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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

March 31,2015

Best burgers ever.

Its a tiny place with a nice peaceful ambience and neat lighting.They have a good menu and some delicious burgers.Their burgers are scrumptious and sumptuous. Good value for money. Beef burger is so soft and succelent Chicken and lamb burgers are lip smacking..Smoothie with mango and pineapple flavors were decent.
Gosatana is also pet-friendly and full of with young hipsters.The seating here is limited but the host lady is very cheerful and the staff is very courteous
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Mitchelle  D'Souza - Burrp User

Mitchelle D'Souza

September 23,2014

The ever welcoming eatery

Stepped into this cosy eatery to catch up with an old friend and this place replete with its warm owners (who serve you themselves), mattress and cushions along with small tables as seating proved the ideal place to catch up with my buddy. We were primarily here to indulge in chatter and not food. Therefore we called for two drinks - Kiwi Lemonade for me and a Mango iced tea for my friend along with a portion of Hummus that came along with a side of toasted bread and salad. The kiwi lemonade was made with just the right concentration of the fruit and lemonade. The mango ice tea did not pack a punch. It was diluted and we had to ask for it to be made more potent. The hummus along with toasted bread and garlic dip was magnificent. Although a small eat, it made quite the impact we weren't expecting. Will surely recommend this place to fellow burrpers. The next time I wow to come here with an empty tummy to dig into their much talked about burgers. The service here deserves special mention.

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Vipul  - Burrp User


September 22,2013

More than just a place that serves Burgers

I am surprised why people are just calling it a Burger place where in this place is so much more than just a place that serves Burgers.

The interiors are beautiful. The waitress is extremely polite and knowledgeable.

Skip the bland Mango Iced Tea, try the smoothies instead. The Gostana Chicken Burger is simple and yet sublime. The Potato Chicken Salad and the Tuna Salad's are really good.

Its not really VFM but its definitely worth the money that they charge. I wish they accepted credit / debit cards. But yeah, its definitely worth a visit. You will surely go there again.

And yeah, I have a friend who prefers this place over other cafes only because it is a pet-friendly place :)
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rasika83mumbai - Burrp User


September 20,2013

Health Burgers

Whenever I am in a mood to eat healthy but delicious & tummy filling food, I head to Gostana. In last 1 week, I visited this place twice. I just love their décor & home like feeling. My standard order is either gostana chicken burger with hummus spread instead of mayo or the indian chicken burger with extra spice. both the burgers are huge for me .. so I end up always leaving a small portion of it on my plate. The costing is fab too. Would recommend to anyone who want to eat wholesome & quality food till u have a full stomach at low prices.
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

September 03,2013

Healthy burgers is no longer an oxymoron

Burgers are not exactly rated healthy and that is where Gostana fills the gap. Mumbai always has room for an innovative product and Gostana fits in a nice sweet spot there. Gostana has a nice and cosy little cafe feel, tucked away next to the Elbo Room in Bandra. It also doubles up as a meeting spot for various initiatives in the city, with the owner and chief burger maker Arpana supporting them in full go whenever she is sold on the cause.

Apart from the books and board games at your disposal whenever you're here, you can also chat up and play with Apple & Chikku, who are the Gostana dogs. Feel free to get your pet along too, because they're welcome here.

At Gostana, I am always chomping away their burgers, and then some more. Burger Patties here are homemade and steamed, and not fried and/or breadcrumbed like the chains make it. Apparently there is a secret sauce ingredient as well, which should be one of their sauces. My favourite is the Ginger Chicken burger, which has a massive slab patty set in the midst of a whole wheat or multi grain bun that you get to choose. The house special Gostana Chicken Burger, their Lamb burger and Beef burgers are lip smacking good too. All of them come with a portion of salad along.

I've always said you got to pay for quality and Gostana is a part of that as well. At 200 Rs. + a burger, please don't compare them as an option to McDonald's or KFC, because they're a vastly different league apart.

The drinks, include some very nice smoothies and I've tried almost all of them and liked them.

On presenting my Club Burrp Card, I was offered the 10% discount. However the complimentary Smoothie was not offered to us (we ordered 3 burgers), neither was the potato salad (the bill ran up to Rs. 1000+).
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R Sutaria - Burrp User

R Sutaria

August 28,2013

A torchbearer for healthy, non-franchisee eating

Eating food, to me, is not like buying a t-shirt or a pair of shoes. When I walk around a food-mall today, and all I see are franchisee restaurants like Pizza Hut, Domino, Barristas and the like, I cringe. Hence, I feel places like Gostana are badly needed, as they serve authentic healthy food and are not focused on building their brand or number of outlets, but are more interested in serving organic, tasty burgers! Kudo's to the team who runs Gostana for attempting to creating a food place which has an identity and personality of its own!
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Rooshabh Sanghvi - Burrp User

Rooshabh Sanghvi

August 17,2013

Awesome Burgers

Have been here a couple of times and just love the burgers
They are one of the best burgers if not the best in town.

My fav is the exotic vegetables burger.
The hummus they serve is pretty decent as well.

It's a little hard to locate them, especially now since their entrance is at the backside of a building.

But just remember its the building next to elbow room .
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milonee s - Burrp User

milonee s

July 31,2013

animal friendly cute petite place

the best thing is games. they have indoor games like pictionary, monopoly etc. takes us back to childhood and relive our memories. another best thing- u can take ur pets, they serve them food too. for food, i had a potato salad which is chilled boiled potatoes and leaves, dint like it that much. chutney sandwich is only good in veg. i went there during tea time. u get burgers too but havent tries them. they have cupcakes at the cash counter. good in taste but dry. prices are amazingly reasonable
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July 29,2013

Best burger joint

Everyone would agree upon the following:
1. Burgers are extremely tasty and popular.
2. They are not exactly healthy.
3. There aren't many good burger joints that the city could boast of.

