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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 28,2015

Best apple cider ever

A great place to hang out with a group of friends. Ambience is beautiful and outside seating is quite pleasant. Plenty of tables indoor and outdoor. All the inhouse brews are excellent but the Apple Cider is a personal favorite.In quick bites we ordered for the jalapeño poppers and the chicken kathi roll both were mediocre. They really need to improvise on their food menu.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 28,2015

Best brewery in Pune

Possibly the best brewery in Pune.This is another great place for beer lovers. The place is situated on the outskirts of the city and is untroubled by noise , dust and pollution. The ambience is great as Corinthians has a beautiful landscape. The seating is good,complementing their brewery. Apple cider is my favourite. Its recommended that you should visit this place on weekends and not on weekdays,
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 27,2015

Amazing place

This is one of the amazing places I have been. The food menu is also decent and their buffet spreads over the weekends being quite reasonable.The best which i enjoy here is their dessert its really tempting and delicious. The grilled dishes are also good.This place has Factory hours, Happy hours and the normal.service is also worth to mention. From liquors to food, they are happy to suggest.
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

August 23,2013

Best Brewery In Town

If you are a Punekar or just in Pune for fun, DO NOT MISS THIS PLACE!!

Best Brewery I have ever been to.They have the most amazing and astonishing Happy Hour Offers in the whole Of Pune. The place is famous for its Apple Cider, which tastes nothing more than apple juice with a little fizz, and gives you a high you look forward to.

During the Happy hours, they offer a pitcher of the beer at a cost which may be next to nothing, i.e. just 350 bucks for a whole pitcher of their finely brewed beer. One pitcher is enough for you to get a little tipsy, and two, will definitely make you the happy drunk in the bar...;)

They have around 6 varieties of beers available. You should try out as many as you can, if you are looking for different experiences but if you don't want to experiment, I would recommend you stick to the apple cider, and you will be glad !! Apple Cider tastes very good. While the others taste equally good, apple cider stands out amongst all of them, due to its fine taste.

They have one set of happy hours from 12 pm to 5 pm, with all the prices cut down to half, i.e. by 50%, therefore, a pitcher worth 700 bucks, costs you 350 bucks till 5 pm. While the next set of happy hours starts from 5 pm and go on till 8 pm, where you get a 25% discount on the original price. A pitcher costs you Rs 450, while a pint of beer costs approx Rs 150.

The music is okay, not so great, but if you have such amazing offers on beer and cocktails, and you are hanging out with your friends, you definitely do not care about the music.

The ambiance is good.They also have a dance floor inside.The seats are kind of different which makes it fun. You have an option to sit outside or to sit inside. Inside, you have a foosball and a pool table, where you can chillax with your friends or If you want to get chatty, you could sit outside and enjoy the awesome weather along with the music. Smoking isn't allowed inside, so smokers, prefer outside seats. You could also go out and smoke for a while, if you have chosen to sit inside of the restaurant.

The staff is polite, nothing out of the ordinary service. The food is well prepared, but a little expensive.

The place is crowded almost all the time. Even during the day hours, you will find the place buzzing with people. So, you don't have to worry about drinking alone, just because its day time.

I have been to the place several times, and all times during different times of the day. Afternoon till 5, a lot of crowd comes in to enjoy the best happy hours in town, evening the crowd starts pouring in around 6 or 7 and they stay till night to enjoy the music of the place. The place becomes the usual club with loads of people buzzing in, during night time. Only thing is that they close down at 12 am, which is kind of a disadvantage if you come in late, except that,a lovely place, and definitely worth a visit!
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miki123 - Burrp User


February 25,2013

Good beer. Not so good service!

Before you read this hear this out . BEER IS GOOD!! Guys planning to go there with guys can stop here rest can go ahead as its all downhill from here.
Firstly its hell of a lot difficult to find the place because corinthians club is somewhere in the middle of slums. Place is nice but to reach there is a pain. As soon as you enter and look for a table, you see there are few attendants who just keep standing like startled mule if not entertaining a fighting guest who's gone bonkers for chairs. Waiters were mostly dumb idiots except the one we got. We probably understood pretty quickly how things work around there so we took the phone number of the one serving us, so its not a pain to call him when we need.

