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Tejas P - Burrp User

Tejas P

January 10,2015

An all time favorite casual dining place

This one rates among the better Pop Tate's in the range. Neatly tucked in between Powai and the Godrej compound, it attracts a lot of crowd. I have been visiting this outlet for quite some time but now is when I think I can do justice with an elaborate review.

We seldom order starters but the chicken chilly, paneer chilly, chicken afrikano are among the natural choices we would make. However, there is this one time we ordered the Grilled Fish Spicy Pesto and it turned out to be a miracle. So much that we ended up ordering another round of the same dish.

When I think of sizzlers, Pop Tate's is the first name I think of. Not only because they serve damn good sizzlers but also b'coz they used to be ridiculously cheap in pricing. Things have changed and so have the rates. The sizzlers are now priced comparable to what you would see at other places. Nonetheless, that does not deter me from ordering a chicken shaslyk each time I go there. Otherwise known for trying out different foods, this sizzler is something very close to my heart when it comes to Pop Tate's. It is like they can never go wrong with it. I have tried the Roast chicken (with BBQ sauce, rated 3/5) and Grilled chicken (with Pepper Garlic sauce, rated 3/5) one two occasions but nothing beats the chicken shaslyk (rated 4.5/5 if overcooked or 5/5 most of the times). Among the veg varieties the paneer shaslyk is an average choice but the paneer steak comes across as a better choice with the smooth mushroom sauce to top it.

It does not happen that I do not order a sizzler when I am here but a friend of mine loves the chicken lasagne and I will have a generous helping of this neat piece of minced meat with sheet pasta.

They do not have a variety of desserts to choose from but whatever they serve, is impeccable. I like the chocolate mousse and the sizzling brownie that they serve.

Getting a seat on Fridays and weekends is tricky. So you better be there well in time. Other than that no complaints on that front. The staff is helpful and will like to interact with you if you are willing. The ambience is that of a place where you would like to go with friends for a drink and have a good time. The decor is not even close to what many of the (sophisticated) pubs in Mumbai have in place but that is not what you go to Pop Tate's for. Get down to business and start ordering the delicious food out here with a pint of beer.
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binit1063 - Burrp User


June 06,2014

Nice place , quality food & drinks

A must visit place for non veg foodies. Enjoy the drinks @ Happy Hours . Wholesome & unforgettable experience .Enjoyed seeing IPL on the giant screens
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Sushil kumar Gautam - Burrp User

Sushil kumar Gautam

May 26,2014

Perfect place for hangout with buddies

Excellent place with good ambiance easy to find.perfect place for hangout with buddies.Happy hours is the best part ,you get buy 1 get 1 offer on liquor (condition apply). since i have been there its my personal experience
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Jahangir  Iqbal Yar  Khan - Burrp User

Awful Food quality, Just Ok to fill your stomach

31st March, 2014, Time 2-30 PM, Bill no. B 00015551 , Table # 43.

It is Monday afternoon, and I thought of going for lunch to Pop tate's which is closer to my home, this was just for a change. I have been patronizing this place for about 5 years or more, ever since it opened. There were times when you I have actually experienced good food and good service that goes with any above average restaurant. The food USED to be good and the managers were concerned about the customers and guests and would ensure that the people walking in had a good time, ensuring the food is served right, they are treated right and obviously the guests would go back satisfied.

This time I ordered the usual stuff that we usually eat. The sizzlers we wanted were selected and the orders placed. The new stewards, did not seem very enthusiastic or forthcoming in taking orders. I wonder if they are even briefed and told not to display any negative signs or have a body language which makes the customer feel that the guy is disinterested in his job. I wonder if they could ever improve now, because the new staff do not seem to give it a damn and it is obvious that the management does not care. When you look around, the staff seems fairly disinterested in the guests; people are calling them for orders, they do not listen, all of them tell tales of their dissatisfaction on the job. Hence they do a pathetic and a mediocre job which reflects on the overall customer experience and their obvious reactions.