So what does a burger loving foodie do in this city. Well, there is Gostana to the rescue. They make great burgers and have some healthy add-ons too - healthy bun options, shakes, smoothies.

My recommendation would be the soya burger, packed with proteins, spiced well and high on taste. I would rate it as probably the best place for burgers.
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craveorcreate - Burrp User


June 14,2013

The real burger!

Mumbaikars rejoice, undoubtedly the best burgers this side of the sealink. fabulous beef steaks with a generous slathering of mustard, resulting in beautifully succulent and juicy burgers. Their ginger chicken is unbelievably unique, in terms of flavours and textures. They also throw in a nice small salad with their burgers. Oh and not to mention, they are dog lovers! Any place that welcomes canines and sets out food for them is tops on ambience for sure! Warm, friendly and familiar. And the burgers are very decently priced for what they serve.
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glowded88  - Burrp User


April 19,2013

Take your dog with you :)

As a dog lover this place is now top on my list simple because I can take my puppy here . India needs to get dog friendly and this place is one step in that direction.
That being said . Love love love Lenny :) . He's an awesome guy :) .
The beef burger was to die for . The Philip stake with humus was out of this world . The chicken burger was Good but the beef was WAY BETTER . Pink
Lemonade awesome .
Lenny promised that if we weren't full after a burger each everything else would be on the house :) . The burger left me STUFFED , but my friend has a monstrous appetite and he ordered the Philip stake after and Lenny did keep
Word . Price wise its totally worth it. Very cute little cafe . Can't wait to try the rest of their stuff .
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

December 26,2012

Friendly and laid back place

After delaying my visit to Gostana for a long time i finally went there on Christmas. it's a very cute cafe where you can just chill out for long hours, read a book, play music or just work on your laptop. The interiors are very pretty and the food is healthy. I tried the Gostana chicken burger, a salad and the herb spread sandwich. Everything was good but it's the cozy decor that takes the cake.
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mickeysachar - Burrp User


November 10,2012


Nice burgers. They offer you a healthy option in burgers with whole wheat buns and patties which are grilled and not fried. Reasonably priced.
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sajnibandra - Burrp User


October 10,2012

Tried ... But needs to try harder...

The burgers are very mediocre to say the least .
It's the content & recipe that matters over the big size..
Location too is a tad bit difficult to find.
It's over hyped for sure.
Most of the items are always out of stock
Please get a good chef to sort your mess cause hosts a was different a couple of years back..still has potential too
Wishes -
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Rekha.S - Burrp User


April 21,2012

Not a real BURGER

Don't understand how people can say they have great burgers and even for Burrp to rate them the best. people have you ever tried REAL BURGERS??? Are they the best amongest the rest of the crap resturants try to pass off as burgers. Again tried this place thinking yes - burger place, read some good reviews, maybe. let me tell you MAYBE NOT. Come on people how hard is it to make a real burger. I still crave the burgers you get in Montana's in Goa. I swear I have to fly to Goa to get by burger craving met!
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aparna.r - Burrp User


March 19,2012


Barely any veg choices.. even the one veg burger we had was strictly okay.. pretty over-hyped place
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Sal  - Burrp User


December 23,2011

Victim of it's Own Hype.

It's a small cozy place with maybe 5 tables next to Da Vinci, easy to miss unless you where to look. I'd heard soo much about this place that I was dying to go. Also free Wifi.

Food: The spinach and cottage cheese is the most popular veg burger but they were out of it that day. There are only three veg options and I wish they would add a few more especially if they are out of one. Ordered the soy bean burger in a multigrain bread. It came with green chutney and a small cup of vegetables as garnish. One thing I must say for the burgers, they are huge and very filling. But the patty is really thin and the bread really thick so had to add a lot of condiments for it not to be dry and have some taste.

The strawberry smoothie blended with curd was decent.

Damages: Rs 300 for a burger and a drink

Overall not a bad place but no incentive to return.
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Alan De Mello - Burrp User

Alan De Mello

December 19,2011

Gostana doesn't serve "burgers"

Whatever they're whimsically calling "burgers" are disgusting. They're not meat patties, they're some kind of meat paste.

There's an aesthetic, a texture, and a taste that accompany a burger craving. When you order a burger, you're expecting a burger.

I have no idea how Gostana gets away with the trash they serve that masquerades as a "burger", but if you actually *like* hamburgers, do yourself a favor and order a hot dog.
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Chetna Chakravarthy - Burrp User

Chetna Chakravarthy

December 08,2011

Beef Burger Baby!!!

I've tried quite a few of the burgers, but the beef one is by far the best! the Gostana Chicken burger is a good option for the chicketerians and the soya one is way better than any veg burger I've had. Also, tried their Chicken burger with ginger sauce. Didn't really take to it. The sauce tasted exactly like 'lagan nu achaar' (any bawas in the house? ask 'em and u'll know what I'm talking about). The milkshakes are pretty ok and so is the pink lemonade.
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A S - Burrp User


October 30,2011

Worth dropping by, not putting efforts!

