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Indori Bhiya - Burrp User

Indori Bhiya

July 27,2016

best joint.

Have visited this place many a times.. Samrat is one of the best food joints in South Mumbai to serve authentic gujrati thaali.. Food is lip smacking & up to the mark... The best part in the thaali is their khichdi which is a bit different from the ones we usually have at home... Their gulab jamuns r so soft n tasty.. A must try by burbies when they r in town
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Nimu S - Burrp User

Nimu S

March 29,2015

Amazing Thalli

Pure vegetarian Samrat restaurant located in churchgate is very good for vegetarian people. They have their speciality in thali n also have variety in north Indian food. Ambiance is decent n their service is good and quick. Thali lovers enjoys unlimited food in thali puri,roti,bhakhari ,varieties of different sabji in which aloo sabji n undhiya sabji is just too good, two farsan sweet dish pulao and rice with kadhi and dal. Food is too good u will not stop eating unless your stomach burst out. kulfi is also too good. It is very convenient for college student, specially packed with office people during lunch hours. People also choose this restaurant for birthday party, kitty party, Family get together also.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 29,2015

Classy place

A little bit expensive,but I am a college student so everything is expensive for me (lol).Food is really good, went with a few friends last week and we had the famous Samrat ki Thaali! The ambiance is very nice and often there is a waiting line to get in during holidays. Service is very quick and courteous,just how one would expect. Liked the Thaali a lot,they kept serving till we were all bursting! Food was so good we almost forgot to take a pic but thankfully one of our group members took a pic of his thaali.
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dipakranawat - Burrp User


January 28,2014

Best Thali I have ever had

Well, to say the least is to say that the best thali I have ever had is at Samrat.
The food, the quality, the service, everything is just top notch. They serve you everything with a lot of love. You feel as if they want to ensure that you have had everything properly. Very homely feeling and great food makes this a must visit place.
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Sameer Agrawal - Burrp User

Sameer Agrawal

August 09,2013

amazing thali

have been to this place many times for gujarati thali. i think the best place for having a thali. fast for the whole day and have a thali in the evening. they will keep serving u and insisting on trying all the dishes in the thali. apart from the thali in the a la carte menu u have many dishes. all paneer dishes are amazing. and the makai nu shaky if kept for sometime becomes very thick. have it when served and its out of this world. for alcohol they serve only beer. service is very good. nice and courteous staff.
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worldbest - Burrp User


May 27,2013

Gone are the days

First on their Service. They do not take any reservation on phone or on net, Ok, we reached their in person & got our name enrolled, got reply “wait outside for 1 hour.” They mentioned on their menu “ Thali not to be shared” & on placing order for thali they repeat that warning. Fine, they are doing their job. But real unprofessional service & customers “taken for granted” starts once order is placed. They serve rotis & Thepla first with all other vegetables, dal & kadhi. No Puris are offered in first serving. Puris came only when we finished considerable portion of our meal, we had to remind altelast three times for puri & they came repeatedly with thepla & rotis. Now any Gujarati knows that Roti & Theplas are easy to make & from cost point of view they are cheaper. When restaurant is charging full price for all items included in thali why such practice to delay & avoid serving what customer wants? Ok, I settled for 2 Rotis, , They poured ghee(butter) on one roti & stopped. I had to ask him to pour on 2nd one also. Definitely patrons do not go there for ghee or rotis or puris, but such type of tactics by the managements shows their cheap ways of saving cost on thali they serve.
Food: 3 Vegetables. Ok. With sweet test dominating. Nothing great. Paneer sabji with sugar becomes Gujarti cuisine. Dal is watery mixture of imli & gud. Yogurt Kadhi was good in test & texture. Ghugara were pathetic in test with dry filling. White dhokla was ok & rubbery. Dahi vada was absolutely let down & were added in the tali just for sake of it. Aam Ras was 3 tea spoon of Ras sweetened by sugar syrup. Only testy item in this So called “devine Gujarati thali “ was steamed rice & kadhi.
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Sal  - Burrp User


June 21,2012

Samrat No More

This age old restaurant is a a favourite among Gujju families for the Thali. Loud, it's not a place you want to linger. Reluctantly I proceeded given it was a family event and I hadn't eaten a thali in years.

Food: We went for the Thali which consisted of unlimited food except the sweets of which only two are allowed. The menu changes everyday. It's a lavish spread with tri-coloured Dhokla, some fried farsan, buttermilk, papad, dal, gujju kadhi and three vegetables which were unfortunately not very appealing. You can chose between roti and puri, khichdi and rice.

Service: Quick it's like a mass production factory where the food keeps coming.

Damages: Rs 250 - 300 for a thali.

I wouldn't go back because the food and options were very average like something I'd get at home. There are many better thali places if one is so inclined.
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Deepa Bavkar - Burrp User

Deepa Bavkar

April 24,2012

The Best Restaurant..!!

Heard about this place through a friend. Thought I should give my meat eating spree a little break, so here I was at Samrat which serves pure veg food. This restaurant had an ancient maharaja’s palace look with classy paintings all around. This palace, I mean place, was spic n span. Very neat, very clean.So, I got myself a table and was simply staring at the menu because I had absolutely no idea what to order. I hadn’t been to a pure veg restaurant in ages. So I asked waiter to help me out. Not like any other restaurant where the waiters don’t know anything about what’s in the menu, this guy here at Samrat knew which dish was where in the menu and exactly what were ingredients that come together to make it. I was pretty impressed. The food arrived and was well presented. Well about the food, it was amazing! Out of this world and I’ve never enjoyed veg food so much in my life before! I totally recommend this place! And least you know, you might turn into a vegetarian!
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Anita03 - Burrp User


April 23,2012

The # 1 Veg Restaurant of Bombay !

Samrat is what memories are made off Have been visiting this place as a kid, now I visit it with my kid. Looks even better after renovation,classy & spacious. Gujarati thali is the best here. So are the corn bhel,paneer makhni & veg jalfrezi. Great service. Owners are always present to greet you. Polite servers,they do that extra bit to make you happy. Have been seeing them for 20years now! Samrat is a part of my life. Thanks for the memories. Love it.
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