The time was about 2-30 pm, VERY FEW TABLES WERE OCCUPIED. It is not that the place was busy or the staff was occupied.

I ordered the following :

1. Mexi Grilled Chicken Sizzler
The Sizzler came without the sizzle, the sauted Veggies were just about warm. The chicken breast placed on top of the Veggies were COLD. The meat was very soft & slushy and so was the spinach filling inside the chicken. The meat of the chicken was not stiff enough, hence was not appetizing to dig into. I ate the veggies and left the chicken half eaten. The Mexican sauce served with the sizzler was cold too.

2. Braised Lamb Sizzler
A very similar story with this dish as well. The braised lamb pieces were too soft, obviously the fat content on the Lamb pieces was much , and were tasteless. The veggies were devoid of any seasoning or spices. Very tasteless indeed.

3. BBQ chicken Pizza - Large size.
The pizza was average, the BBQ chicken meat should have been dry after coming our of the oven, this was wet too and very sloshy and very unappetizing. The Pizza was served cold too. Maybe they forgot to pick up the food after it was done. The food was picked up after about 40 minutes of the order being placed.

Despite several reminders to the staff, the Capsico, ( bottled chili sauce) was not placed on the tables neither was the Mustard sauce. wonder what they were busy with, One could see them standing at their stations considering the restaurant had just opened for the day.

Ultimately, the bill was tabled, and the manager forgot to give me the required discount (despite the Burrp card handed over), that I am entitled to as a BUrrp Card holder. He offered to give me a free Brownie instead as a compensation, which was declined. We were anyway fairly disgruntled with the quality of the food served and service wanted to just leave that place.

There were instances in past when I used to enjoy the food, the ambience and the total experience, but this time they disappointed me thoroughly.

I do not think I am going there again , this place has gone to the dogs. Not for me, not anymore.
Let the others enjoy this mediocrity and the sloshy meats which looks and tastes like dog food. This is not the first time I have come out dissatisfied.
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slip_shod - Burrp User


January 20,2014


I had my birthday celebration with my buddies here and was not dissapointed. This place is made for friends to hangout and enjoy good food. I would recommend sizzlers and pizza which is a favorite there. The place is crowded during happy hours so I suggest you to plan your visit. The ambience is pretty chilled out and the service is above average.
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Parimal Panjari - Burrp User

Parimal Panjari

December 26,2013


A very good place to enjoy with friends as the food is excellent. My son used to visit this place and began liking it and now me too am enjoying it with my friends. Friends staying from Mulund to Ghatkopar can easily enjoy their evenings.
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yashudeshi - Burrp User


November 30,2013

Good place to have dinner..

The place has good ambiance and delicious food. The drinks are also not expensive. A nice place to chill with friends and family.
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Kunal Patel - Burrp User

Kunal Patel

November 03,2013

a nice hangout after a hectic day at work

Situated pretty close to a host of corporate offices at the Godrej IT Park, this as to be the best option available around this place.Getting a place here on a Friday evening becomes a real pain though - speaks volumes of its popularity.Great FoodQuick ServiceGood Ambiance & Seating arrangements.Just about perfect volume for music (the one upstairs - Timbaktoo, apparently owned by the same ppl & has the same menu, is just way too loud for my liking)In terms of food, i find this place better than their Malad, Powai & Dahisar outlets (considering Pop Tates & Jugheads to be one & the same).All in all, a great place to hangout with friends after work
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Harshit Duggal - Burrp User

Harshit Duggal

October 11,2013

Wonderful place to chill out with friends

A wonderful pub to sit back and have drinks and good food at the same place with friends. The ambiance is high energy and is perfect for a young gang to hang out and have fun.

Music is a bit on the louder side, hence I would not recommend it if you look at having an intimate chat. It is a party place!!!
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manoj_gesulan  - Burrp User


August 15,2013

Nice Place...