Not a good entry for me - banged my head on the glass door while entering but the waitresses were ready with ice etc on table - so wow for service and client awe..Cool environment with free wi-fi - ensure place is full as only three other tables which were occupied had people not eating/ drinking but drooling over ipads/laptops. Food is ok ok - healthy junk food - not the most tasty but eatable and the fact that it is healthy gives it an edge..Go for it if you are nearby..do not put efforts to reach the place...
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Salonee Gadgil - Burrp User

Salonee Gadgil

October 25,2011


After being prompted by several mentions in the social media, I decided to brave the Saturday evening traffic and made my way through the maze that is Pali Naka to eat at Gostana. There had been many-a-mention of Gostana’s burgers, which as I understood were supposed to tickle the taste buds while being kind to the waistline. I must mention though, that ‘healthy burger’ in many ways sounded to me like ‘vegetarian omlette’ or ‘chicken steak’ ; an oxymoron. Let’s get one thing straight, it’s not an omlette if I has no egg and it’s not a steak if it doesn’t come from something bovine. However, as I’m always on the look out for guilt free food, I cautiously, yet curiously went to Gostana.

We ordered 2 burgers and some beverages among 3 of us. The two burgers of choice being the Ginger Chicken burger (multigrain bread) and the Gostana Chicken burger (whole wheat bread). I was charmed by the coziness of the place, the personal touches and very polite waitresses. However, the food didn’t live up to the buzz. The patties in both were dry and under seasoned. The sauces were very strong and overshadowed the meat. I was surprised by the lack of add-ons in the burger. I was expecting some fresh cut vegetables, lettuce, herbs etc. which I believe would more aptly support healthy claims.

I can eat healthy yet bland food anytime, anywhere. I was hoping Gostana would give me more. I think for now I will return to my original belief system, which vehemently advocates that ‘healthy burger’ is indeed an oxymoron. I’d rather eat a lips-smacking, blasphemously indulgent burger and run around to battle the bulge. Moral of the story: want a healthy snack – make a salad.
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ransley.s - Burrp User


September 15,2011

Healthy Junk food

Gostana was highly reco'd by a friend as the best VFM place in Bandra. Well let me start by saying, I can't stop raving about everything that is Gostana!! The burgers are outstanding, but that's not all. The place, staff, ambiance and APPLE ( the queen of Gostana) are worth visiting over n over. Can't wait till i take my pets there. I tried the chicken burger, which was delectably equisite....but can't wait to try everything else. You even get beers to go with your burger. Perfect for an afternoon, evening or late evening visit. Healthy food, guilt free burgers...i could go on.
Brilliant job guys. Can't wait for a SoBo branch.
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Anita  David - Burrp User

Anita David

August 29,2011

Bingo for the burger!

Picture this – In the midst of the busy and noisy shopping hub lies a quite, calm and peaceful small eatery outlet which serves fabulicious guilt-free healthy burgers where you can sit back with your lappie and get connected to the world while you pick a few books to read from the book rack or you may play board games for some fun and then stick your business card on the soft board along with other famous names. This business card board is known to have fetched business for many. Wow! This sounds great! Well Gostana has much more in store for the foodies of Mumbai.
This snug snack café has inside & outside seating arrangement with pictures of Andy Warhol, Tupac Shakur, and jimi Hendrix along with Retro & Hip-hop music for your entertainment. Gostana was started with the intention of turning junk food into a healthy option. They use absolutely no cheese or butter in their burgers and sandwiches. The breads are made out of 14 varieties of atta, the vegetables are rinsed in potassium and they use condensed form of cooking so that the food remains nutrition rich. I’m sure this is good news for all those fitness conscious out there. Their fat free food with no compromise on the taste is their USP. The whole wheat and multi grain burgers are filling, even one burger is sufficient for a person with a moderate appetite. The must haves are Gostana chicken burger Rs.150 which is a thick slice of whole breast of chicken steamed in special marination and served with medium spicy gostana cold sauce. Next is the Ginger chicken burger Rs.160 is gostana chicken breast layered with house special spicy ginger sauce. The lavish pieces of chicken surrounded by fresh veggies and succulent sauces between the bread make it so delightful to your palate. It’s soothing to sip in a chilled Mango milk shake Rs.120 while you masticate your burger.
Not only will you love this place but even your pet dog will also want to come here again. As you feed on your burger even your pet dog can feed on small/medium/large portions of chicken/beef/veg-meal with prior reservation of at least an hour in advance. They even organize dog festivals & competitions moreover they have an exclusive dog newsletter named Woof!
Gostana is a nice place to hangout to enjoy the ambience & food even if you are all by yourself. These guys know how to connect with the customer.
My rating for Gostana is:
Ambience 8/10
Value for money 7/10
Service 8/10
Taste 8/10
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mohaizmay - Burrp User


August 28,2011


Been here 3 times , this place rocks to the core , was impressed with it , try the chicken burger its amazing and very delicious , there serve it with a specially made red sauce , that goes with anything . I love this place , going to try the sandwiches next time . Oh there r a bunch of board and card games like uno etc... that are kept there to , and the place is open to foodies to have their food based events which rocks , for the first time i had the best chicken briyani and tikkas which were made just the way i love it .
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party_q - Burrp User


August 24,2011

damn gud burgers...

went there last sunday...had a chicken burger (recommended by fellow burrpers) totally enjoyed it... hubby ordered a exotic veg burger also gud....

feedback wud be i dnt mind paying a little extra to get a side dish of fries or chips with some mayo....so gv us that option.... n the paper plates r really sad. i m not expecting fancy cutlery but atleast mayb some plastic baskets (like d one's u get at diners in usa) or smthing wud be nice...

but for the burgers place is a must go..........
PS: my actual rating is 4.5 stars...
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Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

August 07,2011

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abhi1985 - Burrp User


August 01,2011


I went to Gostana on a rainy Sunday evening for a early dinner at like 7. at first i thought i was at the wrong place as it said Da vinci and not Gostana, but then i noticed the blue sign and a Cocker Spaniel in the portico. i knew this was it.
Being a pet lover, this place is heaven. wish by dog was sane enough to be brought here. Now coming back, this place is small 3-4 tables inside and 4 outside. my friend tried thr chicken gostana burger while i had the spinach cottage cheese. We LOVED it. Cant wait to sample the rest of their menu!
And Burrp, you made the right choice while awarding them the best burger place in town )
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nikkik - Burrp User


