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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

March 29,2015

A nice place to visit with Group of friends.

This place is created on the theme of a rural village Fair. Its a very good attempt to give a change to the regular dining experience. Everything is loud colorful and jazzy. They change their menu regularly and have wide variety of veg and Non veg delicacies.The food is scattered in different sections all over the place. It looks like a lavish wedding stall. For the entertainment of visitors, they have performers performing in the centre. The staff treats you like a family with personal touch in everything.
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lakshmi.k85 - Burrp User


June 26,2014


Best for veg buffet.. had arrange a birthday party.. nice place for family get together
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Tejas P - Burrp User

Tejas P

February 07,2014

Fun filled evening..for the strong hearted

A specialized themed place in the suburbs. The look of the place is authentic village like with the wooden stalls and khaats. Every bit of the decor makes you feel like being in a village (minus the cattle).

The village serves a wide variety of food. You cannot go home disappointed with a wide spread from chaat, indian, pav bhaaji, dosas, chinese and more. The place is not about the food but about having a good time with a BIG group. You cannot go here with less than six people. It will only be a disaster.

The pani puri was top end and I helped my self with atleast three rounds (each round made up of atleast 6-7 puris). Chaat section was too good and the most crowded too...quite understandable. Dosas were a big hit too. You can probably give the pav bhaaji a pass with better options available.

To finish off your night, do go for the masala chaas or the gola...skip the ice cream if you want to feel more village type. The puppet show with latest item songs is a good entertainment stall. However, the bigger entertainment was the live garba which began post the puppet show. All the people were attracted to whatever free place that was available to go in big circles and dance their hearts out.

This place is certainly good for those who want to have a relaxing evening or have fun with friends and family the 'dehati' style. Strictly not meant for people who have a thing for fine dining.
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mihirsavla85 - Burrp User


December 18,2013

e halo

This a place where people must go to get flavours from different parts of india!
It boasts a huge seating arrangement that vary from chairs and tables to "khatiya" with "takiya"!
As soon as you enter, you get the feel of Rajasthan right away!
They have different sections of stalls that offer different types of food..right from traditional rajasthani, punjabi, chinese, gujarati etc etc.With the amount of varieties that they offer, it is a pretty reasonable place to meet people and gorge on food!
I just wish they had another non-veg section as well!
All in all,a nice place to hang out and eat your heart out!
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Arpit Sarawagi - Burrp User

Arpit Sarawagi

December 07,2013

Perfect place for family function

I went in the Village for a family function and it was a great experience. The food was good and they have variety of food choices to choose from. A perfect place for a family gathering and to spend time with you near and dear ones. They also conduct a puppet show which will make you crazy. A place which should be visited.
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Hemanshu Pandya - Burrp User

Hemanshu Pandya

November 26,2013

A place to chill not to eat for a non foodoholic.

This place has become a place of regular visit just for the guest visiting us from out station, being close to my place of residence. If one wants to go for food then you would surely not get the autheticity but would surely get a fanfare of food spread all across on various counters, just like the one found in a typical indian wedding.

The thing good about this place is that it provides entertainment for all the age groups. A feel of a traditional village market provides pot making for the kids, a puppet show an inhouse DJ where one can shake legs. A bangle seller, a tattoo maker and one can have a chumpi malish.

A place good to have a two three hour long celeberations on anniversaries.
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bharti_v14 - Burrp User


November 20,2013

For fun

We threw a 75th birthday party for my grandfather at Village and it was one the best decisions made. The guests were more than full when they were out of this place. There is a lot of things I would like mention. firstly the food and service, which we thought was impeccable. as we entered early as hosts they served us with delicious starters before any of our guests entered which we though was awesome. also they made the cake cutting really special with doing a village style 'khatidaari' and we all were happy souls.
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Dhanashree Nimkar - Burrp User

Dhanashree Nimkar

November 12,2013

Pathetic place to be in

I visited Village last Sunday with my family to celebrate my birthday. It was a complete disaster.
It was too much crowded, no space to breathe. On the top of it, they play loud garba/dandiya music. It was seen as a practice session for all gujjus before navratri. Bad food. Mostly food items were jain. Had to wait at each counters for food.
Not recommended at all. Not worth the money you pay.
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fahim12345 - Burrp User


