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Jayashri  - Burrp User


May 08,2014

Restaurant with the best sea view!

Barring the buffet breakfast which I had tried at the Bayview a long time back, I had never had a proper dining experience here. The breakfast, I remember, had been good - especially the live dosa counter and the muffins.The Bayview offers a beautiful view of the sea and the city and is one of my favourite places when it comes to location.

A few days back, we celebrated my parent's wedding anniversary and I was given the responsibility of choosing an apt place for dinner for 6 of us. A special occasion like this called for a special, peaceful place with good food and The Bayview seemed to fit the bill perfectly. It was a weekday and we walked in around 8pm without any reservations and found a good place to sit, almost overlooking the sea. Of all the restaurants at Hotel Marine Plaza, it is certain, without an iota of doubt, that Bayview takes the cake when it comes to ambience and location. A sea side dinner (lunch /breakfast too) just could not be any more gorgeous from any other place!

We decided to go a la carte as my parents are not very heavy eaters. They handed us the menu cards quite promptly but did not come for a long time after that to take our order. In fact, throughout our dinner, I found the overall service to be sincere but quite laid back and slow. Since we were waiting for a couple of guests to come, we decided to call for a couple of starters primarily, assuming that it would come in 15-20 mins. However, they came back in 10 mins to inform us that the kitchen had run out of Jalapenos and hence the Jalapeno Cheese starter could not be provided to us. So we called for another entree dish, which arrived after our guest. We were completely famished by now and gobbled up both the starters, both of which were made quite well.

By now I had an understanding of the slow service and decided to order for the rest of my dinner immediately, to avoid any further delay and starving. A detailed account of my dinner that evening is given below:

Starters: We had Kathi Kabab Roll served with green chutney (thoughtfully cut into 6 pieces) & some Corn fritters (sorry, I forget the exact name) which was served with a curd based mayo dip. Both were good but I preferred the corn fritters more.

Soups - Tried the Roasted Tomato, Cream of Spinach and Mulligatawny soup - The winner here was clearly the very South Indian flavour-packed Mulligatawny soup which was thick and had a lovely mustard colour. Of course, I loved my Cream of spinach too. The soups were served with good complementary portions of bread rolls and butter.

Rotis - Had the Naans and the Rotis which we asked to make with less butter and they certainly were careful in making sure that the rotis were not buttery.

Main Course - They have extremely limited varieties in Indian vegetarian food out of which we choose the Dum Aloo Kashmiri and the Subji Makhanwala. Good portions, not greasy and excellently made. Both the vegetables had vividly differently tastes with the Dum Aloo Kashmiri being slightly more spicy than the Subji Makhanwala.
The Veg Biryani was served with Raita and was nicely made too. Not too much of masala and not at all heavy.

The desserts did not seem very interesting, so we decided to end our meal with coffee. Even here, our server goofed up a bit by getting a larger coffee pot than what we had asked. But was quick enough to admit that it was his mistake and we would not be charged for the same. And indeed we were not. So no trouble at all there.

It was a wonderful dinner which averaged out to around Rs.700 per head. But nothing made us more happy than the smiles on my parents' faces which said that they had enjoyed every moment of this celebration with us. And I thank Bayview for the same!
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lindanit - Burrp User


April 11,2014

great midnight buffet! awesome view

Had been there on my birthday eve and it was absolutely beautiful. Liked everything about this place. Best time to visit is post midnight!
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ipsitasharma007 - Burrp User


April 07,2014

food along with baywatch

Recently I happened to try this place for dinner with a couple of my friend’s .Bayview gives you a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea. Done up casually with a minimalistic look, the place exudes an old world charm. The whole ambiance is really pleasant and laid back. What I really liked is the service and the quality of food served. We tried the jhinga masala bengali and murgh tikka masala with roti and it as really delicious!! We also had the hazelnut cheesecake, which I really enjoyed. We had a great time and also received a discount on our final bill since we made our reservations through URBANRESTRO!!
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libranwoman - Burrp User


May 10,2013

Do they even taste what they serving?

Im assuming this restaurant is finding sugar too expensive to afford? Then why are their sweets not sweet? We decided to go for their mid night buffet...Horrendous is not the word! The Mutton in the mutton gravy was on the verge of rotting, quality of the food and variety both were not upto the mark. Clearly it was a mid crap buffet.
No Ice cream :O Its summers and so its by default the first dessert one must have also the caramel custard clearly had no caramel...like i said they may be found sugar too expensive to add in their buffet items...and was more like PAV soaked in water..
PS: i liked the green tea.

