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our2cents - Burrp User


July 29,2014

Average fare..

Average fare at 2500 per person the variety is disappointing. No beverages, very little Asian fare, no Pasta Counter and the Salad counter unmanned, very few placards for the dishes. With BKC becoming increasingly popular with foodies, I seriously suggest Trident shrug off their complacency and try to attract walk-ins instead of just focusing on their in house guests.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Our2cents,

Thank you for taking the time to post your review on Burrp. Your feedback is held in high importance by our team at O22.

I am disappointed to know that you did not enjoy the variety of our buffet spread, please accept my apologies for the same. Your feedback has been shared with our team and I assure you a marked improvement on your future visits.

I would be grateful if you could write to me at abhishek.panshikar@tridenthotels.com so that I can better understand the issues you faced at O22.

We regret the loss of your wholesome experience at O22 and look forward to welcome you again.

Warm Regards,

Abhishek Panshikar,
Hotel Manager

Sahir K - Burrp User

Sahir K

April 14,2014


I have been to TRIDENT BKC a number of times however my last experience (THE NIGHT OF 12/04/2014) was very bad since there were too many mosquitos in the bar section of O22.

Service as always was fantastic as were the beverages and finger food/bar snacks. Rovel, our server was absolutely fantastic as the bartender and provided us with some excellent service.

They had appointed a person as a mosquito swatter to do away with the mosquitoes however it was not enough and there is only so much one man with a swatting machine can do in the huge O22 area. Above all it was an invasion of privacy while this one person stands around and tries to kill mosquitoes inside, under and around our table. My friend who was wearing a sleeveless top had one side of her back completely filled with bites however we let it slide and just left as soon as we were done with our order. It was an easy chance of catching an illness.
There were also too many mosquitos while I was waiting for the valet to bring out my car.

I am giving 3 stars but purely for the service and quality of service.
TRIDENT BKC hope you are listening this is a matter of serious concern.

Sahir Kotadia
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leyalidances - Burrp User


January 07,2014

Sushi Consistency- Not So Much

Dear 022,

Being an outsider, I recognize that consistency and standards are loose around Mumbai. However, I was disappointed that this lack of consistency is also found at your restaurant at the likes of the Trident hotel. Husband and I recently went here to satiate a sushi craving, and found the goods to be quite decent, if pricey- the California roll was legit, and the shrimp tempura roll done well. The avocado roll had some panko rolled around the rice- not sure why this was needed, and I wasn't a fan. So I figured when I'd order from you again, I'd stick to the tempura and Cali, and all would be happy in my pregnancy craving sushi world.

Recently ordered some more sushi, and dug in only to find that the crab in the California roll was spiced (why would anyone ever, ever think to make this lovely classic roll SPICY?), and you used the panko-around-the-rice method of rolling the shrimp tempura- not the same way it was made last time.

I sigh, only because I was hoping to have the same experience as I enjoyed the first time, and I didn't enjoy the way the rolls were made this time around. Who wants to return anywhere not knowing what they're going to get each time? Perhaps there was a different chef today, but this is no excuse for lack of consistency in method/preparation- isn't that what makes a loyal customer come back after all? Please work on this! Your clients will be all the happier for it.

Disappointed by 022
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Pooja Pujari - Burrp User

Pooja Pujari

September 17,2013


Fantastic and would definitely recommend it as the best place for all foodie.
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Sakshi Bagri - Burrp User

Sakshi Bagri

May 08,2013

Not that great!!

