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December 30,2014

Sunday Brunching..!!

This place has a wide Buffet spread and delicious, service is great, ambience is good, wide range of desserts...Prices are steep. In short for people with tremendous appetite- this place is good for sunday brunching...
  • Lotus Cafe, JW Marriott Hotelimage
  • Lotus Cafe, JW Marriott Hotelimage
  • Lotus Cafe, JW Marriott Hotelimage
  • Lotus Cafe, JW Marriott Hotelimage
  • Lotus Cafe, JW Marriott Hotelimage
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sanketshah91 - Burrp User


May 07,2014

bucket list

The different live counters were the best which included pasta pizza, thai and some paratha with chicken etc. We also had breakfast buffet. The staff are very attentive without being intrusive and extremely polite. The chef's were very helpful in advising on the selection of dishes, especially when sampling the numerous Indian choices.The hotel has an amazing view of the sea, which you can experience from the Lotus Café or by stepping out on the courtyard.
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Oscar Dsouza - Burrp User

Oscar Dsouza

April 11,2014

Liquid Buffet

I have been to this place a couple of times already, The first being a pleasant dinner almost a year ago and just last week for their so called "liquid buffet" the deal - Rs 1350 for the buffet and Rs 1500 for unlimited alcohol for 2 hours. Reasonable pricing considering it is a 5 star. The food lay out was not the best, good selection of salads and cheese, Live pasta / pizza & chat counters. The menu could do with a few more starters as the buffet mainly comprised of main course. Overall food pretty decent. The desserts on the other hand was fabulous must try the mud cake. Equal mix of Indian and western desserts. The only thing i was not happy with is the service of alcohol, It took almost 10 mins to get the next round of drinks (Probably a strategy to ensure you do not really drink all you can in the 2 hour time frame) The good thing is the buffet was open way past the 3 pm close. Lunch during the summer is not highly recommended as the drapes cover the external beauty of the hotel and the scorching sun is no match for the under powered Air conditioning. Overall experience value for money, average food, good ambiance.
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L B - Burrp User


March 22,2014

Zero Star

Their feature says large group friendly but believe me, that it is not at all – as experienced by our large group for dinner to celebrate a happy event. Service? They need to learn what it means! Food? Soup was cold and it was not a gazpacho. For bread rolls, you needed a very long arm and couldn't make out, where the butter was hidden. Pasta was tasteless with watery sauce. Puris of pain-puri seemed to have been made by aliens. Ragda-pattice looked insipid. For the first time tried a chilled chicken tikka – they should apply for a patent. Petite looking desserts felt stale. The server did not know how to scoop an ice-cream. Pizza were insipid, though it might have been the best item for the day and that should convey what rest of the food was like! Basically this is a zero star place in a 5 star Hotel and don't have enough words to express, how disappointing it was!
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Ashwini Rege - Burrp User

Ashwini Rege

December 05,2013

very bad

I always go to lotus for lunch or dinner with friends and family...but last time's experience was the worst ever...the food was very bad...tasteless....disappointed
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Gungun1990 - Burrp User


November 14,2013


I m trying to reach someone from lotus since 2hrs...extremely disappointed!!! no one to answer...no one to help!!!! :(
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Rohit Khopkar - Burrp User

Rohit Khopkar

September 08,2013

Quality has gone down over time

This review has been long over due, I have been there a couple of times, with friends & with family. Initially when I went there I found the ambiance & setting exhilarating, the food & food quality excellent & the buffet spread itself extremely good, & the service pleasant & courteous. Sadly apart from the ambiance & service everything else has deteriorated over time.

Lets start off with the salads, before there was a better spread of salads, this has now been reduced to a mere anti pasti spread, the chefs do not know how to handle certain ingredients; for example the Calamari preparations which were soft & melted in one's mouth have become more like rubber on a plate (squid is very tricky to cook I understand but when one pays such a steep price for a buffet & with a brand like JW Marriott one does expect the chef's to pay a little more attention to the ingredients).

The bread spread which was better & replenished faster has also reduced, the bread rolls are often hard & the so called flavored breads lack flavor, as if one has just sprinkled the ingredients on to the bread instead of kneading them along with the dough.

The live counters used to change from time to time & offered a varying delectable spread; however now a days you will find the same live counters serving the same things over & over again; this sort of a dry monotone makes one wonder if the meal was actually worth it.

The main courses, which also used to be vibrant & delicious, with the offerings varying from time to time, have sadly lost flavor, I feel they are just rotating stocks from other restaurants to fill up their chaffing dishes. They taste more like butter; less like food. The quantity of meat offerings has also become lesser, & the quantity of meal in the gravies has also reduced.

The desserts; which were once the main attraction to eat there, have been reduced to tasteless, overcooked bite sized pastries. They are now a tasteless bunch of attractive looking props, lacking any form of substance what so ever.

