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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 28,2015

Marvelous place

An Italian Café, absolute serene and quite place nestled in koregaon park lane. It’s like a beautiful paradise. and makes you feel like that you are in a city of Europe. The food is just wow...the best pizzas, pastas, ravioli, risotto and lasagna and nice drinks too! Must try the french fries pizza! It is simply superb! The panna cotta and cheese cake will blow your mind. The menu is so elaborate and you have so much options, its just marvelous.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 28,2015

Romantic Place

This place made me fall in love with it. It totally lives up to its description. Romantic place. Beautiful candle light sitting area. The ambiance is very good with soft music in the background. Great place for Italian lovers. The food is authentic Italian but slightly higher cost. One of the most peaceful places to enjoy a meal. Gem for vegetarians.
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 27,2015

European style cafe

Outdoor seating and perfect European outdoor cafe feel complimented with good veggie food AND fast service! Its a veggies delight. strictly not a place for non veg lovers. Massive variety in the menu will make you wonder what to get next. They definitely have one of the best thin crust pizza. Must try. and Definitely one of the best chocolate croissant .Great in evening with candle lights!
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tablecaptain - Burrp User


January 28,2014

Best Italian Ever...

If you love Italian food den it's just impossible not to fall in love with this place.... This place has the best Italian in town.... Perfect place to go out with family.... Pretty good ambience.
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Rohit Khopkar - Burrp User

Rohit Khopkar

September 29,2013

Consistency Needs To Be Worked Upon

Have been wanting to visit this restaurant for a while now; my sister in law who has been there four times prior; highly recommended it, therefore this time as she and my mother in law were in town we decided to go there and sample their fare.

The ambiance of the restaurant is excellent! It puts one at ease at the end of a hard days work and transports one to a 1960's Jazz Club (as they play a lot of Jazz music) cum Italian bistro. It is located inside Sundarbandh Hotel at Koregaon Park which itself is a very quite and peaceful neighborhood. They have two sections for seating; the indoor section which is largely for families who wish to enjoy a quite dinner and the outdoor section meant for the younger generations who; would like to kick back, relax and chat over a couple of drinks. Both the sections are equally attractive and the space between the tables allows one to enjoy a private conversation or laugh loudly without disturbing the neighboring table.

The cuisine is Italian and is all vegetarian; but let that not be a negative point as unknown to many; Italian cuisine has a very rich vegetarian culinary history. As a matter of fact; meat during the Roman Empire's time was only available to the rich; whilst the poor had to make do with the vegetables that the bustling markets all around the far flung Roman Empire had to offer.

To begin with we ordered drinks; I had a Miller High Light Beer; which was great! Silky smooth down the throat; void of that burn you get when you normally drink a local beer; my wife had a Rivera Mock-tail consisting of Rose Syrup, Pine apple Juice and Grape Juice; this too was surprisingly great and very refreshing! My sister in law had a Sprite and my mother in law had a Merlot which she enjoyed and went very well with her food!

The food menu is extensive; they have a lot of varieties Pastas/Pizza's/Risotto's/Starters and Main Courses to choose from. I ordered a Fusilli Stromboli (however being a huge fan of Penne requested that it be made with Penne (al dente of course!) and sans capers and red chilies), my wife had the Spaghetti Normanni (She requested it to be made with Fusilli as she loves Fusilli); my mother in law and sister in law both ordered the Penne Pomodoro (They requested it to be made extra saucy). While placing her order; my sister in law did mention to the waiter that she had been there four times already and always had the same thing and requested it to be made the same way as always. We also ordered some garlic bread with our main course and a side portion of Grilled Vegetables. Please note that at Dario's unless one specifies that the pasta be made al dente it is always well cooked; therefore if you are like me and want it al dente you just have to let your waiter know, al dente will take 5-7 min longer than the other orders as they have to freshly make it.

Before the food arrived they served us a bread basket which we had with our drinks, we had it with some warm olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Most of the breads were good; except the rustic ciabatta; it is normally crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, however this was hard throughout.

