderate pricing

Went there on a Sunday. Good crowd, good ambience.
Choice is good for a non-veg person. I could not eat/try all dishes.
Rs 500 for a weekend buffet without wine.
Must try.
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Jitesh Shah - Burrp User

Jitesh Shah

June 02,2010

Awesome place but less options for veggie's

We friends in happy hours combo in afternoon with very high expectations, all were happy with ambiance, service, drinks,food but i was bit disappointed as i was the only veggie in there, i was served with two vegetable and a Dal as main course, out of 2 veg one was Baingan Masala and it was too oily also got one starter but drinks was unlimited so we were happy.

I suggest for all veggie's that first check the menu than proceed as taste and quality is good but they are not good enough to impress veggie's.
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Shantanu  - Burrp User


April 15,2009

Top notch!

The ambience is lovely and as it was a Sunday, turns out it was karaoke night too! That added to the great time we had! The food was simply brilliant. Good variety of starters - particularly enjoyed the Mutton Kakori Tikka (hope i've got the name right!). The main course was a great spread and im not lying when i say i still dream of the Chicken Pot Roast.. :) I didn't do justice to the dessert coz I was so stuffed on starters and the main course! Maybe I should try skipping more than two meals before going there the next time! Definitely worth going to over and over!!
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Nishant Singh - Burrp User

Nishant Singh

February 20,2009

Awesome Buffet!

We drove down to Pune from Mumbai on a lazy Sunday to go to a few parties. Before heading out to shake a leg or two, we decided to have a pit stop at Post91, a place which all of us had heard of.
Fast forward to the ambiance, very nice - corporatish downstairs while upstairs it looks like a hall was turned into a makeshift diner. But no complaints anyways.
Since these guys had wine + beer along with the food in the buffet, we decided to fill ourselves up with drinks and food b4 heading out anywhere.
They only had Indian wines and in beer they had kingfisher blue.
The main part was the food with a good variety of starters, main course and OMG!! loads and loads of desserts!
We gobbled down the starters which included chicken pieces, fish, paneer and a mixed veg offering (pardon me for forgetting the names). In the main course I stuck to chicken biryani which I though was marvelous. Though this particular fish dish also tasted good.
The came the dessert. I dont know about my friends, but i tried everything in desserts and I like a particular pastry which had a cheese layer on top. It was finger licking delicious! Then there was the usual mithais and other pastry offerings as well.
Overall we spent 500 bucks each. Money well spent! Will definitely go to this place again whenever I am in Pune next. Bon Appetit.
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4everyoung - Burrp User


February 06,2009

ah the quiz

the place to be on monday evenings... however the bar needs to add old monk to the list and some unusual things like various kinds of baida roti to go with it... u can always give it some oriental name, right mr chandavarkar?
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Hemanshu Narsana - Burrp User

Hemanshu Narsana

January 20,2009

Great DJ, Good food, and Slightly unfair price

We went on a weekday, and had a blast there. The menu was well thought out.

Though I was vegetarian I found even the nonveg worth a look.

They had a paratha tava going, for those who wanted to mix and match their own paratha stuffing. It was delicious, with at least 10 veg and 10 nonveg stuffing options.

The decor was quite good, with nice lighting and well placed mirrors to give the place a spacious feel. There is also an outdoor area/patio for couples who want to enjoy the season along with the food.

The DJ was absolutely the best part. He had a good collection of numbers, english mostly, but really awesome. I think he covered from the 80s to the 00s in music, mostly rock, R&B, etc..

All in all a good place to go and unwind with friends. :)

All in all a good place to go and unwind with friends.
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Ray M - Burrp User

Ray M

October 06,2008

Great food ..great price !!

This is one fo the best buffet places i've been to in pune. The ambiance is great , the service is very good ..and the food tastes excellent. Not to mention the mind blowing desserts...which are absolutely awesome. The best part i liked was the awesome starters and the salad bar ..which offers quite a bit in terms of salad types and dressings. One suggestion would be to please leave some place for the desserts as they are truly awesome. The only flip side would be that the place is usually crowded ..so make sure you reserve in advance.All this and a complimentary non-alcoholic drink for about 300 bucks per person for lunch on a weekday is well worth it. In my opinion ..it is the best buffet place in pune. Try it out ...and see for yourself.
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