In conclusion I just hope that this review serves as a wake up call to the management, I sincerely hope they change & bring back some of that old charm that they had, until then we will all have to just wait & watch!!!
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abilash001 - Burrp User


July 29,2013

Not bad

While the Lotus Cafe is grand and has a magnetic attraction towards it because of its sheer size, height and view, the food taste over the years has gone down. The Sunday brunch buffet has now only become a large spread of various cuisines but lack in flavour and taste. Not bad.
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cavy9821 - Burrp User


June 11,2013

Bad Food And Very Slow Service, Terrible Ambience!

Bad food: Ordered Chicken Caesar Salad- the salad only came with iceburg lettuce & chicken with dressing. On asking the waiter to change, he argued and told me that "actually Caesar salad is quite global is always like this" When i told him that iv only lived for 12 years in USA & Europe and never had such bad salad and "why it was bad" he went back and apparently the chef told him that they ran out of romaine hearts and so he tossed up some greens - was slightly better BUT 5 star prices and salad with only iceburg & chicken-- ? 1/5

By the way- the tomato soup was very good! 5/5

I have major issues with the wait staff at JW Marriott- most waiters here are the Shiv/Sukh Sagar caliber ! GROOMING REQUIRED- both language diction & appearance! --- Also, one waiter pushed a plate with onions and lemon half way across the table- again like i said- Wait staff needs training here DESPERATELY!

The next day i ate there (because i was a guest of an inhouse guest) - the service was exceptionally slow-

Also if you want Ambience- please stay away from this place- try their restaurants-- The Juhu Crowd with cheap multi color saree'd women and badly dressed men makes you feel like your'e in a kind of a cheap place !
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mohitsurana0402 - Burrp User


May 28,2013

Not Satisfied

No body took care to guide us I would like to say it was hopeless service . Buffet at barbeque nation at Bandra was much better than what i had in this 5star category restaurant. I hope to receive a reply on this from you.
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Tejas Master - Burrp User

Tejas Master

August 17,2012

A must try

Been here twice. The first time was just about OK when I when with my office friends, The second time was on my Birthday & felt really good that I made a choice to go & have Dinner here. The staff here are curious, They handled my 4 year old son very well, While I had a peaceful Dinner with my Wife. They had some lovely Starters & barbeque dish to start with. The Pasta & thin crust Pizza were simply Mouth watering.

We were so full trying all other stuff that we didn't even try the Indian Main course, since i wanted to save for the best part..that is "DESSERT". A wide variety of dessert to try.

In all from starters to the desserts... its a delightful & worth the money spend on my Birthday.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

August 16,2012

Lotus it is...

This is our go to place whenever we want to be pampered and are undecided to try out anything else.

Our favorite here is the breakfast buffet on a Sunday. The spread is unmatched and needs to be enjoyed at leisure. Having been there more than a dozen times, I still do not get tired of the spread.

I normally begin with some fruit and juice, followed by some fresh bread and cheese; before walking around and checking the live counters. Once the survey is done, then the actual session begins - a crisp dosa, puri sabzi, parantha, washed down with juice or coffee, a bit of relaxing before the eggs, sausages, fresh bread/toast is tried out.

And finally some java with sweet bun and preserves to round it off.

Here, it also helps that one has a Marriott card that gives your 25-50% off.
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A S - Burrp User


April 02,2012

Average food, good ambience

JW Marriot, Juhu and its various restaurants - Mezzo, Spice, Saffron and BBC are my favourites...was always attracted to the ambience of Lotus Cafe - huge high ceiling, view of the poolside etc...
However, the food was very average. No item had anyunique taste.. The veg pasta (chef's special) had a fish stench, burmese khowsey had missing ingridients, pizza base sauce was sour - all in all very ordinary...
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maulikbhatia - Burrp User


August 16,2011

One of my all time Fav Plc....

I knw its a bit expensive,but its the plc to be!!
I always celebrate my birthday along with my family here.....and this plc never disappoints me ....
Rite frm the starters to the desserts its a delight !.... Not forgetting the ambiance you feel calm unlike other places!! :)
A big thumbs UP!!!
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Dipanjan  - Burrp User


December 27,2010

Food is good, drinks not so good

Had been planning to visit this place for quite some time - landed up for Dinner on Christmas. Liked the layout of the place - the buffet spread was really cool with a wide selection to choose from - salads, cold cuts, fries, Christmas Turkey, Indian dishes and a whole bunch of Live Counters.

However, the cocktails (prices included as part of the buffet price of Rs 2990/- per head) were not good enough at all - I ordered a couple of Kaiparoshka and Mojitos - all tasted like sugar syrup - so I had to switch over to Red Wine but the only option they had was TaraPaca (Chille). I was a bit disappointed with the drinks part but otherwise, it was a nice experience on a whole.
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samitgandhi - Burrp User


May 28,2010

good desserts.

