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  • Most tried items: Crab

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Overpriced and portion is less
Best sea food
Best sea food in juhu
Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 31,2015


This place is known for its awesome fresh seafood.. The crabs are very good but with cost you a bomb.. The tiger prawns also are prepared really well..I love fish so everytime i try something new.. I love the chicken gassi and the bombay duck fry..Lobsters are also prepared really well but again very very expensive. A nice place in juhu which is always crowded ..A must try for seafood lovers !!
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 24,2015

seafood lovers paradise

My mother in law likes to indulge in seafood now and then,rest of the time she is a veggie by my side.so she decided to check this out one nice afternoon. Loved the seafood platter and couldn't stop singing praises of the tandoori prawns. I get freaked out looking at seafood somehow,but I could see happiness on everyone else's face around me so I have to admit it must be good and is pretty famous too.
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Tejas P - Burrp User

Tejas P

January 01,2015

Visit if you are not a seafood critic

Paying heed to the much hyped chain of 'Mahesh Lunch Home', we finally decided to give it a try. Coming from a family who regularly enjoys Konkani variety of seafood at home, MLH really had to please my tastebuds to even offer an average review.

Come to order and we straight place an order for sole kadhi for all of us and two sea food platter. Given that the platter offered a wide variety of sea food, we thought it would be the best option available. Along with the platter fanfare, we also ordered butter garlic pepper versions of Lobster and prawns, pomfret tawa fry and Squid Ring Garlic. The Lobster was well cooked, prawns were delicious, pomfret was a delight and squids were a treat. The sight of the platter was overwhelming (comprising of prawns koliwada, prawns tandoor, 'bangda' fry, pan fried basa, ravas fry, ravas tandoor and tandoori crab). The prawns and crab were what pleased us. The crab lovers on the table were very happy with the tandoori version of crab. Rest of the fish seemed rather too bland with little or no masala and some of the fish did not even seem that fresh.

The already ordered food was enough to fill us up. However, we could not leave without trying the appam and neer dosa. Combine a chicken ghee roast and prawns gassi with neer dosa and appam and it is a much better meal than the platter. Neer dosa were very thin while appams were crisp....a 5 star for these two food items.

The service was good and no complaints on that front. We were seated on the upper level which provided us a good atmosphere to have a chatty discussion in our group of eight. However, the seating downstairs is much more comfortable and would be pleasing for a smaller group. The ambience of this place is relaxing downstairs and is good for a gastronomic experience upstairs.

Overall, I like MLH for the experience but food wise it might be the only visit i make here. Like i say, it is always difficult for restaurants to please Konkani and Mangalorean guys.
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WheelsOnOurFeet Blog - Burrp User

WheelsOnOurFeet Blog

June 24,2014

Mahesh Lunch Home -- God of Sea Food

We went to Mahesh Lunch Home in Juhu after about 7 years yesterday!!! The first time we had gone there, it was our initial days in Mumbai. Remeber ordering Prawn Biryani and hating it. Well, that wasnt the reason for not going all these years. We simply found other, new ones.
But after a play at Prithvi yesterday, we were starving and headed straight to MLH for Pomfret Gassi and Tisrya (Clams) Sukha with Neer Dosa for main course. But before that we had Prawn Butter Garlic and Rawas Tawa Fry for starters over some soft and hard drinks. Needless, to say, every dish was cooked to perfection. My daughter especially loved the Clams Sukha. They had made the Pomfret excessively spicy and my daughter couldn't eat a bite. We too had to puff and pant. Partly our fault -- we hadn't pointed out to the staff taking the orders to be mild with the chillies. But partly their fault too -- they should have seen that we had a little girl with us.
The food was excellent though. Probably one of the best places in Mumbai for Maharashtrian-Mangalorean Sea Food.
All of the above cost us INR 2800. MLH was never cheap...
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Lester Fernandes - Burrp User

Lester Fernandes

April 07,2014

Never eating at Mahesh Lunch Home again

On 6th of April, 2014 after a long day of wedding shopping, my fiance, my to-be MIL and I entered Mahesh Lunch Home, Juhu for what we expected to be a pleasant Sunday dinner. We ordered butter pepper garlic fried squids and chatpata pudinawala jhinga (prawns) along with a round to drinks to begin with. The squids were served first, and were well prepared.

When the prawns were served, I noticed a cockroach crawling across the table towards our food. I immediately alerted the staff to it, who tried shooing it away and instead dropped it close to our shopping bags. I had no intention of taking a pest home, so I immediately lifted the bags from the chair it was placed on. The staff tried to pacify us by asking us to sit down and that the cockroach had scuttled away.

Now, my fiance has a phobia of bugs. And past experiences have been proof that cockroaches in proximity to food is never a good idea. But because her mother was with us, we decided not to leave and try to finish our dinner without being grossed out.

When our main course, chicken sukha and neer dosa arrived,we spotted a baby cockroach next to the pickle and chutney containers. We once again called staff head to our table and pointed it to him.He very coolly took the bowls away and asked us to continue our dinner. My fiance and I were completely put off by this utter lapse of hygiene. We hurried through our dinner, hoping we wouldn't be greeted by a third cockroach.

When we asked for the bill, the manager came and personally apologised to us. He informed us that pest control was conducted only two days ago. I tried not to raise my voice but made my point that this was an utter shame that our dinner was completely ruined, that hygiene was completely overlooked at Mahesh Lunch Home and that I would never be returning here again. The manager tried to pacify us by offering a token payasam for dessert which my fiance outright refused. The manger then promised us to compensate for this in some way or the other.

