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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 30,2015

our favorite destination

Red Indian is our favorite destination for mexican or italian food. It’s a must for veggies multi cuisine lovers. They offer good variety of sizzlers & pizzas. Surprisingly its pure veg restaurant. Awesome food, order anything from the menu without even thinking and don't forget the sizzling brownie at the end. The only drawback is the waiting time. But then the food is worth the wait.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 17,2015

Pure Veg sizzlers

This is a pure veg joint with an average ambience. Nachos with refried beand. Tasted heavenly with lott of melted cheese on the Nachos. Red Indian Special Sizzler and paneer barbecue sizzler are some of their best serves. They even do home delivery and the best part is they deliver Sizzlers with the hot plate. it's steaming hot on your door step . They come next day to pickup the sizzler hot plate it's very nice experience simply superb.
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adpattni2002 - Burrp User


April 08,2015

High on attitude, low on service - second experience

Yesterday i.e. on 7th April 2015 I had been to this restaurant as it was my son's birthday and he had expressed his desire to have sizzlers at his favourite table on the first floor of this restaurant. We reached at around 7.30 p.m. On requesting the staff to allow us to eat on the first floor (as it was a special day for my son and it was his wish to have food on his favourite table) they asked us how many people are there and on informing them that we were 4, we were told that they don't have adequate staff and we will have to wait for around 30 to 45 minutes before they can allow us to go upstairs (the restaurant was almost empty and the waiters were just roaming around)!! On telling them that we cannot wait for so long and would appreciate if they consider our request, they refused to budge and were not bothered if we left.

Needless to say that we left and had our dinner elsewhere - this was my last visit to Red Indian because we have experienced this for the second time.

Fail to understand what makes them throw around such attitude - it may be the only vegetarian restaurant serving sizzlers in that locality but that's not the only restaurant in Mumbai.

Will never recommend anyone to go to this place.
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Ketan Mehta - Burrp User

Ketan Mehta

September 10,2013

superb sizzler

superb sizzler and superb place.Light music and lovely place Best place to have sizzlers .I tried its Red indian special sizzler which was superb.Rates are little bit high but worth to pay.
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Nilay Kambli - Burrp User

Nilay Kambli

May 06,2013

Best sizzlers here...

Have been here so many times that I've lost count. The food is yumm strictly veg though. the cheese garlic bread or legume al Forno or any of their sizzlers taste good and the sizzling brownie is the best you can taste. Pizza sauce was a bit sweet and pasta nt so good. Rest all I have tasted from Mexican Italian or Chinese is good.

Note: weekends and holidays 1 to 1.5 hrs waiting so go early.

PS: 3.5 stars, but since there's no option for it 4 stars.
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You need to be early to this place , preferably before 8pm then only you can get a seat , else would have to wait for 30 minutes minimum. The ground floor is good wrt the decor , the first floor is not that good but ok. Talking about the food , the quality of the food is good , but the prices are around 20% higher, which can be reduced. the waiting time is less which is very good. rest all is fine.
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imsuraj  - Burrp User


February 27,2013

Lovely Food

one of my favourite places to eat Vegetarian Italian cuisine. My favourite is cheese foundue as well as choclate fondue.. which we generally have with bread pieces. It is a bustling place especially on weekends coz of the nearby college crowd. It is a vegetarians’ paradise! The cheese corn balls, enchiladas, tacos, pizzas, pastas, nachos are to die for and the sizzling brownies are just heavenly! You surely do not want to miss this.
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rikinenjoy  - Burrp User


January 30,2013

Lovely Sizzlers

Sommeone Whos is carzy For Having Sizzlers & italian Dishes ,
This Is The Place , What a Variety of Food It Has , Just Amazing , The Lovely Sizzling Sizzlers, Tasty Enchiladas...The Italian Pizzas....Fancy Pastas,,....The Soft Takoos,
i would Say ...Although the place is A bit Small u Need To Wait For A Long Time To get inn ..But Once Ur inn ..Hav a Superb Food...
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angelgal3108 - Burrp User


January 22,2013

loved the sizzlers

tried this place 2 times

ambience : 3/5
a normal restaurant no grand decor

price range is around 300-450 for sizzlers

service : very slow
waiters are kind enough to apologize for the delay

food : i have only tried sizzlers here.
fair enough for the rates but only if you are in a mood to eat veg.
again if you are in a mood to eat spicey then a big no.

average cost for 2 - 600 (one sizzler + one dessert + welcome drink)
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drsunilk - Burrp User


