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Rohan Shah - Burrp User

Rohan Shah

May 17,2016

Nice Ambiance

The entire restaurant is built on the jungle theme, nice place to go on a date. We had couple of moctails and beer, it was good and food was also awsome and expensive. All in all its a nice restaurant but i will recommend you to go on weekdays as they have good offer on drinks and its less crowdy as well. Cheers!
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Shilpa Mehta - Burrp User

Shilpa Mehta

September 05,2015

totally 2 sides loud review

i visited this place almost more than 20 times now.
what i say is this place is completely made for young crowd and not for going with family.

i love to visit this place with my college buddies. But i HATE to visit with my brothers or family members.

Great food but less quantity so price on ordering a second dish multiplies rapidly.

Drinking experience is amazing.

music is awesome and LOUD... the main reason i dont want family here.

Final Words:
1) Yes to Visiting here with College friends/loud music/booze n food/party
2) NEVER Visit here with your Date/ Family / Loud Music hater/when u want silence.
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SHayan Ghosh - Burrp User

SHayan Ghosh

March 29,2015

Forest In Theme

Ambience is very good. It is similar to a forest. Dimly lit. My friends and I were planning to visit this place and at last went there. We ordered Fagioli soup. This is mainly chicken soup cooked with fagioli beans and pasta. It had a pleasant taste. Service was on par and there were no issues. Overall we spent a nice time here and left the place with full belly.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 29,2015

An amazing themed bar.

Great atmosphere, with the theme of wild rain forest of germany. Vast bar menu to choose from. This place is always crowded hence advisable to reserve a table well in advance. Dim lit ambience & accessorized by all Forest stuff is surely spectacular. The place is filled with exotic fragrance on nature & waterfalls The food has good variety from Italian Chinese and Indian .Veg Platter , Chicken tikka masala & Biryani surely deserve a try. Place is reasonably price and decent seating arrangement ensures privacy on each table. On the mocktails menu, Five Berries and Rainforest Fantasy are surely a hit.
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Nash - Burrp User


February 28,2015

Average place

For me the interiors are a little too overdone and a little too dark. The food is average. I prefer to go to their opposite competitor - Urban Tadka. Only reason I visit this place at times is, their Happy Hours. The kebabs were decent but I wasn't too happy with the seafood platter. Service was pretty friendly with staff knowing their menu well.
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Richa Shailendra - Burrp User

Richa Shailendra

January 31,2015

Okay Place

I don't drink so will not comment on the sit and drink aspects. Ambiance is good but food is not so good. Portions are too stinky and quality isn't great either. I had American Corn Salad and did not fulfill my expectations. Paneer Tikka also was just okay and felt like something was missing (which is the worst feeling to have while eating). Did not even order anything in main course after these 2 items.
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Neehar Kundurti - Burrp User

Neehar Kundurti

December 02,2013

Maybe yah, maybe nah

R City has almost every place with a considerable waiting period on a weekend night. So the parents and I decided to visit this place as it provided us with a walk-in immediately. The ambiance was literally a rain-forest (which was good) but dark (which wasn't good) and the music was kinda loud and probably not the kind you would expect the parents to enjoy. A quick glance over the drinks menu and it seemed pretty reasonable. Everything alcoholic at-least. The non-alcoholic section was kinda pricey.
We started off with the tomato soup, which was pretty good. Then we decided to branch out with me going with the Lasagna and a side of garlic bread and the parents going with the Hara Bhara Kabab, Veg Jalfrezil, Kadai and the Rotis. The lasagna was a huge portion and had a lotta extra olive oil. The filling was delicious though. The parents didn't enjoy the Indian fare as much, with the vegetable being too spicy and both the gravies having no variety in taste. Service was quick with the water and beverages but slow with the food, even though the place was running light that day.
It is a decent place with some obvious avoidable flaws. It is recommended that you visit the place with a group of friends, for non-Indian food and some of the drinks.
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paggyvr1 - Burrp User


November 01,2013

Will never ever go to 'Rainforest' again!!!

Well.. after a spiritual 'Dhan Teras' Puja, me and my team left for a good place to hangout.. All of us were high on the holiday mood and were looking out for a good place to hangout for couple of drinks and some good food. Being in Ghatkopar, the nearest option was 'R-City'. We first enquired at Urban Tadka and booked ourselves for a table of 12. What crossed our senses and we instead went to 'Rainforest'. The ambience, the food and the service was all good but we were not happy with the hygiene. A flying cockroach came from no where and safe landed on my glass of water!(Look for yourself in the photographs with this review) When I brought it to the notice of the manager, he apologised and told me at that instant we will discount your bill(as if they were used to such issues on a regular basis and discounting the bill would suffice for their shortcomings).

