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Jaykay - Burrp User


April 16,2015


We are vegetarians. We ordered Subji Kurkure, Roti, Naan, Exotic manchurian dry, lime juice.
My wife does not like chinese, but she enjoyed the Exotic manchurian.
Good taste. Nice ambience. Good service. Moderately priced.
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Madan Chachra - Burrp User

Madan Chachra

February 20,2015

Must Try Once

A great dining experience with some quality food.
Highlight was Limboo Pundina Panner tikka and Salsa sauce with Nacho and Veg Strip
0.5 marks cut because the schezwan sauce was not upto the mark. Rest was finger licking.

Even Mocktails were very good: Apple Mojito & Berry Blast
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patkarmanoj - Burrp User


May 04,2014

Probably the best dining venue in Mulund.

I wanted to experience this restaurant since past 3 years but somehow never managed to do so until yesterday evening when I got an opportunity to host my son's birthday party for my family members at this venue.
We ordered 3 starters: Cheese Corn Rolls, Paneer Tikka Kesari and Bhindi Rajasthani...all of these starters were Yum! Especially Bhindi Rajasthani was exactly the way it was invented by a Chef whom I knew personally - Late Chef Raghuveer. The main course dishes were tasty as well....I must mention not to miss out the Dal Bukhara which I feel is the star dish of this restaurant. Though we indulged only in pure vegetarian fare, we enjoyed our family meal in a great ambience with tasty food and decent service.
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

April 03,2014

Poor service

I had been here for lunch some days ago. It was very sunny afternoon and after a hectic work day, all we wanted was a peaceful lunch.

But to our displeasure, there was party going on in the restaurant and the patrons were speaking amongst themselves without a care in the world and as if they were the only one's present at that time. Their presence was also the reason for delay in service to us. The staff in the restaurant were behaving like clueless people. all trying to attend an over-enthusiastic crowd and neglecting other customers in the bargain.

We ordered:
Bhindi Rajasthani - Crisply fried bhindi with a sprinkling of spices on it.
Dum Aloo Punjabi - Rightly spiced and good flavoured.
Dal Bukhara

Damages came to Rs.400 per head for 2 people.

Food was of a decent quality, nothing great though but the service was a let down.
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sajai2001 - Burrp User


March 28,2014

Pathetic experience

We had a horrible experience in Spice Lane Resto Bar, Mulund on 23/03/2014. Being a vegetarian, I have order a veg starter from Chinese menu. However they have served a chicken starter. Despite reconfirming the same while serving they have insisted it is a veg dish. After a while we have again asked them the waiter took the dish back to the kitchen. Chef and a manager simply said sorry for this major lapse. We have cancelled the main orders and they have given a bill for all items except the non veg item. We walked off from the place and will never suggest this location to anybody.
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dastagirda123 - Burrp User


December 03,2013

Pathetic service and cheap staff

We had a lot of hope to visit this place as it looks awesome from the outside and even the ambiance is good but all in vain.

after a long wait, we planned to visit this restaurant. the food is not served on time and they took long hours to bring the next order.

the staff is very cheap. even if you call them , they wont listen to you and keeps on laughing from the far behind.

food is good. But what discourages me is its staff and its customer service.

please don't waste your time and money here for sure.
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jobbyj - Burrp User


November 11,2013

Slow Service

Had dinner at Spice lane yesterday along with family. This restaurant is a much hyped one with very bad service
Firstly they were not willing to accommodate on the place of our choice. Once the order was taken they took a long time to serve. The manager said that the restaurant has just opened for the day hence the delay. Then they went on to serve a wrong dish which we had not ordered. The food is good though it gets diluted by the bad service.
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Kavish Sehgal - Burrp User

Kavish Sehgal

October 18,2013

Good Food but not good service.

