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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Grilled Rawas,chicken salad
  • Few people mentioned Sunday Brunch

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Amazing experience
Bad experience
extensive list of beer.
Foodie Punters - Burrp User

Foodie Punters

June 29,2016

D ambience is awesome wid good musik..

After being multiple tyms to dis place finally decided to write abt it.. They have indoors n outdoor sitting.. And d bar sitting.. All is good.. D ambience is awesome wid good musik.. Gnnochi in pink sauce is good.. Pizzas r thin n flavoursome.. Goes well wid d sangria.. Happy eating
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YouthIncMagazine - Burrp User


May 09,2016

Woodside Inn Review

CUISINE: American, European
FOOD: Woodside is known for its scrumptuous burgers. The Beef Burger and the Grilled Chicken are some of the best dishes on the menu. They also offer a wide choice in seafood and probably serve some of the best Calamari in the suburbs. If you thought their cuisine is limited to nonvegetarian items, you are in for a real surpirse. From pastas, risottos and burgers, the vegetarian food is equally good and diverse. A speciality of the restaurant is that it gives its diners the chance to create their own dishes from the existing menu.
OVERALL: The décor is homely and inviting. The place is apt for after-work drinks and get-togethers with friends. Woodside’s prices are slightly expensive but the place is definitely worth the money.
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anshrutagoyal - Burrp User


February 16,2016

Breakfast menu is the best

had been here for breakfast. enjoyed the pancakes and waffles. and again visited the place for lunch. good happy hours and great music.
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Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

July 19,2014

The curious case of the sleeping man

Last night I went with the missus to check out the Beer and Burger festival at Woodside Cafe. This is one of my frequently visited places and I generally love the food, ambiance and the service there.

Quite expectedly for a Friday evening, they had a wait of 30 minutes post which we were seated on a table for two. Now here comes the interesting bit. The table next to ours, which was the corner table, had a person sleeping. Yes, sleeping. With all the blaring music, the hullabaloo of a busy restaurant on a Friday night and a healthy buzz of ambient noise - this gentleman (daresay, I call him that) was just in a perfect state of bliss. He was asleep.

On his table was a pitcher and a mug full of beer. He hadn't ordered any food yet. Not a sip of the beer had been had, and he had already fallen asleep. We thought, he'll wake up in a few minutes. But he was sleeping in a sitting position for the entire duration of our visit - close to 2 hours. He once got up to go to the restroom, then came back and slept.

I asked one of the servers about it, and he said "yeh to roz ka scene hai". WTF? Woodside, WTF? I don't mind a sleeping person, but don't want him on a table next to mine. In a restaurant. Not done. It ruins the experience.

Now coming to the food, I had the Spicy Chickpea burger and the missus had a mexican something. The Spicy ChickPea was too good, however the Mexican burger had a paneer patty. Now Woodside, I'll let you in on a secret - they haven't discovered Paneer in Mexico yet. Paneer and Mexico are as good a combo as Nag Panchmi and Brazil.

Give me one good reason to come back.
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RidhimaN - Burrp User


June 21,2014

My kinda place...

Great place to chill. Fabulous Happy Hours. Spiced Rum Mojito is amazing. Fish fingers are superb. Grilled Basa with greens are tasty too. Music is good too. Good place, great food and fabulous drinks, what more does one require?! Reasonable too. My comfort place.
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excellent place for great food & soothing music

This is a good place for excellent & great food, its high on pricing, but has good soothing ambience with great music played on background

Visit it once for having a great time
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J  - Burrp User


February 07,2014

La Italina

This is the perfect place for people who love Italian food; they have a great authentic taste. The menu is limited but can offer you a good meal. They also have a nice outdoor seating which can be good fun in winters. They also serve good deserts and salads.. choice is yours which one to dig in.
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Jyotsna Changlani - Burrp User

Jyotsna Changlani

February 05,2014

Second home!

Nice relaxed place - soft decor , decent crowd , food is amazing ! Love the Cesar salad and mac and cheese! Sangrias here are also amazing - they have a nice range of beers and if you like to try diff varieties this is the place to be. The staff is nice and sweet - there is an indoor and outdoor section, the music is not too loud , the bathrooms are super clean!
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Rohit Khopkar - Burrp User

Rohit Khopkar

January 22,2014

Great Place!!!

This is going to be a short one....

