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mabindra - Burrp User


February 04,2016


Really had a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE here.

I had gone to this place on 1/02/2016 to book the banquet for a private party on 14/02/2016. A person named Rooni assisted me on the place, menu DJ and other charges and after agreeing on the total price I booked the place only for my folks by transferring them the booking amount. Also I confirmed with him that the day is a valentine day and hope they are not having anything planned for that day and he informed me that it is a family place and they do not arrange any event on such days.I had visited this place twice on the same day and he kept telling me the same thing and taking his confidence into consideration I booked the place. However the next day in the evening I get a call from his Manager (Ritesh Kolapkar) telling me rudely to come down to their place not even communicating properly as to why and due to his lack of communication I had to convince him to tell me the reason and he told me that they have planned a valentine party and we would have to share the place with other people on the day I have booked the place which was really not acceptable to me and I communicated the same to him. Then Rooni calls me up and says that they have cancelled my booking without even considering my view on the same. I had a long conversation with Ritesh on this and he said that only two options are available either share the place or cancel it.
If they had already planned for the valentine day why did they took the booking in the first place. This person Ritesh as he told me was on leave for 24-25 days and his replacement Rooni is 2-3 months old in this company. When Ritesh joins back on 2/02/2016 he is aware that there is a valentine event planned but his replacement is not aware of it in his absence.

They even agreed that it is a BIG MISTAKE from their side but ultimately I was the victim.

Please understand we are not fools and cannot agree on such stupid reasons.

I even had dinner on the day I booked this place and they charged normal amount for the beer even though I ordered during happy hour. The food was ok but the quantity was very less for the price they have quoted. The veg main course quantity is not enough for two people. Wish I could rate even less from what I have but unfortunately there is no such option.

Will never ever visit this place again.
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Pratik Verma - Burrp User

Pratik Verma

May 16,2014


The ambience is awesome, live music is electrifying and the food is lip smacking!
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Reema Ambre - Burrp User

Reema Ambre

May 01,2014

Not Worth it...

I went to Atlantis yesterday for a farewell lunch with my class and teachers.... We were given a section where the lights were dim... It was very gloomy... Starters were not that good and they took a lot of time to get them and serve ... The people who joined us late were not even served the complimentary free drink which comes with the buffet... The food was average but it was not world cuisine ... A little Chinese, chat and appams are not considered as world cuisine... Lastly the washrooms had cockroaches in it.. So be careful..
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poo30 - Burrp User


February 04,2014


I had very high expectations from this place considering the good words I heard from a lot of friends. We went there for an office party for a launch

A family restaurant with a better ambiance provides a good variety of options in veg and non - veg . Believe me it was an amazing experience ,Lets start with the Starters, "Chicken tikka ,grilled prawns, mutton sheekh kebab ,chicken tandoori leg, grilled fish ,paneer tikka and more. Its always great taste.

Move over to main course - as I told you it was good food with the best mutton rogan josh - laccha paratha , veg Hyderabadi
, dal makhani, and green pees pulao .

End with Desserts . You will simply love the desserts ,mousse ,brownies,ice creams(with choice of toppings),cheese cakes ,gulab jamuns. (I stopped at these)...and more . You are sure to need someone to carry you out of the Restaurant!!

Visit once ATLANTIS WORLD CUISINE BAR believe me you will love to visit twice a week .
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tanveer123 - Burrp User


April 30,2013

Good Food , Bad Service

Have been here on more than 5 occasions now... and I find the food good and ambiance is also well done....needs little more light in the night though as it gets a little too dark and gloomy - for the ones who are not boozing....
so my experience is been rather frustrating....as no matter how good the food is...and i really enjoy it...the whole experience can actually spoil the show...i have had to wait for over an hour for the food to be served on the table, when its afternoon and there isnt many a customer (we ordered alacarte), i'v had to keep staring at table attenders for them to have a glance at you so you can ask them to serve you water...even if you speak up "excuse me loudly" there is no one to hear in the music and busy-ness of the staff...ordering an extra pepsi or an additional serving all these moments during the meal make it a very frustrating experience eating there... and no matter how good the food is, i rather insist my friends not to keep atlantis as the venue for dinners .....
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AllIndiaFoodie - Burrp User


April 02,2013

Good place to eat on a Sunday night .

go to this place once in a fortnight when you don't want to eat home made food.
Ambiance is good, Food quality and taste is also very good. easy on your pocket
Dont forget to try Dal makhani. Have heard that their fish is also good.

I deducted one extra star for the kind of entrance they have right from front of the stinking washrooms. Either they should change the entrance or keep washrooms much clean
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Prajakta Chakravarty - Burrp User

Prajakta Chakravarty

November 22,2012

Good Multi-Cusine choice in Wanowrie

We come here often as its nearby. Its a typical Pune Multi-cuisine place with some rooftop seating, an elabourate veg, non-veg multi-cuisine menu and drinks. The tandoori items are really good, and other food is also quite decent. Good place to be with friends and family if you're in the area. Not worth coming to if you're coming from afar.
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Prajakta Chakravarty - Burrp User

Prajakta Chakravarty

November 22,2012

Typical, expected Restaurant with good food

The quentessential Puneri multi-cuisine restaurant with lots on the menu, a healthy, decent choice of drinks and lots of rooftop seating. We go here whene we have no place better to go, as its nearby. The tandoori items are admittedly nice. A decent choice of place to go with family or friends. Dont expect the world, and you wont be disappointed.
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Dnyanesh Bodhe - Burrp User

Dnyanesh Bodhe

November 07,2012

Good place for a date...