November 12,2013

Good Experience

Visited this restaurant in the raghuleela mall for dinner buffet,
It was good experience, completely veg restaurant, the food was good,
There was puppet show, in which they used to play a song, & they would make puppet dance,
Crowd was good, but here too as seen earlier in Thane branch too, there was 1 birthday party going on, due to which there was more crowd, But still the atmosphere was good, sort of big marriage party,
Overall Good Experience !!!
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Shah M - Burrp User

Shah M

September 04,2013

Decent !!!

Been this place 3-4 times.
It felt good for 2 times.
After that the ambiance becomes monotonous.
Concept of fun fair is nice.
Good place to throw birthday party, family, school or office get together.
Oh and if you happen to be photographer don't forget to carry your camera with you.
Food out here is Decent and Nothing very Exotic or Classic.
They have this Unlimited set menu for a fixed price.
Though the variety is a Lot but the food taste and quality is very Average.
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Meeta Parmar - Burrp User

Meeta Parmar

July 09,2013

best family time

The only best hub with family and group enjoyment ...it covers everything best music ambiance variety of food quality its 400 unlimited includes all type of food ... lot of little entertainment inside restaurants... one must visit with family to feel different from the regular life...
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rakeshveg - Burrp User


April 02,2013

They also cook Non Veg in their Kitchen - DONT GO

I had visited this place many time as this WAS one of my fav. veg place, I am Brahmin & eat at Pure Veg restaurants only, however what we saw couple of days ago was shocking for us , visited this place with my family & guests & it was time to close so while searching for our kids we happened to enter their kitchen were we saw they were cutting Goat/ Bakra with same kitchen knife - I was shocked - and when they found us there they forced us not to disclose it outside as its pure veg restaurant - people wont come there then.

Note/ request: Staff staying there cook Non Veg for themselves in same kitchen & with same knife. Can anyone take any action on this - Pls help & stop them to play with people religions.
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Purvi  Verma - Burrp User

Purvi Verma

March 20,2013

A great themed restaurant

This place is crowded most of the time, being an excellent place to host parties. They have recreated an entire village scenario, from the chai walas on cycle to a fortune teller under a banyan tree. The place has a lavish buffet which has chaats, pavbhaji, south Indian snacks, Chinese, Punjabi, desserts and much more. And everything here is good except the main course. Overall this place is a must visit for the ambiance and the food and service.
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kunus - Burrp User


November 11,2012

lovely ambiance decent food

Been there quite a few times....
Ambiance: a typical village kinda themed restaurant...beautifully done wid trees and astrologers, bullock carts and rickshaws
service: its a self service buffet kinda place
the waiters are dressed up in rajasthani style.
food: dey have sugar cane juice, chai wala on cycle, warm milk
their chaats are too good....
d main course is though average...
deir pav bhajis, dosas, tandoor mushrooms are also good
400 per head for so much in a beautiful ambiance is totally worth it...
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kiatee - Burrp User


June 22,2012

Fabulous experience!

went to this place with my fiance and i had the time of my life here! The village decor is beautiful and you absolutely forget you are in a crazy metropolitan like Mumbai when you are here! The variety of the food is unexpectedly large and this is the best place for foodies! The dance floor adds to the charm of this place as you can do garba, dandiya or just dance to other music played by the dj. The trucks, post offices, n other village scenes are so colourful and bright that they totally lift your mood! I loved the concept of waiters roaming on cycles giving kulladwali chai and candies etc! Its a great place for huge family get togethers or just a small escape with your loved ones! Different and better than the regular restaurants and totally worth every penny!
The only little drawback is that they do not have private washrooms and you need to go out and use the washrooms of Raghuleela Mall! But tht's just a little issue! The place is excellent!
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May 11,2012

Welcome to the Sauna

Went there last week and the place was as hot as a sauna. No proper ventilation, aircon not working properly, lot of crowd – all added into a humid, suffocating atmosphere in which it was nearly impossible to enjoy the food.
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Ritesh  Fernandes - Burrp User