May 26,2011

pate not patty

I had heard of this tiny lil place serving some awesome burgers but gosh was I disappointed.. the burger was huge with a miniscule thin chicken patty more like pate , bread was stale and tasted wierd. Do not recommend...
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Archana Bhui - Burrp User

Archana Bhui

May 09,2011

I prefer my burger patty to hold itself together

Went to Gostana for late lunch with a friend. We both opted for the lamb burgers with multi grain bread + cold coffee.
The Cold coffee was good but the burger was at best average. The patty just dint hold itself together. It was more like having 'kheema' between breads. I know the healthy option reason, but why would I want to eat a burger if I wanted to eat 'healthy'!!!
I was left disappointed.
I am not heading back :(
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Michael Kohli - Burrp User

Michael Kohli

May 01,2011

Made for me?

Gostana is a pleasant surprise - healthy food.
The Gostana Chicken burger was great, has a steamed chicken patty and sugar free mayo with a multi grain bun.
The hot dogs are nice too.
The vegetable soup is very different and very nice. Has a coarse texture not watery.

They are willing to make iced tea and other drinks without sugar.

The Indian Chicken burger should be avoided, its awful. Just doesn't work. Perhaps with a tandoori flavor it would be fun.
They have a little library - books/magasines/newspapers.
Free Wi-fi
And a lazy labrador called Apple who is very placid unless she sees helmets that seem to freak her out.

Flavors are delicate, so if you are a fire eating multi green chilly person stay away,
If you cant stand dogs, dont visit, the labrador owns the place.
Seating is limited.
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Ruchi Mehta - Burrp User

Ruchi Mehta

April 23,2011

Healthy Burgers!

Burgers are not my favourite things to eat. I don’t like Burger King or Burger Barn or any of those places that specialize in making burgers. The only burgers I eat are those from Mc Donald’s or home. So what did I think of Gostana? You’re just about to find out!

Food- Gostana specializes in making junk food healthy. They have burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and salads on their menu all made the healthy way. Whole wheat and multi-grain breads, steamed patties, salads instead of white bread, fried patties and fries and ketchup. Now that’s really interesting considering how diet conscious everyone is! They also serve a variety of shakes, smoothies and other things. I had the Spinach and cottage cheese burger which was pretty good. I could taste more spinach than cottage cheese but their Gostana cold sauce did the trick. It gave the burger a very good flavour. My friend had the Chicken burger and was pretty disappointed. Being a burger freak, he thought his burger was not up to the mark and said, “If I think of a burger place I think of a nice messy full piece of meat in awesome mayo, garlic sauce and something that is juicy accompanied by fries or onion rings and coke! I mean the moment I think burger I think wow unhealthy amazing food”. We were full at the end of it but not stuffed. Finally, we shared a House Lemonade called ‘Magnificent’ which was nice.

Ambience- This little burger joint in Bandra shares space with the famous pizza place, Da Vinci at Pali Naka, in the lane opposite Basilico. It’s literally little with about 3-4 tables inside and 2 tables outside. We sat outside ‘cause there was a cute Labrador puppy inside which my friend was scared of. Haha!

Service- The staff is very warm and our food came superfast! We had called for whole wheat buns but since they didn’t have those, they gave us the multi-grain buns and didn’t charge extra for that. Really sweet na?

Prices- The burgers are all for Rs. 150 and above. A little pricey for a burger but I think the health factor works here along with the perfect location in Bandra. The drinks are around Rs. 100 each too. My friend didn’t think the burger was worth the money at all. He expected a lot better.

Verdict- Gostana is a good place if you’re craving junk food and still trying to lose weight. The prices are ok considering how expensive things have become anyway. The staff is warm and the place is small. So give it a shot only if you’re not expecting a burger full of mayo and cheese!

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adg62442 - Burrp User


April 06,2011

Forget Everything You Know About Burgers

For those of us who have grown up munching on McChickens and McAloo Tikki's, the world starts and ends at the feet of Ronald McDonald. Bam! Enter Gostana. Armed with a few tables, old school tunes, fresh ingredients and some secret recipes up their sleeve, what started off as a quaint little burger joint is now a mid-day acclaimed and very renowned hang-out spot on pali hill.
Vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike will take delight in biting into the big, hot and dangerously filling burgers made with much care and affection by Arpana, the owner. My personal recommendations would be the Beef and Lamb burgers(epic!) , the Gostana Burger and the Indian Chicken Burger which you can probably wash down with a cold glass of beer or a smoothie. While you're waiting for your burger, choose from a big stack of board games to match wits with your amigos or indulge in some numero uno like me.
But what makes Gostana so special has nothing to do with the burgers or the fact that it is candle-lit by evening, it's this year old labrador puppy called Apple who comes and greets everyone with the most adorable look in her big brown cocoa eyes. (She has her own twitter page as well)
Last but not the least, caution is advised, frequenting this place becomes a compulsion two bites into your first beef burger. Go forth and indulge!
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Aryan  - Burrp User


April 04,2011

Place has changed

Me and my friends used to eat at this place 3-4 times a week when it was near Bagel shop but I feel their bread and patties have changed, their sauces don't taste the same as before especially the Indian chicken burger. Chutney sandwich has taken a toss. Cold coffee is still awesome, owners still have their personal attention and are very friendly.

I prefer taking out now as their new place is quite noisy almost throughout the day and the last couple of times I had been there, the owners cute little dog was in the restaurant and i'm allergic to dog dander also its a little unsettling to have her around you while you eat.