Hope to have a better experience if at all i decide to come back.
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tinku_12 - Burrp User


January 23,2013


So recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to share breakfast with a friend at Bayview. As it was breakfast, I assumed we could walk in but my friend insisted on booking a table. She did this through www.urbanrestro.com since they were offering a nice discount too. When we reached, the waiting room was full of hungry people and we were so glad about the booking.
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Jayashri  - Burrp User


July 23,2012

Breakfast by the sea!

Our stay in Marine Plaza was in February 2012, being our first night after wedding. As a part of our package, we were offered complimentary breakfast at The Bayview.

The view from the restaurant is simply beautiful. Breakfast was good too. Especially the live dosa counter and the muffins. Blue waters of the Arabian sea, blue skies, some good breakfast and lovely coffee!!!! Couldn't have asked for a better start to the new day....which also happened to be my birthday! Memorable indeed......
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Nilesh Shah - Burrp User

Nilesh Shah

June 23,2012

Please avoid midnight buffet at this place,PLEASE.

We,3 friends, went to this place on a friday night at 12.45 am for a midnight buffet.
The location is good.Let me get to the buffet.
I dont understand how can they even call this a buffet.
we had a choice of 2 soup,prawns and cream of mushroom.Prawn soup was stale,like really stale.Had salad which included cucumber,sprouts,papaya with parsley,fish salad.
nothing exciting about it either.
Had medium warm spaghetti pasta,very blend no flavour to it.
main course: methi paratha really thick and cold.aloo mutter and panner kolhapuri ki sabzi and dal and chawal.done.veg people u only get so much.
non veg had two non veg preparations but they cudnt finish the first servings.
3 eggless deserts very common,and cheap.no icecream.
Guys the service sucked.had to ask for water 3 times and then they would bother to serve it.
we finished our whole ordeal in 35 minutes and we were out of there.had to go to sukh sagar( as nothing else was open by 1.15-1.30 am).
Avoid this place.its a rip-off.
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bhumesh007 - Burrp User


December 03,2011

Amazing place

This place has a superb ambiance and a beautiful view of the sea! We had been here after midnight just to relax after a disastrous movie called Mausam(sorry Pankaj ji)

We had strawberry milkshakes which was thick and tasty..no compromise after midnight as well. Others were feasting on the midnight buffet..Shall definitely come back to gorge.
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richa.ver - Burrp User


August 06,2009

good view & ambience

after a lot of deliberation, looking forward to a nice place with peaceful ambience and gud food, we fixed up the bayview for a quiet dinner of 4 friends.
well, our expectations were met, but partially. we were given a table in the center very promptly but on requesting it was also changed to a window table. the ambience was peaceful, though a busy place for weekday. the wines we selected were not in stock and when we asked for suggestion, the hostess confessed that she is not the best person to give a suggestion. but finally we were able to settle down on a nice wine. for starters we had kathi kebab rolls which i found were not up to the mark, with a thick hard crust. the main course too was strictly ok, veg makhanwala was on the sweeter side and the lamb not so tender. could definitely have been better. with the meal being strictly ok, we decided to skip the dessert. but to be honest the ambience made up for all of it. service though very polite falls short of cheerful. i would say a one-time visit place. have heard a lot about the midnight buffet, maybe i shud try dat next time.
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Abhishek Kulkarni - Burrp User

Abhishek Kulkarni

July 15,2009

Excellent View

You get a great view from this restaurant, especially if you get a seat near the corner. My visit to this place was for the Sunday Lunch Buffet. IT has quite a few takers, as I could make out. I'll go through the meal course wise. They had some great Indian Starters, a they were really good. Ensure you eat them hot. The Kebabs were of good size ensuring a more tasty bite. The soup offered was Minestrone, which I skipped, so can't tell you how it was. The main course was more or less the usual type. There were some really nice tit bits. I personally loved the Beetroot Cutlet they had. I also loved the Potato wedges kind of dish they had on offer. The buffet wasn't set up i the best of manners. I am not sure if it was intentional or not, but there was a mix of courses in the buffet layout. They also had a live pasta counter. Now moving to the desserts. It lacked variety. All they had was pastries of several different flavours which were not that great either. The Brulee was not of the best consistency.

