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Isaiah - Burrp User


September 26,2015

Kids being served liquor illegally, Unruly behavior, No Security Measures in Place

Had a horrible experience at PopTates, which is an otherwise well managed restaurant, on the 25th Sep'15.
Did not know that Pop Tates serves liquor to youngsters below 25 years of age. These kids got drunk, started singing loudly, when corrected gently by someone sitting on the next table, started heaping verbal abuses. But the worst was they got physical with them and threw the restaurant property towards these guys. All of this happened in front of the manager and the waiters, who tried their best to contain this unruly behavior, but only when it went out of hand. There was no strong security to prevent such an incident. Really disappointing for a restaurant like Pop-Tates. Very poorly managed.
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BindiyaChotrani - Burrp User


March 14,2014

The unrestaurant

Not very different from restaurants like Jugheads and citrus, this place would be preferred more by a young and hippie crowd than as a family eat-out. Good music, good food, a noisy crowd you'd slowly get used to, a big screen when wanting to watch world cups, this place is just the perfect one to be at when there is a college group wanting to celebrate. The service though is quiet slow. They have some great food to offer like the sizzlers, the mewlyn fries etc.
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suman medda - Burrp User

suman medda

January 03,2014

lets party!!!

Its a nice place to chill out with friends, good food ,decent music, love their chicken sizzler in mushroom sauce , white sauce pasta, roasted lamb chilli, chicken burger, fish & chips. In drinks they hav good options not only for cocktails but mocktails too .Their peach iced teas are to die for. Options for desserts are a little limited- they usually burn their sizzling brownie leaving a bitter taste after your dinner and drinks. Apart from the above, the choclate mousse is very average (something I wouldnt reccomend) . Ambience is decent but crowded most of the times so waiting time becomes an issue, but is definitely worth the wait.
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dhruvil patel - Burrp User

dhruvil patel

October 25,2013

A good place to sit & hangout with your friends

If you just want to have a good time with your friends over drinks this is the place to be. you can sit order drinks and have a nice time. the pizzas are worth trying as well as the chicken starters. Also, using the burrp card for the 10 % discount on food made the visit worthwhile
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SAUMIL SHAH - Burrp User


August 19,2013

Beer place

A place which is most popular among youth and college people. Happy hours is when most of them drop in here. Alcohol is so cheap during happy hours. Food is also good. Sizzlers , paneer shashlik was good. Starters were also great .. nachos , cheese balls , french fries with cheese. Basli pasta was really well cooked . During weekends this place has long wait times .... because people really dont get up fast and the alcohol keeps pouring in !!!!!! Moderately priced and decent food .... Happy hours a steal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing music ......
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Shruti Bawari - Burrp User

Shruti Bawari

August 17,2013

Great place

Amazing place and fast service... the managers are also very alert and keep an eye on what one requires.. they know their regular clients so well and get along with them very nicely.. its quite cheap and value for money food..
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Avril Pinto - Burrp User

Avril Pinto

August 01,2013

wat do they say

u wanna get shit drunk..head out for pop tates happy hours..cheap food great drinks sports bar kind of feel and i have always always had a greaat time with my friends.. u dont know wat u are missing oit if u havent been here..so next time low on cash n want to get high..go here and head to d nearest club for a roaring night
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beyondeating - Burrp User


June 08,2013

Bar for Old men?

Me and my friend after a lot of thinking decided to go to pop tates.
I read a lot of good reviews about it on burrp and thought we definitely must try it.
The location of the place is very bad situated situated next to small shops ,we got down from the auto and before we entered the hotel we noticed many shady looking men outside staring at us.
It just got worst when we went inside the restaurant ,there were only elderly men drinking beer not even a single girl in the entire place .
We felt so uncomfortable that we ultimately decided to leave the place and go somewhere else.
I dont know whether the scenario is the same everyday or it was so as it was a weekday afternoon.
This is the first time in Mumbai that i felt such a thing in a restaurant .Sad .
It just made me realise that one must surely see the restaurant and then go instead of just reading reviews cause everyone's perspective is very diferent
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Mohit Bhutani - Burrp User

Mohit Bhutani

April 01,2013

Sizzlers are awesome

Go grab a pint of beer with your sizzlers. Its economical and good.
It is even crowded in there happy hours
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nitin_meh - Burrp User


March 02,2013

A place to chill (Especially with friends)

Good food,Great prices during happy hours.The mocktails are really good and the pitchers are priced reasonably
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Bhavya Kaushik - Burrp User

Bhavya Kaushik

February 06,2013

I love the Happy Hours !!