Went with friends had Vodka, Place is cool, crowd is good..........good place to spend evening with friends as drinks & food is with budget.........
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Gluttonomous - Burrp User


August 08,2013

Perfect place to head to

This place is a hit when it comes to music, drinks, food, crowd, ambience literally everything. Its a huge place to start off with options of sitting outside in comfort of natural wind & fans else the one inside with loud music, TV screen resp. Coming back to the food, its awesome- pizzas is great whilst the sizzlers are just average. The Cheese garlic bread is the one of the softest & yummiest you may have ever eaten. The pasta salad is a must try & so are the Melvin's fries. Alcoholic drinks, mock-tails & other beverages may fall on the fairly priced side but worth it for all they give. Mojitos here are one of the very perfect ones I have sipped on. The service is good but there's definitely lots of room for improvement. Make the most of the happy hours here while you can also avail some good discount if you have a corporate card. All in all, you'll love this place & always come back for more.
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Divya Kamra - Burrp User

Divya Kamra

July 30,2013

Worth trying

Had a nice experience here.. even though being a weekend, managed to get the table in 10 mins. It was the IPL season when I made this a visit, so it was oozing with enthusiasm. The staff was energetic and served with zest.

They have Happy Hours, which made our bill seem value for money.
Even after having french fries, pasta, pizza and couple of drinks, the bill summed upto around 1000-1200 bucks, which was good.

In all a good experience.
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MumbaiCorpGuy - Burrp User


June 16,2013

Gives the chain a bad name

Malad outlet was one of the best till it had live music. This on , crammed. Patio seating - third class. Servers - barely educated. Kitchen Order Tiketing system is efficient - service is not. After end of happy hours it 15 minutes to bring the order. Order? 3 glasses and a pitcher.

For a dish of Rs 200 nearly - the expectation is more than 10 bites of food!
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Avantika Chitlangia - Burrp User

Avantika Chitlangia

May 16,2013

Arrive at 3pm leave only at 11! That good!

Whenever in that area, its our hangout place. We prefer to hangout in the outdoors seating rather than inside, as it gets too crowded and noisy inside. Outside when the weather is good and there is a cool breeze blowing- music, tv, food, drinks, good company- day made! We usually order beers and starters- garlic bread with cheese, russian salad, fries or wedges, nachos everything is really yummy and taste is constant. Its reasonably priced, not too expensive and service is good too.
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Divya Sanil - Burrp User

Divya Sanil

March 05,2013

Lovely/Affordable place to Unwind.

This is my favorite place & i have been here over 20 times easily since it has opened , This is the best eating option arnd for Offices at Godrej Compound Vikroli.

The food is decently priced & the alcohol is not overpriced for the ambiance the place offers

The outside area is quite good, I wonder how can the place be so affordable with the hygiene & ambiance they offer

Some words of caution

1. Not a family place
2. Dont go here if u are in a hurry & pressed for time. this is not a fine dine place ;)
3. Sit in the open area if u r catching up over conversations (unless in summery afternoons),
4.The inside area is noisy & the AC gets strong at times
5, Expect 45 minutes waiting on weekends(post 8.00pm)

So truly an unrestaurant to unwind
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Aditi Naik - Burrp User

Aditi Naik

August 15,2012

Completely Popped Up!

Pop Tates is located on a lonely random stretch connecting Vikhroli and Powai. Not an ideal location if one thinks so. But all of that assumption disappears into thin air once you visit the place. Lively and crowded. They call themselves the 'Unrestaurant' and it totally lives by the idiom. Its simply a place to chill and unwind, be it with family or friends or colleagues (considering the number of offices in and around the area). They have Timbuctoo (under the same management) above Pop Tates and its more of a lounge mainly frequented by youngsters.

