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December 31,2014

finest quality donut made

Best donut Pure veg lot of variety ...freshly made hot ...Double Trouble is the best also Choco Bomb...mini donuts are awersome !!!
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m1hirk - Burrp User


June 18,2014

Delicious donuts

We went here on the day when they had the orange tee promotion going on. To be fair, this is not a place where you can expect great seating and good ambiance to spend quality time. And all these limitations are forgotten when they serve you their donuts. Among my favourites are Double Trouble and the limited edition Kaju Katli flavour. Also you can try the cappuccinos by them. Overall it was a great experience and the taste was worth the sugar rush.
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Anisha K - Burrp User

Anisha K

March 05,2014

Completely mad!!

MOD really makes you mad! One bite into it and you go into this world of chocolate that you never want to come out of. The melted chocolate inside starts to drip into your plate and you want to have all of it! The donut is soft and very tasty. The packages they give you are great! With exciting flavours, this one's a must try!
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hsinat - Burrp User


November 27,2013

Donuts. And coffee.

It’s a tiny shop in Carter Roads and in my opinion it beats the hell out of all the other dessert places around. Really delicious donuts. All of them. Must try – Double trouble and black forest.
Their coffee is brilliant too. The 2 donuts and coffee combo is really good value for money.
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Aashka Oza - Burrp User

Aashka Oza

October 29,2013

Completely bonkers over donuts

Their each and every donut is amazing. and the ones filled with chocolate centre are to die for. Totally aptly named, Mad over Donuts. This place serves the best quality till date in India. Service at this outlet is like any other branch, very warm people serving fresh hot donuts. But they are ever so increasing their prices :(
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Hogger03 - Burrp User


September 28,2013

Donouts Donouts & mor Donouts.....!!

Come here if your fantasy is nothing but donouts, specially try the choco bomb, the chocolate literally explodes in your mouth!!
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Lionel Almeida - Burrp User

Lionel Almeida

August 20,2013

A must "TRY"

Well I am not a donut person at all, but I did visit MOD the other and I tried the double trouble. The fact that came to this place was not out of choice, but the fact that I enjoyed the donut was something that I have to admit.
Reluctantly I have to say it is a must “try”
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Shruti Bawari - Burrp User

Shruti Bawari

August 17,2013

Do naaaa !!

Oh God - the best donuts ever (in India)! I just can't get enough of them - I think I've gone mad and need to be confined to a mental hospital or else I'll die of a donut overdose.

Their donuts are fresh, excellent variety and very well-priced. Their friendly staff only add to the satisfying experience.

All their Chocolate varieties are excellent and so is the Cinammon.

They also have a deal - buy 5 get the 6th donut free.

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Pushkar Bhatt - Burrp User

Pushkar Bhatt

August 14,2013


This new word M giving bcoz of d way dia donuts melt inside d mouth... too good... get some more varieties please
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Lizy Dsouza - Burrp User

Lizy Dsouza

July 22,2013

completely Mad over Donuts

I am not a chocolate lover even though i love visiting MOD, Hazzle Dazzle, blackforest, Dark chocolate and the new oreo collection is to die for!
the staff is attentive but they tempt you into indulging in a chocolaty sin..
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Sai Rajeswari R - Burrp User

Sai Rajeswari R

May 24,2013

best place for donuts

Mad over donuts is the best place for donuts
where i can find lots of varieties of donuts at one place
i can enjoy a lot with donuts all the day
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Shiraz  sk - Burrp User

Shiraz sk

February 25,2013

Mad Over Donuts.

.There are so many varieties. I Love d creamy chocolatey yummy donuts softest and melt in your mouth ..jelly and other mind boggling fillings n toppings.. and is always fresh .Excellent service. After walk at catter promanade vist M O D
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Sidfearless - Burrp User


January 10,2013

Double trouble

Havnt tried much from their menu but double trouble is definitely good
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NishaW - Burrp User


July 29,2012

Creamy Yummy Donuts

The latest love to have graced my life is Mad Over Donuts. I’m absolutely smitten by the creamy yummy donuts and I would like to confess that since the time I’ve visited them for the first time there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t had a donut. Usually, the best time I have it is when I’m returning from school around afternoon time. I and my friends have an absolute feast at the M.O.D joints. The best part is that there are so many varieties that it takes us long to decide which one we should actually have. When it takes rather long, we friends decide to have different ones so we can have a bite of different flavors. It might sound funny but that is how much we are in love with the donuts.
Also, the ambience I would say is quite good and the color combination they have chosen to decorate the interiors is in complete sync with the donuts theme. The guys working out there are a bunch of cool dudes. They let us have fun and sometimes join in too. It’s one party atmosphere. Now, whenever I’m late to reach home, my momma knows that I will be busy hogging my chocolate donut at M.O.D. Love you M.O.D.
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our2cents - Burrp User


July 23,2012

Perfect Donuts!