HI I work in Bandra Kurla complex and being a weekday thought of dining with my friend in some good place at BKC after work on Friday.
As BKC does not have many great eateries, thought of researching on the net. Found about O22 and thinking Trident would be a safe bet for dinner buffet.
The kabas very good specially the cottage cheese kabab. But was very disappointed with the service. The kebabs arrived very late and so did the rotis. The service is very slow and the staff do not even feel apologetic about it . At this exuberant price would rather try where the place is appreciative of the customers time.
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eaglests1 - Burrp User


February 20,2013

Not a great experience

First review didn't save I guess so second attempt. Went to 022 for lunch yesterday with my wife and parents. The spread pretty good at first sight but proved meagre when we got down to the business of eating. The staff, though plentiful, was tough to attract, they always seemed busy in something. The kebabs, apparently are served at the table. We saw about 4 different varieties in non veg and asked for an assortment. They made us wait for 10 minutes and got us 4 pieces of one type of kebab, when there were 4 of us at the table. Further demands for the other 3 types of non veg kebabs got us veg kebabs instead, go figure :). The overall taste of food was average at best. We are regulars at Vista, Taj Lands End and its safe to say that 022 does not come close in either range or taste of food, although both places are priced similarly (close to Rs 2000). Very hit and miss type of experience. I know it's a business hotel but still, I guess my expectations were too high.
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Sandeep Kriplani - Burrp User

Sandeep Kriplani

December 15,2012

Service not good

Ambiance - 8/10
Food - 6/10
Service - 4/10

Corporate group dinner buffet at O22.
Not much choices of starters with buffet. To top it, they do not seem to serve multiple rounds of starters even after repeated requests, since the quantity per serving is too less. Also complained about not serving soup even after request. They were not even sorry for that.

Good ambiance, but bad experience with service. Try at your own risk.
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Sumeetsachar - Burrp User


November 11,2012

Excellent breakfast.

Their breakfast buffet is awesome. The choice is simply mindbogling. The egg preparations like eggs benedict and eggs florentine are fantastic. The South Indian options like idles and doses are very good. The spread also includes cold cuts, waffles , pancakes, croissants and pastries. A special mention needs to be made of their service which is exemplary.
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Vikram Khanuja - Burrp User

Vikram Khanuja

September 10,2012

The food was awsome

I have been there,the food was awsome,the staff is good,sushi was yumm...and tikkas,pizzas,kebabs...where out of this world
however the damages where very high but the food justifies it...nice bar also...
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Sumit Vats - Burrp User

Sumit Vats

August 28,2012

had a bad experience in o22

m a frequent visitor of o22 keeping in mind the services in food of the restaurant i invited my friend for late nite dinner on Saturday (25th august) earlier a lady chef raima or saima was their ,was very courteous ,cheerful and food prepared by her was remarkable , but this time a new chef was their (sajid) , gentleman was very weird and his body language reflects that he is tired and in a great hurry , the way he talked ,made me feel offensive in front of my guest , I'll not recommend this restaurant to any 1
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Sumit,

I will convey your appreciation of good service to Chef Saima. Chef Sajid has been working with us for sometime know and we sincerely apologize on his behalf for the inconvenience caused to you and your guest.

I would like to invite to back to O22 for a meal with your guest and allow us to redeem ourselves in this regard.

Please call me on +91 9930455730 and let me know when you would be able to join us.

Warm Regards,
Anand Chatterjee

jackie10 - Burrp User


February 02,2012


Do not even bother to phone this hotel. Today's experience = around 11.30 a.m. I phoned the hotel 5 times, asked to be connected to 022, was put on hold with fancy music, and got disconnected every time.
Now if they cannot attend to phone calls, I wonder what type of service they would offer if one had to come to the restaurant.
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December 14,2011

Good dining

One relatively less hectic weekday afternoon, we colleagues decided to head to Trident for lunch. We did not have a reservation and hence were requested to wait for about 10 minutes while the table was being set up. The dining area is bright and sunny with light colored walls. The tables were good in size and the chairs, really comfortable.

We decided to opt for the buffet so that we could be back to office in time. There was a nice variety of salads and cold cuts and the sushi was very good. Limited options for starters, but the kebabs were well marinated and perfectly cooked in tandoori style. A vegetarian starter made of beet root was very tasty. The main course, however, was very run of the mill with mainly dal, paneer, aloo, mixed veg etc. Thai curry was good.

