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Jinxed  - Burrp User


February 20,2015

Exorbitantly priced and nowhere close to fine dining

Exorbitantly priced and definitely not worth what you pay for. The food is mediocre and don't even get me started on the portions -- they seem to be trying hard to follow the fine dining concept but oh boy, have they got it wrong. For starters -- soiled table cloth, no fancy silverware, plating = 0, portion size = similar to fine dining where they serve you a small portion just so you taste it, taste = average, authenticity = no where close to the menu description. We ordered for a chicken gilafi as a starter and got served what looked like one kebab cut into 6 small pieces.. Next we tried to play it safe by ordering the mutton biryani which ended up being coated in too much masala which killed all the other flavors. Dessert was the rose and rum tiramisu which was their only saving grace.

To sum up - Not worth the price you pay. No where close to fine dining. Fancy descriptive menu descriptions do not match to what is actually served to you.

P.S. - Zomato classifies this place as casual dining. No casual dining place prices a single dish at Rs 2500 (NZ lamb chops). I can bet you anything it is just our humble old Indian lamb that they will serve you.
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Aditi  lele - Burrp User

Aditi lele

July 14,2014

best italian food here

Great experience, love the food ... the live music js adds a special touch to the evening ...
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Rehana Khambaty - Burrp User

Rehana Khambaty

July 08,2014

Great Experience

It has this warm and cozy kind of ambiance which makes it a good dining place for family and for couples. The food mainly consists of continental food specially Italian. The quality and taste of food is very good. If you are a pizza fan, you are in for a treat. You can watch the chef make pizza in one of the corners which has a large wood fire oven. They also serve a wide variety of wines and liquors which go well with the food. Its truly a continental experience in the busy and chaotic Malad area. Live Music adds life to the whole place. An apt place for special occasions with your loved ones.
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dhaval doshi - Burrp User

dhaval doshi

April 16,2014

Quiet Dinner place

Highly recommended for a quiet dinner wid a close one.
Been there with my wife and loved its food. There is a little twist in the way they make their dishes.
The menu is limited, so people who are fussy about eating could be a nightmare.
The thin crust pizzas r lovely and recommended.
Mostly the restaurant is thinly populated so the service is good.
Slightly on the expensive side.
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Vijay Deshpande - Burrp User

Vijay Deshpande

April 11,2014

If you like fine dine, this is a good option

It has this warm and cosy kind of ambiance which makes it a good dining place for family and for couples. The food mainly consists of continental food specially Italian. The quality and taste of food is very good. If you are a pizza fan, you are in for a treat. You can watch the chef make pizza in one of the corners which has a large wood fire oven. They also serve a wide variety of wines and liquors which go well with the food. Its truly a continental experience in the busy and chaotic Malad area. Live Music adds life to the whole place. An apt place for special occasions with your loved ones.
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Nikunj Shah - Burrp User

Nikunj Shah

February 05,2014

Very Disappointed !!!!

Had booked this place for the 31st Dec 2013 as it had an Ala-crate menu. While booking the guy on the phone sounded like the place a almost full. Reached this place at 9.15 & was out of it by 10.30 !!!!!!!!!!!!

1) The place had the most dull ambiance for a 31st night. Dark place as a cheap DJ
2) The menu had very limited options. Only 3 items per course.
3) I just had the starters & that's it..It was so basic that even a kid can make it.
4) No pizza's on the menu. I guess that's the specialty of this place..

Did a mistake by choosing this place..
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burpdontfart - Burrp User


October 19,2013

you'll leave smiling, they'll be laughing to the bank

I've been here many times since I live in Malad... it's a great place for good food, GREAT ambience, friendly staff, and an overall experience.. they have an awesome variety of drinks.. it's amazing for the price on the menu, how many people come there.. but I guess because TLC really does a good job at keeping customer's happy! Outside seating is great (I was there for Valentine's), inside is great for formal dinner (with my Vice President one night).. I like it! One note of caution: it's expensive! They have live performance as well.. and the gentleman who used to play (maybe still does, it's been a while since I've been there) is AMAZING!
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anirudh vishwanathan - Burrp User

anirudh vishwanathan

September 09,2013


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Nidhi Halan - Burrp User

Nidhi Halan

August 07,2013

Pretty disappointing

My husband and I had been wanting to visit this place ever since we saw it here. So finally, we managed to go there one weekday evening. As soon as we entered the place, we were greeted with a strong overpowering smell of HIT which made us wonder if we should even eat here. But since I was really hungry and there was nowhere else to sit and dine with our little baby, we stayed. The food was ok, and was served well. However, once we ordered the bruschetta, we noticed a bug in it. When we pointed it to the waiter, he very casually said 'I will replace it' without as much as apologizing, like it's really normal to find insects in food. When I created a bit of a furore over it, he managed an apology that felt more rehearsed than genuine. You don't go to a sophisticated restaurant to experience such negligence and nonchalance. I've vowed never to go there again.
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shripal17  - Burrp User