I had been to spice for lunch with my team,as I had heard about the ambience and food a lot from friends. But unfortunately the 1st floor section was closed, so a bit disappointment. The service is bit slow, I had to wait for almost half an hour for the order and that to not complete order, but food quality was good.
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Kaushal Patel - Burrp User

Kaushal Patel

August 05,2013

Amazing food with worst service

I went to spice lane on 04-aug-13 which was coincidentally was friendship day so it was over crowded and there was waiting was 30mins, which was fine. But after that we expected that service should be better. We ordered food & for that we waited for 25 mins. Finally food arrived which was thankfully of great taste, thanks 2 the chefs. But again we needs 2 wait for the bill which was more than 10 mins & no body was bothered to collect the same 4m table, so we finally decided to go to counter & pay the same.
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venkat500 - Burrp User


July 24,2013

derogatory customer service

There was a large team of ladies engaging in very high decibel discussions disturbing rest of the patrons. However the restaurant staff seemed indifferent and did not request them to reduce their noise level.

We ordered Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani, shared by three of us and all three instantly mentioned that the biryani was salty. On mentioning this to the server, they promptly took back the biryani but came back with an explanation that the onion gravy makes it feel salty. Instead of asking us if we would like to try another dish or whether we would prefer remake of the same dish, the server came back within 5 minutes with another plate of the biryani. When we declined the dish, they still packed it and insisted that we take it. We told that we will pay for the dish (if that is what bothers them) but will not take the packed food as our entire lunch program went sour. Finally we paid the bill in full and just walked out.

Other dishes such as veg fried rice and Manchurian was also awful.

We were visitors to Mumbai and when compared to the food offered by Urban Tadka, Food Studio, Red Box; spice lane is a hopeless restaurant.
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vinhiri - Burrp User


March 24,2013

Very satisfied

I saw Spice lane while passing by Mulund Goregaon link road. The amboince was so dazzling it got me attracted the very next day! i must admit, they do everything in style, right from the warm interiors to a smiling lady at the counter, to the soothing music and water cascading on the huge glass windows !some one suggested if i order drinks ( alcohol) i can 1 free on 2 orders. Good for drinkers ! but since we do not drink i wanted to try mocktials.They have some special cooling drinks list for the summers, from which i and my wife ordered ( coco something and a berry blast) my drink came inside a green coconut and the other one was a deep purple coloured concoction, both were mesmerising. for starters we ordered the bihari tangdi (awsome) and the bhindi Rajasthani ( faboulus). Mains were a tawa murgh peshawari and dal bukhara both of which were top bracket. naan and romali were soft and delicious. we took a simple dal tadka and jeerawale chawal which again were very well made. the icing on the cake was the sizzling bronie which i admit as a foodie was the reason to write this column, it was just beyond imagination, yummmmyyyyy!!!!! definetely worth a try this Spice Lane. Good going.
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mahabhoj - Burrp User


January 12,2013

Spice up your evening...

I have been to this place only once that too on my birthday.The ambience is really great.The service is bit slow but food quality is really very good. I would definitely like to visit again.
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Sachin Das - Burrp User

Sachin Das

November 30,2012

By far the best in Mulund

I have been to this place twice, once with a friend for casual lunch and send with my whole team of 14 ppl for a dinner. Yes, they take some time for serving, but the quality of the food is great. Staff is well mannered and prices doesn't burn hole in ur pocket. I simply love the ambience here. I hope they keep up the quality of service and food consistent in coming years. Planning to visit with my family soon.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest,

Greetings from the Head Office of Spice Lane!

Thanks for the kind words. We look forward to serve you again in near future and would like to ensure you that you would have such wonderful time at all your visits.

Spice Lane Team

arnag2012 - Burrp User


September 13,2012


seriously... how good can this place get?they have introduced the most enticing of sizzlers on their menu! wow, excellent is not the word! had a couple of gems by recommendation...yummiiiiiii. will vistit again++++++
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Arnag,

Greetings from the Head Office of Spice Lane!

Thank you for your kind words! Glad to know you had a good time and we really hope to see you again soon!

