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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 30,2015

elaborate buffet

One of the most elaborate buffet spread one can get is at the Vista, at the Taj Lands The buffet offered several choices of food- South indian, North indian and continental, with a live counter. Mushroom pate was out of this world. Desserts are to die for and staff are very welcoming and attentive. The Brownie pudding was my favourite. Vista has a warm, cozy atmosphere, great views of the ocean.
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Rehana Khambaty - Burrp User

Rehana Khambaty

June 24,2014


Recently I visited the Vista Coffee Shop at the Taj Lands End and found it a blissful experience of a lifetime.
The Indian food was so delectable and yummy and not to be missed at all. The price is reasonable and the ambiance is also very cool. The service by far is very good and the total impact of the hotel is just mind blowing
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sanketshah91 - Burrp User


February 07,2014


Recently I got a number of opportunities of visiting the Vista Coffee shop at Taj Lands End Mumbai and boy each time it has been a great experience what with the innumerable choice of Indian and international dishes. The service is also excellent and the ambiance is fantastic. It is an ideal destination for both breakfast buffet as also the dinner buffet with amazing variety and plenty of options to choose from. I highly recommend this place to everyone visiting the city of dreams.
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Pavan Hemdev - Burrp User

Pavan Hemdev

September 29,2013

Top Notch

the best coffee shop/ all day dining a hotel has to offer. great service and a nice relaxed ambience. Recommends - Pizzas, especially peperoni, the Thai curry, the fish, butter chicken and lamb chops. they have the best Sunday brunch (expensive but sea food eaters will love it) ranging from oysters to dimsums, a variety of cheese, salads, pizza, Indian and great dessert. the brunch on other days is not all that interesting
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Advait Chhatre - Burrp User

Advait Chhatre

November 19,2012

Brunch at vista is worth the price

Brunch at vista is worth the price. they have very nice collection of bread and cheese.
Desert seection was the the icing on the cake
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Bimal Shah - Burrp User

Bimal Shah

March 25,2012

Not meeting Taj's standards

We came to Vista for a post-dinner dessert. It took us a while to get the attention of the server. The dessert quality was far from what you would get at sea lounge at the Taj palace.
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meenakshi83 - Burrp User


January 21,2012

Awful food :(

After hearing so much about this hotel, we landed up for a birthday celebration, and totally dismayed by the awful food from starters to dessert. The variety is poor compared to any 5 star standard! Even Taj outside india serves better food and more variety! I spat out most of the food - it was so inedible! :( the only nice thing was steamed rice and the dal - guess you can't go wrong in that!
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Vikas Krishnamurthy - Burrp User

Vikas Krishnamurthy

November 01,2011

The Taj of Unprofessionalism!

Last weekend, it was my birthday and I chose to celebrate it with my best friends in the Taj Lands End's restaurant called the Vista. Now I realize what a waste of my precious Birthday Eve it was!!

We were pretty excited and entered the restaurant (table pre-booked) at around 10 P.M. so we could celebrate my birthday in Taj style. How I wish people here could have written better reviews and I could have avoided my birthday celebrations in Vista. However I am glad to write it now and help people avoid such unprofessional restaurants.

We started off with the table next to the deck that overlooks the Bandra Fort and the Bandra Worli Sea Link. Firstly the ambience was pretty dim and lighting not up to the mark. We chose the table next to the deck and requested them to pull off the vertical window blinds so we could enjoy some view. Sadly we were denied and on dumb grounds called Hotel Policies but little did the waitress know that half the tables had no blinds and were open. Then there was a bar attached to the ceiling which passed through the tables and we thought its a curtain bar but when we observed properly, we were shocked to know its a bar for the small table bulbs suspended on the bar to throw some lights on the dimly lit restaurant and tables. (In our case it was apathetic that those bulbs were broken or left unattended). Needless to say, we changed our table to a well lit one.