August 31,2012

bad service

had written a good review earlier for this restaurant...but of late thier quality has deteriorated. also the captains and the waiters seem disinterested in the customers. the service was horrific. the sizzlers stale...wont be visiting again....sorry
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funky_nil - Burrp User


July 08,2012

Average food.. Bad Ambiance.. Poor Service

Went with ma frends here..
Lasagne: 4/5
Enchiladas: 3/5
Bread: 4/5
Sizzlers: 4/5
Chinese: 4/5
The ambiance is not soothing to the eyes.. The service too is slow.. and reasonably pricy..
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drsunilk - Burrp User


May 15,2012

Horrendous service

Firstly, there's a lot of waiting and after the long wait, we get stone faced captains and waiters with horrendous service..... Food is good.... Have vowed never to visit the restaurant again...... Sorry state of affairs
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Rohit Adarkar - Burrp User

Rohit Adarkar

May 01,2012

Continental that too Veg :(

I had been here and wasnt a nice experience. When someone calls you and plans to eat at a restaurant named Red Indian Sizzlers knowing the fact that you are a Non veg fan when it comes to eating out, it is assumed that the restaurant serves Non veg.

It has a great location advantage. When i saw the menu i was disappointed. No great variety, no difference in taste in 2 different sizzlers and OK ambience.

Vegetarians who have never tasted Non Veg sizzlers would probably love this place but not a non vegetarian. U CANNOT HAVE VEGETARIAN SIZZLERS... THERE IS NO CONCEPT OF VEGETARIAN SIZZLERS... its as simple as that

One might argue they have good pizzas or mexican dishes but when i hear red indian SIZZLERS i would try that first... and also sizzlers is in its name so it shld be their USP

Wld like to visit again to change my opinion if possible
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999ban - Burrp User


January 29,2012

JUST OK..................

Had been to this place a fortnight back as being late we had to wait for alomost an hour. This place is bang on the SV road and quiet close to Raghuleela Mall, offers vallet parking and the service is fast, these are the only two USPs of the place.

The ambeince is just ok, the menu is limited and worst is the food. There is hardly any taste offered on the plate, the place too is clumsy and I didn't find anything continental about the place or the food. We had ordered for some Peach Ice tea , Mexican platter for starters and Red Indian special Sizzler. Among the menu the best was the Peach Tea and worst being the sizzler. It was taste less and just managed to gulp it for an hungry stomach.

Since the place is too crowded, it makes u wait for lots of time and than anything offered seems tasty at least for the moment. However the service is really fast and the staff is humble.
Wil never reccommed this place forget about visiting it again.
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Rudolf Maelzer - Burrp User

Rudolf Maelzer

January 26,2012

A pleasant surprise!! Must visit joint....

The place is easily locatable on SV Rd. in Kandivali and the Valet Parking guys are prompt. Was seated without any hassles as I did make it early in the evening around 8 PM. Post 9 PM, you may have to wait a decent bit before you get a look in.

Service was awesome as my Sizzlers arrived in under 5-7 mins...
Well portioned sizzlers with a lot of variety for the Vegetarians in this world..
Also, the concept of a mini sizzler for smaller eaters is well appreciated as not everybody can partake of such generous portions...This goes to show that management has accounted for children and old folks as well...Kudos to them!!

All ingredients were as fresh as they come and staff are very cordial and helpful...

Each sizzler comes with a "SMILEY" potato pattice which adds cheer to the whole outing!!

The Paneer Shashlick was superb and paneer simply melted in the mouth...Great concept for a Mediterranean pizza was the noodles and bakebeans which I also tried....

To top it all the sizzling brownie with a generous dollop of vanilla ice cream was the icing on the cake!!

Also, very decently priced menu...not exorbitant at all....

All the best to Red Indian for the future.......
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Rashmi Kadbet - Burrp User

Rashmi Kadbet

December 22,2011

Excelllent fud!!!!!!!!

Excellent fud!!! Its too crowded but its worth waiting for an hour also......try out the fabulous nachos,,,,,,,the crispy farmes choice pizza,......the chilling ice tea and finalllyyyyy the hot sizzling brownie.....jst loved it!!!
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Prayag Panchal - Burrp User

Prayag Panchal

December 22,2011

good food and gr8 place to b ...

i have been here for abt 3-4 times nd i must say its an decent place to b if ur a FOODIE
thou waiting outside for ur turn can b frustrating
try nachos,farmers choice pizza ,Brownie nd peach ice tea is awesome .. jus give a try to it i m sure u will crave for second time ... chow
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utkarsh.thakare - Burrp User


August 16,2011

Good Food, Decent Ambiance.. But Noisy

Located in Poisar, this place serves awesome continental cuisine, I was initially skeptical about the place because of its location but the food surprised me pleasantly. The continental spread is awesome to Indian palates. The recipes and ingredients used are authentic and the sizzlers are Fab!

