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Nascimento Pinto - Burrp User

Nascimento Pinto

June 09,2015

A little cramped

The ambiance of the place is great but it felt a little cramped. The service was fine but would not blame them because it was Saturday night and there was a lot of crowd. The food is pretty decent and not a bad place for guys night out as there were many guys when we went there - more like a bar feel.
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sheetalpratik - Burrp User


January 30,2014

Party Place!!!

Been there atleast 5-6 times...Food is okay..Not so great....Ambience is party type..cool 1....
Music i was disappointed..as they say they are not allowed to play Indian music also the DJ doesn't have the song you want to hear.....
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Kunal Patel - Burrp User

Kunal Patel

November 03,2013

A nice hangout

A perfect place for a hang out or for a party with your friends or colleagues. It is located just above the Pop-Tates Vikroli. U may find a waiting of 30-45 mins on the weekends & sometimes the waiting time shoots to 1 hour even in peak evening hours. But the time is worth waiting. The USP of this place is its loud & lovely DJ and its perfect selection of songs. 90 % are my favorite. Ambience:Perfect for hang-out but not for a date. Dark light area which is preferred my most incl me with a small piece of diwali floating candle in a large shot-glasses on every table. Seats are very comfortable, no-doubt. perfectly placed seating arrangement. And not the least, the crowd in Timbuctoo is awesome on weekends. U wont b disappointed. I bet on that.Food & Beverages:Food is same as that of Pop-Tates as they share the same kitchen but they have a price difference of about 20% which is not considered while visiting this place. Pricing is reasonable as compared to similar places in central Mumbai. U will surely wont regret at the end when you pitch your bill. We ordered a Fab 5 Pizza, chilly panner, nachos, Mewlyn fries, cheese chilly garlic bread with spicy mayo/mayo. Taste was good. Along with that we had lots of boozes around 16 pegs of whisky and 4 beers (Pints). All this for 2 people and bill was just 1600. Thats it. I find it cheap/reasonable. Please consider its happy Hours which run max upto 7.27 pm. 
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siddjan86 - Burrp User


August 03,2013

Friday Night Hangout

Good for Hangout specially on Friday Night :)
No More Hooka so no smoke filled Padded cell..
They serve beer tower in Poptates but not in Timbuctoo....
Only Beer Pitchers

Overall Good experince....
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MumbaiCorpGuy - Burrp User


June 16,2013


Mad too loud music. DJ has no taste of crowd pleasing songs. Loud music in a lounge - where people can not converse. Smart.

Burrp has good reviews for this place; it promised great music going by the posters and picture frames of Pearl Jam, Deep Purple and The Doors. The DJ had no decent song by the Doors to speak of. Queen - Remix. ACDC - Remix. The DJ loves stutter tecnique of DJing so much that he essentially doctored / played doctored versions. Crappy.

Food? Average - rates average - Service Average. Servers chatted among themselves and loos (1 person capacity) had a line of 5-8 customers on average. Seemed like watching "Sulabh Shauchalaya Live"

Never going back.
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Dhiraj Sharma - Burrp User

Dhiraj Sharma

December 03,2012


As a first timer to a lounge,i felt this place wasn't bad at all.The servers were friendly, and service was good.
decently prized,for two pizzas.sizzling brownie and 4 bottles of beer.1500 was pretty amazing!
and foot tapping music,you dont get bored.
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Surekha Rao - Burrp User

Surekha Rao

November 19,2012

Not Bad At All

Nice Place, but they could use tweaking in the background music's playlist, too loud.
When me and my friends ordered for a pitcher of beer, apparently they serve only domestic, so that left us disappointed, but okay.
Other than salty cabbage pieces, they dont serve any other finger food to go with the beer!

But the food here is just amazing, loved it.

Would I visit again? Sure, why not!
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Rohit Adarkar - Burrp User

Rohit Adarkar

September 13,2012

Perfect for a Large Group

We were nearly 20 of us. Happy hours till 7:27pm. order a Pitcher before 7:27 and have the other one anytime(befor or after 7:27) - which was the best policy.

Food - 4/5(Non-veg) dont know about veg
Ambience - 3/5 (Music is too loud)
Service - 4/5
Value for Money - 4/5
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playful27  - Burrp User


August 27,2012

Kickass place!