Our expectation was again killed when we realized our table was limping like a horse. However we were hungry and thirsty and decided to ignore the table and start off with salads and Champagnes. Surprisingly we were not offered the Bar menu and only the food menu. On repetitive attempts, he got us the Bar menu. Often I have observed in the 5-Star restaurants that they serve some Bread Assortments in order to kill time till our order reaches the table. Here I found nothing. The cutlery was below average when compared to other Fine Dining restaurants. (Often in this review I will make comparisons to other 5-Star Fine Dining restaurants as I love to try and experience such places - I have been to Taj President, Oberoi, Trident, ITC Sheraton etc.)

We called for the Champagne Moët & Chandon Imperial (France) as we love the brand plus the only other Champagne on the list was Sula. I have never found such a poor selection of Champagnes in any other fine dining restaurant. We also called for a Traditional Greek Salad and Hariyali Paneer Tikka. It is a normal gesture to bring the bottle and get its temperature confirmed before the drink is served. Here however the drink was poured and brought to the table. We asked for the bottle and it was after three requests and around 15-20 minutes that the bottle was brought to the table. I am sure they are not even close to trying to improve or to continue the legacy of the Taj. The Greek Salad was quite simple yet delicious and we loved the Kalamata Olives sliced in the Salad and like everyone else we loved the Jalapenos with the usual pieces of tomatoes, sliced cucumber, cabbage leaves, green bell peppers, red onion, seasoned with salt and dried oregano, and dressed with olive oil. On top of it we loved the Feta Cheese placed at the side of the dish. The Hariyali Paneer Tikkas also deserves a mention. It was dressed in a Green spicy Indian masala gravy and tasted great. The paneer was good, soft and melted in the mouth in the first shot. Regarding the service, I need to say, it was average and the order being dished out in ~15 minutes. However the cleaning and the presentation of the table was undone till we gave up and told each person around the table about it despite the fact that out table was the first one next to the their counter. The starters had really set the pace of the evening and we were looking ahead for a defining experience despite the poor service.

For the next round we called for the wood-fired Pizzas which were supposed to be a highlight of the Restaurant. After some thought, we chose the Pizza Valparaiso and it came in sometime. All the pizzas available in the restaurant are thin-crust and I love them thin-crust pizzas. They came quickly as expected. The pizzas were crunchy but really not something worthy to be counted amongst the restaurant’s best dishes. It was quite an average pizza with some decent Jalapeno and Olives toppings. However we expected it to be served with Pizza Cutter and decent presentation but to our dismay it was served with neither the cutter or presentation but the awful part was it was served on the plate which resembled the top of a Handi Biryani and it was bent and looked ugly as if someone had stamped and danced on the plate before it was served.

Then soon after the pizza, it was close to Midnight and Birthday Time. So my friends called for a cake and our expectation by now had really lowered. However the cake was good and we relished it after I cut the cake. At the same time we also called for Pastas (Main Course and our last dish of the day). We called for Pasta dipped in Green Sauce (apologies I do not remember the exact name). In about roughly 20 minutes it was on our table. By it looks it never appealed to us thanks to the below average shabby dressing of the pasta. We were eager to taste it and had a nightmare when we began having the pasta. We immediately brought it to their notice and they replaced the pasta after much displeasure. We also called for the chef who had cooked it and also summoned the restaurant manager. Much to our surprise the chef spoke to us in a way that resembled the road-side Chinese stall guys and appeared completely satisfied with his dish. We narrated the whole experience from the sloppy table to the Pasta and the manager (I do not remember his name) but he looked indifferent to our issues. Sheer Apathy and nothing else. He also looked like he was getting late for something and hurriedly got the chef to serve us the same pasta again. The pasta was the quickest of the evening and we felt they might have just redone the dish and brought it to the table. In spite of the fact that it looked disastrous, we tried and confirmed the apathy. We refused to eat it and called for check thereby canceling the program to indulge in some coffees and desserts.

I was so dejected with the kind of experience I had on my birthday evening that it makes it hard to forget the agony. I have now taken a vow never to go to the restaurant again in my life. I feel there is no real Taj except the Taj Heritage and everything else is just fizz (I can tell you this by the average experience we had in the Thai Pavillion, Taj President in Colaba.)

