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Karma ... - Burrp User

Karma ...

March 31,2015

Good place for Chicken lovers

Joey's pizza - I heard this place described in cult terms before I first ordered. The quantum of toppings on your pizza definitely puts the Dominos and Pizza Huts of the world to shame. Where they lack is the service, taking 30+ minutes to prepare pizza on a non busy weekday. We have had to cancel a Friday evening party plan because the outlet told us it would take 1.5 hours for the pizza to come (we are situated 2 minutes from the outlet)
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mallika84 - Burrp User


February 07,2015

Joey's makes Dominos look good....go figure!

Read some good reviews about this place on Zomato... After ordering I'm sure they are paying people for those reviews and perhaps here too.

I will rate my first and last experience with them split between service and food as below :-

* food- below average pizza and toppings. Ordered the Tornado which was sweet, margarita with olive and jalapeño which was dry and sub standard really. The surprise roast chicken pizza (read below to understand) was dry chicken with dry capsicum on an oily pizza base. The cheese they use on all pizzas doesn't seem of good quality as it is very salty and has a bad taste.

*service- food was delivered an hour an a half after placing the order(was promised 45-60 mins). When I called to merely ask where the food was, I was asked by the manager (Ali -who was laughing throughout the three subsequent calls mind you) to follow up with the delivery guy myself since I had a problem and not him. I also got an unwanted and intellectually fractured lecture on Bombay traffic and the infamous east-west jams all the while he was giggling. This really ticked me off but, the worst was yet to come.
The delivery guy shows up eventually and looks like Ali had already primed him.. The delivery boy Rajesh did not speak a single word to me, stared at me the whole time like he wanted to punch my face and leave me toothless I guess. He shoved the pizzas in my hand followed by the drink followed by the change and stormed out. Ouch!
I called my friend Ali and spoke to him about this and his one line reaction was - "I will check with him". No sorry, no expletives even..... Gimme something brother!
Anyway, even my order was wrong to make matters worse. I thought I had ordered a "roast chicken" starter which the guy taking the order assured me is a starter but, of course it turned out to be just another pizza.
After I had lost all my patience I politely asked for the owner's number and upon speaking with him - it all made sense!
The owner listens to me whine about everything in literally one breath and his response was this - "I apologize. I'm getting a call on another line, I will speak to Ali. Thank you" and hangs up on me. This is Mr. Arif Kazi... Setting an example for his staff!
Of course he spoke to Ali who called me and offered me some 200 odd rupees in exchange for the dry and disgusting roast chicken pizza. I said I didn't want their money and hung up.
To end all this....what I really want to do is to take their pizza and spit in it and feed it to all of them. Enjoy!
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a9thmay1985 - Burrp User


May 08,2014

Thanks to my friend

After having Dominos too often as a part of "friday out of office lunch" schedule, I kinda had a taste of D pizzas in my buds but This was a refreshing change. As insisted by a friend on a late sunday evening, we went and checked out this place. Nothing happening about the place. Kind of normal pizza joints with delivery bikes around the corner and a heap of pizza packaging boxes next to the door. Has a small sitting arrangement with 6-7 tables. As my friend had already visited the place before, he knew what to order(chicken delite and hot chicken) and ordered the half on half(2 pizza's combined). When the pizza's arrived.. its was a chicken fest. the base was soft and the overall taste was something to die for. definitely something worth trying and also not too heavy on pocket. Ambience and the sitting can be improved though
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Mugdha Sakpal - Burrp User

Mugdha Sakpal

February 07,2014

Pizza Philia..

