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ashish09 - Burrp User


October 23,2015


Manager and staff need to learn basic etiquette. Sad experience been here

I could see that tables were empty though asking for a wait of 45 minutes which is simply ridiculous. Staff misbehaving upon question that why you are not allocating tables when it is empty. I have to actually take staff to show them which tables are empty.

~~ Do not understand whether staff was in bad mood or that was direction from management. They couldn't find any reservation on that table.

Without listening my version of story and my plea (without giving any single chance to speak), manager shouted in front of hundreds other guests sitting and having lunch there "PLEASE LEAVE THIS RESTURANT" - Listening such things are such a shame and alleged me that I have abused their female staff. He said I am busy and cannot speak to me. With shame I have to moved out.

Sad !! Sad !! Sad !!. Seems we are not paying for food we eat. Sigree serves or feel they are offering food at their cost.

First ever such a Ridiculous experience. Don't know how can you DECIDE on things with just one side story.

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Anand Dhandhania - Burrp User

Anand Dhandhania

August 07,2015

Iron pin in mouth fresheners

Dear Readers,

We found very strange that mouth freshener of SIgree, The Global Grill had an Iron Pin inside it and the manager Mr. Yogesh just shrug it off saying that it is the vendors problem.
My wife unknowingly must have swallowed it or hurt her mouth.
I hope the restaurant take care and responsibility.
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Devi Nair - Burrp User

Devi Nair

June 29,2015

Nowhere near Barbeque Nation

Normally #grill is considered safe to have and yummy too. That was the thought when we went to #SigreeGrill. However we were in for a terrible surprise. In comparison to #bbqnation, #Sigree does not come even near in terms of food or service. Food was #disappointing to say the least. #services were too bad. Even after the #grill was empty, no one came to serve. They had to be called. The grill items were terribly under cooked. #buffet menu was vast but not very tasty. The waiters, whenever they came to our table, were very courteous. However, they did not come that often so it was difficult to appreciate their courteousness. Overall, not something to go back and experience again. #fail

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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 27,2015

Non Veg heaven

Best place to satiate your craving tummies. . For Non vegetarians it is the best place . Desserts offers wide variety from cheese cake to cup cakesand all are to die for. Fish food and its wide variety is surely not to be missed . The grills included chicken, fish, paneer, lamb etc.There is a live section where you are served customized pastas and pizzas as per your taste preference
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 17,2015

Best Grills ever

The concept of serving grills on the table has done a fine job with the variety of flavours .The Menu comprises of indian, italian and meditarian cusine. They have a vast spread with 10 veg and 10 non-veg starters to start with. The main course is equally good both sizeable and well spread.The dessert too were awesome with hot and cold both options. Make sure you have a prior reservation on weekends. The live counter are the best part, the pizzas and pastas are custom made for our taste. . Talking about the desserts; nothing can beat their Indian Sweets and Savouries.
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Purnima Pradhan - Burrp User

Purnima Pradhan

March 13,2015

SUB : Unacceptable behavior by the staff of Sigri Grill

12/ 03/2015
The Management
Sigri Grill Restaurant
Powai, Mumbai
SUB : Unacceptable behavior by the staff of Sigri Grill
Dear Sir/Madam,
This is to report a rather humiliating and shameful incident that happened on the 20th of February. Courtesy: your staff at Sigri Grill, Powai. I had a booking at your restaurant on the above mentioned date. It was my husband’s first birthday post our marriage and I wanted to make it special for him. My husband had heard great reviews about your restaurant and hence I booked a table at the Sigri in advance.
My call was taken by Mr. Tej Raj- Senior Captain who did the booking. He informed me that the table would be held in waiting for us till 8 p.m. and if necessary would extend it by 15 minutes as I would be coming from Chembur. I agreed to the same as I was planning to reach by 7:45 p.m.
Being a weekday, Powai was filled with heavy traffic. Although I was in Powai at 8:15, I was unable to reach the restaurant. Therefore I asked Mr. Tej Raj to extend the waiting by 10 minutes. He flatly refused, rudely stating that the traffic is of no concern to him and that a birthday didn’t matter to him. He cut off the phone before I could say anything else.
Yes I respect your rules and inconvenience caused but the day was special to me and I expected a little more hospitality from the staff of a fine dine restaurant. Not only was my simple request denied but it was done so in an extremely rude manner. I will never forget this incident and spread the word around of the unacceptable uncouth behavior of your staff.
I am writing this email this late since I was unwell for a long time. I have been up and working only for the last 2 days.
Hoping you will look into the matter.
Purnima Pradhan.
Contact No. - 7738240600
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Bina S. - Burrp User

Bina S.