However by now they knew our disappointment and did not include the Birthday Cake or the Horrible Pasta in our check. Above all when we left the restaurant, the manager again greeted us and he waved hand at us which expressed how indifferent he was with our experience. The worst part was he told us and I quote “Sir, the experience will be better next time” as if in the faintest of his dreams, he believed we would revisit the restaurant.

Overall an exciting evening punctured by the Taj. Beware!! The legacy is in danger! ?

Thanks for reading this and hope you exercise caution before you make the terrorizing choice!

Vikas K
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likestoeatout - Burrp User


September 26,2011

Waste of money !

We went in on a saturday arnd 4pm.. the restaurant was bout half full as there was some conference/event happening in Taj Lands. We were seated at a table with a decent view of the ocean. I asked for a jasmine tea and husband asked for a cappuccino and a thin crust pizza to start with. While the husbands cappuccino was fine, when the server poured my tea i saw it was not brewed. The server assured me it was. On drinking it, it was just warm water. I let the pot of tea which he had left on table ..sit for a few mins and then the tea was how it shld have been. Minus the jasminy smell which even my home jasmine tea has. Next came the pizza which was left on the servers table for a good while. We saw servers pass by it..lift it..put it back.. serve diff customers. While our lil ol pizza got cold n cold. We did try n get the servers attention which finally we did and on asking him if he has lost his way bringing the pizza he replied that he had no idea who had ordered it. The pizza was totally cold. The servers didnt bother on checking with us anytime during the meal. Mcdonalds n Dominoes has way better service.. time to get a refresher servers@Taj Lands Visat restaurant.
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Naresh Gupta - Burrp User

Naresh Gupta

July 25,2011

Awful service & waste of money...

i wanted to have a good time with my family, so we went to bandstand for a sandwich and coffee, unfortunately all good restaurants were closed and we decided to go to Taj Lands End.Beautiful lobby, European space. But Vista Restaurant located on L2 - no one to escort at the table, we chose our table by our own. we got menu on request. around 25 later we had to call a steward to take our order, we ordered 4 cafe late & a Pizza. Pizza was nice and hot but coffee was Luke warm. after we got our food and coffee steward came with fork and knife and knife i got was used.
I can hardly see any one near our table, though the restaurant was busy and i can see other guest are also helping themselves for chair and raising their hand.
Finally we asked for a cheque which came on time but took around 15 min. for somebody to come and take our card to swipe, NOBODY CAME. i stood up and took card and bill to pay.
OVERALL - Pathetic Service.
Good - Pizza

Total Damage - Over 2500/- (4 coffee & a Pizza)

Naresh Gupta
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ItsRayna  - Burrp User


February 24,2011

Grand buffet lunch!

Vista being a Taj baby u can expect top class service and decor. I tried the lunch buffet and the spread was pretty good however it could have been better.
The buffet is indian as well as continental, and has an impressive selection of cheeses, breads, and salads. the menu changes daily, i guess...
From the salad section i tried the babycorn terrine which seemed pretty dry. The cheese quiche with fig jam was yum! the main course disappointment was that there wasn't much to choose from the continental section. They had only a tofu curry and stuffed pasta. There was no rice to go with the curry!! the indian stuff was good, like the fact that they served hot indian breads.
The dessert spread was brilliant and i had enough room to taste all of it....mango mousse, dutch truffle cake...irish creme and coffee mousse and much more. And to was it all down a hot cup of cappuccino! bravo.
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Sunil Gulati - Burrp User

Sunil Gulati

March 16,2010

It all came together so beautifully!

Neelam and I decided we needed to give ourselves a treat, spend some quality time together and generally unwind, so we headed back to Vista for the brunch last sunday. Had the foresight to make a reservation the previous day and specify a sea view table -- there is an elevated section on the side which not only boasts of the view but also has the live band and arguably better service.