Spice Lane Team

poojapujari9 - Burrp User


September 09,2012

best place for italian food

they served best pasta in the mumbai.. great place to hangout with family..
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Pawan Pradhan - Burrp User

Pawan Pradhan

September 09,2012

This place screwed my Birthday

I went to Spice Lane along with my family to celebrate the birthday party. It was most terrible birthday of my life. We placed complete order at beginning only. For each order to serve they took 15 min to 20 min. We literally had to beg to get order. our main course took 45 min to serve. When we started complaining one of the waiter came to us with the bill (such a fucking bad treatment). I would suggest never go to this pathetic place. There are many better places in Mulund.
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constantine_c - Burrp User


September 09,2012

Awesome is the word!!

This place is very close-by to my residence and though they have limited dishes on the menu, each and every dish is prepared in a such a way, that you would feel like you are served royal food. Have been there more than couple of times and would advise each and everyone planning to visit this place - is to call and book the table in advance, since waiting could an issue.
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foodvalley - Burrp User


September 06,2012


Had one of the greatest meals at Spice Lane resto bar at mulund west last sunday.
The amazing two storied place on link road was a real gem of find and proved to be
truly classy by its ambience, food and service.
We tried ther Italian fare, kebabs and biryani..mmmm heavenly. smiling service staff were notably attentive, and once even the chef came visiting to the table because we had requested some suggestions!
there were lot of customers and it was buzzing, understably because of weekend.
the guests seemed to be famillies mostly and we were surrounded by kiddies having fun on the run.
we were told that they were launching sizzlers and many more interensting dishes, we are more than eager to join them soon.Thanks for a memorable evening and good going!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest,

Greetings from the Head Office of Spice Lane!

Thanks for the kind words. We look forward to serve you again in near future and would like to ensure you that you would have such wonderful time at all your visits at Spice Lane.

Warm Regards,

Spice Lane Team

nikhilbhase  - Burrp User


June 13,2012

The best food in Mulund at Spice Lane

It is a one place I would suggest every one need to go .......the food is amazing and it is multi cuisine restaurant so has option of Italian, Indian & Malwani.......I had celebrated my birthday and its a remembrance.......................thank you so much spice lane team for making my day................
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest,

Greetings from the Head Office of Spice Lane!

Thanks you for the kind word looking forward to have such more memories with Spice lane.

Warm regards,
Spice Lane Team

sushant.ambokar - Burrp User


April 09,2012

A downfall

I am a regular visitor to spice lane. Initially the quality of food and service was amazing. and hence it became my regular eating joint. however to my dismay, from last 3 visits i have seen a drastic fall in service of the restaurant. and during last visit they have started screwing up with food quality. following pointers noted -
1. flies and mosquitoes in dining area (we had to change our seats thrice but in vain
2. Tables and floor are not cleaned
3. No napkins/tissue papres on table ( surprizing....a basic do in any restaurant)
4. Floor Manager, Table Manager are least botherd about solving issues (till you create some scene.....)
5. waiter who is serving food tries to resolve your problems which obviously he cannot do it to your satisfaction as it's not his job
6. the big one is, they have started screwing up the food. you order something and you get something else ( we ordered Malwani Kombadi vade from the menu....what we got was Puri with Masala making an effort of look like malvani Vade and chicken curry instaded of typical malvani vade and thick malvani chicken Masala)
7. The manager explained that he had earlier received a similar complaint about the same dish, he tried to solve the issue by suggesting to order for something else. Ok... but in that case why the hell was this dish served to us if they knew about the problem (expecting others to accept what is served on your table)
The restaurant belongs to Citrus group which supposed to be good one but definitely not up to expectation. tried searching for website to provide feedback but didnt find an option hence has to take help of public site
Hope the management will take some corrective action........
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Ninad Mhatre - Burrp User

Ninad Mhatre

April 07,2012

Nice food but ..

So first i went to this place i had to wait for 1 hr before we could go in, but wait was worth it as food was really amazing & nice ambiance .. fast forward 6 months later, this time also waited for 30 mins and got a nice seats but this time food quality / service was a bit down , still food was nice but not as much as the first time. I have not been here in last 6 months but hope this place is still the same when compared to food.. will i go again.. yes!
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Anup Shetty - Burrp User

Anup Shetty

October 25,2011

Stay away at weekends!