The food arrived promptly and all together; my Stomboli was delicious, the sauce had perfectly coated the Penne and enveloped it with a creamy tangy flavor, my wife's Normanni was excellent, she wished that she had a larger appetite in order to gorge on all of it! The Grilled Vegetables too were perfectly cooked and had a smoky flavor to them. Sadly this is where the positives draw to their close. The Penne Pomodoro's were not saucy and lacked a certain freshness to them; my sister in law requested that they be changed, when they arrived again they were saucy, however they still were not the same as she had eaten during her last four visits. The manager did come to the table and apologized for the same and gave us another one which was slightly better (The problem was in the freshness of the Herbs). However my sister in law's enthusiasm had diminished by then and just wanted to eat to satiate herself. For dessert we shared a Panacotta which looked great, however though initially we found the dish tasty; it did leave in all our palates a slightly grainy after taste, this does happen when there is either too much gelatin added or the cream has curdled whilst cooking.

The problem and the reason why I have deducted 1.5 points is the service, this requires a lot of improvement. Our waiter was well spoken and was very helpful, however he was not listening properly (For example we had asked for warm olive oil; he spend so much time describing everything given with the bread basked that he forgot we had mentioned warm). Also if he would have listened carefully to my sister in law such a folly would not have happened. His table management was also very poor, we had to keep telling him to clear the empty plates and bottles from our table (For example even after placing the order for desserts and him bringing us the dessert spoons, there was still Parmesan Cheese and Olive Oil lying on our table). I understand it was a Saturday night & the restaurant was busy; however the sequence of service needs to be followed irrespective of the rush, one can cut a few corners and take a few short cuts; however the sequence should essentially remain the same.

I feel that what this place is struggling with is the maintaining of their product consistency both in their food and service aspect. They rely on the fact that they are situated in a prime location; however they should not rest on their laurels for too long, for keeping a name and reputation is a battle that restaurants fight on a daily basis. They need to remember that no matter how many times a guest has come; they must never be taken for granted, as one bad experience can force that loyal guest to go seek alternate dining venues.
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Ashish Kumar Singh - Burrp User

Ashish Kumar Singh

September 23,2013

Everything Was Fine Except The Arrogant Manager

Everything right from the food to service was fine except the Manager. We got a table booked and we specified clearly that we want an outside one and they confirmed. Once we reached the place, the stupid manager started arguing and saying that we do not have space here. When we told him that we had booked a table three hours ago he told us that we do not take any bookings for tables outside. When I said that you should have communicated the same over phone, he says that at that time we had it but now we do not have it.(I could not understand their concept of advance booking). He is one most illogical and rude and arrogant fellows, does not know how to talk to a person.
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ashish_deb35 - Burrp User


August 06,2013

Hands Down The Best Italian in Town!

Had gone here for dinner late in the evening last week. That has got to be one of my top 10 dinners ever!! I'm a sucker for Italian, and Darios has been a heavenly experience. Pizzas with Sun-dried Tomatoes n slightly drizzled with olive oil, were out of the world. The portions too were ginormous! Couldn't try the pastas this time, but next time I'm definitely gonna gorge on those.
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Neha  Kulkarni - Burrp User

Neha Kulkarni

February 01,2013

Nice place

I seldom have vegetarian food when I eat you. But Dario's is an exception. I wasn't too keen on it the first time that I visited this place. But they have some really good food served here. The pizzas are yummy and so is Ravioli Kamarina which is a home bade Ravioli stuffed with spinach and cheese and served with smashed peas and chickpeas, rosemary and cream. By the end of the meal, even if you are stuffed you can't leave without having their mind blowing Tiramisu.
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Priyanka Khandelwal Gupta - Burrp User

Priyanka Khandelwal Gupta

December 26,2012

Beautiful place, delicious food

Great location, right beside Osho Ashram..Nice outside searing..amazing foold.. the raviolli is mouthwatering! pizzas are also incredulous!
My fav Italian joint for sure!
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sashjack - Burrp User


August 26,2012

Worst Experience

I had the worst experience in my life.

Although i had read in almost all reviews that the service is bad and food is good.

I took a chance hoping that the service might have improved.

Sadly, i had to cancel the order and leave as I did not have all the time in the world to wait for it.

1 hour for starters ! I hadnt even mentioned the main course yet !

