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Nimu S - Burrp User

Nimu S

March 29,2015

Late Night Craving

Sukh sagar restaurant in chowpatty which serves fast food type food. Idli dosa, pavbhajis, pizzas etc. Afternoon also it serves but mainly crowded at night. Person who wants to have late night bite can go their as it is open till late mid night. They have super yum and spiced pavbhaji which has a very nice aroma taste. Idli dosa are also good. Their Royal falooda is too good .They have many varieties in juices, milkshakes ice-creams. Everything is at reasonable prices but place is slightly less hygienic but food is so tasty that everyone let goes that matter.
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Agna Jinesh - Burrp User

Agna Jinesh

March 01,2015

late night eatteries...

Mix-cusine place if you a regular you will get the best service! The pav bhaji is very famous here and masal paav (jain) is the best here with some dry coconut chutney. Cheap pricing, whole in the wall traditional place. They will also serve you the food in your own car. Don't expect the best hygiene and surely awesome taste. A quick snack place and has take away and delivery too. Silver queen desert is also amazing with lot of dry fruits and icecream!!

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January 01,2015

Mid-Night snacks

Midnight pav bhajji after a movie is the best place..open till late !! Idlli pizza juices Silver Qeeen icecream to be here for !!
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heena  ashar - Burrp User

heena ashar

December 23,2014

What should I say???

Good food, fairly priced, quick service & South Bombay ki JAAN!!

SS ka masala pav aur idli chutney... that's the craving people have when they pass-by Girgaum chowpatty and mind you the TASTE absolutely satisfies everyones craving.

The SS restaurant is a multi-cuisine joint, the snacks outlet is the most frequented by late nighters like me ;) (servers proper fast food) and the juice outlet (with all kinds of juices and shakes)

Bambai aake SS ka masala pav nahi khaya to kya khaya yaar.....
Must visit!!
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pratik16 - Burrp User


March 07,2014

A must GO..!.

Sukh Sagar is an awesome place for all food lovers. It is divided in 3 sections of main restaurant, one for snacks and one for juice. With a wide and diverse variety of food.
Pav Bhaji with masala pav is one of the finest you can hog on in south bombay and it is a must try. The south indian is also pretty good and the idlies are damn soft with unlimited chutney ummmm..
The milkshakes like shalimar (watermelon and vanilla ice cream) is also innovating according to me and the other milkshakes and juices are also outstanding.
This place is good break from work or good for a yummy dinner with family and friends.
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mananps - Burrp User


April 03,2013

Perfect comfort food.

Been coming to this place since many many years. and everything has stayed the same - the waiters, the food, and the rush at mid night.
Dont bother to ask for a menu, cause you get pav bhaji, pizza, idli, and fried rice - all made fresh in front of you. Never had a bad experience here, as the food is always fresh.
It is the perfect place for junk food, followed by a nice glass of juice from the Suk Sagar juice centre next door, which they will serve at your table or in the car.
Must visit !!
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Riddhi Sen - Burrp User

Riddhi Sen

January 07,2013

Great Idlis, Dosas and Pav Bhaji

Sukh Sagar is a Pure Veg restaurant on Chowpatty, serving predominantly Indian cuisine. Since my office was at a walking distance from this place, I would have lunch there quite often.
Food: Good quality, simple and tasty Indian food. The Pav Bhaji there is really nice and yummie and so are the Dosas and Idli. You must try them. The North Indian dishes are good too.
Though, I do not like their Non-Indian dishes like Pasta or other Mexican and continental stuff and would suggest you give that a miss. I would say, stick to Indian dishes.

Ambience: Comfortable but nothing spectacular about it. It’s generally quiet and pleasant . Well lit with standard family table chair seating.

Service: It’s never too crowded and the waiters are pleasant and prompt in their service.

Value for money – It’s nice, tasty, hygienic Indian food that would cost you about Rs 200 per head which I think is not expensive and is good value for money.