July 30,2013

best italian

desmond raymond, makes these place THE BEST, if u ve not been to these place i will say u vent tasted true italian food, with best wines ...
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Suraj Surendran - Burrp User

Suraj Surendran

April 08,2013

The place is a blessing in hell..

Situated in an unexpected area, this place just blows your mind as soon as you enter their gates... ambience is very good... drinks are good... the live singer is amazing... loved his songs... but I cut one star for their food.. please improve the taste... thanks for the lovely place in Ramchandra lane...
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Rahul Lala - Burrp User

Rahul Lala

March 17,2013

Best place for a Date night in Mumbai...

The calm, secluded interior makes you feel you are some place out of Mumbai without the honking and the wonderful ambience.
The food is excellent and so is the service.
Have been here several times and have never been disappointed with the occasion, food, ambience or the service.
Just something that bothers me are the number of taxes they charge..like...education tax??? You must be kidding me!!!
But all said and done, dont mind paying an extra few bucks for a wonderful evening!!!
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ridz_4 - Burrp User


January 25,2013

Totally disappointed

Been here for the third time yesterday..the first two experience were too good..But, this is my last visit now..My friends (on my request) travelled all the way from far off destinations to this place facing the evening peak time traffic and the below is what we got!

1) NO live music (totally disappointment)
2) Almost 10 tables were occupied but only one waiter to cater to all the table. We had to call him all the time for even our basic need of water..Poor chap was running across all the table.
3) Ther was one helper for the waiter who cleaned the nearby table and drank the leftover juice. I dont know what to write beyond this.
4)Food was good but by the time the sole waiter bought it on our table, it was no longer hot. We could see the food ready on the common table where they keep before they serve. But it took time to come to our table as the only guy was finding it difficult to manage all.
5)It took 5 minutes for the bill to come on table after our request..Thats fine..but it took another 17 minutes for it to come back to us for our sign on payment receipt and settling the same.
5) No complain against the people who were on toes and tried hard to serve us. They tried their best to manage all..But will blame the management on this. Made me Wonder why should we should pay service tax!

Some people had wirtten negative comments, but still went there yesterday and would conclude that they all were correct..
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keyur fotariya - Burrp User

keyur fotariya

December 08,2012

excellent food

i have been to this place many times last time i went was last saturday its has good wine collection and food as usual is gr8 i love the biryani and black dal if you want to have a nice quite dinner or for special occasion its right place with live music place gets even better
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Ayaz_D - Burrp User


August 12,2012

Awesome Food .... Great Live Music ....

Great experience, love the food ... the live music js adds a special touch to the evening ...
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Raksha Karan - Burrp User

Raksha Karan

August 12,2012

Date Night at “The Laughing Cavalier” – Malad, Mum

Rated @ 8.25/10
Food: 9/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Service: 8/10

After a long hectic week, it was time to unwind. Reading a few reviews on burrp we zeroed down on a popular choice – The Laughing Cavalier at Malad.

Asusualwe like to book our spot before we reach the restaurant. Sowe logged onto the website to check out the booking options. Unlike our previous experiences (where we dropped and email and never got a response), at TLC after filling in a small online form, within an hour we received the confirmation. This was a good start to an evening, we hoped, would be a lazy one.

The Look & Feel
We reached at 1930 hours,(which was even before the valet driver reported for his duty), only if there was gold medal for this feat.

The minute we stepped inside the compound, “grandeur” is the word that hit our senses. The two huge white tents, at the entrance, reserved for large groups and the gigantic “Saxophone” gets you charged for what’s next.

The doors open and the restaurant managed to live up to its tag line ”The Fusion Restaurant”, with its dim lights and modern wooden decor coupled with Rolls Royce/Elvis and Marilyn Monroe paintings giving it a retro yet contemporary feel.

