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Vijay Deshpande - Burrp User

Vijay Deshpande

April 12,2014


there are plenty of good sandwich makers across Mumbai. Some of the street vendors make better sandwich than them. Poor value for money. Lacking in variety. Size of the the sandwich is pathetic. its what i would make at home everyday. Cheelizza is much better option as it has much variety and really good sandwiches
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Tanvi Shah - Burrp User

Tanvi Shah

January 13,2014

Mast road side sandwitches!

Awesome sandwiches! Cheese chilli toast, Grilled sandwich and chocolate sand witch top the list! Quite hygienic, quick service and friendly staff. Generous portions of cheese and worth visiting!

Best place for sandwiches in Mumbai. Can consider buying their sandwich masala for making sandwiches at home, they turn out equally well!

Good Location as well , eat after shopping!
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Bhoomib - Burrp User


November 22,2013

The chocolate sandwich

Best sandwiches in mumbai..a lot of variety at such a reasonable prices
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Sid Chitalia - Burrp User

Sid Chitalia

November 08,2013

Great Snacking Place

Right next to the santacruz station on the west side, this is one of the oldest sandwich places in the area. It was known as Swastik before and have been a fan of this place since School Days.
The Veg Chesse Grilled Sandwich and Jain Mayo Sangwich are awesome.
With their Signature Tangy and Spicy Chutneys, these guys are maestro's at Sandwich Making.
Must Visit!!
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beyondeating - Burrp User


September 15,2013

Losing its touch?

I have been going to this place since i was a kid .
Their service has always been prompt and its relatively clean.
This time i happened to go on a sunday,as usual the parcel was ready in a jiffy and i couldnt wait to go home and eat .
But to my dissapointment it was just about average not like the sandwizza sandwiches i have always had.
The sandwich was plain with very little chutney and almost no masala for which they are famous .
The mayonaise one which i so enjoy also tasted so bland.
The only saving grace was the grill sandwich .
The prices have also shot up 3 sandwiches cost me much more than 200 rs.
I hope they start making them just they way they used to cause it was one of my fav places to eat after a good day of shopping in santacruz.
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kajal786 - Burrp User


August 05,2013

Sandwizzaa all the way!

I have been a regular at sandwizzaa, erstwhile SWASTIK since I was a school-goer. The best part about the outlet is that it has still maintained the cleanliness, hygiene, quality and taste. No wonder this has made them establish their brand, now SANDWIZZAA. Its great to see them add new additions to their menu and I will be trying them soon. The all-time favourite is ofcourse the veg cheese grilled sandwich and I keep going back for it! The negative aspects about their outlet is that sometimes the staff is rude and they are also very stingy in serving their chutneys. Their chutneys are a killer accompaniment!
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Lizy Dsouza - Burrp User

Lizy Dsouza

July 23,2013

keep going!

The most crowded outlet of Sandwizzaa is located at santacruz West and yes this place has amazing sandwiches with generous portions ..service is prompt, when the food is great no one cares for the ambience in particular.
Just one wish the make the much famous mayo toast in the big triangular bread!
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hgb0903 - Burrp User


April 08,2013

Yummy and Sandwilicious...

I have eaten at this place before but didnt know they had expanded and have now become a chain... had a veg cheese grilled sandwich and a tandoori toast and the quality is simply awesome... the veg cheese grill sandwich is so huge that you might find it difficult to complete... the red chutney is also very nice and tasty... its a road side stall but looking at the huge crowd there, you know this is something different... fantastic and yummy i must say...
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jp001 - Burrp User


April 02,2013

Yummy Sandwiches !!!

I know this place more by the name "Swastik" at Santacruz, near the station.
It is once small normal Sandwich stall, with awesome Veg. Cheese Grilled Sandwich.
The Veg. Cheese Grilled Sandwich you get here is THE BEST ...
Tried numerous other places in Mumbai, outside Mumbai, some how nothing beats this.

Though Bad thing is What has not changed is their service, cleanliness & customer focus.

Still a good place to visit.
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Aashish Trivedi - Burrp User

Aashish Trivedi

January 08,2013

Simply Awesome!

