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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Paya Shorba, Chicken Tikka and Butter garlic Mushr
  • Few people mentioned Family dinner

Additional remarks from reviews:

Quality going down and prices are rising
Staff needs training
Prefer outdoor seating as indoor stinks
rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


July 10,2015

Awesome Butter Chicken

The Butter Chicken and Chicken Kadai is absolutely awesome here. The taste is so good that you feel like keep eating it. Four of us finished four plates of Butter Chicken and Chicken Kadai each.

Have it with Tandoori Roti or Naan, it is a very good combination.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 30,2015

Quality north Indian food

Masala zone is one of the very few places that serves good quality north Indian food in Sobo at reasonable price. The food is pretty good in taste.Its fresh, cheap and good in quantity. The wooden bench at the windon is nice seating for a group and adds a little privacy. The dishes there had funny and attractive names. We had ordered "Cheese se bhara khumb", it was cheese filled mushrooms. The Kabuli Chicken had nice stuffing in them. Overall a hearty delicious spicy meal.
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Jagmandeep Singh - Burrp User

Jagmandeep Singh

April 21,2015

Favorite Place

We have tried out pretty much every dish on the menu. Over the years, Masalazone has become an extension of our kitchen at home. We order at least once a week, if not twice. Each dish on the menu of par excellence. When every we return from a holiday trip, our first meal is from here.

Our standard order is Dal Bukhara, Butter chicken. Being a North Indian, I can vouch that they serve by far the best butter chicken in this part of Mumbai. In starters, Achari Paneer Tikka, Murgh Kalimirch and Murgh Makhni are to die for. The taste, aroma and price just simply outstanding. There portion sizes are big.

Over the years they have become famous in our friend circle as well. People visiting our place for dinner, tell us in advance to order there dishes. The service is extremely prompt, staff well trained and polite. If I had to rate this outlet,

Food 4.5 out of 5
Service 4.5 out of 5
Quality 4.5 out of 5
Price 4 out of 5

Overall, 4.5 out of 5. Highly recommended. If you haven't tired this place, you are seriously missing out on some really good food.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

Food is really nice

You have to be here to have some amazing North Indian and Mughlai food..I love the butter chicken, chicken tikka, pnavratan korma, gosht biryani, naan, stuffed kulcha..everything is lip smacking which is not easy to find in Mumbai. But service could be better,I have been here with family twice and both times our orders were mixed up with some other table and had problems with billing..but food is so good!
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Jerson Monterey Jack - Burrp User

Jerson Monterey Jack

October 04,2014

value for money

Excellent food,good value for money,friendly staff, nice ambiance...would definitely return here time and again.
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jess72192 - Burrp User


July 03,2014

Perfect masala dine- in!

If you're not sure of a good dine-in place,masala zone is an ever welcoming spot for some good indian cuisine starting with the starters,main course and lip smacking desserts- butter garlic prawns, angara chicken, prawn biryani and caramel custard is definitely a good try! Peaceful ambiance, not too over priced and good service.
In all up to the mark! :)
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ashish.talreja - Burrp User


May 28,2014

Normal food . Average service. Absurd prices.

I decided to visit the place after reading a number of positive reviews about the place. The food was strictly average. Service was poor. The icing on the cake was the absurd taxes they have 400 bucks taxes on a food bill of 1200. NOT ACCEPTABLE. No alcohol was ordered either.
Really dissapointed as the staff could not even explain the break up.
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Shailesh Singh - Burrp User

Shailesh Singh

May 02,2014

Cool place to hang out !!!!

Been there with college buddies...couple of them traveled from other states and we were kind of finding out a place to hang out and have good fun with no ifs n buts. I ended up suggesting this place and usually we hang around in Bandra west typically any of those known pubs so i was little skeptic intially. However i went ahead and suggested...when we met, we thoroughly enjoyed the place, the food. Some complain is about the screen where they display those matches, kind of reflection or may be clarity was not there much but see who bothers much when you are with your close buddies :) Food was good , we enjoyed. A bit of comment from one of my friend for Lemon Chicken as it dint go well with super foodie's taste , rest was totally enjoyable. Enjoyed the complimentary drinks totally and as the bill averages out to be 1250 per head for 4 hours spent there. What else you can demand for your pocket! So people who plan to check their friends and have loads of fun freely can step in with no second thoughts. People who wanna go for date may look for other options ;)
Cheers & thanks to Team Masalazone , keep it up!
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wbw11977  - Burrp User


March 29,2014

Another home

When me n my family plan to go out for dinner this is first place that comes to our mind. Good cocktails, friendly staff n good food specially for north indians. They are also my personal favourite for home delivery
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spice154 - Burrp User


December 09,2013

Must try

Tucked away in a lane near lilavati hospital the food and ambience is something many people get surprised about.
Taste is awesome and the service is good (sometimes slow). the ambience just clinches it especially since it suits for a date or if you want to see a match on their projector
The price is a bit expensive but worth it
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Hemil Jasani - Burrp User

Hemil Jasani

November 29,2013

Nice Dinner

Visited Masalazone for dinner.Food was good and paneer was awesome.being a vegetarian,not much options but good food at the end.
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Dantoinette - Burrp User


November 29,2013

Must try for anyone who hasn't been!

Lovely food. Price is a bit on the high side but totally worth it for an occasion or once in a while family dinner.
Two sections one indoor with AC and another outdoor. I've sat in both and personally preferred the outdoor one as it sets the tone for the evening.
Service is OK could be better. Will definitely go again.
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foodie1615 - Burrp User


November 22,2013


I was searching for a candlelight dinner restaurant on burrp, when the reviews of this place attracted my attention, I immediately decided to try this place out, and bang onn it was the best decision. The place is right in the oppostite lane to Leelavati hosptial. The place has an A/c restaurant but we preferred the open sit out area cos that looked much more happening. The service quality was really good, Varun was the one to serve us, and he did a grat job, his suggestions were the best. The food- it was just mouth watering. We tried some kebabs and gravy and we just could not have enough of it. The food was just perfect... none of the gravy items were oily that made it really guilt free to gobble on them :) The place is a great joint for birthday celebrations and private dinner as well, though its not a cosy candlelight dinner style but its worth visiting this place, and i will be now on their waiting list always :) Thank you Masalazone, we indeed had a goodtime.
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Lizy Dsouza - Burrp User

Lizy Dsouza

November 11,2013

Sumptuous Food

walloped murgh kasturi kebabs, murgh tikka masala and ordered for a prawn biryani..the food is yumm...the service is good....the ambience compliments the foody mood and the prices are not very heavy on the pocket..
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SAUMIL SHAH - Burrp User


August 19,2013


One of the finest punjabi food is served here. Awesome starters and maincourse. Paneer is the best part of it .Tandooris are soft and crisp . Biryani is one of the specialities . Just an advise servise in the a/c section is pathetic . Avoid that section.
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Arpit Sarawagi - Burrp User

Arpit Sarawagi

August 10,2013

Mouthwatering biriyani

the biryani of this place is delicious and the quantity given is also too large.One biriyani would be sufficient for two people. And above that the price also not that high...
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Pawan Chandak - Burrp User

Pawan Chandak

August 07,2013

Awesome Food backed by Pathetic Service!

I have been to Masalazone a couple of times before and found their food to be good and reasonably priced.

On occasion of a family members birthday on Aug 5th, we booked the place for 21 people. The person handling our reservation was very courteous and also explained us the Set Menu's they have and how it would benefit our group.

Food recommend by the servers was lip smacking...beyond doubt they have maintained their quality over the years.

I hated the service. The servers didn't know who ordered what...and even before the 1st order was served they were in a rush to take up the next order. Also found them to be very callous and inexperienced. They ran out of desserts right when we decided to call in the birthday! Imagine all this happening on a Monday when hardly 2 other tables were occupied.

The head server didn't even know which stub to keep after processing the credit card! He wanted to keep both the stubs and wasn't willing to part with the Customer's Copy. The water boy pointed out to him his goof-up I found this entire episode really funny!

Overall a very bad experience for the good food we had....
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Shruti Bawari - Burrp User

Shruti Bawari

July 27,2013


Hidden in a corner in bandra reclamation, has an overwhelming ambiance and yum food! Being a eggitarian and was asked to try fish and guess what?? It tasted delicious. After days I got food that I can relish to the fullest till the end. Every bread that came was served hot. Averagely priced made it worth spending.
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Thinkfloyd123 - Burrp User


July 06,2013

Bad food and lying waiters -- not good dining

I had a wretched experience at this restaurant. I will be happy to list them all and dissuade you from spending your money on a meal that is absolutely not worth eating even for free:
1.)Their seating is very limited in the AC section (two big tables near the toilet and one near the main door) which makes it very difficult for a huge party of 5+ to enjoy a meal together. (We were seated near the washroom and we smelt the soap! The management gave us grief over moving to the patio outside, which is no great shakes either.

2.) The soup was cold, the kebabs rubbery and the chapattis were uncooked.

3.) They also tried to palm off food onto us, which was not our order. When we declined to eat it, they told us we were lying. We were then given the infamous "huddle" (several waiters got together to start gossiping about us, their customers, we felt.).

Masala Zone is a washout. Please don't visit.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the little I did eat, upset my stomach.
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Nameet Shetty - Burrp User

Nameet Shetty

May 31,2013

A Place You Can Frequent

Located in a quiet corner of Bandra Reclamation, Masalazone is a place with simple decor, brilliant service, decent food and reasonable rates. It has a small AC section to the right and a non AC section to the left. I personally like the non AC section because it is more lively. This is definitely a place I'd like to visit often.

I wanted to try out the cocktails, and so I had called for a planters punch and a Black Russian. The planters punch tasted a little like medicine, but the Black Russian was a "strong" winner.

The food was great too. I had called for lamb burrah kebab, chicken angaara and a salad. While I would have preferred the burrah kebab to be a little more tender, it was tasty nevertheless. The chicken was a little spicy for my taste, but it wasnt a waste. All in all, a decent place to try out. Dinner for two will cost you around 2000 INR (with alcohol).
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Kumail Mukadam - Burrp User

Kumail Mukadam

May 30,2013

Foodies Paradise

With a chic limestone/granite ambience, this small little eatery hidden in a bylane of Bandra has amazing food. The service is decent and the food is perfect, their Chicken tikkas along with their kali dal and paneer tikka were absolutely spot on.
The chicken was tender and perfectly seasoned but the portions were slightly small.
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Jeffy John - Burrp User

Jeffy John

May 22,2013

Meat Is Heaven

We ordered the Paya Shorba, Chicken Tikka and Butter garlic Mushroom.

the soup was bad. Thick creamy soup which is absolutely flavorless. And after some constant mixing, the flavor was obvious and it happened to be "maggie" :| It was a disappointment. Totally.

Next : Chicken Tikka (wanted the Afghani Chicken, they ran out of it). Huge serving portions and pretty good mix of spices. Meat was brilliant as well.

and then we had the Butter Garlic Mushroom. Grilled mushrooms, stuffed with garlic and with strands of cheese. Though at times the diced garlic cubes can be an issue to some, those die-hard mushroom/garlic fans would defintiely want to induldge in. This was an absolute win win situation.

Talking about the place, there's an outdoor as well as an indoor. The outdoor is huge and spacious with so much of seating space. Very calm, peaceful and a relaxed place to eat. Also, this place is called "Masala Craft" I wonder why Burrp's calling it Masalazone :/
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May 10,2013

Worth Visit

Good food.....quick service.....but staff needs a lot of training....seems lyk d hotel has picked up waiters frm some small time dhaba......need more manners.....overall good place.....
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ekalavyab  - Burrp User


April 20,2013

One customer doesn't matter to me!

I liked Masala Zone (Bandra), I'll never go back.

Masala Zone is this pretty cool place in Bandra. It's not too popular and which is probably why I liked it. It's a place where you can manage to get a place to sit on a Friday/Saturday night.

Being a regular patron there, I'd always recommend this place for a large group.

Then the problems started. A friend suggested I check the bill the next time I visit Masala Zone. So I did. And Yes! They had billed us for 2 extra beers. And this happened again a month later.

Tonight, reluctantly I went to Masala Zone again. Mainly because I was joining friends who were already there. So we decided to specifically keep a count of the number of drinks/food items that we were going to order.

Something extremely predictable happened again. 1 extra beer and 2 extra Rums! This was the limit. So I called for the manager. He refused to alter the bill. He also refused to give me a log of the rounds that had been served.

When I explained to Mr Vinod Das (who's the Manager there) - that it wasn't about the money and more about values, Mr Das said something which bothered me. He said that, one customer didn't matter to him. He didn't care if we came back to the place again. He said he's seen many people like me. Wow! I'd like to meet such people!