The desert section was elaborate with good variety in both ‘with egg’ and ‘egg-less’ options. The coffee cake and banana mousse cake were excellent. I think that their bakery and patisserie must be very good as even the bread rolls were very soft and fresh.

Quality of service was top notch. Servers were always present but without being intrusive - just the way it should be. Not even once did we have to call for water or clearing of plates between the courses. A good dining experience overall, though main course could be better.
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Tania  - Burrp User


December 08,2011

Loving it!!!

I'm going to be very objective with this review because i believe it should help other people! Although we had a perfect evening and perfect dinner, a couple of reasons have made me give it just 4 stars!
The first is that, there was no one at the reception desk when we entered, so we just had to walk in. However, we did have one of the waiters show us a table when we were a little lost.
Secondly it would have been nice to read the name of a dish on the buffet instead of it just saying "chicken" or 'vegetarian". Being a 5 star, you do a lot of ingredients that one may have never tried before. so knowing what it is helps. When asked about this, we were told that since their menu keeps changing they cannot have individual tags...I'm sure there's a way around it to make it easier for the customers.
Thirdly, there wasn't a lot of choice with respect to the sushi counter...being a Pan Asian buffet spread...i expected more than 2 options - veg and non veg included!

Now the good part....once we were seated, everything was just great! The service...the unlimited beer...the food...all perfect!
Big thank you to the server Rohit, who got me ice cream because i thought they were shutting the entire buffet at 11:30 and ran to fill my plate!! :)
The experience of dinning in this big wide open space is just awesome!

I think this is a place everyone should try....its worth your time and money!!!
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Rajesh Jain - Burrp User

Rajesh Jain

November 03,2011

Awesome experience

About last week me with my family went to this restaurant to have lunch. We never knew there is such property in that locality.The interior of the hotel was quite good.We went there and we asked the reception they suggested some Italian restaurant but we are regular to Cellini in hyatt so we wanted to try sum thing else and they informed us about a buffet restaurant, we went in there we were welcomed with a great smile by the server and he had a chat with us like he knew us since we were kids that was awesome. Like other restaurant we weren't confused about what to have and what not to have the server explained us that the best thing to go for was buffet...and the service was so fast that i cant explain how i was feeling, before we could order for the starter and bread it was already there on the table it was like the guy was reading our mind. the tomato soup on the buffet was so delicious hats off to the chef and I have to say that these people served the best sushi I had in my life.We troubled the server a lot like we do in all restaurant:p but the guy was so happy to do whatever we wanted we never experienced this anywhere... special thanks to that server i guess his name was srinath or srishanth sum what like that he made our day special over there we have suggested our family and friends to dine in there hope they get the same experience......guys who love to dine in different resto and are crazy behind good food and service visit this restaurant.... i rate this restaurant 10/10...keep it up..will be back soon....
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abhhishekk - Burrp User


February 15,2011

Good experinece but could have been better

Date: 14-02-2011, Meal: Dinner, People: 2

After a series of options my wife & me decided to have a quiet peaceful dinner at O22.

Called up 022 for making reservation and spoke to Ronald (or Roland), he was very courteous in briefing us about their spreads & promptly made a reservation.

We were greeted with a warm smile and guided towards our table.

The decor and the ambience of the restaurant is done well, though not classy but still good & competent.

The buffet spread is really good and expansive. It consists a good variety of Indian and other international cuisines.

We took off our dinner with their house bread & Kebab platter.Where the breads were strictly OK the Kebab's were lipsmacking.Our platter included of Malai Kebab(cotage cheese),Pineapple, Papaya & pear kebabs. Though unusual but they were very tasty.

The Salad counter was very limited and didnt have more options to choose from, i liked the Pasta & peas salad a lot where as the wife was relishing the healthy strawberry salad.

Coming to the Main course it consisted more of Indian Varieties. It included Alu Ghobi, Mix Veggies, Aloo hara pyaz, Panner makhani, Dal Kandhari & Watana.