Food: decent, though small portions
Ambiance: good
Service: good

Went here for a good evening with someone... It did meet my expectations. Although the portions were slightly small compared to the prices they charged, I would still go back here - once in a while.
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tangygal27 - Burrp User


November 06,2012

Great food as always!!

I've been a regular at Atllantiss for quite a few years now and the food is always as delicious as i had the very first time. Probably, this is the only good restaurant in wanowrie area where ye get some of the best Indian as well as continental dishes plus they have a bar too.

The entertainment here is always on a full 10/10 here, with different nights dedicated to Karaoke and live sport screenings.

Try their kebabs, biryani or simply pick up anything from their main course selection and you can be assured that its going to be one finger licking meal.

P.S: Don't forget to try their Tiramisu, its one of the best ones in Pune.
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Lokesh Sapre - Burrp User

Lokesh Sapre

July 27,2012

Nawabi Buffet at pocket friendly price

There are not many options for corporate lunch Buffets around Kharadi. The buffet at Radisson is expensive and sad and one needs to travel down to Viman nagar area to hit other buffets which again are over priced. There are options in KP too but most of them you will find in the range of 400-600 bucks per head. So when a colleague of mine suggested to try out Atlantis in Wanowrie and told me the price of the buffet, I had to check it out.

If you are coming for the 1st time in this area, chances are you will miss out the location. It's located on 1st floor just below Mcdonalds (so that's your landmark). The place is well spread, has an open air covered deck and AC sitting area too. As the breeze was lovely, I preferred to sit in the open. There are multiple buffet options. 1) standard without beer priced at 310 bucks (flash your company ID and get 40 bucks discount...yeah!). 2) Buffet with beer package (1-pitcher) priced between 500 -600.

Best time to reach here is at 12pm -12.30pm - right when the buffet starts ;-)

There are 2 non veg, 2 veg starters, live pasta/chat counters + the other regular spreads seen in buffets. The non veg starters are simply awesome and delicious. You get soft and succulent chciken tikkas. For veggies there is hara bhara kabas and fried cheese/potato balls. The starters including grub from pasta/chat counter is served on your table. The buffet includes a non alcholic beverage of your choice too. The service is fast and most of the time the waiter did manage to get us hot chicken tikkas. From the main spread, what stood out was tawa chicken cooked in front of you. Basically a dash of spicy red gravy+ boneless tandoori chicken cooked for few minutes on tawa. Really delicious. The paner tikka masala was also really good. There are usual breads (roti, naan, missi roti etc), biryanis, plain rice, raal, vegitables etc. In desserts that day they had chocolate mousse, jalebi and icecream.

Over all good place to go out with team or family for an afternoon buffet lunch and for 310 bucks its a steal.
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Sauptak Banerjee - Burrp User

Sauptak Banerjee

April 28,2012

Definitely worth a visit....

I am a regular at Atlantis....it has a nice buffet in the afternoon....really great quality and tasty...the biryani is something you shouldn't miss. The evenings are really awesome....has a beautiful ambiance and nice music. Gives you a full meal experience. I have tried the Rissoto and Pepper Steak and they were top notch! Also has a nice bar service. will recommend it to all foodies...do try it....Bon Appetit!!! :)
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Gautam Kamble - Burrp User

Gautam Kamble

April 26,2012

Awesome service as well as food

Atlantis is one of my favorite places. They serve delicious food and entertain with nice music! I normally go there for Saturday nite since it is powered with live bands and its
memorable time. Specially service are awesome with grilled food and 'Not Out Bar 99',and its very nice deal for me....
Thanx Atlantis
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Satish CN - Burrp User

Satish CN

April 27,2011

An Experience of a Lifetime...

An Experience of a Lifetime....
A Lifetime is what it takes them to get your dishes on the table. Admittedly weekends are busy... But don't they ever learn... There are 52 weekends in a year. And I am sure with guest complaining every weekend, any management worth its mark would wake up. But sorry, that doesn't apply to the Atlantis. They choose to remain in slumber.
We went to Atlantis on last weekend(Sat) for dinner. Half our crowd being kids we made it clear that we wanted our orders quick. It was a heartening assurance that 15 mins is all that it will take. And then began the wait, for the dishes, the waiters, the hosts, and the non-existent manager. Repeated and increasing levels of complaints later, the dishes started trickling in (after an hour or more). And that too one at a time. By then the kids had already started lolling to sleep.
The Pastas weren't any great. I make a better white sauce and my wife a better Arabiatta. The Indian dishes were ok, but meagre.
I thought it was a one off experience, but looking at the reviews here... we were not the only ones. @dovozce - Pity that ignorant people will getting taken for a ride they never anticipate nor welcome...
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Krupa Ambulkar - Burrp User

