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rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


July 02,2015

Nice Music

Its a nice place to have beer. They serve large pitchers which will easily account for six people. The music in the evenings are very nice. They generally play classic English music like Nirvana and Deep Purple.

Their food is also nice. The chicken is tender and soft. The attire is nice with red lights and round seats.
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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 29,2015

Best happy hours Food

Its all about alcohol and happy hours in jugheads when you have great company to hang out. Sizzler is served with sizzler sauce and every sizzler sauce has unique taste. My personal favorites are chicken shaslik sizzlers and Mixed chicken grill sizzler. Service is pretty decent and this place is always crowded. Make sure you reach in time.. Music, chirping with friends, good ambiance, good food and alcohol is way to heaven.
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Karma ... - Burrp User

Karma ...

March 31,2015

No fuss good food

Jugheads offers all that good pub should - reasonably priced booze, good food, tasty finger food, good music and quick service. The outlet is one of the first that comes to mind for a large-ish office party or get together. We went there for an office party and enjoyed their quick service and range of food on offer. Good place to go.
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peculiarblend - Burrp User


July 08,2014

Hub for of a noisy drunk youngsters!

Timely may seem misleading but those who have been here will agree to it. UNLESS— you have been here on one of those DRY-Days! ;)

They have an outdated music which is set on computer playlist. ( I was told by the staff when we had requested to change music)

Food is reasonable.

Booze is expensive but if you are a beer guzzler then enjoy happy hours and get KF mild pitcher. It is Expensive.

Many single people come here and drink alone while watching F1, Crikcet, football and some times by simply staring at their smart-a** phones.

Go ahead, visit. Enjoy!

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akanshakhanna  - Burrp User


May 29,2014


Jugheads is a fun place to chill. The food is totally worth the price and its an amazing place to hang out with friends. Drinkers would love this place cause of their amazing happy hours offers.
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Reliable Response - Burrp User

Reliable Response

May 11,2014

amazing place 2 chill with your loved ones

well pop tates is something which is alaways on our mind. lovely food,nice music,a little loud music though. do try out their pizzas,pastas,sizzlers n garlic bread.usuallyppl frm all age groups cme here..but its usually visited by youngsters for alcohol n cheap food. obviously not 2 forget their happy hours n their daily offers,,so a meal 4 2 comes 2 around 800/-

lovely place 4 food,chattng wd old pals,n realxng :)
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VVG_burrp - Burrp User


January 20,2014

The place has predictability working in its favor

Jugheads! Going strong for many years and I hope many more! This place is almost always packed. Call center folks, couples, office folks out for after-work drinks – you will see everyone here! Not only because it’s cheap, but also because it is a straightforward and no-fuss option for everyone around. You go there for a casual and predictable hang out and for that it is a staple place of the neighborhood.
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nic.burrp - Burrp User


November 27,2013

Loosing its charm

It used to be our favorite place to go during college, but recent trips to Jugheads Malad, we ended up having a bad experience.
The waiters are not friendly enough, The beer in tower pitcher is not as good.

Though we love the Lalmirchi chicken & sizzlers, i wish someone from management reads the reviews & get things right.
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Tejas P - Burrp User

Tejas P

August 10,2013

Must visit for sizzlers

I have lost count of the number of times i have visited this very restaurant. I just love the sizzlers here. A perfect place for drinks and food. If you want to concentrate on liquor..do not miss the long island ice tea or towers for beer wid something to munch on or the liquers. If you are here only for food, you have to get the sizzlers. Die hard fan of the chicken shaslyk and chicken lasagne.
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Natasha Pimple - Burrp User

Natasha Pimple

June 17,2013

Good going Bad

am a frequent visitor Jughead (veera desai) and pop tates (seven bungalow) .Its a good place for friends to hangout . but my last visit to jughead (malad ) turned out to be a bad one. We were group of 2 , we ordered double nachos which tasted like papdi chat .. tasted like Indian rajma sev puri's puri.
next what we ordered was mexican zucccani and tomato kebab and pasta arrabiata... the kebab were tasty but it rice was stale and the pasta sauce was nothing but tomato ketchup.