Ritesh Fernandes

June 07,2011

once u cn Visit

basically village is good for chat / pav bhaji / Dosa...but main course is just not good at all .!!! ambience's is very diff...from the normal restaurant so 1 time u cn try this place
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Seema Hegde - Burrp User

Seema Hegde

August 15,2010

The worst I could expect

I Visited The Village in Vashi and must say had the worst experience so far .The food quality is bad ,its stale food . And the worst thing i found a strand of hair in the kulfi .I was so disgusted ,i reported this there also mentioned it in my feedback form .Its been a month now and Im dissapointed ,i havent even recieved any apology .Does the management not care about all this ??
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v.gandhi - Burrp User


June 21,2010

Could be much better

The concept since to be very good and idea is excellent.
fantastic for family gatherings. However not at all a peacefull place, too noisy too crowded
Good for chats.
Punjabi food is better on roadside dhabas.
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Aniket Pargaonkar - Burrp User

Aniket Pargaonkar

April 30,2010

Amazing experience . . .

Well its a shame to call this place just a restaurant!!! It should be called the "ultimate satisfaction place"!! Once you enter this place, you forget that you are on the second floor of a metro mall as it straight away teleports you to a rustic Indian village. The decor is very nicely done to make you feel as if you are on a vacation outside the city. They have khatiyas for sitting and they have also kept some bullock carts, trucks, auto rickshaws in which you can sit and eat :) Very innovative indeed!! Also to entertain you there are traditional musicians and dancers. You'll find a lot of Gujjus playing the garba and dandiya and in all having a blast! Also present are puppet shows, women making bangles & drawing mehendi. Well after doing all this, ya you can get really hungry!!! And then when you look at the food buffet, you are amazed at the sheer range of the food items. You have authentic Gujju, Marathi, Punjabi, Jain, Marwadi, Rajastani, South Indian, chaats ..... well literally every known Indian delicacy!! And believe me the food is really fresh and yummy. Infarct you feel like a child in a chocolate factory ... donno where to start from!! In fact they even have ganne ka juice, barf gola, kulfi .... whew!!! I can go on and on ... The price is 275 per head and its a steal!! But remember to go there early and be sure that you'll end up spending at least 2-3 hours there. Especially if you have relatives coming over, its a fantastic place to go with them and have a fantastic family evening! Mumbai surely needs more places like this! :) Full marks from me!! Bonn apatite and have lots of fun!!
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Vinay V - Burrp User

Vinay V

April 04,2010

Worst Restaurant Award goes to 'The Village'

Going to Village on a weekday is a nightmare..Go at your own risk if you have a high immunity system and can eat the stale and smelly food that the village serve's its customers.. As its a restaurant that serves buffet it is quite obvious that on a weekday the buffet just doesn't get over and iam quite sure the same buffet is served the next day... That quite happened to us when 15 of us visited the restaurant on a week day to celebrate ones birthday.. Dal bati, biryani, dals, subji every thing was bad and the roti's was sour as the atta from which they were made was stale.. Thought of reporting it to FDA at that point of time out of mere frustration... NOT RECOMMENDED..TAKE MY HONEST ADVICE.
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Arjuna - Burrp User


March 29,2010

Love it!

I like everything that is Unlimited. Unlimited downloads, unlimited phone calls, unlimited sms, unlimited … well you get the point. And unlimited food and drinks is my favourite. The Village restaurant delivers the unlimited in a limited time from 7pm to 11pm.

The Village is a theme restaurant based on well as the name suggests rural village. For a single ticket weekend price (multiple entry) of 399/- for adults and 219/- for kids (over 3 years) it is an all-you-can-feast-on experience much enjoyed with a large group of friends/family. Start early say by 7.15 pm so as to get the best sitting (no reservations policy) and enjoy until your stomach says please-no-more.

|| The place ||
The Village is conveniently located on the 1st floor of Raghuleela Mall in Kandivali (West). The place is designed to give you the feel of a village. It brings the experience together with mud plastered walls, traditional low sitting diwans, dhaba style benches, and a village tree sheltering an astrologer, a bangle maker, a potter, a mehendi artist – all providing services for a nominal price. Also adding to the ambiance were the chana-chor-garam stall, a ‘champi’ – Indian massage stall, a ‘paan-wala’, a candy maker, trucks and rickshaws cleverly converted into dinning tables, ‘charpois’ and a ‘daak ghar’ to mention a few. I quite enjoyed the 15 min shoulder and neck massage for Rs 25/-. Other services like the personalised bangles, clay pot making, mehendi etc. were quite nominally priced.