I do understand service does get messed up in the so called 'rush hour' but the way you handle this is important. Irony is that we got a bill with an overall discount of just 6% on the total bill of 11000!!!

I would certainly never go to this joint again nor will I recommend it to anyone. I wish I had been to 'Urban tadka' instead :-(

As their slogan goes - Real Stories(of cockroaches)... Great experience(what to expect from forest?)
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anandbherwani - Burrp User


August 19,2013


nice ambience, everything else was just average.
good to chill, but not very gery cost worthy food.
service is fine.
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Tejas P - Burrp User

Tejas P

August 10,2013

Lives up to its name

Quite a stand out in the hustle bustle of Ghatkopar. The food quality is good, However, it seems a little to dark for the indoors. A good place to hang out with friends but a complete no-no for a family dinner. Service is very good. Worth a visit but not a place to die for.
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Vikas Puthran - Burrp User

Vikas Puthran

August 06,2013

Ok food. Overrated ambience

The food is multi-cusine nothing extraordinary. The ambience is over rated. Expected a little more creativity. My 5 year son didn't find the rainforest interesting. Expensive.
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prateekkackar - Burrp User


July 31,2013


Well, these guys really wet out of their way to create a rainforest in the middle of a mall!!!
Yes...thats true.
Their happy hours work great and our value for money. Frequent the place every once in a while.
Definitely worth trying for the ambience.
Food is ok to good. Nothing really to rave about.
Service is quick and attentive.
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doshi.sagar - Burrp User


July 30,2013

Best Ambience

Well, I had been to place last weekend & i must say this is the best of all the rainforest outlets in mumbai.

Also dun miss their paneer platter the yummiest of all & Hyderabad biryani wich could at least serve 6 people easily.

SO guys best ambience & a place to actually to chill out & have a good reunion as they have got the best indian sitting arrangement.
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Debapriya Chakraborty - Burrp User

Debapriya Chakraborty

June 02,2013

Variety In Menu And Mystic Ambience

The menu has variety in terms of options available in Indian,Chinese and other continental foods and desserts . The quantity is average ( the non veg tandoori platter was of good quantity) and price is very expensive! The fish tikka was tasty and a must try.
The staff here is very unfriendly and not-so-prompt in service (same feedback on my every visit - thrice so far). Food is also not served on time!
The taste is not so great compared to the bucks you shell out here. The offers are also not briefed properly,like we had 1 on1 offer on Black Dog Premium, however, we had to pay a bomb in the waiter's stomach to know about it as there was neither a table top indicating it nor it was written on offer section outside the restaurant, at the entrance.
The place however is good for groups, with heavy pockets and also a good choice during IPL or any tournament season owing to the big HD screens in the center of the place. However, the arrangement is bit dingy!

All in all, if u are ready to spend, there are lot more better options in this category in and around the location.
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Jiyesh Harmalkar - Burrp User

Jiyesh Harmalkar

May 25,2013


really great resto ...awesome food, ambience ..i love their chicken platter ...chicken lasagna (quantity is less but its d best one i ever had)..a bit overpriced...still a must try...i visit at least once a month
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sweta_chweety - Burrp User


December 28,2012

overpriced, not so tasty food

I have been there twice and on both occasions, I found the food lacking flavor. The Paneer Pahari Tikka which tasted like bland cubes of paneer with little chutney smeared on the surface. The veg Diwani Handi was devoid of any exotic vegetables. Infact, the only dish which had some taste was the veg dum biryani. The service is slow, expected because the place is crowded during lunchtime. When we ordered 1/2 lime soda, the waiter said that they cant make it 1/2 and instead gave us few extra glasses !!