Been there thrice & have had a wonderful experience every time!!! The decor resembles a tavern with wooden fixtures everywhere!!! Really puts you in the mood for a drink, the wait staff & the bartenders are very friendly & helpful; quick to assist you with anything & quick to recommend dishes or drinks. The food is spot on delicious!!! The drinks too are equally good. This place is packed all through out the day so try & grab a table early or if you like you can sit at the bar & enjoy your evening. Will definitely be going back there for more!!!
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starryairs - Burrp User


December 30,2013

Amazing place, great food!

This place is great for Sunday brunch. I went with friends and we had an amazing time there. We chose the area inside and with music in the background it was blissful. The place is not too loud not to boring....its just perfect for a sleepy eyed brunch with Friends. I have earlier had drinks at the place and the ambiance in the evening was amazing.

Though we haven't tried the a la carte so cannot review that.
It is a place you will enjoy with friends as well as family.
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Zee  - Burrp User


September 27,2013

Loved it!!

Gourmet dishes, good variety, fabulous taste and even better service!!
Me and my husband decided to chill on a friday evening at this oshiwara bar..Ordered the domestic beer pitcher as the Stella and Hoegarden pitchers are quite heavily priced..We ordered a salad, an omelette and 1 chicken skewer dish and 1 chicken in mains..We loved the food. The waiters knew the content of each and every dish and seemed like they know what they are doing. We were asked for feedback at the end with the smile. I rated them well on everything and shared a comment that they should have more options in beers for pitchers.
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Z H - Burrp User


September 15,2013

Always a delight!

The first thing that pops up in my head when I think of Woodside inn is their delicious & potent Mojitos. They never seem to disappoint. Their other cocktails are also good like the Bloody Mary and the Black Russian. Enough about the drinks, the food is also gorgeous too. The sautéed beef with crushed pepper& mushrooms was amazing and so was the Grilled Rawas with lemon caper sauce and gnocchi-Lovely flavours. The staff is very quick and service good. A lovely ambiance and it always uplifts my spirits. Next I want to try is their breakfast and burgers!
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Sanaya Dhamodiwala - Burrp User

Sanaya Dhamodiwala

August 31,2013

Never Fails To Please

So I've been here a couple of times and I have always been impressed by the food.

It's menu is just rightly listed. Not too many items to baffle you and not too few to choose from. It covers a vast span of ingredients and preparation methods, to keep everyone happy.

Now, I'm not naming any particular dishes because everyone has a different taste palette that tickles their fancy but you must do a whole three course meal to fully enjoy your night out at Woodside Inn.

One thing though, be prepared to wait once you place the order as the food takes a while to come. I'm guessing that's because they want to get the food simply perfect for you. The staff is very helpful, knowledgeable about the food, and courteous.

Definitely worth frequenting!
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TaraD - Burrp User


August 05,2013


If you are looking for a Casual but Romantic Night Out then this is your place to go !!
The gorgeous out door area with abstract wall art, plush greenery & dim lighting is definitely going to get your better half all lovely dovely !!!

The must try at Woodside Inn is:

Pesto Pizza: 5/5 (Delectable)
Rosemary Fries: 3/5 (Great with Drinks)
Chicken / Beek Burger: 5/5 (Beyond Doubt some of the best in Mumbai)

Long Island Ice Tea: 5/5
(They make it with all Whisky & that just makes it all the more amazing)
Jello Shots: 5/5
(Yummy & Cheap) (Definitely a steal)

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neelindap - Burrp User


August 03,2013

Beer,Burgers and Music!

Visited this place for the event they were hosting,"Beer and Burger Festival".

A nice country wise segregation of menu,with each having a local beer and burger.Got a nice selection of beers!

About the food,had a bacon bomb,a hefty beef patty,topped with chopped bacon,caramalized onions and the usual lettuce,tomato.Truely a bomb in terms of taste! Slaw and fries on side.
Also,got a Murphy's Stout in the combo,nice dark beer,though not as strong as Guinness.

Another thing which I liked about this place was,each brew of beer had its own serving glass,to further add to the experience.So my stout was served in a Weizen Glass,where as a draught came in a mug.Thumbs up for that!
Overall,a great experience in terms of the food and drink.

Also a brilliant selection of music as well.All and all,a nice lazy sunday afternoon!