what ever food we ordered came after 50 mins
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franticfoodie - Burrp User


March 29,2013

The Best

Visit the place twice every month.. the best ever !!
Ambiance: The best
Beverages: Awesome line up
Food: Fish n chips, chicken chilly, sizzlers are to die for... VFM food
Staff: Very good
Music: Good
Crowd: Awesome.
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Purvi  Verma - Burrp User

Purvi Verma

March 20,2013

Good food and cheap booze

I went there with two friends for the first time to find the place really worth coming back to. We ordered for Fish fingers which was nice and crispy the fish was fresh and it tasted delicious, we had the Chicken Lalmirch lasgna which again was very good,the veg sizzler was okaish. We spent around 1200 with the booze which was pretty cheap.
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gaurav2203  - Burrp User


October 02,2012

worst pizza ever

Went to this place yesterday with cousin and ordered a 6 inch exotic veg pizza. The pizza was awful with hardly any toppings and stale cheese. I have never had such a bad pizza in ma life. Seemed a 5 year old was trying his hand in kitchen, After this we dared to try garlic bread and our worst fear came true. my maid can cook better than these guys. on my complain, manager didnt charged me for garlic bread but i paid INR 230 on a garbage pizza and no price for an evening gone bad. I would never ever go to this restaurant again. I would rather stay hungry rather than visiting them again.
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Ipsita Priyadarsini - Burrp User

Ipsita Priyadarsini

August 17,2012

a great weekend unwind-er

Be it a lazy sunday afternoon, or a booze-thirst weekday, this is one place that never lets me down and welcomes me with the palate of sumptuous sizzler and booze at a reasonable rate. the ambiance is great to chill with beer-buddies, may not be a good place to take your date along, but if your looking for a loud 'burrp' after a good meal then this is it!, special mention to my fixed order of bloodiest mary with veg mexicano sizzler or veg lasagna..you can have a blast within a grand. it may not offer the best sizzler/italian but with the money they charge, yu come out of the restaurant with a satisfactory smile :)
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Jaydeep Shah - Burrp User

Jaydeep Shah

June 02,2012

Keep Chugging, Happy Hours' on!

The Jughead's call themselves the un-restaurant.

Why? I really don't know.

Do I care? No, not at all.

So, er, Why am I writing this review?
Well, that's because this is one hell of a place to hang out with friends, especially during their week-long HAPPY HOURS! And also because I think you guys need to know about it and head to any of the Jughead's near you soon.

At this un-restaurant, you can order beer by the mug, by the pitcher and even by the tower. Happy hours simply mean you get a double of whatever you ordered.

The food is decent, I'd recommend the Mix sauce (White+Red) pasta for which they have a veg as well as a non-veg (chicken) version. Its creamy, cheesy, saucy and simply awesome comfort food. A must try. It may be off the menu, but ask your waiter, and he'll help you out.

The burgers are nice too, and so are the Delux Nachos (served with re-fried beans and salsa on top). They serve sizzlers too, which are very filling. The Paneer shaslik sizzler always hits the spot.

The starters include the usual's such as potato wedges (which are crisp), garlic bread (Dry, hard and not good), Corn-cheese-mushroom balls (very interesting and nice). Unfortunately for some reason they just cant seem to make decent french fries, which always come out soggy & drooping.

Also, the cocktails lack punch and even after you ask them to spike it a bit more, there won't be any massive improvement.

The ambiance is nothing spectacular; however it is comfortable for both, a large group of friends (even if they are as raucous as my friends) as well as a smaller or 'less-alcohol-more-talk' setting. Note, however, this is no fine-dine. This is a comfortable, well lit place, with sporadic bursts of wonderful music (Coldplay etc) interspersed with some teeth clenching stuff like Bieber (blech!) and Kesha (why? why?).

The bill shouldn't be too heavy on your wallet, considering they have extremely long happy hours, as well as various schemes depending upon your credit/ debit card vendor. I got a 15% off on my Citi bank card.
Starters cost between Rs. 150-180. Main dishes would be between Rs. 200 - 280. A pitcher costs around Rs 450.