Happy Hours from 2:47 to 7:27 PM and that's enough to define this place !! Beer is good and I am going to this place since I joined my college which is in JVPD Scheme !! In food u must try cheese nachos and sizzlers !! Mocktails and Cocktails are worth giving a try !!
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kunus - Burrp User


November 11,2012

it rocks

Superb ambiance, superb music, lovely crowd, nice service and delicious food
I particularly love their sizzlers and pastas.
The pizzas are also decent.
My favorite ones are the melwin fries. The place plays amazing music and TV screens during matches is just good. A few beers and snacks at poptates make up for a perfect evening..
Its a steal if you visit during their happy hours
Not too heavy on d pockets though.
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farahj - Burrp User


November 11,2012

only good for music and alcohol

If you are looking for below average food, good music and cheap alcohol.You can visit this place. Its a fun place to hang out. But if ur main priority is food then u shall be disappointed. All their food is full of red masala. No difference between chinese italian india and mexican food. All taste the same. Service is poor as it is understaffed
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kuldeepj80 - Burrp User


November 10,2012

love dis place

I just love the vibrancy and liveliness that this place exudes. Amazing varieties in starters. I specially love their paneer shashlik and paneer tikka sizzlers. The Mexican sizzler is average without any gravy served along. Just mere vegetables coated in tangy sauce.
The booze is quite cheap. and if you visit the place during happy hours it is a steal. Nice music and screening of matches. Their Mexican pasta is really good and yummy. It is priced similar to jugheads and is a place for the youth.
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Danish  - Burrp User


November 10,2012

super casual

Live just 2 buildings away. Always like to drop in for a casual get together dinner with friends. Value for money. Booze being served is a bonus for some
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Santoshri Singh - Burrp User

Santoshri Singh

November 09,2012

love love love it

There have been many new restaurants mushrooming everywhere these days but Pop Tates is still full every single day for all these years and here is the reason why - they serve amazing food at amazing prices. Be it drinks or food! I prefer their sizzlers but the pizza is not half bad either and I was surprised by how good the prawn biryani was. Keep it up guys!
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Nikhil Chinchankar - Burrp User

Nikhil Chinchankar

November 09,2012

All time favorite!

Located right between the bustling area of versova, Pop Tates has carved itself a pretty big name for the Andheriites! Amazing happy hours, and delicious food, this place is definitely worth its reputation. Go with your friends for an evening of endless beers and amazing sizzlers. The mini meals are suprisingly good! Chicken wings are pretty damn good too! But my favorite are the CRISPY FRIED CHEESE BALL! A must have!! All this at affordable prices!

Cheers Pop Tate's! And thank you for providing a beautiful second home to me...
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bhumesh007 - Burrp User


June 15,2012

Nice place to hang out with friends

This place is located on a busy road where you can see the monorail link coming up.
Once you enter you completely forget about the chaos outside. The food is gr8 and the beer makes it so much fun!!!
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hogathon12 - Burrp User


May 31,2012

Good starters

I liked the ambience. Pepper blasted chicken starter is heavenly! The steak was decent but the mushroom sauce wasnt great. The drinks were also average. I wasnt very happy with my long island iced tea. Alfredo pasta was pretty good. A good place to visit if you like good starters.
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Deepanwitaa - Burrp User


April 25,2012

Fantastic Place

Absolutely great food. Complete value for money. Excellent place to just unwind with friends. Keep going back!
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Siddhant Kashyap - Burrp User

Siddhant Kashyap

November 29,2011


Lousy Day? No Problem!
Pop Tate's is just the answer!
Although it does sound like a marketing campaign, but for this joint its on the house!
A nice glass of beer after work or just hanging out with friends. What makes it even better? The happy hours that provide one on one free. So be sure to enjoy two pitchers of beer at the price of one. Slightly overpriced, the happy hours nullify all. I would suggest this place for evening twilight outings. Menu here ranges from sizzlers, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, steaks to mini meals. Fish N Chips or Barbecue Wings are always favorites with the drinks!
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Chirag.Vora84 - Burrp User


October 13,2011

Good food but pathetic staff

The food was good but the staff was pathetically trained. Very poor service.
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Balani - Burrp User


September 11,2011


Food tastes good and must be tried.