Very Poor Service !
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priyakdas9 - Burrp User


August 25,2012

Amazing food

Dario's never fails to cheer me up. It has an amazing variety of vegetarian Italian cuisine. And every dish that I eaten has been great with subtle Italian flavors. The ravioli and cheese and tomato tart is a must try. The seating outside in the open is great too as candle light dinner. Last time we went I got a bit frightened by eerie noises which I realized later to be peacocks screeching. When we spotted the birds beautifully silhouetted against the moon lit night sky, I was ok with their calls too. It's slightly on the expensive side but it's completely worth the money for the quality of food and experience.
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critreviewer - Burrp User


August 22,2012

Amazing food and Friendly staff

I was recently in Pune to visit my friend and he took me to Darios since I like Italian cuisine.

I loved the ambience and setting of the place. If you like a quiet place you will love this restaurant. The music is variation between Italian and Hollywood pop.

Now coming to the food. We were six of us who went there and obviously we tried six different things. 4 out of 6 were amazing. I don't remember the exact names but we ordered Spaghetti with Porcini Mushrooms, Ravioli, Gnocchi, Penne Pasta with tomato sauce, Veg Lasagne, Onion Rings and Spinach and Cheese balls. Everything except for Gnocchi and Ravioli were excellent. These two dishes needed to be done a little well but otherwise it was just too good.

Next time I am in Pune, I am surely going there.
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Ashish  - Burrp User


August 20,2012

Not upto the mark!!!

We had been to Dario's last weekend. We found the ambiance OK. Outside seating arrangement was good with Candle Lights on the table. We tried Salad and Pizza. The taste was not good as compared to other Italian Restaurants. Service is also not up to the mark. We had ask for 1 thing more than 2 times. Nothing great about this Italian Restaurant. There lot of nice Italian Restaurants out there other than this.
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Sagar Adhav - Burrp User

Sagar Adhav

June 02,2012

Food is WOW!!

I love the food you guys serve. I have been there many times and wish to continue coming there. I like the ambiance and the crowd is classy....no rowdies :)... its a little expensive..new visitors make sure your pocket is full
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Asha  - Burrp User


March 21,2012

cold food- bad service

My family and I went there last week to celebrate a birthday and we were sorely disappointed. We have been there before and had a good experience, but the service has gone down. Firstly, the food arrived cold. Then, we had to ask for the bill 3 times--the last time with raised voices---til it finally arrived. Sorry Dario....you need to buck up!!!
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CookieMonster - Burrp User


October 30,2011

Darios - A Heavenly experience

Hidden in the corner of lane number 1 on the Koregoan Park, lies this place which is totally like heaven . With an open Garden and also indoor seating . This place is something for the Italian food lovers .The Food is awesome .The ambiance is great ! Service almost there.. And O i loved the pizza and risotto and desserts. Don't hesitate to try this place , with your date , family or friends :)

Pricing - 300 - 500rs per person (a starter, main course, a soft drink and dessert )
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m.malhotra - Burrp User


October 23,2011


This place is total bliss...

Nice cool ambiance, even the outside garden is beautiful with peacocks moving around.

The food is awesome. Starters, pasta, risotto and pizza, were all to die for.

Price is a bit too expensive and the staff is too busy chatting among themselves to be called again n again shouting "Excuse Me"
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juzar - Burrp User


October 09,2011

Great food

Great food and ambiance but service is very poor. Have to call out loudly so many times to get some attention.
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rameshbapat - Burrp User


July 04,2011

Great Food

Excellent place, great location and nice atmosphere... Only thin the service needs to be improved. The food here is reaaly good. Pasta's, pizzas, specially fungi darios... But the service is too slow. Had to ask for things so many times, that I was fedup.
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Xerxes Printer - Burrp User

Xerxes Printer

June 23,2011

Very relaxing place with good food

Was invited to Dario's for dinner and thats when I learnt that Dario's existed. As soon as I entered, I loved the soothing lights, ambiance and the lovely music thats playing at just the right volume. Being a non-vegetarian I was a little worried of missing it here. But the first bite of the nachos, the thick cheese on it and the amazing pizza with some tongue twister name made me just slow down, relax and enjoy every bite of my meal till I could no longer stuff myself. The seating outside in the open and the breeze just added to the whole experience. The staff is good and the young charming manager is an asset to this restaurant.
I'm gonna keep this restaurant on my list of romantic restaurants for those special romantic dinners. Well priced and worth a visit from time 2 time.
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Yash Sinha - Burrp User

Yash Sinha

June 20,2011

Great Italian Food

I went to Darios for a dinner after work with a few friends on a Monday and the place had a good number of people for a weeknight. We chose to sit outside since it was much more pleasant outside than inside and it was nice to be sitting in an open air setting.