Miffed at the terrible hygiene and nonchalant behaviour meted to us, we asked for our bill again. We were in for an utter shock when we received as there was absolute no monetary compensation made. We ended paying a full bill for a pathetic dining experience.

Long story short, I will not be visiting Mahesh Lunch Home ever again. The place needs cleaning, a total hygiene inspection and a lesson in manners.

P.S.: I've attached below a copy of our bill.
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ipsitasharma007 - Burrp User


March 27,2014

sea food! good food

my friend treated us at /mahesh lunch home for his birthday and what a treat it was!!!!!! the ambiance is really nice, we had been there for dinner. Mahesh lunch home being famous for its sea food actually is upto the mark. We had fish fingers and pomfret tandoori for starters followed by prawns gassi and neer dosa. It was delicious!!
we had a wonderful evening and we enjoyed our time there.
we received two complimentary desserts since we made our reservations through URBANRESTRO.
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ANIL SINGH - Burrp User


March 23,2014

my son's birthday

on 21 march 2014 ...

On India Pak match day... we 18 people went to my best seafood place !! had crab sukkha and crab soup apart from our beer n other delicious starters etc..everything was too good !!!

Enjoyed thoroughly !!! everything !! the food the service quality, the ambiance and the price o f course !!

cheers !!!

anil singh
email id anil.secy@gmail.com
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ANIL SINGH - Burrp User


March 23,2014

simply fabulous

on 27 feb 2014 I went to one of my favourite restaurants ...as always the food and the ambience and service quality was superrb !!!


email id rocknrhyme@gmail.com
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Karan dhawan - Burrp User

Karan dhawan

March 14,2014

fish on my plate

If I can use analogies here (and not comparision), then it might read something like this. The way his 100th century eluded Sachin Tendulkar for 2 years, the same way Mahesh Lunch Home kept a coincidental distance from my palate. Finally, it had to happen on the best day possible and I was able to get the monkey off my back.

Mahesh Lunch Home, possibly one of the most celebrated seafood restaurant in Mumbai, got me calling for my birthday lunch today. A lot of expectations were built up, not just today, but right from the time we had planned to visit Mahesh a couple of years back. Fighting through the scorching heat of Mumbai and reaching Juhu well before the peak lunch time, was a task in itself and I deserved something great for it.

Mahesh Lunch Home at the first glance looks a quaint of a place with the sea right by its side. It might feel intimidated with the giants of Hotel industry, J.W. Marriot by its side, but they have learned to stand strong after serving customers satisfactorly over the past few years. We were lucky to get a table the moment we reached, considering there was a huge reservation list waiting for us at the door itself. Once inside, the ambiance is pretty decent at Mahesh. We were guided to the "comfortable" mezzanine floor and were placed in a corner. The sound levels for a Sunday afternoon was quite expected, but a huge group can actually set the buzz ringing high.

One of the best things about the menu is the immaculate sorting of the food items. Fish, Lobsters, Chickens nicely arranged in the menu makes it easy to order from, but gets really confusing to decide from the extensive list. Today, we started with calling for Prawns Koliwada regular, which were around a dozen of medium sized prawns, battered and deep fried until brown. The one thing that got us off was the lack of seasoning, which would have made for a stellar of a dish. Coming down to Mains, Clams Mallipuram and the famous Neer Dosas graced our table. The Neer Dosas stood the hype around it by being light, airy and a perfect companion for any fish gravy. Clams Mallipuram, a thick coconut gravy, infused with flavours of Curry leaves, left a creamy taste on the palate. Neer Dosas never tasted so better with such an amazing gravy. One of the best fish gravies I had in the recent times.

Since, the quantity of the gravy was too much for 2 people, we ended up calling for a couple of Appams. The appams were at par with the Neers; light, airy and perfectly cooked. Oh!!! I completely forgot about the huge fillet of Surmai, which was marinated and shallow fried for an ideal accompaniment with the main course. After relishing a plethora of flavours, it had to be wash down with something equally good;Solkadi. A sip into the long glass and all it tasted was flavoured water. The entire idea of Solkadi was lost in too much of colour. God knows how did they manage to get that colour, without the flavour. It was missing everything that a perfect Solkadi should have; tanginess, a hint of spice and the soothing digestive feel at the end.

If I have to sum up everything written above, I am glad that this meal finally happened. Yes, there were a few things that can be improved, but still Mahesh Lunch Home is a good option for seafood cravings. The lunch cost us around Rs.1400 inclusive of taxes and it was almost worth it, apart from the lacklustre Solkadi and the under seasoned Prawns.
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satvinderjit - Burrp User


December 20,2013

Best Sea Food

Best sea food so far i have eaten in Mumbai . Felt over crowded for a weekday it would be better to go a bit early. Service a bit slow but then its all about food so everything over rules the good food that Mahesh Lunch home serves They have the best pomfret Masala. Also recommended are neer dosa with chicken curry followed by sol Kadhi to cool it down . I would definitely visit again and recommend this place .
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ardeshirdesai - Burrp User


November 26,2013

Excellent Sea food

This place, as it is famous for, serves the best seafood. The best part is, whether you are at its Juhu branch or at the Fort one or at Sakinaka, be it anywhere, the quality and the taste is consistent. I have tried all the above three places mentioned by me and have never ever felt the difference in the taste, me being a hardcore fan of seafood. Try either of its fried versions or the tawa ones or the gussy ones, the stuff is the best.
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freeround1 - Burrp User


October 25,2013

nothing fishy here !