It's a great business plan. When there is a large group of people, sneak in an extra couple of drinks in the bill. Many won't notice. If it is blatant and you are caught, apologise and alter the amount and hope that the customer doesn't ask you for a refund on the Service Charge, VAT and Service Tax. You are still making money!

Next time you are at any place - please keep a tab on what you order. I'm sure there are many places like Masala Zone in Mumbai and India and probably even the world.

I'm definitely not going back to Masala Zone again and would strongly advise you to not pay them a visit either.
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Smita  Patel - Burrp User

Smita Patel

April 03,2013


Overall good place and good food. Love the karara palak chat here...only drawback is the AC section is very small and next to the kitchen so smells awful. The non-AC section is dimly lit and you may feel a bit stuffy at times. You may have to request for a mosquito coil to avoid mosquitoes!
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Jeffy John - Burrp User

Jeffy John

March 30,2013

Next Time :: Afghani Chicken

We ordered the Paya Shorba, Chicken Tikka and Butter garlic Mushroom.

the soup was mad. Thick creamy soup which is absolutely flavorless. And after some constant mixing, the flavor was obvious and it happened to be "maggie" :| It was a disappointment. Totally.

Next : Chicken Tikka (wanted the Afghani Chicken, they ran out of it). Huge serving portions and pretty good mix of spices. Meat was brilliant as well.

and then was the Butter Garlic Mushroom. Grilled mushrooms, stuffed with garlic and with strands of cheese. Though at times the diced garlic cubes can be an issue to some, those die-hard mushroom/garlic fans would defintiely wanna induldge. This was an absolute win.

Talking about the place, there's an outdoor as well as an indoors. The outdoor is huge and spacious with so much of seating space. Very calm, peaceful and a relaxed place to eat.
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Shiraz  sk - Burrp User

Shiraz sk

February 25,2013


Great place for all Mughlai food lovers. Must try Tandoori Pomfret, Ambi Jhinga, chandi kabab .The seating arrangement is neatly done. they have both outdoor and indoor sitting areaThe outside area of the restaurant good but mosquito big issue.The decor is decent and the staff courteous.
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foodie1102 - Burrp User


December 07,2012

soothing and romantic

planned to go here, after reading the reviews.
had booked a candle light table but that din work.it din hav the "candle" effect due to all the lights on around.
besides that, a really nice place to b with someone special.very calm n romantic. :)
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi, thank you for your valuable feedback and glad to know that you loved the place and food. Apart from special occasions do keep visiting us and give the opportunity to serve you our best.

Rutvi  Jain - Burrp User

Rutvi Jain

November 29,2012

good punjabi food

Hi, After reading a lots of burrp reviews we planned to go to Masalazone for my friends birthday dinner. The Place is good , dim lighted. Food is very tasty. Esp the punjabi sabjis.. Rates are moderate.. only thing they are lacking is that the boys serving food are not up to the mark. if they improve on it then its perfect... yea recommeneded for a next visit !
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for appreciating our food and considering as VFM which is our USP. Regarding service we have taken your suggestions into consideration and will work on it. Look forward to your next visit

mihirshah85  - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Pre Valentines Day Dinner

I had a lovely Dinner with my Wife at this place pre valentine..

Good Service helped a lot

Food Was Good

The manager can be more swift in managing tables n reserv.
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foodie123456 - Burrp User


November 08,2012


We were about to leave the restaurant and a group of people started smoking. I asked the waiter if smoking is allowed. He send someone else to tell me its allowed. I said where does it say this is "smoking zone". He said my owner has the permission and you can see it in the morning (sic)....WHY is the permission not displayed--what if police asks for this, what will you do. He had no answer.. Clearly shows this restaurant is bribing well in the system!!

WILL NEVER GO THERE...Waiters don't have any manners or serve you well..as 10% SC is included in the bill...
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nilufersyed - Burrp User


November 07,2012

Menu !!!

Kindly upload an updated menu...the last it was updated on Burrp...was 2009..! Wud really appreciate the latest one...tho the pre Budget prices are attractive.. !!! :D
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Sucheta Roy - Burrp User

Sucheta Roy

October 31,2012

Coincidental Encounter

Good food! Good service! Reasonable pricing! Only disappointment was unavailability of caramel custard :(
But death by chocolate is definitely recommended
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for appreciating our food and considering as VFM which is our USP. Look forward to your next visit

ShupriyaMehta24 - Burrp User


October 15,2012

Had Great Jiffies!!!

We went for a dinner cum get together of old friends and been there through the Burrp Reviews. We loved the place... loved the service.... the ambience was great.... and food was just toooooooo good!!! Thanks Masalazone for making our time greatttt and memorable one.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Shupriya, thank you for your valuable feedback. Happy to know that you love the ambiance, food and service of our restaurant. Patrons like you boost us to make give our best to the guest. Keep visiting us give your feedbacks.

P J - Burrp User


October 08,2012

Eat in or home delivery - must try

Love the food... A must try for all... With a promise that you will come for more regularly ...
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi, Thank you for your positive review and appreciation.

Kunjan Punatar - Burrp User

Kunjan Punatar

September 08,2012

The good and the bad.

The good - The food is excellent. The sitting outside is very relaxed.
The bad - Never sit inside. It stinks of puke.
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miz1984 - Burrp User


August 28,2012

The Epitome of VFM Mughlai food

Been here umpteen times that I've actually lost count....gr8 place, good service, quality food, superb quantity and excellent taste. My personal favourite dishes- chandi kabab, patthar ka ghosh, rAan, murg biryani, murg lababdar.....this place is aust visit for all Mughlai food lovers in bandra
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Joslyn  Pereira  - Burrp User

Joslyn Pereira

August 20,2012

Good Food and Great Place with a huge projector

Been there Couple of times and enjoyed the food and Drinks,, sometime the food tended reaching the table less than Piping Hot and highlighted the same to the Manager and he ensured that the food was hot from the Next order onwards......and the Big Projector Screen makes it one of the better places to watch some live Action with some Natural Cool weather and the smell of Wet earth along with some good food and drinks
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crazyforpaneer - Burrp User


July 13,2012

Its going downhill

Threw my birthday treat here. Was a big deal for me. After being very happy with my first meal here when this was called Masalacraft, I dared to do so. There were 10 of us.

1. In spite of reserving the table, they were not prepared for us. Were shifting people here and there and joining tables in front of everyone. Embarrassing.
2. Music way too loud for a restaurant.
3. Food was not great. It didn't taste great. was just ok. This is not how i remembered the food of Masalacraft.
4. It is not moderately cheap anymore. It is slowly approaching expensive.

Overall, not happy. Quality has gone down.
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RohiniR - Burrp User


June 02,2012

Value for money

This place used to be excellent, truly top notch,.....amazing, mouth watering authentic food. I live at bandstand so i used to order from it every week.....however the chef seems to have changed as the food quality has been goin down ever since some time...
but i still order from thr quite alot as they are pretty reasonable and their basil paneer and afgani chicken are yum!! hope their old chef comes back sooon!!
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JG  - Burrp User


May 30,2012

Punjabi Delights!

Read rave reviews about the food here. Decided to give my Birthday treat here. It did live up to the expectations. Simply lip-smacking Punjabi food, one of the best I've ever had. The AC area seemed quite boring, so we opted for the open space which is beautifully designed.

We had 'Cheese se bhara Kumbh' for starters. Nice dish no doubt, but is highly over-rated. The main course comprised 'Dal Bukhara, Paneer Amritsari & Veg Chilli Milli' - all of them - out of this world, highly recommended.

Although, as mentioned in many other reviews, the service here is really pathetic. Moreover, the attitude of the staff is horrible. The music is quite weird too. I hope they consider these aspects so that the entire experience becomes a superb one.
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Joslyn  Pereira  - Burrp User

Joslyn Pereira

May 23,2012

Test Time

Heard Some good Reviews and some not so good Reviews,,, had a friend that is a regular recommend this place ...so heading there today with family...will keep all updated on my Experience
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Nishish  Saxena - Burrp User

Nishish Saxena

May 15,2012

Under Commit Over Deliver

In Masalazone although the space is on a lesser side, the seating arrangement does not look cramped up. It is neatly done. The decor is on the duller side though.

We ordered Non Veg Platter in order to try out various Kebabs on the menu card.
I liked Nizami Murgh Tikka the best from the lot.Seekh Kebabs were reasonably good.All of them tasted reasonably well but were not very succulent and tender.Specially Chandani Kabab which was a little on the rubbery side.

We ordered Achari Prawns also. It was just amazing. Prawns were very fresh and
the marination was just apt and they made sure that it doesnt not over power the taste
of Prawns.Impressed by the same we ordered Prawn Biryani which was equally good.The prawns were fresh and there texture was intact which is tough to preserve in a Biryani. It was very tasteful and had mint leaves which gave an altogether different taste to it.
It was a welcome change from the regular biriyanis.

One thing I need to mention is the Quantity served which was on the higher side. We were 2 people and could not finish Kebab Platter and Biryani. So if you plan to go to Masalazone make sure that you have enough apetite. I will definitely go back to the place in order to try the other items.
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aparnatest - Burrp User


May 14,2012

Good food for the price!!

They serve decent Punjabi food at reasonable prices...good going!!
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shasha - Burrp User


March 22,2012

Masaledaar ....

Went with my gal pals ...since we had all heard about this place, we wanted to give it a try. The place is very gud..its situated in a very quiet locality of the ONGC complex and has ample of space. Since we got seated in the outside area of the restaurant it was a little bummer but after we ordered food all that was forgiven.. the food was great and would love to go there again ...
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rajasagar - Burrp User


March 16,2012

Good wholesome fare, BUT

Good food, but they don't respect the wishes of their non-smoking customers.
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sahsinha - Burrp User


February 22,2012

Pathetic staff attitude

I was at this place a few days back. First the good points - nice place, food and drinks. But thats not about it for what we go out to eat right?
The attitude of the staff is really really bad. We were given a bigger table as there was no other table available. However when a bigger group came in we could see the shift in the staff attitude to have us out of the place soon. It was really a bad bad bad experience because of this attitude. You only care for a customer when you need them? Shitty behavior.

Recommended - if you can have good food at the cost of bad staff attitude.

A DEFINITE NO - if you are looking something more beyond food.

There are other places around where you can get everything - so avoid this place at ANY COST.
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alterego123 - Burrp User


February 14,2012

Good food but room for improvement

We went there on a Friday afternoon and were a little surprised to see that we were the only ones.

The decor is decent and the staff courteous

We ordered a veg handi which was strictly average,the gravy was a little bland and did not seem fresh , the kaali dal which was good and the lal mirch paratha which was refreshingly different

Opt for this place if you are in the vicinty, it still has a lot of catching up to do to make foodies go out of their way to dine here
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Iftikhar Mannan - Burrp User

Iftikhar Mannan

January 28,2012

Friday Evening...

Was about to leave Bandra Reclamation in search of a better place to hang-out when my eyes caught the banner of Masalazone...& it turned out to be a place of my liking. Food & service is really good with lots of variety. Since they have both outdoor and indoor sitting area, it gives you option which is normally rare. So, all in all a place anyone would visit more than once for sure.
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jaimtriv - Burrp User


January 28,2012

Delicious Affordable Dinning

The place has great Mashroom appetizer in addition to very good main course. The Chilli Rotis were awesome and very novel and mouth-watering dessert of warm Gajar Halwa topped with Vanilla ice-cream.
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Anant Singhal - Burrp User

Anant Singhal

December 28,2011

Nice place and great food !

Despite being in bandra for the last 2 years and eating out everyday, we somehow managed to overlook this place each time, a chance look at their burrp page made me ask my girlfriend to try out this place.
After Christmas, we have dined here three times non stop.

Drinks are pretty good. The alcohol content is what it is supposed to be though the apple and whiskey drink was too sweet for us which was fixed by our captain Krishna. Full marks to him for service, but can't say the same about everyone there.

Cheese se bhara Kumbh is a must try starter. The nalli nihari and rogan josh are very nice. The ma ki daal is also a favorite. And we loved the gajar ka halwa with ice cream too :)

We would definitely recommend this place to people who like Indian food and bored of Caravan Serai and Copper Chimney.
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Piyali Dasgupta - Burrp User

Piyali Dasgupta

November 29,2011

Eat, Drink and smoke a merry pipe!

Masalazone is an interesting concept for those who want to stick to the Indian (north) food and yet experience an upmarket resturant. The place has an interesting decor, nothing out of the world, and it's open sitting gives visitors the freedom to smoke! (This is rare to find in India now).

Food is palatable, but nothing extraordinary. The spread however is decent covering a variety of dishes both veg and non-veg. There are no disappointments, infact a few starters were quite delicious.

High point of the place is definitely the staff who are warm and hospitable and ensure your comfort.