Since this was our first time here, we asked our server for recommendations and they certainly didn't disappoint. Though not as knowledgeable as those in some other restaurants, they were courteous and helpful and we reached a consensus fairly quickly. The food we ordered was very good and the portions were quite generous. The pizza was thin crust and prepared well enough that it was still crisp by the time we were done with it. The mushroom risotto was excellent as was the ravioli. For desserts we ordered a chocolate bomb which was quite good. The alcohol though was a bit on the steep side when compared to the price of food.

An issue that we faced was that the service was quite slow. We came in at 8 and left by 11. However, due to the setting of the restaurant, this fact was never really an issue and in fact if you are not in a hurry, the ambiance is worth soaking in.

I'd definitely say that as far as the food goes, this is one of the best Italian restaurants in the city and a place worth visiting, especially for dinner.
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pnqqueen - Burrp User


May 27,2011

My favorite Italian restaurant in the city!

We found Dario's pretty much by accident! We were driving around KP in the middle of the afternoon and noticed a purple signboard. All of us being very 'girlie', had to check out the restaurant with a purple signboard!

We entered and all of us immediately loved the ambiance - it reminded us of the old, English style clubs. The outdoor sitting is wonderful (when its not too hot) and the inside is nice and comfortable. We ordered the nachos, mushroom tortellini and a Stromboli pizza. Yes, it took us longer than we would have wished to order since there are limited number of servers, but the food totally made up for it!

Everything was cooked to perfection and tasted fresh, authentic and perfectly seasoned (unlike a certain other Italian restaurant in the city!) We were stuffed but decided to order the tiramisu. Best decision we have ever made! It was heavenly. I strongly recommend it.

All in all, we had a wonderful experience and I have been visiting the restaurant regularly since then! Any guest I take loves the food and ambiance. I definitely recommend Dario's for a wonderful vegetarian, Italian meal!
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binalzg - Burrp User


May 15,2011

Award for the worse service in Pune

If there were an award for the worse service in Pune - Dario's is a hands down winner. The food is consistently good and the ambiance is lovely too...but the service is pitiful and extremely discriminatory to favour the white skinned guests. If you are an Indian diner - They forget to serve you water, forget to get the bread basket, make u wait forever for the food, get the order wrong and then insist that this is actually what you ordered! The manager is the only saving grace but what can 1 man do?
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santosh rao - Burrp User

santosh rao

April 27,2011

Excellent Food

This is one of those veg places i really like. The a la' carte only has veg, they do serve drinks priced just about alright. A pint of beer costs 120 bucks. Awesome salads and Pizza. We ordered a Fratelli, which had a nice thing crust an had a nice flaour of cheese. Loved the food. Average cost of meal for two with drinks was around 1000. Lovely ambience, and unlike the other reviews I had no problem with the service. They were keen to get anything for us and were always around. Overall a pleasant experience.
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janrav.2 - Burrp User


April 10,2011

food and service

Went to Darios with my folks on the recommendation of a good friend of mine who frequents any good restaurant in the city. Set in the backyard of Sundarban hotel, this European restaurant is very inviting with a Very welcoming ambiance and a lovely atmosphere where a family can have a quiet and a peaceful dinner. We were seated in the table opposite the bar, the recommendation of my father, who likes a good drink with his meal. We started with a nice salad with some peach iced tea, (which was not stirred properly, thereby leaving an extremely sweet pulp at the bottom end of the glass, felt like drinking iced water with some colour) and some fosters beer. we had a raviolli and pasta with asparagus sauce and some stuffed bread. The most disappointing thing was that, the waiter didn't quite get it when I asked whether the pasta is made to order. Service needs to improve multifolds
The pasta was amasing and the raviolli was exquisite. the bread on the other hand had a very chewy centre making it hard to get the taste of the cheese stuffing inside of it. The experience was good and the pastas are to die for. I would visit it again praying that this time the waiters at the very least know the contents of the menu before suggesting the customer some. The next visit will be for the pizza and the tiramisu.
If you want to have a light dinner and are ready to spend for some authentic Italian food, visit Darios. One needs to know a bit about Italian food(not the American version) before going to Darios because you cant rely on the waiters to educate you about the food there.
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Josab - Burrp User