Whereas other sabzi'z were ok/good, paneer makhani was inpalatble!, it was so sweet it could have won accolades if it was kept at the desert counter. I never understood the logic of making Paneer makhani sweet.Dal kandhari was also strictly ok.

The desert section was above average. They had an expansive eggless options which was very appreaciative.The desert section consisted of Indian Sweets, Pastries, Cut fruits etc.

The chefs were chatting with the customer and explaining them the spread which was very good.

The overall service was Ok, but i waited for my helping of Rotis for atleast 15 minutes, i tried to notify this issue to the other stewards but they seem to be very busy with their work.

An overall Good Experience but it could have been better if the service becomes more helpful & considerate.

Damages: 3300 for 2

Ambience: 810
Service: 610
Food: 810
VFM: 8.510

Note: The above mentioned reviews are totally based on personal experience & the same should not be held as any deciding factor by the other individuals
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Esprit Noir - Burrp User

Esprit Noir

January 29,2011

In One Word... Excellent!

Have been to this place twice. Both slightly special occassions, that deserved a really special treat. And both times, have come back with a feeling of "WOW!"

The second time was just the last weekend, with my family, for a really lavish Sunday brunch. And I mean the spread was really lavish. Starters included Indian kababs, Burmese Khowsuey, Japanese sushi, over a dozen salads and appetizers. And then the main course included, some really great Indian dishes and continental grilled meats, biryani, and i don't even remember what not. Sunday buffet also includes some drinks, for the alcoholics there is beer (only one variety though - Kingfisher.having only the one choice was a tad disappointing) and some great white wine. I tried a chilean white wine, and i loved it!

Also, as a special request, we managed to get oil-free, simple yet really tasty vegetarian dishes for my dad who has some diet restrictions. For those without restrictions, the desserts were also lovely, and for somebody who isn't really into desserts, even i had a great time at the dessert counter. Full compliments to Chef Anuraag and his team for a really wonderful spread of food, and taking care of us so well.

Even the staff was excellent : friendly, attentive, and very helpful. Both times, I couldn't help but compare them with the staff at Lotus Cafe at JW Marriott, our other fav Sunday brunch haunt and the team at O22 beats them hands down, each time. Rasika and team, keep it up :)

Overall, i think this is a great place to go out to celebrate for a special occassion, or just whenever you feel like indulging and treating yourself and somebody else to a great time. Cheers :)

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pariktank - Burrp User


October 04,2010

022 - Trident BKC - thoroughly enjoyable!

Visited 022 for the dinner buffet some time back. One of the best dinner buffet experiences.
The staff and service was attentive and friendly.... just the right amount. They are not "in - your - face" types. The chef / sous chef first showed us around the buffet spread and encouraged questions. This was nice. Normally I just ignore things I don't understand. But this way, I tried a couple of interesting salads.
Food was great. Especially enjoyed the cold cuts, cheese and breads. Main course was excellent. For a change the punjabi vegetables had different flavors and one could actually taste the vegetables rather than just the masala. Deserts definitely above par.
All in all, super experience. Definitely worth a repeat. Hospitality made all the difference.
Now, only if they could regulate the air conditioner, it would have been so much more comfortable. I have promised to go back wearing a suit!
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Viraj Shah - Burrp User

Viraj Shah

August 26,2010

Great Ambiance.....Decent Food.....

Super Ambiance.........Love the White Color.........Pretty Looking Place.....Ha Ha....

I tried the Buffet out there is pretty decent.......Nothing Great....You got to try the Pizza out there....its fantastic...

Great Service.......Decent Food.....That is what 5 stars are known for.....Ha ha....
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Viraj,

Thank you for your appreciative comments about our O22.

We are pleased to know that you enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant. Do make time to try out our New World Wine and Caipiroska Sunday lunch which also includes exotic sparkling wines. The buffet is a fabulous spread of world cuisine and tempting desserts. We assure not to disappoint you.