So if you want a hangout place for an impromptu meeting with friends... Food & Drinks and smoke all together - Masalazone is the solution.
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A S - Burrp User


November 20,2011

Good VFM place

We went there for want of options on a saturday night since most well known places were booked. Did not regret a bit as the food and service was par with many well known brands. The open air portion had a good breeze and spacious enough to feel at peace. The starters as well as the main course was delicious...service was prompt.
i would not recommend sitting inside as it badly needs renovation...
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amit4888 - Burrp User


November 19,2011

MASALAZONE......from best to worst in my list!

I had been there on the 13th of this month with a couple of friends.The overall experience was completely bad.

Food quality has gone down massively(Horribly cooked starters and main course,with excess of salt).

Beverages-Not Chilled......tasted like flavored water.

Service-Horrible......the waiters behave as they are granting us a favor by serving the food.........

1 thing is for sure-I would never be going there in the future.

P.s-I have been here many times in the past and was terrified by the experience I got this time.
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Bhavya Dera - Burrp User

Bhavya Dera

November 14,2011

Nice place for a cozy dinner.

Nice place to spend quality time with family and friends.
Food is good, relished with Indian spices and a serving quantity for 2.
The service is poor, so not preferable when in a rush.
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akshay1428 - Burrp User


October 23,2011

place sucks

The food quality and quantity has gone down drastically, the owner n staff are rude n kurt u have to wait for 30 minutes just for some 1 to come n take your order. The worst experience ive ever had. Even the place is dirty
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snehamani - Burrp User


September 30,2011

Excellent Food and Drinks, Courteous Staff!

I went here with a bunch of friends for dinner. The food was BRILLIANT, really tasty (the panner was made in a completely new way which i absolutely loved) and the drinks were good too. The staff were polite and courteous. And the best part were the prices. The quantities are quite huge, and for the 7 of us, we paid only 1300 for dinner and 1200 for drinks! A must visit!!
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Sachit Arora - Burrp User

Sachit Arora

September 14,2011

Loved it

Visited the place twice. Ordered at home once. Trust me its an amazing place, with good food , ambience and nice drinks. Though on deserts menu they are lacking. The only issue they have is servicing. But i think with low price typical north indian menu they are worth it for everyday dining.
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Jarna Gandhi - Burrp User

Jarna Gandhi

April 28,2011

Reasonably Priced Indian Food

Three of us visited masalazone yesterday. Although the outdoor ambiance is pretty good their tables are not well spaced. I felt too close to the next table.
So here is what we ordered and comments on each:

Basil garlic paneer tikka: a couple of reviewers on this forum have recommended this for starters. Definitely a good choice! The paneer was succulent and the flavours of garlic and basil blended very well.

Garlic flavoured fish tikka (forgot the name)- nobody commented on the table about this start so i guess it was neither bad nor great. just about okay.

Dal Bukhara: Definitely a thumbs up! not many restaurants get their dals right; masalazone is doing a good job at it.

4 plains rotis and 2 pudina rotis - nothing to comment here except that my second pudina roti was burnt :( (the captain didn't charge us for it though)

3 glasses of cabernet shiraz which was served chilled- you don't serve red wine chilled !!

Total damage : INR 1780.

Their menu offers a huge variety. lots of options to choose from so - that's what i liked the most about this place.
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Yogesh Bhalekar - Burrp User

Yogesh Bhalekar

April 17,2011

Excellent Food, Pathetic Service!

Went to this place last night, with a few friends.
Well, the positives.
The food is awesome, lip-smacking. You're gonna come here time and again for the food. I can bet you on that.
Delightful ambiance, soothing-enough music, the place on the whole had a nice relaxed mood to itself.
The negative
The service really did not stand up to the levels set by the food and ambiance.
I had to repeat and confirm my orders at least thrice.
The waiter kept poking into our conversation, asking us what else we'd need, which was really irritating. It was as though they wanted us to move to our main course, desserts and leave quickly, and all this happening around 11.45. Not like there was a big bunch of people waiting to occupy the table, there were none, and even if there were, I don't think that's reason to ask your customers to hurry up with their meals.
Ending it now, reiterating that the food and ambiance is just awesome, I may surely go back for that, but I know what to expect on the service front.
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Tanuja Goyal - Burrp User

Tanuja Goyal

April 14,2011

Please read if you eat out often in Bandra.

This happened last night at Masala Zone, Bandra. Went here for the first time with a few friends last night. Gave my car to the valet - she was perfect at the time. When we left around 12:30, I noticed something odd with my gearbox. Once I hit the highway, I realised I couldn't shift into 5th and the car was lurching. Just barely avoided an accident. I cautiously reached home and while parking, I realised the gear box wouldn't shift into reverse either. Got the security guards to push the car into my parking space.

I called the restaurant to bring this to their notice since this had obviously happened there. I spoke to someone called Vinod who assured me he would check out who had parked my car and get back to me within 5 minutes. He didn't. When I tried calling them, they wouldn't answer.

This morning I got the mechanic to check the gearbox and he confirms it has been damaged because it was misused with excessive force and will have to be replaced. The only other person to have driven the car was the valet. I called up the restaurant again and when I told them about the incident and asked for the manager I was told that he wasn't in and would call me back. When the manager did call back and I had to narrate the whole incident again to him, he washed his hands clean off the matter and merely said that since I didn't notice the issue at his premises, it wasn't his responsibility. These are his exact words. I told him that someone could've died last night if there'd be an accident. And he said that it would've been unfortunate if that had happened but it wouldn't have been his problem. He just wouldn't listen to me and kept talking and rambling and he only stopped talking when I had to raise my voice because by then I was furious.

Needless to say I just thank my lucky stars that nothing untoward happened on the way home. I don't expect these morons to foot the damages but at the very least an apology was in order, alongwith a reprimand of the genius who parked my car. Anyway, I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. Better be safe than sorry - eat somewhere else. Or ff you simply must go here and I seriously wonder why because the spread is really ordinary, take a cab.

Nishant and Tanuja Goyal
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misterwrite - Burrp User


April 14,2011

If you value your life, stay away.

Went here for the first time with a few friends last night. Gave my car to the valet - she was perfect at the time. When we left around 12:30, I noticed something odd with my gearbox. Once I hit the highway, I realised I couldn't shift into 5th and the car was lurching. Just barely avoided an accident. I cautiously reached home and while parking, I realised the gear box wouldn't shift into reverse either. Got the security guards to push the car into my parking space.

I called the restaurant to bring this to their notice since this had obviously happened there. I spoke to someone called Vinod who assured me he would check out who had parked my car and get back to me within 5 minutes. He didn't. When I tried calling them, they wouldn't answer.

This morning I got the mechanic to check the gearbox and he confirms it has been damaged because it was misused with excessive force and will have to be replaced. The only other person to have driven the car was the valet. I called up the restaurant again and when I told them about the incident and asked for the manager I was told that he wasn't in and would call me back. When the manager did call back and I had to narrate the whole incident again to him, he washed his hands clean off the matter and merely said that since I didn't notice the issue at his premises, it wasn't his responsibility. These are his exact words. I told him that someone could've died last night if there'd be an accident. And he said that it would've been unfortunate if that had happened but it wouldn't have been his problem. He just wouldn't listen to me and kept talking and rambling and he only stopped talking when I had to raise my voice because by then I was furious.

Needless to say I just thank my lucky stars that nothing untoward happened on the way home. I don't expect these morons to foot the damages but at the very least an apology was in order, alongwith a reprimand of the genius who parked my car. Anyway, I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. Better be safe than sorry - eat somewhere else. Or ff you simply must go here and I seriously wonder why because the spread is really ordinary, take a cab.
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Blackbird - Burrp User


March 29,2011

Awesome food

Lovely nonveg kababs and moghlai food. The music was weird. But food was too good. Just splendidly spiced with perfect Indian breads to go along. I would say the chicken and fish dishes are the best. Difficult place to find location wise, but totally worth it.Definitely reserve your place in advance, very crowded on Saturday nights. Rexin upholstery in outside seating area can get very uncomfortable.
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Divya Vinekar - Burrp User

Divya Vinekar

March 24,2011

Very Impressed!

It was my best friend's birthday and we were indeed skeptical after we read what Mr. Akshay has posted previously for this place. But still we went ahead with the plan and ended up having a great time in Masalazone. Food was indeed amazing. Most importantly they let us cut the cake over there. Everything was just about perfect! So I would totally reccomend this place! :)
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GimoWest - Burrp User


March 22,2011

Has To Be Better....

Happened to be in Bandra on a Sunday, zeroed in on ‘Masalazone Bar & Kitchen’ for dinner. I didn’t have a booking and decided to directly head for the restaurant. The valet quickly parked my car and the Manager swiftly allotted a table for us in the air-conditioned section. Orange themed interiors pleased my eyes, but there are large rough edges which gave me a feeling the restaurant was in the midst of a facelift exercise. Their washrooms were devoid of water, as their ‘building’ had wasted this precious resource on Holi revelry, by midnight I was sure they would have had the stench of the now famous, Sulabh Shauchalayas.

Ordered a Lemon Iced Tea, surprisingly well made, could do with fewer ice cubes though. Among the starters called for four items. ‘Afghani Fish Tikka’, smoky flavour simply great, the spices didn’t get to the fish though due to inadequate marination time. ‘Butter Garlic Prawns’, overcooked to imperfection made the prawns slightly tough, skimped on the butter which gave the prawns a decidedly dry feel, should be more generous with garlic too. ‘Burrah Kebabs’, excellent marinade, unfortunately marination time was again inadequate, no meat tenderizer used plus the mutton was served undercooked to us. ‘Chakori Kebabs’, the best starter among the ones I asked for, green chilly based marinade brilliantly gelled with the juicy chunks of boneless chicken. Decided to continue with number four and called for four main course preparations too. ‘Murgh Dhaaba Special’, regular Punjabi preparation, slightly thick red gravy, nothing noteworthy. ‘Machhi Rara’, gravy very similar to ‘Murgh Dhaaba Special’, had a weird astringent taste to it, maybe due to stale fish. ‘Nalli Nihari’, beautifully cooked bone marrow chunks with tender flavourful meat, curry was too thin and has to be more savoury. ‘Gosht Ki Dum Biryani’, a large portion of biryani, lacked the necessary saffron punch, mutton not tenderized enough, a disappointment on the whole. ‘Garlic Butter Naan’, dough needed to be knead more, very copious amounts of butter and garlic used here.

‘Masalazone Bar & Kitchen’ is an average experience. Run of the mill food coupled with fast and efficient service. Moderately priced, ‘Chakori Kebab’ – Rs. 145, ‘Butter Garlic Prawns’ – Rs. 230, ‘Garlic Naan’ – Rs. 25, ‘Gosht Ki Dum Biryani’ – Rs. 160. The biggest turnoff for me on this visit was surely the water-less washroom.

Two Stars.
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MIG85 - Burrp User


March 17,2011

Great place, great food!

This is my new favourite place. It is not too expensive and the food is really, really food. I have tried the Saunfiya Paneer, Murgh ke Sholay, Lal Mirch Paratha (Highly recommend) and a few other gravy items. All very nicely prepared. I have been here thrice and every time have had a great experience.

The ambiance is really nice. It is open, spacious and yet quiet because it's tucked away in a corner. The downside to the restaurant is the seating. I find the chairs a bit uncomfortable. But that is all there is to it.

All three times, I went there with my friends because we wanted to have a nice conversation and we were not disappointed at all.
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Raj Singh - Burrp User

Raj Singh

March 11,2011

Not too bad

Its been a while since i have been to this place so dont know how much has changed during the time of this review.The place doesnt exactly live up to its name coz inspite of the masala in the name the food still hasnt too much in it.Dats not entirely a bad thing but some of the dishes gets a bit too bland sometimes.All in all the food is not too bad but its nothing great either.
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adi1989 - Burrp User


March 04,2011

Great Indian food

A friend suggested to happened to visit the place on a tuesday... was surprisingly busy for a weekday... got a table outside which was nice considering most places in bbay don't have outdoor sitting.

about the food: we were very pleased with the meal... it is one of the best Indian food restaurants in Bandra.. In particular would recommend the Basil Paneer (was really really soft), the Yellow dal (tasted like the ones in a dhaba up north), the Nizami Murgh Tikka.. The flavor of the food was great... Before ordering we advised our server that we do not like too spicy food and they made sure that nothing was very spicy at all...