The setting is quite vibrant with a lot of pop icon posters and pictures covering the walls which at some places are bricked. The outer area is always lit up making it a perfect setting. The service is a little slow, however the staff is co-operative.

The must haves on the menu are Melwyn's Fries, Pepper Blasted Chicken and Chicken Lollipop. If you are into sizzlers you got to have Paneer Shaslyk, Roasted Chicken with Africano sauce and Roasted Lamb with herb roast sauce. I always find it difficult to finish off one whole sizzler which is why I end up sharing it. I wouldn't recommend Pizza's here. Never tried their pastas, burgers and salads. They have limited mocktails and the regular cocktails. Nothing noteworthy. I always got so full, never reached the desserts frankly.

This place is quite reasonable and food is scrumptious. A meal for two ranges between Rs 700-Rs 750. I have been here plenty of times and all the items mentioned above are not the result of one meal ;)

Special Note - There is a senior staff member who is very kind, polite, helpful and always smiling. Its a delight to have him serve us!
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silveredge - Burrp User


June 30,2012

No Comments

Horrible Service and Average food. The rest that i want to say about this place is censored. These guys took 45 minutes to get french fries!!!!!!! and 20 minutes to get the bill???? Go here only if you have time to waste and you are very very very patient.
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Dibeyendu - Burrp User


June 20,2012

Happening kinda place

The place has quite a buzz, even on Tuesday nights. The cocktails (caprioska), starters, main course (pasta, sizzler) and dessert (brownie sizzler) we ordered were quite good. I thought the waiters were quite knowledgable and helpful. Our guy advised us against ordering a schezwan starter saying customers had been known to send it back because it was too hot ! This place attracts a lot of the BPO crowd from the Godrej premise (Accenture, Capgemini, TCS) and they even get discounts. If you want a quiet, sober kind of place, this may not be for you. But if you like a moderate amount of noise and the younger crowd, this is the place.
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Aditya Singh - Burrp User

Aditya Singh

June 12,2012

A No-Frill Experience!

Now many may find the crowd here to ranty or indecent; but its an "unrestaurant" and not a fine-dine haven. I wouldn't suggest it to be a family-dine out place, but if you've got a huge company tagged along, you better sit right back and enjoy the lively retro music around and feast yourself on their over-the-top sizzlers. Their cuisine is INDIAN, but the restaurant is American Dinner inspired. Its a hang-out place, just chill , kick in your boots and get ready for a great time. And if i may add, the place is totally affordable! It'll cost you somewhere around 800 bucks including beer!
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Ontheprowl - Burrp User


March 27,2012

That does not qualify as food

I am not really sure what they are aiming for cuisine-wise but whatever it is, they fail miserably. It all tastes like one big mash of Indian food. The ambiance is worth talking what with a cockroach on the wall and the stinking loo right next door.
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sahirgaulkar - Burrp User


March 02,2012

Horrible place to go with family

Horrible experience at Pop Tates Vikhroli today. We had ordered a starter and the captain kept it on hold for 45 mins saying we do not have a table. But he served alcohol to other waiting customers in front of us. The table given to me and my family was besides a group of guys already sitting who I think should go to Bars where they can talk all the bullshit about women. It was really embarrassing. The waiter was in a hurry to clear our table. He took my glass to clear the table despite me not having finished the drink. A pathetic place to go with family.
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Namita Sachan - Burrp User

Namita Sachan

February 16,2012

Perfect place for a dinner date

To begin with food is delicious. You can enjoy the meal and the company in the lively ambiance of the restaurant. I'd especially recommend the sizzlers since they are amazing. We went to pop tate's on this valentine's day. The host personally came and wished us happy valentine' day and gave us an audio mix of romantic songs which was a sweet surprise...A perfect place for a dinner date!
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joyousjoylyn - Burrp User


February 06,2012

Happy Happy Times :)

Me & my friend arrived just a few minutes before the end time of the happy hours but by the time we decided on where to sit happy hours had ended, but we were given the Happy Hour benefit.
The service is a bit slow but very friendly. Food is also good nothing to rave about though. I love the capsicum with the mashed potatoes that come with the sizzlers. We were recommended a sizzler by the waiter who then came to ask us if we liked it or not and if we didn't like it they would get us another one!!
And I don't know what I did to deserve my complimentary desert (2 scoops of ice-cream)
Basically a lovely place to hang out with friends... & drink........or not!
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Pranav Joshi - Burrp User

Pranav Joshi

December 19,2011

Very Good Watering Hole...