Staff is disgusting. 6 staff members present while only 5 tables occupied but they are least interested in serving the guests. They are busy to sort their own differences including the supervisor. Had ordered a sizzler, pizza and latter asked them to get me some French fries till the food is prepared. 

The best part is that sizzler and pizza arrive and french fries which was supposed to come first and keep me occupied till the main course comes. More interesting part is that food is brought on to the side station but each serving staff keeps debating whose turn is it to serve. 

Cherry on the cake is when I ordered an apple pie with ice cream, same process repeated, staff keeps debating and till it reached my table the ice cream had already melted.

The management needs to address this immediately.
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rajj1309 - Burrp User


August 19,2011

not gud at all

I had heard a lot abt them, but no variety in the menu.
menu is as usual like any other fast food joints.
service was so horrible that i cant explain it to you.
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Prasad Gupte - Burrp User

Prasad Gupte

August 16,2011

Another pop-tates, another good experience

Was here last saturday with friends. Glad they took care of the parking with the metro construction right outside. Ambiance is great, but the seating is slightly cramped. Love the chilli chicken garlic, chicken africano. Not in favor of Chicken Skewers, tasted as if it had vanilla essence or strawberry syrup in it. Service was a bit sluggish with the restaurant running at full capacity.
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Inder_k - Burrp User


July 10,2011

Pop is dead

There use to be a time when Poptates would rule, not any more, food sucks, waiters argue when you ask them for right food?
for e.g. They serve packet salsa sauce which looks like Tamarind chutney and even tastes like one, I told them this aint real salsa, which comprises of finely chopped tomatoes, onions, parsley and more like a paste.
Waiter tells me this is how a sauce should be.
Also, quality has started to suffer i hope they improve.
As for me i aint attending the funeral of Pop any more.
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nrukmini9 - Burrp User


April 25,2011

Delicious food and more…

Music, Beer, Food and a bunch of pals to gossip. What else does one need on a weekend? And it is more enjoyable when you have all this under one roof – at Pop Tate’s!!!

Talking about Food, we always find almost everything at Pop Tate’s yummy!!! Right from the Chicken Lollipop starters to the pasta, steaks and sizzler. We tried to order something from each section and it was delicious!!!

The best part is that you can eat it all at leisure and then order some dessert – the chocolate mousse, brownie and caramel custard just disappeared as soon as they arrived at our table.

The only bad thing is that it gets a wee bit crowded and needs expansion and the management needs to keep the loo clean (considering the fact that so much of beer is guzzled)!!!
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suzy  - Burrp User


April 23,2011

Pop Tate's suck's!!!!!

I was a regular in poptates, this review is not about the food or ambiance although they can sure do something about the space, waiting is not the issue, here its about attitude of the steward, some short guy who thinks he is cats whiskers and gives preference to girls whilst making couples wait for 40 mins not fair,he is quiet rude n makes personal remarks inspite of being told off he continues, I have also found cockroaches on their walls in the 1 floor as well as the ground level inspite of telling the manager the attitude sucked big time,i want the people to know inspite waiting for over 40 mins,paying the charges we are treated like some 2nd class citizens where cockroaches are prowling & the staff is so used to it all they don't show any reaction and are stoic n cold!! These guys need to pull up their socks.
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Avleen Khurana - Burrp User

Avleen Khurana

April 19,2011

Change your menu and your price list

hey no doubt poptates is a good place to eat. But we ordered food looking at the prices that have been uploaded on this site. And the price list differs.
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foodelicious - Burrp User


February 02,2011

Second Kitchen !!

Pop tate's is the most awesome place to guzzle beer, chill with friends and hog on sizzlers!!!

Having Melvin around is sheer joy !

And i must mention Swami - the ever so cheerful fella - always at his best !!

Areas of improvement - Cocktails, Music !!

its a pleasure walking into pop tate's ... i've practically tasted all items on the menu ...And am still not bored of the place !

Must visit again
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Menaka Neotia - Burrp User

Menaka Neotia

January 17,2011

the un-restaurant.. really now ;)

Anyway, try their steaks. They are fully loaded and yummy!! Place is packed with regulars for a drink or bite. They have happy hours in the afternoons. Their bloody mary is good!
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Leonidasguitar  - Burrp User


December 09,2010

Really good food.