February 24,2015

Soulful food...

I have visited the place once and the experience was very good. In terms of food, they have a wide variety of starters, main course and desserts. I wanted to dine at a buffet place other than Barbeque Nation and this was a good alternative.

The service quality was great and ambiance we nice. I would surely suggest this place to everyone if they want to have a sumptuous meal with good quality atmosphere.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

Great food

Barbecue food concept at work here which is awesome if you like barbecue nation kind of places . I like the starters here which includes chicken starters, mutton starter, fish starter, as well as veg starters.Pastas are also awesome and I always like well made pastas and here you can get it made live... also the dessert counter is good for those who love sweet things which i don't.
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January 31,2015

Great place for barbeque food..!!

This was my first family visit. The food was great. My recommendations are
Pasta - without any sauce - A very good pasta which will make you love pastas
Spicy Paneer - It is not 'hot' but with a good blend of spices and will melt in the mouth
Desserts - Pick any
Thai Curry
Crispy Pineapple - Ask for a plate full for sweet devil.
Sigree is a famous name now for bar-b-qued and similar items. The starter menu is excellent, the main course good, the desserts delicious. Lovely ambiance.

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Nash - Burrp User


January 07,2015

Pricey but food worth the money

Ambience is the first word that comes to my mind when i think about Sigree Global Grill. Very upmarket feel to it and love the idea of ipads showing the menu for the day. The format is very similar to Barbeque nation and i guess it's been copied from them but the point is they have improved on it with Barbeque Nation over the years falling behind on quality of the dishes. Starters are lip smacking and your almost totally full before you even get up for the main course. And love the way they serve prawns. You can ask for this pricey little crustacean over 4 times and they'll still bring it to your table with a smile.
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

December 31,2014

One of the best buffet joints ...better than bbq nation

A superb buffet joint which gives the BBq Nations of the world a run for their money. The food is wonderful and the best part is the variety and the fact that you can ask for a pasta with your set of ingredients and just the way you like it. The starters are the real deal here with the BBQ being far better than BBQ nation with better ingredients and far better variety.

My only grouse here is the service which is slow and they just wont bring the starters in the order that you want it in and no matter what you say they just wont listen.

A must try for all those who love a large large meal for hours....go for it....
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

December 17,2014

Much better than BBQ Nation

A superb buffet joint which gives the BBq Nations of the world a run for their money. The food is wonderful and the best part is the variety and the fact that you can ask for a pasta with your set of ingredients and just the way you like it. The starters are the real deal here with the BBQ being far better than BBQ nation with better ingredients and far better variety.

My only grouse here is the service which is slow and they just wont bring the starters in the order that you want it in and no matter what you say they just wont listen.

A must try for all those who love a large large meal for hours....go for it....
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Jeet Thakker - Burrp User

Jeet Thakker

October 12,2014

BBQ Version 2

Finally on 6th Oct'14 I finally managed to try the BBQ Nation version 2. Well there was a waiting for 20 min but thanks to the attendant he gave us a table in 5 minutes. The spread was definitely huge and even the Vegetarians like me cant complain. Same concept as BBQ Nation but the spread was definitely more elaborate, and things like Pizza, Risotto, the welcome drinks, and the starters were add-ons .
But, the taste of the grill (which they place on your table) was no where close to BBQ. The marination was not proper to be precise.
Then again i loved the risotto & main course, that was much better than BBQ.
So to sum up - thumbs up to sigree but the core competency needs to be worked out !!!
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dsouzashiny - Burrp User


May 26,2014

Expensive yet worth it!