All in all, this place doesn't have gourmet food, it has joy inducing comfort food.
This place doesn't have chic ambiance and menus, it has a functional ambiance and a menu fraught with spelling mistakes and if you are an Archie's (the comic) fan be prepared to read 'Dhillon' instead of 'Dillon'. This place doesn't conjure up the best mixed-drinks, it however makes no mistakes in giving you the ol' Rum and coke or Draught beer.

So will I go there again?
I absolutely will.
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Jenif Roque - Burrp User

Jenif Roque

September 12,2011

Pathetic Service, Uncooked Meat, Splinter in Drink

I went to Jughead's Malad West on 12 September 2011 with my fiancée and ordered for a steak (medium). The meat was uncooked and I found a 3mm long splinter of wood in my mocktail. I asked the food to be taken away half-eaten. No apologies were made and to add insult to injury, I was charged for the steak as well. When I pointed out to the manager that the meat was uncooked, he gave a weird explanation about how this had something to do with the filling. I told him that I've been eating at Jughead's since they opened. No apologies again, the man just walked away and a waiter came and dumped a bill with a 10% discount.
I doubt if I will ever eat at a Jughead's again.
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Jenif Roque - Burrp User

Jenif Roque

September 12,2011

Pathetic Service, Uncooked Meat, Splinter in Drink

I went to Jughead's Malad West on 12 September 2011 with my fiancée and ordered for a steak (medium). The meat was uncooked and I found a 3mm long splinter of wood in my mocktail. I asked the food to be taken away half-eaten. No apologies were made and to add insult to injury, I was charged for the steak as well. When I pointed out to the manager that the meat was uncooked, he gave a weird explanation about how this had something to do with the filling. I told him that I've been eating at Jughead's since they opened. No apologies again, the man just walked away and a waiter came and dumped a bill with a 10% discount.
I doubt if I will ever eat at a Jughead's again.
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shalu.r.v - Burrp User


June 24,2011

Good Place !

Been ther ewith my hubby, though not for dinner , but to booze around, and yeah had tit bits there...loved the aroma and nice set up for all customers, bu tthey really cant help, when customers are in "BIG" amount... :)
Good joint to pass evenings and to share "Moments" !!
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s4h4w1e9t8a6 - Burrp User


March 04,2011

Pathetic Experience

Pathetic is not the word for this place. Unresto suits this place as it lacks the basics of hospitality industry. The waiters are probably more arrogant than the owner and lack simple etiquettes. Foget couteous they throw off attitude.. More over the hype created about "HAPPY HOURS" is totally sick, if a person orders for 1 picture by 6:45 he definately gets another picture for free but if he is not able to gulp the same down by 7 which is impossible then he is expected to pay for both the pictures. I mean how PATHETIC could you get to earn profits.. POP TATES is soo much better man.
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trueadmirer - Burrp User


February 25,2011

rocking place in subs

been there with friends recommended by friend . just want 2 thk friend as really enjoyed drinks food ambience the crowd was rocking ,thai green gravy just cant describe in words just awesome . so its my personal best place in town .
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jennyn - Burrp User


February 17,2011

a roach in my pasta!!!!

ive been to this place a few times... once it was peak time...so the nuts served us nachos with white sauce to save on their money instead of nacho sauce... n the next time i got a happy dead little cockroach in my pasta!!! n wht they do they replace it...i say no... n they charge me for it tooo......i get a puke reflex whenever i pass by
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Trisha Pereira - Burrp User

Trisha Pereira

February 07,2011

THE most chilled out place to hang out

Young, old,nerdy , corporate, regular clg students ....no matter who u are you will enjoy Pop Tate's
I have so many found memories hereeven an accident where my thumb got sliced by the loo door on my Bday(take care when u visit the loo) but besides the latter Pop tate's is a real treat
My favorite hour here is the Happy Hour from 3 to 6 every day. ;p
The alcohol is very reasonably priced and so is the food
I have tried bloody mary's at numerous places but the bloody mary here still tops them all
The food is g8t as well
The fish n Chips, Steaming sizzler's n Pasta's are all a real treat.
The sizzler's come with mashed potato n cheese stuffed in a capsicum skin which is something I always look fwd too

so enough said dont think twice before visiting pop tate's...u wont be disappointed
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Melissa Lewis - Burrp User