PS : Not sure if they serve the menu from festival on normal days
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

May 16,2013

Sometimes Woody, sometimes excellent

Had been pretty regular at this place for quite some time, but the past year has been mixed so to speak.

Last week, after a heavy lunch, was feeling a bit peckish and so decided to try it out. Called up and they said no reservations taken, but since it was already 9 pm, they said come by and we’ll find you a place.

With the humidity, we opted to sit inside, which was pretty full. Ordered a drink and they kindly made a mocktail off the menu for my wife, who is a teetotaller and vegetarian.

We ordered french fries – just perfect, far superior to McD and the ilk. This was followed by onion rings – which were soft, soggy, and New Yorker has better. Then asked for a vegetable club sandwich – but had mushrooms – so changed it to Veg Burger (ya ya I know, there is no such thing) which was pretty good in itself, but the accompaniments – wedges and salad were good.

However, there were two bad experiences - one with reservation, when they accepted and then refused, citing location issues. AND the biggest NO NO last year for my wife's birthday.

I had called, confirmed the time, asked them about desserts and informed them that we would be there by 11.50 and yes since it was a Dry day, just desserts. Landed up, they looked blankly and said desserts were over. A bit of salvaging done by way of one dessert left, but were unapologetic and please hurry kinda attitude because it was 12 mid night, whilst they close at 1, but no booze so wanted to shut early.

This deal breaker has ensured that there is no question of going there as a family, though on a boy's night out I have been there once.

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Chetna Chakravarthy - Burrp User

Chetna Chakravarthy

May 02,2013

5 stars for a well priced brunch

Rs 1050 inclusive of alcohol... I don't know where else will you get good food at this price in Mumbai given all those damned taxes. The pasta and the gnocchi both are delicious. So is the grilled vegetable salad. But the beef burger... it's outstanding. Woodside is officially on my list of best burgers in Mumbai along with Indigo and HRC.
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Anil Narula (livetoeat) - Burrp User

Woodside - the miracle of superb food

Woodside All Day Bar and Eatery sitting near Yoko's sizzlers on Link Road is a food miracle. You enter the place and you find the decor beautiful and subtle. You have an option of sitting at the bar or fine dine. From the bar i recommend Spicy Rum Mojito, a concoction so fine that you just wont get enough, in Entree i recommend the 'Pan Seared Rawas' for it supremely smooth and soft texture and amazing melt in the mouth taste (the portion could be a bit bigger though), would also recommend the sea food Pasta in main course which was not only superbly prepared but also quite filling, for dessert try the tiramasu or the crumble pie, haven't had the opportunity to try much else but I am sure everything else on the menu would be as good if not better. Cant wait to go back :-)

PS: If you don't know where to start check out their Monthly Specials menu.
Ambiance - 4/5
Food - 5/5
Service - 5/5
Overall - 5/5
Cost - For 2 people including drinks - Rs.2500(approx)

- livetoeat
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Jeff Mostade - Burrp User

Jeff Mostade

April 02,2013

Festive lunch with some flair

I was in Mumbai to celebrate a birthday weekend recently; Woodside was suggested for an early reunion. It was perfect. the food tasty, the cocktails timely, the service friendly and the portions generous. I'd sure come back here again in a New York minute. Plus the ambience is urban, urbane, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Gice it a shot.
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

March 18,2013

Sunday well spent

Was there this Sunday for brunch. Despite the heat we decided to sit outside and it was pleasant out there. Ordered, eggs Benedict, a salad and a bbq chicken burger. Everything was superb and portions satisfactory. The burger had sauce oozing out of it and yes, it got messy but i am not complaining :). For Rs 1200 I think it was total VFM.
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

January 07,2013

For chilled out weekends

It's one of the few places in Andheri with a little character. Good music, great ambience and nice food. Mainly, you should be here to taste their extensive list of beer. Try the burgers and if you are a seafood lover grilled rawas is a must try.
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Good weekend place

One of the best places in andheri

and they have a great menu and a great playlist for music Lovers
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karan2791 - Burrp User


December 05,2012

Great way to end the weekend !

Its a great place to lie back chill and have a few beers. The wooden interiors give a nice antique look to the place and the food though a bit overpriced is worth the expense. The grilled rawas fish was the pick of the lot . The staff is very pleasant and cater to your smallest needs. The pork salad was great and the place is a treat for non vegetarians !
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Perfect Place for the Best Day!