I must say for an expensive place, it leaves much to be desired. Will never go there again. There are better and more pocket friendly choices in R city.
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anky1992 - Burrp User


September 17,2012

feels lyka forest!

i had been here last year on my birthdayy..wid frnds..interiors r gr8..v had gone der for lunch so der was barely any crowd :(...d staff seemed to be anpad,couldnt communicate properly!!d food was tastyyyyy....seating arrangement is gud...big screen wich usually plays sports(boring)!music was okayy...drinks r averagely priced....its on d top floor of d mall so it was a lil out of nower..n it actuallyyy feels lyka forest!.overall 8/10 :)
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Pranav Joshi - Burrp User

Pranav Joshi

June 22,2012

Nice Ambiance But Slow Service

The most extraordinary thing about this place is its ambiance. It's the perfect forest setting, with a "bridge" entry that takes you over water. The seating is wooden with uneven table edges, making the experience better.

The drinks are really expensive. 330 bucks for a pint of beer, I ask you! 20 percent discount from noon to midnight on Thursdays (Happy hours). We had a 1 + 1 beer, and then one more.

The food is decent. The Kebabs were good, though not very filling.

The service is okay. The waiters don't seem to understand you quickly though. The music was okay.

3 stars out of 5. Fine for a casual visit, if you have an hour on hand, some money and nothing to do.
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Khushi Saini - Burrp User

Khushi Saini

June 20,2012

Never try Italian here!!!

We went here for dinner on a weekday... ordered for cheese fondue... they make the worst cheese fondue ever! The cheese is not as thick and rich in flavour that it is in other places, even the bread was plain and not flavoured well. We told the same to the waiter and he got the dish done again for us, yet no great difference and almost poor in flavour. Highly overpriced compared to the quality and taste they serve. Even their Chinese cuisine is not up to mark. I would never want to go back here.
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Karan Vaswani - Burrp User

Karan Vaswani

May 14,2012

Nice Ambience, Menu Needs Work

The Good: The place is worth going to once, just for the interior. Also, if you know what to order, the food can be decent value for money due to generous portions. The sizzlers come with both rice and noodles at the same time, rather than a choice of one or the other, which is unusual. :) And at Rs. 475 for a sizzler which is enough for two people, they are the best value option on the menu. We also tried a dim sum platter, which was good. The Indian spirits are not particularly expensive, although the beer is overpriced.

The Bad: Whether you order alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, you will be subjected to 20% VAT, in addition to various other charges and taxes. So, although the selection of spirits etc is good, and the mocktails are quite nice, if paying such high taxes pisses you off (it certainly bothers me), it's probably best to stick to water, and let the Maharashtra Government learn the meaning of the phrase "killing the golden goose." :)
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hrushikeshgupte - Burrp User


March 08,2012

Authentic Bad Food

Very Bad Food Quality, Bad Service ... Best Dish here is Fresh Lime Soda !!
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indulkar_a5 - Burrp User


March 07,2012

Worst experience

Food quality is too bad...
Not a value for money at all. Service is not convincing at all. only show off, nothing else..
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joyousjoylyn - Burrp User


March 02,2012

Bad Bad Food

Went there during a time when I was abstaining from non-veg so ordered a tandoori veg platter. Each & everything on the platter was horrible. The 'tandoori' marinade tasted odd. The 'kebabs' were bland. I was done. Couldn't risk ordering a main course. (I had over a month of abstaining from meat still left to do. The veg platter had already made me start hating veggies!) The drink I ordered contained way too much crushed ice so I had to wait for the whole thing to melt to drink it. The sizzling brownie wasn't a major disappointment...felt more like a piece of ordinary chocolate cake than a brownie. My friend pointed out that the ambiance is good. I was like yeah with this kind of a theme I guess they don't have to clean the place much.
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ami1210 - Burrp User


January 10,2012

Forest to the core

Went there aftr a bad experience @ urban tadka on my bday Oct 2010..went to rain forest for the main course... liked the ambience.. we wr in a grp of 7.. the ac was too cool..i liked it.. food was g8..
oct 2011 again for my bday went there with a grp of 8 ppl.. v found a piece of plastic in the chicken starter dish.literal forest !!! Neither the dish was changed nor did v get a fresh replace for the same.. but guess compensated with the 30% discount i earned by flipping the luddo thing they offered..My luck :) Hence m kinda confused wht to expct next..the pasta qty is huge.. dint lik d taste though..qty of all dishes are good..lik d happy hours too :)
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Shafil Atar - Burrp User

Shafil Atar

January 10,2012

Come explore!!! If the

and dense forest captivate your senses as guests cross over a bamboo bridge with a wild lily pond to be greeted by a warm tribe of forest rangers, who ensure that you have an experience of a lifetime. With welcoming and unusual rustic table settings, you are sure to be surrounded by faux wildlife such as monkeys, anacondas and crocodiles. A perfect way to start the evening is with spe
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samipsinghal - Burrp User