First tried their donuts at Oberoi mall,Goregaon 4 years back and have been addicted since then...Your search for the freshest,softest and melt in your mouth donut ends right here!
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Miliseth - Burrp User


May 23,2012

Nobody makes Donuts better then them

I never leave Bandra without visiting Mad Over Donuts. The donuts they are serve are just amazing!! They have something magical about their donuts.. the softness, the fillings, the toppings everything..
I discovered it by chance about a year ago and have tried almost all the flavor they serve.
It is refreshing and is always fresh, soft and has a fabulous bite to them, there's a good balance of sweetness and flavor, the dough has a good consistency, scrumptious and mouth watering!!!!
I Recommend M.O.D to every sugarholic Mumbaikar.
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Miliseth - Burrp User


May 23,2012

Nobody makes Donuts better then them

I never leave Bandra without visiting Mad Over Donuts. The donuts they are serve are just amazing!! They have something magical about their donuts.. the softness, the fillings, the toppings everything..
I discovered it by chance about a year ago and have tried almost all the flavor they serve.
It is refreshing and is always fresh, soft and has a fabulous bite to them, there's a good balance of sweetness and flavor, the dough has a good consistency, scrumptious and mouth watering!!!!
I Recommend M.O.D to every sugarholic Mumbaikar.
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Rutu.Ladage - Burrp User


April 12,2012


Just one bite and you're in a yummy, chocolatey heaven... Just close your eyes and pick a donut and you still can't go wrong. Every do-nut is so fresh, perfect and just the right amount of chocolatey or sweet. And the best part is, even if the donut you want is out of stock, you're never sent back empty handed... They make one fresh for you. Love the ambiance, love the service, love everything about MOD! I'm Mad over Dounts!

Food: 9/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10

Kudos to the MOD team!
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iliveforfood17 - Burrp User


February 13,2012

Best Donuts possible...

Believe me, i have had donuts in every part of the world, but nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, matches these!
So soft, melt in your mouth stuff...you rock guys!
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shiv9870 - Burrp User


January 24,2012

Mad Over Donuts

The decor was not up to the mark. but the service was also not so good. but the food was excellent.rates was average.
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Fezal - Burrp User


January 16,2012

‘The Chocolate Spot’- So Luscious

I recently tried the much hyped low-cal donut called ‘The Chocolate Spot’. The texture was so soft, it tasted musty and the aftertaste was absolutely awful! Though I tried the ‘Raspberry Ripple’ donut, but I liked the Chocolate Spot more.
Honestly, I’d rather munch on a proper basket of donuts and walk 20 minutes extra on the treadmill! ;)
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leenakhatyal - Burrp User


September 19,2011


WOW! just love the donuts they serve. MAD ABOUT THERE DONUTS!!!! Their is one for everyone. The amazing number of flavours Mmmmmm. No one can eat just one.
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Viraj Shah - Burrp User

Viraj Shah

February 21,2011

Out of the World

Serves the worlds most delicious donuts. Really mouth watering stuff. If you like donuts you have to visit this place.

2 Donuts + One Coffe + 1 Goldflake Light = Perfect start to the day.

Heaven on Earth.
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foodie2011 - Burrp User


January 02,2011

Double trouble!!!! :)

Give me a double trouble and uve made my day...
Gosh!! these donuts are so yummy u can have 2 donuts back to back and not feel sick :p
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Tanya D - Burrp User

Tanya D

October 08,2010

Donut heaven

The double trouble donut and the white chocolate wit sprinkles are my fav..the donuts here are like the best u can dig ur teeth into...even the plain glazed donut is so delicious...10 on 10 to this one
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Vick 90 - Burrp User

Vick 90

September 06,2010

Swing on Heaven !! Yumm

You have to try MOD if u r a connoisseur of chocolates..!
Delicious dark chocolate...white chocolate..jelly and other mind boggling fillings n toppings..the donuts just melt in your mouth and u r in heaven!!

a MUST eat atmost 3 times a month!
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sharmajuhi - Burrp User