Yes, my rating is 5/5.............I Clicked properly!!! Woodside all day bar and eatery does justice to its name and to the stomach of its diners. I Spent most of my evening and night here and found almost all the items on the menu almost close to perfection. The ones I recommend here are the Spiced Rum Mojito, The Chicken+Tomato Soup, the roasted and grilled chicken breast and the Apple Crumble Pie with Mango Icecream, even though I was part of a special panel of tasters invited to taste the food free of cost, I wouldn't have mind to pay the Chef cos the food he served was indeed that great! Hope you have a great time here and listen carefully to the background music, they got a great playlist!
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foodie11061106 - Burrp User


November 26,2012

Chef's table at Woodside

So, had the invite to be a part of "Chef's table" here..had my buddies and i all excited. Getting straight to the point...
Music was apt and not too loud, lovely ambience, good service....

What was great- Grilled Rawas....MUST HAVE and the chicken salad which was just perfect(dieter's delight)
What was ok- the spicey rum mojito which could have had more rum in it,the apple crumble pie which could have been slightly warm, it was a little soggy.

Overall the experience was good.I would give it a rating of 3.5/5.
But yes, this place i believe is a must visit for the kind of beers served, so i shall make my way for those beers soon..:-)
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Varun Shetty - Burrp User

Varun Shetty

November 20,2012

Just Perfect

Very few restaurants in bombay get everything right. Woodside is one of those. From their elegantly casual, easy decor, to well-informed, soft-spoken, co-operative waiters, the beautiful soft music, to the near-perfect menu with a great collections of beers and burgers, this place is an absolute treat. It's pricey, but it's worth it. It's just a wonderful, cozy, friendly neighbourhood restaurant. When they were ful, they were prompt about taking care of us while we waited and found us a table as soon as possible. Great food, great music, great service. Five stars.
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MinolAjekar - Burrp User


November 10,2012

All Day Eating

Wood Side Inn has from time immemorial served great food and super ambiance. The Oshiwara branch has a great charm to it, especially the outside area which is just a fun place for dinner. Mojitos served in jam bottles instead of glasses give a great insight in their psyche. All their fresh juices also are beautiful, personal favorite is the rock melon one.

I recommend the chorizo pizza, chicken burger and the fantastic grilled rawas. I had the beef burger once which I did not enjoy, the meat was not tasty. Could be an off day as I never re-visted the burger. This one is not a casual meal, could be 1500-2000 for a meal for two.
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gluedtofood - Burrp User


November 09,2012

Nice experience!!

This is again one of those places wherein once i gotta know it opened in andheri I just had to go for it and try it. This place has a very comforting feeling and you know the wooden interiors help a lot. It is a cute dining place serving one of the best italian fares with an amazing selection of beers!! My recommendations are the mushroom & thyme soup,pesto chicken in foccacia,creamy alfredo pasta and the citrus paprika chicken. The colaba outlet is amazing but this also did not disappoint. Although i fell that they can improve their desserts. The service is always prompt and nice and the best part is Free Wifi!!! :)
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fids666 - Burrp User


September 20,2012

Bad Experience

Went there with my girlfriend on Tuesday which is not a very busy day... Called for a Sula Zinfandel glass which was from an old bottle though the staff was good enough to change it the moment we suggested it was not from a fresh bottle.. Then came the most amazing sight, I see a cockroach staring at us from near the wall was again a let down... Now comes the main course time... It was the Basa and a Double Cheddar Beef Burger (Meduim), the burger was not medium and totally bland (should have been atleast seasoned n Juicy)... Basa did not meet expectation as the portion was too small and just missed that zing thing... I have had better food there before e.g the Quatro Formagi Pizza or the Steaks which are fairly good but this last visit Arghhhhhhh....

Hope to have a better experience the next time....
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Vishal Gupta - Burrp User

Vishal Gupta

July 21,2012

Warm Ambience, Great Service, Poor VFM

If your definition of "500 rupees burger" is just about spending time with your friends or loved one at a nice/warm local joint with good service in western suburbs than you've come to the right place. Enjoy!

But in case you're a die hard burger foodie than avoid this place. You are better off driving down to HARD ROCK CAFE or Taj Lands End as meals almost cost the same with greater punch packed in it.