Being a pizza lover this place is high on my list. Joey's was recommended by many of my friends, and I must say I was disappointed in the slightest. It's one of the best place to hang out with friends for having a good time over great pizzas, and mind you, the rates don't go hard on your wallet. The kheema cheese garlic bread is worth a try.
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Hardik Bhoir - Burrp User

Hardik Bhoir

October 07,2013

Good Food, Bad Customer Service

I have been visiting Joey's Pizza for the last 3 years and i must say that it has been my only destination of pizaa for last couple of years. Even when i used to work at Mindspace i made it a point that all pizza's ordered in my firm were coming from there. Also i have done ample amount of Good Word of Mouth publicity of this place. But all this came to ground zero when i visited Joey's Pizza (Malad) on 4th Oct 2013. It was my worst experience of customer service that i had there. First and foremost the staff (Fair, Thin Long haired Guy) who manages the desk is very rude and after reading a couple of reviews on all food sites , its high time the management should think about that person, all negative reviews point towards that person only. The place was full when our group reached there at around 11:10pm , since the place was full and table waiting was for more then 30 days , i asked the Staff guy to order a take away for me since we were not having Non-veg after 12am. The Staff manager rudely refused stating that the order will only be taken once we get a table. Then at 11:30 we went back and told him that it should not be there problem if we order the pizza now and then sit later on the table and have it or maybe we can have it outside. The manager took the order at 11:30. WE got out table at 11:47pm and the Pizza (that was ordered at 11:30pm)came at 12:05 am. When we asked when was the order taken they told that it was taken when we got seats. We straight away refused the order and called the Manager. The manager was very rude while talking to us and was not ready to accept the mistake. Morever he did not even apologise or try to stop us when we left the outlet without having pizza. The tone was that manager has always been rude, high and have always seen that person treating customer's like fool since my last couple of visits. Sorry Joey's U lost a customer and with me all my friends and acquaintances to whom i will mention about this incident. I think the name of the long haired person/staff is Salahuddin.... Thanks for giving me bad customer service
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bharti_v14 - Burrp User


September 03,2013

Fab Pizzas

I am a regular at the Joey's pizza's Malad joint and I must say that this place is certainly worth coming back for. The three things which pull me here are 1. the Humungous quantity of delicious toppings over the pizza. 2. the half and half style pizza 3. the thin crust at no cost. Also they don't slap you taxes and hence, its pretty light on the pocket.
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Pragati Bohra - Burrp User

Pragati Bohra

August 28,2013


Bas, There should be no debate about the best pizza in town anymore! This steals the show!!! Yummmmmmmmmmmm :) Whattttta Pizzza, awesome is not the word!
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Priyam Datta - Burrp User

Priyam Datta

August 06,2013

The Best Pizza In Town!

I mean it when I say that you can get the Best Pizza in Town here! Their pizzas are so juicy with ample amount of toppings and cheese! Their cheese is something totally different. Much better than the other places. They are very generous with their toppings. Try their Butter Chicken, Joey's Special, Chicken Delight and Pepperoni. The best part is that you can have 2 different kinds of toppings on 1 pizza... Ask them to make it 50-50! Their salads are also well tossed with ample amount of ingredients! :) The best deal in such less price!
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July 21,2013

Move over commercial chains

We decided to try out Joey's after a hectic day of shopping at Infinity mall. One of my friends had highly recommended the pizzas that he gets delivered from the Andheri outlet of Joey's so we had really high hopes with the place.

Joey's is located in a small shop off Link Road. There are a few small tables for walk-in customers, but the place is clearly focused on deliveries.

We started by ordering garlic bread with cheese which was crisp and was topped with generous amounts of cheese. This was followed by a veggie pizza. The pizza crust was a bit thicker than usual but was very flavorful - I think they pay special attention to their dough. The pizza was loaded with toppings and cheese. Frankly, I have grown tired of places that are so stingy that one has forage the pizza for toppings, so Joey's was a welcome change. Overall, the pizza was good and I ended up calling my friend and thanking him for the recommendation.