I have been coming to this place for a few years now and they have only recently changed the ambiance. The food stalls are now neatly arranged in a row all around the village and the sitting widely spread proving ample room for a large crowd. Although I personally preferred the old layout better but this ain’t bad.

|| The food ||
Diverse is the word. I started off with jal-jeera to startle the taste buds and aid the digestion as there was an avalanche of food to follow the stomach. Indian buttermilk was another option but I gave it a skip. I pretty much tried a bit of everything sampling my way from stall-to-stall starting with dahi batata puri, sev puri and then pav bhaji. Adding to the food list not necessarily in this order were kachori, mixed bhajia/pakodas, small uttappa like cakes with paneer toppings, chole, paneer lababdar, mixed veg, naan, roti with makhan, daal-baati, jalebi, gulab jamun, sweet milk, cheese dosa, rava dosa, jal-jeera again, baraf golas, kulfi, khichia, chow mein, some more jalebis. Now that I try to remember I think I may have missed out on a lot of stuff. Ah! There was a sugar cane machine but it had gone bust. Also I was told by the management starting mid April they are going to start serving aam-ras. Nice.

|| The service ||
Simply brilliant! Service with a smile, I say. The Village staff was genuinely excited in serving us and was extremely courteous. The staff repeatedly approached us to see if we wanted anything to be brought from any of the food stalls to the table. Water was refilled and paper napkins along with plates were replaced with new ones as and when needed. There was a guy riding on a bicycle offering garam chai and bhajias. Service on wheels. Sweet.

|| Other things ||
The guests were also entertained with garba and sanedo (Gujarai folk music), Bhangra and Bollywood music numbers. Previously for the kids they used to have a puppet show but that seemed missing this time. Also this time around I didn’t notice the Rajasthani folk troupe. May be I was too busy eating to take notice.

The music at times was a bit too loud and a private birthday party group seemed to hog a lot of the common place but no big deal.

I and my entire family had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I am surely coming back here again and looking forward to their new menu.
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v2hacker - Burrp User


March 10,2010

village me khana yaha se accha ..

well on shelling out a good amount of money you will expect alot when you enter... but thanks for making me realise that later !! this seriously is a village i mean the people inside are so lazy , tired (i guess even now a days villagers wont be so bad ! )
hope you change this approach my friend !
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Nauzer  - Burrp User


July 21,2009

I don't belong to this Village...

This place is great only if you are a big group or a family who wants to hog on veg food.

Since above don't apply to me I felt it was very expensive. Weekends Buffet is 400 pp and Weekdays it is 300.

The sweet dishes were good. But rest all is ok fare for spending 400 bucks.

I would prefer Rajdhani Thali (the nearest I know is at Oberoi Goregaon) though the ambiance and the village cultural effects will not be there. But still 250 bucks a thali for unlimited food at Rajdhani is any day better.

If I would like to spend 400, I would prefer Tandoori Table at Thakur Village for a mix of veg and non veg buffet.

Don't go to Village for the food. Go only if you are a group who likes veg food and wants to spend more than a couple of hours lazing around and eating all the time :)
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Anirudh B Balotiaa - Burrp User

Anirudh B Balotiaa

June 20,2009

Dont go just for food...

If you want to have just the food, skip this place totally. Food variety is HUGE but quality is nothing to boast about.

Its best to go in a group. If you are just 2-3 people, as the noise is very loud and its gets irritating after sometime, you will be hardly able to talk much. So in a group you have things at your own pace, have a bit of everything and you will be overstuffed pretty soon.

