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Sudhaa - Burrp User


September 01,2014

Good food and service but highly priced

Food was amazing , but the portion size was too small for the price they charge. awesome service, good ambiance. visit only for occasions. we ordered broccoli cheddar soup, mushroom stuffed with Paneer, chicken Kerala style, n Thai main course and some desserts like blueberry cheese panna cotta ( don't order) and chocolate mousse ( can order). Thai was yummy... overall a nice experience. don't mies the jeera shot :)
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mamtavora66 - Burrp User


February 07,2014

fine dine

We have been several times to IVY and really enjoy their service standard and food quality. Lot of choice for vegetarians and nice ambiance. Indian and Thai food are excellent. Recently we ordered cake for my hubby's birthday and it was excellent.... We will surely visit IVY every alternate month.
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Mansi Dedhia - Burrp User

Mansi Dedhia

October 15,2013

class apart

Ivy is one of the most elite and classy fine dining restaurants in and around ghatkopar and chembur..the ambience to begin with is warm and welcoming (avoid noisy Sundays) .. Its always full..expect waiting.. They serve Indian Italian and a select Asian dishes..I've tried Indian..brilliant .. Kadhai sabzi..biryani..I've tried the Thai curry..its one of the best Thai curries I've had..the Italian Fare is also very delicious .. Tomato basil soup and the roasted pepper soup are very flavourful..the ravioli is amazingly delicious..also tried a moctail spice lady..it will blast ur taste buds..u cud never imagine such a beautiful drink of these Ingredients..the desserts are presented to u in a tray.. Visuals build an appetite inspire of a full tummy.. Love the tiramisu here..also u can pre order cakes for occasions and u will not regret..love the place
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Mansi Dedhia - Burrp User

Mansi Dedhia

October 15,2013

class apart

Ivy is one of the most elite and classy fine dining restaurants in and around ghatkopar and chembur..the ambience to begin with is warm and welcoming (avoid noisy Sundays) .. Its always full..expect waiting.. They serve Indian Italian and a select Asian dishes..I've tried Indian..brilliant .. Kadhai sabzi..biryani..I've tried the Thai curry..its one of the best Thai curries I've had..the Italian Fare is also very delicious .. Tomato basil soup and the roasted pepper soup are very flavourful..the ravioli is amazingly delicious..also tried a moctail spice lady..it will blast ur taste buds..u cud never imagine such a beautiful drink of these Ingredients..the desserts are presented to u in a tray.. Visuals build an appetite inspire of a full tummy.. Love the tiramisu here..also u can pre order cakes for occasions and u will not regret..love the place
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blessedinlife - Burrp User


September 28,2013

heavenly food!!

If there is one place i want to write abt for serving extremely delicious ood ,it wuld surely be this one. Its broccolli cheddar cream soup and tomato mascarpone cheese soup are mouthwatering.Also wok vegetables,tawa paneer dhingri and babycorn sabzi are a must try from their main course. For desserts ,they have the most smartest way of display which i have seen. the waiter comes in with a big tray of all desserts and explains each one of them,and its simply impossible to not order any. 5 stars for this restaurant!
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Vaibhav Mehta - Burrp User

Vaibhav Mehta

August 13,2013

Food Heaven

IVY has been more like a second home. All the food options are just fantastic. The Brocili Chedar Chese (pardon the spell check) soup is a super option. The starters are to die for. Thai curry is yet another marvel. Overall all the food options on the platter are fantastic.

I am in love with deserts. The platter of desserts and especially the freshly prepared cakes of IVY are fantastic.

a super recommendation for IVY
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Dwijen Mehta - Burrp User

Dwijen Mehta

July 31,2013

Fine dining for ghatkoparites and chemburites!