I went to lotus cafe with my wife for coffee and desserts.
We ordered cappuccino and mud cake with ice cream...

The place: - Its a nice rest. inside jw marriott. Clean and fresh....The only problem here was that there is a buffet section here and if u decide to sit that side than there can be a lil disturbance....But overall the place is good.

The dessert was superb...If u have a sweet tooth then dis mud cake is 4u...It was just amazin...A lil bitter but more on a sweeter side....a good experience.

The coffee was sad...u get better coffee in costa at a decent price.The quantity(the size of the cup)was small....and d taste was nothing exceptional...just like a regular coffee....Thumbs down for the coffee....

The service was quite ok...nothing exceptional....pretty average service.

The price: - Now comes the main part....Its super expensive...c'mon JW is a 5 star hotel we all knw dat...so no complaints here...we knew dat b4 hand dat its gonna b expensive....damages dne were arnd 800/- for just d coffee and d desserts....

But,if u want to go 4 a royal place and dnt mind spending dat extra bucks dis place is 4 u....
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boss21 - Burrp User


January 24,2010

its suppose to be a 5 star , jw has gone down

to expensive , the rates for the buffet change on and off , the chart and dhoklas etc . r bought from out , main course meat { chicken } not cooked properly , use of packet artificial coconut powder , live pasta counter not 100 % veg.... live chicken grill counter was not soo good taste wise , the waiters and live counter cooks cant understand English and have no idea about the ingredients used in the meal , sweets have a few variety in eggless and gluten agents { bones of animal } , pizza were stale tasted like eating a stone , bad hospitality , service for billing is slow , take their own sweet time to return the change . ... not worth it
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yash_63 - Burrp User


December 02,2009



A MUST TRY FOR BURRPERS........................
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Pratish Sanghvi - Burrp User

Pratish Sanghvi

November 04,2009

Avg Buffet - Decent Variety but Bad Service

Went on a weeknight with a large group of people for the dinner buffet. I do fully agree with previous reviews on the service standards of this place. Being a 5 star hotel, the staff lacks the warmth & seem totally unhappy taking orders or following basic requests - whether it is having the right silverware or clearing off used plates. Probably the worst service amongst all 5 star hotels.

Ambiance is fine, however i found the buffet placements a little weird. One one counter, they had the icecream and then followed by pizzas and then in the center they had the desrts again.

Coming to the food, the indian food was below par. The chicken tandoor pieces was cold each time i visited and the chicken makhani wasnt too great either. The Indian food as a whole sucked but thier grill section - wherein they grill your meats and other veg was very good. Thier live pizza counter was very nice with tons of topping to choose from. Deserts were the normal pies/pastries/pudding etc and icecreams - decent variety.

All in all, the food is good but strictly avoid Indian food and be happy with the live grill section and the pizzas. It depends on individuals if they want to fork out a little over a grand on this as compared to other 5 star buffet (peshwa pavillion, my personal fav) where the service standards are far better and you may get to enjoy some good indian food as well.
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Vinay V - Burrp User

Vinay V

October 19,2009

A 5 Star Hotel ..but not a 5 Star Service

Went for a cup of coffee with family after a horrible experience at Ramee Guest Line, to pamper myself ...But to my surprise the Lotus Cafe at J W Marriott was equally bad.. The staff is colder than the milk shakes served in that 24 hour coffee shop..I had to send the milk shake back to the kitchen as it was not cold enough. The waiter forgot the Hot Cappuccino that i had ordered and took almost 1/2 hour to get it on the table.. Both the milkshake and hot coffee was no great and could be made at home and as far as service is concerned, i am sure a local chai wala would be prompt and warm enough to service you quick and in a friendly manner and that too at Rs 4 per cutting...
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Burrped - Burrp User


January 13,2009

Kamaal ka Lotus cafe

Inspite of my last review specifying that there are not many choices for small eats at this coffee shop. I still keep going to this place coz … “I just love being there”…
Yesterday it was almost empty at 6.00pm there were only three tables occupied including ours.

The waiter got us assorted breads and butter.. the breads were cold….. on pointing out the changed it for some fresh warm croissants and focciaas
We decided to try out “Prawns Satay with hot fiery Mango Salsa” for whooping Rs 780/- …. While I sat there eagerly waiting for the gorgeous tiger prawns to arrive what I got is meant to be written about
one learns from mistakes , and this will give you guys a fair chance to “LEARN” from mistakes we make by reading our reviews on “BURRP”
okay so back to “ Prawns Satay…….. Three Sticks with three prawns on each stick marinated in some mild sauce and pan fried... Couldn’t make out really... But it was not peanut sauce for sure... It was a very light tandoori masala without the red color…...Served with just 2 small Romanian Lettuce leaves and mango chunndda !!!!(the gujarati pickle) ….
Prawns were fresh, medium size and not tiger prawns. But Rs 780/- for 9 pcs of medium prawns that is Rs. 87/- for each... Highly ridiculous……. This was gobbled up in few minutes... and I got hungrier...