The food:
I ordered “Minestrone” which was classic Italian tomato and vegetable broth in other wordstreat for a sour throat but sort of a punishment for the tongue, as it tasted so much like the “Spinach Soup”(I don’t like spinach, YUCK! ).

Raksha ordered,“Cream of Morel and Wild Mushrooms”now this one was an instant hit the minute it entered Raksha’s mouth. Thesimmering soup let out a delightful aroma of spices, the scent wafting through her nose leaving a tingling yet burning sensation (now isn’t that very poetic of her?).

Time for some appetizers:

First up, was a kinky named dish called “Yogurt Poppers”.A paste made from yoghurt and pomegranate with a tinge of chilly and coriander leaves, all stuffed in deep fried bread. We simply wanted to order one more round of these delightful small coconut look alike poppers, but held back ourselves, as it we had a long belt snapping evening ahead of us…

Next up was “Couscous stuffed Zucchini with Ratatouille”. We bit into this one with caution but were delighted with delicate flavours from the fresh couscous.

Moving on to the main course

A usual, we had asked the managers to recommend a pizza which definitely dint have cottage cheese, and the suggestion was the “Quattro Formaggio Pizza” to break it down, it means a pizza with 4 different types of cheese -Acidino, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella and Parmesan.

In the end, a little disappointed with this suggestion, but we honestly think it was due to the limitations of our taste buds which have been exposed to years of “Garam Masala Nuclear Bombardment”, but yes, the four different type of cheese was something we hadn’t ever indulged in.


Finally, we ordered for the deserts, first up was” Banana Maple Leaf”, which was simply too sweet for our liking, more like, “Let’s give everybody Diabetes” sweet type.

And the next one, called “TuttiFrutti” was almost dipped in sugar syrup. TLC should add a few more options in this section, is what we feel.

Lovenallthat Verdict
An ideal “Date-Place” to spend an exquisiteevening with your spouse/partner.

Out of Pocket
A Meal for two would cost you around Rs.2100/- (excluding alcohol).

Something New
The fusion theme of restaurant was nicely adapted to the entire restaurant, from the décor to the food and how could we forget, live music with the guitarist playing one of the all time hits by John Denver “Annie’s Song”.

Reaching the place
Now this is the trickiest part, reach malad link road, take a right from the Toyota showroom, ask for Mittal college, keep going straight from there, the next junction is where you find TLC.

In the end, we would just like to mention a small incident, thought the see through kitchen was something we found to be very refreshing, the sight of a manager walking in to grab a bite of bread-butter without a hair cap just irked us a little, though we loved the overall experience.
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rocky313 - Burrp User


July 07,2012

couldnt get better

been here a few times with wife, friends and a few times with business clients. everytime i am suprised to know that the manger seems to remember what i have had and has something new to offer everytime.

they make wonderful hard drinks. the international clients i took there just loved the place. a little hard on the pocket when the clients like such places as its tough to stop them and man i must say its surely a place where you only want to enjoy when go can go that extra mile spending.
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Aditi  lele - Burrp User

Aditi lele

July 03,2012

Evening very well spent..!!!

My wife and I went there for our anniversary and it was a very memorable evening. The basil flavoured bruschetta's and the home made raviolli where especially exquisite. My wife had a sore throat and this guys whipped out a cinnamon flavoured drink which was very nice and the wood fire pizza was simply awesome. I would highly recommend this place and ask to be waited by Robert (he ensured a bespoke experience and did not even charge for the ravioli as he mistook the order)
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Ashok Rajagopal - Burrp User

Ashok Rajagopal

May 08,2012

Evening very well spent

Me and my wife went there for our anniversary and it was a very memorable evening. The basil flavoured bruschetta's and the home made raviolli where especially exquisite. My wife had a sore throat and this guys whipped out a cinnamon flavoured drink which was very nice and the wood even pizza was simply awesome. I would highly recommend this place and ask to be waited by Robert (he ensured a bespoke experience and did not even charge for the ravioli as he mistook the order)
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rajeshlulla - Burrp User


December 02,2011


Had been here on 22/11/11 with my wife.....Had a truly fab time....everything that we ordered for (Veg & Non Veg) was simply super....the cocktails too were prepared to perfection...the ambiance is lovely for a date....total for 2 = Approx 3K (Drinks,starters and Main course) also i had the best veg biryani ever!!! .. The service too is at par with any 5 star.. 2 gentlemen (Robert & Henry) ensured that we were well looked after...all in all this one's a must visit!!
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Prajakta Sarfare - Burrp User