Rated on how I remember Gostana in 2009-10.
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Sue  - Burrp User


March 29,2011

I'll take it back!

As way of an apology for the earlier bad experience the main man from Gostana came round this afternoon with some warm food (tasty chicken nuggets) and fairycakes plus an apology. I thought this was superb service. He didn't try and talk around the problem, or make excuses, just a simple apology for making a simple mistake (not being able to find our place and thus the order arriving cold). Much appreciated and we will give them another go now!
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machete - Burrp User


March 28,2011

fab burgers!!

couple of us revisited gostana the other day, and tried the beef burgers! Its the best beef burger i have eaten after indigo cafe( andheri)! :) thought its worth the mention as this city rarely gets its beef burgers right .. well done!!
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Richita Aswani - Burrp User

Richita Aswani

March 28,2011

Best & healthiest burgers in town!

I've eaten burgers abroad. With a juicy patty. Coleslaw. N cheese. So places like macdonald, kfc, etc don't serve burgers I'd call "real" burgers. The 1st time I went to Gostana we called for one Gostana chicken burger n one Indian chicken burger. The chef was at the restaurant n he asked us to call for 2 Gostana chicken burgers n if we didn't like it, the burgers would be on the house. We left our taste buds to the confidence in the chefs words and were not disappointed! The burger bread was fresh n lite. The patty was steamed not fried! Claps for health-consciousness. N the whole burger was brought together with the perfect mustard based sauce! It was a revolution! We were so glad we found an awesome burger joint in Mumbai! The burger fills u up completely. It won't leave u hungry. Therefore it's worth rs 150! We also tried the chicken salad on another visit. It's impossible to eat more than one burger there in one visit. The salad easily serves two. It's delicious. Can't say I've had anything like it before. Though I asked mine to be made spicy, since after all I am Indian. The staff is warm n very friendly. Always up for a conversation n always wear a big smile on their face. The highlight of this place is apple. The owners lab! She is the sweetest thing! I love the sitting area. Warm, cozy n laid back. The drinks are gr8 too. I've tried the kiwi surprise (brilliant) n the strawberry smoothie (yum). They also regularly show concerts by bands like u2, radiohead, etc. U can follow them on twitter @gostana for latest updates on their offers. Apple has her own account on twitter n Facebook! How cute! Also, if ur goin there for lunch, skip breakfast! It's my go to burger place!
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rahul_viper - Burrp User


March 06,2011

woth it!!

we were 5 of us. total bill - 1400. Wouldnt really say its on the higher end..but its 'kind' of worth it....try the gostana special burger...best of the lot..the lamb mince is very 'indianized' version...try the beef burger too..was not on the menu when we went but it very very worth it...guess for an eatery in bandra..the prices are justified...
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Pratik Mehta - Burrp User

Pratik Mehta

February 24,2011

Pretty good

I like the food its on the healthier side for sure. Its not really a place for a sit down resturant. Next time I will get order delivered to my place. My fiance loved the salad and I kinda sorta liked the egg burger. The kiwi lemonade is nice too. Next time I go I will try some of thier hummus, I hear its real nice.
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Totchem - Burrp User


January 31,2011

Chilled out place.

The minced lamb burger in Gostana is to die for. Expensive, yes.But its big enough to be a proper meal. Coffee is fine, service is casual yet good.Why they even have a friendly little labarador called Apple who'll greet you, wagging tail and all.It is also wi-fi enabled and there are books to read. All in all its a nice place to chill.

P.S Don't try the mojito.
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navingourmand - Burrp User


January 27,2011

Like eating at a friend's place

I was introduced to Gostana almost a year and a half back as a matter of chance, just because a gentleman named Mr. Martin was standing outside the shop and overheard us discussing the name "Gostana". Since then, its been our destination for healthy food and a homely warmth that you get when you're among friends.

While the concept of a healthy burgers and other fast food is the biggest novelty of this place, there are a number of other things which draw us to the place:

1. The ambience: This place is small, as the other reviewers have mentioned. However, it has got a warm friendly feeling when you step in. Its bright and warm. The place is run by a very friendly couple who won't hesitate to have a conversation with you when you want to. I think that makes the place much more genuine. And they have books and board games, in case you just want to be by yourself.

2. The music: I'm sure this is the owner's own collection of music, but its fab. Every time I sit there, I promise myself the next time I come there, I'm going to go on a copying spree. So far, I haven't broken any copyright laws yet :)

3. The food: I love the fact that the menu is limited, so they get all the items perfect every time. Also it reduces the pain for pathologically indecisive people like me, for I know whatever I choose, its going to be nice. My favorite would be the Spinach and Cottage Cheese burger, which is a super iron supplement with a whole bunch of 'palak' going into that burger. Another favorite is the Steamed Chicken burger, light, filling and yummy.

4: Apple: Actually he comes at the top of the list. Apple is the owner's doggie and he's the cutest doorman you'd ever see. I think he's the apple of every visitor's eye. Even if you don't like dogs, you can't ignore the cute, laid back, cool attitude of this adorable fellow.

Dropping in at Gostana is like dropping in at a friend's place to eat. Its not exactly expensive, like the classification says. Gostana is much better much than spending that much cash on junk food with garish music and no Apple :)
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Priyank Pareek - Burrp User

Priyank Pareek

January 09,2011

very small place

after reading a lot bout the place . we finally landed there...
we had seen the pics of the olace on burrp itsels ,but cudn't imgine tat the place would be too small.............
there s hardly any place to sit .... the food is very healthy...

helth is the first priority of the place...... thats why i guess they don't keep fried items over there...gostana chicken burger and spinich cottage sheese burger are the speciality of the house...
burger looks biiig in size but is very light.....

its a small place managed by a couple.. very gud hospitality.
woth a try .jus go sumtym...
dont make biiig plans 4 tat.....couples can sit outside in candle light........
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Dhrupad Jhaveri - Burrp User

Dhrupad Jhaveri

October 13,2010

Burger Shack!