ALl in all, liked the place, will definitely visit back when in the mood for Indian food again...
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Mohammed Abdul Latif - Burrp User

Mohammed Abdul Latif

March 03,2011

Wavering Performance

Two weeks back visited Masalazone etc in Bandra Reclamation. You will probably call me lazybones for not having checked this place being in Reclamation. Its stone throw from my home...Well having read rave reviews I mustered courage to taste the delicacies offered al a menu. Well, there is a mundane feeling to the foods we are having...nowadays...looks as if all the restauranteurs have a common masala formula in mind....only they vary it my amount and strength. Masalazone and Kitchen thing turned out to be that! Initially there were too many fives out of fives in favour of Masalazone etc but steadily and sadly enough the meters running down. The chicken gravy sort of thing was run of the mill type and kababs not as succulent as you have them at Bade miya or Kareems. Overall it was an average experience....
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Amod Indap - Burrp User

Amod Indap

February 28,2011

Value for money

Nice place, booze not really expensive...Long Island Ice tea is a steal@165...but ask the bartender to cut down on ice cubes coz there were too many of em makin the drink a lill weak...food was good...masala papad...somehow was fab...despite being a normal dish anywhere else, a prawn dish (jhinga something which has a creamy gravy) is worth tryin with garlic naan...overall...worth many more visits...just hope the waiter isn't as clueless as he was when we'd gone...
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Abhilash Kumar - Burrp User

Abhilash Kumar

February 20,2011

Average Food, Half Parcel

Went to this place on the 19th for dinner. Food was average, service was fine. We left with about 5 dishes parceled. Got back home to discover that all the dishes that we parceled were about half the quantity that we left uneaten!!!

1. Tandoori Aloo: 2 or 3 pieces from the 6 or 8 left on the plate
2. Some chicken kabab: about 2 pieces in the pack from the 5 or 6 left on the plate
3. Keema Mutter: definitely only half of what was left on the plate.
4. Dal and Rice was fine. I guess they don't like to eat that...

Why the hell would you do that. I am sure that their kitchens are already full of the very same dishes! It was definitely a WTF moment when we opened up the packages at home.

A good impression ruined by the parcel incident.
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robot - Burrp User


December 31,2010

bang bang

3 cheers ... for the wounderful and mouthwatering food .....where shld i start with....well for one its easier to satisfy te appetite of non vegetarian guest but a veggie hard to please and that what masalazone does...
try the basil paneer and cheese se bahara kumb .....its great and delecious ......
pathar ka gost n chandi kebab is also very good ......;0)
paneer o khata payazza tooo good
caramel custard yummy place is total VFM
All the best to management.
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max_burrp - Burrp User


December 22,2010

worst customer service and cold food

Summary: Staff was very rude, food was cold, place was okay, not worth IMO.

After reading reviews here, i decided to have dinner in this hotel. I was not sure about the location of this hotel so i called on numbers given on this web site, i asked for table for 2 and the guy in very unprofessional voice told me its empty i should just come.

When i arrived after 5 minutes at hotel to my surprise there was waiting for 15 minutes, i told the guy (looked like manager or something) i called 5 minutes before and was told table is available but he has no answer to it and he neither bothered to give any suitable answer and told me to wait for 5 minutes and he will give me table.

Well, i thought may be they just had guests so its okay. After waiting for 10-12 minute he did gave us table in the corner where lighting was very low. I was sitting there for 5 minutes but nobody gave me menu, so i asked passing waiter to give me menu which he immediately did. We ordered chicken kebab and gravy chicken with roti with masala papad.

Waiter asked me, if we want bottled water or normal water, i told him we want normal water, however he left seal opened mineral water on our table just like they do in railway restaurant. I noticed he has left water bottle but did not serve water and i thought may be this is the way they serve normal water here.

Finally after 20 minutes they served us chicken. Though chicken taste was good but it was cold and it felt it was cooked 1 hour ago and was just heated and served us!. After that main course arrived which was hot and tasted good.

In the end when bill arrived to my surprise they billed us Rs.80 for mineral water which we never ordered. I asked waiter to call captin / manager and told him about that same, he responded in very rude language to us and told us they are not stupid to leave mineral water if we did not ask for it. I told him how do we know what water you are serving when we specifically told you guys to serve us normal water. To my surprise he further started arguing that we did not want mineral water then why we opened the bottle, i told him we did not it came open and we haven't even used 20% of the water. To my further surprise he just took the bottle very angrily and just thrown it to service counter and started scrawling waiter, then he called some other guy who also told me when we did not want the bottle water why we opened it!. I felt like they have ganged up against me and if i argue further they will make mockery of me , so I told him is this hotel or joke and told him to keep the money.

IMO, being in hospitality industry, they must be courteous with their guests. When guest is telling them he did not order something then they have no right to insult and force guest to pay for something which he did not order.

I feel Masala Zone is just over hyped place and their staff needs to learn not to humiliate their guests over small things. I will never visit this hotel again nor recommend anyone to visit here. However, your experience may differ.
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Nischal Shetty - Burrp User

Nischal Shetty

December 13,2010

Delicious Dal!

I went with a friend on friday night. We hadn't booked a table but were promptly accommodated.

I had to eat veggie stuff (this is what happens when you make friends with vegetarians :D). But nevertheless the stuff we ordered paneer, dal, rice and rotis were delicious. The dal was in fact one of the most delicious dals I've had in a while. The price is reasonable, a meal for 2 would be in the 500-600 range (if you eat like a normal human being)

Hoping to give this place another visit to try some meat next!
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firefox - Burrp User


December 06,2010

keep going

My bosses wife wanted to surprise boss for his birthday she had decided to go to masalazone with him she had planned it that we all will be a surprise as he will love to celebrate with all of us.
when she said masalazone opp lilavati hospital it was first time i was visiting this place just heard about it couple of times from friends
It took us 5min to find this place as it located in the corner of the lane next to candies as reaching there we were seated in the open area place looked beautiful with earthen pots on one side, light music nice silent place as it was weekend it was crowed so asked the manager at desk or reservation for 4 people for next week saturday he said it will not be possible as its over booked after requesting him that it was my wife birthday he promised me to give me table at 10 :30 crazy
Around 20 of us were seated waiting for boss to arrive we ordered some drinks as we got a call from bosses wife that they had arrived we all tried to hide faces as he came close to the table we screamed surprise n wished him n all
Our boss is regular he he ordered on every body's behalf there was some paneer dish it was awesome paneer melted in the mouth i have never had such soft paneer in my life i m a vegetarian but my friends who eat non veg went mad they loved it eve the main course was very good now i know why he didn't have reservation for next weekend service was Ok

We all loved the place so much that we visited for lunch in two days
keep it up guy good job
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Akshay Dandekar - Burrp User

Akshay Dandekar

October 18,2010

An experience I wish I could forget

Well, if its your birthday and you wanna go out with your loved one and you consult Burrp.com for a good place in Bandra. One suggestion it threw up was Masalazone, Bandra. Being my birthday, I was in high spirits when I reached the place, ALAS... the rest was a damp squib....

Firstly, loved the ambiance. The potted wall does make the entire atmosphere cozy and warm. Reaching the place at 8:00 PM and still finding my only reservation as an empty table was definitely noteworthy...

Next to the bad side... Apparently the Captains at this restaurant mishear or just do not care.. Ordered a Lemon Chicken ( mentioned as a must have in the prior reviews ) and I got a bland normal Chicken kebab in return. On questioning the same, I got the most STUPID reply which was, " Sir, this is how our lemon chicken is". Well, for starters, Lemon Chicken should have a hint of lemon juice or rind in it. What the HELL is a Lemon Chicken without Lemon???

Moved on to the Achari Paneer Tikka, which was perfect. The cottage cheese was soft and juicy and the spices were just right on the palate. However, the next appetizer we ordered... frankly was the worst I've had in Mumbai.

Bhurra Kebab (supposedly made from select pieces of kid lamb) was as rubbery as a dog's chew toy. The lamb evidently was NOT kid lamb. I called the Captain and mentioned the same to him and gave him a live demonstration of the level of chewiness and toughness of the so-called "Kid Lamb". The Captain surprisingly says "Your right Sir, this is not Kid Lamb". Well... Hello?!!!

I hope the Management of MasalaZone is paying careful attention here. Your very own Captain acknowledged the fact that the portion served to us was not what was mentioned in the Menu. I assume that the Chef has his liberties to make changes in the preparation, any other customer would not notice the difference. Sadly and unfortunately for you, being from the Hospitality industry, I do know the difference between normal lamb and kid lamb. I have had better portions of "real kid lamb" on the streets of Mohd. Ali Road...

Overall a bad experience on my very special day... There is nothing special about Masalazone.. It is just once of the run-of-the-mill places. Neither is the staff too attentive and neither does the food stand out. Their non-veg starters are nothing great and I have tasted better fare at more than a dozen restaurants in Mumbai, most of them smaller in scale and operation. I was so disappointed; skipped the main course and left hungry.

Definitely worth giving a miss.. Reiterate the fact, there is nothing great about this place. I mean, if you mislead your customers, until one catches you red-handed in the act, speaks volumes of the level of hospitality you would really want to give to your customers.

And again, I request the management to be more courteous and forthcoming. If you do not have something on the menu, say so. Do not MAKE A FOOL OF YOURSELVES, which you have evidently done on this broad forum. I would expect a response from the Management as soon as possible.

For more information, my bill No is L-22 | Tb: 14 - | Wt: Ashok | Dt 15-Oct-2010
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Vishal Sood - Burrp User

Vishal Sood

October 06,2010

One of the best Punjabi Restaurants in Bandra

I have been to this place a couple of times and must say, I have never been disappointed with the food at this place. I might not be a connoisseur for Punjabi food, but coming from the Delhi/ Punjab region and growing up on Punjabi food, I can differentiate between what is a good Punjabi food and which is a truly bad one. And this restaurant definitely falls in the good category.

As a restaurant, it is slightly tucked inside, but as a landmark it is very close to Lilavati hospital, next to Candies. It has two seating areas one with AC and the other without AC.

For starters I would recommend the Tandoori Chicken and the Veg Platter (for the Veggies). In the main course, the Dal Makhani and the Butter Chicken are simple superb.

They even do home delivery within the Bandra area and this too is highly recommended as the food is well packed and delivered hot.

So would suggest all you Punjabi food lovers to give this restaurant a try!!!
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robot - Burrp User


September 23,2010

vroooooom to good

I have heard about this place from my friends . so too my whole family for my parents annversiry about 20 ppl i didnt reserve tbl thinking it was monday reached at masalazone and it was packed manager told me i will have wait for 10 to 15 min he suggested me order food while waiting for table
as my friend had suggested i ordered startters
basil garlic paneer tikka
cheese se bhara kumbh
chandi kebeb
pathar ka gosh
main course
paneer amritsari two portion
chicken lahori two portion
bhuna gosh adhriki two portion
which the manager said its more then enough in about 20min we were seated in the outdoor section
food was just perfect i had ordered according to my friends recommdetion i loved the place i will visit again
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you Robot for trying out Masalazone with your family and for appreciating the food and the service. Hope Masalazone left a good impression on your family and enjoyed the evening.

Looking forward to serve you again.

Rohan Padhye - Burrp User

Rohan Padhye

September 19,2010


The restaurant is pretty big (good for impromptu lunch parties with a 10+ group) but the food is pretty average. The chicken tandoori was good, but nothing out of the world. Paneer and Mutton dishes were very well cooked. The staff was pretty helpful too. I guess if they improved the quality of their food a bit it can be a great place for an outing.
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liv2eatneat2liv - Burrp User


August 17,2010

hygiene issues :(

Had been to masalazone a couple of days bac....
with the food we were also served a few strands of hair n a pebble..
The ambiance in the a/c section is very avg n also gives a feel of poor hygiene...
not sure if i wud like to give it a 2nd try....
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi, we feel extremely sorry for your disappointment at Masalazone regarding the foreign particals u found in the food. As you mite have read earlier reviews Masalzaone is very much known for its ambience and comfort level of the guest.

I would request you to come to our restaurant once again and try our outdoor section and give us an opportunity to serve you better.
I am at KongPoush most of the times to keep a random check on any

implex - Burrp User


July 27,2010

Great Food and Ambience

Went here on a friends recommendation that the place is nice. Absolutely loved it, the non veg platter was awesome and the mutton biryani was delightful and the pricing is very reasonable and the quantity of biryani was huge too.

Loved the outdoor sitting and my friends were happy that they could smoke and drink at one place :)

The service was nice.

Would love to go there again.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanx Implex for appreciating the food, ambience and service at Masalazone and for spreading the good word around.

We look forward to your visit to our restaurant to enjoy the food with your friends..Thanks again.

Melvin DAlmeida - Burrp User

Melvin DAlmeida

July 16,2010

Good food and little smoke

I had been to masalazone bar and kitchen on saturday It was not really difficult to find the place as they have a very good sign board at the end of road opposite Lilavatis though it may be a little tough to find at first. Once there there was vallet parking and we got seats in an open section. The ambience was good and we got a good table. Meal was ordered and the food taste was really good.