Pop Tates in Vikhroli is a little way off Hiranandani, Powai, and looks like an oasis on a large and fairly empty road. The place has three sections. The upper section is actually Timbactoo. The lower AC section is the proper Pop Tates restaurant. The outer, open air section is also Pop Tates, but a smoking zone.

Positives - good booze. Very good, and cheap during Happy Hours. A fuel vodka (obviously one of the cheapest varieties) tasted like heaven, and hit well. They serve complimentary cheeselings, which I thought was a bit "poor man" sorts.

I ordered French fries to go with the drinks. The waiters are polite - but their problem is attention. They love chatting among themselves. If 7 Up is available instead of Sprite, and you want Sprite, they don't tell you that they don't have it, they just nod and leave! The fries were well made though.

Another problem - FLIES. Yes, flies all around. They really need to do something about this.

Crowd is really good - very good in fact, given that it's the Central suburbs. A lot of cool, young office going crowd comes in in the evenings. You do get a seat even on weekends - I went on Saturday evening.

The outer section is great for boozing. The inner section for food + booze. Total damage was Rs 580 with Happy Hours. Very economical.

Overall, 3.5/5
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karan1602 - Burrp User


December 03,2011

come here to eat and booze

One of my fav places to hangout with buddies.
The food here is mouth watering.
Pasta & Sizzlers are my favorite here.
Have lots of booze in happy hours.
Good ambiance & awesome environment in timbuctoo..

Your pockets need not be deep to eat here. Very moderate price.

come here & have fun
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Dhaval Shah - Burrp User

Dhaval Shah

October 17,2011

Fun place

There is nothing jaw dropping about the place, a simple colourful restaurant with friendly staff and a place to booze with you have like 500-700 in your pocket. The food is nothing great just goes good with the alcohol. I like to sit outside though the best is they have a the TV screens set in such a way that everyone gets a view. And it's a huge place.
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John Dhar - Burrp User

John Dhar

August 13,2011

Good beer

Love the tap beer here; it tastes great. i prefer sitting out in the open. Smoking is allowed which is great. Try the fish fingers it's alright.

Crowd is mostly young people in general. Very lively vibe. Friendly staff.

They close at about 1 a.m. but don't let you in after midnight on weekdays, which is a shame.
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Anahad1 - Burrp User


August 06,2011

Chicken Curry Sizzler

Chicken curry sizzler served at this restaurant was pleasantly different as well as the outdoor seating in monsoons. Other than that, food quality was quite good. A good place for casual dining.
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Meeta  - Burrp User


July 15,2011

Its all about cheese

For people who enjoy a ton of cheese and oil oozing out of their dishes, this is a perfect place. The food tastes rather bland, and the extra topping of cheese and oil doesn't help. It is fun in terms of ambiance, but food is disappointing.