We had gone to Sigree Powai for dinner in Feb. As it was a weekday, we didn't need reservations.
There were just 3 of us and we got a table in no time. At first I was a lil hesitant as I thought they were trying to imitate barbeque nation. On my friends coaxing, we settled down for a splendid meal. The starters were to die for, fresh prawns, kebabs were barbequed right at our table. Apart from this similarity to Barbeque Nation, I was suprised when the wait staff let us have our meal peacefully. He used to appear only to refill our starters only to disappear so that we have our privacy. We didn't keep a track of our time and as I was meeting my friend after many years our conversations went on and on. Later I realized that we were there for nearly 2.30 hrs and already full on the starters. We couldn't partake the main course but that was a blessing as the desserts were heavenly splendid. Finally we had to pull ourselves from the dessert table as it was late and all of us were high on sugar. The bill came to nearly 2,000 for 3 people. It was totally worth it with the beautiful ambience, really calm and patient wait staff. There are huge tables for family too which I tend to use the next time I come with my family.
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ydiwan - Burrp User


May 14,2014

Nice place to hang out..

Well.. I am found of exploring new food joints every time..

Found another nice place added in my Hunt of good Food Joints in Mumbai.. Went to sigree with my wife on a special occasion.. It's located near Demart.

Was impressed with the ambience... Had to wait for 20 mins to get in, so it sounded popular joint in Powai ..

They have Buffet dinner.. and the set up looked like Barbeque like starters on grill , was expecting something different...Never mind starters were good and they were around 5 starters offered in Vegetarian food..

Next was main course, they had punjabi food to offer.. Was expecting little more such as Pasta and all.. However food was of good quality..

In deserts they had pastries, gulab jambun, icecreame and so on.. Looked bit tasty :))

The cost for two is approx 1900/-, looked little bit on higher side but looking at the location and crowd, it justifies price..

Overall here is my ratings to Sigree...
Ambience. 8
Location. 9
Food Quality. 9
Variety of Foods. 8
Price. 7 (looked expensive)
Value for Money. 7

So it's one time visit place..

(Scale from 1- 10, where 1 is lowest and 10 is highest)
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dipeshsonawat - Burrp User


May 01,2014

Amazing food...

The restaurants seems perfectly going by its name. It has a good selection of grills. Mind that please book your table as you will find 45 mins waiting. Although you can sit at the bar and enjoy the drinks till the time you get your table.
They offer wide variety of grills then by the buffet meal and good variety if desserts. They have live pasta counters which is delicious. I will recommend everyone a worth visit.
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Farah Edroos - Burrp User

Farah Edroos

March 07,2014

Good experience

Had been there for my parents anniversary, Trusted the place as it belonged to Anjan Chaterjee who owns mainland china, Was a little chaoctic, However the overall experience for yumm. The food is good and the variety on the starters was great. even the live pasta counter., the deserts weere like the typical buffet which were okay.
In all that a great time.
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great place for great expensive foods

Visit this place if you have good money in your pockets, remember they accept only cash payment & have Self Service Desks with WIFI where you can do your work & business meetings as per needs
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C K - Burrp User


January 22,2014

BBQ with some Value addition

As the other reviewer said, it's BBQ nation, but with some fine dining experience and classy ambiance, I agree but would like to add that at BBQ nation good food stops at grill on the table only, it goes till deserts through some good main course dishes. At BBQ, where I have been to atleast 5 times, find that main course is always 90% same. same bland prawns koliwara type, same desert of firni (much less authentic). The grill section is at par at both the places, but other section not. BBQ gives you a welcome drink worth drinking for, where as Sigree just like the one you get at any marriage reception type.
Overall sigree food is good, althogh I had never tasted their live pasta section in 3 times I visited, still overall quite good.
Price is little high , especially for dinner, but food is good.
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panisthivora97 - Burrp User


December 17,2013


My idea of a perfect weekend would be gorging on buffets. But if i have to suggest a good one, i would say 'Global Fusion'. Soup looked sad. Starters were good in taste, but they lacked variety. NO CRABS served for starters or main course.
Main course was decent in taste(better than barbeque nation though). Dal makhani was the best.
Desserts were a total disaster.
Only highlight of the buffet if you plan to go is the AMAZING SAUCES served with the starters, salads and desserts.
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Neehar Kundurti - Burrp User

Neehar Kundurti

December 15,2013

An answer to BBQ nation, closer to home.