You may call O22 at 91 22 66727610/ 66727611 to make a reservation. You may also write to us at dining.bk.mumbai@tridenthotels.com.

Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

Thank you,
Zakia Kazi
Assistant Communications Manager
91 9930455705

Aditya Sharma - Burrp User

Aditya Sharma

June 11,2010

Sheer Brilliance

There are two things that I never say no to - Free Food & Free Gifts ( the more expensive the better!). So when one of my childhood friends called up to catch up over lunch at the newly opened Trident @ BKC, I just was not able to say no (his treat obviously!).

So here we were in this amazing hotel deciding where to eat; when one of the employees (I love these guys man, so darn polite; what planet are they from?) directed us to their highly acclaimed 022 restaurant.

This is an amazing place, so open, classy, well designed and warm. Although I wasn't too taken in with their color scheme for the walls - very dessert'ish!

Their food, simply amazing and out of this world. They do a lot of preparations in front of you; so the food is fresh, freshly cooked and served straight onto your table - from sushi to pizzas in a wooden oven - all happens right there. Once here I would highly recommend their Sushi, the Souffles and for those who do not want to experiment; their Pizzas are a must try.

On the price bracket, this place is not for the faint hearted as a meal for two can easily take you back by approx. Rs. 4000 without alcohol!!! (thank God I wasn't paying!)

The service - impeccable! One place where I loved the service more than the food (hands down).
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Zakia,

Thank you for your quick response to my experience at 022. (See guys, this is what I'm talking about. Their service levels are out of this world)

When next in Mumbai, this is one place I would surely love to come back to. Kudos to Vishi & his team at The Trident.


Alpana Mandal - Burrp User

Alpana Mandal

June 07,2010

Breakfast @ O22

'Twas a day that we had a very, very important meeting. And thus, we decided to have a pre-meeting meeting at the Trident over breakfast. Sleepy and hungry at 9 am, I reached the hotel and immediately called to the waiter who was walking around O22 with hot coffee. Three cups down and able to hold a decent discussion with my colleagues, I was finally ready for breakfast.

I ordered for the eggs benedict and it was really awesome! The english muffins were beautifully coated with eggs and had some potatoes on the side which seemed like an in-between of hash and mashed potatoes. I could taste the butter all the way through. And you know what Julia Child said about butter - "With enough butter, anything is good!". One colleague ordered for pancakes and another had the buffet. Both seemed extremely satisfied.

Menu variety
We had a breakfast menu and it spread from the dosas to the parathas to the eggs to the pancakes. Any breakfast you'd want to have, you will find it here.

I have two issues - one small and one large.

Small issue - The first time the steward poured me some coffee, he poured in cream without even asking me. I was talking to my colleague and by the time I realized, the damage was done. I wish 5 star hotels didn't stereotype Indians to white coffee drinkers. At least ask!
Big issue - So for breakfast, they serve you bottled water. Don't remember the brand, but this has to be some kind of branding exercise. I have a dislike for bottled water (no advantages, just a big hoax. i urge you to google it). I had to specifically ask for regular water. I think they should give you a choice upfront. Trident, are you listening?

Points cut for the stupid step-up step-down between the seating and the entrance to the restaurant. Also, some buffet items were somewhere on the step-up and I would hate stepping up/ down while carrying my plate of food (Note: I am prone to tripping). Everything else is great, including the light coming in from the large windows and even the view, surprise, surprise!

Value for money
Actually, the food and ambiance are really worth the prices (unlike at India Jones, for example). The eggs benedict costed Rs. 450, but the experience was worth it. Coffee is unlimited and that's totally VFM for an addicted coffee drinker like me!

Best place for a business lunch / dinner if you're at BKC.

And in conclusion...
If you like visiting 5 star places and don't mind the steep prices, don't give this place a miss!
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Gdoshi - Burrp User


May 19,2010

Excellent sunday lunch

The sunday lunch was outstanding. The wine was good and the food was excellent. Service too was great. strongly recommend. Expensive but definitely worth it.
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Aniruddh Chaturvedi - Burrp User

Aniruddh Chaturvedi

May 17,2010

Best. Buffet. Ever.