Melissa Lewis

February 05,2011

Not really a fan

its great for a place for a group of broke friends. they serve alcohol, play decent music and the service is good... rates also are quite moderate. Would go there for the sizzler and to drown my sorrows in cheap vodka shots on my way back home
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trueadmirer - Burrp User


January 01,2011


i had been 2 all chains of restaurants but JUGHEADS (THE UNRESTAURANT) ROCKS this i have 2 say by my experience as words typed does matter fr new person who reads , tke my words as ROCKING JUGHEADS as i been all their outlet at MALAD, POWAI, DAHISAR KHAR the taste of sizzzzzzzzzlers same as i think the chef &owners have taken care of it ofcourse my kids just love pizzzas of this outlets friends just enjoy drinks7food embience &ofcourse the crowd is also excelent so i recommend it frm heart if in mumbai u want 2 rock just visit these out lets that rocks
GOOD NEWS THIS CHAIN IS ALSO COMING AT ANDHERI SO i wish them goood luck if managment people reading this i just want 2 give my wishes just carry on with ur good work ROCKS
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sidneghani - Burrp User


December 25,2010

sizzlers, happy hours, music

After visiting nearly 20 similar restaurants in search of the best sizzzzzzzzzzlers,

I luve coming back to Jughead Poptates and feel it is the best to enjoyy and have great funn with friends while enjoying happy hours and their best all time sizzzzzzling sizzlers.

the quality and quantity of food served and the preparation which is always consistent and yummy.

At work we are happy that the place is now finally opening and coming to Andheri West and this makes us more happy than ever

and I am sure if they introduce happy hours it will become every young persons all time favv restaurent.Their happy hours are just amazing and service is very friendly and staff is attentive.

I have been to many Jughead Poptates outlets and must admitt that they knowhow to keep their customers happy and coming back by serving the tasty food. A place I like to visit frequent.
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avisandhu - Burrp User


December 20,2010

Poor Maintenance at jugheads malad w

This is not a hate message! But a serious concern about poor maintenance..

I had been to Jugheads with my wife and kid. I had just ordered and a fat rat fell on my table. the next thing i see is the steward who took the order squashed the fleeing rat with his left foot...

I hope the owners get this msg and spruce up the maintenance team...

until then I will recommend no friend to visit there... and it has hit me hard.. as I go to any restaurant... I look up at the ceiling first...

Some bad maintenance guys just killed charm of one of my favourite hangouts.
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avisandhu - Burrp User


December 20,2010

Poor Maintenance at jughead's Malad west

I had gone with my wife & kid to jugheads malad w... I just ordered and a fat rat fell on my table.. 2nd thing all that i remember.. the waiter who took the order, calmly squashed the running rat under his left feet...

That was it.. that was the last thing I'd would never happen to foes ..just before a dinner. :-/
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salmanikhar - Burrp User


December 05,2010

sabse bada POPTATES - Jugheads

I am not very sure why they call themselves The Unrestaurant, however the tagline does make sense as it is very casual colle type feeling when we visit there and it reminds us of our college days. Food at them malad branch is the best, it seems like the chefs have been well trained in the european culture as the food is very typical european. service is not that great however its not bad as it is very casual place. drinks are fairly priced and the televisions always play the IPL live matches and sports.
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amitklsr - Burrp User


November 23,2010

amazing..and good news is its coming to ANDHERI W

Dis is the best place to hangout with colleagues from work. Beer is cheap and food is at its best. The chefs are really creative and the sizzlers are way better than any other poptates outlets.
Being close to inorbit we are regulars since 7 years and it gets better everytime we visit.
THE MANAGER TOLD US that they are opening a new JUGHEAD POP TATES @ ANDHERI WEST, cant wait to visit the andheri one when its opened.
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nishantpillai12 - Burrp User


