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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

December 24,2014

best for packing food and taking it away

Idli house is a great joint with legacy which has refused to evolve....with 3 tables to sit and no other joints it is simply a great start squandered. around 5 years ago one really struggled for a good variety of Idlis in Mumbai....there weren't any specialists and this place was really great to go to for food.....With advent of malgudi & banana leaf now we have really authentic options to go to....idli house dosent do justice by limiting itself to idlis.....No vadas , no upmas , no idiappams or aapams...just idlis......The idlis no doubt are great....the accompaniments are nice with variety of gun powders, chutneys , sesame oils etc however the sheet cramped nature of the joint dosent help.....Idli house is great if you stay nearby and can hop in your tweeds better still is that you order it home.....however travelling some distance to sample the idlis doesnt really make sense as it dosent seem the effort due to the sheer lack of variety.

Ill eat there if i am around....but surely i need more variety in my breakfast if am eating out.
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Aditya Chv - Burrp User

Aditya Chv

November 29,2012

Idli Heaven !

Heard a LOT about this place and if you are an Idli lover you HAVE to visit this place.

There were many people waiting to get into the restaurant.

Once we got in, I was surprised by the size of the place, it is tiny! I got confused with the mirror on the other side and thought it was of decent size.

Anyhow coming to the idlis, the kanchipuram Idli is a must have! Its spicy and is yellow in color.

The Idli upma was something which I had never heard of it was Yum.

The Khotto Idli is a specialty and comes wrapped in leaves.

Then finally ordered the normal Idli to see how it tastes here, and it was one of the best Idlis I have had in Mumbai.
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Diehard Foodie - Burrp User

Diehard Foodie

March 19,2008

Idli heaven

A visit to the Idli House in Mumbai is a must, both for foodies with an idli fetish and those on a diet.Located in the hustle and bustle of King's Circle, you might just miss this tiny yet welcoming spot, which opened last Dusshera and is always teeming with people.

It serves an amazing variety of idlis, from the plain steamed variety to khottu, mudho and more. A khotu (amusing as it may sound) is an idli tucked into a triangular cup made of jackfruit leaves. As a steaming plate of khottu arrives, the sweet aroma of jackfruit fills the air and you know the delicious, hot idli is waiting inside its special cup. One plate consists of a single khottu. The waiter generously drops dollops of homemade butter on it, making each bite just just melt in your mouth. Try it with some mullagamutti (dried spicy chutney), coconut chutney and sambar. What a feeling! Weight-watchers, do avoid the butter.A mudho is another variation of idli; it comes wrapped in a banana leaf. Like its cousin the khottu, it is a mouthwatering delight. All variations of the simple rice batter preparation -- the now famous idli -- like the rava idli to the sweet, tangy cucumber idli to the spicy masala idli -- are available at Idli House. The service is amazing and accomplices like the generous helpings of coconut chutney, mullagamutti masala and sambhar make it really worth a visit.The ambience is pretty simple. The place has limited seating arrangement -- there are only three granite tables and chairs -- but the service is excellent and the owners personally greet all guests who drop in for a bite.The pricing is very moderate, each variation of the idli costs anywhere between Rs 8 to 16 per plate. So, if you love idli, this is THE place for you.
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