Krupa Ambulkar

February 14,2011

Bad Service. They try to fool the patrons

I had gone for dinner with my dad yesterday and was disappointed. Yesterday being a Sunday the place was quite crowded. But so what? Lot of places are crowded over the weekends and can still manage well. We ordered for corn and potato dumplings with chilly jam. They served us tomato ketchup instead of jam. When I asked the waiter to call the Manager, he said that he will come in some time, but that "some time" never happened. The food was strictly OK. I would like to tell the management of this hotel that please stop writing exotic names on the menu and fooling the patrons. Please avoid this place.
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Anushree - Burrp User


December 05,2010


Though the ambiance is pleasant but the overall effect is very slow and lethargic...i felt it was a very non energetic place..unable to charge up one's evening even thou on a weekend...the food is ok but the starters were a disapointment..had fun the first time i visited but its lost its charm it seems...and top of all not a great worth for money.
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dovozce - Burrp User


November 06,2010

Atlantis - the place is better Sunk !!

According to the legend, Atlantis - the ship conquered major parts of the world and then suddenly sank into oblivion in one night...... It's time for this Resto to do the same.. !!!

All ye people who will be fooled by other reviews (like us), let me enlighten thou.. :-)

The Scene :
3 girls, 2 guys wanting to have a good sunday nite who have just gotten into the Diwali mood. So, checked out burrp and zeroed in on this place.

The Look :
Quite a big place - kind of a covered terrace, but the place near the bar is the only good-to-sit place, others give u a little cold feel.

The Order :
The waiter took a long time coming, but we were in a good festive mood, so didnt mind. Then we ordered soup (Cream of Broccoli), starters (Crumb fried Cheese Mushrooms, Lal surkh Tangri) and then the main course (Murg Makhani, Dal Tadka, Pollo ala Valadastana)

The Food :
The Broccoli soup came cold and when asked to reheat, got the 'slightly' more heated version, which had no distinct taste of anything. A slight let down
Crumb fried Cheese Mushrooms sounded so good that we were ardently waiting for it, but which when it came was just that --- only 'Crumbs'.... fantastically tasteless !!
Lal Murgh had the description that the chicken was marinated in lal masala for 24 hrs. You don't need to be a good cook to decipher that the Chicken marinate ddnt even pierce the top layer and badly needed more time in the herbs
Pollo ala Valadastana - Chicken breast stuffed with mince chicken, sausages dipped in white sauce with spaghetti (Rs.350) turned out to be biggest disaster by which time we were boiling to dump the dishes on the chef's head. They served noodles instead of spaghetti, cold and with tiny portions... any self respecting foodie would dig a hole for himself after this.

Service :
Very slow and extremely patchy with other waiters denying to serve you even water as it is not their table. Though Sher singh - our waiter was good and the manager was apologetic and tried to make amends by giving a 25 % off on the food bill.

But signing off.... One question - How can a place with such bad food (from above one would know, we tried all cuisines) and such average ambience and service can even survive in this burgeoning industry ? Pity...!!
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binuben - Burrp User


October 27,2010

Memorable One!

I had heard about the ladies night at Atlantis. It was a lot of fun to have experienced it! I went a group of 5 girlfriends and we truly had a ball…the Wednesday Night was a memorable one!
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ayesha12 - Burrp User


October 22,2010

Great evening!!

I visited Wanowrie for some work and then was looking for a suitable dining place in that area.A friend suggested Atlantis and we went there for dinner. Had amazing food with exciting drinks
and music. All in all, a great evening spent at Atlantis.
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lauraroberts - Burrp User


September 14,2010

Good deal for Me!

Atlantis is one of my favourite places. They serve delicious food and entertain with nice music! I normally go there for Sunday Brunches since it is powered with live bands and makes my holiday special! Also the buffet costs only Rs. 300 so it’s a good deal for me!
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Smithrod - Burrp User


September 03,2010


We had conducted a birthday party for our son at the Banquet Hall at Atlantis. The service offered was incredible. All our guests went back extremely delighted.
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royshweta - Burrp User


August 26,2010

Very cool offer!

I had been to Atlantis to enjoy their Beer and Sizzler festival. The 599 all inclusive was very cool offer! Being a big Beer as well as sizzler fan, it was just perfect for me! I liked the place…they have good food and drinks coupled with interesting offers!
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chris.goes12 - Burrp User


August 11,2010

We look forward to going back there

The island bar at Atlantis is what I had gone to enjoy! It’s a really nice place with good music and mind blowing food! All my friends had a good time and we look forward to going back there again!
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2rahuldesai - Burrp User


August 06,2010

Awesome place to chill With Friends

I had visited Atlantis on Friendship’s Day. Had a blast with my friends there! We particularly liked their offer of Rs. 599 all inclusive. It got us a lot of drinks and excellent food at a really good cost. The brunch was enhanced with the live band In The Mood! We had a really nice friendship’s day at Atlantis. Will surely visit again!
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