Onion Rings were pathetic but better than 'Chillies at Powai' :-). I also ordered for American Whopper Burger - Rs.500/- (Cheap part of this place was to charge Rs.30/- for small dip of Mayo). This meal requires some detailing below: -
- Quality of beef patty was very good
- Portion size was way too small. It's just converts to 4 bites :-)
- Veggies & bacon stuffing was negligent
- French fries as side serve can be counted on your finger tips
- Coleslaw is not worth a mention

There are better places that offer far greater VALUE FOR MONEY. Woodside INN in Andheri is a definite NO, NO for burger lovers.... Over-rated by Mumbai Mirror...!
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anxxx - Burrp User


June 15,2012

Great food, nice place

Didn't even know there was a woodside in oshiwara till we drove by and spotted the crowd outside it. It was a pleasant surprise.
Couldn't help but park and grab a meal. It matches the colaba branch in every aspect.
The food was awesome. So was ambience. We got a place outside. It is well ventilated despite the summer heat. The staff was courteous and didnt mind that we took our own sweet time to order, eat and even linger after paying the bill.
The Fusilli with Chicken in pesto was everything it should have been.

Definitely worth many more visits.
I am penalising one star because the staff was a bit lax and we had to really scream and jump to get their attention.

But a great experience overall.
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Minoo - Burrp User


April 08,2012


Frequent this place.... Great food ,great drinks and amazing staff . The manager Mr Dolfy is great and very helpful. I have not once been disappointed here :) ...try chicken paprika , and tiramisu for sure
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Salonee Gadgil - Burrp User

Salonee Gadgil

February 12,2012

A happy heart!

I felt like being rewarded for a productive week, you know, felt like giving myself the proverbial pat on the back for a week spent in the glorious routine of urban survival. I’m usually indifferent to this weekly cycle; week long mundanity followed by social celebratory outbursts on Friday night. However this Friday, I joined the herd that flocked to the nearest waterhole, where the world would be forgotten in a heady mix of intoxication, loud music and pretty-people.

Woodside provides the perfect backdrop for a night out. As soon as I walked in, I felt happy. The staff is warm and pleasant, everyone from the concierge to the housekeeping lady in the bathroom met me with a smile. But it’s something more than the staff. The place seems to have it’s heart in the right place.

We decided to order off the season’s special menu, and settled for a Mandarin Pork Salad followed by Slow Cooked pork with a red wine jus. Both the dishes were delicious. My accompanying drink, a white wine Sangria was particularly well made. The Red Velvet cake that brought the meal to a close wasn’t bad either, but could’ve definitely been more refined.

I will be back, I have no doubt. Maybe for breakfast, maybe with some friends, maybe for coffee.

Damages: approx Rs.1000 for 2, without alcohol

For more reviews log onto www.bellyfirst.wordpress.com
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Nemesis - Burrp User


January 24,2012

A welcome addition to the Suburbs

This is a place I wish I had next to my work where I could just go to grab a drink after a long day. Thankfully its not too far either. Its neatly done up with indoor and outdoor seating and with a bar that's accessible from both. It has a great ambiance and I really like the music they play (mostly Alternative Rock). It's loud enough to enjoy, but not so loud that you cant have a conversation.

Although I said its a place I'd like to go for drinks, the food is pretty good too. The pizza was recommended to me by a few friends and it did not disappoint. The staff has always been nice and friendly too.

One thing I would like to mention is that kids aren't allowed, so its not really place to go for family dinners, but I guess that's not what its meant to be anyway. It is a pub after all.
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pkiyangar - Burrp User


January 04,2012

Good food, good service, ok drinks, bad hygiene

Went here for dinner on NYE.
The ambience is good and the options for indoor and outdoor seating a plus. Nice collection of beers, wines and hard liquor.
Ordered a Gin Martini, the melon magic and the cocktail of the day which was something similar to a mojito.
The Martini was good and so was the cocktail. But the melon magic (melon and sparkling wine) was terrible. It was warm and extremely bitter. We sent it back twice to get it done right and the request was complied. So definitely a plus there.

Ordered the chicken nuggets and potato wedges for appetizers and they were both amazing. The wasabi mayo with the potato wedges especially being outstanding.