However during the meal I felt a little choked realised that people around me were smoking. I was under the assumption that all public place are supposed to be non smoking so I did not bother to ask for a non smoking nor was I given an option.

On asking the waiter he told me that smoking was allowed. However the good food taste made it a little bearable.

Being a saturday the service was very nice and prompt the waiters were quite courteous and polite. They did not rush us, even though by the time we left thats around 9:30pm there was significant waiting outside.

Overall it was a good experience except that if they had asked us before seating us we could have selected the non smoking.
Overall this place is decent and reasonably and spacious for big group dinners.
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Ruchi Mehta - Burrp User

Ruchi Mehta

July 05,2010

Great food!

So my Marine Drive friends and I decided to go to Masalacraft for dinner a month back. This was probably the first time we ventured out of “town” as in we went to the burbs for food.

Food- North Indian food, quite a bit of variety on the menu. Delicious. Since I’m a vegetarian, I can only say stuff about the veg food. Starters mein we tried the Basil Garlic Paneer Tikka which was awsome and the paneer was super soft; just perfect and the Makai Malai Seekh Kabab was alright. Main course mein we had Paneer Amritsari, awsome again; Malai Kofta was different… they put too much garlic and ginger and had pineapples in it and my friends had some mushroom sabzi which was good too. (I don’t eat mushrooms). The Kulchas and Naans all looked the same and got cold and hard super fast. They also serve alcohol and everyone had according to their preference. I had Fresh Lime Soda which was good. :P But one of my friends had some Cherry mocktail which was yum. We decided to eat our deserts elsewhere cause there was nothing interesting enough on the menu.

Ambience- Nice outdoor, dimly lit place. Also has an indoor section which can seat very few people. It’s not the best place to go to in the summer. There are big fans but they don’t help.

Service- Although the waiters try to be sweet, you can see they’re being fake. The service is a little slow. My friend asked for a refill of her Cherry drink but the waiter heard wrong and got a Long Island Iced Tea instead. They didn’t charge for it, but still. They need to hear better!

Price- Moderately priced. Not cheap and not expensive either. Just right. Comes up to about 500 bucks per head with alcohol/drinks.

Verdict- The most important thing for me is the food. So yes, I will definitely go to this place again because the food is great and it was a good experience over all.

Rating- 3.5/5
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lagna.das - Burrp User


July 05,2010

Well fed n satisfied.

Went there on a weekend.its located a little ahead of lilavati candies. it was fairly packed with the fifa audience. v had to occupy the non ac section which was k. nice ambiance. it was very pleasant n noise free. tried the usual starters panner tikka,chicken tikka dry. main course dal,chawal,various parathas,panner masala,butter chicken. surprisingly all were well made. came to about Rs 300/head. we were well fed.complete paisa vasool.
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Nicol Fernandes - Burrp User

Nicol Fernandes

July 03,2010

Brilliant.... Total VFM!

I went to Masalazone (it was Masalacraft before!) day before yesterday to celebrate a friends birthday. We reached approx at 8:15 & chose the indoor seats considering the heat. The ambience inside is very pleasent. Before placing the order I went to the washroom; the doors of which are rickety... So watch out for that! Contrary to some of the reviews, the service was quick & the servers were quite polite.

We ordered cocktails which were brought to us in no time! I had the Long island Iced Tea - absolute Sewage, my friends had Sunset at Bandra - Lip Smacking & some other drink which I can't recollect.

For starters we ordered the Makhmali Jhinga & the Murg ke sholay. The prawn dish is rightly named, as it actually is Makhmali. It's served with green chutney which is a killer combination! The Murg ke sholay was perfectly marinated and very tasty. Full marks for the starters.

For the main course we had Murg Makhani & Chicken Rara Masala. Both the gravies were kind off similar & the server should have told us about that but we weren't really complaning as both the dishes were outstanding! The Kulcha & Naan were thankfully soft and warm.

For desserts we asked for the Goey Chocolate but they didn't have that. Instead we had the Blueberry Cheesecake, Caramel Custard & Chocolate Truffle; which I guess they get from some other place. The desserts were okayish.

The bill arrives with these tiny imli pieces rolled in transparent chocolate wrapper. My friends & I - being the kids that we are - lunged for it, seeing that the manager (I guess he was!) intervened (laughing) & got us some more. As we left the restaurant he sheepishly offered more of it; which we politely declined.

Damages for 3 including tax: Rs. 1890.
Definitely going back!
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samitgandhi - Burrp User


June 30,2010

Outstanding Punjabi food.

I went to this restaurant for dinner the other night...The place is divided into 2 sections ac n non ac...
We sat in the ac section...its a small place with 6-7 tables...nice ambience...
The food out here is delicious...We ordered 2 mocktails which were superb,maincourse roti n sabzi amazing stuff...n d biryani is just yummy here...
We are going back to this place again soon...
Superb just njy their lovely food...
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Aleesha  Gupta - Burrp User

Aleesha Gupta

June 09,2010

I would rate 3 for ok food but 1 for spicy food!

I love the food & Hate the waiters!

I've been to this place alot with frnds. I like the "not to spicy food" served here. But sometimes in seasons like rains when u really want "tikhaaa" dishes, this place plays a fool!!

I went with some of my frnds to this place yesterday.
We opted to sit in indoor setting. We were chatting and enjoying our selves when all of a sudden there were rain gods inside the room enjoying our chat too and started pouring with laughter. Yes the ac was leaking so badly, it was just our luck that none of us had kept our gadgets over thre. We got up and changed the table. As nobody was there to attend we opted for an empty 6 ppl table when suddenly this rude waiter without any smile and speaking quite loudly came running towards us saying " arrreeyy ye table booked hai, aise kasie? " as if we were going to sit on the table whr he was suppose to dine with his frnds! Looked awe-full. Any ways we asked him for a table for 6 and placed our selves their.
We ordered -
Cheese se bhara Kumbh ~ Which people who like tandorri mushrooms will like it (I dun know if there was any cheese),
Makai Malai seekh ~ It was the best starter that we had( but was quite bland. You cannot have it without Green coriander chuttney and may be u shuld also ask him to get masala namak. W actully asked him to get red chilly powder and he got this masala namak but that acted as savior! , Some Tandori aloo starte r~ It was okey-ish, Papdi chaat ~ Was not teekha and chtpata and tamarind chutney was for the namesake (I dun rem. the Exact name), Peshawari Chana de Paneer ~ was good but a bit sweet i dun know why?, & Drinks - Pommie ~ was weird, Tangy and watery!!, Curacua , Somethin apple chocolate which had alot of fruits ~ and looked very unappealing!.
All in all it was not a very good experience.
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Nivedita Karmaran - Burrp User

Nivedita Karmaran

June 06,2010

Lovely Food

Though its little difficult to search, but a nice quiet place when you find it. Anyone vegetarian or non-vegetarian would enjoy the food here. The Indian masalas and sherbets were wonderful.
Try out ...
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Abhijit Pal - Burrp User

Abhijit Pal

May 18,2010

Awesome food and service

I went there with my girlfriend and we loved the food and ambience. The service was very prompt and food was vert tasty.. will definitely recommend..
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Alpana Mandal - Burrp User

Alpana Mandal

May 16,2010

The craft of masalas

Masalacraft is the watering hole for my office gang. Almost every Friday, we end up drinking here, talking about anything but work.

We always come here and try the same stuff over and over again. That's because our focus here has always been to drink. The mutton chops here are TO DIE FOR! Soft and succulent with just the right amount of spices. Also try the Basil Garlic paneer. Excellent.
For the main course, they have a fairly good mutton biryani. But nothing beats their mutton chops. You'll want to go there again and again for them!
Yesterday, we found out that one of my friends is friends with the owner of this place. So we got two desserts free. It was the first time we've had desserts here. The caramel custard was really good. Didn't like the chocolate walnut gooey cake (I don't know the real name of the item). Could be skipped.

Menu variety
Fairly good. Lot of Indian food options. That's what they specialize in anyway, like the name of the place suggests.

Nothing great in their service. One of their waiters was stinking real bad yesterday. And I don't know if you can blame the Mumbai heat only (we were sitting in the open air section) because we reached there at 1900 hrs when the place just opened and you shouldn't be stinking at the start of your shift at least!

Masalacraft has an open air section that allows people to smoke while eating. That's why we come here all the time, to accommodate the needs of smokers! Otherwise, the ambiance is average. The AC section looks boring. At least the open air section has a buzz to it. There's no music here, so this is perfect for drinks and conversations.

Value for money
We usually drink at least 5-6 large drinks each, with starters and maybe end with a biryani. For that, we shell out close to 1 to 1.5K per head. Not very cheap, but we have so many good experiences there that we're just biased!

Convenient location with an easy exit to suburbs when you're traveling from office and the Bandra-Worli Sea Link.

And in conclusion...
Go to Masalacraft at least once just to try the mutton chops. You might fall in love with the place :)
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Shally Dhar - Burrp User

Shally Dhar

April 16,2010

Masala was missing - Rest was perfect

Well , as mentioned below by many burpers that there was delay in service , we didnt experience anything like that - food arrived fast :)

i liked the sitting arrangement outside , but those fans wer little irritating :(

well for chicken 3.5/5
for prawns 5/5 ( superb prawns ) - yummy and big in size too.

we asked them to make food real spicy but when it arrived it was quit blend and not at all spicy ( well i wont complain the food which arrived - though not spicy it was yummy)

the chicken starter quantity was also good compared to what i hv had at other places.

i loved their hari mirch ki roti a lot - ( no oil butter and perfect crispy - good 1)

we ordered some mint drink and it was also very nice

well claiming to be a north indian resturant - please ensure you get some nice spicy food when the customer has specially mentioned so

service was superb and no complaints at all in this

Nice place to hang out :)
will surely visit again
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Sameer11 - Burrp User


April 02,2010

first overcharged - then they lied

My name is Sameer and I used to like Masalacraft as I thougt they have a nice ambience and decent food. Have been there 5 times in the last 2 months but after the last experience on March 26, 2010, I will never go back there and would not recommend it to anybody at all also. Had called them and made a booking for dinner for 9:00 p.m. The booking was specifically for a table outside. We landed there and were offered a table inside. When I said that the booking was for outside, they made me wait for 40 minutes and I only got a table when I actually got upset and said that I was leaving. Other people were given a table much before me including those who had a booking for 9:30 p.m. Finally after arriving at our table, nobody came to serve and had to be called. We were four adults and one child and we got only three menu cards.

Anyhow, we decided to order and then had to wait for 10 minutes before a person came to take the order that too after speaking to the Manager. The food was ok but the drinks again took way too long to arrive. Not sure that it takes 15 minutes to serve Beers. The cocktail anyway arrived after another 10 minutes after a reminder as given.

After the dinner, we asked for the bill and since it was late and our daughter was anyway asking to go home, quickly paid and left. Reached home and then was in for a shock. They charged me for 4 bottles of mineral water when we had taken just one. Further, was surprised that the charges for the mineral water was @75 Rs each when their menu card had read 40 Rs. Also, we had taken just one bottle and got charged for 4. I called them and spoke to Kishna who was kind to help and initially said that we will refund you the money for the extra 3 bottles or you could adjust next time you visit or order a home delivery. When I called to order, I was in for a big shock that they simply refused and said that only 2 bottles were overcharged and not 3. When I reminded Kishna that we spoke about this and they agreed that 3 bottles were overcharged, I was told that the Manager has said that only two bottles were overcharged and sorry we cant do anything.

I can never trust them as first they cheated me by overcharging me and then they lie. I will never ever go to masalacraft at all. Had been recommending the place to friends but now will never. My recommndation dont go there but if you do, please review your bill before paying as you never know that they would have overcharged you.
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A B - Burrp User


March 27,2010

I agree

I think they strive for mediocrity and suceed.

On a sunday night, I insisted my friends to try this place after reading so many reviews but it really did not match our expectations.

The service was slow and decidedly unenthusiastic. And if I may rant,the food was unappealing.

We managed to complete our dinner and opted for desserts for a better ending but to our dissapointed they had absolutely nothing to offer apart from one choco pastry.

You can give this a skip.
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Aayush Chokhani - Burrp User

Aayush Chokhani

March 22,2010

Nothing Great

Masalacraft is tucked away in a lane in the proximity of a prominent hospital and two huge educational institute. I went in with a reservation on a Sunday night and was gladly taken to my place when I arrived. Oh - and I went to this place after reading a lot of good reviews at burrp.

The ambience and decor is good - with an airconditioned section and an open air section. They've kept mosquito repellent coils for us to eat in peace. Good.