True, it does not compare to some place like CPK, but we had a decent experience at Joey's and would recommend it over the commercial pizza chains for the quality of pizzas. The set-up is pretty average so going ahead would try to focus on delivery instead of eating-in.
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sasha77 - Burrp User


May 19,2013


Its is perhaps the best pizza in town....I go there quite often and the service,food quality is excellent....it is value for money and try their chicken tikka pizza or panner tikka pizza excellent pizza in mumbai
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Tarun Hari - Burrp User

Tarun Hari

January 18,2013

The best pizza in Bombay without a doubt

I'm a massive fan of Joeys! Both the Andheri and Malad branches offer a great service and have even delivered pizzas to the side of the western express highway for me in times gone by, for us to eat on the journey back to Vasai. Any excuse for a joeys and I'm there. My favourite pizza joint in Bombay.
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Shahnaz Halai - Burrp User

Shahnaz Halai

January 02,2013


This is the first place where apart from Pizzas, we used to relish their Pizza sandwiches too. This place was a heaven for me in my night shifts and the staff is really cooperative too!!
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Atharva Vaidya - Burrp User

Atharva Vaidya

December 07,2012

Very Good

I have been to Joey's pizza, andheri west and the service is good. The most I liked about Joey's is the reasonable price and the taste. Pizzas with great taste in reasonable price. must visit!
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atulpanicker - Burrp User


December 05,2012


best pizzas. they are SOOO reasonable. and way better than the other places people usually choose to go to.
the place itself may not be so good. but its a great place to takeaway from
we always order from here when we frends get together.
got to have the paneer pizzas. amazzing.
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mackv - Burrp User


August 24,2012

Pizza lovers

this place is way better than other pizza outlet.first of all , things i ordered was spicy keema, meat ultimo, mother's Recipe( paneer sezchuan ), super cheese garlic bread with topping of spicy chicken keema.

Must try the garlic bread with chicken keema , spciy keema , it is good. i am dont love pizza so much but joey's changed the view, feeling of yummy hot pizza served , feeling of pizza made at home, coriander on top . its surely yum.

but i didnt like meat ultimo , it is not so great , actually compared to pizza in their menu, i might rate meat ultimo not at all good.but yet again it all depends on taste person to person,

Good pizza, must vist place, ambience is okay not great, service is fine, beside meat lovers even vegetarian people will enjoy too because their paneer scezchuan is good too...

The reason i gave 4 stars i find it more yumm than other pizza outlets, so in comparison to other pizza places , this place i surely recommend

In all nice pizza place
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August 22,2012

Stop changing chef's

Go order one pizza today, drool over the thought for the next two weeks visit again and get the worst possible pizza on earth. How on earth is that possible. Ordered the standard cheese onion pizza twice and faced drastically different circumstances.

Please get back your great chef's on board!
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Karan Mehrotra - Burrp User

Karan Mehrotra

July 09,2012

Just the worst customer service

Joeys staff works on the opposite principle of customer is an idiot and staff is king , they are rude , refuse to understand what the customer wants and execute the orders as per their own whims and fancies . Never again ..
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Himanshu Virkar - Burrp User

Himanshu Virkar

May 29,2012

God loved pizza, he made Joey's

Simply the best pizza I've had in Mumbai. Generous toppings, fresh bread, superb cheese.
Do try it. Highly recommended.
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foodlover2011 - Burrp User


December 10,2011


I agree with the previous reviewer. I have kept ordering from Joey's because I think their pizzas are great. They do have the best pizzas in Mumbai. But in the past 3 months, the quality of their pizza's has become inconsistent, with sometimes less toppings, less cheese, or very little sauce on the base, or thinner than usual base. This inconsistency becomes more than evident on weekends.

As the previous reviewer mentioned, many a times the pizza received is pushed to one side of the box. The person who takes the order (store manager?) is also not very helpful, and always keeps saying ok ok ok, but never apologizes whenever I call to register my grievances. I have not even once heard him say sorry!

I truly love their pizzas when they get it right. But what's the use if half of the time they get it wrong, and when their staff is not supportive and uncaring?

I'm going to order their pizza one last time, and if they get it wrong and don't address my grievances, I'm going to stop ordering from them, just like the previous reviewer.

