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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 30,2015

best corporate meet place

Mezzanine is a hot favorite for project lunches and dinners in HJW,.It is a huge place and hence has varied seating options. It has the huts which are ideal for teams or a large group. You can also sit on the lawns by the candle-light with soft music adding to the ambience. The Lounge has some good music and outside their are huge screens to watch sports. The Menu is quite elaborate. you can enjoy Desi Punjabi food, or Chinese or continental. There is sufficient parking too . Overall, if you have enough time & dont care of money, visit this restaurant at least once.
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ishantupe - Burrp User


April 27,2015

Used to be once of my favs, not anymore

Pathetic service.. rude and ignorant staff.. liquor prices have gone soar high (even higher than HRC at the moment) overcrowded always..
Even if you dont get to feed urself on time, the mosquitoes ll do for sure.. No repellant coil helps..
Staff serves you as if they do you a favor.. zero hospitality.. all complains unheard very conviniently..
Lounge stinks of phenol..
Never going back to this place..
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 19,2015

Garden style Lounge

This is a garden style restaurant, with water bodies and greenery around. It was a pleasure having food here. Excellent ambience I must say be it candle night dinner or a team dinner or a quiet family dinner.A multi-cuisine menu gives you ample options. The food is nicely prepared and well presentedDrinks Menu is also quite a selection. A Perfect place to unwind with friends over the weekend - or Friday nights.
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Isha2505 - Burrp User


March 23,2015


The most pathetic place..no hospitality.. The waiters are goons here..my husband was hit by the waiter here..just because we returned the food since there were onions in the food when we ordered jain..when we called him to our table with his manager..he abused us and started hitting..so this is what we expect from a Mezza 9..they didn't tell us the owners name..when we tried to click pictures they even held my hand..
It was the most disgusting experience... The staff has no level of hospitality sense.. Absolute insane treatment given to us...the food was also horrible... Its a strict no no place..plus to add on the so called manager tells us that "Aap toh idhar jagda karne hi aaye the" I cannot expect this kind of behaviour from roadside food stall too.
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balaD007 - Burrp User


January 25,2015

extremely rude staff !!!

Good food and good ambience. However the overall experience was very bad. The staff head assigning the table was extremely rude and denied us giving a hut even though 90 percent of the huts were empty - just because we didn't have the required number for people for the hut as per their "LAW". When I asked whites the issue, he said if I gave 10,000 Rs, he can give me that place as thats the minimum for a Hut !!!! Cant be more redicolous then this.
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Jitin100 - Burrp User


December 23,2014


Average food, good ambiance, Bad & Delayed Service and Most Importantly VERY BAD DINING EXPERIENCE. I was denied the table of my choice as it had capacity for 4 and we were a couple (On a Monday late evening with less than 50% occupancy). I then also realized that Senior Manager Mr Babu.K.R is the rudest person the hospitality industry.... He did not shy away from asking me to leave the place if I insist on shifting me to that empty table. Not only he said those golden words he said them loudly in front of other customers and waiter...
Sadly I had already taken a table and ordered the drinks and starters and it was late to shift restaurants at that time... but I was eventually punished by bad service, average food and a bill of 2,800 (for two).

Strongly recommend to save your self from this place and choose many other interesting options available in Hinjewadi.
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Nitin Rao Chandavar - Burrp User

Nitin Rao Chandavar

October 05,2014





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rishikt  - Burrp User


March 30,2014

Average Eatery with Typical Puneri Service

1. International cuisine (tried Mexican) is more authentic (read not Indianized!) than anywhere I have eaten in Pune.
2. Decent ambiance. No loud blaring music.

1. Food portions small in comparison to similar restaurants.
2. Chicken Biryani was overcooked. Had a hard time chewing.
3. Slightly costly as compared to the quantity served (see point no. 1)
4. Hard to read menu card due to use of dark foreground and background colors.
5. Personally experienced the waiters and servers to be on the unhygienic side. When asked for a napkin they handed over a tray full of stinking towels (looked like they were using for cleaning the floor).
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rkchandra - Burrp User


February 07,2014

Good Food. Can Try any time

Very good place for veg/non veg Punjabi dish. We can try any time. ..
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santosh sahoo - Burrp User

santosh sahoo

January 01,2014

NYE- organiser is just another profit maker !!!!