IVY would be the place where chembur and ghatkopar people would fight to mention its located in. Marginally on the boundary of ghatkopar and chembur IVY is located on the 3rd floor of the Shoppers Stop building in Chembur. They have a different entrance from behind and has valet parking on offer. IVY offers you fine dining with great ambience in the central suburb. Particularly famous for its oriental food ivy has a huge variety to offer from. IVY offers some lip smacking thai curry rice. They have a great starter in Crispy Veg Wok with vegetables tossed in barbeque chinese sauce. It is a veg/non veg serving restaurants but vegans don't complaint here because of less no. of fine dining restaurants in the vicinity. They also offer cakes made to order. They have a cake on call policy where they offer the oreo mousse cake, blueberry cheese cake and chocolate cakes made on order. Decently priced at 400 rupees for half a kg the cakes are real value for money.
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Keyur Patel - Burrp User

Keyur Patel

April 08,2013

Best cakes i ever had...!!!

This place is outstanding! Thank you for always great service and outstanding desserts!!!!
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ashokaholla  - Burrp User


February 18,2013

pathetic service & arrogant behaviour

We have been group of 35 people and service was very poor.there is no trained staff to handle big group. The food is just okay and compare the price of dish the serving is very small quantity. Looking at their behavior as if there are no other restaurant around them.

i will not advice any one to visit this place.
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anuvita - Burrp User


January 21,2013

NIce place, Good Food

It is a nice place to visit. ambience is good. Food is also good. Menu was quite elaborate..from exotic salads, perfect broccoli cheddar soup to authentic kerala paneer and barbeque potato starter. Kulfi was nicely served and quality was very good.
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Ravish Ramani - Burrp User

Ravish Ramani

December 29,2012

Fabulous place

Thanks to one of my colleagues for introducing me to a good fine dining place near ghatkopar. we a group of 4 went there on a Friday evening. The decor was warm n welcoming and the seating spacious and comfortable.
Soup: we ordered for a brocolli and cheddar soup and a mexican spicy corn soup. both soups were excellent in terms of taste and were in the right quantity. my personal favourite was the brocolli and cheddar soup.
Starters: Paneer alaste was an italian starter with a typical italian taste with a mild cherry flavour. the paneer was soft and the whole dish was flavoursome. The second starter was bharwan aloo a standard stuffed aloo starter which was also tasty.
Main Course: We decided to taste their manglorean offering for main course and since most of us were the vegetarian s who had eggs we decided to order for the egg karavali and appam. The egg karavali a tomato based gravy was flavorsome with poached eggs and the appam the right combination.
Then v also ordered for the lasooni palak and butter naan which was finger licking good.
Desserts: dessert was strawberry cheese cake Swiss chocolate ferrero rocher pineapple and panacotta. all the desserts were amazing and worthy ending to a fabulous dinner experience.

FYI they also do serve non veg food and have a very nice bar setup with choices of alcoholic beverages. The staff were courteous and really friendly and restaurant managers took efforts to go to each table and enquire about the food. A very nice and pleasent experience. will surely pay them a visit again this time with my family.
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Sidharth Negandhi - Burrp User

Sidharth Negandhi

November 29,2012

Finger licking good food

This restaurant has just amazing, finger licking good food. I love the Kerala paneer and it is a must have on every visit. So are the desserts, especially the panna cota and chocolate mousse. I also order cakes regularly from here and they are among the best I have eaten anywhere. Ensure that you book your table well in advance because this place is mostly full.
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kmarquee - Burrp User


November 02,2012

Must Visit..!!

Good place to visit & spend time with loved ones and family..Food and ambience is excellent...Menu was quite elaborate with amazing options for vegetarians..from exotic salads, perfect broccoli cheddar soup to authentic kerala paneer and barbeque potato starter. For main course one should try out paneer sultani, aaloo mutter and not to miss on black daal..!! One should also try out their new Italian menu..its very authentic especially risotto. WAIT, still its not done...the masterstroke is left for end..!!! one of its kind presentation style of their 'die for' desserts. I believe the dessert quality is comparable to the best of best in the city especially chocolate mousse.