January 09,2012

Crap & Unhygienic are the right words to describ

I have had the worst expirience at this place . I wont go in detail with the service and all..they dont know how to serve food..they spilled drops of the gravy on jeans and were like...it happens while serving...Only thing I would like to mention is I found a cockroach in the food .... We know you want to give us a jungle like expirience , but dont put a cockroach on the table ...When u serve a starter for 300 rs we atleast expect that you have regular pest control .On top of it the staff behavior..they are not at all sorry for that ... they are like ..okay not a big deal ...I had come with my client to this place...and this is the impression i gave...I am just trying to get in touch with muncipal corporation to see how this issue can be taken further ... If you find a cockroach on the table at a dhaba its okay...but not at such an expensive place...and atleast feel sorry for what has happened and take steps to improve...I dint see the kitchen...but i am sure it must be more unhygienic....
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ilivetoeat8 - Burrp User


December 22,2011

bad experience.. untrained staff..

I went there with my wife to have quiet dinner after a hectic day at work. Wasnt planning to visit this place but had to since there was an excessive waiting time at urban tadka and my wife was hell bent on indian food. so we enter and are directed to a table which doesnt even have proper lighting. I could barely see the color of the table. All other tables are lit except this one. And one of the waiters tried to make it up by saying we'll light a candle for you. Dude I wouldnt be there if I was really looking forward to a candlelit dinner. Anyways after a few minutes we were shifted to a better table with real electrical light. We were encountered by some real ferocious mosquitoes in our small stint at the previous table. Food was strictly ordinary... but the cockroach wasnt - right next to my plate staring right into my eyes!! Need I say more. As if I wasnt already pissed, one of the other waiters had the audacity to tell me - "sir khane main to nahin hain naa !!!" Well and that was it for me. And the courteous and hospitable staff that they have didnt even offer to offer a discount. Forget a discount if I was them I would have given it free + replaced it + I would have done whatever I could to get a customer back. All I got was a "Sorry it wouldnt happen again". It wont cause Im not coming back to this shithole !! Exorbitant taxes to add to all this.. gues they need the money to maintain the cockroaches...
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Anup Shetty - Burrp User

Anup Shetty

December 05,2011

Good but too taxing!!

Bored of the usual fine dine ambiance? Rain forest is a good change, though not the best one. A table for four was the plan for our Saturday dine! Cocktails and Mocktails, both were great, a special mention of Strawberry margarita won't be amiss. We had the Chicken Shikari Kebabs and the chef's reco'd Paneer Shangai... Not disappointing at all!! The menu has a lot of options that you can plan to feast on or just mess around with your taste buds ;-). We had ordered Cheesy Bhendi and Tandoori chicken gravy along with a variety of Spicy Naan (cant remember its name) and Warkari Bhakri. Awesome!!! The chicken was just finger licking yummy! something that just made me want to stop conversing until I relish and finish it! The overall service was good.. At the end, couple of us ordered Fresh Lime Sweet Soda...lol.. each costed 80 bucks!! oh, well we let that thought pass and ordered em!. Desserts: next time..too full! Service was pretty good too! All n all, although expensive, at least for me the chicken was worth all the money in the world. The bill had all the worldly taxes that they could include in it!
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Prashant K - Burrp User

Prashant K

November 27,2011

C/Mocktails, Italian, Desserts!!! Made our day!!

We had been here for a team dinner out... We had mix of ppl tryin veggie and Non veggie food...

We started with the Cocktails and Mocktails.. Which were simply amazing... Cant recollect the names but everything we ordered (7-8 varities) was having uniquely styled presentation and great taste..

We ordered Veg Platter and Non veg platter in starters which turned out to be great pick.. Exception was few veggies and mushroom starters in green gravey..

We had italian Main course Rosseto and Pastas all are must haves.. For spice lovers Pasta in Red sause Arrabita is a must have.. And for those who like it creamy and not spicy stuff can have pasta Alfredo.. It tastes cheesy and creamy... Amazing.. Followed cheese fondue which was not so happening compared to pastas..

We had birthday celebrations too.. Thanks to the staff for playing Birthday song and providing a Nicely decorated Chocolate Brownie with chocolate sause and nuts.. With candle on the top.. It was fun..