P.S.: They also delivered a pizza once after 1 hour and it was cold. I had to reheat it in the oven. When I mentioned this to the manager, again, no apology, except he said "it won't happen again."
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I_luv_food - Burrp User


December 01,2011

Used to like Joey's but not anymore

I had ordered pizza from Joey's in Andheri and then from Malad after I moved for almost 8 years. Over the years their prices reached sky high - just a bit under Dominos and big guys, and they started taking an hour to deliver. Then I started getting pizza that was huddled up into a corner of the box and then once with all the topping on the lid on the box (delivery dude must've held it upside down). That's it. How bad could they get. When I called to complain, they didn't apologize or offer any make good - the guy just said ok, ok, ok. Now I don't order from Joey's at all. Sorry Joey's you lost a regular customer.
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Jay Joshi - Burrp User

Jay Joshi

October 01,2011

delicacy to the Pizza lovers..

This place is on of the best for Pizza's, moderately priced and generously stuffed. The quality of base, cheese is excellent, toppings are fresh.

You won't need to worry for anything more, sauces, paprika, anything complementing a Pizza meal is already served on your table, interesting was to notice a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Must start with a Pepperoni pizza !

Seem like this guy knows his pizza... must appreciate, and keep up the dedication!
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Harshita  - Burrp User


September 08,2011

Awesomest pizza in Mumbai

Joey's is undoubtedly one of the awesomest pizzas i've ever had. We tasted once on a friend's recommendation and we have become super fans since then... almost 3 years now! Pizza means Joey's for us!

Our regular order is Joey's special, but all their pizzas are delicious. Their best part... they all have extra cheese. Unlike other bigger retail pizza points, Joey's has a fabulous client interaction, consistency in food and great taste. Worthy of each penny being paid.

We usually ask for home delivery and they are always in time! Cheers to Joey's! I've just ordered another pizza... awaiting :D
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Neal Agarwal - Burrp User

Neal Agarwal

July 15,2011

best pizza place in malad area

what 2 say about joey's simply the best pizza in whole of suburb. specially the topping of the pizza is excellent.
absolutely different from smokin joe the worst pizza parlour in suburb...
thanks joey's from saving us frm smokin joe......
thanks a lot.....
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Om Sarmalkar - Burrp User

Om Sarmalkar

March 31,2011

Mind-blowing toppings

Simply mouth watering pizza's...
I want more of Tornadoes !!! wooot..

You see the pictures of dominos and Pizza hut and you get crap over the pizza!!
See the pics of Joey's and you get more than what you expect!!
My mouth started watering again...
My words ends here...
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A J - Burrp User


March 25,2011

They are the TOP in toppings

These guys not only have a lovely range, they - as a user said, put Dominos and Pizza Hut to shame with their generosity in toppings. Whatever you order, the pizza is FULL. The taste is great and its easy on the pocket too. May these guys continue with the rocking good work.
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braganza84 - Burrp User


March 21,2011

Puts Dominos and Pizza hut to shame!!!

Joey's have really got it right with their pizzas. After all the Pizza huts and Dominos (which had put me off pizza for a really really long time), this was absolutely yummmm!!!!
We had ordered a medium pizza half meat ultimo or something like that (with pepperoni/ salami/ ham, etc.) and half tuna...
It was pure joy at the first bite... I loved it.. And in stark contrast with its money grabbing counterparts - Dominos and Pizza hut. The best part is that they really give you your money's worth with the toppings...
The only other place in Mumbai where I actually felt this much in love with pizza was at Pizzeria in South Mumbai.
I would recommend this Joey's to everybody especially the meat eaters.. :)
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Vishalgs - Burrp User


March 16,2011

You'll forget pizza hut or Dominos!