Ordered the citrus and paprika chicken, the spaghetti in alfredo sauce and the pesto chicken pizza for the main course. All 3 dishes were excellent.
The chicken in the citrus and paprika chicken cooked to perfection and the citrus and parika sauce simply brilliant.

Wanted to have dessert but there are only 3 of them on the menu and none too appetizing.

The question would be why only 3 stars.
Well, between the appetizer and main course there was a cockroach running on our table inside the restaurant. UNACCEPTABLE guys!! There are no excuses for shoddy upkeepment. Fair enough, we were offered another table, but the thought thats now in my head is, does the lil guy have some of his friends roaming in the kitchen?

Its a great place, but the management needs to take serious notice of such incidents.

Overall, great food. Drinks preparation can use some improvement. A couple of more dessert options would help. But you guys have GOT TO keep the place clean.
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Lalit Vashishta - Burrp User

Lalit Vashishta

December 05,2011

No Takeaways

Burrp listed this place under takeaways - but when we called them they did not do parcels. Please make necessary change
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Rohit  - Burrp User


November 15,2011

the Staff deserves a special mention

Our evening comprised of the superb Woodside Inn classic margherita pizza, pasta in alfredo sauce,fries- all served up with the right music; but what made it extra special for us was the attentive and friendly staff, who went out of their way accommodate our lill one! Thanks and keep it up!
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Foodie301 - Burrp User


October 21,2011


Well done Woodside Inn! You have given us good food, reasonable prices and excellent service in the 'burbs. Don't lose the momentum and do keep the restaurant clean - eateries in this part of the city somehow lose the plot after a few months and become all messy!
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Dhara987 - Burrp User


October 10,2011

It couldn’t get better

An open bar, great food, good music and smashing cocktails; these are just some of the things we liked about the new Woodside Inn at Andheri.

We’ve all either heard about or been to Woodside Inn at Colaba. It’s famous for its beer pitchers, wine and old-Bombay charm. Not to forget the occasional Beer ‘n Burger Festival that everyone keeps raving about. So is the one at Andheri as good? Nope, it’s better! Way better, we’d say.

The first thing you notice about the place is that even though it follows the same theme as the Colaba outlet, it has its own individual style. They’ve got a super-cool al fresco dining area next to a black-and-white wall painted with trees and birds and everything forest. You can sit by the bar, which is between the A/C and al fresco sections – a lot like what Olive Bar & Kitchen at Mahalaxmi has in an ‘L’ shape. The place is obviously much bigger than its SoBo cousin.

The drinks are an assortment of Indian wines, the usual list of cocktails, and beer from around the world. We ordered for the Italian BirraMoretti and the Japanese Dry Asahi from the beer list and red wine sangria from the cocktail list. What’s more – the bartenders knew their stuff.

Let’s talk about...food
The menu here is pretty much the same as Colaba except for four additions: sautéed beef in black pepper sauce, pepperoni pizza, veg cannelloni and veg lasagna.

We tried out the new beef appetiser and were extremely pleased. The pepper was a little strong but the salad serving balanced it out really well; it nullified the pungent taste of the well-cooked peppery beef. This was followed by fusilli seafood marinara, which had a little too much pepper to handle. That’s when we ordered our beers.

Next in line was some chicken stuffed with fresh mozzarella, mushroom and spinach with grilled balsamic vegetable. What a perfect combination of meat and veggies! It. Was. Perfect.

Feedback from elsewhere…
We met a couple of our friends outside while leaving and asked them what they thought of the place. “We always manage to have a good time at Woodside. And this place is much better than the one in Colaba. The pizzas are amazing and so are the cocktails,” said one.

We also asked a few random questions about the place on Twitter (@burrp_mumbai) and here’s what @TheCoffeeNazi (SahilJatana) had to say: “I loved the food, especially the scamorza and bacon pizza, four cheese pizza, beef stir fry, chicken skewers and beer battered onion rings. But the service was sad. Everything we ordered took a lot of time and the staff would come back after five minutes of placing the order to confirm it. That was irritating.”

However, we found the staff very proactive and extremely quick with their service. Maybe @TheCoffeeNazi’s experience was a one-off. Or maybe it’s just teething problems. Either way, this place is a must-visit for Mumbai suburban folks.
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Dhara Mehta - Burrp User

Dhara Mehta

December 30,2013


a must try!! I am surely on its frequent visitor list :)
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krishnachar3 - Burrp User


October 07,2016


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