Verdict: Avoid if you have better options.
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Chhavi Dang - Burrp User

Chhavi Dang

July 12,2011

They believe in cheating customers

This place is best avoidable. 1. Their waiters don't know what offers are going on. Each one has their own version.1st one came and told us that happy hours on cocktails, liquor and mocktails. when we were about to place the order for cocktails, another waiter who was taking the order said cocktails not included in happy hours. We told him that your colleague informed us about it; he said that one is new and we closed that offer from today -- what a co-incident..So my friend ordered a beer because on that the offer was one on one free. He finished his 1st bottle and asked for the free one to which the waiter brought a pint. We told him we had a bottle so get a bottle, he said this is the offer in happy hours. That was enough for our patience with their shoddy service. I'm not gonna even write about the bad food that we ate there. At this we asked for the manager, the manager accepted his fault but the bugger wasn't still ready to be transparent I told him get a bottle for my friend because that's what was told to us, he tried arguing but had to give in because he knew that his men tried to con us. My friend did get a bottle of beer and with the bill the management tried to sweeten the things with us by offering us a free chocolate mousse. But don't think so that can be substitute for cheating the customers..May be we fought and got our way what about others who just feel cheated and keep quiet. For all those who are planning to visit poptates make sure you are served what you are promised. Hope this review helps you guys.
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Imran Kazi - Burrp User

Imran Kazi

July 02,2011

Worst of all the pop tates around

Have been to this place twice, first time was kinda ok, so thought of giving it a second chance but was extremely disappointed. Would never recommend to anybody...
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bombayite - Burrp User


March 01,2011


Been to almost all Pop Tates across Bombay. Love eating out at all of them. Visited the one at Vikhroli since it is the closest to my work place. Total VFM. No frills, no sho-sha. Just simple good food with booze at the most affordable prices and their Happy Hour schemes are to die for. Keep it rocking!
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Prasad Gupte - Burrp User

Prasad Gupte

January 20,2011

Perfect for a weekday evening

Pop Tates Vikhroli, like its siblings, is a great place to chill out with booze & decent food! Prices are actually moderate, quite below Fuel, Rude & others around Powai. Don't miss Sizzling Paneer - a tangy preparation with Paneer that couldn't be more fresh. The brownie (part of the sizzling brownie) was awesome! The only disappointment were the Tortilla chips with salsa, which came with packaged salsa that tasted awful. Overall service was good. Most corporates are entitled to a 10% off on food. Happy hours end at 830. They have a large screen & several smaller displays, but the sad part is they're all out of sync with the audio :(
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vinithvijay - Burrp User


July 24,2010

My favorite hangout place ..

This is an awesome place to be. I usually hangout over here. I have tried lots of places to hangout and have had vodka but none can match the ambiance and service like that of poptates. Only thing I found little disappointing is there isn't much variety of food to eat
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Puneet Jawali - Burrp User

Puneet Jawali

July 12,2010


Well having heard great reviews from my friends,i finally caught up time to make it to Poptates at Vikhroli.Amidst the residential complexes(couldnt quite make out if they were residential or not..dint quite pay attention),it was conspicuously easy to find the outlet.Although direct access to the place seemed an issue as I couldnt find any bus stops near by(again becuase it was night coulnt really be sure of that!).Anyways it isnt really that far and walk from the Cafe Coffee Day Junction should not take more than 10mins or in minimum fare if you decide to take a rick.The ambiance seemed great..and the big screen may especially be useful during match screenings!Also the wall was decorated with posters of different Hollywood movies,which also added a classy feel to the whole environment.The food seemed to be good.Had ordered for Mexi-grilled chicken and roasted chicken in sizzlers and for pizzas got 12'' hot spicy bonanza
and barbecue chicken.The food seemed to be reasonably priced and one could have a full appetite for around 100 rupees or thereabouts (handy for college students).
However the think that seemed to be lacking was proper service.Although you will see a large number of waiters swarming around the place,one can only be perplexed as to why you find no one to place your order with.And it gets a little confusing as a new waiter comes the second time you decide to place another order.However once you placed an order,the service is prompt.
On the whole the restaurant is definitely worth checking out as the food is pretty good and also decently priced.It also has a bar for those who wish to grab a drink as well!
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Tusharr  Mehta - Burrp User

Tusharr Mehta

July 04,2010

Non sense

Had gone here for the world cup match between argentina and germany. I have been to the other poptates also but the service was prompt out here since it was football time and the staff wanted to hurry. Though their was not much crowd.