In short, I would rate it as
Food- 4/5 (Indian dishes)
Ambience – 2.5/5
Service – 3/5
Value for money – 4/5
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devilalm - Burrp User


December 24,2012

Sukhi Idli

Sukhsagar and idlis are synonymous, Never had such fluffy and light idlis ever..
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RachnaShah80 - Burrp User


November 15,2012


Best idli chutney of Mumbai
Love the Mosambi juice
Shekhar the waiter cracks jokes & makes you laugh when serving in your car...
Best place to satisfy your taste buds at 1am
Fried rice tastes yummy too ..
Highly recommend when at chowpatty.
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worldbest - Burrp User


June 21,2012

Nice & Peacfull

Whenever @ Chowpaty , now i prefer Sukhsagar over soam or Cream Center.
Reasons: Spaciaous & Peacful Ambiance . , No waiting no overcrowded. Idli, Dosa , Desert are perfect & served with suficient qty. In short you can eat with peacful surrounding , no one bothers you, amibince & Ac cooling is perfect.
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sardarishabh007 - Burrp User


December 12,2011

a bit over prized

Although they serve just amazing or perfect pav bhaji, It's slightly over prized.

But the pav bhaji and idli are just amazing!
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namiyak - Burrp User


September 03,2011

bad service

visited in eveng n told waiter to get idli onli if its hot he got cold n then says we shld hv told him before ...like we didnt got so irritated n then he smiles over it n refuses to admit his fault
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nupur0206 - Burrp User


March 10,2011

A good menu come at slightly overpriced

Right opposite HnT, this place is extremely popular and offers the best south indian food. The Idli Sambhar and the Dosas are simply amazing. It is slightly overpriced and that's the only drawback. It has an outdoor as well as indoor section.
I've been here a million times and it's ideal for a quick snack.
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Aarti99 - Burrp User


February 12,2011

V gud- before. V avg- now.

This is not the kind of place where I would want to dine in.
But yes have been going here since I was a kid.
Eating their idli & pao bhaji used to be an every Sunday thing.
But off late the quality of pao bhaji hasn't been what it used to be.
Even after I left a small note for the owner/manager i haven't really felt any change for the good.
Hope they get it right soon though. I used to love the pao bhaji here.
The grilled sandwich & juices are nice too.
Service in your car in efficient. Again not friendly. Haha. Don't know why???
Good luck guys.
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rajanr - Burrp User


January 30,2011

Sukh Sagar

I called Sukh Sagar for home delivery as it showed on this web site that they have home delivery,till15 minutes nobody answered calls on any of the three nos, later somebody answered the line at 23636856 and Rudely said that they never do home delivery.

Have been to them before for in hotel dinning,their food quality especially Chinese and north Indian is awful and not worth paying the heft sum THEY CHARGE.

Not Recommended for their non-professionalism,they are surviving only because of their location advantage, people near this area have no other option to go somewhere else,otherwise street food is much better and tastier.

Rajan R.
Opera House
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Payal Sheth - Burrp User

Payal Sheth

January 20,2011

Cheese Pav Bhaji & Strawberry Milkshake - HEAVEN

I have been visiting Sukh Sagar at Chowpaty since I was probably 5. It started as a roadside pidley joint, which today has expanded to 5 different outlets each separated by a distance of 100 meters.

The food price has elevated at almost lightning speed too. But all said and done, noone beats the Cheese Pav Bhaji and Strawberry Milkshake combo at SS! The way the cheese is grated on the bhaji is absolutely fabulous. The cheese shavings are long and thick, making it delicious to pig on. To add to that is the buttery mouth watering pav which can be had as a snack itself. To this spicy cheesy combination, one must add the sweet and creamy milkshake giving an absolute treat to the tastebuds.

Though I must add that the milkshake isnt as good as it used to be some years ago. And the price has almost doubled since then. The ambience doesnt feel like an udipi/fast food joint anymore. Its got a swanky interior with AC and formally dressed waiters. Guess someone has to pay for all of it!
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Vinita Mittal - Burrp User

Vinita Mittal

June 29,2010

Really good snacks joint

I really like the food, had heard so much about the idli chutney here...and i must say it was totally worth it.