This place has "consistency" always amazing food, great ambiance and wonderful service, You will love it!
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Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

November 16,2011

Alas, the poor service!

I totally have to agree with the burrpers who've mentioned the bad service.. and wish i had read the reviews before going to Ivy. But then again, I've been quite a regular at Ivy because it is as close as you can get to gourmet food in Chembur/Ghatkopar. The food till date, is cooked to perfection and the presentation is exceptional. Try the paneer kurkure, fish curry (parents loved it) and the malwani fare. The chinese is best avoided. The desserts are presented in a big, tempting tray...an offer you cant refuse.
Having said that, the reason behind Ivy's infamy is purely its service. Slow, haphazard and sometimes even rude. We didn't get a glass of water until we did the samba to get the waiter's attention! I called for a tomato corn soup and requested the waiter to put half of it away (in the kitchen, to keep it warm) as my mom had not yet arrived. He looked confused first, then stupid, and then straightaway refused to comply, saying that he could not prepare half of the soup separately. Wait, what?
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Ria1982 - Burrp User


October 22,2011

Worst service possible

We had visited this place couple of times in the past and had a decent experience. However in the past few months, it's gone from bad to worse, in terms of both service and even the food is not that good anymore. However, it's the service which really sucks. The restuarant manager feels he owns the place and quite impolite with customers. If the management doesnt do something ASAP, the place will go to the dumps.
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twi05 - Burrp User


August 27,2011

Very rude and impolite staff

The staff at the reception is pretty rude, They made us wait for over one and a half hours. Everytime I'd go to them they said 'madam 15 mins more'. We saw more than 4 families leave from the restaurant but their pathetic receptionist refused to give us a table for some very odd reason. We finally got fed up and left the place. This restaurant fails to understand that they are not the only ones who serve good food in the city. There are wayyy too many options available.
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Rahul Saudagar - Burrp User

Rahul Saudagar

June 07,2010

Ivy ---- Ivory Costly

Been to this beautiful place many times over the past 4 years, & thoroughly enjoyed the experience too.

Its rich decor & cosy dim lit interiors leave you in a trance.

The food is also on the better side, as is the familiar staff !!

The only thing you gotto watch out for is your pocket, this place is expensive. But then they say, quality comes with a price, so be it !!
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Amit Hiremath - Burrp User

Amit Hiremath

May 09,2010

A five minute walk is good for health!