I have been eating at pop tates since a really long time now, and i have never been disappointed with the food, everytime i go to poptates i relish the sizzlers, the sizzlers are the highlight of this place, they are very tasty, however lately the crowd here has been getting very young indeed and that will discourage families to dine here, moreover even the staff, is getting very, Lousy? previously the waiters and managers were very smart and friendly, but this place has changed. But IF you want to have some great food head to poptates never mind the ambiance.
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Shahid Hussain - Burrp User

Shahid Hussain

November 22,2010

Happy Hours Make Me Happy

Would describe the place as - "Walk in during happy hours (Well Before 8 pm) with a couple of friends and order a pitcher of beer. Have some snacks, chit chat with friends".
A good place to be with group of friends.
Note - Washroom is pathetic!!!
FOOD - They serve good -tasty Pasta!!!

I would rate this place average!!!!!!!
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kiwichick - Burrp User


November 14,2010


This was my 2nd visit to Pop Tates. The first experience, I would have to say, was okayish. Second was not the greatest I would have to say.

My hubby and I ordered for chicken lollipops as starters and a pizza for the main course. The lollipops were raw inside and the pizza was overladen with cheese and very little chicken. All in all - I would say the food quality to be rather average.

With regards to service, again, okayish. Nothing which stands out and nothing so bad either. Very run of the mill and what seems to be standard in most Indian restaurants. Meek, demure, almost scared waiters!

Good ambiance. Except for the fact that inside was a very heavy smell of cigarettes which makes it hard to breathe. Especially for a non-smoker like myself.

I wouldnt say this place is blacklisted, I may just allow myself to give this place another chance oneday!
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Vishal Shekhar - Burrp User

Vishal Shekhar

September 16,2010

i love dis place and food

I like this place. The food is just too cheesy and good on the pocket too. Visit here only if you are fond of Italian food.
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Richa Kumar - Burrp User

Richa Kumar

June 29,2010

Go for Food , Don't expect service

What to crave for --- The Food is delicious, awesome and if u r fortunate, the waiter would have registered your order correctly and even give you prompt delivery - you are at his mercy my friend !! :)

Tip: Please please concentrate on whats in front of u, enjoy it...so what if the Water is not served, or if the waiter forgets to get your french fries with sizzler, or he omits a part of your order completely, or if he generously out of will divided your soup in two bowls and serves u, or even if the water from the AC duct is dripping on u , remember you have come here for the hungry stomach.

The staff n management really needs to work on their service levels.
All written above is my experience over dinner.
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Poptatesrus - Burrp User


May 23,2010


Please email your addresses at poptatesrus@gmail.com to recieve free meal vouchers & discount coupons...
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UndrCoverCritic - Burrp User


January 03,2010

Horrible service!!!

Just freshly out of pop tates, and itching to write this. We got in, and waited forever for a waiter to notice us. I placed an order of tomato soup and a plate of steamed veggies to a fellow who barely spoke any english let alone understand what i was saying.
Half a min later maybe less not more, i called him back. And i requested him to get me the pomfret without the regular addons of mashed potatoes and salad( i think thats what he said came with it,as we could figure just one word of what he said i.e "salad") and to get me the steamed veggies with it instead. Ofcourse he could charge me extra if need be.
He says ' not possible order de diya, ban gaya". i said its ready in a minute??? so i say fine stick to the old order.
But i dont give up. I go down look for the manager, thinking its the old staff i know. But no, some new guy. So i explain the situation to him, he comes up double checks if i want boneless or with bones. I say boneless, hoping that finally somone got it right.
Next thing i know, there's a whole pomfret with bones:) mashed potatoes, salad and some steamed veggies on a plate. Plus an extra side order of steamed veggies.
Ah,,, and the tomato soup, what can i say but pl never order it. Its sour and thick maybe canned. Almost like hot ketchup. The fish tasted fine so i had just that and some veggies. Told them to dogggie bag the extra veggies, but it never came to us when we were leaving. And the bill came after eternity.
The only redeeming factor was that they dint charge me for the extra veggies. But all else was terrible. And the steam of the sizzlers is suffocating and absolutely no vent on the top section. So friends if you're not particular, welcome to pop tates. If you are, Beware...
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u dont wanna kno  - Burrp User

u dont wanna kno

December 26,2009

Hate the staff

The staff think they are the 'coolest' n 'hippest' in town.
Someone needs to buy them a drink and calm their school-boy nerves.
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Roanna Fernandes - Burrp User