All said and done, I would advice people not to visit this place on a crowded weekend evening since its too noisy and kills the atmosphere of having continental food besides that you may have to wait atleast 45 mins until you enter the restaurant. On weekdays its awesome!! A Must Visit!!
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Pooja  - Burrp User


August 12,2011

Love it!!

The ambiance of this restaurant is not so great and you will always have to wait...but the food is fabulous!!! have had so many things...Gnocchi della chef, Pasta, Pizza, nachos...love everything here...

Service is good and so is the food!!!! It definitely a place one should visit!!!
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Rushabh Shah - Burrp User

Rushabh Shah

May 01,2011

Red Indian Rules!!

this place is awesome...
i wonder why the other reviews say the staff is rude and arrogant...
nothing like that...
i have been going here ever since its opening...
great place to be if you're looking for some super delicious italian and mexican cuisine...nice variety of pizzas and pastas and the chinese food is great too...

nice place to give your friends a treat as well as have a wonderful dining time with family...

Red Indian Sizzlers are much more beyond than just those sizzlers...trust me fellas'
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spacevik - Burrp User


March 08,2011

Gr8 food but......

I am a frequent dinner at this place, food is reallyyy good. Went again on 5th March saturday along with family but twice found mosquito in water. Inspite of highlighting twice to waiter there, again macchhar in my drink (3rd time, WTF) but nothing. Beware guys. But still food is good specially lasagne
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FoodyLover - Burrp User


December 27,2010

Ugly place to go

Located in dirty place with cockroaches roaming inside freely. Staff too arrogant and rude to talk. This place should never be visited.
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monikamehta - Burrp User


September 26,2010


well i love d food of dis place its truely delicious..!!
but i also agree with everyone dat d manager is extremely extremely rude....he doesnt have ne mannersto talk...he has also told me and my frnd sot shut up and eat and not talk...well we also fought back wid him...and made him apologise..but out of shame....i doubt he felt like saying sorry...well if going for d food den never ever can miss it..i love d sizzlers more den yoko's..try some good on ur pocket and food is also good..everythings nice apart form d managr..
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saccharinegurl - Burrp User


August 20,2010

RUDE N ARROGANT MANAGER, still has burrp's award!

i went with a group a 7 friends on a weekday evening...since there was no table to allocate 7 people, the manager assured of another table in 10 mins which could accommodate us. after waiting for 1 and half hour, he gives the table to someone else and tells us to crunch and accomodate ourselves on a table of 4.when questioned back, he assures first of giving another table on the first floor and within 5 mins he refuses to open the first floor of the rest and tell us to manage in that tiny space. the manager is SO RUDE AND ARROGANT, he asks us either to continue on the same table or make another decision of choosing the restaurant. we walked off without even having placing the order and wasting 2 hours on this pathetic restaurant.
How does the owner recruit such people on the post of a manager who has no hospitality or even manners to talk to their customers. This has not been the first time when he has misbehaved and i see this restaurant getting the burrp's award for this! inspite of serving good food,such managers managing the restaurant makes me give an "Awful" review to the place.
Burrp: review well before appreciating...because food is not all that matters.
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Ruma Malia - Burrp User

Ruma Malia

June 03,2010

The Best Sizzler Place Around Borivli

One of the first sizzler, Italian and Mexican places to set shop in the neighbourhood, it continues to be one of the best inspite of competition from sizzler and pizza chains. Just love their pepper sizzler and there's little else i can order every single time i go there. The tacos are great too and the pizzas arent disappointing either. Wrap up your meal with a sizzling brownie and you know the joy of a well-enjoyed meal. The only hitch being the drinks menu which really doesnt much have beyond fresh lime soda. The service is alright and i personally think their 'chinky' waiters are cute since they do get English and Hindi alright.

Coming to the decor and ambience, its simple yet not undone and while privacy may be a problem on weekends, its definitely not a chaotic and loud place. i cant recollect loud music either. All in all, a great option for a family meal.
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v2hacker - Burrp User


March 10,2010

which indians ??

Well liked this place initially but day by day i guess the service gets worse . The place definately needs a paint job . They know they have a packed weekend but yet i see no action taken . Hope you guys do well being the first Sizzler point in Kandivali - Bor streatch ..
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needless101 - Burrp User


February 12,2010

Good food, average service, poor decor..