With the general Bombay folk trending towards the concept of live food counters and comprehensive on the table dining experiences, it is not a surprise to see that Sigree is always packed to the brim, just like it's big brother BBQ Nation. This immensely popular buffet restaurant is exactly similar to BBQ Nation in most ways. There is, however, a sense of fine dining and class that envelopes it which makes it a better version of the other franchise that has already left its huge footprint in the Bombay food scene. Sigree did have huge shoes to fill in. And boy did it do so!
There was a live pianist on the floor. To start it off, everything required of the service part of the place was duly and promptly taken care of. Even on a busy holiday evening, we were promptly given a seat. We were explained about the concept of the place (which was exactly like BBQ Nation, no changes there). Our menu was presented to us on the iPad. It was extensive, as you can expect. They had the usual on-the-table grill with the flag to signify the start and end of appetizer service. The ginger ale drink was lovely and he was gracious enough to pour us out some more glasses of the same. The appetizers were gorgeous. Even the vegetarian fare was spectacular. This is the one thing where Sigree has a slight edge over BBQ Nation as I never really liked the vegetarian stuff out there. The mains were extremely delicious. There was this Fish gravy dish (I think it was basa) that I am unable to recollect which was a standout dish. The live pasta station dished me out a simple, elegant Pasta Alfredo. I was packed beyond capacity, but I still managed to down tasting portions of their enormous selection of desserts.
The best part of all this is even though the taste is as good and, for some of the dishes, even better than BBQ Nation, their prices beat the ones of the latter. You wouldn't regret paying for this VFM Grill.
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Dipti Trivedi - Burrp User

Dipti Trivedi

December 06,2013

Worst service and uncourteous staff

Horrible place please don't ever waste your time n money. We came all d way from the other end of the town to try the place n the manager didn't even have the time or courtesy to attend to us at the reception desk. Even though the entire restaurant was empty. Worst staff and host attendance ever
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mayureshms - Burrp User


December 06,2013

Da Real Barbeque Treat

Amazing treat at Sigree.. Concept similar to BBQ but worth than BBQ with respect to Starters, especially the Main Course.
We had been to Sigree on April 18, 2013 for Lunch. We were greeted with Kokum Cooler and very soon with green Salad in Peanut Butter Sauce. Soon a steward go the Grill and place it in the centre and it was on....
Herb Chicken
Basil Pesto Grilled Fish
Chicken Tikka
Lamb Mince Ball
Corn Cubes.....(I liked it yummy)
Prawns and Chicken Dim sums...
The Veg Dim sum are not go good.
Then we went for the Main Course...Again here the scorer was Fish and Chicken with Tossed Veggies.
The Ghosht Biryani surprisingly was wonderful. To the top of it the desserts were good too...
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manojchan - Burrp User


November 11,2013

Loved it

Great value for a great only buffet Dinning experience." One of the best meals of our lives. The atmosphere is astounding. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The food is divine. One of the most delightful experiences we have ever had
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Sudhaa - Burrp User


November 08,2013

Buffet is worth

Definitely better than their next door neighbour Kebab Factory ;)... Buffet is totally worth....enjoyed their grills,desserts and ambiance.Service can be improved. One should skip breakfast and attack their lunch buffet...
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rajivchaudhari - Burrp User


October 05,2013

Awesome grills

Excellent food and courteous service. The decor is also very good. The wide buffet spread allows lots of choices. .. So overall a great place to hang out with friends or office colleagues! !
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puji1687 - Burrp User


September 23,2013

Good Buffet

I recently visited Sigree on a weekday and this visit was completely out of the blue. On a weekday this restaurant was jam packed. I had to wait for 20 mins to get a place. Once entered i was given a welcome drink, a pineapple juice which am alleargic to so they were kind enough to change the welcome drink with kokum sherbat which was very nice. The buffet has starters, soups, mains and desserts as spread. Their starters are just mind blowing. Generally, I eat everything however, I must tell you i was just eating starters for a long time. Their main spread is also amazing and hygiene and food quality is very good. Thier dal makhani was to die for. Though their desserts cud have been a little better. i liked bhaklava and apart from that the dessert spread was okay.