Always been the a favourite after college! Insane music, great food and okayish priced drinks...there have been times we have absolutely crazy...wish the DJ played what we wanted and there was room for dance...chicken pizza is amazing and the best ambiance ever...one thing that bummed me was the over flirtacious waiter...hope he has been removed...cheers!
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Sumon Gantait - Burrp User

Sumon Gantait

July 13,2012


cozy place...to me, it's "Sasta-Sundar-Tikao"...frequented by college crowds mainly, however the service is ok types.A bit loud though.
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Anup Shetty - Burrp User

Anup Shetty

November 01,2011

Feels like a padded cell

Being used to the open air ambiance of the Timbuctoo at Mulund, this one felt nothing less than entering a padded cell. I had been there when they used to serve hookahs which made it even worse - Padded cell filled with smoke! Argh! The DJ was good and so was the food and the service. It should be better place to be with the hookkahs now gone, but for the same quality of food and equally good service I would give this place a miss if I have an option to choose the Timbuctoo at Mulund
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Animesh kakoti - Burrp User

Animesh kakoti

August 14,2011

Great place to hang out!!

Nice Place , Nice ambience, classic rock numbers playing.... not over priced on drinks and starters were fab . cool place to hang out with friends.....good on service ..... Definitely on my list of weekend hangouts :)
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dp_ttude - Burrp User


July 21,2011

Nice place to hang out after office

Recommended for folks who want to hear loud music!! You can ask the DJ to play songs of you choice and he does so promptly...
Bar with a descent variety of brands
Go here with a bunch of friends after office and you feel lively again...
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veggiebooze - Burrp User


May 03,2011

Totally coool

I have been here 3-4 times.. And each time, i've had a good time.. the food is amazing... even for us veggies who are generally left with little choices..
The booze is nice.. a li'l over-priced though... but is ok cuz its a sportsbar.. during matches, this place is another level... and completely worth coming...
i would say the shots arent that good.. but the booze in general is.. and so is the food.. hookah is good too but expensive.. but all in all, an amazing place for having a Good Time!
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Viraj Shah - Burrp User

Viraj Shah

February 21,2011

Nice Place

Timbaktoooooooooooo. Great place. Great food and nice drinks.

The DJ is not too bad either. Great ambiance. you will love it after you visit it.

Nicely decorated with photo frames and stuff.
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Rohit Rajgarhia - Burrp User

Rohit Rajgarhia

October 10,2010

The expectations were too high i guess..

reading all the good reviews from so many ppl abt this place..this was a must-go i felt..so 8 of us crashed in at arnd 10 o clock...we got a place which was good..the interior was good..ambience was nice...music was foottapping....the drinks are cheap as well...but the food wasnt good at all...very little choice wen it comes to starters..donno wat they served in the name of lasagne...!! plus as soon as the clock struck 12 they took our last order and then nothin could b ordered...i thought the place shuts down too quicckly...although we were allowed to stay there a bit more..and the music..whatever happened to it after 12..it suddenly started playing romantic songs and it turned more into a place for romantic couples...total turn-off...!!
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Pratibha Alexander - Burrp User

Pratibha Alexander

June 04,2010

I love this place,and so will you!

Yes,everything about this place is inviting.Right from the food,the decor,the classy music except for the service.There has to be a spoiler almost everywhere,and yep,the spoiler here is the extremely callous and laid back service,oh should I even call it service?

The red colored walls,guitars etched on the walls,posters of various band members and bands hanging on the walls.It has elegantly laid cane furniture.The French horn steals the show.It has one big projector and few other LCD Tv's for the young lads to enjoy their sport match whilst sipping on some beer! The food is brilliant! I have almost tried everything on the menu. They have an elaborate menu which serves Chinese,Indian,Mexican and Italian fare!

What you MUST eat here:

- Blasted Chicken | Pieces of succulent chicken shallow friend in red sauce sautéed with bell pepper and onions.Sheer delight.mmmm =)

-Chicken Chilly | The chicken chilly is very crisp,not more than what it needs to be.Perfect I should say,and obviously prepared with capsicum and spring onions.

-Singh is King Pizza(haha!you read it right)| It has the tangy(not very), slight flavor on the topping topped with oodles of cheese.Mama Mia.

-Chicken Biriyani | It comes as a huge rice cake embedded with soft chicken pieces and an exotic flavor to it. Oh my,one of the best Biriyanis I have tasted till date.