This was my first visit here. Looks very average from the inside. The furniture/lighting/glasses/tables look like they would in a middle scale udipi restaurant. The food is good though. The experience, not so. We ordered the corn and spinach lasagne, nice hot but a little less on salt.The beans and cheese enchiladas were nice though, crispy enchiladas!. The food was warm and nice, the service was quick, we were enjoying our lasagne and my better half finds hair in her portion! As it is it was hard enough for me to convince her to try this place and now this! Anyway, we brought it to the notice of the manager and he got the dish changed - without any fuss. The food was value for money, but this incident soiled our experience. Noticed that their cooks/chefs weren't wearing any head gear in the kitchen. Anyway, will try out the sizzlers next time, they are suppoe to be good apparently. All in all, a good place, we went on a weekday so don't know how the scene is on weekends but keep your eeys open before you put that spoon in your mouth!!
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biogirl09 - Burrp User


November 25,2009

Good ambience, quick service

While looking for places to eat near borivli, went to this place after reading reviews here. Its tucked in a corner of sv road, and is nicely decorated. We sat at the upper street-looking floor and being a weekday the service was real quick. The menu is well designed and includes a variety of foodstuffs ranging in mexican, italian and defly sizzlers. We ordered the Exotic veg sizzler, which was OK. The drinks menu is really a let down and sadly no pinacolada or orange blossom was available when we visited. Dessert - we ordered the prime sizzling brownie, which was good and he also provided us with extra choclate sauce :)
Food is priced appropriately, and would like to try their mexican stuff. After tasting mexican food in usa, i do not like the stuff found here in mumbai (Read: Bombay blues).
Oh did i tell ya, its a pure veg restaurant, making it a veggies delight :)
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Aniket Pargaonkar - Burrp User

Aniket Pargaonkar

October 06,2009


Red Indian Sizzlers has much more than just sizzlers! the sizzlers here are really good and fairly priced. They also have a pretty big and attractive menu. I had minestrone soup, cheese corn balls, pizza and sizzlers. All the items were really nice and tasty. I'v been there twice. On once occasion, they gave me a large pizza with 2 diff toppings .. but the next time they refused it .. which was a bit sad. But anyways the food here is quite good. The only downside is that the seating capacity is not that big. But in all a very nice place to go out with pals as well as family.
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Ravi Rawal - Burrp User

Ravi Rawal

July 24,2009

Cool place... Wow Food....

Hey Burrpers !

The first time we were here, we were a little apprehensive but there's no stopping now ! :D The food is yummmm ! They have an excellent mix of Italian , Mexican, Sizzlers ! I love the tomato soup they serve here ! it's just right ! The Gnocchi is yumm as are the different pastas and the lasagne ! My friends love the Cheese nachos they make here !

Portions are pretty good and moderately priced...The service is mostly attentive but can get a little slow... One shouldnt mind that as long as the food is great !

Food for 4 with soups. pastas, nachos and ice teas (no alchohol here ) can cost around Rs. 1200 - Rs. 1300 max !

For the food and the price its a fab location to treat your gastro juices ! :D

Bon Appetite`

P.S: Avoid weekends as it grows a lil loud with families visiting it in throngs ! Nevertheless, the food is yummmm !
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msaveena - Burrp User


October 12,2008

Reasonably Good

Nice Place. The food is great with a vast range of food. The Nachos is very delicious. Price is fair as well. The ambience is not great. It is enclosed and sizzlers served inside makes it very hot and stuffy. Very gujju crowd makes it a noisy place. Ideal to go with family. I waited for 45 minutes before getting seated but the wait was worth it. If you are around Kandivali it is worth a visit.
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Pratik Mehta - Burrp User

Pratik Mehta

August 10,2007

Best in Kandivali

This is the Best Hotel in Kandivali West. Though its a bit costly but food is awesome.
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Tejal Mehta - Burrp User

Tejal Mehta

December 17,2006


I've been there just once, but must'ave ordered food a million times. Especially the sizzlers. Its not as fun as eating the sizzling sizzlers in the restaurant, but they come guaranteed hot. And yummy! whether at home or in the restaurant the sizzlers are really good.
The italian food is very good, the pasta sauces are awesome. The lasagnes best I've eaten.
Pizzas are different with plentiful toppings.
All in all a great place to eat if you're in mood for some italian, chinese or mexican food.
(the mashed potatoes with beans is a must try,so is the mexican platter)

you can thank me later for telling you about this place ;)
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