Roanna Fernandes

December 16,2009


Spacing: Huge, compared to the one at Malad
Ambience: Pretty Average
Service: Can be improved
Food: Good (Pizzas and Pastas are pretty great)
Drinks: Cool, I espec. liked the Mojito
Desserts: The Sizzling Brownie takes the cake!
Pricing: a Little Expensive
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Pratish Sanghvi - Burrp User

Pratish Sanghvi

December 15,2009

Chill Out Place

Went on a weeknight here post 11ish and was pleasantly suprised to see this place buzzing with energy, and music ofcourse. We were seated indoor on the upper level pretty quickly. Really liked the ambiance that was apt to chill out, drink & hang around for a few hours.
While we were also hungry, we ordered a chunk of different dishes - chicken wings (terrific), bruchettas (ok), mushrooms (awesome). We then also ordered a couple of sizzlers - a veg one with exotic vegetables was very good and the chicken with pepper sauce was good enough too.
All in all, we were very happy with the quality of food. Service & staff wasnt something to rave about. While the warmth & the politeness appeared bleak, the service could get a little tardy. Nevertheless, there werent major screwups and we felt contended. Have taken a star off due thier service standards.
Other than that, highly recommend to go there with your friends and have a gala time.
Damage for 4 with drinks - 1800.
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gauri.k - Burrp User


December 11,2009

Must try the Apple Pie!

The moment I entered this restaurant, it played a kind of 90's theme in my mind's eye; I dig!
Happy hour benefits and Sizzlers later the puffs of cigarette smoke around the cramped up tables kinda got a little iffy...
Place is packed up during weekends and happy hours.

Sizzlers and Apple pie with ice cream are must haves!

Could do without the cigarette smoke and have-to-shout-over the music. Hence the average rating.
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bhaskarjoshi - Burrp User


October 07,2009


This one was a total disaster!!! The visit to Pop Tate's for dinner was a real mess right from the traffic clogging the road, but that was not the end of it. Rather that was the starting. After waiting for a table we thought we would enjoy our drinks and food (which we always do as we have visited this place often before) but the long wait to be served along with uncooperative service left a bitter taste in the mouth.
Though I love writing and sharing my thoughts Pop Tate's now which spills on the road and merges with the traffic leaves me with no inspiration to write further. If they want to keep up to their earlier standards they better shift to a proper venue, so these three stars are for their past record. Nothing more? nothing less!!!
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suzy  - Burrp User


September 18,2009

pull up your socks guys!!

i was a regular in poptates,this review is not about the food or ambiance although they can sure do something about the space,waiting is not the issue here its about attitude of the steward some short guy who thinks he is cats whiskers he give prefernce to gals who are all alone with other gals whilst making couples wait for 40mins not fair,he is quiet rude n makes personal remarks inspite of being told off he contuines,quiet few times i found cockroaches on there walls in the 1 floor as well as the ground level inspite of telling the manager the attitude sucked big time,i want the people to know inspite waiting for over 40 mins,paying the charges we are treated like some 2class citizens where cockroaches are prowling & the staff is so use to it all they dont show any reaction they are stoic n cold!!guys pull up your socks this is hospitality n service oriented bussz u can sleep n snore!!!!!
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Aayush Chokhani - Burrp User

Aayush Chokhani

June 09,2009

Improve Boss!

The food is good here but nothing beyond that is.

I went here with a bunch of friends for my Birthday treat. The place is too small to accomodate a restaurant. They have used up as much as they could. The aisle space betwen tables is limited which makes it a difficult task to move in and out of the place.

The service here is bad and the waiters are impatient and un-cooperative.

Offers on booze is good here but these guys really need to improve if they want to do a long term business in a place like Lokhandwala.
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Balaji Vaidyanathan - Burrp User

Balaji Vaidyanathan

May 18,2009

The place rocks!!!

One of the best places to eat around Seven Bunglows - Pop Tates rocks. You generally have to wait at least 1/2 an hour for a table any day of the week in the evenings - so it may make sense to reach a little early - by 8 or so.