Prajakta Sarfare

October 30,2011

Had lovely time

It was just perfect...great wine... tasty food and friendly service. Just in love with this place... definitely gonna come back! :)
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Sams Travelogy - Burrp User

Sams Travelogy

July 16,2011

Pathetic Telecom

i was one of the very regular customer of laughing cavalier, i gave them nearly fifty new customers. I always used to enjoy food when we went over there. but the last to time i ordered food at my place. both the times i ordered a veg greeca pizza with a chocolate mousse. First time when i ordered i was sent a fig cheese cake instead of the mousse and second time even more pathetic i was sent a chicken tikka pizza instead of veg greeca pizza. On calling them some rude accounts manager argued using bad language and was trying to prove me wrong, i even said that i come regularly to your restaurant and i just have veg food, than to he argued and blame me that i was arguing because i didnt wanna pay. i told him you learn to speak to your customers first, because this is a highly sophiticated and very expensive restaurant where a meal for two can cost you around rs 2500. lastly another manager took the phone as he realised i was a old customer and apologised and accepted that i was their mistake. i told him that unless the accounts manager doesnt appologise i wont come back to this restaurant. he promised that he will give a call back, but that never happened .. so thats my last experience at the laughing cavaliers. Believe me if you serve this way to such esteemed clients you will have to shut down soon,
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b_rane - Burrp User


March 17,2011

Bakwasss not worrth anything

Reading the review online we freinds decided to go go there.

The place where this hotel is located is not good, Singlemalts are not very expensive they are moderate., but food is extremely expensive, it was fine if it matched the quantity and quality.

we ordered for Garlic toast which cost us arounf Rs. 175 but when the plate was on our table we were horrified there where only 3 small peices of garlic bread, i would suggest instead go to some 5 star hotel they will atleast serve to some thing better rather than going to this sit place.....

My experience was really bad with the hotel and would not suggest anyone to go to this place ever in my life.
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P A - Burrp User


February 06,2011

we love dining at the laughing cavalier

the laughing cavalier is our favourite restaurant. we have been here often and never been disappointed with the food or the service. the pizzas are baked in a wood fired oven and are delicious!
their italian fest was great, complete with live music.
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dpva19 - Burrp User


January 29,2011


Hi, the food at your restaurant was Delicious i really enjoyed eating Italian after a long long time. Would like to open a similar restaurant in Pune. If interested kindly mail me to dpva19@gmail.com.

All The Best
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urs_atul - Burrp User


January 18,2011


da restra iz wel decoratd bt iz situated in such a sad place dat u dnt feel like goin back again. no one cums 2 host on da door,only one waiter i saw dat 2 bit arrogant n no smile. didnt knw wat 2 suugest 2 eat evn after its being a food festval menu.. prices r way high compared 2 quantity n integredents used 2 prepare.

in background owner lady was audible shoutin over phone 2 sumone 2 get da food festival praises ad printed in midday n m not surprised 2 see it 2de in midday. lol

fact of da mtter iz if ur havin a festval den b warm,nice,frendly n along wid dat serve value for muny food. not satisfied
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Mr Foodie - Burrp User

Mr Foodie

January 18,2011

italian festival widout cheese? sad festival

went dere after readin all reviews.. restra was nice wid gud decor but didnt see a single customer!! italian opera music being played..

the host came wid da menu.. was surprised 2 see dat de call it an italian food festival but dere were so less options n cheeses was almost missing 4m all items.. only one pasta wid cheese.. only one chikn pizza n only one pizza wid cheese.. alll items were mostly dry widout cheese n i didnt expect dat.. price were much high even wen de r cost cutin on cheese.. quantity was so less dat food got digested on way 4m mouth to stomach.. den y so high price? smart way 2 fool customers.

ordered starter which was of solomon fish.. it was tasty priced at rs 325 but only 4 tiny pices sized almost equal 2 a 2rs coin!! i undrstand solomon is a cosly fish so i cud digest da fact..

moved 2 next order.. chickn piatti pasta.. spegatti was so less as if it cost dem gold 2 buy spegatti.. it was hardly 5-6 bites with fork.. 2 boneless pieces of chickn wid it medium sized.. taste was again gud but no cheese,no quantity n still priced whoopin rs 495!! i will call it a loot..