November 21,2010

great food, great ambience

been to many outlets of poptates and jugheads, but the food at malad is more tasty than any other outlets.
Long island ice tea is their best with hot hot sizzlers, pastas are a total yes yes.
the collest place to hangout for young people.
Also enjoy thier lounge in the basement "lime of Slice"
great place to chill chill...
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Shally Dhar - Burrp User

Shally Dhar

August 30,2010

Wish there was No Star option

Total waste of money - they should learn something from Sakinaka Popatates chefs ( i can swear by any food item in their menu - they are mindblowing).

Sizzlers here are horrible - tasteless . felt cheated they serve ice tea with 90% ice and 10% tea.
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chris14 - Burrp User


August 23,2010

seriously not the place it used to be...

Went there a couple of days back n swore never to go again....the food was not edible, we tasted the starters n din't wanna eat anymore....ordered a jughead spl sizzlers which was sent back as the meat was sour due to extra vinegar or the meat was just stale, the drinks again a simple pinacolada was left as it was the worst I had ever tasted......gosh and to top it all the hygiene level has dropped terribly.....
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Neha Chopra - Burrp User

Neha Chopra

August 12,2010

Good Place but Need More

This is a small review so i would get to the point, this place is mostly famous because of its Happy Hours and its Towers of Beer which I feel is completely Adulterated. I would give a 2 out 5 for the beverages including the various cocktails n vodka drinks it serves. The food is expensive, but its delicious so i dont want to discourage their Chef. Good Ambiance, Music n service but sometimes the crowd does get a bit noisy after couple of drinks. Good food quality i must say. My only concern is that the Happy hours isnt very happy enough. Its a pretty decent place for college n bachelors n its more better when u have a bigger group. Anyways *Cheers*

Overall rating - 3/5
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shri_sawant - Burrp User


July 15,2010

Enjoy...... Poptates.... Jugheads....

We have been visiting poptates for over 8 years now, and it continues to be our all time favourite.
Love the sizzler's & the sizzling brownie for dessert..Chicken mexicano sizzler tops the list...
There are a few points that the restaurant can focus on to improve:
1) Improve the menu for combo meals.
2) More Pizza Varities
3) Happy hours should apply for other beverages as well.
4)Loo is pathetic and never clean...
5) Also last but not the least the quantaties are reducing as compared to the increasing
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Vinita Bhatia - Burrp User

Vinita Bhatia

June 09,2010

Not the great place it was

I have been visiting Pop Tates before it transformed to Jugheads for years now. Sadly, this place is not the same it was.
Someone once told me that the best way to judge how seriously an eating establishment takes its business and the comfort it offers its patrons is to check out the condition of the loo. If this be true then I guess, Jughead's cares nada for us.
And if you are on a budget and want to avail of the happy hours, then you better be willing to chug what they offer than what your poison truly is. Happy hours is not for wine, or the various cocktails, but only on the beer and 3-4 cocktails, which includes a screwdriver. So all you Cosmo and Long Island Tea lovers, find yourself some other place which has better happy hour rules.
But the one redeeming feature of this place still is its steaks and sizzlers. Thank god, somethings have not changed yet.
The Salisbury steak is the best as is the Saltimbocca. If you like seafood, dig into the stuffed calamary.
Oh, and I think the management has issued the waiters a strict warning not to hand out more than 2 menus a table, because though we were a trio, no matter how many times we asked for the third menu, the waiter would just grin and continue doing whatever he was anyway doing :-S
Still, the steaks keep me coming back there. The things one has to do to keep the taste buds happy!!!
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fdlver - Burrp User


May 22,2010

All Is Well

My first visit was quite pleasent recommended by a colleague. But every time I visit I feel like first visit. as every time enjoyed the good food with cheerful ambience & colorful interiors. My overall experience is excellent with the environment & the quality of food.Keep up the good work & extend the service 24*7 to cater the taste buds.
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madhavchandra - Burrp User