-Brownie with Ice cream | Course I can't say it's a signature dish,but yes a surely a nice way to end your meal.

Timbuctoo is mainly a place where people love to hang around for hours,sipping beer,cocktails etc with their favorite munchies to go along side. The music is way too loud and the lights are way too dim,but many people love it this way.In all it's a brilliant way to spend your evening with your friends.

Is it VFM? Surely it is.If you're in a group,you're most likely to spend much lesser compared to being in a two's or three's and ordering quite a bit.

PS:The waiters are lousy,they get you something that you haven't ordered for and don't get you something you have actually ordered for! You have to budge them several times to get your basics like glasses,then the glasses which have to be filled with water,the paper napkins,the forks,the spoons,the chilli flakes,the oregano and what not! The food is thankfully brought in on time:P.Everything else will make up for the complacent attitude of the waiters.

PPS: The minus one star for the service,otherwise,it's surely a five pointer.

and yes,like I've said before,I love it,and surely you will.=)

Happy eating/drinking.
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Poptatesrus - Burrp User


May 23,2010


Please email your addresses at poptatesrus@gmail.com to recieve free meal vouchers & discount coupons...
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Pushkar Bhatt - Burrp User

Pushkar Bhatt

May 22,2010


JUST 2 words for this place SEXY PLACE..... ab samaj jao itnmein.. seriously guys if u luv music do go visit dis place.. even d hukkah was awesome.. one of d best place to hangout wid ur frnds. And not to mention but bestest crowd of powai do visit dis place...
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Tusharr  Mehta - Burrp User

Tusharr Mehta

May 22,2010

Heaven for music lovers

Went roaming arnd in powai to find a place. But eventually went here.D thing vch i liked d most is the awesome music being played. Its loud, its fun, its amazing.

The service is right up to the mark. Food is good. Booze is chilled which is d best thing. Loved the blasted chicken and salsa prawns. Will surely go back to have a great time once again.

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Anushri Thanedar - Burrp User

Anushri Thanedar

March 31,2010

Must try

as the reviews follow,the place is good. Great loud music and great interiors. They have very nicely mixed the 60-70s decor. We tried Thai red curry, friday night chicken and mocktails. All were perfect, expect that the friday night chicken servings were better in the other pop tates branch. So I guess if you seek perfection in you are food, Pop tates sakinaka is surely better. Great hangout for friends on a weekend. The food quantity is lil less though. Overall- GREAT PLACE!
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Shomil Ghandade - Burrp User

Shomil Ghandade

March 11,2010

rocking place

been to timbuctoo for atleast 3 to 4 times and everytime this place just rocks the service is good and the food is awesome , the starters overhere are too good; try out the uncle johnn , roast lamb garlic pepper some spicy stuff like melwyn fries and dont forget to try out lasagne with garlic bread with cheese , but chicken lollypop was horrendous but a very good place for a party and the place was rockin eveytime i went over their
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Neehar Kundurti - Burrp User

Neehar Kundurti

February 15,2010

nice name nice place !

nicely priced hukkas.....decent booze....lip smacking dishes tho they may be stingy on the quantity !....reeli wish they wouldnt close @ 12 !.....
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Sehr  - Burrp User


December 21,2009

mini HRC

Heard a lot about this place, finally paid it a visit yday.
The drinks are amazing, we a had a blue breeze.
Salsa prawns, the quantity was fine for 152 bucks.
And singh is king pizza, a very indian version of mexican spicy chicken pizza.
And hukka with red bull, which was very decently priced at 210.
Pretty smooth.
Don't know about the bbq or alcohol, coz I didn't try either.

the phatka was 700ish for the above. The service is great, the crowd is decent too. Play great music too but it's kind of contrasting to the classic rock posters. It's a great place to chill at, heck it's too far tho!
Please open up in town soon!
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Ayesha Lentin - Burrp User

Ayesha Lentin

October 01,2009

Decent hang out at powai

We've been regulars at Timbuctoo.. Decent place closest to Hiranandani complex in powai...Not much to write about their barbecue, but the pizzas are truly worth it..and goes best with the variety of beverages there.. The music can get a little crazy though..not too interested to hear bhangra straight after pink floyd!!
Overall, great value for money and good place to hag with a bunch of friends over beer.
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