as i m an optimist foodie i moved 2 desserts.. i ordered a cannoli.. 2 me it always looks like indian creame rolls but still de didt giv any chocolate coatin.. just a roll filled wid simple whipped cream.. where was da italian festival touch?? priced at rs. 225!!

overall.. i was totally disappointed with da quantity,price n smartly made no cheese menu as cheese cost r high.. taste was still gud but in india taste is not da only factor u can survive.

total bill rs 1176, taxes added. still no satisfaction.. no offence meant 2 other reviewers but i still suggest little italy or mangiferra as much better option 4 italian treat as de server vast menu with lotsa cheese quantity n taste at lower or alomost same prices.. thums down
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Amrita Engineer - Burrp User

Amrita Engineer

January 16,2011

Best Romantic dinner...!!!!!

Came across an ad by laughing cavalier about their Italian Festival, hubby n I decided 2 try this place. Hubby was bit apprehensive as v had earlier decided 2 go 2 westin 4 d dinner..!!! Bt aft visiting da place we both certainly can say that we took the best decision to try out this most amazing place yestde..!!
We reached at arnd 8:15; 1st thought v were a bit early bt the place was buzzng wt trendy crowd who was being entertained by the live band. Tents outside were amazing too. Bt since we had come 4 nice cosy romantic dinnr we decided 2 sit inside nr live kitchen counter.The place was exquisite, gave very european feel the moment we entered. Nice italian soft music was being played in da bckround which elivated my music lover hubby's mood instantlY.
Since the italian fest is going on the restaurant has only pure italian menu to offer. Must say they have wide variety to select from..!! One is absolutely spoilt 4 d choice..:)
We decided 2 order mocktails melon delight n signorita as suggested by the captain. We were bit confused as to what to order nxt as we were clear that we wnted 2 try something beyond pizza, pasta n risotto..Came our 'star of the evening' Ms. Snigdha Banerjee(Ex Taj- Zodiac Grill)..She suggested us to go 4 salmon n goat cheese rolls n thin crust chkn pizza which she offered to customise 4 us. 4 main course she suggested 2 try scallopini chkn wth spaggetti.
The food came n oh boy..!!we were in heaven..!! Salmon n cheese rolls were superb bt nt meant 4 ppl who dislike rawish feeling of fish. Looked bit like sushi wthout seaweed wraps..;)pizza was the best we have had tried till date. Just perfectly customised,awsmely flavourfull n full of italian fresh herbs..even chunks of chkn were liberally scattered all ovr d pizza. Even the main course dish was grt smthing which we had never tried n heard in India. We were soooo impressed with the food we decided nt 2 skip their desserts.Had only 3 options so decided 2 go with much tried Tiramisu.n once agn we were completely bowled over by the presetation n taste of the tiramisu..We were told that it was presented in the most authentic way as this is the way italians have it at their place bck in Italy. It completely melted in our mouth n at the end we felt bad 4 finishing it off so fast..!!:)
I must say their service is at par with any 5* Hotel..Meeting Snigdha was an amazing experience 4 both of us. She made us comfortable n feel special n made us experience the gourmet italian food. Thnks guys 4 making our evening so special..!! We are def coming back to meet u all taste the other dishes soon..!!!
N guys reading this review pls pls pls dont waste ur time. Plan ur romantic dinner wt ur partner asap at this place coz da festival ends on 23 jan..!! Hurry up..!!!
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exaile_46 - Burrp User


January 14,2011

Festival Della Cucina Italiana @ The Laughing Cav

The Laughing Cavalier’, celebrates an exclusive Italian Food Festival this New Year!!!
~ Festival Della Cucina Italiana is a celebration of authentic regional Italian food, wine, art and culture ~
Mumbai, January 13th , 2011: All you foodies of Mumbai have a great Italian fiesta awaiting especially for you on the onset of 2011 at 'The Laughing Cavalier', restaurant in Malad. So, put your weighing scales aside and indulge in a wide range of authentic regional Italian cuisine.

Starting January 14th The Laughing Cavalier Restaurant will open its doors with a 10 day food festival, ‘Festival Della Cucina Italiana’ - a confluence of authentic regional Italian food, art and culture, that will give you taste buds a treat to remember.