The first thing is really horrible was the organiser charging 500 rupees extra like a black ticketer at the venue at 9 pm... so unprofessional n cheap practice...the place was jam packed... and only 1 ladies wash room.. gals were in que like in front of ration shop waiting for bpl rice... to the worst, I noticed towards the end, they were filling the glasses with bore water.. luckily before giving it to my kid I noticed that... else it could have been food poisoning. . To summerise, dear organiser does profit making one and only motto ??
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Chandan Joshi - Burrp User

Chandan Joshi

November 29,2013

Convenient and Nice

I have had both working lunches and dinner parties at Mezza9 and they have never failed to satisfy. Both the garden area and the inside sitting area have great ambience and sitting in the tents is a different experience. The food is delicious and sumptuous and they maintain a good hygiene. Only let down was that a couple of times we found that many of the desert items were not available, which was definitely a let down.
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jiggy23 - Burrp User


September 16,2013

Beautiful Restaurant, Great Food!

Went to Mezza9 for the first time with a few friends and had a very pleasant experience here. The place is beautiful, the open air terrace seating is just fab! The decor is very appealing too. We went just snacks and starters as we had to head to some other place for dinner. I had Tomato Basil Soup which was yum! Very well prepared and a lot of herbs, just as I love! We ordered Nachos and also a dish which had a lot of grilled cheese basically. Taste was awesome. Portions were generous! Pricing too was pretty reasonable. But most of all one should go for the ambiance and the vibe of the place. Its Blissful!
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manali777 - Burrp User


September 16,2013

Wonderful Ambiance But Average Food

Went to this restaurant on a Friday evening. Ordered for a mutton kheema and kulcha along with a few drinks to go by. The kulcha tasted amazing but the kheema was not authentic. The mutton pieces have to be shredded properly but in this case it was not and neither was it tender - the taste could have been better too. Their Service was top class and so was the ambiance. I have been to Mezza9 a few times before but this was an experience I would not want to recall. The total bill was approximately Rs. 900 for 2.
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jiggy23 - Burrp User


August 14,2013

Good Food, Expensive Though

Went to this place on the suggestion of a few friends. We sat inside the restaurant, the service was good, the food was good but a bit on the expensive side. Though it is a good fine diner and it is surely worth a visit once.
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vivekranand - Burrp User


April 02,2013

Poor Service

I'm writing this review as m coming out of this restaurant.
I went to this restaurant at around 7.15pm and placed an order for a soup and a starter...
At 7.30pm, I placed the order for the main course which is nothing a but a simple Garlic bread and Dhal...
While the soup was served with a decent delay, the starter was served a bit of delay and after couple of reminders...

And then, the waiting time started for the main course...
From their body language, I assume that either the waiter who took the order missed to place the order or something went wrong in the kitchen...

At 8.15pm, when I called up the waiter who was taking orders today(2nd April), he made a visit to the kitchen and came back..

Finally, the food came to the table at 8.20pm...
When I called the waiter to talk to him, he asked for an excuse and started moving to the other tables...

It was too offending and I had to leave the food untouched on the table...
When I wanted to talk to a Manager, no one available...
When I asked for the bill for the soup and the starter I had, I had to wait again for 15 mins...
There was no sign feeling bad from their end...

If at all if their management team is looking at these reviews and taking it in a positive way to improve their service,

please note that your team is focusing only on the making money and ignore the service part...No need to say that this would be the last visit to this place...had to stop as I need to enter into the airport...
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

March 18,2013

Mosquito trouble +bad service

Ambiance : 4/5

Ambiance of the place is good...especially at night, it has a sweet romantic touch to it...with little private tents for big group of people and nice cosy tables with candle light for a small group of friends

Food : 3/5

The food is good, but a little heavy on your pockets...We tried out the laksa soup which was yummy and different from the regular variety of soups available...The range of food available here is marvelous...overall, the food is delicious

Service : 1/5

Lousy service...The waiter doesnt knows how to serve the food...He wont serve the food unless you ask him to serve the food....It takes a lot of time to find a waiter and order the food, because the place is overcrowded and all the waiters are busy...