Healthy and decent variety best describes the menu at Gostana. What it lacks in space and size, it makes up for in the quality of the food. Free wi-fi is an added plus, and the pricing is definitely in accordance to the size of the burgers.

The biggest drawback to the place is the size; the moment the tables are filled up, it feels like a crowded living room with too many people. Have a look see nonetheless; the burgers are not to be missed!
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machete - Burrp User


October 06,2010

good food

small place, smaller menu, and right opposite bagel shop. such a different kind of food they serve though, the spinach and cottage cheese burger is amazingg!! they just need to expand a little cos if there are more than 6 ppl in the place it starts to feel like a virar local .. and they serve a fabulous grilled chicken salad :-)
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adityag - Burrp User


July 07,2010

Simple and Fun

I read about this cafe on burrp, and decided to check it out. I came back very happy.

At gostana, they keep it simple - food is yum, ambiance is elegant and FREE WIFI. :)

In food, its mainly sandwiches and burgers. And teh health conscious have the the option of multi grain bread. Big ups for the tuna sandwich.

Some very cool posters adorn the wall, comfortable seating despite it being a small place, complete with newspapers, board games and a friendly staff.

Perfect for small groups to kick back or a nice quiet bite. Definitely worth a dekko !
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jasonsoans - Burrp User


June 23,2010

Okayish experience

Had a grilled chicken salad which was okayish and had a chicken burger which was not good at all.

The place is very small and hence can give you a claustrophobic feel....
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Mehak Rampal - Burrp User

Mehak Rampal

June 23,2010

Nice :)

I was trying to escape weekend traffic in Bandra so was taking the small inside lanes when I first saw Gostana. I'd already had dinner that time so thought to come here again soon. The day of the rickshaw/taxi strike, I happened to be walking aimlessly with my friends and walked towards it and decided to grab a bite. Glad I made that descision.

Its a rather small but welcoming little place. The pictures clearly depict the interior of the place and Gostana is just that. There was no one else there, we sat and read through the menu. Everything seemed interesting, we ordered a 'Rummus with Taosted Bread and Salad'.
No, I haven't spelt Hummus wrong. Rummus is the Rajma version of Hummus. We tried a sample before ordering, it was great!
Also ordered a latte, which was also well made.
While we were waiting for our food to come, we played UNO. They have UNO, chess and a few books that you can choose to entertain yourself with.
The food was nice, the portion was generous and we left the place happy and will definitely be visiting again.
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mumbaikar_4 - Burrp User


June 02,2010

value for money

discovered this place quite accidently.......had read reviews on burrp so decided to give it a shot & must say i wasn't disappointed. have tried only the veg spinach n cottage cheese one which was pretty good. drinks were okayish.......nothin gr8.
overall portion size is good. complete VFM.
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Spreading Joy - Burrp User

Spreading Joy

May 19,2010

Good Veg Burger

Went to this place after reading good reviews about it on burrp.

Its a small little place with 3 tables, very near The Bagel Shop.

I had the veg spinach burger in multigrain bread. I thought it was very tasty and the multigrain bun was excellent too but I would have liked it hotter which I gave back to reheat. , I would like some more salad rather than the tiny cup of veggies they give. Also , some more iceberg lettuce in the burgers would make it tastier for me.

All in all, I would say very tasty burger and definitely recommend it if you are in the vicinity.
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Animesh Das - Burrp User

Animesh Das

April 29,2010

Hole in the Wall

For a place that's managed to get quite a lot of positive buzz in online and in the media, Gostana is very, very hard to find. After what seemed like an overtly long, tedious, and tiresome treasure hunt, i finally found myself at the door of this small, 15 seater cafe. While it's always great to have Eddie Vedder screaming and whooshing around, i was pretty underwhelmed by the lack of any customers. Then again, i'd decided to check this burger joint out at the un-godly hour of 5pm.

Anyhow, i called for a lamb burger, and sat down admiring the rockstar posters and games laid out for people to play. Wish i'd brought someone to play with. Interesting quotes, and an even interesting notice board (Avenger Toys! Love that place) are your friends if there's no one else to set eyes on. And i did that for the next 5 minutes, before being greeted with a flat alien carved down the middle (that's what the burger looks like, thanks to the toothpicks holding the buns together, and the beautiful earthy texture of the whole wheat bun)

If you've never stepped foot outside a McDonald's, the first thing you'll notice is the burger's size. And then you'll notice the two teeny cups of 'salad' and 'dressing'. Bite in to the damn thing, and you're greeted by a smoky flavour, which coupled with the dryness of the bun makes you want to order something to drink instantaneously. While i found it annoying, some would consider it clever marketing.

The staff was pretty helpful, but only to the couple that walked in almost as i was getting done. What, am i not Bandra-boy enough? Or was it bad BO?

While the lamb burger didn't quite hit the spot, i'm still in two minds as to whether i actually liked Gostana. Sure, any place that pays tribute to Led Zep, Pearl Jam, et all wins props, but i get the feeling that the experience would've been far more enjoyable with a few friends around. I should be back someday to try the chicken and spinach burgers, and will only decide then.

P.S. I wouldn't consider these burgers. Consider me stupid, or stuck up, but burgers are meant to be juicy, comforting, and heart-attack inducing monsters. Call them healthy sandwiches instead.
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navingourmand - Burrp User


April 19,2010

The friendly Burger joint

We actually discovered this place quite by accident, on our way to the Bagel closeby. Its actually hard to find Gostana if you've not been told where it is. Mr. Martin, the owner [I guess] met us outside the shop and asked us to step in as guests of the house.