With the amount of birthdays celebrated on a weekday there am sure a visit is worth. I may try it next time as well.
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Swati Chakrabarti - Burrp User

Swati Chakrabarti

September 08,2013

Good grills, lots of choices

If you want to have grills and want it to be lighter on your stomach then opt this place. Lots of options in grills, very low on spice and high on flavor (particularly the fish). Also the quality of non-veg is also very good. The seafood momo is really nice. For main course they have a nice pasta section apart from the usual main course offers. Though the options are limited but the biryani is worth a mention. After such a wide variety of starters and grills no one needs much of main course anyway. The desert section has a mix of indian and western desert including ice-cream with a variety of toppings. Totally worth for that money.
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cerealKiller - Burrp User


August 30,2013

A BBQ Nation clone in Powai

I couldn’t figure out how to review this joint without comparing it to Barbeque Nation. The concept, the food, the décor, you just can’t escape the déjà vu!

Where Sigree WINS over BBQ Nation:
- Larger portions of the starters, and more variety as well
- The location is a big plus. Surrounded by offices all around in Powai, the place is packed even on a Monday night!

Where Sigree LOSES to BBQ Nation:
- BBQ Nation has a much better spread for the main course buffet
- Sigree doesn’t serve those delectable grilled chicken legs
- At INR 750 on a weekday evening, it is expensive. Unlike BBQ Nation, the complimentary drink is not a beverage of your choice, but a shot of gingerale which I wouldn’t mind missing out on.
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Jiten Saheta - Burrp User

Jiten Saheta

August 28,2013

Sigree VFM Grill !

This is one of the busiest restaurants in Powai and is so because of the great value it offers for your money.

The menu may boast of a great selection of grills (appetizers), main course and desserts but rest assured the only thing you should be there for is the grills / appetizers. The main course and live pasta counter are not something you want to save space for and neither are the desserts.

But the grills / appetizers are truly amazing and the service beyond excellent. A must go to place if you are hungry and not too picky on what you want. They do a decent job at changes in the menu on a daily basis which (even if you exclude the main course and desserts) is quite vast.
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Aditya Nair - Burrp User

Aditya Nair

August 28,2013

Best Buffet Restaurant !!

Well to start with, one of the best interiors that a mid-priced restaurant can boast off.
Right from the celieng to the furniture to the bar and the live grill counter, all reflect the theme fusion. The food is perfect blend of Indian, Continental, Chinese... in one word its a fusion. Its by far the best buffet restaurant I have been to. Worth a try once. Its an uograded version of Barbaque Nation one can say. You get 10 starters veg + 10 starters non veg + live pasta counter + main course + great spread of desserts :) Its worth every penny. The starters taste much better than that of barbeque nation. The staff are also pretty well trained in handling the guests and visitors :)
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ShettyAshmita - Burrp User


July 22,2013

Good Quality, Great Variety, Great Taste!!