This restaurant appears quite uninspiring from the outside, but this is unfortunate because it belies the excellent food, service and ambiance within.

I have now been back to mahesh on three occasions and each time I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I have enjoyed the experience. Admittedly, on each occasion I have had the benefit of a discount voucher, but the prices are nevertheless reasonable without one.

I strongly recommend the succulent tandoori king prawns and the lamb karahi as two of the nicest dishes I have tasted in a long time.

My sister and brother-in-law also rated it very highly when they visited.

A special mention should be made of the excellent music which helps to create a very nice and relaxed atmosphere.
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Rohit Khopkar - Burrp User

Rohit Khopkar

September 09,2013

Not the same anymore

Been here a couple of times, I have fond memories of going to the one in Fort with my parents, however this one is too commercialized. The food is very good no doubt but I feel that the routes on which the whole concept was built, has been diluted over time. Its become more of a run of the mill Indian Restaurant rather than a destination for sea food. The quality & portion of the tandoori pomfret for example has shrunk over the years, & the neer dosa's just do not taste the same,the prices too have gone up a lot; it seems like they only want to cater to the foreign crowd coming in from the nearby JW Marriott hotel. The service is still very efficient, but it is offset sadly by the food. I prefer Gajalee any day, & have completely stopped going to Mahesh Lunch Home.
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priya pawar - Burrp User

priya pawar

July 18,2013


Very nice place at juhu.
Authentic sea food. Awaiting their crab and wine fest.
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aakhil1 - Burrp User


July 04,2013

Andhra Food Festival at MLH

Mahesh Lunch Home should be everywhere like jhunka bhakar centres. These people know how to make seafood. The Juhuwalla place has a food festival on now. We go once a month and know the owner Shetty. We get good service. This Andhra style taste was too good yaar…I toh had two jhinga starters..pepper and vedu pudu something…with complimentary beer..solid boss. Wife likes crabs but does not drink beer. So she had pepperwalla crab and I had the beer. And shared one dum biryani mutton. Solid khana boss.
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bajazaman - Burrp User


June 11,2013

Worst Management

We went to this restaurant as a group of 7 on a weekday. As soon as we reached there we were told there would be a wait time of max 5-10 minutes. We waited patiently but even after 30 minutes there were no tables available. I asked the seating host about it and he said another 5-10 minutes.... I told him please reserve our table and call us when you are ready but he said he cannot do that !!!!
So we waited again, even after 90 minutes there were no tables. If you cannot handle the guests, tell them straight away. We could have gone to some other restaurant. But no.... these guys take pride in making their guest wait endlessly.

The management is absolutely horrible, they have no respect for the guest's time.
Once seated we had to constantly call the waiter to serve us water, take our order.. It seemed like they have no training whatsoever in hospitality.

By the time the food came to our table, we were completely uninterested in eating there. We were told Rawas and Basa were not available. How can that happen? They are a seafood restaurant.... if you run out of fish, close down!!!!

The food is very expensive and not worth the money at all. A pomfret for 4300? are you freaking kiddin me. And when I told the waiter I don't want such an expensive fish, he laughed at us. Its my hard earned money.... I decide how to spend it.... Not you.... Get that in your pea sized brain.

There are much better seafood restaurants in the area. This one is all hype no substance... Better avoid.

Tip to the management: Get some training on how to run a restaurant. If you cannot be courteous, you got no right to be in the restaurant business.

PS: I want to give it 0 star but burrp does not provide me that option.... Read it as a zero star.
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Jeffy John - Burrp User

Jeffy John

May 24,2013

Buy the platter. only.

A couple of days back, we decided to check out the much hyped Mahesh Lunch house at Juhu.

We reached there by around 3PM, not realizing that the place closes by 3:30PM. The place was crowded and we had to wait. Since we got back from the beach, we had to clean up. Decided to make good use of the waiting period and cleaned up. It is quite surprising to find carpets in the loo, I mean, what would they do on a regular basis, change carpets? I'm pretty sure people do get them wet. Anyways, we got in and got a place to sit downstairs.

3 of us suddenly got this crave for so much of sea food that we decided to get the sea food platter. The price a whopping 2500 bucks! Along with which we ordered rice and they offered to provide us with fish gravy. As the platter was served, my eyes just popped out of my sockets! It was full of fish, prawns, squids, crab and another small bowl with clams. There were 3 different fishes, 3 different preparations of fish, 3 different kinds of prawns. It was absolutely divine, both to the eyes and to the stomach.

Without waiting another minute I dived into the prawns. These prawns were nice, huge, tasty, and crunchy and the masala reached deep within them. Did I mention that it was 'huge'? I wasn't quite a fan of the squid that was served with finely diced fried garlic. The unexpected pungent strong flavor of the garlic while biting into the squid was rather unpleasant.

The crabs were small. The meat was white and the claws were full of it! They were very tender, warm and nice. We kept hogging on the rice and the fishes and more fishes. The clams were available in plenty. We decided to scoop out every portion of meat from their shells and gobble them down. The masala was typically mangalorian and was kind of similar to the fish gravy that they'd provided on the house.

The time went beyond 3:45PM and we were still eating. They closed the place, closed the kitchen but still they offered us with rice when we ran out of it.