I hate doing freebies, but the personal attention floored me as I walked in. The smiling lady behind the counter created those burgers super quick and boy were they yummy!!!

The best part about the burger is that its healthy. Its not fried in most cases but steamed, with whole grain bread and the minimal of sauces. And the burgers are big.... really big!! I would recommend their Spinach burger if you're a veggie and the Gostana Special Chicken burger if you're non veggie.

When I wanted to pay the bill, they said it was on the house. I had to actually threaten not to come to this place for them to let me pay..... That spoke a lot about the kind of place this would eventually turn out to be.... like a Pop Tates in Riverdale, where you are personal friends with the people who run it!!

I think what I really like about this place is the fact that it wants to be a friendly place for patrons to come to, and given the smiling happy staff, I did come back, over and over again :)
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Saurabh Nanda - Burrp User

Saurabh Nanda

February 07,2010

Good, can be better

I loved the small boutique-ish feel of the place. It's done up really well with large rock & roll posters, coffee table books, and board games. With the owner(s) taking your order, fixing your burger, and coming along to ask you if everything was fine, it's a pleasant departure from the large branded burger chains out there.

We ordered a Gostana Chicken Burger and Spinach & Cottage Cheese burger (the only veg option available). The Spinach burger was brilliant! The chicken burger was passable. It would've been much better had they not used a processed chicken slice. The whole wheat buns were the best I've had in the recent past.

3-stars for the processed chicken, else it has the potential of being a 5-star place.
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katsam - Burrp User


February 04,2010

Not Bad !!!

liked d place n d burgers too except for the chicken in it...seemed to be processed chicken not fresh, made d burger vry dry... cud get better....
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kashish - Burrp User


November 15,2009

Absolutely yummy!

I called for a hot dog at home after hearing of my frnds raving about this place....and it didn't disappoint, it really is the best hot dog I have eaten on Indian soil, can't wait to try their burgers!! good job guys
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aartyp - Burrp User


November 09,2009

Yummy , Mouth watering Burgers!!

I was visiting Bombay from the US and was introduced to this place by a cousin!! I tried the spinach cottage cheese burger and became a huge fan of it!! I went to Gostana twice in 4 days from Cuffe Parade!!
When I got back to the US, because of my jetlag, I would wake up at 3 AM, and the only thing I craved was the spinach cottage cheese burger at Gostana!!
BTW - loved the lemon lime bitters!
Kudos to the owners!!
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Jay  - Burrp User


October 29,2009

whuts is this place ???

visited this place as it seemed good n is jst near the bagel shop...

its a very decent place....
burgers cost arnd 130-150...which r giant in size...
(only one spinach option for vegges)
the burgers were awesome in taste...
rest of the menu is dull....

i m very confused ...this place is not a cafe nor a burger joint...whut is it...
i wish they could have a lot more coffees n drinks in their menu..
over all its a good place, must visit,,,yes it is cramped
the music n ambiance is vry good..
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Ayesha Lentin - Burrp User

Ayesha Lentin

October 18,2009

Satisfying & addictive!!

Finally made it to this place after hearing so much about the burgers here..2 times already in the last 3 days.. ;)
Nice cozy outlet with some interesting music...can actually sit here all day with your laptop (free wi-fi)..but the real treasure lies in the burgers...not just a guilt free indulgence..but simply tasty, great potions with a crispy side salad. good options for breads, whole wheat or multi-grain..
ok..the 1st time we went there we were 3 of us..1 guy had to be a vegetarian that day..but still went out Happy... We had started with the Gostana Chicken burger & the spinach & cottage cheese..Delicious..unique flavors, and juicy..Even the spinach & cottage cheese had by few of us had us amazed with flavors (they use a whole bundle of spinach in 1 burger),
We followed up with Ginger Chicken, which they should dub as 'Heavenly ginger'. good stuff and for Rs 120 onwards the portions were fully worth it.
the second time there, I had to repeat the Gostana chicken, as the flavors were just lingering on my mind..
my friend wasn't hungry enough, so she ordered something, i doubt many people would order at Gostana..but here too we were pleasantly surprised.. The chutney sandwich (Yes), was unique and also came with a side salad..
I've really enjoyed the food here..highly recommended..
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alwaysafoody - Burrp User


October 14,2009

mouth watering ...

went to the place with friends after reading about it here ... slightly tuff to find but so worth the effort ...

we tried the gostana burger, lamb burger and the hot dog ...each had a distinct taste that made ur taste buds feel so happy :) the iced teas were also gr8 ... i knw it may seem tht i am praisin the place too much but i'm not exaggerating at all ... service is prompt u can c the food being made if u want ... the veggies in the burgers are fresh .. the choice of wat kind of bun ( whole wheat or multigrain) also gives u the option of goin totally healthy ...one of the reviews mentioned tht the burgers were healthy and my first impression when i read it was " ya sure !!! healthy burgers " ...but its true ...they actually are ...

wud recommend to those ppl who like tryin new places and love good food
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Rahul Patil - Burrp User

Rahul Patil

September 28,2009

Burgers and more burgers!

Yeah i've finally been to their new location since they shifted from powai and happy to inform everyone that they still have their touch. They serve what they call grand burgers. As you can guess by their name these are simply huge! The only way to describe them is imagine a 6 inch sub sandwich which is round...:) Do try their lamb mince burger and the old favorite chicken steak (lots of meat).

meal for 2: around Rs 250

Keep up the good work guys for creating a whole new experience!!

just one thing... try to bring in the old prices....
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HipRock - Burrp User


September 27,2009

Gostana Burgers very impressed!!