Speaking about the festival, Chef Vijayraj Chauhan said, “Italian food is not only about Pastas and Pizzas. The Festival is a toast to various aspects of regional Italian cuisine, wines and music. The choicest of ingredients have been used to keep the authenticity intact. So, come and enjoy this exclusive Italian food festival with us”.

The regional signature delicacies prepared by Chef Vijayraj Chauhan will be accompanied with array of limited edition regional wines, Italian Art and Culture! Mesmerize in the live music that will enhance the mood of the contemporary yet warm Italian décor of ‘The Laughing Cavalier Restaurant’.
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smits13 - Burrp User


November 19,2010

Nice place

I had the best birthday party at the Laughing Cavalier. The place is breathtaking, with seating area outside aswell. The food is good and the live music is excellent not at all tacky. My only cmplaint is the service is not very prompt. Once we were seated it took a long time to get our orders taken for drinks and starters.
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drunkenrambo - Burrp User


November 07,2010

uber cooll

amazing ambiance , great pizzas made over wood n charcoal open over ...italian food influenced with indian cooking style
....probably best place to have dinner with beer .....do visit on weenends for some gr8 live muuzic....i love this place
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Nemesis - Burrp User


October 06,2010

Great ambiance and excellent food!!

Probably one of the best places for pizzas in town. The restaurant has indoor as well as outdoor seating, with a glass kitchen where you can see how your pizza is being made. My favorite is the Greeka! The cuisine is mostly Italian, but they do have some Indian dishes as well. I tried the biryani and it was pretty good. They have a lavish bar with a menu to show it off.
Friendly and professional staff, great food and great ambiance! Highly recommended!
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gonsalveselvira - Burrp User


September 20,2010

Absolutely fantastic ---- Like like super like !!!

The entrance to the restaurant & the entire ambiance just gives you a complete new & different feel. Apart from all this the food was absolutely delicious.. Not to forget the wonderful mock tails. The decor, the open glass live kitchen, the wooden Sit Outs & tents etc add up more to the perfect ambiance .. Not to forget the live singing which makes you tap your feet & sing along. In all a wonderful experience..
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Liz  - Burrp User


September 14,2010

Pretty Good!

For a family with varied and fussy palets, we actually had a good time. The decor is pretty good and the wood panels give it a touch of elegance. The twist on the classic shawarma is pretty great and crispy minimal large sized pizza is a welcome change from the pizza chains. All in all a good experience with a slight strain to the pockets.
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Ritesh  Fernandes - Burrp User

Ritesh Fernandes

July 15,2010

Too Good !!!!

I had been there with my wife 4sat. night dinner. V order cream of mushroom soup, Anguri Paneer Tikka 4 starter & Ricooto as a main course…food ws yummy…manager ws too good he wanted us 2try there Veg Biryani so he has given us complimentary dish…frankly specking it was mouth watering…I will surely visit them again specially 4 Veg Biryani....visit there if u wish u 2spend good time with ur luv onc..e with good food & good service
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paddy82 - Burrp User


June 27,2010


Disappointed because:

- Mori-Nu was delivered without tofu (the main ingredient)
- Scallopini of Chicken delivered without Gnocchi (gnocchi replaced with spaghetti)
- Found a hair in the Thai Chicken Red Curry
- Portions were too small
- Took over an hour to deliver

Still hungry and very dissatisfied. I give them an F. They should have had the courtesy and common sense to inform me if the key ingredients would be missing and if the menu descriptions are inaccurate.
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Jugal Mistry - Burrp User

Jugal Mistry

June 11,2010


Had been here few days back. We ordered a cream of mushroom soup and with the very first sip, I was like "I'm coming here for this soup again". It was the best cream of mushroom soup I've ever had. We then ordered bruschettas which were again full of flavor. The main course was a grilled vegetable platter (forgot the name) and a margarita pizza, which were thin crust, wood baked. They were good but not exceptional. Must visit place for all Italian junkies. Don't expect to burrp there, the quantity per dish issubtle, typical gourmet!
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Dhiraj80 - Burrp User


April 14,2010

Excellent, a must try

I have been there couple of times, Food is awesome, Pizzas are real fresh and super. They even serve very good fusion food, I think in Malad West it’s the only classy restaurant. They are little over priced, but once you have the food you don’t mind paying. Enjoying eating?
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Delicacy - Burrp User