Also, there are a lot of mosquitoes present and they havent done nething for that...My whole evening was ruined because i was so irritated by the mosquito bites...

They must improve the service and must teach their waiters how to serve the customers in an appropriate way and also do something for the mosquitoes to make the dining experience even better.
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AllIndiaFoodie - Burrp User


March 05,2013

Amazing food, Good Place to sit

The Food is amazing. You have 3 options to sit,

Under the sky
Open under the Roof.

Staff is well spoken, Serves well.

And yes reminded me of the 10% corporate discount
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Kshiteesh Phansalker - Burrp User

Kshiteesh Phansalker

January 26,2013

Must visit

Mezza9 is one the few places that can boast of both an indoor as well as an Al fresco seating. The service has always been prompt and the food and the drinks are reasonably priced. The evening ambience is very pleasant. This one is a must visit!
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Anant Vakharia - Burrp User

Anant Vakharia

January 17,2013

awesome food but bad services

This is a place to be if you're working at Hinjewadi and need a break from your regular cafeteria food. been there many a times. one advice: book table well in advance or go in a small group!! The food is yumm and they serve alcohol too.
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manohariakamat - Burrp User


November 20,2012

definately a place to visit

I am a frequent diner here.good food nice ambience..tent seating is pleasant to look .........the place looks stunning at night.The food has good portions and good to taste.i had been there for my birthday and it was a good experience. meal for two 1500 rupees
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Jitesh Shah - Burrp User

Jitesh Shah

November 07,2012

Ambiance good, Food Bad

The food we ordered was served with worst recipe I feel.
We ordered veg food for dinner which consist of Sabzi Khasta, Paneer Butter Masala, but both vegetables were disappointment for us as Paneer Butter masala did not have that Punjabi tadka and taste, it smelled and tasted something different and Sabzi Khasta was too yummy and milky as vegetable though their captain said it will be medium spicy.

We had to fill our appetite with rice and dal followed sizzling brownie which was damn expensive compared to Chocolate Room and also less in size.

The 2 stars given are for ambiance and good starters (Paneer malai and vegetable Schezwan Finger)
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Prathamesh Rudrakshawar - Burrp User

Prathamesh Rudrakshawar

August 02,2012

Only good place near hinjawadi

If you want good ambience, late night party, average food and lots of time to spent with friends, then this is the place to hang out.
Been there twice, food is average but with friends you wouldn't notice that. Ambience is supereb. Both Tent and terrace dinner feeling are good.
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panchivate  - Burrp User


July 22,2012

Absolutely the best!

Regular visitor to this place. Food is just awesome. One of the few rest offering a great ambiance for open air dinner facility. You can go with any of the menu item which offers so much variety and enjoy the wonderful creation. 5 stars for the chef and his team who have been so consistent over the years. Service is also up to the mark but can be lousy at times.
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Praveen Gupta - Burrp User

Praveen Gupta

April 04,2012

Jewel in an area like this !!

Superb place..good ambience..nice service..awesome hookahs with such a wide variety of flavors and decent enough food. The Seating area on the ground floor is for the peaceful gatherings and mainly for those, who have come for dining and boozing , but the upper terace area(Designed as Greek Architecture) is mainly for friendly banters and people who want to have booze and hookahs. 5/5 for this place.
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kunal10 - Burrp User


February 23,2012

good place for party

i found this place very excited huge ambiance full of crowded.. best place for party. totally worth it.. good food
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punerockr - Burrp User


January 27,2012

new year party

i was dere 4 d new year party,the place has very upscale ambiance..really great..the party wz awsm too..the buffet wz ok..not much variety..cant really comment on d food,as it wz d new year party,so u really cnt judge dere food quality based on wat dey served dat day..
but surely will visit again.
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Ankita Gautam - Burrp User

Ankita Gautam

November 21,2011

This one for you Cute Chef

Definitely 5 star for the ambiance and the amazing variety of food...mezza9 had on the menu. The food lacked neither in taste nor in the visual appeal and was definitely worth every penny we paid. The rates are very reasonable and the main course dishes mostly start at 270-350 which is very reasonable for a fine dine place like this. One star left out because of the rude staff who was taking the order and really slow and disinterested service...no one really bothered to give menus to all the guests and there was no refill of water.the menus were stacked in one corner of the place..i have no idea if we were supposed to collect them on our own in which case they should put small artistic notices near the sitting area. This in some way can be compensated by the cute chef we bumped into...when we urgently needed the charger..and was as courteous and helping as possible.

overall...mezza9 was great experience...and one visit is definitely recommended .
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Praveen Gupta - Burrp User

Praveen Gupta

November 02,2011

Jewel in an area like this !!