I have been to Sigree Global twice and the experience both the times has been awesome. The first time I visited the place, I was vegetarian that day. I was pleasantly surprised to find sufficient and interesting options for veg which included Paneer tikka , spicy mushroom (well marinated), baby corn, Baby potatoes in green masala and really interesting crispy pineapple (you must try it). There is also interesting spread of breads and sauces to suit your taste. Veg Appetizers also included veg pizza, veg tikkis, veg cheesy roll, veg tacos and veg momos. This place has an interesting and wholesome spread for vegetarians as well. My second visit was only focused on non veg as this time I was quite eager on trying it. The non-veg appetizers included 3 types of chicken starters: chicken wings (nice and juicy), chicken tikka and chicken roast (felt they could be better). The sea food appetizers were a real delight. The Lemon grass fish and fish in olive preparations were absolutely delicious and innovative. So were the prawns in green gravy and crispy sweet and tangy prawns (must try). The sea food momos were much better than the chicken momos and the lamb seekh kebab was strictly ok. The buffet includes 1 welcome drink. The pasta is really well made and delicious. The main course again has some interesting spread of salads, gravys (both veg and non veg), rice and rotis. The best thing about this place is that the quality of the food is really good. The dessert counter doesn’t disappoint you either. Although I was too full by the time I reached this counter, I was tempted to try the fresh fruits, chocolate mud cake, ice crreams with interesting toppings, Mousse in different flavors and the mini chocolate tarts and pastries. The service is good and the staff is quite cordial..Great Ambiance.. All in all a great experience for food lovers. A must try. A dinner meal for 2 on a weekend costed us approx. Rs 1700
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Shiv Saran - Burrp User

Shiv Saran

July 09,2013

Huge variety of good food.

The concept is similar to Barbaque nation but we found the quality and range of food better.
The thai fish, broccoli were superlative. Service is good. We were so stuffed after the starters that we hit the desserts so no idea of the buffet. With 5 types of kababs, pizza, enchiladas, and other assorted food you need to have massive appetites to do this place justice. The desserts were ok. Jalebis were fab!
Will go again.
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Rohit Rajgarhia - Burrp User

Rohit Rajgarhia

June 18,2013

The best Value for Money Buffet in Mumbai

I have been to this place 3 times and I can assure you I have not regretted it once. This place has the best combination of veg starters, main course and desserts. The starters have a good variety with Kababs, tikkis, momos, pizzas, breads and hummus and all other kinds of sauces. Not to forget the grills which just keep coming on.
The main course is also delicious, I specially love the Indian food here. The best part however is the desserts, which surely dont leave anything else to be desired. An awesome combination of both Indian and foreign desserts, I always make sure I have some space in my stomach for the end. And all this for 600 on weekdays. More than totally worth it.
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Suprita  - Burrp User


June 07,2013

Widespread Buffet For All Palates

Had been wanting to go to Sigree ever since it opened as I am a huge fan of restaurants which specialize in buffet spreads. To add icing to the cake, this happens to be managed by Specialty Group which has the likes of Mainland China and Oh! Calcutta under its belt. All the more reason for a foodie like me to try out such a place!


So we finally made it here last Friday. Me and my friend had decided to have an early dinner so we reached Sigree around 8:15pm and to our surprise the whole place was full. There was only a small table with a not so good location available which we had to take as we were told if we want a better table we would have to wait for an hour at least.


We scanned the whole place and to be honest its quite huge and done up really well. We sat ourselves at the given table and immediately an attendant came to inform us about how they go about the whole process and gave us an iPad menu in case we wanted to select a drink. We chose not to go for extra drinks as there was already a welcome drink provided which was quite good. The starters appeared one by one on the table and each and every one of them was damn good and delicious. As a vegetarian, I had a paneer starter,grilled potato, grilled broccoli and pineapple. The star of starters were the mini pizza and the baby corn one which seemed to be made in a chinese sauce. Other than these, there was a bread basket alongwith various dips.


We were almost full after gorging on those yummy starters. So decided to simply taste the main course. We ordered for the pasta in mix sauce from the live pasta counter which was strictly ok. The main course otherwise was pretty decent. I liked the dal makhani the most among everything else.


Then came dessert time! Although we were so full that we were bursting at the seams we still tried most of the desserts :-) There were varous types of moussses, pastries, fresh cut fruits, ice creams and sauces, baklava, rabdi, etc


Service was pretty decent. However, at times a bit slow. Especially in the end when we asked for the cheque, they took nearly 15-20 mins to get it.


Overall this was a really great experience at Sigree and I would ask everyone who likes this kinda concept to try it out. I find it far better than Barbeque Nation but almost at par with Grillopolis. Definitely worth going! (PS : Please make sure you haven't eaten anything for a long time before visiting this place :P)


Damages: Rs. 1550 with taxes for two.