We ordered Mojitos to start with, and while they were being manufactured we ambled up to the salads and cold cuts. The first impact was the awsome variety, the sheer number of items. Which was quickly followed by another shock (pleasant one, of course), the realization that each and every item is sheer exotica, be it the Prosciutto Wrapped Melon or the Roast Pepper Wrapped King Prawns or the Mixed Seafood Sushi. Or for that matter the half-dozen each variety of hams and cheeses, each from a different geography, ably supported by a whole bunch of salamis and other cold meats. Or the supremely fresh and chilled rock oysters, each with smooth full meat, served with 6 different types of seasonings -- a compelling reason, if one were needed, to have at least 6 oysters!

The Mojitos finally came, a bit slow but very well made, not too sweet, not too strong and not at all (as often happens in an unlimited alcohol buffet) watered down. By this time we were almost done with the salads, so we went down for the next round -- dimsums. Prawn, chicken, and veg -- all excellent. So good, in fact, that we quickly returned for a second helping, and I took advantage of the trip to grab another bunch of stuff from the cold stage, it was just too tempting!

Knowing from past experience that the grills take time, we ordered our choices before returning to the table. Neelam opted for lamb chops while I asked for the sausage (I have a serious weakness for sausages, ask Jharna!). And that's when we made another brilliant discovery -- nestled amidst the conti side main course dishes were the Bacon Wrapped King Prawns. As Ms. Shilpa Shetty would say, SUPERB!

Oh, and did I tell you, we had also asked for a pepperoni pizza, and it landed up incredibly thin-based and crispy and delicious, tho' perhaps just a wee bit oily for our taste, and of course much too large -- for the buffets they must cut down the size from 12 inches to 8, we had to waste most of it .

The grills arrived now, the lamb chops were divine, and the sausages were -- guess what -- flavoured with fresh mint ground in with the meat, the combination tasted like out of this world, full marks. We switched drinks now, Neelam wanted something sweeter so a strawberry daiquari arrived -- of course, with the true Taj touch of luxury, made entirely with fresh strawberries, pieces and crush. I went back to my Bacardi-Coke, nothing much you can do with that!

So these were the starters, and boy, with starters like these, who can even look at the main courses? But we soldiered on, and very glad we did, else we would have missed the Nalli Stew, which was just amazing, delicately spiced but still flavoursome, cooked to perfection with the meat falling off the bone. Heaven on Earth!

The main course dishes also reminded us that sometimes it rains even in paradise. The kadhi was too thick and not tangy enough, and the dahi vadas could have been a mite softer, and poor things must have been feeling lost without imli chutney on the side. And the rest of the food did not rise sufficently high to be able to tempt us to try after all that we had already eaten, even the Gosht Biryani which I usually love and seldom go.

And time now to talk abouut the sweet things. There were several -- not just to eat, but also to hear and see. The live music was what would is presently called "retro", but that is what we grew up with, and we were very happy to sing along with the crooner -- under our breaths, I assure you! I think this is the typical Taj coffee shop music thing, I remember Stella used to sing the same genre at the Machan in Delhi , and likewise the duo who played at Shamiana in Mumbai. Incidentally, I believe that our Landsend Lady (I could not get her name) is probably the best singer of the lot.

And the sweet things to see, particularly, were a couple of little kids, a boy maybe 18 months and his sister maybe 3 years old, so cute and well behaved and curious but silent. And plenty of other families and parties and groups, adding life to the place without getting loud or crowded. In other words, a wonderfully warm, family, sunday afternoon type of atmosphere.

Let me gloss over the desserts, since they were all spectacular,; let me mention just two that stood out head and shoulders over the rest. One was the Champagne Jelly, something that I never had before, and having had it now, I strongly feel that it must figure in everbody's bucket list (i.e., they must have it at least once before they kick the bucket). And the other is the rose chocolate, richly flavoured and shaped and coloured to resemble the petals of the flower.