April 05,2011


The food is good, and there is an interesting range of salads and sandwiches that are not usually available. The service does need improvement. They are slow to bring out the food and it is difficult to attract their attention if you want to order additional drinks or dishes (even for an expat like me). I also didn't find them particularly friendly. I asked for change for giving a tip and even though they had the change available they told me flat out that they didn't want to give it to me. It left a bad taste in my mouth and I will have to receive exceptional service in the future to consider leaving any more tips.
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Jagpreet Singh - Burrp User

Jagpreet Singh

April 01,2011

poor service

we were a total of 5 people who went on thursday evening (not many people) but the service was poorest of its kind.

1. it took 55 minutes for the food to arrive.
2. starters came after second. we ordered caprese, which is like 10 mins job at the max to prepare. but it came after an hour.
3. bottled water served was hot. around 40 degrees

Food however was really good at taste but too little at the quantity.
i wont suggest it in case youa re feeling hungry and can't wait for one hour.

Bon apetite!
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sibarita - Burrp User


February 11,2011

Excellent food. Slow service.

This is my second time in Darios. Both the time I haven't been disappointed with the food. I love their simplicity in taste and the fact that the ambiance is almost like a small Italian bistro. The place has a calming effect on you as long as there isn't no large crowd. I have been here both on the weekend as well as weekday. I agree their service is really slow on any given day. However that kinda compensates for good and delicious food. Hence i overlook the service aspect. I realized that if you get hold of a server who is serving your table and if you be kind and patient with them they try to do their best. I tip them in advance instead of at the end and that works sometimes. I am sure these servers are aware that they lack in prompt service so being demanding and aggressive with them is not going to make your order come faster. Overall if you are foodie and you are ok with letting go the service bit, this place is a good value for money. I only wish they served non veg too.
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HemalG - Burrp User


January 29,2011

Pathetic Service

My wife and I love the food at Darios but oh well! The service leaves a lot to be desired. One actually has to ask the servers for water....even for refills! The servers just walk past you without being attentive to what's needed at the table. They also need to be more conversant with the dishes on the menu.
The crowd here is predominantly expat (white people) and these servers hover around the "white people" tables like bees over honey and completely ignore the tables where there are Indian customers! This has happened every time my wife and I have been there!
I would like to recommend Dario Dezio to either improve the service or risk losing loyal customers like my wife and I.
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Shreyas Kulkarni - Burrp User

Shreyas Kulkarni

December 23,2010

Substandard food & worse service. Its a disaster !

After reading a few good reviews about Dario's, I went there myself to scope the place out. Turns out, its one of the worst places to go to in the area. The ambiance is nice, with a European touch to it. We ordered for a mushroom and cheese croissant and two cocktails. Unbelievable, it took the waiter almost 20 mins to give us a glass of water and the menu. Post that, another 25 mins for the cocktails and once croissant to arrive. The cocktail was as messed up as ever, with no respect to the proportions of alcohol whatsoever. Though not extremely delicious, the croissant was the only highlight of the afternoon. Seriously, they even for the coffee messed up, with more water than coffee or milk, which had to be returned. I guess they must be used to it, coz the waiter the smiled and obliged on the return with no questions asked on why it was being returned. We ended up wasting a good 2 hours, a grand on the substandard food and service.and (I kid you not) 230INR on alcohol taxes ??!!
Food, being a passion for me, and having reviewed tonnes of places previously, this is one those places that you just do not want to even think about again. I dont mind, average food and good service, or amazing food and average service. But substandard food, and non-existent service ? Well, we have a winner here. As far as the worst places to visit in Pune list goes, Darios definitely tops it without competition !
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rahul1986 - Burrp User