August 29,2010

Best Served Donuts

Some years ago, I was asked by a friend about the one thing which had ever baffled me to such an extent, that it had me forget my own name. Fortunately for me I did not have any answer to that. He on the other hand, went on to telling me about various experiences of his life.
As he kept on telling me about it, I could not help but ponder over that thing. Today, I have witnessed it and I would like to share it with the world.
It was my baby sister’s tenth birthday today, and strictly on her orders we kept a certain food joint called ‘MAD OVER DONUTS’ as the venue place. The party began with tonnes of her friends swamping the place, laughing, yelling, jumping dancing and thouroughly enjoying themselves.
As I was looking around, I saw my sister in her pink birthday dress and purple tiara, on a table all by herself. In her hand, she held a donut and was looking at it with a peculiar expression on her face. She suddenly moved her hand to her mouth and took a bite of the donut.
At first, I thought she was about to faint, because she threw her head back slowly with her eyes closed tight. But then she immediately oscilated back with this bolted smile on her face. The donut, she held was doing this to her!
So I approached her and took a bite out of it. What happened next can all be summed up in two words; déjà vous.
That donut was so bl**dy brilliant, that I don’t have any words to express out. It was simple delicious. It swept me off my headcase.
MAD OVER DONUTS indeed has one of the best served donuts in the whole of the country.
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foodie26 - Burrp User


August 07,2010

nice variety! sinful!

this place is highly recommended for a great dessert!!

good variety of donuts , just cant resist going again and again,

only thing is they should heat it properly or else it wont taste as good.
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snm1981 - Burrp User


August 04,2010

double trouble

highly recommended double trouble filled donut with a coffee.... also people watch that waistline dont want to become the next americans...
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jaybhatia - Burrp User


July 29,2010

every one loves "MOD"

For the Indian food chain industry, the millennium has brought in a tremendous change to it. Fast food restaurant outlets are on the rise and they is no limitation to the taste palates of the consumers. international, national and local cuisines have made it to the top menus. And the popularity meets no bounds.
Off all the attempts to tingle the consumers taste buds, the most successful one by far today is Mad Over Donuts. The chain of restraints, known for its donuts and milkshakes is not only popular amongst the youth, but also the adults.
At their outlet, its is not only the orange-brown color ambience that is appealing. When you enter their premises, the first thing to strike you is the fresh aroma of baked bread. That aroma is pure and virgin, you can easily figure out the quality of food available there.
MAD OVER DONUTS is like one of those rare restaurants where every customer present there is lets satisfied. It would a shame to come to mad over donuts and not eat anything. Every the dieters go weak in their knees. And this is only because the quality of the food is brilliant.
Providing its customers with more than 75 different donuts, Mad over Donuts has not compromised in its food quality in any way. For those with a sweet tooth; this place sure is paradise. For those who love their morning beagles; they have cheese and herb filled donuts made for you.
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gayatrishah97 - Burrp User


July 28,2010

Mad over Donuts

Mad over donuts is the best place I have ever been to. A place where you will never be dissatisfied, a place which will tingle every nerve in your body and electrify your sense.
My very first experience there was so beautiful, that I make a point of going to MOD every two weeks. And why wouldn’t you if the food, people and the overall experience is so brilliant?
My personal favorite is the original sin. The chocolate sauce is perfect, not too sweet not to bland, just precise. The bread is always freshly baked….and the over all experience is worth every penny you pay.
Many would call MOD, a poor mans attempt in creating something westernized. I’d beg to differ. Not only are they genuine with their menus, but also, a few of their donuts are way better than the stale ones available abroad.
And for an Indian company to achieve and accomplish something from western adaptations, MOD is indeed a project or a dream doing marvelously well in the ever changing Indian market, where taste buds are never satisfied.
You can clearly see how mesmerized they leave their every single customer. Even more impressive is that they keep coming back for more. This one time I remember a young couple took nearly 25 minutes to plainly decide upon a donut, and when I humbly asked them the reason for it, they replied saying that since each donut was equally better than the other, deciding upon a single order was like trying to lick ones elbow.
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Jack Reckoner - Burrp User

Jack Reckoner

July 11,2010


MOD should come up with new donuts like
THE UNDER DOG stuff like that.

Amazing donuts....simply amazing..... and lots of variety.

Cinnamon Donuts
Truffle Donuts
Variety of Chocolate Donuts
Fruit Punch Donuts

Damage? 200 bucks for 6 insanely tasty mouth watery donuts.

Buy 5 donuts and get 1 free.
A Cappuccino and Donuts offer for 99 bucks.

What are u waiting for RUSH RUSH RUSH....
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lagna.das - Burrp User


June 28,2010

mod absolutely spoils me!

Absolutely love their various donuts..
every time i visit the mod outlets. i go berserk with the choices.
now they have opened in andheri- 7 bungalows.. more reason for all of us to run for coffee and donuts.
their current offer on for rs 99 have coffee and 2 donuts is divine. works well and plus its not crowded yet. polite staff. what else do i need. just a silly reason to come n plonk myself for the yummies.
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Chandni Tolani - Burrp User

Chandni Tolani

June 04,2010

I Heart MOD!