Ambiance: 4/5

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 3/5

Pricing: 4/5

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Vineet Yadav - Burrp User

Vineet Yadav

May 12,2013

Oh yes!!!

It's a fantastic place.One of the very few places where you would find everything good if not the best. Good ambiance, polite staff, the service could improve a bit though. Maybe it was the Saturday night rush.

I found the starters very good, the main course is not extensive but I would rather have the quality than the quantity. Deserts were awesome.
Overall 8/10. Do visit.
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hungryforam - Burrp User


April 13,2013


What a place! Its huge and one of the best places in powai to have dinner at. had a chance to visit them during trials and got food for free :-D But the service was excellent and food was upto the mark
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Ashray Iyengar - Burrp User

Ashray Iyengar

April 12,2013

Huge spread lunch buffet

We visited them for a Lunch buffet. The food variety was great. There's a good chance you'll be full before you finish trying out all the items atleast once. The quality of the food was well above average. Among the starters, the Jalapeno Cheese Fritters were a class apart. The main course could have been a little better given the high expectations which they set for the starters and grills.

Ratings(on a scale of 5)
Starters - 4/5
Grills - 5/5
Main course- 3.5/5
Salad - 4/5
Desserts- 4/5

Ambiance- 4.5/5
Service- 3/5

The lunch buffet costed us INR 650 (all inclusive) and was completely worth the money. Definitely worth a try!
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Ash Deshpande - Burrp User

Ash Deshpande

March 14,2013

Very Basic food and a long way to go...

We went to Sigree for a Sunday lunch after reading a lot of reviews on burrp. Wont trust the reviews again, so blindly..

The ambience and the interiors made us feel we are at a good place, but that's it.. who knew that our happiness would be restricted only to the point we stepped in..

As soon as we got our table, inspite of saying it several times to a few waiters, that the other to guests are in the washroom, they insisted on explaining me how it works, if we are veg only, the welcome drink which tasted like cough medicine was served and the grill was set up.

Luckily, my daughter and missus came back and I felt relieved. Now I had to explain to them what we re the different types of sauce kept n the table, the bread and that i had asked for only non veg starters..

The dips really need a major revamp.. The lamb balls are really good, the other food has funny names..
Jerk Chicken.. #$^(#^# ...Jerk, chicken for your sir? hehehe anyways it came pretty later after we asked for it and was quite a task to bite in to it

The malaysian peanut chicken had no peanut sauce visible and the marinate tasted like that of hyderabadi chicken.

Prawns were good.. and so was the salad.
The pizza was the best.. we were served 5 scattered pieces on a plate. It looked like someone took a few and the rest came to us. when we asked for a fresh hot pizza, had I known it will be served only after a 45 min long lunch and desserts then I would have slapped myself for ordering it.. The same plate came again just as we finished the desserts. I promptly said that its the same (in my mind..fu#king) plate, the waiter thd the balls to say that we bake pizzas in small sizes and not sure where the missing pieces are..

The main course was ho hum.. the Dal chicken was sober and the biryani had no chicken pieces in it..

Gajar halwa was dehydrated and mud pie never so hard. The best dessert was the vanilla ice cream...

The bill came finally with as assumption made that our little kid was 8 yrs+. As we entered, we were told that the little kid is included with us. it took some 15 mins odd to get that corrected and by that time the missus had filled the feedback form..

the supervisor had this major shock on his face when he read the feedback and was utterly surprised that we felt that way.. Ya right, as if you just expected to get a A+ with that lame service and very basic food..