After stuffing ourselves till the throat, we decided to call it a day and ask for the bill. Paying another 600 bucks as tax was quite disappointing but then, I guess it's time I stop cribbing about it.

Verdict : It made sense getting the platter than individual dishes cause I'm pretty sure, if individual, the price would've summed up to quite a lot more. The food's just brilliant! Again, would definitely come during the 1st week of the month. I wasn't quite happy with the coconut water they provided initially by the way. Priced at Rs 70, wasn't worth it.
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adnanzaveri - Burrp User


April 01,2013

Best Fish restuarant in Mumbai

I am a Westerner and cautious about highly perishable fresh foods, particuarly seafood. I eat seafood at Mahesh with gusto and abandon! The fish can be chosen by piece and is very fresh. Preparation is excellent, pricing reasonable for such extraordinary quality in Mumbai.
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Ronak Shah - Burrp User

Ronak Shah

March 03,2013

dont miss dis

if u r in juhu n u r a seafood lover den dont u dare miss dis place they really served d best crab in d town get alll yur frnd n family too experince some superb sea food with amazing services
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Shiraz  sk - Burrp User

Shiraz sk

February 25,2013

Mahesh Lunch Home

Excelent place for sea food. Must try their butter garlic crab N prawns gassi N the amazing stuffed pomfret N of course Solkadi the kukum curry with dry fish N neer dosa yum yum.Serves fresh N delicious,seafood.Has a good collection of wines(indian and Imported but highly priced The staff is friendly and are very helpful The ambience is sophisticated and appealing. Alway crowded. Parking big issue Expensive but worth it
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shahniks24 - Burrp User


January 13,2013

sea food

if u a sea food lover plzz plzz plzzz dont misss this place best seafood in town.....they have a superb ambience tooo i hope no one will misss this one
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leyalidances - Burrp User


January 05,2013

BGC. The End.

One might believe I am writing this review for Mahesh Lunch Home, but, truly, it is dedicated to their butter garlic crab. Having been to MLH thrice, I have never ordered anything else. I don't need to. Sure, I've worked in a few bites of delicious tandoori prawn appetizer and crunched on some papad to be polite until my main squeeze arrives, but once that crab shows up, I can barely take on dinnertime conversation, I am so absorbed in removing meaty chunks from shell. Being a Maryland girl, I marvel at how one crab pincer has the meat of an entire blue crab. Incomparable. Incomprehensible, really. Did I mention the fresh lime soda is the best possible accompaniment? But back to the crab. I eat the butter garlic with a spoon afterward sometimes. And while that baby isn't inexpensive, it is worth it, every single time. The end.
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MeIndian - Burrp User


November 25,2012

Not to it's mark

I read & heard so much about Mahesh Lunch Home, that I decided to take my parents for their 45th Anniversary. Boy was it a bad choice!!!

Food was just ok, nothing exceptional.
Servers were ok. The worst was the order takers. I specially walked up to one of them serving our aisle/area and requested him to get a slice of cake with a candle for my parents anniversary.
He told me if a slice of pastry would be ok, I said yes that would be fine. He then asked me when should he bring it, I said after dinner. Very conveniently he forgot and never showed his face again.
I even saw him standing at the stair case , but all he did was ignore me. As I wanted it to be a surprise for my parents I wasn't able to call the server in front of them and ask him (which I shouldn't have to, especially if the so called order takers are the 1 level above the servers they should be the ones taking caring of such customer requests).

I was told by friends that restaurants in India do a very good job about these kind of things and I expected Mahesh Lunch Home to live up it's standard, but I was highly disappointed.

I don't think I would go there again or even recommend it to anyone.
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Janus Sayal - Burrp User

Janus Sayal

November 10,2012

Yummy Seafood !!!

Well have been there couple of times this time was just on a quiet dinner with my wife. Well I would surely recommend the Sukha prawns with some nice neer dosa and also do try out the amazing stuffed pomfret that's a killer started.... Cheers guys !!!
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October 08,2012


visit this well known place for its EXCELLENT sea food. i loved the squid stir fry. quick service and reasonable price.
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mayabhushan - Burrp User


August 20,2012

At MLH go for ravas in tamarind sauce

nice place to have manglorean cuisine in south mumbai. the ravas in tamarind sauce was excellent. And so was the kukum curry with dry fish. Very few places in mumbai sell fresh sea water fish at such low rates.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you very much for your appreciation. We're glad you enjoyed your meal at Mahesh Lunch Home. Hope we get an opportunity to serve you with our delicacies again soon!

fyassistance - Burrp User


July 23,2012

Sea Food Heaven

Loved the place.. ordered bombil fry, prawn is butter garlic sauce, calamari masala, crab in green chilli masala, mutton biryani and neer dosa... Each and ever dish was cooked to perfection especially the bombil fry and the crab.. I have been raving about this place to all my friends and I am definitely visiting this place again as soon as possible
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jenny_dsuz - Burrp User


July 20,2012

Sea Food Paradise


You'll definitely agree after reading this. Best SEA FOOD place ever.

Food - 5/5
Ambiance - 5/5
Service - 5/5
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Naman  Shah - Burrp User

Naman Shah

July 20,2012


If u are a crab lover this is the place be b at :D
I loved the fiish biriyani as well n the fact that they serve alcohol was the best part about the place.......
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Hensila Kava - Burrp User

Hensila Kava

July 20,2012

The Best Place for Seafood

Mahesh Lunch Home serves the best seafood ever. The spices are perfectly added and the ingredients perfectly mixed. The best part about it is that it serves fresh seafood.
The staff is friendly and are very helpful if you need any suggestions related to your order!