Now food didn't seem highly expensive as we had heard until we looked at the quantity. Turns out it really was overpriced. Music- probably 20 years behind. Both in content and quality of sound. Place wasn't kept very clean and we had to tell them few times to clean the table that was given to us. Request for tissues was answered when my friend went almost adamant to wash his hand in that pool cum fountain thingy while we were leaving. But still this is not the worst part that hit me. It was when you are asked to pay after every order. It just seemed stupid. But again we were the jugadu indian kind. We proposed a card on tab or even an advance of a couple of thousands so we dont have to reach our back pockets on a regular basis and count the change later. Finally our good waiter understood this. Thank God. Food quality also was not bad. Quite OK infact. It was totally understandable why there were not many people even on the weekend. Its far from the places where patrons would want it to be and service is not up to the mark.

But again, if you are still reading this. I'd still go there again for the sheer pleasure of wheat beer i miss. I actually tried everything, the Malt one was good too. So was Apple Cider. I would have loved if they had let me bring some home. Seemed it was not allowed.

Come on guys get some furniture and people who can serve!!
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

January 02,2013


Now called dollaly on the tap

Ambience is good....but even on a saturday night the place wasnt lively....the music was good but the dance floor was empty....we were really disappointed....they make the beer there itself...and u can even go inside and checkout how the beer is made....apple cider is a must try...rest other flavors of beer are average...the place closes down too early...@12 am...:( it should at least be open till 1...u can play pool or carrom there,..fun place but not that amazing...
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Galaena - Burrp User


September 24,2012

Boring beers, boring food

We went there to have a brunch and some beers on Sunday as we had read about it (the brunch). But there was no brunch, and they directed us to the restaurant on top of it, which was a buffet (not what we were looking for). Finally we ordered some chilli german sausages and some biryanis. The portions were pretty small, the sausages being not bigger than my finger. But hey, we were about to try some real handcrafted beers, so no complains... yet. Then the beers came... wheat one was Ok, no character though, and the English ale and the IPA, completely anodyne. Cider was ok if you hasn't tried real cider. At least the place was cool (no "amazing view" though, buildins on the way), nice breeze, relaxing... until they decided that some loud music would improve it. We ask about it and the waiter told us that's what the clients wanted (!). Then we decided to have some more food... but apparently you cannot order certain kind of dishes if it's past lunchtime and before 7:30 (it was 5pm). We finally managed to order some french fries.

To sum up: not worthy of the trip.
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Aditya Kakodkar - Burrp User

Aditya Kakodkar

August 23,2012


Being the first brewhouse in Pune, they know what beer the people like. The regulars , apple cider and german wheat and the specials like the irish stout and the belgian whale are simply fanntastic. Yes, after the management change the prices have shot up so I would suggest going to 1st brehouse a.k.a Dolally a.ka. Smokies during 12- 3 pm which they call factory hours. Affordable beer but the food is the total opposite. Expensive and well, not the greatest and that price. Sit outside to enjoy the breeze blowing on your face as you chill out with a pint(or a pitcher) of beer, freshly brewed. And when you have beer, you really don't have to worry about the ambeince. also, take a carpenter along next time to fix afew barstools on which you sit. ;)
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Komal Meena - Burrp User

Komal Meena

June 14,2012

good place

we had our official training there 2 times. this place is overall really good.
brewhouse is fantastic place to sit and chill.
i really loved wheat beer.
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ajaygupte371 - Burrp User


May 07,2012

Hidden gem in disguise

Yes, tables here are covered with grease, let alone that most of them seem to be hold together only by their fading layers of paint. The inside of the place seems to double as a godown with all sorts of odd boxes and stuff being stacked up in the corners. The toilets smell worse than those at our valued Pune railway station, the service is completely ignorant but next to non-existant anyway, the A/C seems to have decorative value only, the DJs would have a hard time to even move a village crowd,and I watched 6-legged species having happy come-togethers at the bar counter. The overpriced food (hilariously served with toothpicks, since the place apparently run out of forks) makes my streetfood wallah feel like a masterchef, and beer is the only beverage available. Now, I DO wonder how this Corinthian Hotel to which the place belongs got their 5-Star rating (we all now there are alternate means in our country:D), BUT (yes, capitals!) having said all of above, this place rocks!

(1) No place in Pune gives you a better sundowner than sitting on their terrace overlooking the city. Total tranquility. This is my Goan beach shack away from Goa.