The food is strictly ok. The starter - Chowk Ki Tikki was alright... there was a tinge of sweetness in it which didnt taste good. The Peshawari Chana De Paneer was not great. The Chana was not well-cooked - and there was no Paneer. May the paneer was grated - but even then.. the chana tasted bad as it wasnt well cooked. The Dal Bukhara was really nice - tasty and good. Breads were as usual.

Service was really bad & slow. I knew this - but still pointing it out. Management needs to do something about it.

Its Moderately priced - damages for 4 was 816.

May be the place is good for the non-veggies... as most reviews mentioned good reviews for the non-veg main course. But for veggies like me - this is just an OK place..
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kashish - Burrp User


March 02,2010

I can't stop going here

I have been going to Masalacraft atleast twice a month since the past year. It is a favorite haunt for all our office birthdays and get-togethers. The food is great, cocktails are perfect and is easy on the pocket. It loses 1 star on the service though, I like that the food comes after a while because its fresh and that shows (they shudnt change that), my problem is the jumping around to get the captain's attention !
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shrishtib - Burrp User


March 02,2010

Awful Service

I read about Masala Craft on Burrp n decided to go for a meal with my friends. As I had read the other reviews I was quite prepared for a slow service, but once I reached there... I realised that a pathetic service would be an understatement.
The service was toooooo slow.
On top of that.. at our exit when we told the manager about the poor service he seemed totally disinterested and didnt care a damn.
The food is the only saving grace but if they continue this attitude people would not want to repeat this place... atleast I wouldnt.
Also dont forget to check the bill before paying.. they tend to make a mistake.
All in all a dissapointing experience and I was ashamed to suggest this place to my friends
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ajb3398 - Burrp User


February 20,2010

Need to work on on the craft called 'Service'

Took a group of 20 friends for dinner and the this place needs to work on:

1) Managing a large group at all levels.
2) Opening corks of beer/soft drinks before placing them on the table rather than waiting for the guests to ask them to uncork!!
3) Placing new plates/replacing them between meal courses.
4) Music- there is lots more to play than MLTR & Backstreet boys.
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Chandni Tolani - Burrp User

Chandni Tolani

February 02,2010

Great place!

I went to this place on a Saturday night and it was crammed... We had to wait for about 15 minutes to get place to sit in the outdoor section. We got a nice cozy table for two at one end of the huge outdoor section.

The place was dimly lit and was perfect for a dinner date. We ordered for the starters and a cocktail. Murg ke sholay was perfectly spiced and the masala pappad was delicious. For the main course we ordered for Chicken tikka masala and naan. The chicken was tender and yummy! Even though the place was really crowded, the service was prompt and quick. We had an amazing time, uninterrupted, and the best part is that our entire meal came up to just about Rs 600.

I had a great experience and wish to go back here soon again. Great going guys! :)
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varunagrawal - Burrp User


January 22,2010


I really really believe in this restaurant. i have been visiting this restaurant frequently and i just wish that they work out the cranks.
1. just like copper chimney, please get your own signature chutney. the existing one is just not good.
2. please improve the speed of the service. we had to wait for a good half hour for our main course to arrive.
please take heed to my advise. it will increase your positive customer feedback.
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keenan - Burrp User


January 04,2010

Nice Place

We turned up at this place at around 8.30-9.Had to wait for about 10 minutes for a table, which we didn't mind.
I had the Chicken Soup(Shorba) which arrived cold and was a dissapointment.
The kebabs we ordered were good.Don't remember the name but it was a white masala.For the main course we ordered chicken rara,chicken tikka masala,nans and chicken biryani.
Both the curries were excellent.The nans were alright.But 15 minutes into the meal the guy comes and tells us tht we havent ordered the biryani which was kinda pissing off cause he actually agreed to make it non-spicy while taking the order.
When the biryani did actually turn up,it was good.Not too oily and not too spicy either.Overall a good meal, but we could have done with a more pleasant person taking the order.
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devs7683 - Burrp User


January 03,2010

Keeps getting us back...

We love this place for its food and open air sitting.

Stuffed Mushroom starter, Dal Bukhara and Rice: 3 things that keep getting us back here..

Out of the many visits, we had 1 not-so-good experience. After frequenting this place with my friends, I decided to get my cousins here and a troop of 14 zoomed in and what we found was that they were not prepared to host a big group:

1. Air conditioning was poor inside. One of the AC was not even working.
2. Waiters kept dropping knives, forks and drinks (one fresh lime soda was all over one cousin)
3. Constant follow up was required to get the food and drinks.

Everyone truly appreciated the food but with a better service, some of them would have revisited.

I still visit the place to quieten my taste buds, but Masalacraft probably lost out on some new customers.

For a group of 3-5, a perfect place for a late evening dinner in open air and especially during cold days of Dec-Jan.
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u dont wanna kno  - Burrp User

u dont wanna kno

December 26,2009

Mindblowing ambience n food

I love the food here...jus close your eyes and order anything..
great place for a date! the staff doesn't bug you too much... very relaxed place...
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rc_akash - Burrp User


December 26,2009

gr8 experience

well had been to masalacraft on christmas n def had a gr8 tyme... its situated right in the lane of IES college near candies...the place is somewht different with soothing ambience and amazing food!! n it is def value for money...try it out cause its one place that would surely not dissapoint you!
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Karan Karayi - Burrp User

Karan Karayi

November 27,2009

Incredibly good

The buzz around Masala Craft has been something else, almost unreal. Most of my friends that had been here raved so much about it I felt almost pressured into giving it a shot no matter how it turned out. And am I glad I did.

I've been there a few times in the last few weeks and every single time I have walked away contented and a song on my lips. I only look for a very few things in a quality restaurant. Lip smacking food (above all), great drinks, a nice ambience and helpful but unobtrusive staff. Masala Craft scores on all four points. Their service is good, courteous but not over-enthusiastic, and is only outdone by their food. I dislike Black Dal almost universally, and theirs blows my mind. It is hard to describe it's taste, but a joygasm gets close. The Makhmali Jhinga and Murg Khurchan is also outstanding, unique and delectable. I honestly don't remember the last time I enjoyed eating out as much as I did at Masala Craft, and the company I had and the fact that I had a few drinks did not alter the state of my mind or enhance my opinion. On the topic of drinks...they're very reasonably priced and if you're feeling brave, ask for the barman's special. Your mileage might differ, but I thoroughly enjoyed my drink (s).

And a special mention for the Sikandari Raan, as everyone else has done already. It seems pricey at first glance but it is worth every single rupee. In fact, come to think of it, everything I've ever had here has been sensationally good, but these few dishes that I mentioned in passing stand out above all.

The only thing I hold against it is that it only has the one branch. I wish they had multiple branches, and one closer to Powai. That, for me, is the only thing that mars the most delightful dining experience(s) I have had in a long, long time.
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prateek1106 - Burrp User


October 30,2009

Good food and Ambience

Food is goood
service and ambience is even better
i'd go there again just becaose their service is so great and efficient
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi prateek, thankyou for appreciating our service, ambience and food as well. It will be our pleasure to serve at it's best and take back memorable experience.

digitull - Burrp User


October 24,2009

Lousy experience!!

Had a terrible experience at Masalacraft a couple of days back. We ordered some recommended chicken and mutton starters which were stale and tasteless as well as tandoori fish which could well have been paneer!

Worst of all, we spoke to the 'manager' about the food quality and all he did was to stare at us blankly!!! The damage was around 2k and we didnt even get a miserly apology! Pathetic place..will never go back
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi, we are really dishearten that your experience at Masalacraft was not good. We have been always appreicated for our food & service majorly but sorry to hear that you didnt like the food at all. Would request you to visit our restaurant and give us a chance to serve you in best possible way without any complaints.

fireball - Burrp User


October 23,2009

finger licking

hello ppl
As Masalacraft was reviewed by rashmi uday singh in bombay times she had rated food 4/5
service 4/5
ambiance 3.5
so i wanted to visit it since then got chance in diwali holidays it was friday reached at 9 due to traffic i had to wait for 25 min that was annoying but the manager promised a early table next time he gave me his personal number i liked the attention given by staff i n my family were amased to see the pot wall in the restaurant its really cool
we quickly ordered for lemon chicken and seekh kebab it was good .As it was recommended by reshmi we ordered for nalli nihari and mutton biryani was really good .for deserts my brother ordered kulfi he liked it so all in all i will rate it 4.5 / 5
will definetly visit again
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interpol - Burrp User


October 23,2009

Addicted n how

I m reviewing this place for the second time I m in love the place i eat here atleast 12 to 15 times in a month most recommended basil paneer will rate it 10 /10
pathar ka gosht crazy cant get over it
chicken biryani amazing rate it 7/10
they have started new desert menu worth trying all except the custard
the pricing is very very good for bar as well as food for pricing i will rate it 10/10
portions r generous rating 9/10
experience is totally worth it
service on week ends is ok 7/10
weekdays its good 9/10
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Reply from restaurant management

Thankyou so much for giving 5 star rating again to our restaurant as well as good ratings for our food and service. Review from a regular guest like you inspire us more. Even we enjoy to serve you on ur every visit to Masalacraft and make your every visit a special one. Thanks once again and look forward to see you soon.

Vikas Krishnamurthy - Burrp User

Vikas Krishnamurthy

October 21,2009

Good but not yet there !

I had been here with 3 more people on Monday eve. First of all I would like to appreciate the Manager's advice for the seating arrangement in the Open Air section as I had booked a table in the AC section. Now one thing I did not like at all was certain tables had a seat which was of stone (or plastic not sure of this) on one side and soft cushions on the other side. This made me a little uncomfortable. You can add cushion to those places as people really note these small things !

We started with drinks and starters. The choice of drinks is good but needs to be expanded. I and my brother only drink Scotch and Single Malts and we need more choice there but Glenlivett was good...my relative ordered a Corona beer and it was served in a bottle whereas she needed it in a glass. It is better you ask the person about his preference while drinking... The Achaari Paneer started was nice but the service is one aspect where you need to buck up as it is currently very slow. We waited for a long time for the starter to be served and our drinks were almost over..A starter has to be served in sync with the Drinks. We also tried Tandoori Aloo and a mushroom starters which were good but the quantity needs to be improved upon to serve more portions.

Spending enough time with drinks, we started with the main course and we ordered a Chana dish and Dal Bukhara. Again they were good on the tongue but the portions were pretty less. The service for all the above should be prompt and the customer should not be made to wait for long. We finished it with a Bread Basket (need some variety here too) and some rice with Curds.

Overall I would rate this Bar & Kitchen as 6/10 and as I said it can be improved on various aspects. The pricing is good but you need to keep it decent if you increase the portions of your dishes.

I would still recommend all to try this place close to Bandra Reclamation. It is worth an evening and if all the above points are taken care of, then it will be one of my frequent places to visit.

Thank you for a decent experience.
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artohlas - Burrp User


October 20,2009

Definitely worth trying

The food is pretty nice, and it ain't very expensive as well. Plus, I had food home delivered, which came pretty quick! (it would put dominos to shame).

I see that the mgmt replies on this website as well - it feels good to know that your reviews don't fall on deaf ears :)
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Raghu007 - Burrp User


October 13,2009

Simply Fantastic

After hearing so much about this place on burrp thought of going to this place on Saturday evening with my family. We were seated in outdoor section which is really very unique compare to any other outlets in bandra. As we are a very foody family we were really impressed with the quality and quantity of the food served. Especially the paneer items were just awesome. The paneer i had over here were the best i ever had. Being a weekend service was quite good and we didnt had to wait more then 10-15 min for any starter or main course.

Ambience: 4.5
Food: 5
Service: 4.5
Overall experience: 4.5

We really treated our self with good food and dessert. Had a lovely evening with so good and homely service. Thanks and all the best to team of Masalacraft.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Raghu thank you for reviewing our restaurant and giving 5 stars. We are really glad that you liked our food and service, which is our moto....Also happy to hear that you and your family had a lovely eveing at Masalacraft. Look forward to serve you again.

neelomi - Burrp User


September 30,2009


After reading so many positive reviews about this restaurant, I decided to visit it on my birthday for lunch. My fiance and I had little trouble finding it, thanks to the clear boards with arrows for guiding us to the place. We did reach a bit early (we were the first ones there at 12.30 pm). We ordered chaas and fresh lime soda for drinks. I was pleasantly surprised with the huge glass of chaas. It was tasty for sure, although it had a little too many small pieces of ginger for my liking. Minus that, it was creamy and rich.
The achari paneer starter we ordered was amazing! This paneer was the softest I've ever tasted till date. The paneer pieces were huge and rather filling, leaving a little less space in our tummies for the main course.