Awesome place, great taste and a friendly atmosphere! What else do you need?
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dhwanigera - Burrp User


July 18,2012

Value For Money!!

They give what they claim..!! The best sea food i have ever eaten.. Fresh, Delicious, Juicy, Spicy..... 'PERFECT' is what i can term..

The staff out there makes our dinner a memorable one. So polite and kind, recommended dishes as per our taste and requirements. It was an icing on the cake.

i would ask one and all to visit mahesh lunch home and have a good experience by themselves.
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Vrinda Dhanuka - Burrp User

Vrinda Dhanuka

July 17,2012

Definitely, best sea food in Mumbai

When you are next to a beach, with a cool breeze, you'd definitely crave some delicious food.

Mahesh Lunch home, is thus located in the most perfect place ever. I tried the place out of curiosity, not that I hadn't heard about it previously. I went there on a weekday and yet it was crowded. I waited for about 10 minutes, got a table and was attended quickly.

The place might seem expensive to some, but no complaints about that because the food looked fresh! I ordered for prawns gassi, butter garlic fish, pomfret.

The staff is extremely hospitable. Overall, excellent place.

Food - 5/5
Ambiance - 4.5/5
Service - 5/5

Do check it out !!
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Ashish Kochar - Burrp User

Ashish Kochar

July 16,2012


Fantastic fishes i loved then place the quantity is also good i liked it :)
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fyassistance - Burrp User


July 13,2012

Best Sea Food in Mumbai

Mahesh Lunch Home not only serves the best sea food in mumbai but also has an extremely courteous staff, they are well versed with dishes and make wonderful suggestions keeping your personal tastes in mind. The ambience is sophisticated and appealing.
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coffeedesk - Burrp User


May 28,2012

Slipping Quality Standards

Over the years, I have visited and recommended Mahesh Lunch Home to a number of people. Sadly, their standards have slipped horribly.

What we ordered:
Appams- While they were thin and crispy, they were also extremely chewy.
Neer dosa - These were soft, thin, delicate and very nice.
Boneless butter pepper garlic crab - I've tasted better paneer burji. For the hefty price tag, this mish mash of over cooked crab meat with oily bits of veggies thrown in was a SAD DISAPPOINTMENT.
Batter fried garlic squid rings - Lots of bits of burnt garlic served with it, but the squid rings themselves were overcooked and tasteless.
Prawns Koliwada - Ten medium sized prawns, 4 of which we BIT INTO AND SPAT OUT IMMEDIATELY. They were spoilt! On request this dish was taken away from the table.
What was ridiculous was that we didn't receive either the option of a replacement or an apology AT ALL.
Baasa chettinad - This one was recommended by the server and was delicious. The fish was fresh and delicate and the bright orange coconut sauce was mild yet flavourful.
Tisrya sukhe - We usually order one of these and weren't disappointed this time around either.

The service was extremely slow for a Saturday afternoon and their blatant disregard for serving spoilt seafood was infuriating at the very least.

If they keep this up... this will be the first of many bad reviews!
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Shreyank - Burrp User


April 14,2012

Total Disappointment

I went to this place with my cousin who came from the U.S. as both of us love seafood and had heard of this place from many people. When we walked into the place, although the ambiance had no connection with a lunch home or a sea food place, it had a good feel to it.
While the service was really good, the food turned out to be really average. I've eaten better food at gajalee. It was a total waste of time and money considering the kind of reputation this place has. I expected better. The management should work on this and improve the food quality.
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S U - Burrp User


March 16,2012


My husband took us there for my birthday and we all just loved the place. We hogged like crazy.. :)...

Had crabs, a HUGE white pomfret, prawns.. with Neer Dosa and Malabari Parota... n of course, Solkadi.. The seafood was absolutely yumm, no complaints... The Neer Dosas were soft and fluffy, though the Malabari Parota was a wrong choice.. Disappointing... Our mistake, ordering Mallu food in a Mangee restaurant... :D...

Excellent and warm staff... Recommended the right stuff and made us very comfortable.. Child-friendly..

I'd recommend it to everyone.... Absolutely loved the place... Going back soon. for more.... :)
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foodnambience - Burrp User


February 27,2012

Good Food Good Ambience but Expensive

Had been der but ordered for crabs but 1500 bucs for a crab so beware n think before you enter
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Ashutosh Bohra - Burrp User

Ashutosh Bohra

February 19,2012

Good Food, Good Ambience but Very Very Expensive

Hello people, this is one of those outings where chickenlover gave chicken a miss and went full attack mode on the fish.

Well I already knew that if you have got to have some amazing sea food, Mahesh lunch home is the place.... well I reached there around 8:45 pm and as I had read in the earlier reviews got a table in the open section and it was such a blissful experience.... this restaurant is located right next to the noisy Juhu Tara Road... but the 1st floor open terrace sitting arrangement is just perfect makes you forget that you are sitting in Mumbai....

Well there there were 4 of us so two of my buddies decided to go for beer. I wanted to have an awesome fish soup which one of my friends selected. It was Tom Kha Kai soup (Fish and coconut milk) and mind you this is one of the best soups ever... If you are going there and want to have a soup just go for Tom Kha Kai soup.