May 06,2010


Well, this time, I try gauging the place on the parameters that someone already reviewed upon ...
Spacing: Huge, but pretty cramped up and very smoky inside (makes it a bit suffocating)

Ambience: Average
Service: Okayish. Stoic ushers are a turn off.
Food: Again, very average.
Drinks: Super duper awesome!!! Love their cocktails..LIIT, Bloody Mary..Margaritas .. simply rock..
Desserts: Never tried
Pricing: Totally VFM if u rely on cocktails for the majority..
They also got the towers..suitable for groups ;-)
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bhumesh007 - Burrp User


December 26,2009

I'll come back to cafe new york, my local hang out

This place was easily accessible from wrk, hence we decided to Pop in here ;) To start with, I was disappointed coz they didnt have Budweiser available @@##%@^@
Had to swallow Carlsberg!! The food was ok and the interiors were some wat ok. Cheap enough to enjoy some gallons of beer.

P.S. : Just drink and buzz off!
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Roanna Fernandes - Burrp User

Roanna Fernandes

December 22,2009

I'm sorry...change of heart! :)

Well, I went there for Sunday Brunch with a friend this weekend and the service was pretty good. Also, since it was afternoon, it wasn't too crowded at all. We had the Garlic Pepper Chicken Steak Sizzler and that was amaaaazing, truly lip-smackable and worth every penny. The sauce is to die for in the most utmost sense and I loved it! Pretty decent for the two of us, since they provided two steaks in the meal itself. Since the sauce is served separately alongside, you can savor the flavors and indulge deep in! Also, at that time, it was Happy Hours which we didn't know of so my friend got a second Bloody Mary! The Bloody Mary was ok, and I had the Pink Lady which was a little bit jelly-tasting like in nature, not too bad. But yeah, the service was superb too! Thumbs up! :)
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Sherin_Dcruz - Burrp User


December 21,2009

College canteen is better

Pathetic interior, awful food & so dark that you won't understand what is being served to you. Bad service & place gets very noisy too. I doubt if i will think of visiting this place again.
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Roanna Fernandes - Burrp User

Roanna Fernandes

December 16,2009

I don't like it so much!

Spacing: Huge, but pretty cramped up and very smoky inside (makes it a bit suffocating)
Ambience: Not Great at all
Service: Can be improved
Food: Good (Pizzas and Pastas are pretty great)
Drinks: Cool
Desserts: The Sizzling Brownie takes the cake!
Pricing: a Little Expensive but still not hard on your pocket

NOTE: You have to wait ages before getting a table..
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Reetu R - Burrp User

Reetu R

October 01,2009

A lil disappointed :(

I used to visit dis place regularly..especially to have red thai curry rice..bt once i found a prawn skin inside the veg thai curry rice..which was really terrible and twice i had food poison after having some mushroom dish from der..so nw i really get scared to have food from there.
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Riffel - Burrp User


September 23,2009

Dark Place

Its a dark place with nice drinks & food....
A perfect place for a couple with nice music and lots of privacy.
Even there service out there is good and also there food
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cinemadtox - Burrp User


July 01,2009

Jugheads- Malad:The most OBNOXIOUS place in Mumbai

I'm not a regular foodie... I limit myself to certain restaurants and pubs that I had a good experiences in and become a regular there. No, am not snobbish but just prefer quieter places with respectful service.

I live just a couple of minutes away from the Malad Jughead's yet I must have visited the place maybe 3 times in my life. I am a big fan of the Pop Tates at Saki Naka and Jugheads being formerly Pop Tates, my girlfriend and I decided to go there for a drink (dont ask me why now).

We reached there at 6:35pm and there were still about 25 minutes for the Smiley Hours to get over. We order a Beer tower. The waiter's next words just took my belief in hearing the unheard to an all new level. I was bluntly told that I will have to finish the Tower as well as the free one by 8:00pm (an hour after the Smiley Hours gets over) or else I would be charged extra. It was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard in my life. Despite being completely sober it was difficult for me to find words for this. The waiter sensing my newly found dumbfoundedness then tried to reason saying that people stay a long time beyond the Happy hours that's why this rule was made.