Good food quality at reasonable prices. Mango flavoured pinacolada was nice surprise. Bhindi Rajasthani for starters is a do-not-miss! Had been to this place a number of times, some servers don't know the food and can't recommend good. Weekends dinners are a complete no-no at this place even with reservations, they just cant keep up and the food quality is drastically on the other end of the spectrum... simply put... pathetic!
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Siddhant Shah - Burrp User

Siddhant Shah

September 27,2011

Valet parking was the best part of the evening.

I dont know where to start.. ok as soon as we entered a guy came out shouting at the manager " soup lane ko bhul gaya" forgot to get the soup. The place was completely packed and we had to wait for 40 mins which should have been a good thing but the staff was in total confusion. It took a very long time to order. After 35 mins the guy comes with the main course first and says "sir ji khana start karo starter aata hi hoga." we had nothing to say to that. The naan was reheated and rubber like but the biryani was good. overall the quality of food was unacceptable. i would never go back again and wont recommend it to anyone.
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Omkar Karle - Burrp User

Omkar Karle

September 26,2011

Pathetic service

We had been here for a Sunday night dinner. To our horror, the service was just unacceptable. It took ages for the order to be served. The waiters seemed to be in a total confusion. They forgot to serve the starter which was ready. Later when reminded they again took it in to heat it. To make things worst, they brought the main course before the starter. The serving of food was also unprofessional. The waiters seemed to be inexperienced and confused. Also the food was just average. To sum it up it was a horrible experience. NOT AT ALL RECOMMENDED!!
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calypso4 - Burrp User


September 26,2011

NEVER go here on weekends!

I went to Spice Lane today after reading the reviews here.I went there with a friend of mine and we were asked to wait for 20 mins as the hotel was way too crowded.And people were coming out yelling at the manager and saying things like- 'koi serve bhi nahi kiya','faltu restaurant hai'. As it was 9 pm we decided that we would still wait as it was too late to find another restaurant.Finally,after 30 mins we got a table.And I think we were INVISIBLE to all the waiters and the manager.We were not even given water.We spent our first 10 minutes saying 'excuse me' to every waiter there but as i said I guess we were invisible till my friend shouted out loud for water.lol.And next,we waited another 10 minutes for the menu card.So that's 50 minutes in a restaurant without food.I already hated this place.It seemed like a fish market to me and a customer even made a SHOOOOOO sound to make everyone quiet there..haha.Crazy!Anyway,since im a veggie I ordered Paneer Kung Pao as a starter( it was awesome..must try for vegetarians).Then I order punjabi chole bature(different from what we usually eat anywhere else. ..but not worth 180) and my friend had chicken biryani which she said was OK!Oh yeah,forgot to mention I ordered a MARTINI...and ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!It sucked to the core.I could use every synonym in the dictionary for the word 'DISASTER'!Well,that's it about the food.Our bill came upto 800 bucks.Martini was 225 .The ambiance is decent.Nothing great!To sum it up it was average!But I'm not going here again.You could eat here once.Or you'll end up frustrated writing a bad review on burrp!
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Salomé Bhanu - Burrp User

Salomé Bhanu

September 21,2011

Hair in my Fish

I visited this place cuz a friend suggested it. The entrance was nice, greetings were kind, the little waterfall-glass was too trippy! Ordered good-looking food, for 3. started off with the chicken banjara kebab hopped on to the fish dish and to my horror found a hair in init! EWWWwww. it was disguisting on soo many levels.We exited without creating a scene. So i would recommend that if you plan to eat here, chk out the kitchen 1st, stand on the chefs head when he cooks yo dish only then can you be sure :) if you have no utter regard for unknown things in your food you would like this place :)
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crazycool - Burrp User


August 27,2011

Kebab & Biryani festival...

Visited during Kebab & Biryani festival.. great biriyani.. good ambience.. affordable and nice..
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Rueeta - Burrp User


August 18,2011

Spice Lane ki gali jaya karo.