So we had a great time, like I said at the beginning, everything came together beautifully, thank you Taj, and even the wee bit at the end, when we said Hi to Emanuel and Radhika at the adjacent table, and out of the blue they paid us a compliment that will warm our hearts for ever and ever.

PS: (Statutory Disclaimer) This review contains Neelam's and my personal views. Taj did not know that I write, and I myself paid for the meal (through my nose!) .
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anonymous  - Burrp User


February 11,2010

Te amo!

This place in taj lands end is worth a visit for the awesome view of the arabian sea

that it provides, vista is huge, every table is at a good distane from the other, it

gives u perfect feeling of privacy, lovely interiors n delicious food, being jain they

had a little to offer us, but satisfying! This place is must must must visit for

celebrating life with your loved one, i enjoyed every second in vista! I had booked the

table n they gave me the table with the best view on the upper deck facing the arabian

sea, so romantic we couldn't stop staring it n each other after every bite we had,

thanks taj, it was our best date ever!
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hetal - Burrp User


October 01,2009

"Taj" wali service "Taj" wala food!

Went to this place on my husbands birthday 26/9 ...

We ordered A la carte since the buffet mainly consisted of Indian fare...The mushroom soup was purfecttt ! For main course we had their wood oven pizza which was absoultely up to the mark ...The wheat spaghetti with roasted vegetables and pesto sauce was absolutely amazing !

Having hinted the staff that it was my husbands birthday , i wanted a dessert slipped on the table... They slightly goofed up initially and got some other birthday guest's cake on our table, without a hush i just mentioned their goof up and asked for the cheque !!! Nevertheless how can one underestimate service @ Taj ..... They absolutely made up by apologising politely and the manager personally presenting us with a 1/2 kg awesome cake when we left...Hence we're big fans of apna Taj !
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Aniruddh Chaturvedi - Burrp User

Aniruddh Chaturvedi

September 03,2009

Not much variety, don't have the buffet!

I went to Vista on my birthday which is the 27th of August.

I didn't realise this before, but this place is for the business types.. Don't come here if you want to eat dinner with your family.

Pizza was not a part of the buffet. It's always a standard part in almost every 5* hotel I've been to.

The buffet didn't have much variety. It was pretty drab and boring.

The ambiance was really standard-business-hotel-types.

The staff wasn't that welcoming either.

5* hotels usually provide a complimentary cake on birthdays. We told them that it's our birthday and that we would need a cake. But we never got one.

If you're planning to come here, I'd suggest you go to ITC Grand Maratha because it has a really good variety.

The desserts were simply lip-smackingly-awesome. This is what earned it a 3* instead of a 2*
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Tanvi S - Burrp User

Tanvi S

August 18,2009

Buffet only!!

This is a great restaurant at the sea side for a lunch buffet!! It costs about 1600 per head but the spread is really good and the ambience adds to it for sure. The deserts are also great with almost 2 counters for the same....

One should not go for A la carte as he/she will spend a lot more than this...

So if you want to try a nice 5-star buffet, TAJ it is!!

Vegetarians: not much of a menu...
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Mumbai Moo - Burrp User

Mumbai Moo

July 05,2009

It's all about the moolah

Why, oh why does this Taj not feel like any of the other Tajs in Mumbai? It's such a shame...

I've been to Vista for lunch, brunch and dinner, and it never changes: the food is always average, the ambience sterile, and the cost more than I would wish to pay. Brunch, for example, only included one glass of alcohol - the rest were chargeable. Other items on the menu fell outside of the supposedly all-inclusive buffet price too, such as pizza.

The graceful air and chatter from the management I have experienced exudes a desire to appear exclusive, like the rest of the hotel. That then explains the pricing strategy, and the snooty staff. However, is it a long-term theory for loyal patronage? I don't think so.

Vista needs a mini-makeover, from the top down. If you want to charge top whack, please ensure you deliver on all counts.
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WineWally - Burrp User


February 08,2009

Great buffet, but alas the Wine staff...

Excellent buffet, great pizzas, great venue for a few friends over long lunch but alas problems with the wine list so here's the Wine Wally whinge.