Superb place..good ambience..nice service..awesome hookahs with such a wide variety of flavors and decent enough food. The Seating area on the ground floor is for the peaceful gatherings and mainly for those, who have come for dining and boozing , but the upper terace area(Designed as Greek Architecture) is mainly for friendly banters and people who want to have booze and hookahs. 5/5 for this place.
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aman2509 - Burrp User


September 28,2011

An Entertaining Evening...

I gave my b'day party here.It was an awesome place,nice and happening.Food was good and service was also fast.Rates are also moderate.Loking forward to visit this place again.I recommend to visit this place.
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Kaustubh Sanyal - Burrp User

Kaustubh Sanyal

August 16,2011

Good Continental Cuisine around Hinjwadi

This restaurant ought to be a case study for all those who want to cash in big in restaurant business, its near perfect location and its good ambience is what brings the local IT junta in drones, be it a project party or a quiet dinner this is a place buzzing with dot com when the sun goes down!

Good ambience with Muzak playing in the background makes it ideal, if one is coming in a big group it helps if u call in advance and book a tent.

Must try items are the Burrito's Nacho's from Italy for the Vegans, and plenty of good dishes to choose from if you are a non-veg eater. There is a also a decent variety of cocktails to try out.

Best time to come would be during the cricket season for you could get to cheer/jeer at your teams in a large screen ;) ...

4/5 for the ambience loved the garden setup
3/5 for the food
a little expensive on the pocket due to its large demand ..
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debasree269 - Burrp User


August 13,2011

reaaalllly bad experience, never going back there!

we visited there with high hopes in our mind, only to be shattered!!..
we reached a little early for the terrace to be open and decided to wait,impressed by the ambiance, but the couches that we decided to seat on were extremely dirty.. !! on top of that the waiters were behaving as if we were invisible.. it took us 1 hour to get the menu.. when we asked the waiter when will we be getting the menu he promptly replied : "kal tak toh aa hi jayega" !!!!..
and the worst part, hookah for just 45 minute!! i mean how cheapskate is that?? anyways it wasnt worthy of the price, neither was it good..
i recommend that do not waste your precious time by visiting that good for nothing place..
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Cool and happening

If you want to spend quality time as a group or as a couple, visit this place. The ambience is wonderful. Try sitting outside as the weather of Pune permits you to sit there all through the year. The sports lounge plays good music but is too small for one to enjoy the place completely.
Service is Mezza9 is one of the best in Pune. The staff is friendly and alert.
Coming onto food and drinks. The staters are amazing especially the veg kebabs and the chichken in potato skins. The rice and dal is good. However, we have never been satisfied with the main course taste. But with spread between mexican, chinese,european and Indian, we always had great spread of starters to hog on.
Nice place!
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ss701 - Burrp User


May 22,2011

Worst ever Experience

With my family & friends we visited this place just to return back with some worst memories.
First, we waited about an hour for a table when promised to be only around 15mins.
Allright, the ambiance made it for the wait & we were happily going through the menu.
The best part comes now, I had an mixer's broken blade in my hara-bhara kabab !@#$%^& AWWWWW
the manager doesn't even agreed it should be from the kitchen & called the chef, he had his own made up stories to cover his ass.
Strictly AVOID & add extra years to your life...
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vIcKy pUrSwAnI - Burrp User

vIcKy pUrSwAnI

February 05,2011

Awful Experience

I visited this place twice,, both time my friends gave me party here...
Positives: Ambiance, Dinner in Tent,
Negatives: Cleanliness, Taking so much time for bringing orders, Ok type Menu, taking real advantage for no nearby restaurants in Hinjewadi place..

I will not suggest to even visit this place once, even avoid to go there for Parties...
one can go Just 3 Kms away for some good place and good food
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