2 things came into my mind:
Why does a themed restaurant and bar want to drive out people quickly?

Why the hell should I be watched over whether I finish my drink on time or not?

And imagine the waiter's audacity when he suggests that we have the Pitcher instead of the tower as we probably will be able to finish it on time.

We go to places like this for the ambience, the food, the overall experience and I just cannot believe that someone gives me a time limit to finish my drink. It really is beyond my understanding. The management must have been picked up from a local desi bar from the inner gullies of Screwyouabad. It goes without saying that in a competitive world it's about retaining customers not getting rid of them but these dimwits have other things in mind.

Service was bad. I ordered French Fries and there wasn't a plate for us to pour the ketchup. Imagine asking the waiter at a restaurant t give us plates.
On the food front, it was pretty good. No complains there. But as I'm never going to visit this 70s Indian government behaving excuse for a food place, I won't really get to check out the rest of the menu. Traffic might be a problem for you but the Saki Naka Pop Tates is simply much better. Avoid the step-sister please.
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sweety_pie - Burrp User


May 26,2009

Nice Place to VISIT

The atmosphere there is very good, the music they play is soft and mild.
It's a perfect place 4 couple'
The food they serve is also quite ok & even there service is good.
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Avinash Naik - Burrp User

Avinash Naik

May 24,2009

Gr8 Place

Nice place to hangout with your near ones. Gr8 food, and quick service too. Moreover, its light on the pocket too.
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ritu agarwal - Burrp User

ritu agarwal

May 12,2009

awesum place

this is my only fav place in malad.good food,gr8 music..the pizzas r good.surprised to find a decent lemon cheesecake..non-alcoholic drinks r just ok.amazin place to hangout wit frnds 4 an evng out..
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Ketul Savla - Burrp User

Ketul Savla

March 20,2009


Simply A Great place to hangout. Food is simply amazing... and service is good enough.. Pastas n Sizzlers are simply gr8. A gr8 place to hangout... i always prefer this place
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Anirudh B Balotiaa - Burrp User

Anirudh B Balotiaa

February 24,2009

Chilled Out !

I will just re-affirm whats been said already. its a cool place to hangout with friends,family or with anyone literally.

pretty big place, so quite many tables, though i went yesterday(Monday) and by the time i came out at around 10:30 PM the tables inside were packed. They have outside seating too. Music played is quite nice and flows with the ambiance of the place.

Ordered -
Cheese Potato Skins - nice but a bit cold, a little bit more hot would have been ideal.

Cottage Cheese Sizzler Steak - this was one instance of ordering something new and getting it wrong. totally avoidable not because it tastes bad, but what was there was just not what i prefer to have like Stuffed Capsicum, boiled vegetables and a big lump of cottage cheese (paneer) as if its straight brought after making the paneer.

Sphagetthi Arabbiatta in Red Sauce - Delicious ! Period !

3 cocktails/drinks - all well prepared.

Dessert Tiramisu - Delicious too !

Total damage to wallet - 1000 rs, which i think is quite decent considering the total order.

Must must recommended and will be repeating it a lot for sure.
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sonia singhdhar - Burrp User

sonia singhdhar

February 18,2009


the place is a weakness!!!!
the LIIT is the best!!!!! followed by of course, everything else on the menu!!!
awesome sizzlers, lively ambience...
the place where we've had maximum bitching sessions ;-) and depressing moments that lightened up at pop tate's..
official get togethers, personal parties and any form of celebration - Pop Tate's malad is where we'd be..
i've long left the city (read mumbai) behind and have relocated.. however, every visit to mumbai.. we head straight to pop tate's from the airport; to start afresh!!!
a favorite of all my friends and me.. anytime, anyday!!!!
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pushpendra pandya - Burrp User

pushpendra pandya

January 24,2009

Happy Hours !!

We have been going to this place for more then two years now.

It's :
Nice place to hangout.

Music is not even average but then again after few pegs who cares & those who does not drink make up your mind if you have good taste for music otherwise just pretend if you want to.