Then we wanted to order some starters so we were confused as to which one should we go for, The manager suggested we go for seafood platter and we were like okay but we were in for a shock when we came to know that the platter costed Rs 2400... that is just too much for a starter. We tried speaking to him again that can he cancel the order so that we can order some starters that we wanted to try but he said it isn't possible because the fish were already in the Tandoor.... well so we were left with no choice but to go for the seafood platter.

Though it turned out to be blessing in disguise as the seafood platter was just brilliant to completely feed four of us very hungry men... It consisted of crab,clam,squid,tiger prawns, pomfret, and many other fishes... It was a good good experience had crabs,clams,squid for the first time in my life so the experience was worth it... Though at the end all our stomachs felt like some aquarium with so many varieties of fishes.

But I had just the perfect solution in mind "SOL KADI" . This is a must have at the end of your food to just settle things down the stomach. I would call this a Malvani Buttermilk ( Kokum+coconut milk) it has a nice tangy taste . We also did taste some Neer dosas, Appam and Rassam it was fine as I am not too fond of Rassam.

Would have given four stars but the pricing made me reduce that 1 star. This was the most expensive dinner I have had till date .

It cost us close to 1K per head ( just food) with drinks it was around 1.3K

So if you want to have some quality sea food this is the place to go, but be ready to burn a big hole in your pockets :)
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Riddhesh Bharucha - Burrp User

Riddhesh Bharucha

February 05,2012

very expensive

2000 rs for hardly 1 spoon of lobster meat but food was very tasty
a white wine of 19000rs nonsense
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cdesai - Burrp User


January 25,2012

Great place for travellers

When travelling to India, you really need to be careful to eat where things are prepared properly, where you can trust the kitchen. We always have a good meal at Mahesh and there's always extras to carry out. The best fish in Juhu.
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athena hyd - Burrp User

athena hyd

January 18,2012

best macchi

when my bombay friends told me to meet up at the marriot i was more than happy to tred from colaba thru bombay traffic.

when i heard that we eating at mahesh lunch home beside the marriot- i was like - what is this place ? some lunch thali dabba kinda place ? and dint my friends know any better than to take me to such a tacky place ?after all i was a guest of mumbai. shudnt i be winded and dined at the best of mumbai?

well on reaching the place, there was a waiting line which was a good sign and then on entering the place and after being seated , i was surprised that the interiors were very well done and that the crowd waiting outside must surely mean that the food here is GOOD n reasonably priced. the place was packed !

we ordered the rawas fry . very spicy and very very delectable....prawns curry with appum was a good combination. the sweet lassi reminded me of lassi from UP mathura or vrindavan ........

for three the bill was 4000, so i say its worth it

and people , plz dont judge the place by its name . check out the ,line waiting outside and ALWAYS trust your hosts..... they know where the yummy fare is .............
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Rahul Arora - Burrp User

Rahul Arora

November 20,2011

Seduced By crabs

Being from Bengal, seafood remains an eternal weakness..... and have been in mumbai enough to know that it dosent get fresher..... mumbai and i have had many a gastronomic liaisons..... this came as yet another brilliant experience....

I was told that if i have gone to juhu and not gone to mahesh lunch home i hav not seen juhu..... goin buy a compliment like that i could not resist my temptation to go to the same.

My idea of fresh seafood was totally flipped over when on asking for the crab i was asked.... regular tandoori crab or wud i like to chose the big ones..... and a few huge ... moving live crabs were bought to my table for me to chose from......

i asked for fresh ,,, and fresh it was,,,,,,and i ordered a pepper tandoori..... sweet meat,,,,, pungent peppery tones..... and a bust of the ocean on my taste buds .... i have never had crab this beautifully cooked.....

also tried Basa Tawa fry....... long fillet of the basa fish... cooked tawa style (grilled )
with brilliant... coorg/managalore touch in the flavors..... it just gave me a gastronomic make over,,,,,

soft flaky and brilliantly cooked.. i was plainly seduced by the taste

ever time i come to mumbai... this place will get a stop over.....

Kudos ... brilliant team of chefs...
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Armin Bharucha - Burrp User

Armin Bharucha

November 02,2011


I have gone to Mahesh Lunch Home quite a few times. It was my wedding anniversary on Sunday and I had gone to the restaurant with my husband and son. Boy, was I disappointed. Firstly the service was pathetic.....managers are standing doing nothing and waiters did not bother to attend to our table in spite of repeated reminders to get the dishes quickly, clear the plates, etc. Finally had to call the main manager and air out the frustrations. Secondly, next day all of us had upset stomachs. The crab and pomfret were fresh, but the prawns did not taste so very fresh. May be they were the culprit. Never expected this from Mahesh Lunch Home. We never faced this problem at Trishna. Unfortunately Trishna at Andheri Link Road shut down and hence, we decided to go to Mahesh Lunch Home. This is probably the last time I have gone to this restaurant....never again!
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knockknock - Burrp User


October 23,2011

bad evolution

good mangy food, cloaked in crazy prices and wats this nonsense about wine with crab , how is that mangalorean. 3000 bucks for a crab are you kidding me...
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Dr.Abhijit Jagtap - Burrp User

Dr.Abhijit Jagtap

June 24,2011

Simply Awsome

Am a regular and trust me the food is fantastic out here....The ambience,food,waiters every thing s good abt this palce......A must try the Tandooori Chicken , The Crab Masala , The Apums are awsome out here....Nice place to come with your family....
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Alamo - Burrp User


April 12,2011

MAHESH LUNCH HOME SUCKS and HOW ..........!!!!!!!!