Visited Spice Lane on Sunday for lunch. They had a Kebab & Biryani festival on! Both veg & non-veg food were awesome, esp the 'subzi chutney kebab' & 'Spicy hyderabadi chicken biryani'. Also tried out Italian menu & it was nice. The desserts were lovely too. MUST GO. It has a select yet diverse menu & you'll enjoy all the choices.
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Dollar Dedhia - Burrp User

Dollar Dedhia

July 21,2011

definate try......

the restaurant is nice and spacious........the food is yummy...worth every penny.....though got a bit turned of when we ordered green thai curry as its color was like green chatni.....but taste was gr8 makes u forget the color........and the veg crispy 5/5....superb best i hav ever had........the service is slow and the bill takes like forever to come....but all in all the food is awesome........will definitely go again......:)
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ajcdvaz - Burrp User


June 02,2011

The best restaurant

I can say it is the BEST restaurant in terms of taste of food. The ambiance around makes you feel at home.. I suggest everyone to try Spice Lane and you wont regret.. Value for money.......
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ewillie007 - Burrp User


May 30,2011

Top Notch

Great new offering for fine dinning in Mulund. Although not in a very prime area of Mulund, the ambiance is fantastically done. As mentioned by others, the first floor seats with the waterfall effect is nice and to an extend de-stressing.

Food was very nice as was the service. The captain smiled throughout. We had surmai tawa fry, chicken curry and neer dosas. Everything was tasty and hot. Before placing the order, I inquired about the freshness of the fish, to which the captain replied that I could return the fish if I did not like it. After what was served, there was no way I was returning that!

Priced on the higher side (very competitively), but this is what you expect with fine dine options these days. :)
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RHIMA  - Burrp User


March 06,2011

yummy food

visited spice lane lastweek ..must say its a pretty restaurant...and food is tasty as well..
ordered resmi kabab ,cheese cherry pineapple,it was tasty ...resmi kabab was juicy...
later on we ordered chicken curry ..it was thick and delicious with hot rotis...ended it with gajar halwa which just melts in ur mouth....
so guys go ahead enjoy this place with ur family or friends...u will not be dissapointed...
p.s if going with family reservation is helpful especially weekends
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February 26,2011

Very good ambience

Opened on 30-Dec-2010, Spice Lane is at Mulund (next to Dmart, opp: Wockhardt hospital) .
Ambiance 4/5
Food quality 4/5
Service quality 4/5
Service speed 2/5 (v slow)
Cost 3/5

Try to sit on 1st floor, the effect of flowing water on glass walls is amazing.
Very good place
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khakedekho - Burrp User


February 17,2011

Nice lane!

Took the trouble of visiting the newly opened Spice Lane at Mulund (next to Dmart) last Sunday all the way from Sion. The restaurant was recommended by a colleague who stays nearby and has already visited tyhe place twice. After the long evening hour drive truly it was a surprise to find a classy and warm place in the midst of seemingly indifferent locality (garages speck the vicinity). The well lit and sparkling exterior ambience complimented the mellow and welcoming interiors. There was a queue outside! an amazing and rare sight. however me and my wife got a table pretty soon, escorted by the smart and charming lady at the desk.
Though it was a while before we got to the focus of one of the captains, after that it was a well orchestrated and timely meal, comlete with eager although a tad down to earth suggestions by their pleasing staff. we were already accustomed to their favorite dishes...but the list was exhaustive!!!!
We stuck to their now famous bhindi rajasthani and lemon chicken a sun burst and a bora bora (mocktails) to sip along.
As expected the starters were done just to perfection and arrived hot on time time too.
The mocktails also tasty and chilled.
Mains consisted of the succulent nalli nihari, dal bhukhara and malsala kulcha.
We were too stuffed to order anything else, but what we got was again well there. The desserts section though could have been more inventive than a okey dokey gajar halwa and angoori gulab jamun.
We liked the soothing instrumental music while we dined although the noise level actually was high with conversing families all around us.It was a non too pricey meal (Rs 1150)
If you are looking for a value for money meal with variety and great taste(they have chinese and malvani too) just visit this surpirse package tucked along Nahur village road.
You will fall in love like us!
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