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Shivam Pandey - Burrp User

Shivam Pandey

January 05,2016



I would like to share my experience of 2nd January, when 12 of us went for a dinner to celebrate new year and my elder brother's birthday!

1. For the non vegetarians, we ordered Chicken Wonton soup, which came as cold as an ice. When enquired with the waiter, he said, since it was made one by one (whatever that meant), so by the time they could complete the entire soup order, it must have become cold !!!

2. While ordering the soup, we ordered a veg hakka noodle for the only kid, as it was quite late and we knew being in suhc a big group, it would take a lot of time.. However, after we finished our soup, starter and when our main course arrived, it was then the hakka noodles came- ALMOST an hour after placing the order, and again, like the soup,were cold. Again on calling the waiter, he apologised, saying though he had passed on the instruction in the kitchen to prepare the noodles first, he however forgot to get them, hence they were cold! By now, i had reprimanded the manager, or so i thought a couple of times and told him about the service lapses, in a very kind tone.

By now we started losing patience but since everyone was hungry after 2 days of new year outing and had no energy to get up n go elsewhere, we decided to hang around

3. One of our orders in the main course was Pot Rice, anyone who took the serving of it, almost spit it out as it was less of rice and more of salt! I called that so called manager and made him taste it as well....

These were the 3 incidences, which left us with a bad taste, literally. Now let us talk about the gentleman, whom i thought was a manager until then.

So, all the while when we were cribbing, the restaurant was full of other customers as well, 100% occupancy, the peak time when the manager/owner should be on his toes, especially when by self admission, they were hort of staff on that particular day! BUT WHAT WAS THIS GENTLEMAN DOING?? he was himself dining with his guests just across my table, and one of his female friends giving me KHUNNAS wala look everytime i would call for him !

That guy did not even have the basic courtesy, after so many service issues, when he saw us singing happy birthday song, he didnt even bother to come and wish the birthday boy, which would have calmed the nerves.

On the contrary, his female friend, tells him in a loud voice, ensuring others heard it, that the next time customers talk to you in such a tone, please tell them that you are not an employee but THE OWNER !! Wow....

That upset me even more and a verbal duel started, lasting a few minutes... AND THE OWNER WAS SO SHAMELESS AND UNCOURTEOUS THAT HE DIDNT EVEN HAD THE BASIC COURTESY TO STAND UP AND WALK TO OUR TABLE TO TALK, but was answering from the table where he was sitting.

Rather than a single word of apology, despite knowing they were at fault in all possible ways, service, taste and misbehavior, he shouts at me, "When the bill comes, look what i have done for you" !!! ..

Though it was not about getting discounts, but still, i thought may be he would have made the entire meal complimentary or some huge discount, it turned out to be a 20% discount for so much of nuisance !!! AND HIS AND HIS GUESTS' MISBEHAVIOR

i strongly suggest people to not visit the place ever
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