I have been eating at Sandwizaa ergo Swastik since 1992. And not much has changed. The quality of food and the warmth shown by the brother owners still remains as it was 20 years back. The cheese masala toast, mayo sandwich, grill toast, veg sandwich are all to die for. By far the best sandwich I have eaten in Bombay. Still remains my favourite snacking haunt. PS don't miss the spunky red chatni they serve. lip smacking!
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Rahul Saudagar - Burrp User

Rahul Saudagar

September 04,2011

Best Sandwiches ........eva

Was here about a couple of months back.. after a business meeting. It was about 7:00pm & we were starving, yet did not have enough time of hands to visit a restaurant, thats when the GM of the Co, we were visiting suggested this place, which was a 2 minute walk from their office.
At first we were apprehensive, I mean sandwich wallas are all just the same rite...but weren't we in for a pleasant surprise..
Everything at this JUMBO sandwich wala is Huge.. that includes his menu card & the King size bread slices he uses to make them. Ofcourse, the toast sandwiches, with the various types, are delicious & very very filling. Once sandwich at this place is easily a whole meal, its that BIG. Must try ppl !!
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Balakrishna Kumar - Burrp User

Balakrishna Kumar

January 01,2011


mm... the sandwiches here are gr8!! awesum....
but d guy has raised d cost to 80rs for a grilled sandwich! which is tooooooooo mch!!! :( :( not good 4 regularzz at swastik!!
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princess2010 - Burrp User


July 06,2010

A must have in Santacruz!!

Since i grew up in Santacruz, have been eating at swastik sandwiches since i don't even remember. And there's just one thing i order every time, "VEG CHEESE GRILL".Its yummy, filling and totally worth the money.They have opened up shop at kandivali too where am currently residing. Will go there soon to check if it matches up to its santacruz counterpart.
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Neha Mehta - Burrp User

Neha Mehta

July 06,2010

Awesome Sandwiches

Have been going there from the time they were a stall called Swastik sandwich. they make the most mouthwatering toast sandwich (Activity Toast) and the masala is also awesome. The quality nor the taste has not changed at all in the last 15 years or so. Must try!
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meghasingh124 - Burrp User


June 28,2010

lovely sandwiches

i enjoy eating the sandwich out here, its very tasty, and very fulling for me.
the masala he puts is wow...
just go and have oneee
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samitgandhi - Burrp User


June 17,2010

Best toast sandwich....

I indulge in a toast sandwich every time I go near santacruz station for any work....
The sandwich stall is next to frendship....its known by friendship den sandwizza...
The sandwiches are superb out here...A must try is their toast sandwich...Their chutney and masala is out of the world...
Way 2 go...
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Sneha Kakodkar - Burrp User

Sneha Kakodkar

June 04,2009

Mouth watering sandwiches.......

Want to taste some great sandwiches? One has to visit Sandwizzaa. They serve all types of sandwiches and yeah, its pure vegetarian. Whenever we go there, we end up eating at least 3-4 sandwiches. The place is very clean and hygienic, that's what makes me visit this place again and again. This place is always crowded in the evenings. They serve one of the best Grilled sandwiches in Mumbai. Mayo sandwich here, is a must try.
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Avinash Bhadech - Burrp User

Avinash Bhadech

March 06,2009

Goooood Sandwiches

All Sandwizzaa outlets are the perfect place to have a mouth watering and hygienic variants of Sandwiches.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

January 19,2009

Sandwich ka Brand

Been visiting this place since 1990's when they had just a small stall....& was known as Swastik sandwich then kept buying next door...doing a centralized back operations!

Now the 2nd generation is fully in command, english speaking order takers, knowledgeable about whole grain & brown bread etc.

Earlier there used to be just ordinary vegetable sandwiches and aloo masala toast sandwiches.

Then with a little expansion....cheese masala; cheese toast; grill sandwiches made an appearance.

Finally made a Brand.....Now a plethora of sandwiches all in white & brown bread....including coleslaw.....with soft drinks and variety of masala - tea; sandwich; jaljira etc. that are just as good.

What has not changed is their service, cleanliness & customer focus.

Now with the 2nd generation they are looking at expansion...May their tribe increase
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MANAN  - Burrp User


January 19,2009

gooood sandwitches ...recommended stuff

happened to be passing santacruz and was shocked to see people trying to fight their way to get a stomach full . decided to flow with the tide and there i was too standing to place my order for one of the largest sandwiches ever available in bombay.
they took about 5 minutes to execute the order .
i could see extremely generous amounts of butter(amul) and cheese going into my sandwitches..and thatw when i knew this was a place to mark in my food guide .
try the brown bread sandwitches ..really recommenede specially if grilled
the filling is majestic and prices vary from rs 20 to rs 80 but mind you it truly feels like a meal .
this palce has a staff of 15 ppl ...all just making sandwitches that too in the most hygenic way .
the service was prompt and the sandwitches were tasty to the last crumb
an absolute must visit .
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