The music which was played throughout our visit was soft rock and hip hop style so we loved it..

Coming to Desserts... We were bit disappointed with few of the options in menu being unavailable as told by the staff.. But watever we had was usual stuff like Sizzling Brownie, Kulfi and Sundue.. Everything was great in taste.. But nothing outstanding..

All n all a great place to visit..
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Prasad Gupte - Burrp User

Prasad Gupte

October 02,2011

Ambiance, Food - Win! Prices, Tax - Fail!

We were looking for a place in R-city, and the ambiance was surely more attractive compared to Urban Tadka. Prices were on the higher side, but food was decent. Tried all available non-veg platters, and none were disappointing. Italian dishes were well cooked too. I didn't eat Veg, but got a positive review. Service was average, not pro-active.

Although we were given a separate area, we were refused to shake a leg. Anyway, with the same playlist being played over and over, the mood had died.

The VAT + service tax on soft beverages & mock tails was disappointing. A meal without hard drinks could cost anywhere between 400 & 600 per person. 15% off on food only for Citi card-holders helped :)
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Chirag Chitlangia - Burrp User

Chirag Chitlangia

August 25,2011

about the food

Very delicious mouth watering food with great cuisine and variety.I had lost my keys at this place on Sunday but these people are so good that when i had called them on Thursday to ask if i have left my keys there they informed me and questioned so that to see if i am the real owner of the key and after confirming they asked me to collect the keys.
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Vaidyanathan  - Burrp User


July 18,2011

The only good thing was the menu

Unfotunately, had to visit this place today, since I had to beat time ( got tickets for Harry potter 3D for a show to be screened after 3 hours), I was really impressed with the menu, and too add to that I was told I've reached just in time for the happy hours. The first item i orderd was GALAUTI KABAB - This was not at all Galauti and did not taste like a Kebab, The sizzler I ordered looked promising, but as soon as I started having the noodles, I did not feel like eating anything. Rain forest Ghatkopar, if you are reading this. PLEASE HIRE ANOTHER COOK.
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Jiten Saheta - Burrp User

Jiten Saheta

February 23,2011

Cheap and Tawdry

Entered the restaurant at 3 PM on 22nd February. Left...not soon enough.

Who: me and my wife....I mean it was just the two of us in the entire restaurant....really!

Ambience: (6/10) Loved the trees and the lighting. The brass call switch on the table with the red LED light was quite... fancy. But the stuffed tiger and monkies...hilaroious,even my two year old nephew would find them cheap. No ambient sounds of birds or water flowing...a let down. The only thing we could hear was the A/C.

Food: (2 /10)

Paya Soup: Excellent. Worth a try.

Garlic Bread: Gentlemen, a few pieces of garlic on cheap white bread does not make it garlic bread. Also the reason to order the 'garlic' bread was because they claimed they did not have any plain bread to go with the soup.

Sizzler: Sizzled for all of two minutes when it came in. Fizzled away and we found the french fries were still freezer cold. The noodles: 'haka' noodles on the road corner are better. As for the paneer: deep fried and still had the stale smell. Could eat about 40%::: was really hungry.

Dimsums: A lot of Garlic in minced chicken is not what dimsums are made of. Could not finish this either...in spite of the hunger.

By this time they had made us wait 40 minutes for the sizzler and the dimsums and we had enough of the bad stuff in life. Oh btw the 40 minute wait was in spite of the fact that me and my wife were the only people in the restaurant.

Would I recommend it: Only to my mortal enemies.
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Dipanjan  - Burrp User


December 17,2010

Nice Place

I have been to this place a whole bunch of times - its pretty close to my office, so often drop here for lunch. These guys have a wide variety of choices to suit your taste buds - the hotel staff, "in general", is very courteous - though they screw up really bad some times. If you go on weekends, be ready for at least an hour long wait - they don't take reservations beyond 8:00 PM.

They also have a pretty good collection of spirits - the cocktails are reasonably good and moderately priced (comparing places like Blue Frog, Aurus etc.) - they serve "tailor-made" cocktails as well if you know your drink well enough.

Considering the amount of maintenance charges they pay in R-City Mall, I would say this place if definitely reasonably priced.
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Vinita Mittal - Burrp User

Vinita Mittal

November 27,2010

Mixed experiences

If I would have written the review the first time I went to this place...it might have been a five star..but my second experience was really upsetting...