Ambience is nice, though it can get quite cramped at weekends, so best to go early and get a nice seat to spend 2-3 hours.

I went there at 7:15 PM, thought it was early, but after one hours, I was glad we came early and got a table. With so much to offer, you HAVE to have a table so that you can take intervals in between and enjoy the entire course on offer.

Overall, I dont think I will go again, as the food was nothing great and the noise was quite a lot thru out.
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Sal  - Burrp User


May 11,2009

Good Concept...Food could be better

This place is done up like a Rajasthani village replete with the nach gana, mehndi, palmistry et all. Love the ambience especially if you are celebrating an occasion they call you sing songs make you dance etc. The music is a bit loud and doesnt really permit conversation. Good experience if you are going in a large group especially if there are kids. Of course something like Choki Dani would be far better but this is a nearer option.

Food: They have a huge variety from Rajasthani to chaat, south Indian and punjabi. The quantity is actually overwhelming. There was dal khichdi, kadhi, dal batti kurma, chaat, dosa, pav bhaji, chole, methi mutter malai, capsicum paneer, dal tadka,pulao, tandoori mushroom and cauliflower, chilla, jalebi, halwa...phew am sure I missed some items. Somehow the quality of food was not upto the mark.

They have chaas, milk and jal jeera in drinks and of course golas. Only thing they left out was paan.

Service: Is very good with the staff keeping an eye on you and unobstrusively repleneshing everything required.

Damages: On weekdays its 250 - 300 while weekends it Rs 400. Somehow didn't find it worth the price. I agree there was a large quantity of food but would have been better if they focussed on quality rather than quantity.

Would probably not visit again given there are better options for similar prices.
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Prasad Mehta - Burrp User

Prasad Mehta

November 16,2008

Real Village.Real Food.Amazing Interiors!

I went to village yesterday.It was a awesome experience with whole family.I believe that it's unique and the welcome you get while you enter is really amazing.And the munimji from whom you have to buy coupons and the toll naka.It's really fun.And overall you get such a wonderful food.And the interiors really take you to the real india.For theme i would rate it 5 stars.But stillit lacks something.The variety i thought was limited to certain amount,although so many things were available and the punjabi food which i had chole,paneer makhanwala and naan.I believe that was wasn't upto the mark.So it losts it one mark over there.But the chaat and the barbeque was execellent and the golas 'icepopcikles' were great too.And even i enjoyed sitting in a actual truck and having gola.Worth going with your family and friends.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

April 26,2008

village never had it so good

Everything seems to have been written about. Whilst it is obviously VFM place, would not be on my list of priorities for a repeat.
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Kapil Bhatia - Burrp User

Kapil Bhatia

July 29,2007

just what the name should offer

Last weekend we had a family dinner at a restaurant called "Village". This is a rather interesting and unique concept place located in Raghuleela mall at Borivali (west). The idea is you pay Rs.300 per head and get an entry which gives you access to all the food that is available that evening at the place. Cuisines available are Rajasthani, Gujarati, Punjabi and live "chaat" counters. Entry is first-cum basis and they don't accept reservations. And that's also because the seating is free style, you just about corner off a table where you set base with your team and then go about on the food hunt.

It's a very gujarati/rajasthani influenced set-up of a typical village with a town square which has a huge articial tree under which tarot card readers, bead sellers, mehendi-walis are located serving the diners. The seating is also very typical with khatiya (cots) and tables. If you move around you will see some rather interesting tables like a truck which had a table set behind its back and a rickshaw split open to fit a four-seater table.

We entered the place at about 8PM and it was moderately crowded but in no time the place was jam packed. Just around that time they start the entertainment show where a bunch of ladies perform a traditional dance and a man saddled on a costume horse does a little jig too! Thankfully after the dance there was a small break and a puppet show kept the noisy kids busy for a while. The large space gives them great freedom to run around like crazy.

Spread out across the place are various food counters where you can just about eat anything as much as you like. We had pani-puri, sev puri, masala khicha, khama dhokla, vada - And a bit more just for starters. I didn't seem to like the khicha very much it was too salty. Maybe the masala papad would have been a better bet!