Overall apart from the deserts, for which I love buffets, the rest of the food was quite good.
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Abhishek Kothari - Burrp User

Abhishek Kothari

April 24,2009

Nice food & a perfect ambience!!

Hi, am writing this review just after coming back to office from this place. Went along with four other colleagues for buffet there.
Ambiance: Lovely ambiance with sea-face view of the arabian sea. Quite slow music to keep u awake (the food will make u sleep!).
Service: The waiters need to b more prompt. They are slow... had to wait for 15 mins to get the second round of rotis at the table. Otherwise, they dont bother to serve u since its a buffet.
Food: Well... nice spread of veg & non-veg. Since m a veggie, gonna write dwn only abt d veggie food. They had perfect indian spread of soup, breads & sticks (to go along wid soup), salads, 2-3 starters. I tried on salads & breads, they were good. Starters were cold, so didn't really bother to check them.
Main course: nearly 7-9 vegetables & all different. I loved d 'turai n aloo', bhindi and aloo pyaaz. There were other vegetables like babycorn mix, grilled vegetables, gobhi (along wid kesar on it). They had limited choice of rotis, infact it was only butter & non-butter rotis. But that was good as it was served hot. They had khicha, which was good. But the most delicious thing on d spread was d DAL!!! man, i dunno after hw many days, i really felt like having dal-chawal. It was damn good. i enjoyed d dal-chawal. Rice was of d lower quality & not basmati. Coming onto desserts, well wt to say, they were jus out of my mind that these guys cud make such good deserts. They had a nice spread of desserts... especially d sugar free dessert (don't remember d name), orange mousse & many others varities of chocolate n other pastries.
Price: I dunno exactly since it was a treat from one of my colleague there. But one of my other colleague informed me dat it was Rs.700/- per head. Well, it was worth the money. But only if they cud give more choices on starters & keep them hot. But again, we had a good time there & while walking back to office, every one of us were half asleep, just trying to keep our eyes opened!!
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yogss - Burrp User


November 16,2008

Its For the View

Food is oki so are the coffees , pricing is reasonable not very expensive, but the best part is great view of marine drive from the place.
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Chirag Tanna - Burrp User

Chirag Tanna

September 07,2007

lackadaisical demeanour - a precursor to downfall?

The midnight buffet at the bayview, marine plaza is pretty well known, particularly to those who do not believe in the adage which prompts a light dinner for better health and some such talk......

We entered right at the time they were setting up the buffet so they may be excused for the rush around the place considering that the serving area is well-embedded right in the centre of the seating arrangement...well, there's also a seating area in a separate room away from the serving area, but then its a tad too far!...But they surely cannot be excused for the happenings that ensued later on in relation to lack of promptness of service which should be befitting a star-rated hotel!!!.....it took me to request the services of 2 waiters, a captain as well as the maitre d' just to set up the table with the requisite cutlery...phew!...that was some asking arnd to do [:)].....similar hostile intentions were remarkably visible with the stingy-ness of serving regular cooled drinking water (waiters shud seriously take a cue from a shetty-owned restaurant)....

As a thumb rule, i have empirically derived this habit or rather inclination, to base my judgement on a restaurant sheerly on its promptness of serving water. I believe thats the least that they can do to establish a rapport and to prove their customer-service!

The buffet was not exactly minimalist to say....it comprised veg sandwich, chicken sandwich, cheese sandwich, chatni sandwich, veg/non-veg soup, an array of okay-ish salads (chick-peas, cabbage, chicken sausage and olives, ham).

The main course comprised a spread of grilled chicken gravy (which was delectable with tender chicken pieces, whole huge juicy mushrooms, capsicum, tomato, onion in a red gravy), fish curry, chicken biryani in the non-veg section.

The section which i did not care to venture on i.e. the vegetarian section included paneer pasanda, dal fry, mix vegetable, steam rice....and also a red-sauce based pasta which looked so very dry....

The deserts included some cakes, a mint souffle, and chocolate mousse (this one is worth mentioning amongst the rest).

With Rs. 400/- a piece inc. taxes, this place still deserves a 3 star rating, primarily because of its laid back sea-facing ambience, and a decent variety of food post Cinderella-curfew!
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