After lots of persuasion I reluctantly agreed to try this joint. I'm avid pizza hut fan but this one wins hands-down. This pizza is like chinese prepared Indian style. It's got the bulk of chicken chunks, loaded with cheese, rightly spiced, nicely packed & delivered in less than 30 mins. One more thing - Price is 30% lesser than all international chains. Dinning experience at their oulet takes a hit. So I prefered home delivery.
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Trisha Pereira - Burrp User

Trisha Pereira

February 23,2011


I have tried Pizza hut (good), Dimino's (crap), Smokin Joe's(Value for money), Garcia's(ok) and Pizzaria ( Interesting)
However Joeys tops them all. The pizaa is stuffed with delights and am always satisfied after eatin of of their pizza's.. The best part is that its pretty reasonable as well and if you work around Chincholi Bunder you may also avail of a 10 % discount if you company has a tie up with them.

i totally recommend Joey's to anyone who wants to really enjoy their Pizza...
I personally love the Meats...Its stuffed with only meat and is sinfully delicious
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Subh Daks - Burrp User

Subh Daks

September 08,2010

The real Pizza

This pizza is the best I have had till date. Forget Dominos/Pizzahut/Papa Papa Jones. This is the one. The base /crust is soft and the the entire gamut of sauses, cheese and toppings are so fresh and exiting.The plain cheese piza is so Italian if I may say. The crust is soft for the knife to just go through it with a great value for money.This is one please where you will not mind having the Pizza with fork and knife. The Service is nice but just 4 rating instead of five is for the ambience. There are just 2 tables where 2 couples(Max) can have a good time. I am going back again or ordering to my place.
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swapdatvfreak - Burrp User


May 30,2010

Braveheart - An awesome pizza

I tried the Braveheart pizza ... Its got some beans and vegetables ... really light, awesome taste, good sauces and a great base ... Chicken Barbeque's tasty too. They're cool about the personals like "no mushrooms" or "extra cheese" ... I think Joey's the new competition in the pizza arena !!

+1 - For great home delivery service, they know ur names and addresses after the first order.
+1 - For the menu ... great choice ...

Keep it awesome, Joey's !!
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silveroses - Burrp User


June 18,2009

yucky cheese

I'll get to the point :-

Toppings: good
Pizza base : Lijjat Papad without the pepper corns
Cheese : YUCK
Cheesesticks : Double yuck

I must say, the chicken is rather good and spicy. But unfortunately, that's where it ends. The cheese is just nasty, local cheese.

Pizza hut, even with its limited options, is a much better pizza joint, tho slightly expensive, than Joeys. It's nothing but a sub- sub standard pizza.

I ordered : Chicken Delight, extra spicy.
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Anirudh B Balotiaa - Burrp User

Anirudh B Balotiaa

May 16,2009

Awesome ! Cant wait to order again !

I had their menu since quiet sometime, but never really got to ordering it. Firstly I was not sure whether it will be good, as they are not that popular among other ones. Still I decided to give it a try as thats the only way to get some first hand review apart from the reviews here which apparently were quite good for Joey's Pizza!

And I am so glad I ordered from here. They have a 50-50 option wherein you can choose 2 diff pizzas on either side, another good addtion, so I went for Medium Spicy/Simply Veg, it was for 165 including taxes. Another good thing here is that the prices on the menu are inclusive are taxed. All the other pizza outlets MUST have this same kind of menu where the prices are all inclusive of all taxes/VAT.

The pizza was simply awesome and delicious. Though the price may be slightly higher side compared to other(between 120-145) but it was really worth it. Nice fluffy crust(I hate those paper thin crusts), generous amount of topping and cheese and grilled to perfection and very very crispy and tasty !!!

Considering there are so many outlets in Malad(pizza hut, dominos, papa johns, garcia, smokin joes) except Pizza Hut none of the either ones comes even close to Joey's and I would even say its at par with Pizza Hut too !

I am just hoping even my next pizza is as delicious as this one !

Give it a shot, you shouldn't be disappointed.
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Shraddha Shrivas - Burrp User

Shraddha Shrivas

October 26,2016

Good Place but poor Time Management.

Good Place to Have pizza but you have to wait for nearly 1hr for your turn to get in...and after that again 30 hr for your order to arrive. So if you want to have these pizzas then just order your food at home n njoy it..
My advice is to open more outlets if u have such a huge crowd mad over your pizzas.
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