December 09,2010

Nice quiet afternoons

Went here on a weekday afternoon. Set in a the backyard of a nice hotel I found it to be a nice peaceful place, the preparations are authentic Italian. You may not be quite able to appreciate the taste at first as we are all accustomed to having Americanized Italian preparations. Once u have a taste of their pastas, you get a worth for your money.
The ambiance is set up like that of European road restaurants, only this is set in a lawn. Waiters are helpful, but since a lot a foreigners flock this place, be ready for lesser attention in rush hours.
Overall, I suggest salads/platters for starters (stay away from the Sicilian platter), pasta/Lasagna & Pizza for the main course and top it up with their Tiramisu. Expect meal for two at 800-1200.
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manish1124 - Burrp User


September 20,2010

Nice ambience, tasty pizza

I went here with my wife and 3 year old daughter. We sat outside weather permitting and the whole candle light experience was nice. We had a Pizza with sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese and it was wonderful. Perfectly cooked with the goat cheese just about right. The starter we had was to be served cold with bread. Personally I did not like the combination much and it was a bit sour for my taste buds. Though it got a bit loud with a couple of groups of more than 6 around us but it was a nice evening never the less. Overall a good experience
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Shinil Payamal - Burrp User

Shinil Payamal

August 10,2010

Classy European feel and authentic Italian food

My friend and I walked into the Darios restaurant on a nice Friday night and were surprised a bit to see quite a few firangis at the place enjoying a quite dinner and the chairs and tables are also quite simple. Nothing outlandish about them, giving the place a small town European feel in every sense.

Once we had the menu in our hands, we had a tough time figuring out what was what but the waiter was kind enough to guide us and suggested two dishes, one Pasta (Rs. 250) and one Siciliano Pizza (Rs. 290) and must say that both of them turned out to be very tasty and wholesome, perfect for our spicy Indian tastes. Before these two arrived, we were given bread and some awesome cheese and this was on the house. Must say, I have never tasted such lovely and soft bread in my life.

Before I had the Siciliano Pizza here, I had eaten Pizza only once at Pizza Hut and found it awful and I remember my European friend telling me that this is the way Americans make Pizza i.e. very fat compared to the Italian ones which are very thin and made in a wood fire oven. And the difference was obvious. The Siciliano Pizza was simply delicious.

For desert, we ordered the Tiramisu (Rs. 160) and needless to say, it was excellent like everything else.

I like the fact that the prices were VAT included and no service charge was levied. This is something other restaurants should follow as a standard practise.

Since the place is located behind the main Sunderban Hotel, it's very quite and relaxing, and since most Indians don't like to experiment and stick to standard rotten fare, the place does not have many Indian visitors and hence is lot less noisier than your average Indian eatery. What a relief!

One thing I would like the guys here is on quicker service. Otherwise, I don't really have much to complain about.

So what are you waiting for? Head straight to Darios and have a wholesome, authentic Italian tasty food.

P.S.: The place is owned and run by an Italian couple: Rebecca & Dario Dezio. Hats off to them for doing such a find job.

P.P.S.: The herbs are salads are from GreenTokri and all this stuff is washed in Mediclovex and rinsed in Silver Colloid.
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rkj007 - Burrp User


August 09,2010

Excellent Food, Value for Money

Located at very quiet & secured place in Pune (Lane 1 at Koregaon park). At first we were not able to locate the resultant as the same is located behind the hotel, finally we were able to locate the restaurant, as we entered and saw that only few seats were taken. I and my friend sat at the center table and were greeted by one of the waiters who offered us the menu, as we were going through the menu I and my friend looked at each other in the state of confusion, as we were not able to make the head and tail of the same, as most of the items in the menu were of Italian names. Finally one of the waiter after seeing us in state of confusion, offered to help and suggested us to try Ravioli Passaqlacqua (Pasta) and Siciliano Pizza. In the mean time we were offered complimentary bread and Some kind of soup stick (Sorry can't remember the name).

I must point out that the ambiance is decent and the candle is lit and places on your table as soon as you occupy one, but one thing I can definitely appraise of and is the main aspect of any restaurant is the food quality and I must say the the food we has was very good and felt like genuine Italian. Oh! I almost forgot, we has also ordered Tiramisu (in dessert) & must say one must try the same.

We were satisfied and happy to eat out at Darios & by the way the prices are reasonable.
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