(2) They make their own beers here, which (for some odd reason) stands out of the epic deterioration the place radiates. They make a wheat beer, a stout and an apple cider, and all of them are nothing short to what I used to drink at my local microbrewery when I was living in the US. High five, guys, VERY well done, and thx!

(3) The crowd is fantastic. Laid back, holiday crowd, again more like my beach shack. College, and a somewhat above, and you are in the middle of it the second you arrive!

This place is a hidden gem. Don't go for formal dinner, but do go to "hang out". No better place in Pune to do so. My rating:

Access 0
Service 0
Food 1
Cleanliness 2
Crowd 5+
Ambiance 5+
Beer 5+

Love it!
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maradnusk1 - Burrp User


April 21,2012

A Dark Experience

If you are a large group (5 +) don't bother visiting 1st brew house. The treatment is shoddy, the management can't find a large enough table to accommodate your group, there is a shortage of chairs and bar stools and the waiters act like smart alecs. They don't tell you that the cover charge of Rs. 500 is split 50-50 between food and drink until you show up. All this in spite of calling ahead to make a reservation. We were there on a Friday night and it was crowded but hope other days are better. It will be a pity if the nicest beer in town is served at the place with the lousiest service.

Not all beer is served at all times. you will be lucky to get what you want. There is a limited choice and only pint is served during the happy hour (noon to 8 pm). If you are with non beer drinkers then there is very little non alcoholic drinks on the menu so, be aware. You'll need to prod the waiters to serve you water, I recommend you carry your own. The food is below average and overpriced.

If not for the dark beer (must try the stout) the rest of the experience is abysmal.
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Reply from restaurant management


Greetings from Doolally Hancrafted Beers(www.doolally.in, www.facebook.com/godoolally). We are the people who are responsible for the 'beer making' side of things at the 1st Brewhouse. The arrangement between us and the hotel is that is that it's our job to make sure that what sits in the glass is (hopefully) good beer and the hotel manages the restaurant (food, service, billing etc..basically everything except making the beers which we do)

We are extremely sorry for the shoddy treatment that you had to face when visiting the 1st Brewhouse. We have passed on your feedback regarding the attitude of the staff and the way the communication regarding the cover charge was handled to the hotel folks and we are certain that they handle this in their staff briefings.

What worries though is your observation that not all beers were available on tap, given that we always have anywhere between 3-5 styles of beers on tap (irrespective of whether it's happy hours or regular hours).

It will be very helpful if you could write to us (E-mail- info at brewcrafts dot in) and help us understand exactly what transpired that left you with the impression that not all beers were available on tap. It will help us prevent such a incident in the future.

Regards, Suketu Talekar (Co-Founder, Doolally Handcrafted Beers)

mohanphadnis - Burrp User


April 21,2012

get ripped off and be insulted in the process.

Let me go in a chronological order here.
We called in afternoon and reserved a table for 13 for a after office party. The person who answered the call confirmed the reservation.
We reach around 19.30 hrs. And our name is on the reservations list. I am happy.
BUT there is no table. We had asked to be seated inside but were now told that inside everything was booked. May have slipped there mind while confirming the booking that they had two big parties happening the same evening.
They graciously offered a table next to toilet or as some of my peeps call it the puke table. We moved out to the open air area, braving a drizzle.

I forgot in this time they actually take cover charge before entering and the treatment is very similar to what would be imparted on Laxmi road. Basically no courtesy, no organization and no knowledge either. They treat you like you are going to run away as soon as you get even one pint of beer. If you cannot respect the patrons, you have no business to be in service industry.

Next the waiter was in shambles. Beer was bad, except the stout and food was barely passable. We could not get water on our table even after repeatedly asking for the same.

Will I go here again?

Should someone else go here?
Sure if you want to spend a ton of money and be insulted in the process.

They claim they are a high end micro brewery, their attitude is of a cheap and filthy beer bar.
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somnath666 - Burrp User


March 24,2012

Absolutely horrible and unprofessional staff

The service was absolutely horrendous and the waiters had no courtesy at all what so ever.. there was a waiter who was having dinner in the open from a plate in the corner.. the cover charge of 500 which is divided into coupons of 50s and 100s is an absolute joke.. all the mosquitoes in pune reside outside the smokeys bar and sitting outside is a huge torture.. the hotel seems to be very glamorous at the start but after entering smokey's the hotel as a whole seems a joke to me.. the entire restaurant did not have french fries the day i visited smokeys and that seemed very funny to me..
in short.. it is an absolute joke and highly unprofessional..
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The Beer's good...