Had ordered garlic bread to start with. To my surprise this was d worst garlic bread i have ever had. It was smelly it was oily n sticky. And had 4 pieces of garlic bread. For what they charge the quantity was very less. The waiter will be on your head for all the time asking for what u want to order more. He will just keep coming within every minute. If u ask him to get something he will take his own sweet time to bring it. Had asked him to get normal water top be served the waiter was busy roaming here and there but cud nt get water for us. If u ask him he will say the other person is getting it. They took 45mins to serve normal plain water it seemed that they had gone to beg water from some oder restaurant. The manager didn't care about what was happening around in his restaurant. I had to literally fight with him to make him realise what was the person doing who was serving us. The manager is pretty irresponsible.

To the food part. Had ordered 2 sizzlers. 1 was paneer shaslyk and the other was mushroom. Both of then were just below average. Both the sizzlers were sweet. Haven't had sweet sizzlers till date in my life. They seemed to be messing up things with one another. Din feel like ordering anything more after having such nonsense

Now to the bill part. The waiter gave us the bill which was not ours, again messing up things over here. If u tell him to check the bill he will take the bill and come at his own time. The football match lasted for 90 mins we were here for almost 2 hours including extra time which the waiter and the manager took.

It was a pathetic experience right from food to the service.

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Poptatesrus - Burrp User


May 23,2010


Please email your addresses at poptatesrus@gmail.com to recieve free meal vouchers & discount coupons...
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Pratibha Alexander - Burrp User

Pratibha Alexander

April 20,2010

The King of good times.

In a place like Vikhroli(as bizzare as the name could sound),it's undoubtedly a nice place to 'chill' with good food,drinks and of course some kickass company to compliment it,and Poptates is exactly one of those restaurants. People,most of them,come with an intention of spending quality time with their friends/spouse etc. It can't exactly be deemed as a family place,though quite many families dot here on various occasions. You'd mostly see college going students/ the working crowd / the daddy's spoilt princess' or rich spoilt brats who come here. It's overtly crowded most of the times and the place echoes with the clitter clatter of people perpetually,which could thorougly put you off if you're enjoying a nice conversation,never the less it still seems as a favorite hot spot for various categories of people who like coming here. I could deem it VFM,compared to other restaurants in the vicinity,but could be termed as tad bit expensive for the others.Some of the dishes are really good while the others could be equally bad or not match your expectations. The Chicken Spring Rolls,Chicken Chilly in the starters is a good accompaniment with a drink. The sizzlers deliver pretty much a huge portion for a single pax but ideally could be shared by two if it has to be eaten after a few starters. I could vouch for the Chicken Biriyani,though it's expensive,and oh yes,the pizzas are delicious too. The service is quite lousy at times,the waiters seem half lost,but,they're prompt most of the times. Once I was given a sizzling brownie with vanilla ice cream complimentary because their bill machine wasn't functioning and it was taking too long for the bill to arrive, we just got lucky that day:D. I definitely visit this place once in a couple of weeks,especially when i have to visit a friend in the vicinity. It has to improve the food in a certain areas and enhance their service,but nevertheless it's always been one of the top choices for many,but I do have some good memories attached to this place, so yes,it's one of my favorites=)
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Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

April 03,2010

Pop This!