What works for this place:
1. Great 80s and 90s music
2. Cheap booze
3. Great tasting and low cost food

Try their sizzlers, pastas, pizzas, burgers and wash it all done with some good bacardi and beer.
Finish with some nice chocolate mousse and maybe some nice bailies irish cream.

You'll be back for more sooner than later.
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Jay  - Burrp User


May 04,2009

rock on

perfect value for money...
food 4/5
service 4/5
price 5/5
ambiance 4/5

but please be ready to wait about 40 minutes to get seated. still, worth the wait
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champ_vg279 - Burrp User


February 18,2009

Its good..!!

POP TATE's. Man i love going there with my friends, calling in for a tower of beer and keep drinking till you are high in the sky.
The food apart from the sizzlers is strictly okay. I really don't like wat they have to offer for the starters. But i'm a fan of sizzlers. Probably because i'm able to finish the sizzlers all by myself. ;)
The service is also not that great. i mean they are slow.
But i enjoy myself there. So for the enjoyment.
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passioncool74 - Burrp User


January 17,2009

Give way to pedestrians

This is not related to food but an equally serious issue which needs to be addressed. Can this restaurant stop overflowing on the footpath which is meant for pedestrains to walk upon? Can they ensure that their valets move the cars from the front of their restaurant, especially so when there is only 1 lane open due to the ongoing metro work? Can their staff stop overcrowding on the footpath? This holds true for the other adjoining restaurants too but Pop's is the worst. Their staff & their valets are extremely rude with absolutely no consideration for passerby's. Difficult to believe that this place is owned by the same owners as legacy where warmth radiates from each staff member!
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Michael Kohli - Burrp User

Michael Kohli

December 21,2008

Gone bad

The food here is quite good. But the service makes me really unhappy with this place. Once after taking some guest there the waiter says the credit card machines are not working. This is after the meal.
On visiting this place last week I was happy to find many vacant tables. However the waiters were only interested in chatting with each other. After finally getting a waiter to my table I realised he would loose interest in my order each time a woman passed. Gave up and went to the restaurant next door.
A pity this place is being let down by staff.
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samshad.ali - Burrp User


September 11,2008

Gone Slack...

Used to love Ol' Pop's. Those days when me and my friends would bunk lectures and sit for a pitcher ! :) Although nowdays the place has changed a lot- for the worse. The staff is very rude and the food quality seems to have plumetted. The place is too noisy and untidy. I'm really tired of this place aand feel the hype is what it's living for as one burrper has rightly said. This is to inform that I'm giving it two only for old times sake.
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passioncool74 - Burrp User


August 28,2008


Everybody keeps talking about poptate's, but as per me, if there was 1 over hyped restaurant, then the prize would definitely go to Pop's. Extremely crowded, poor service, very noisy, expensive etc etc. Went there a couple of times, but was extremely put off by the entire experience. Purely targeted at the college kids & the waiters will pay attention only to pretty girls.
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Nupur Pathak - Burrp User

Nupur Pathak

August 16,2008

Did not enjoy!

This place has got a very mixed review from the fellow burrpers but i still went to try this place because some of my friends form this area said that it is the 'most lively' place on this side of the town.

We reached there at 2pm for lunch on a weekday. It was quite crowded and there was no sign of a valet. This is quite cumbersome since there is hardly any parking around. Anyway, i managed to get out while the hubby dearest kept searching for a parking for next 15 minutes.

It is a very tiny place with small seats, barely comfortable for a normal human being. The place was brimming with lots of youngsters and was very noisy. Hubby was still fuming with his parking woes and he immediately ordered a beer which came quickly. I asked for a bloody mary. It was the most disgusting one i have ever had. I meediately swiched to beer. We ordered a few starters like chicken wings (they have it in various sauces) and a chicken kabab off the tawa. Both were ordinary if not outright bad. This was followed by a chicken burger and a sandwich of chicken salad. The bread was good in both of them but everything else was not even worth mentioning. The burger patty was just barely a few mm thick and flavourless. Chicken salad had some cheap mayo and traces of chicken. We asked the server to get us some Tobasco to spice up the food and he responded that "we dont give it as it spoils food taste"...haah, as if we were dining at Gordon Ramsay's signature restaurant!