What can I say, I'm a sucker for nice dark beer, and this place definitely has got some. That aside... I wish the outside seating had better seats and some precautions for those who are prone to being feasted on by mosquitoes. The food is average but I guess the menu is still being worked upon (or so I hope), but just for the beer I'll give the handcrafters 4 stars and a thumbs up! Cheers!!
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Bhimraj Sonawane - Burrp User

Bhimraj Sonawane

February 11,2012

Can be better..

visited this place and at first it seemed ok since i had already heard alot about it
the interiors are nice,the breweries are a nice sight.
the DJ Could have been better though..
The different beers were nice,a must try is the Apple Cider Beer..
a bit on the expensive side though worth trying.
all in all,a nice place to be..
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Vishwajeet Singh - Burrp User

Vishwajeet Singh

December 18,2011

Doolally on weekends sucks epic fail

Went to Doolally after a long time an awful experience I would say.....after paying 3000 bucks beer is being served in disposable plastic glasses thats pathetic .......if I would have known this I could have carried my own glasses .....more awful is implementation of cover charges half food and half liquor, you don't need to tell your customers how they want to spend their money that's ridicules....... coupons in denomination of 50 sucked even more...... you just need to keep on counting them before giving when you are a big group..........when asked for feedback register....they said we don't have one.....:-p #doolally #fail #sucks
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Amante Foodie - Burrp User

Amante Foodie

September 06,2011

Keep Coming Back!

First time I visited this place and I was impressed with the Corinthian Hotel's Architecture and Decor. Gladly this time 'First Impression is the Last' one did work for this place.

It just doesn't matter if you are a Beer-O-Holic or not, you have a zest to try new drinks? then you'll not be disappointed by 'Doolally'.
The Ciders Served are pretty good, food is okay, service is very slow, Music depends on the band which is playing (mostly okay to go with drinks) and the ambiance is okay.

The convention Centers are also okay here. The Food overall is just okay.

All points for being 'The first Brew Bar' and different varieties of Ciders to have!
I am glad Pune has a place like this, no show but only drinks!

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WishmegoodLuck - Burrp User


August 27,2011

Wish to visit

Hi Suketu, its very pleasure to read such great reviews. I wish to visit this place soon n i hv request that I wish to go around in brewery. is it possible to do all these things in Nov. when I am around. Please reply.
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doublehelix - Burrp User


June 20,2011


Necessary upfront information - I have a fair bit of beer drinking experience and high expectations. I am putting effort into a long review with the hope that the owners would rectify what ills their ale.
Given this is started by two IIM grads a bit of business related commentary at the end is necessary. I am hoping they would take in the spirit it is intended for I wish them much success!

1) Approach to Doolally - You better know exactly where you need to go. This place is pretty tough to find if you are an out-of-towner that frequents Pune infrequently and don't know the general layout of this part of town Hadapsar, Wanwadi, etc. It's much further than I thought after asking some of the native Punekars

2) Inside or Outside - It is a genuinely thought-provoking question with both areas having significant advantages and disadvantages. While, currently, the outside holds the threat of unexpected rains and an army of mosquitoes it is quieter and a conversation can be had.
On the inside though the temperature is controlled (much warmer) and no rain can get to you, the music is LOUD and I could barely catch a word of what my cousin was saying despite the fact that both of us were leaning over and talking loudly till we coughed. So we shuttled between in and out (something I don't do frequently)
Also, much later in the evening there was some equine (or bovine) flatulence in the air! Brewery gas outlet?