Pop Tates is a place to unwind at, with friends over a weekend and that's precisely what we did. The restaurant, bigger and neater than most other branches of Pop Tates, is split into a big open-air section and indoor A/c section. We chose the latter only because the IPL was playing on giant screens inside. The place was packed to the tee, tables for two also occupied. It looked like all sorts of people had come here ranging from couples to families to wanna-get-drunk groups.
We started with a pitcher of beer with some American BBQ starters (a live BBQ was set up in the outdoor section). The Sweet Potato BBQ had a lovely smoked taste; served with mashed potato it tasted excellent and went very well with the chilled beer. I also indulged in some Caprioska and Mojito (which the waiter kept calling mo-jee-to). Both were well made, perfectly stiff.
The food menu was extensive with BBQ options, mini meals, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas and sizzlers. We called for Mexican Pasta (tasty but a bit too spicy - and the garlic bread served with it had gone stale), Mushroom sizzler (very good), Lamb burger (too rubbery).
So the food could definitely be better. Sizzlers recommended.
The service, though dumb, was fast and efficient even on a crowded day.
And well the place exuded happy vibes so we had a great time overall! We shelled out Rs.500 per head for a full meal with drinks.
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Aniruddha . - Burrp User

Aniruddha .

March 03,2010

Going South

Pop Tate's was definitely a nice place for youth and a good eat-out place for the IITians nearby, but sadly it is going down.

First the Positives (+)
+ Good ambiance, but they could cut down on the noise.
+ Live music provided by a young guy from St. Andrews college, sings well .. strums the guitar even better. And he won't stop at one song.
+ Good food (till yesterday), good suggestion by some of the stewards.
+ Nice outer seating area, but gets a little dusty cos of the roadway alongside

Now the brickbats (-)
- The service is going down, the stewards hardly pay attention and are more hooked onto the giant project screen inside the restaurant (pet peeve, totally hate the hotel staff hooked onto televisions put up for the patrons)
- Food ain't all that great, somehow it just lost the zing. The food sucks all the more on a weekend. By the time the starters appear on the table, they are kinda cold.
- Service is inconsistent, and there are no qualms about it.

Have been frequenting this place quite often and have loved it till date, but with a couple of recent disappointments, don't think am going back to this place again. :| R.I.P. Pop Tate's Vikhroli.
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Deepa Swaminathan-Sood - Burrp User

Deepa Swaminathan-Sood

January 31,2010

A Winner in this side of town...

Good joints in Central Suburbia tend to get missed out among the flurry of Bandra/Andheri/Malad reviews.

Pop Tate's in Vikhroli is nestled between Ghatkopar & Powai in the Kailash complex area. It's a huge place with indoor and outdoor seating, along with Timbuctoo, a lounge upstairs - good thing because the waiting is minimal.

The food is good - well presented... We ordered a Chicken Satay, a Sizzler and Apple pie with ice cream - all tasty and with portions perfect for 2.

Extra marks for the cocktails. The caipiroska and the strawberry margarita were well made and refreshing.

Service was prompt and attentive, and the whole affair was under 1k.

Nice for an evening out... or for a fun hang out with friends.

The -1 star is for chipped plates and average parkeing space :)
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rahul1978 - Burrp User


January 19,2010

Good food

Good food.Can be better. Location not too much to talk about. But for guys from Powai, nice place to eat the continental stuff
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i165964 - Burrp User


June 21,2009

Decent menu... quick service... ok crowd :(

Just like any other Pop Tate's PLUS loads of noise!!! Think it is the call centers in the area.

If you are visiting just avoid the Nachos. They are stale & the staff won't accept this fact!!!
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Priyanka P - Burrp User

Priyanka P

June 09,2009

Ho hum

This place is full during the weekdays, especially at lunch. And noisy. The last time we had been there it was so noisy, the waiter brought us the wrong dish as he had misheard the order!! Its near my office and there are a lot of call centres near the place as well, so expect a good crowd and book a table for lunch - especially on a friday.
The food is the standard Pop Tates fare. I like the fact that the menu is diverse enough to cater to all my office colleagues who tagged along - indian, italian, mexican... all good food. The only dish that didn't go well was their bruschetta - it was just a very cheesy garlic bread with a couple of tomato pieces.
Nice place to chill, though. Wish they could take a hint from their customer base (office lunch crowd) and their timing and turn the atmosphere (really loud music at lunch??) to a fun lunch place - at least in the afternoons.
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