Sure it is! Especially when it leads to a good place which serves good food! Pretty contra view. Well, I have been badly searching for a place in the vicinity of my place which serves very good food. My vicinity always used to stretch to the southern side of town or the pretty distant and inaccessible Western zone. I was awfully delighted when I came to know from my colleague about IVY which is just a 5 minute walking distance away from my residence. Now things can be easily planned at a short burst! ;)
And I executed the plan pretty smoothly yesterday night. I visited IVY with my better half. We managed to sneak in formally though it was pretty crowdy affair. After settlig with our tiny table for two, we decided to study the WHAT'S ON PLATTER card.
Mocktail, Soup and Straters -
My patent mocktail has always been VIRGIN PINACOLADA. I was little disappointed not to find it on the menu and had to study the details of all mocktails before settling for ALMOND APERITIF. It is a frothy concotion of almond paste, milk, cream and pineapple juice. Sounds interesting?? Believe me..it is! I never resented ordering that but my wife did as she decided to skip that! ALMOND APERITIF is now my favourite mocktail subject to its availability!
We ordered a broccoli and cheddar cheese soup. Very unusual way to present it. It was served in swanky coffee mug in a tray with two small portions of garlic bread. The soup was reaching threshold with finely cooked broccoli and just perfect amount of cheddar cheese. Therefore, it wasn't a cheesy affair and just a perfect taste. Good to start!
With bruschettas, we decided to give up the normal tomatoes and olives topping and tried mushrooms with cream. While ordering for them I pronounced bruschettas as BRUSKETTAS (I heard that way Rocky referring them,couple of days ago on Highway On My Plate) and the guy gave me a strange look and corrected them as "Oh, BRUSHETTAS?" :)
Another starter was very much tried and tasted (tested?) stuff..Paneer Tikkas. The sizeable portions of paneer made me to rethink about my thoughts on main course. The paneer was soft though I think that the accompanying vegetables (tomatoes and bell pepper) should have undergone a proper thermal treatment.
Main Course -
Stuffed with soup, bruschettas and paneer, we decided to go slow on main course. (Hmm..I should definitely give a try to Lakhnavi Koftas,veg dumplings in royal gravy and rumaali roti next time). We ordered for Dal Bukhara and steamed rice. I know that Dal Bukhara takes pretty long time to cook. It is simmered for many hours to let the spices be integral part of the royal dal. Wonder what made the staff take so much time before they could bring it to our table. Anyways, it provided us a much deserved break and ponder over desserts being served at nearby table. Dal Bukhara came and the taste didn't entice me too much. May be I was expecting a lot from it but I found the taste pretty similar to generic Black Dal. Nothing so special about it.
Desserts -
Ivy doesn't have an array of indegenously invented desserts. The menu card doesn't suggest anything exotic so does the 'at your table' offering from staff. It has the normal contenders for the small space in your belly after main course like pineapple pastry, tiramisu, chocolate pie. I seleted the distinct mango cheesecake and suggested my wife to go for Kiwi Soufle. Alphonso, for me, on any given day wins over other fruit.Combined with the smoothness of cheesecake was a perfect finish for my dinner. I was also keeping an eye on how much of Kiwi Soufle would be finished by my wife. ;). It turned out to be 25%. Bring it on!!! I finished that too!
By this time, my dear fellow burpers, you must have agreed, at least for me "A five minute walk is ALWAYS good for health". Happy burping!
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dilip2205 - Burrp User


April 12,2010


11/04 was a friends birthday and we seven of us had planned to throw him a surprise by visiting ivy for some quick (very quick) deserts. We knew that deserts are quite readily available and we can certainly spend around 15 minutes so that other people waiting for dinner are not disappointed. Since they don't make prior reservations, we did wait for 15 odd minutes for our turn to come.

As soon as we settle down and order for deserts, the platter is made readily available. We just got to pick-n-choose. Wow! what an express service.

In another moment, one of the staff member appears and quotes "Sorry Sir, if you have come just for deserts, I have other customers lined up and I got to take care of them.
We politely say him that we are quite settled and it won't take more than 15 minutes for us to wind it all. Since it was our friend's birthday, we positively assumed that he will heartily welcome our request.
On the contrary, his face turned pale and with one more Sorry he appeared to be disgusted with our request.
We had no choice but to leave the place.
We were pretty much disheartened with this attitude and treatment. As I mentioned earlier, the fact that we would not taken more than 15 minutes was quite evident and conveyed as well. Also, had it been our normal dinner order for seven of us, we would have taken atleast 5-8 minutes to decide on the cuisine and dish and the ordered food would have taken another 20 minutes to arrive.
I just have 2 questions -
1) From the Business point of view, wasn't it a logical decision for him to serve us the deserts and happily cash some business in 15 minutes?
2) From the Hospitality point of view (actually this should be the first question), wasn't it a natural choice for him to serve the customer and make him happy.

Customer is not asking anything for free. He is paying and expecting courtesy and service.

Although, I know IVY is a very popular and it won't matter to them if one set of customers are disheartened but there is a famous saying in the service industry which should be comprehened in it's correct sense i feel - "If you don't take care of your customer, somebody else will."

I have not intentions to be a spoilsport. I would want to recommend this as a key learning, if that matters a little.