I visited O22 for New Years, when they had recently opened.

It was an amazing experience. The staff was amazingly polite, hospitable, courteous, friendly and well-attired.
The chefs, waiters and staff had personally wished all of us a happy new year.

The dinner was AMAZING. This was easily the best buffet I had in Mumbai. They had a promotional offer for the evening. The mocktails part of the buffet. I tried all the drinks I've ever wanted to try. Mojitos, margaritas, some of their own specialties, etc.

Their buffet comprised of sushi, salmon, amazing Indian, a huge dessert spread, Italian, Mexican, among other dishes.

The ambiance was really "warm". The decor was fantastic.

Everything was amazing about this place.

I'd suggest you make a visit to this restaurant. It's worth several tries! :)
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KR  - Burrp User


March 07,2010

Great service, good food

The two of us landed up here last night after the 'do' at the old Drive-In. We were a bit grubby, and thought 022 wud be the right place for a light dinner.

We got a very nice welcome and were quickly directed to a nice quiet table along the glass wall - very well located. The lady who was taking our order sure knew the menu and the chef well. We were keen on a pasta, but not the creamy sort, and she sure was able to get us something suitably light in durum wheat pasta. In addition, we shared an asparagus soup - definitely worth recommending. Finally we ended with a sinful dark chocolate dessert - again top notch. The soup, pasta and dessert costed us Rs. 1,200.

It took a bit of time for them to figure out what is chilly olive oil, but they innovated well by mixing chilly flakes and olive oil. But they managed to get us what we needed quickly.

This place is well designed to cater to a diverse crowd - from a romantic twosome (for a quiet dinner) to a boisterous crowd (for the buffet).

Well done 022 - we shall be back. Looks like Nitesh has been checking this forum regularly for feedback. :)
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Addy07 - Burrp User


January 10,2010

Dining at BKC Trident Now open!!!

A location that many from town would not choose to come, however the place with its young bubbly staff and fresh ambiance is worth a visit. Went there for the first time after knowing that they have 3 restaurant, choose 022 assuming them to have a larger variety to offer.
Being a party of four we went for their international buffet as the best options. variety was fairly good for the price offered.( close to INR.1350), wines by glass is reasonably priced and a decent selection. from the food the appetizer were good ( Sushi not!) Indian main course the dal was Ok.. but rest was fine. Dessert spread seems like a main course and can be intimidating....
Its to wait and watch how long can this price and standard be sustained...
A visit back must for the friendly service and evolving food
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Shantanu  - Burrp User


December 22,2009

Oh-Two-Two is Oh-So-Good!

Four of us went here for an office dinner just last week and we were quite honestly blown away. The entire hotel itself has been done up beautifully and tastefully. There is a definite exuberance in the decor, exuding class all the while. We chose to dine at 022 because of the variety of cuisines we were told they served.

The buffet looked rather interesting so we decided to go with that. It was a set-menu, with a large variety of unlimited salads/starters and desserts, with one main-course dish. The selection for the main-course was very impressive, and at Rs.1400 per head, it seemed like a good deal.

The starters included plenty of seafood and fresh green salads. There wasn't a lot to choose from by way of chicken, but being a "fishatarian", I'm not complaining! The Roast Chicken we ordered for the main-course was roasted to perfection. The baked potatoes and mushroom jus it came with score a perfect 10.

The only reason this restaurant doesn't earn a 5-star rating is because the desserts were, in one word, disappointing. It certainly looked better than it tasted. In short, if someone were to be blindfolded and fed a cake from here as well as a cake from a smaller, cheaper bakery - they probably wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

On the whole, though, a great experience. Service was quick and courteous. The restaurant manager coming over to thank us for our patronage and offer any assistance we may require, was a nice gesture. The ambiance made for a nice evening, all in all. Definitely worth a second visit!
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