So a small group decided to have a few drinks over a Sunday brunch. We all wanted different wines so we asked for the "Wines by the Glass" menu. The first 4 wines by the glass I ordered "weren't available sir" .... as we know my PET HATE so then I said "please bring me what you HAVE got by the glass" and low and behold he brings me the two cheapest wines on the menu. Have you ever heard of "upselling"?

I have to ask if there is anything else and we go to and fro half a dozen times and FINALLY a nice italian red arrives so I choose a glass and we are finally done. This all took 20 mins and is just so frustrating I am lost for words... yet again!!

Start training your wine staff Mumbai restaurants, it takes aprox 20 seconds to pur a glass of wine, so why does it take so long to get a drink? You'd triple you bar profits if you just train your staff to be attentive and efficient. Jaldee Chello!!!
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Anish Tripathi - Burrp User

Anish Tripathi

September 15,2007

Designer Pav Bhaji!!!

So after a night of partying we decided to get some food in Bandra after usually eating at the Lotus Cafe at the JW (which sucks) we went to Vista. Service at this place really good and the best thing was the Pav Bhaji!!! th best Pav Bhaji i have ever had, it's quality was really good. If you are out late and want to grab some good food - vista it is!!
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Chinmay Pandya - Burrp User

Chinmay Pandya

August 15,2007

Limited Time Offer - Read Full Details Below!

Avail this offer before the management catches on and MAYBE decide to improve

Low on money? Want a place to impress your girlfriend? Its late and most places are overflowing? Head to the Taj Lands End Coffee shop. Grab a table in one of the corners or the rear. Acually it won't matter if you are sitting smack in the middle. The waiters will not bother you at all. Infact they wont even give you a glass of water. Just to impress your girlfriend, place an order. No worries. It will not turn up for hours. At the end you can always complain about the service and just walk off. Not that it will bother them, they will insist on you paying the bill. So the safe bet would be not to order anything at all. This they have no problems with since the waiters any way do not want to serve you.

You WANT to order something, go for the pizzas. They are a treat IF they manage to get it before you starve to death. May be they know that you will eat anything after waiting 2 hours for a pizza. Dominoes manages it in 30 mins WITH home delivery. If the pizza has something missing, do NOT complain OR ask for oregano OR chilly flakes. They will not reach you before a 3 hours mandatory wait. BTW the pizzas cost a cool Rs. 550.

Make do with water. DO NOT order any drinks. They do not know how to make a simple cocktail. They serve martinis in whiskey glasses. GAWD !!!!

You want good service, take a firang with you. The drinks still suck but the service will be faster. They will respond to you in 30mins flat.

Best place to impress GF / BF / Boss / Subordinates / Business Associates at no cost. Walk in, wait till the waiters start hovering around you. This will not be before 2-3 hours if you are unlucky. If you are lucky they will never materialize. Complain about the slow service and walk out. Tell them about the cool low cost but great food place you know and treat them there.
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bandraboy - Burrp User


July 28,2007

Service with a smile :)

It is 3 AM...Your cycle coffee wala at Carter Road vanishes because he gets afraid of cops (who steal his cigarette packs, throw his coffee container and honour him with a slap on a weekly basis for working too hard in the night for a living in Bombay) ....... what to do?

You can go to Vista, friends. This place is fun for late night coffee lovers. The amb is neat, service is good, not very expensive and is open all night long!!
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Peter Parker - Burrp User

Peter Parker

February 09,2007

breakfast buffet for business mtgs

Serves well as a good place to hold morning business meetings over breakfast buffet. Line starts out usually with South Indian breakfast (idli, sambhar, meddu vada, etc.), moves to oatmeal, donuts, baked beans, deli meats, etc. On the other side, ask the chefs to prepare omelettes for you, even egg white omelettes. Fresh juice counter doesn't taste too fresh, but the cereal bar is good.

All in all, a pleasant breakfast experience, but very heavily trafficked by the investment banker type of dudes.
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