MAHESH LUNCH HOME SUCKS and HOW ..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cockroach attack
NEVER HAD SUCH A DINING EXPERIENCE EVER!!! SUCH AN AWFUL PLACE! Found COCKROACHES at 3 different instances... STAFF was so shameless tat he ignored our complaint. EVEN THE MANAGERS... just HEARD AND LEFT WITHOUT EVEN apologising.... NEVER EVER GO TO MAHESH LUNCH HOME...... COCKROACHES............. if outside is sooo filthy n unclean !!!! i DONT WANT TO IMAGINE HOW DIRTY THE KITCHEN IS................ the food also came COLD... AWFUL PLACE!!!!!
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Alamo - Burrp User


March 23,2011



SUCH AN AWFUL PLACE! Found COCKROACHES at 3 different instances... WAITER was so shameless tat he ignored our complaint and went to take order of the 2 nd table. Called the two different managers to inform him tat there are cockroaches on the TABLE AND PLATE... just HEARD AND LEFT WITHOUT EVEN apologising....

We decided to walk out and the shameless burgers hand us the F********* Bill.....

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Naina Acharya - Burrp User

Naina Acharya

March 04,2011

Expensive but worth it!

I have always been reluctant to eat sea food out since if not cooked/cleaned well...could lead to certain food poisoning. But with Mahesh, I dont have any second thoughts.
Every time I visit this place, my taste buds and tummy is fully satisfied. I would suggest the must have is the mixed sea food soup, the fish biryani, the tava pomfret fry and yes the famous solkadi. Although I am not a malvani food fan, my friends love the malvani food served here as well. The sea food is fresh, well cleaned and yes marinated perfect to the 'T'.
A three course meal for two would be Rs.1200. Expensive, but if you want a quite, quality dinner/lunch, this is the place to be. The ambiance is good, especially the AC rooms however if i would visit the place in the evening i prefer the terrace/open lounge...not to sure what it is named.
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Rohan Dias - Burrp User

Rohan Dias

February 21,2011

Super Expensive but great food

I read all the reviews here, the tricks of the captains trying to monetize on the As per size of the crabs is so very true.
Food is excellent and consistent, service is disappointing because the staff is kind of irritating.
the crab soup,crab tandoori,rawas ghassi with the appams , prawn tandoori,surmai tawa fry is a must try...Overall i would give it a 4 out of 5 ..but just because of the service i give it a 3 out of 5.
Has a good collection of wines(indian and Imported but highly priced)
Expect to atleast spend around 3K for a diiner for 2.
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foodie2011 - Burrp User


January 02,2011


i would totally agree with the last review of Mahesh Lunch home.
i think its highly overrated and commercialised.
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aish11 - Burrp User


November 29,2010


decided for Dinner at Mahesh Lunch home(Juhu).was expecting a lot,considering the fame this place commands for sea-food.

Tried for the rooftop option,but that didnt seem comfy enough.SO shifted to the AC section.THey have a general seating area,& also what looked like a family section.The bar was located in the family area.

We ordered Peach Alaska & Tropical Island in the mocktails.For starters,We opted for the Surmai tava fry.The surmai wasnt marinated that well & was low on salt.The Red Snapper Tikka was succulent & kind-of made-up for the lackluster Surmai.They had a dip made of yoghurt& mint,which I couldnt have enough of.
Next,Went for steamed rice & Boneless Pomfret gassi.The gassi was not as tangy as we had expected.

Surprising that when we stepped out,they had a waiting queue :P

However,this place was a let-down,considering the hype that's around the name.
I would rate this place 2.5/5.
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Rauf fe - Burrp User

Rauf fe

November 11,2010

Not Again !!!!

I was so reluctant to have lunch here, but just couldn't help it and so I said maybe I'd be lucky second time around......but........
We enter at 3, we are told to place a final order immediately since kitchen were closing ok I understand that part but then please don't take us in......... ( I guess that would have been better)
We seat ourselves and then a nagging captain keeps coming to us six times in 30 minutes to ask us the final order and we finally give in.....
My favourite sukkha mutton comes with a nice strand of hair when I show the waiter, since the captain had vanished after the order he takes it away and brings it back again with hair. My friends prawns was garlic butter all separate hahahahahahah.........
Main course appams were OK, but the rawas gasi is a basic which is unpardonable at a south indian joint but that was so spicy I needed another long island for it but no luck since bar was closed......
The only thing that was ready before we could do with was the cheque.
All in all I promise myself never to go there again come what may......
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Rauf fe - Burrp User

Rauf fe

September 29,2010

Service ???????

We were four of us on a not so crowded Sunday afternoon (since on Sundays i see quiet a wait) , so we walk in and are guided to a table for 8 which I turned around and told them its too big for us he says no problem we settle in and order. We get another of the staff member who asks us to get up since a table for 6 had arrived and the earlier guy was standing behind him saying nothing that really turned me off. I think thats one of my reasons for not enjoying the food.
I'm a sea food lover and would like to say that Mahesh serves sea food and that's about it, Believe me any other south Indian bar serves equally great sea food at 1/4th price and for the service one receives there I feel a south Indian bar is better
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Vishal Sood - Burrp User

Vishal Sood

September 29,2010

One of the best places for Sea-Food

The name Mahesh Lunch has been synonyms with sea-food on Mumbai culinary scene for many decades.