It was nice to see they have even out up a certificate from burrp rating them as serving the best idli chutney.

Pav bhaji and juices are all good.
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Anirudh B Balotiaa - Burrp User

Anirudh B Balotiaa

June 21,2009

Go once, go again !

P.S - After reading the other reviews, I regret not having the idli-chutney, specially when every reviews mentions how good it is. Anyway next time for sure.

Coming to the point, I had gone to Chowpatty to eat at Cream Centre, but it was jam packed and loads of people were waiting outside. They said min. waiting time is 45 mins, but I was starving. I had a look at New Yorkers right next to Cream Centre, the contrast was disturbing. Almost similar menu if not ditto, but everything else was so different, empty tables, even the ambiance was slightly repulsive for me for some reason.

So I decided to head to Sukh Sagar where I had gone quite long time back. And now I am glad I went there.

Whatever I ordered were all fantastic. Normally I go to Cream Centre(even today) specially for their Nachos but even here the Nachos are totally yummy ! Since I had Nachos on my mind, I ordered Nachos as starters and Indian as the main course.

I ordered -

Special Nachos
Ginger Mint Lime
Dal Makhni
Kadai Vegetable
Assorted breads, naans, kulchas, roti's.

Total Tab - rs. 670

Everything was delicious. Nachos was equally good as Cream Centre, both the dishes were delicious with very little oil which is also fantastic and healthy. Ginger Mint Lime was a good thirst quencher for the hot and humid Mumbai weather. Breads were roasted to perfection.

For desserts we went to their Juice Centre which is just 3-4 shops next to this one. The mango kulfi there is to die for. Lately I have been disappointed with Kulfi almost wherever I go, even here instead of Mango by mistake he bought Malai Kulfi, which was bad also (have everyone forgotten how kulfi is made, head to Sabkuch in Malad West for their stick kulfi, its awesome !) , then he brought Mango one and I really couldn't believe how good it was. Ordered one cocktail juice too, which was just as good.

So in all Sukh Sagar's is a fantastic joint to satisfy all your taste buds. You get every kind of Veg cuisine, juice, ice-creams, here, so from starters to desserts, you need not go anywhere else. Considering their location, I found the prices also quite decent.

Check it out for yourself and decide ! I am looking forward to my next visit !
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bhumesh007 - Burrp User


March 29,2009

Only the Idli-chatni saves it

This place is over-priced as well as over-hyped. The idli-chatni saves the day, rest is ho hum!!

Only saves you from hunger after mid-night when most of the places are shut.
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October 18,2008

Best Fast Food Center

They serve best idli chatni. No sambhar. You can have as much as chatni you want if u really consume it. They don't charge extra even though they mentioned charge extra.

Pav bhaji amazing.

Pizza also best.
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Mayur Shah - Burrp User

Mayur Shah

April 28,2008

Idli Chutney

This is one of the oldest fast food joint in the town and even though the Idli Chutney is expensive - I would recommend you to try it once, you will not regret and surely have it again. It has one of the amazingly tempting Chutney's and more over the chutney is 'almost' unlimited :)
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devkulkarni - Burrp User


January 04,2008

best pao bhaji & north indian food

worlds best pao-bhaji & great northindian food , but these delicacies are only for the pure veggies . Great ice cream desserts .
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achal vira - Burrp User

achal vira

October 06,2007

really rocks...

just have the idli chattni [unlimited] and you will be on top of the world. we specially visit the place for the taste of the chattni. add the sea breeze to the whole experience as well...
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sahil jain - Burrp User

sahil jain

June 24,2007


Sukh sagar!!!
I guess no explanation is needed for it.
It's too amazing. I am crazy for its choco milk-shake & idli.
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Anand Thakur - Burrp User

Anand Thakur

December 21,2006

Best South Indian Food

Very yummy South Indian food esp Idli chutney.
a must visit to grab some indian snack.
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