First time I went during lunch with my frndz.....you will like the place instantly....it is been done up like a rain-forest...lots of trees/leaves all around....animals made....dim light...waterfall sound....really really nice ambiance...
we were given the seat right in front of the big projector...and India's cricket match was on....so was loving it....has nice Indian/continental food.....they have a menu cards nicely made...as they glow in the dim light so you don't have to struggle to read them...thumps up there...

this was my first experience...

next went out on friday eve....weekend mood....
firstly they told us to wait for 5-10mins for the table to get ready and when we went inside...one section was empty still we were waiting....truely disappointing
all frndz wanted to have diff options of drinks...and worst thing..
wotever u ask for...is not available...some they say just got and is not chilled....some options are not available only...
n above that even the starters were not there....the waiter was really lousy and we had to get up from that place and go to another restaurant...drinks are overly priced...
they need to do something about this...

my suggestion go for food...its good and u'll like the place...
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Anita  David - Burrp User

Anita David

September 26,2010

wild and animistic

We are living in a concrete jungle choked with hustle and bustle of city’s life. Rain Forest a resto-bar offers you a wild ambience theme where you get indulged into nature’s harmony and blissful flow of waterfall which soothes your mind. Lets you savour an array of cuisines deliciously served with cocktails and mock tails in wild animistic ambience. It’s like experiencing the nature and stepping into the heart of the jungle.

Rain Forest serves Italian, Indian and Chinese culinary cuisine. There are two types of seating arrangements; you’ll find the usual dining table and chair arrangement and the other is the Indian seating where the bed like seats and table are at a low-level where you can sit back leaning on the pillows with your legs on the seat and enjoy the pubish music playing while you gaze upon the thick forest overhead with artificial miniature lanterns burning hanging from treetops and focus lights lighting every table. The restaurant has a humongous television screen; its fun chilling out with pals during cricket and football seasons where everybody in the restaurant feels like a family rhyming together cheering your team!

It’s evident that Rain Forest is pretty customer focused where you’ll find a switch in the center of every table which lights up a small red light next to the focus light as an indicator to call the waiter, its exceptional! Rain Forest offers its customers to be a part of its hunters club which provides an annual membership card for Rs.495 offering 20% off on lunch and 10% off on dinner. Like most restaurants, even they have happy hours from 12p.m-7p.m.

Two best mocktails which I’d recommend are Rain Forest Fantasy costing Rs. 250 which is a thin blend of three varieties of fruit juices and a scoop of vanilla ice cream tabbed on top and April Lady costing Rs.175 which also has fruit juices but forms a thick pulpy blend along with coconut, it’s worth experimenting! Moving on to starters, the platters category gives you good content and variety. The mesmerizing food is sure to churn your stomach juices! The Italian non-veg platter costing Rs.790 consists of chicken rollatini, chicken pomodoro bruchetta, polpette della nona, gamberoni al aglio, griglitta di peche, pollo all pesto. As foreign are these names so is their taste to your palate. It’s cheesy and pepperish in taste. In terms of taste this platter is average. The best platter available is the Chicken Platter costing Rs.625 consisting of chicken shangai, chicken spring roll, chicken lolly pop, sliced chicken in green pepper sauce, kung pao chicken; its flavor is more bent towards Indian spices which makes it fit for Indian foodie lovers. Among vegetable starters under Chinese cuisine, you can try cheese chili roll Chinese and chili potatoes.

The challenge here is to select a perfect match of rice and sauce (gravy). There’s a huge list of sauces to choose from to accompany your rice. If you’re confused ask the waiter to recommend you, based on which cuisine you’re looking for. To wrap your dining experience, my pick on desserts are Caramel custard topped with chocolate sauce costing Rs.135 and Baileys delight which costs Rs.235. Baileys delight consists of 3 scoops of ice cream – mango, strawberry and vanilla topped with slight chocolate sauce. What’s interesting and unique about this dessert are the lumps of crispy caramel crystals smothered at the base of the cup. I bet you can’t finish eating this dessert alone.

Please make note, at first glance their pricing looks prohibitive and their service – absolutely time-consuming but don’t let that dampen your spirit, when the food reaches your plate, it’s worth the wait.

My rating for Rain Forest is:

Ambience 9/10

Value for money 6/10

Service 5/10

Taste 8/10
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