So after hearing a lot about this place from a couple of people, I decided to give it a try. And I must say that I was not disappointed at all. The food (i.e. sea-food) is really good. The menu is extremely rich and caters to a wide variety of food lovers. For example they can prepare prawns in close 25 (approx)different ways. It is the same for other sea foods (crab, lobsters etc.)

I tried the crab soup and it was the best I have ever had. Also a must try combination is Mangalorean Fish Curry with Plain Rice. I even tried the butter fry squids.

In a nutshell, if you are a sea-food lover, this place is a must visit for you.
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Samantha  Castellino - Burrp User

Samantha Castellino

December 07,2009

Good place

I have visited this place many a times but what i hate the most about it s the waiting period. i dont like the ambiance although it claims to face the beach...utter rubbish lol!!!!!!!!!! the inside is even worse , totally cramped . all you can see is a building. but talking about the food, they are really good. it does live up to its name! i ordered butter garlic lobster , crab chilly and some fish dish. i relished all!!!!! good place! a little expensive though!
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sukesh72 - Burrp User


November 04,2009

Good place if you know what to order

This is one place where I have frequented a number of times, it has the best sea food that you can get in Mumbai. But the catch here is that you should know what to order. Bcz of my love for tandoor I always order hydrabadi promfret tikka and rawas khandari kababs. However khandari kababs are available only if you are an early bird for dinner. Some of the crab dishes are really good.
One good part about this place is that the veg food is equally good as compared to the sea food.
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Miki N - Burrp User

Miki N

August 03,2009

Another famous disappointment

I hate it when a new place i try does not live up to its reputation. Having been weighed down by a stack of different menus, i just left it to the manager to order a couple of dishes for us. Had the crispy fried garlic prawns (4/5) and the pomfret balti (2/5). Both very average. Service was good, but could have been better. And as much as i love psychedelic trance, i wasn't expecting to hear it here !!
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ronjee - Burrp User


June 21,2009

Atrocious Service & food too

We made the mistake of goimg there on a sat night. Reached @ 1030, only to be given a table on the terrace.
Could hear loud chopping sound, eyes burning & foul smell- when asked the waiter coolly says: "garlic is being chopped"!!
2 soups were ordered: 20 mins later one soup arrives and the waiter regrets that the other one is unavailable.
When questioned the Head waiter, he is clueless & suddenly appears the "other" soup out of somewhere!!! Wonder how they managed that!!

Horrible service... food was not upto the MLH standard!!

Blames it on a weekend??
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Deap Ubhi - Burrp User

Deap Ubhi

August 09,2008

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Lalit Vashishta - Burrp User

Lalit Vashishta

May 11,2008

Good Food but beware

I have been a regular at Mahesh, and the food is always great here.
Only warning I will give, beware of the over-selling tricks they use. This has happened on two occasions with me.
Try ordering a crab or a regular lobster dish from the fixed price menu - a standard reply will come - Today the regular size lobster or crabs are not in stock, and will be only served 'AS PER SIZE' now these three words I dread on any menu card. Well now you will have a fashion parade of well-trained waiters with their wares - large , LIVE crabs and lobsters. You all get excited - there will be some foriegners on the next tables saying their wow's and taking pictures and in the process ordering.
Even I ended up ordering the 'AS PER SIZE' dish.
On my way out I was waiting for the valet to bring my car, I was seeing the crabs on display and asked the manager outside if I could order a regular Crab dish as a take-away and he promptly said yes, I ordered one regular crab dish at a regular price, and walked out feeling cheated by the Over-selling tricks Mahesh Lunch Home used. They don't need to do this, or else they will spoil their reputation.
I also have got the name of their Owner and want to talk to him about this, but he never comes online.,....
Anyway, this is just a warning, and all burrpers should raise this issue if you come across a similar treatment. Least that will happen they will get the message and stop these dubious ways of over-selling.
Over all eating experience at Mahesh - EXCELLENT
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

April 24,2008

Posh than Fort

A bit of posh version than the fort one. Stick to the time tested manglorean stuff, bombil, crabs & sea food, though the sukka chicken is also good. Do not repeat NOT try the useless chinese & other mixture stuff. Lovely service, good drinks, but long waiting after 9.30 pm. However except during monsoon, can wait outside. With the Pay & Park outside, I understand that one picks up the beer/drink & has it in the car whilst waiting for the nos to be called, never tried it though & in particular now with the check going on round the corner:)
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Ankur X - Burrp User

Ankur X

December 07,2006

Crab some now

If the coastal strip of India along the west boasts of its seafood cuisine then Mahesh Lunch Home is one of the very few Bombay restaurants that can boast of having specialised in cooking it.
You an extensive variety to choose from thier exquisite menu. From the Gassis, the fish fry to sol kadi and neer dosa you get to relish the fabulous spices that go into the making of these exotic tastes.
The moolah you shed here is indeed worth the food and service. It may come to Rs.500 - 700 per person. If you have visitors or house guests, this is one diner you have to invite them to.
USP: Fried Bombay Duck
Prawn Gassi
Squids/prawns in butter, garlic, pepper
Rawas Gassi

P.S: You get beer too!
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Shaanwaz Khan - Burrp User

Shaanwaz Khan

August 08,2013

Very Good

Awesome Seafood Served Here...Jus Simply Amazing
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prashant Dubey - Burrp User

prashant Dubey

November 23,2007

G8 food, ambiance, service and variety

Must see. With family, with friends. Simply great.
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