So whoever said that if you like Barbeque Nation.. you'll love this place was either drunk or was served complimentary food...
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Abhishek  - Burrp User


March 03,2013


This is a recently opened restaurant in Powai and marks a first for the Speciality group in the live grill restaurant. The group has several well known restaurants like Mainland China , Oh Calcutta etc .This concept was basically started by the Barbeque Nation and the Sigree Global Grill has improved on it in many aspects .The first difference is in the number of starters . This one has got 10 non-veg and 10 veg starters . While those in chicken were a let down (except a chicken cheese one) , the seafood ones were really great . There were 2 choices in fish , both were excellent and two options in prawns .There was a complimentary welcome drink which was very refreshing.They also served a spread of bread along with hummus and dips etc.The starters included dimsums which were again tasty.In vegetable , even though they had 10 starters but only 1-2 starters were good while others were okay.There were paneer, brocolli , mushrooms , pineapple,potato etc in veg section . There were two soups , one veg and one non-veg which were just too god . Coming to main course , the spread was very lavish with choices in indian , thai and continental cuisine .The biryani was great . There were gravies in chicken , prawns and veg , two types of rice , daal etc etc besides few types of salads . There was also a live counter for rissoto and pasta and pizza.Finally the icing on the cake , the desserts . There was baked rasgollas, gajar ka halwa ,malpua,rabdi,cakes, ice cream , fresh fruits etc. The malpua was great , however the other sweet dishes were just too sweet , so could not eat these beyond tasting !The service in the start was slow and they were not able to monitor what was being served and what was not served . However we called the waiter and shared our concern and thereafter everything went fine. One let down is that the live grill which is brought to the table is just a showpiece as the starters are brought fully cooked and you just starting them . In barbeque nation on the other hand , you actually grill these semi-cooked starters on your table and you have several sauces kept on the table to apply on your starters when grilling.We went on saturday night and the place was completely packed . The prices are reasonable at Rs 775 per person for the dinner .This place is definitely going to give tough competition to Barbeque nation and has "upped" the standards.
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Qaish Kanchwala - Burrp User

Qaish Kanchwala

February 21,2013

Amazing place.

It is an amazing place. Amazing food. The buffet spread is much larger than barbecue nation and much better too. The pricing is also better. So take advantage while you can.
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Karan Karayi - Burrp User

Karan Karayi

February 19,2013

Great spread, great food!

Powai has been crying out for a great buffet option, and that was pretty much the only food option missing in a great array of food options in the area. With the opening of Sigree, that is a space that will be filled quite nicely, and then some!

Sigree Global Grill is much on the lines of Barbeque Nation, Barbeque Factory and Grillopolis, so you should know what to expect here. A sumptuous spread that leaves you spoilt for choice, be it in the appetisers, main course or dessert.

The starters were honestly the best of any I've had at any joint. In particular, the mushrooms with lime were sensational, as were the prawns and fish starters. Interestingly, they made some great enchiladas too! There are 10 veg and 10 non veg starters on offer, and all of them are seriously great. You can make a meal of the starters itself, if I'm being honest. The lamb too was succulent and had a lovely sweetish taste to it that deliciously offset the natural chewiness of the lamb.

Besides the main course, there's also a live pasta/risotto counter which made for a lovely change of pace from other similar joints. I sampled a simple risotto in cheese sauce with bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms and I must say it was a seriously good risotto. That was just as good since the main course underwhelmed me a bit.

The main course has the usual suspects. A dal, one veg and one non veg Indian gravy, biryani, 2 types of rice, 2 types of Thai curry, plus some roast chicken and grilled fish too. And that's all that I can remember. Still, the starters had set such a high standard that I felt the main course fell short of it. Maybe that's because the starters were brought piping hot to the table, which made it taste better. Who doesn't like hot food!

The desserts too had great options, but I loved the lemon mascarpone tart, chocolate ganache and tiramisu mousse in particular. That's just 3 of the 7 or 8 options in dessert, but good luck reaching the end of the meal with space left in your belly!

Right now, they're charging 675 all inclusive with a welcome drink, and I reckon that will go up after the first week or so, so make the most of it while you can! As Arnie said, I'll be back...
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saleema - Burrp User


November 11,2016

Amazing food, better variety compared to BBQ..Anytime

Very delicious food. Experience has been much better then BBQ. Global Sigree gives lot of variety. Special thanks to Chef. Bapi for amazing dinner on 29th Oct. Superb service, I was offered a shawl as i was feeling cold. Never seen this. Thanks
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