For the main course, we decided to order just one gravy (veg. navratan korma) and breads. The gravy was decent, though a bit bland compared to what i'd expected after reading its description as "deceptively spicy." Next time, I'd want to explore their paneer dishes.
The portions were large, and overall, the food was tasty. And all this at the most unexpected prices! Our total bill was only Rs. 500!!
The place has a nice ambience (the restaurant started filling up around 1 pm). The service staff was efficient and the service was reasonably quick.
I'm quite eager to go back to Masalcraft for dinner and explore their menu further.
Highly recommended to all Burrpers!
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vidula - Burrp User


September 28,2009

Terrible service, mediocre food

I've been wanting to try this place ever since I read about it on burrp a couple of months ago. Finally went there for lunch today, and was very disappointed.
We wanted an indoor table but they couldn't seat us indoors, which is fine, but I wasn't pleased with the way they told us , they could have been a little more courteous and apologetic about it; instead, their tone was as though we committed a grave transgression by daring to ask for indoor seating.
The service was extremely slow as well ... it took them 15 minutes after we were seated to take our order, and then another 30 to bring our food. After the wait, the food wasn't all that great either, typical north Indian fare you'd get in any generic restaurant.
Overall, I'm really disappointed. Wont be going there again.
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Jay  - Burrp User


September 22,2009

Burrp Maps Rocks

Thanks to the Maps feature on this site, i was able to locate this place somewhere in nowhere....

Over all its i a worth visit place....

i prefered sdining in the non ac area......
as the ac area seemed to cramped...n just like othere restaurants

the food was very good, just like other north india restaurants..nothin spl.....
the service was good....but no chilled water available....thts a big no no for service....

Cost is very perfect for the service n food...
avg veg dish is 120-150, non veg 140-200...

the ambiance is very good, which makes ur dining spl...

the valet service was promt... thts vry good...

over all a must visit place, but no specific reason to revisit this place...
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varza007 - Burrp User


August 21,2009

Had a very good experience

Me & My family had gone to the Masalacraft on 19th of Aug (Parsi New Year) which i came to know through burrp.com.
We were 7 of us and were seated in the open area of the restaurant. To start with we ordered for a Sikandari Raan(Rs.375) and Lemon Chicken (Rs.150). Later for the main course we deciced to go with the chefs special which was Murg Lazeez (Rs,150) , Fish Rara (Rs 200), and chicken biryani (Rs.150) . The quantity was quite filling. Also We ordered for 4 Masala Chaas(Rs.40). The positive point of this restaurant is the ambience and staff incl. waiters who were very hospitable. The only negative aspect i thought is the open area which they have is a smoking one. But everything else was just very good . The damage done was only Rs 1450/- which i neva expected (actually very less for 7 people).
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interpol - Burrp User


August 18,2009

lunch&dinner in one day

As it was choice of the month for lunch on burrp I decided to go to this place for lunch on monday I had read a review about this place in time out mag so I ordered for the same stuff which was reviewed in time out basil paneer in starter which was perfectly soft I loved it then I ordered for lahori chicken for maincourse n two plain rotis it was fab it cannot get better then I ordered for mutton biryani mutton was melting in my mouth.their was no place for dessert s It was totally value for money .
Same evening I had taken my family for dinner they all loved the food six of us had gone n the damage was only 1300 portions r generous .
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Rupesh Mehta - Burrp User

Rupesh Mehta

August 14,2009

Nice Food

I heard lot about this place on Burrp and wanted to visit this for a 3 months now. I visited this place yesterday.

We made an advance reservation thinking the place might be crowded.. But i guess due Swine Flu the place was quite empty.

They serve North Indian cusine and must admit they have nice menu option (I am Veg). To be honest was tempted to try new dishes which i hardly do... But eventuly i called for Channa (My All time Fav) and Masaledar Aalu Zeera.

Rotis where nice and crisp... The service was good... but i not sure if they can manintain the same standard when the resturant is full...

There where few things on the menu which they didn't have and that actually put me off.

I usually avoid having desert, but was tempted to have a Kulfi, but was not in stock :(

They also have a non A/c sitting area which was more prefered by people as the A/c section is quite cramped..

The people are courteous and warm... and my overall experience was good.
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Nishant Singh - Burrp User

Nishant Singh

August 08,2009

Good place

Everyone's going ga-ga over this new place next to Desiree which is next to Candies at Bandra Reclamation. So my team decided to head out to Masalacraft for the farewell of 2 colleagues. Eight of us, paraded through the glass door at Masalacraft, enchanted by its decor and an intriguing ceiling - adorned with small black pots! The ambiance got the thumbs up from us, and as we were the first to arrive there, we could choose a nice comfy place to have our lunch!

Whilst waiting for another colleague, the rest of us ordered for a few drinks including lassi, kamikaze shot and a saffron drink which was just so darn good! So good that multiple rounds followed thereafter! Besides the drinks, we had a paneer starter and a main course for the veggies and a chicken gravy dish for main course and biryani!! (Oh! How i just love biryani). The biryani quantity was quite a lot and for the price of INR 150, I think it was well worth the cost! Was it the best biryani I have had? hmm not really but definitely one of the best!!

A good, heartening meal and surprisingly, at only INR 281 per head, lighter on the pockets as well! They have drinks as well to make for a complete meal! We did not get to try the desserts, as we ran out of time, but surely, the desserts will be tried next time around!

The service was good, the waiters seemed knowledgeable as well. The good service could partly be attributed to the fact that we were the only ones sitting there!

At the end, along with the bill, came a Tibetan meditation bowl used by Monks while meditating. The bowl is said to be made out of 7 metals including gold and silver.
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Claude Veigas - Burrp User

Claude Veigas

August 07,2009

Good food - slow service

Every official team lunch brings us to burrp to check out the choices from Ville parle to Bandra. This month's choice was MasalaCraft.
Situated next to Candies opposite Lilavati Hospital, it's a quiet little place. Ambiance is good and our group of 18 people could all sit together comfortably.
The paneer veg dishes were good and so were the chicken/mutton non-veg dishes - both starters and main course.

The first negative was the almost bland chicken biryani. It was a unanimous verdict that we didn't like it. Second was the service which was painfully slow.

We were told that the service would be better next time. We sure hope they stick to their word.

Would I go there again ? A fairly high probability that I would, indeed.

-Claude Veigas
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Kaytie  - Burrp User


July 27,2009

Masaledar Food

Masalacraft is situated in the lane opposite Lilavati Hospital and right next to Candies. Masalacraft is right at the end of the road so its a very peaceful area. On a cool, windy day (like the day we had visited the restaurant) you can sit outside and on a hot day, you can sit in the air conditioned section. We decided to sit in the open air section. We reached there around 8ish for an early dinner and we were quite surprised to find that the entire section was empty (considering that it was Saturday night). The seating is very comfortable; while there are chairs on one side of the table, the other side has a nice sofa like seat with comfortable cushions.

We started by ordering a Fosters( Rs 90) and a Blue Martini (Rs 165). The martini was really good. For starters, we had Achari Paneer Tikka (Rs 120) which consisted of six really big chunks of paneer with grilled capsicum, onion and tomato. The paneer was succulent and soft while the vegetables were grilled to perfection. This was served with green mint chutney and lime. We also had Masala Papad (Rs 30) which was really good (Now nobody can go wrong with Masala Papad, right?):)

I ordered for a mocktail called Black Beauty (Rs 100) which was made from blueberry's, sprite and lime. Its a bit on the sour side, so people who like their mocktails sour will like it.
We were quite stuffed and hence we decided to skip roti-sabzi and just order biryani. Subz Biryani (Rs 120) was what we selected. It consisted of vegetables and saffron rice, topped with crisp onions. The serving size is huge and is sufficient for three people. The biryani, thankfully, has less of garam masala; just the way I like my biryani. That way, the flavour of rice blends in perfectly with the vegetables.

After the heavy meal, we had no place for dessert. For the two of us, the bill came upto Rs 668 with taxes, which is quite reasonable.

I will definitely visit this place again. Its a must for all Indian food lovers. Also, the earlier reviews mention that the service is slow but infact its completely the opposite. The waiters are extremely attentive (as soon as the water glass is empty, they come and refill it). And all the dishes we ordered were served to us in just 5- 10 minutes. 10/10 for the service.
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prithvish Ashar - Burrp User

prithvish Ashar

July 15,2009

Service Improved !!

I have already reviewed this place before and was disappointed with the service then !! Today enjoyed both the food and the service. Had some guests from abroad. Did not want to experiment much with the new dishes. Stuck to the same which i ordered last time but tried the Chakori Kabab (v.good) makai malai seekh (ok) and the wilayati subzi (V.good).
Rasmali was not available hence opted for Gulab Jamun (strictky ok) can be avoided.
Overall was satisfying and will surely be back .
damage : 350/head with some beers.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

July 01,2009

The Masala is good, Craft can be improved

A week ago, had a foodie friend come over from Bangalore in the afternoon flight, with plans of going to Trident & leaving by the evening flight but wanting to meet up for Lunch.

After exploring but deciding against the usual suspects, decided to try Masalacraft out - in the worst case - Candies is right next door:)

But turned out to be quite a surprise - Not too full at 1.30pm also, we quickly got a table, ordered F/L soda & water, which was served quick enough.

On perusing the Menu, decided to try out starters, main course together as we were short of time. So we ordered

1) Afghani Fish TIkka
2) Burrah Kabab
3) Murgh Lahori
4) Naan & Laccha Paratha

All of them were extremely delicious....in fact as my friend said, it was a long time since he liked meat, chicken & fish all at the same place & time.

The only regrets:

Service: Needs to be a bit more attentive & this when it is not full.
Ambiance: Afternoon had some lovebirds & a group of ladies imbibing, shouting at the top of their voices. In spite of us & another table requesting, no attempt to speak to them was made.
Time: The lovely starters should have been eaten with beer in the afternoon or nice rum when it's raining outside, but alas Time did not allow us to do so.

But, return I shall with some more friends....
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Aarti Jesrani - Burrp User

Aarti Jesrani

June 11,2009

The Craft of Good Food

Enter the lane opposite Lilavati and you’ll discover the latest entrant into Bandra’s restaurant scene – a North-Indian joint named Masalacraft – which stands exactly where China Bistro and Harmony once did. Walk in to find the restaurant split into a small 28-seater air-conditioned section which also houses the kitchen and about a 100 seater al fresco; what separates the two is the road in between! But assurances of awnings being on their way were given…

If the evening breeze is blowing cool, then the outdoor section makes for a pleasing garden-like dining experience (minus the mosquitoes!) with frangipani trees and 100s of earthen pots strung together to form a fence of sorts. There’s a mini bar on one side of the long, rectangular space and a provision for cricket match screenings on the other, separated in between, by wooden tables and seating with dull orange upholstery.

Masalacraft gets brownie points for the innovative names used on the menu – starters are called First Impression, main course is Masterpiece, and so on. Even the dishes have unique names. Chowk Ki Tikki (Rs. 95), Cheese Se Bhara Kumbh (Rs. 110) and Tandoori Kalimirch Chaat (Rs. 110) will have you licking your fingers. The Lemon Chicken (Rs. 145) and Makhmali Jhinga (Rs. 230) are must-try non-veg appetizers. As for the mains, Murgh Lahori (Rs. 145), Tariwala Kukkad (Rs. 140) and the Dal Bukhara (Rs. 90) with Cheese Naan (Rs. 30) will leave you asking for more. The Lasooni Hara Saag, though, is not always as promising as it sounds on the menu.

Be prepared for slow service even during hours when the restaurant isn’t packed. This could partially be because the dishes (most of the starters) are slow-cooked and freshly prepared and when the food arrives, the wait seems worthwhile. If you don't like your food, the servers will promptly change your dish and get something better!

Finally, cool off with the Coconut Cooler (a tinge of rose essence added to good ol' nariyal paani) and your well-rounded meal at Masalcraft will come to an end. Worth revisiting? We think yes.
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Pratik Bakore - Burrp User

Pratik Bakore

June 02,2009

Nice Location - Good Food - Nicely Priced Menu

So after reading and hearing too much about this place, i have decided to taste the food here... i went with 3 friends...
Here are my comments:-

1. Location:- Very nice location. it is very hard to get such calm and cool place in mumbai.

2. Ambience :- The restaurant is divided in two parts. there is one open aire palace and other is the traditional closed AC restaurant. We chose to sit in the AC place because it was too humid outside. The interiors are very nicely designed and the AC was working fine. Lighting is also very good as well as the sitting sofas and chairs.
In the AC hall, they can manage to accomodate a group of 8-10 people. The overall sitting capacity in the AC hall will be around 20-25.

3. Food :- Now this is the most imporant aspect of any restaurant review so i am going to explain the experience in detail.
We have started with Subz Dhaniya Shorba (Soup). I must say that this was the first time i tasted a different soup. The taste was amazing. I must give it 11 out of 10 points ;). The price was 50 Rs. Too cool for a hot soup.