That’s when I decided to go for my regular order “Chicken in Basket” Rs. 520/- Crumb fired chicken breasts 2 pcs initially they served 3 pcs….accompanied by a slice of tomato n lime and some French fries….with tartar sauce .. YUMMMMMY
PLS NOTE … This dish is not on the menu any more but if you request them they will surely oblige..
Masala Tea Rs. 140/- nice..
Total bill: - 1440/-.. Expensive but worth the time one gets to spend here
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aztecsurfer - Burrp User


December 28,2008

shitty shitty bang bang

I had gone in to lotus case after a movie and hungry as hell.The movie was good.I went in with a lot of expectations and expecting a good FIRST visit.But the following encounter that I had at the lotus cafe was so hair raising that I have stayed away from the Marriott name ever since and would strongly suggest the same to you.

The following happened
1. When we sat down, the dinner table was wobbly which I asked the waiter to fix.After 3 requests and no answer I had to ask another waiter to come in and fix it.He tried in vain and left.And we had to uncomfortably sit through our dinner.
2. we had to ask 4-5 times for water as each time i glanced around there was not even a single waiter who was ready to listen.And somehow everyone seemed to be ignorant about it.
3. Midway through our dinner,we had to order for some more chapatis.The person whom we gave the order actually did a houdini .Then a second waiter came in who offered to CLEAR the plates.We had to tell him not to do so as we were waiting for some more food.He then asked me what I had ordered at which point I could not take it any longer.I had assumed that Marriott staff would be decent enough to take care of their customers and at least remember what the customers have ordered,but I was disappointed.We left our dinner midway and discarded all the food that was still half eaten.
4. I wanted to talk to the manager in charge.After 3 requests to the waiter I could not get to the manager.At which point I had to get up and locate the floor manager myself.

The above thing is a copy of what i sent to the F&B manager. To which the F&B manager nonchalantly replied that I should contact him the next time this happens. Yeah right..as if I would be dumb enough to go there and inflict the same @ain on myself and pay for it too..All in all a place which has neither good food and in no way good service(which you would expect given the price tag)
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Burrped - Burrp User


December 27,2008

Old Book... New Cover

After a year of wait.... Lotus Cafe finally has NEW MENU.....

Its good to feel & know that JW Marriott, is catering to Indian taste buds also........they have now included some more indian curries & naan / rotis , rice in the new menu. The have included Risotto also.

Initailly when u asked for regular water they served Bisleri or Aquafina...But i fail to undersatnd why they stopped doing so ..
The must eat Chicken in Basket... served with Tatar sauce & French Fries....crisp and juicy ..making it perfect as an evening snack ....now cost a lil more... INR 520/-
Tandoor Grilled Pomfret ..good in taste ..but small in size compared to the price.
Superb Chicken & Paneer Kathi Rolls accompanied with onion slivers & tangy green chutney...
The Prawn TomYum Soup was a disaster... Portion tooo small for the amount.

Dont understand WHY they removed "Kheema Mutter Pizza" & Vegetable Fritters aka MIX BHAJIYA ..from the new menu...miss it!

Service & Ambience very good... get overcrowded by evenings.
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Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

July 15,2007

Bland and tasteless food

We went there at 4.30 AM last night after some late night partying and drinking binge.

Now, when you go to the JW Mariott, you expect a certain level of food quality. Between our group we ordered a Penne pasta in Tomato sauce, Veg and non-veg kathis, Tomato soup, Veggie burger. My penne pasta was totally bland and just put together in a hurry. They didn't even provide enough forks for everyone. Also the soups came after we were half way done with our food.

The Kathi rolls had a very sorry taste. We were totally disappointed by the experience.

Anyways, lesson learned. Next time I'll probably go to Sardar Pav Bhaji or Amar Juice Center.

Ps: The 2 stars that I gave are for their ambiance.
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Aniruddh Chaturvedi - Burrp User

Aniruddh Chaturvedi

January 11,2007

Excellent Buffet!

Lotus Cafe, situated in JW Marriott, is one of the best restaurants/cafes situated in Mumbai. You should try out the Sunday Brunch, which is priced at Rs. 1100 per head. They have each and everything under the sun. From coconut water to all kinds of mocktails, and from caviar to dal and rice or sabji!
They have a full range of food for kids. There is a reallllly long table which is full of desserts, from top to bottom. They have a chocolate fountain, wherein you can dip anything you want into it. Nevertheless, I really love this cafe and I look forward to coming here, month after month.
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