Food is good.

Pitchers ,shots , other drinks are ok.

Service is getting better day by day, they're surely catching up. (This is our experience there'll be otherside also for sure, but we are not much keen to know about that anyway)

They have few live music which is quite good.

The DJ which comes at times but it's not any help , he just needs some kind of feedback from the guests. I guess he'll deliver once he gets the basic idea.

A place full of young (from looks & from heart) happy bunch of people. Good place where you can invite your family & dear ones to come over since now smoking is banned.

The menu is quite smart act with inspired one liners.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

April 24,2008

Evening Place

The perfect place to quickly leave work by 6.30 & chill till around 9 when the music & crowd gets louder:) Excellent drinks, food & ambiance... been a regular at andheri west & malad for quite some time & should continue to do so.
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Khushnaz  - Burrp User


September 05,2007

Archie Would Approve!

I've visited Pop Tate's a number of times since it opened in Malad. It has consistently good food, though the service and ambience are just about average.

They make a mean Thai red curry, which comes with an accompaniment of fragrant rice (Thai jasmine rice?? Probably, but whichever it is, it's nice and fluffy, each grain separate from the other) and fresh quarters of juicy tomatoes. The best part is that they give you an additional bowl of curry, over and above the pre-plated serving for one! This is really good value for money.

They also have an excellent choice of sizzlers.

Desserts are not their strong point though, and neither is the ambience. The outdoor seating is way too cramped as management has tried to squeeze as many tables as possible into a limited space. Smokers rejoice! Surprisingly, in this day and age where smoking in public places is slowly going out of fashion, there is no non-smoking section either indoors or outside; in fact the AC section can get positively hazy and quite uncomfortable for non-smokers.

Service is okayish, some days being better than others. We've once had to send back our bill a couple of times before we got the correct one at last, though in all fairness, I must mention this was ages ago.

Waiting to get a table on weekends can be painful, especially if you are in a group, or have a particular preference (AC/non-AC). However, don't let this deter you, go a bit earlier in the evening and enjoy a great meal.

All in all, good food, decent portions, reasonable prices.

Keep burrping!

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ngk302 - Burrp User


September 05,2007

Its Rocking Man!

A Must Visit for every true Mumbaiya.....

The pub is open till 1.30 am! The Cocktails are great and the variety of brands ( alcoholic) available is good .....

Service is great, good music and the live music rocks!

Sizzlers are excellent ! Chicken Indiana Jones must eat !

Sizzling Brownie - Must Eat!

However, POP Tates at Powai, Saki Naka and Mulund are pretty boring ,,,,, chicken served at Saki naka was stale! ( I didnt dare to visit twice)
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Vishtasp  - Burrp User


April 14,2007

Excellent Curry

If you like Thai Curry & rice, this is the place to eat. The Chicken Thai Curry and Burmese Khowsey is to die for.

Be prepared to wait for 30 to 45 minutes on a weekend and you'll be lucky if you get a seat right away on any weekday evening. Don't sit in the a/c section if smoke bothers you.

Service is ok with the food and drinks having good VFM.
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Pradosh  - Burrp User


February 23,2007

Great chill-out zone

I have lost count of the number of times I have hung out here with my friends - and enjoyed myself each time. This place has a great ambience, nice music, an Archie's themed menu and good food. A very apt tagline - the Unrestaurant

The crowd is full of young professionals - strictly in the 20s. I am sometimes surprised why this place doesnt attract the college going crowd - but on second thoughts, its pretty good the way it is.

The attraction of Pop tates is its attitude - completely chilled out. With the trademark beer 'towers' on quite a few tables at given time, you can make out by the voices that most of the tables are having fun. The service is pretty ok and on weekend nights, there is atleast half an hour of waiting outside.

I havent checked out the Versova or Mulund outlets, but the Sakinaka outlet pales compared to the Malad version. Malad is just so much more livelier ...
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trueadmirer - Burrp User


October 19,2011


REALLY apper the sevice food drinks u people rocks
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