April 10,2010

Great food..very good staff

The food is delicious & staff go out of their way to ensure customer satisfactin..Their wood fire pizza's is a must have!
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SherylD - Burrp User


February 10,2010

Nice Fining Dining Experience

Been there with the family last week and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. Well mannered staff, delicious food and lovely ambience and music too. Slightly overpriced especially considering the quantity but not surprised as all fine dining serve limited qnty. Overall we were quite satisfied and will definitely visit again.
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Prasad Gupte - Burrp User

Prasad Gupte

December 19,2009

Cost::Quantity is very poor!

had been here with family last week. its a little difficult to find the place, but if you want spot a wall with the name painted all-over you won't have trouble.
the place has a great ambiance, way to go if you want to talk for a couple of hours. Staff wasn't quite active. Every starter we ordered was 200-250 bucks and had 5-6 pieces; thats why I say Cost::Quantity is very poor! But the taste is really good.
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salshah - Burrp User


December 18,2009

Classy place, great food

1) Ambiance 4.5/5
I'd have given a 5/5 but sadly the surroundings outside the gate are a bit dodgy...but once you are inside.......warm, cosy...elegant...wooden feel....a beautiful place....

2) Food 5/5
Great food...everything we tried was fantastic...the menu has both Indian and Italian options...more global food type menu....bit restricted in terms of number of items but i think that probably helps maintain quality...
Since we are veggies...we ordered a Paneer Starter, a Salad, and Veg Biryani...for desserts we had a Banana something Custard...superb...and their Cheese cake was out of this world...i'm sure we'll end up going there for just desserts ...the portions were decent for starters and desserts but the salad and biryani much bigger proportions than served elsewhere...so i'd say just perfect...

3) Service 5/5
The Manager took great care in helping us select the right dishes each time...and made good suggestions....we really appreciated that...

4) Pricing 4/5
Seemed reasonable considering the quality.....
Meal for two (we didnt order drinks) cost us around 1000 bucks...

Bonus ...on Fri, Sat and Sunday they have a guitarist cum singer coming in...you can request your favorites as well....makes your meal real special...

To sum up this is a great place for a special night out.
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quickdraw - Burrp User


December 07,2009

Gem in-midst of nowhere.

Me and a couple of office mates decided to check the place out after hearing another friend raving about it. Its actually walking distance from our office and somehow we managed to find it. Its actually at a very unexpected location in-between warehouses and rickshaw stalls. As soon as we walked in the place was pretty good. The food was actually really nice, although my expat friends felt the quantity was less (I was happy with my Biryani) All in all the place is nice, and am quite surprised that it hasnt ran out of business because of its location and no one knowing about it. Its mildly expensive though.
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Venkatesh Chetlur - Burrp User

Venkatesh Chetlur

June 30,2009

Different - and good too...

Decided to drop in here on a whim. The location is not exactly eye-catching - in fact you would miss it if you did not look out for it. But step past the gates and you know you are in for a different experience.

The place prides itself on the fusion food - and delivers too. The service sets it apart. I ordered some starters and my order was based on the portion size in other places. The manager checked the order with the waiters and walked over to make suggestions on the number of items. All through the meal, there was constant attention paid to what we ordered and how much and what we were looking for.

The kind of place that makes you want to go back.
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Kay  - Burrp User


September 06,2008

Here food is an art

Art and food- this is one place where it goes hand in hand. Lovely paintings on the wall, unique cocktails and great fusion food you've never tasted before. Be sure to tell Desmond, the Manager what you're preferences are and you won't be disappointed.
Grilled Brie platter is to die for as an appetiser. And you also get Pork Ribs and Mussels which aren't on the menu.

What I definitely recommend is the banana creme caramel, which is yummy with a hint of banana.
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Mayank Baid - Burrp User

Mayank Baid

April 14,2008

Makes you smile :)

Heard and Read about it. So finally decided to drop in for a quick bite. Although its not located at the right place... but the attitude was perfect. I really liked the service. Always attentive and really knows how to take care of their customers. We didn't like what we ordered and "Desmond" (Manager) observed it and spoke to us. Inspite of our choice of order he immediately replaced the starters as per our tastes. They also helped us customize the main course as per our taste.
As I said we went for a quick bite the damage was not et al. The Kiwi Ice Tea was really nice. I wanna try the Strawberry one next time.
Overall a nice place for dinner.
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