We have also ordered Masala Papad but that was as simple as you will get at any other restaurant. 5 points out of 10 because i was expecting somthing special after the soup :(.

In main course, we have chosen Achari Paneer Tikka, Paneer Lababdar and Dal Bukhara. The Achari Paneer Tikka was really amazing and i must say that it was one of the best veg tikkas you will get in mumbai. The Paneer Lababdar was just ordinary. The taste of this dish was more mumbaiya than typical north indian. I will give 5/10 to this. Dal Bukhara was also amazing. It was more on sweet side so i will give 8 out of 10.
One good thing was the choices in Rotis.. we have ordered Missi Roti, Hari Mirch ki Roti and Cheese Chilly Naan. All were very tasty and i will give 10/10 to these rotis.

Now, i have read a lot about the poor service of this restaurant but i am not at all agree with those people who written these reviews. I think there may a difference between the open air palace and the AC hall but i have experienced great service. Restaurant staff was very quick to respond and they were also having good knowledge about the dishes. Also, it hardly took 15 mins to get the ordered food.
I will give 10/10 for their service.

Now the overall Rating :-
Overall Restaurant :- 8/10
Location and Ambience:- 9/10
Food and Food Quality :- 7/10
Service :- 10/10
Price:- 9/10

My final verdict is that it is a very good place to have good food. You can go with friends and chit chat with great food.
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Bharati Nair - Burrp User

Bharati Nair

June 01,2009

Drunken Prawns make way for Jhinga Chatpata

For all those working professionals who remember driving down after work from the precincts of Parel to Bandra Reclamation to Harmony for a quick drink, which would invariably extend into a few hours considering the cheap booze prices and a semi-tolerable ambience, Masalacraft is not a shoddy departure from all those nostalgic moments .For more details
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Pranjali Pradhan - Burrp User

Pranjali Pradhan

May 31,2009

yes over hyped...

One sunday morning. One irritating bhaaji(veg) for lunch at home. One click on burrp. "Try Masalacraft" the review said. One growling stomach. One brilliant idea... use all ur "girlie power" to irritate ur bf to drive u down to bandra from thane for lunch. It worked (hah!).

We made our reservations on the phone while driving. The first time i called the man on the other side said " Saab aaaye nahi hain, baadmein unko phone karneko bolta hoon." which never happened. I called up again and i guess the "Saab" was at work. Swiftly he took my details and reserved a table.

Valet parked our car. We enter masalacraft. . No smiles anywhere. Seated at the table near the kitchen door.The open air seating i guess only works for dinner. I looked at the ambience around. Okay, orange walls were interesting but not the people (staff) standing against it.

The waiter came down to our table with a face i make before my bio-stats exams. I looked at him. He decided not to smile and keep his face as blank as my bio-stats answer sheet.

I asked for a fresh lime water and my bf asked for a beer along with lemon chicken and ambi jhinga. The waiter with his blank face came back again and murmurred "ambi jhinga not there madam. makhmali jhinga chalega??" we nodded our heads. A few minutes later the jhinga (230rs) arrived. Honestly, it was too well done for me.. but my bf enjoyed it for some reason. The lemon chicken (145rs) was clearly makhmali chicken tikka with lemon zest ... sadly it wasnt evenly spread and we could taste some parts which had lemon and some which didnt... yes on the same piece!! My fresh lime water was so sweet that i could barely taste any lime there!!

putting all that aside, we asked for the main course. Chicken Lahori (145rs) was good but i could taste the uncooked masalas in there.. not what i ordered! The cheese chilli nan(30rs) which has got such accolades on burrp didnt live upto its expectations either... was tooooo cheesy for me ...

The total kharcha was 879 bucks and a silent bf (who silently was cursing me not letting him use his sunday afternoon doing nothing!)

As we stepped out to locate our car, the valet had dissapeared with our keys... 20 mins after puchtaach this guy appears from no where .... no apologies .. from the valet or the manager whom we talked to abt the nonsense...

Bottomline :

go to this place if u want some "cold" treatment in these hot summer days...
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prithvish Ashar - Burrp User

prithvish Ashar

May 27,2009


Having opened just under a month now there have been some good reviews about this place from all corners.
Happened to be in bandra and thought of checking out with a couple of friends last evening.
The veg starters - basil paneer garlic tikka (must try) and Cheese ke bhara kumbh (Mashroom) was very good too.
Tried the Dal bukhara (good) Navratan Korma (was suggested would not be sweet) and turned out to be as it was suggested (something different)
Must try the Chicken Lahori .
Service Ok ....
Would love to go again and try out the something new and post it ...
Not so heavy on the pocket.
Along with some beers 1400 (4 pax) ..... Go for it !!!!
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deepak9000 - Burrp User


May 21,2009

too hyped

after all that i read i was very eager to go to masalacraft, but i must say this place was really very average in everything, i had heard a lot about their open seating arrangement but sadly as it rained last nite couldn't sit there , we were seated in the a/c section.As recommended by fellow burrpper's i ordered for the makhmali jinga which was too salty & the lemon chicken was not at all marinated well, starters were below average. for drinks we ordered sweet lime soda which was not at all sweet. service was not attentive enough. the positive side was the main course the chicken lahori was good & the black dal was awesome., it somehow made up for the sad starters.
i was just wondering why the management was cutting raw vegetables inside the dining area , it looked as if we were not in a restaurant but at a roadside dhaba. well guys please improve.
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Aloke P - Burrp User

Aloke P

May 18,2009

Good for family dinner

Had family dinner last week n after seeing the talk of the town on burrp we considered masalacraft. We chose the open air section, its pretty cool and I liked the pot-type wall. And I think bandra needed an open-air place! Coming to the food, yum yum. Full marks to starters. They call it "first impressions". Lemon chicken and jhinga was excellent! Then for main course we had murgh kurchan n maa ki daal (i think) and i loved the cheese chilli naan. But fish was veryyyy oily! Service could be faster but it was really worth waiting for food! Meal for five was only around 1000!

Minus 2 star because hygiene and speed could be better....
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zagcollins - Burrp User


May 17,2009

Good Food, Badd Service, Ambience N Hygiene!

Manny, your review is spot on....most of it...I was seated with my gf when I noticed the 'sparking' incident (mentioned in the earlier review) take place a couple of tables away..my gf thot twas 'em firecrackers..I told her Diwali is a long way away and I am not sure it is a Congress dominated area!! :D

Food- Ordered Masala Papad (Good), Basil Paneer Tikka (V good), Vilayati Veg (Nice), Dal Bukhara (Veryyy Good), Cheese Chilly Naan and Butter Kulcha (Fair enough).

Service- Atrocious. Ignoring the fact it took 'em an hour to serve us, I ordered for Sprite and the waiter got me Sprite w/ vodka. I asked him bt mocktails and he named the coconut cooler alone while all the tables next to us had people sipping on different beverages.

Ambiance- Seated at the outside area, I had mosquitoes feasting on my flesh. The concept of al fresco dining is good but the execution should be married to the idea!

Hygiene- I took a stroll around and noticed their kitchen. I'll stop at that..It was bad. Today morning, the effects have shown and my belly refuses to stop growling!

Dining outside is an experience..Good food cannot substitute other aspects and vice versa. Lets hope these guys pick up 'cus they have a lot of potential!
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manny_calavera - Burrp User


May 17,2009


I wanted to try this place after checking it out on the front page of burrp. Our group of 6 went on saturday night.
We had made a reservation which he gave us inside, but on reaching there we found that the place inside mostly has seating only for 4.
They promised to seat us outside and said it would take "5 min". We waited outside for 45 min. Now this is generally the most irritating part and I would really appreciate any restaurant if they told the truth so that I can go elsewhere.
The open air area does have a great ambiance and a cool breeze at night really helps.It is away from the usual Bandra joints which earns it extra brownie points.
Regarding the service - the waiters are helpful, but the service was pathetic. I don't know if this was due to it being a saturday night. The food choice was limited to only what they had. Whatever we ordered , " sir , please order something else , we don't have it". Finally we just told them to get whatever they had. While serving the waiters did'nt know what dish it was, we had to send him back twice just to confirm if it was veg or not. For water / ice , we literally had to stop the waiters and ask them please please bring us water.
There was a separate incident where one of the plug points under the table next to us started sparking. They should atleast provide warnings and not seat people at that table.
The food was good VFM but the servings were quite small.
Overall, this place has potential but it desperately needs to improve it's service. I wonder how it would be during the monsoons.
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Jayanta Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Jayanta Chaudhuri

May 15,2009

Outstanding ...

Read about this place at Burrp and went there last week ... it was more than just a pleasant surprise.

1. You beat the traffic in Bandra if you are coming from WE Highway (thru reclamation)

2. Lovely open air space

3. Very helpful and smiling staff

4. Food is out of the world. The Sikandari Raan & Makhmali Prawns are the best I have had in years ... price is so reasonable that you feel its TOTAL value for money

Damages for 3 pax - 2 starters as above, 2 main course dishes (1 chicken / 1 lamb), butter naans, 3 drinks - Rs, 1500 incl 10% Serv Charges

Such a pleasant experience, that too in Bandra & Mumbai is to be experienced to be believed

Am going back for MORE ...
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hotpepper_76 - Burrp User


May 12,2009

Who says good place need to be expensive

Hey guys after reading a lot of review on Burrp me and friends went to check out this new place called " Masalacraft"

And we were not disappointed, the place is a chill out zone. a different place from previous Harmony and China Bristo

This place has a cozy atmosphere, dim lits with candle lights on the tables. After we were seated under the Frangi Paani tree we ordered for drinks beer was priced 100rs for a pint (inclusive of vat) i dont think any restaurant in bandra would price it so cheap. Long island tea was amazing checkout the apple martini (165), a round of tequilla (150 for small)

For starters a must try is Makmali Jhinga and Pattar ke gosht(150) man u would lick the plate. Achari paneer tikka was good. for main course we ordered burranigosht, goan fish curry, cheese chilli naan, steam rice, chicken biryani was excellent

Staff was excellent and friendly Mgr. Prashant really took care of us. food n drinks for 6 of cost us 2130 for a wonderful evening and easy on the pockets to treat your friends. celebrate all my functions here
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paulporshe - Burrp User


May 12,2009

7 out of 5 stars if possible

Authenticity is best described at Masalacraft.What an awesome place with the food quality at par. I could have not asked for more than what I was treated at this newly opened Restaurant Masalacraft at Bandra. It was my wedding aniversary and as my wife is a food lover ,I wanted to treat her at one of the best Restaurant in town , thats when my colleague who lives in Bandra suggested this place to me .We were four couples in all had booked a large table, which is the outdoor sitting arrangement ,the lights perfectly lit to mesmerize u and ur partner. All the the dishes is moderately priced with a service at par as that of a star property. A must place to spend some wonderful moments with your loved ones ......
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi!Paulporshe thank you so much for your valuable comments.We are happy that you chose our restaurant for the special evening and even more happy that we could make it a lovely one for you'll.

Pratish Sanghvi - Burrp User

Pratish Sanghvi

May 11,2009

V Impressive - Recently Opened..

I was considering various dining options to celebrate my wife's birthday and came across some of v +ve reviews of Masalacraft on burrp. On inquiring & personally speaking to the manager, I was quite happy and decided to make that the spot.
The restaurant (situated right next to Candies opp. Lilavati) has two sections. I wasnt too pleased with the indorr section but the outdoor section was lovely. Very dimly lit, quite, and extremely cosy seating -the ambiance is perfect. We were a group of 10 and we given a large corner table.
The menu looked very good - they had some very innovative dishes - we order the basil paneer tikka (good), Subz hi Bahar (good) and the Chowk ki Tikki (awesome, must have). The cocktails were ok, could be better.
In main course, thier Dal Bhukara was terrific and so was the Vilayati Veg (English veggies in an Indian gravy). I wasnt too happy with the Tawa Bhaji. Biryani was good too.
Since it was my wife's birthday, they brought us a cake and the cake too was very very good. All in all, we had a great time. The staff and service was v good (we got s starter which we orderd by mistake and also didnt like it - he didnt bill us for that!). Since its a new place, they pay attention to everything you ask for...
Damage for 10 with a lot of drinks - 5500..I consider it total VFM for top most service, food and ambiance..!
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi ! Thank you very much for the reviews which we highly regard. We are happy that you'll had a great time and we could do the little to make your wife's birthday one of the best. We have taken into notice about the things you were not so satisfied with, and do the needful to make it to the mark.Wish to see u again.

IN_IN_13001136039 - Burrp User


July 01,2012


masaledar Masalazone, we want the taste
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