We were quite disgusted by now and decided to leave. This is not a place for me. Bye bye pop tates.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

April 26,2008

flagship drowning

The malad one is definitely better, cooler less attitude.

The valets here pretend as if they own the entire road, but the moment they see a girl, fall over trying to please, so what do u want us to do --- wear skirts - Sure look at my fricking size man
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Omar Hamid - Burrp User

Omar Hamid

March 08,2008

Viva the Happy Hour!

Look I like this place, I am not sure what so many reviews were complaining about. In this price range its good enough for me. At Rs. 250 for TWO pitchers (only during happy hours), its simply unbeatable. The quantity of beer is decent in their pitchers, and it isn't watered down one bit (as I am sure they do in other VFM happy hour joints).

The food isn't good or bad in any specific way, the fries are decent enough and equally well priced. Dunno if the cocktails are worth it...

They let you smoke INSIDE!! What a freakin pleasure, too many places are getting stricter on the smoking thing.

The head of staff with a sparkling personality makes it fun to wait in line outside, if you strike up a conversation with him he's always ready and willing to keep you busy while you wait for a table. I like the way that this place is not too 'posh' and not too 'dingy', its great in the middle.
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roch1982 - Burrp User


November 13,2007

Awful Service

The lone star rating is only because rating is necessary. The service at this out is pathetic. The fact it's a hole in the wall and a little seedy can be overlooked but the pathetic service cannot.

If I were to visit Pop Tate's it will be the Malad outlet. Can't see how the flagship restaurant could be so bad. The only way to improve is to give the staff a course in customer service and etiquette. I have received better service at an udippi eatery at lunch hour than what I got at this place.
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psybuhr - Burrp User


February 03,2007

Does the Pop have taste??

When the Pop was new & the catchy(& famous) name still exciting,
i was introduced to it in versova. Back then i loved it, everything about it, i wanted to take all my friends there, and keep going there!

It's now expanded & has opened in Mulund & at Saki Naka. And it's never been the same again.

Since the one at Saki Naka is closer to home, i've gone there QUITE a few times. It's still got great ambience & it's famous happy hours is still a crowd puller. But the food has just become horrible.

Everytime i go there, no matter what i order, nothing tastes GREAT anymore?!
I was there 2 days back, & it'll probably be the last time i'd be there wantingly!
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akhilesh bali - Burrp User

akhilesh bali

February 01,2007

value for money!

While a lot has been said about the ambiance out here what struck me was the prices. A decent 12"pizza for 120 bucks. I quite like it and to top it you get free drinks during the happy hours.
All in all a nice place which stands out like their tagline-d unrestaurant!
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Nidhee kekre - Burrp User

Nidhee kekre

February 01,2007

Amazingly relaxed.

This is a place where i have spent great many evenings, and so far have never not enjoyed one. The idea is to simply relax. Out of all the outlets that they have opened and after having been to all I can say...the flagship outlet is the best!

The food they serve is a mix, with some items that are unqiue to this place. The service is good... barring weekends. The ambience helps you unwind. The portion sizes are good and one can have a nice fulling meal here. The prices are competitve and match up to the kind of food dished out.

Look out for their veg starters... some good original recipes there.
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Ankur X - Burrp User

Ankur X

December 07,2006

Fun and double fun....

I eat here once a week. Its a fun place to hang out at. Things you have got to try:

Afrikano chicken
Kentuky fried lollipops
dijon fish


Oh please oh please try the
Litchi punch (5* too good)
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Deap Ubhi - Burrp User

Deap Ubhi

August 15,2006

Lively Atmosphere; Mediocre Food

Pop Tate's, a popular Versova restaurant, certainly has an energetic, fun-loving vibe to it. It's a shame the food could not match. We ordered some Punjabi-style Penne Pasta (which simply turned out to be penne cooked in the same gravy as tikka masala); Penne Arrabiata; and Veg. Sizzler w/Mushrooms.

The first Punjabi-style penne was simply a mismatch of flavors - pasta simply does not go with tikka masala sauce. The penne arrabiata was the best thing we ordered - hearty and spicy with gracious portions of garlic bread. The veg. sizzler dish was bland and gave me a stomach ache the next day.

All in all, Pop Tate's does a great job creating a fun, hip environment to dine in, but the food is simply not up to par.
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June 25,2012

review for the pizza i had

pizza was below average,rather eat somewhere else
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