The pav bhaji was a good choice, because the pav is soft like cotton and absolutely delicious. The center court is where you have the main course items like panner ki sabzi, dal baati, khichu, karela kish-mish, gatte ki sabzi, biryani, khichdi, kadi, dal dokhli accompanied with bajre ki roti, tandoori roti, phulka, channa batura. For a sweet ending there was gulab jamun, jalebi, dal ka sheera, kulfi and kadhai doodh.

For refreshments don't expects the cokes and pepsis of the world around here. There is sugarcane juice, chaas (butter-milk) and a gole wala if you want to suck up some flavoured crushed ice. Oh and yes they have a hooka counter also where you can pick a flavour of your choice. But this ain't included in the 300 bucks we paid earlier.

Verdict: The place is a good experience, tends to get a bit loud with all the naach-gaana. Strongly recommended that you go there in groups - couples stay away and surely not for those looking for a nice quiet place to chat. Food is good variety and quality but nothing awesome about it. I am not sure if I would go back again.
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Nandita  - Burrp User


March 26,2007

A new concept with the same old food

Village is a buffet type regional cuisine place inside a mall, the Raghuleela Mall at Kandivli (W)to be precise. We were driving around aimlessly to try out a new place for Sunday lunch and since we had some work at Link road Malad, we decided to try out this place. It was also mentioned in the What's Hot supplement that comes along with TOI Mumbai edition on Fridays.

About Village
It is a large hall with a traditional village kind of ambience. Three counters serving Punjabi, Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine respectively, cots and chairs strewn around the place with tables, a central place where they have live musicians and dancers, plus some autos, tempos and lorries converted into interesting seating arrangements.

The experience
We were welcomed by a guy applying 'tilaks' to men and women alike and a glass of cold chaas (and by some REAL LOUD MUSIC).

Once inside, we saw a lady performing the traditional Rajasthani dance performance to some live music that was quite loud for an eating joint. The place was quite crowded but there were enough seats to accomodate more people. Each of the regional counters had over 15 varieties.

Some of them in the Punjabi couter were Chole, Parathas, the grilled mushroom and cauliflower, Veg 'Kolhapuri', Dal Tadka etc.

The Gujarati counter had some interesting dishes like the Parwal in green gravy, Mixed Kathor nu shaak (mixed sprouts in a spicy sweet gravy), dahi kadhi, bajra ni khichdi, ghee rice, chilas were made fresh in the live counter, bajra rotis, etc...There were the staple dhoklas and khandvis ofcourse, along with kanda bhajia and methi bhajias.

The rajasthani counter had mainly chaats.

The desserts were kadhai wali doodh (milk simmering away in a large kadai with malai floating on the top, garnished with saffron and chopped nuts), moong dal halwa floating in ghee, jalebis, shrikhand, gulab jamun, kulfis from the ice box like the roadside kulfi-wala, golas and sugarcane juice from the live counters.


They have attempted the mela kind of ambience by throwing in some hukkas, palm reading lady, mehendi lady, pupper show...

My opinion

While I appreciate the effort in creating the ambience (you almost forget you are in a mall) and the idea behind creating a mixed regional cuisine 'dhaba' - the plethora of choices and noises make it a little overwhelming. I for one, couldn't figure out what to eat. The freshly grilled tandoori mushrooms were good. So was the bajra ni khichdi which I was eating for the first time. The punjabi gravies were run of the mill, high on masala and oil, as in most regular restaurants. As our Punjabi friend remarked - the punjabi counter had a 'kolhapuri' dish and the dal tadka had plenty of curry leaves in the 'tadka' which is not essentially punjabi. The Gujarati food had loads of sugar in everything I tasted. The kulfi was pretty tasteless and the kadai wala doodh was just sugared milk - and I couldn't focus on the food at all while the decibels were increasing by the minute.

It is Rs.300 per head inclusive of service charges on holidays / weekends and between 150-250 on other days.

6/10 for the ambience
4/10 for the food
7/10 for family entertainment /kid-friendly place etc.

Worth a visit if you are in the western suburbs on a weekend and if you choose the dishes from the menu carefully.
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