3) Beer - I requested to get a few samples so I could make a decision re: which beer I wanted and I was pleasantly surprised that they let us taste all the beers in shot glasses (totally unexpected and very welcome) at the bar counter.
Topline - I was expecting a lot more when I read the glowing reviews but I am sorry to say I was disappointed. With honorable exceptions, my general opinion was - watery, and under-flavored
In order of (diminishing pref):
a) Saison - This was a seasonal french beer. A slightly darker pilsner-ish beer, this was a stand-out for me with a distinctive and likable top note, good body, and a smooth finish. I got a good wheat flavor with every sip. A winner here. I had two of these and enjoyed them. This had the least of the watery profiles of the other beers.

b) Hefeweizen - I think they were a bit too cautious in the making of this German/Belgian/Dutch classic. I love wheats and I love the whites, with powerful full bodied, unrepentant flavors. I gave this a second shot with the trial but again had the same impression - the flavors were very subdued and it was, well, watery.
When I say watery, I mean the bothersome taste of drinking a watered down beer like many American classics - Bud light, Coors light, Miller Genuine Draft, and the worst of them all, Milwaukee Light on a hef base.

c) Apple cider - This is what forced my cousin to force me out for a 40 min ride (1 way). The apple cider was fine but I'm just not into ciders. My cousin had the same comment that I had before. The fruit flavor was a tad too subdued with barely a whiff of apple.

d) Something 36 - Supposed to be a crisp, fresh lager(ish) and was a disappointment from get go. I can't say more than 'watery' the way MGD is. I would sell a slice of my soul for a truly crisp full flavored lager/pilsner like a Kirin Ichiban or a Singha or one of the long tradition of Germans in that genre.

4) Food - Reading different reviews I decided to stay away from the food, preferring to catch a no-fail plate of fries though the wait staff gentleman kept on suggesting dishes that I had not the slightest interest in.
Keeping with the no-fail line, the fries were just fine, neither the best nor the worst I have eaten.

5) Service, wait staff - Courteous and hopelessly under informed.
When we made our multiple trips in and out they were very helpful and did not seem exasperated (+). I expected the billing to get messed up but it did not (+).
Now comes the part one expects but seldom gets in India. Thoughtful response from a knowledgeable server/waiter. The dude that helped us looked like he'd be happier with the job as a gym instructor than as a waiter. Though I speak three widely used Indian languages we had terrible listening comprehension problems even conveying that a) I'd like a crisp, clean lager (to which he kept saying 'German wheat' 'German wheat' 'German wheat') , b) I'd prefer they not dunk my fries in a sea of gooey 'chij' that would ultimately make it as soft as an unfortunate samosa that died by drowning.
A microbrewery is a great place to talk beers and brewing with a brewmaster or even a knowledgable bar tender, not quite possible here due to the a) loud music and b) the aforementioned communication problems and c) lack of knowledge of their products - they have memorized what they have been told to recommend but ask them for more details or try to have a discussion and they are lost.

I believe the place is a work in progress and as they get their hands dirty(ier) the team will figure out house classics and some rotating seasonals.

Now the business part - This is what flummoxed me - we went in with the expectation of a microbrewery with decent (not so loud) music in the grand tradition of GordonBiersch in SF and many more in Europe but ended up horrified as the microbrewery converted into more of a bar (indoors) with horribly loud music (not by a DJ per another review but a playlist playing out of a iPod as my cousin pointed out), and as the evening wore on the strobe ball lights turned on and it became a bit of a club with somebody running salsa steps to hiphop and an area turned into a dance floor while two TV screens played WWF! WTF?! Identity crisis?

The menu offers everything from the North to the South and from the East to the West - from fries to mughlai to Chicken Don Don and a pasta counter to whatnotelse and yes, a cocktail called Blowjob. Asking a male waiter for that cocktail sends shivers down my timber. May I have a blowjob, please? Sure Sir. Anything to make our customers happy!

I don't know the secret to sure success but the secret to sure failure is trying to please everybody. Trying to be everything to everybody is just a BAD idea.
I'd suggest you guys stick to core competencies and focus on activities and foods that surround the ambience of a microbrewery. There are so many 'ambience and experience' touches you can add...!

Another major factor is access - the place goes on until past midnight and the local rick service ends around 10. If people don't want to drive drunk they have a problem getting transportation back out. This issue combined with the far out location surely stops many people from driving in. If the owners can either commission 2-3 ricks to be on call until shutdown time or have a small van that runs half hourly or hourly to a major spot in Hadapsar where ricks are available they'd likely see more traffic coming in.
Be glad to chat more...
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Sushant Kulkarni - Burrp User

Sushant Kulkarni

May 18,2011

A gr8 place to hang out on weekend

A friend of mine informed me of this place Smokies@Corinthians. We went there one friday, reached there by 10, by the time the live band had gone off but the dance floor had just started rocking.
I ordered a rye beer and the barman handed out a pitcher of this golden liquid. I usually dont go over a glass, but what a good beer it was. A beer that tastes good, hmmm.... now thats something new.
I didnt knw of Doolally till now, but now i know and know it well.
The place also had good food, specially Biryani, one of the finest ia have had.