In anycase, thank you for investing your time in reading this.
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Aloke P - Burrp User

Aloke P

December 03,2009

worst service in history

ivy got 3 negative reviews before this one and i shouldve learnt my lesson. sadly i went to this place for dinner despite burrp warnings and as u expect i had the worst experience.

my dad and i called for chicken kashmiri and requested it in gravy, to go with roti's. the waiter did not pay heed and got us chicken sukka (dry), and before we could object... he dumped it on our plates! my uncle said we wanted gravy. the waiter gave us a dirty look and in the most LS manner he started picking up chicken pieces FROM OUR PLATES and dumped them back into the main dish! for gods sake the service in udipi's is also not so shady! and the worst is yet to come. the waiter finally got us the chicken in gravy but guess what... we were charged for both the dishes.
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abhijitborude - Burrp User


November 27,2009

Great ambience but not so great food

Interior and ambiance were great! service was good too! But sadly the reason why we went there was not up to the mark. First of all the menu was different. Clearly, they were making an attempt to break away from the typical Indian menu and make a statement with fancy dishes with fancy names... exciting stuff for foodies like me who like to try different stuff. But then the food doesn't live upto all the hype and hoopla created by the menu and fancy dishes start looking weird dishes. Soup and appetizers were not worth the money. Main course was decent thought. Overall, its a decent place which won't be at the top of my list. But if you eat out regularly, you can surely try it out once. Who knows? you might like it!
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yash.shah - Burrp User


September 14,2009

The Ivy Review

This is place is really great. is has fablous ambiance. You can be assured of peaceful evening here. Even business meetings can be scheduled here. It also has a good variety of wines.Not a bad option.Worth a try..would go the 2nd time...
Great place to enjoy some sea food and Definitely best desserts and awsome food
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Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

July 13,2009

Plush decor, average food

Decor ****
Service ***
Food **
Meal for two - Rs.1200

Dinner at Ivy is always a great experience. The decor is absolutely stunning...It has a faux ceiling with twinkling stars overlooking wooden benches. But dont expect to have a romantic date here. Ivy is dominated by family crowd and noisy kids. If you can ignore them, you'll have a great time.

The menu is multi-cuisine in the true sense. We called for a mezzo platter (excellent) and tom yum soup (good). The main course was disappointing. Rotis were too rubbery and the Lucknowi kofta tasted pathetic! The yummy daal also didn't manage to make up for it. We were too put off by dinner, but if you have appetite after main course, you're in for a treat. A big dessert tray filled with temptations will come to your table, an offer you absolutely cant resist!
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Deepa Swaminathan-Sood - Burrp User

Deepa Swaminathan-Sood

November 19,2008

Great Banquet Hall

We had our wedding reception here... it's a great picturesque venue in this side of town. Lovely, informal setting... flexible options with the menu... option of alcohol... lots of parking space... great location... and extremely helpful and courteous managers and staff; all these factors add up to a 5 star rating.

It is located above Shopper's Stop in Chembur, so giving directions to guest would not be a problem.

The food is yum - and the banquet manager helps you pick out a menu that would be visually appealing too. There's a choice of Indian, Chinese and Continental. We took a tour of their kitchen and were quite impressed.

On the evening of the event itself, the place was very nicely done up - minimal, tasteful floral decor. The banquet hall is in two parts - the indoor AC seating and the outdoor buffet - both extremely comfortable.

The place looks good in photos. It also has a little change room with mirrors for last minute make up etc.

On the expensive side but well worth the price for the experience they provide. A good place for large get-togethers, receptions, cocktail parties and the like.

Beware - they get booked quite soon, being the rare good venue around Chembur, so you'd have to reserve your date at least 4-5 months in advance.
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Deep Ganatra - Burrp User

Deep Ganatra

June 15,2008

Love it, Love it, Love it

One of my favorite restaurants in Town. The food is good, ambience is awesome. What more you want? Whenever you go there, try the desserts, they have very good variety of Desserts.
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