If you are feeling low or if you are in a terrible mood, you know where to go! MOD it is. I love love Cookie crumble and Double trouble. They are extremeeeely delicious and yummy! For 30-40 bucks you can absolutely make yourself feel happy and satisfied. And sharing a donut is a bad bad idea. So just head to MOD and treat yourself for a yummy donut that'll make your day :)
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super_su - Burrp User


May 03,2010

TOOO much trouble!

Double trouble is the ultimate to set ur teeth into and float into another universe...!
great variety of donuts, right from almond, cinnamon to lemonn flavored...lots of chocolate types and even an italian topping donut..beat that!
my insanity with MOD began the day this place opened at carter road.they were giving everyone who came in a free try of whichever donut they wanted. and why i couldnt buy two more was my grouse...!
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live4food - Burrp User


January 28,2010


bite into double trouble... mmmmmm... u lose ur speech..ur in a world of fantasy...u want this to last forever...
U get gr8 deserts for peanuts.. the place is a proof..
the staff's quick on service
More abt donuts....go discover it urself...
God bless these ppl
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Harish Advani - Burrp User

Harish Advani

January 28,2010

The name says it all

If you want to eat donuts dont think twice just run to this place. Really good variety of donuts, fresh and very tasty. Its 40 Rs. for a donut and its pretty reasonable compared to other stuff you may find. Go Go Go!
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Mumbai Moo - Burrp User

Mumbai Moo

January 17,2010

Loopy Over Lard (LOL)

The previous reviews are so very right - this place is the medical insurance companies' biggest headache - they make the best doughnuts this side of the States.

And the good folk of Bandra will get addicted to them, rest assured. Some may even start to look like a doughnut soon due to eating too many of them.

This place is popular, offers quick service (the staff are clearly high on sugar as they all wear dentist-approved super-wide smiles) and they are situated in a great location. It's also the tidiest-looking shoppe on this strip too.

Easy on the pocket, and a guaranteed sugar hit which will last all afternoon before you crash down again and start craving another six-pack. What more could you want on a Sunday afternoon?

I'm already fantasising about my dream job: head of quality control and tasting at MOD... Yikes! I feel the kgs creeping on just thinking about it.
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Aa S - Burrp User

Aa S

November 10,2009

Please send me to a mental hospital!

Oh God - the best donuts ever (in India)! I discovered M.O.D. just last week, and can't get enough of them - I think I've gone mad and need to be confined to a mental hospital or else I'll die of a donut overdose.

Their donuts are fresh, excellent variety and very well-priced. Their friendly staff only add to the satisfying experience.

All their Chocolate varieties are excellent and so is the Cinammon.

They also have a deal - buy 5 get the 6th donut free.

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Shilpa Mohta - Burrp User

Shilpa Mohta

November 04,2009

Mouth wateringg!!

just love the concept of donuts...and mad over donuts rocks!!!

must have and most popular is Double Trouble, GOtta have it!!
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Vikas Krishnamurthy - Burrp User

Vikas Krishnamurthy

October 21,2009

Mind-bending Donuts !!!!

Where Do I start with for MOD ?? I go to this place almost daily and it is like a mandatory place for us now :) The place is located at a stone's throw away from the Carter Road Promenade/ CCD and it is convenient for all to relish their favorite Donuts here !

We are daily visitors to the Carter Road and the we satisfy our hunger with the Schwarma's and the parathas and then head straight to this place. Our favorite is the Double Trouble and believe me, I have made a lot of people to taste it and believe that this is actually the best one of the lot in MOD. The price of the Donuts are pretty decent and I flock to this place with whomever I am (parents/ relatives/ friends/my chick)..This place honestly is one the the best outlets in the patisseries/ bakers that we have all over the city !! The place is generally packed in the evenings and the people are fighting to grab their favorites. The service is really polite and they are prompt.

MOD, please keep up the good service and I can be your Pied Piper !!!!!!
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Tanvi S - Burrp User

Tanvi S

August 18,2009

The yum feeling!!

Yummmm....yes thats exactly what u'll say when u have a bite of that amazing donut at this place...

I hated donuts before i visited this place and now i cant get enuf of them..

Must try - Midnight beauty, original sin.. u're gonna love it.. and cappuchino with that will keep u awake.. bcoz u r sure to fall asleep after a nice lunch and a bit of that donut... trust me - u r gonna go MAD OVER DONUTS!!
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sanober.momin - Burrp User


July 02,2009


Best donut i ever had nd i guess will ever have. try d one which has chocolate on nd inside it.

just melts into ur mouth nd d bread is extremely soft....nd very reasonable too just 40 rs.

Go grab it.
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baywatchblues - Burrp User


June 10,2011

i just love it!

love the double trouble... perfect 10 for it...!
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milan.suvarna - Burrp User


May 16,2017

Mad Over Donuts........

A good option to share food. Nice variety of donuts...
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