I heard this place is started by 2 IIM grads, thanks dudes.
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ihrishi - Burrp User


April 25,2011

its different!

- Great brews. Loved the cider
- Great DJ!
- Mediocre service. (Waiter took 4 reminders to get us french fries, and got the salt/pepper after the fries were finished. Also forgot the ketchup entirely in the first round.)
- Mediocre food. (Also, very less choice)
- There are two sections, one with music, and the outside section with a live band. We had stepped out since my friend wanted to smoke, and had left our starters and full glasses on the table. when we returned, the glass's were missing. And all the waiters we talked to were like 'i dont know'. And even the manager whom I talked to was unwilling to help. All of them blamed other guests for flicking our glass's. The least they could have done is replaced them for us. This is something which was strange, and left a bitter taste.
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doctalk - Burrp User


May 22,2010

Great place to rest your butt!

Went to the joint yesterday, spacious, very pubby feeling with dark brown walls, yellow lighting and you cannot miss the gleaming vats of the micro brewery right in front. The music for a change, thank God, featured AC / DC, Deep Purple, Led Zep etc and had a minimum of Linking Park and whatever else passes for music these days! The beer was great, the wheat beer was light and frothy and very tasty too.
The food was good, barring the chicken, the mutton roll was pretty decent, the only thing amiss was the food was too heavily spiced, given the fact that the overall brews are light, the food too needs to remain light. And maybe a dessert would help.
But then a great place overall, really good joint to rest your sore feets and butts!
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Akshay Damle - Burrp User

Akshay Damle

December 02,2009

An unforgettable experience...

This is the first Microbrewery set up in Maharashtra, and 3rd in the country, and boy does it rock or what ??

I've been to this place a few times, and I've had the privelege of knowing the owners of this place. They're IIM grads, and they have gained expertise in the art of beer making.

The brewery is located at Corinthian's club. The first sight that you see when you enter the pub is the brewery. This is where all the great beer is brewed. So far I've sampled the Lager ( Like our KF but only better), then the dark lager (Which is awesome), and the Weiss Beer ( sweet and light), and the rye beer ( lovely beer this), and the Apple Cider(technically not a beer. The beer is priced perfectly, and the quality of beer is unmatched.

The food has been a hit and a miss. The Sunday brunch is an interesting concept, its all you can eat or all you can drink till its time to get out. The food during the brunch was great, as all the dishes complemented the beer perfectly.

The ambience of the place is awesome. It makes you want to sit with friends, and have some good beer. Overall the best thing thats hit Pune this year !!
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Ray M - Burrp User

Ray M

November 24,2009

Pune's first Microbrewery

If you are fed up of the pale yellow trash that is being sold to you as "beer"...you are in luck. Suketu and Prateek , two IIM graduates have recently opened up Pune's first microbrewery called "Doolally" at the Corinthians boutique hotel in wanwadi pune. The place has a wonderful decor and the interiors reminded me of a Pirate's Den...dimly lit and complete with wooden tables and wooden barrels as seats.You can even ask for a tour around the brewery and if you're lucky you might just get a chance to tap some fresh beer from the gigantic steel brewing tanks. But lets not get carried away with the decor . The best part about this place is the freshly brewed beer. The variety ranges from the light wheat beer...also known as "weissman" , a hard apple cider called "Adams Folly" , a premium lager beer called "goody two shoes" and a dark beer called "Bob Barley".
The payment system is unique and one has to purchase nickels and dimes from the counter ( 1 Dime = Rs.100 and 1 Nickel = Rs.10 ) and you have to use these to buy beers and starters. The starters available range from Brazilian barbecue chicken , chicken wings , nachos and salsa and both veg and non-veg kebabs. Also, if you're free on a lazy sunday afternoon , you could stop by for the sunday brunch ..which is a all you can eat and all you can drink extravaganza that goes on up to 4pm. If you consider yourself to be a beer connoisseur ..or if you're just fed up of drinking mass produced crap that's available in the market today , head over to Doolally for a truly Beer-tastic experience !! Trust me , this is one place you dont wanna miss.
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