Heard about the cool place which is newly opened in one of the bandra bylanes ,luckily there was ample parking and we were pleasantly welcomed by their cheerful staff and cozy ambience...Had heard about their burgers so much especially in todays date where you would want to have your calories counted ..called for a chicken steak burger which was sized thrice as big as the Mc Donald...One bite and it just melted in the mouth can give full points to it because it was juicy and also I was very impressed by the owner ( who happened to be there ) they here was a great research in making the burger they dont fry the patty its steamed !!which is even better, option of a multi grain or wholewheatbread and mayo which was made with olive oil n egg whites..considering that it was priced descently at 120 rupees...My friend ordered for a Lamb burger which i think was awesome too!! Also they had a good variety of hot n cold beverages to... accompany their so very different burgers!!
The ambience and the wholesome burgers will definately want me to go visit this place often!!
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Nishant Singh - Burrp User

Nishant Singh

September 27,2009

Good but not value for money!

First up, thank you to OrangeCandy for providing us with directions without which this place is difficult to find!
Anyhoo, back to the review. I heard about Gostana from a friend who was eager to try out the burgers here. So we both went along on a sunny friday afternoon along with another foodie to try out this small.
First impressions were that the place is very small, looked much smaller than what we had thought, looking at the pictures. Anyways, we and two more patrons were to only customers there at that time. I think the place can seat around 15 people.
We quickly got down to ordering a Chicken Steak Burger and an Indian Chicken Burger. What I liked about the order was that the food was made right in front of us which was a delight to watch. The staff was friendly as well and they were eager for feedback which was a good thing.
The burgers arrived quickly and we got down to the business of hogging! The Indian burger was rich with spices, though thankfully, it wasn't teekha. The Steak Burger was rather a plain delight. On a taste scale, I think Gostana Burgers fall behind those of KFC and McDonalds though on the nutrition scale I would like to think that Gostana leads the two MNCs by a fair margin!
The burgers were priced at INR 130 (Indian) and INR 120 (Steak). A rather steep price for a burger but given its size (nearly three times the size of a McChicken) it isn't to difficult to know why!
However, I think the pricing is still steep, maybe a burger for INR 90-100 would have sufficed. A INR 90 burger at Mamma Mia is as filling s Gostana and there is no reason why I would want to pay more for a burger here!
Overall, I think Gostana is a lovely place to hang out with a big huge burger. The location is nearly perfect and so are the burgers! If only they could reduce their prices it would make me wanna go there again and again!!
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OrangeCandy - Burrp User


September 23,2009

Just OK

Not an easy place to find without directions, Gostana is located very close the Bagel Shop in the lane diagonally opposite.

The menu basically consists of burgers and salads. I did not try to salad but I did order the rommus, which is white rajma (pinto beans) mashed up to look like refried beans and accompanied by a few pieces of bread splashed with way too much dressing. The beans were bland and not worth trying again.

I ordered the soya burger and my friend had the chicken steak. Both had patties that consisted of the ingredients being minced and then loosely pressed into patty shapes. The taste was OK but it just seemed to be lacking. The amount of mayo that was added was a turnoff and the fact that nothing else comes with the burger (and there is nothing one the menu that you would think of having with the burger), leaves you feeling a little bit unsatisfied. The size of the burger is quite large, but I think it would have been a more complete meal if they shrunk the size of the burger and included some fries/veggie sticks/anything...

Overall, I would not go out of my way to visit Gostana and the size of the shop makes it uncomfortable for more than 4-5 people, but the food isn't too bad and could be a decent alternative to the crowds at Bagel Shop.
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BISTRO - Burrp User


September 12,2009


..RISE N SHINE Bombay People.... You've been blessed by the Burger Delicatessen Gods.....Honestly speaking I've been going here every 3rd day to accommodate everything on their menu.... and also to make my friends have the spread....Finally ...definitely and without any doubt I've managed to find a place where the food has not only got high regards to the urban healthy lifestyle but a great concoction of splendid taste and commendable worth. More or less therapeutic.

I had the "Grilled Chicken salad" which was substantial in quantity and had a very distinct zest and lots of flavour. "The Chicken Steak" and the "Lamb" Burger deserve a special mention. They have a striking balance in taste, texture, biteability and "no-burger-guilt" content. As we all know McDonald's main line of business is real estate, hence, I'm not even gonna compare them with Gostana.
The place has got ample seating area with chic decor and some well blended & unbiased genre of music ranging from alternative rock to rock to 80's to everything that makes your hot Cappuccino taste beyond . ..My autograph book has now got a page reserved for the chef................

Gostana does Home Delivery as well, so one can use their services. Lastly and loyally I would want this uber cool hangout to get acclaimed and get cult status........ I'm sure the queues are only gonna get longer.............
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trofi - Burrp User


September 07,2009


The burger(chicken steak) was absolutely mind blowing!!! Its quite a huge burger and really delicious...The taste keeps me wanting to go back there again...yUMmie!!!
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Makatak - Burrp User


September 04,2009

Best Burgers in Town.

Excellent Burgers WOW. I have not been to this place personally but a friend got a take away of some soya & spinach & cottage cheese burger and all i can say these are the best Veg Burgers i have ever eaten in my life. Im a serious non-veg eater and these veg burgers were fantastic best i have ever had.... Cant wait to try out this places Non-Veg burgers at this fantastic place.... Cheers to the Chef.
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GimoWest - Burrp User


August 31,2009

Can be better

Went to 'Gostana' for a quick bite. It took me some time to locate this eatery, it's in a small by lane off Carter Road. The brightly lit blue signboard helped me in a big way to finally find it. As I entered the place, I pleased to note the inviting blue and white colour scheme, the cleanliness is also noteworthy. 'Gostana' could have been a small and cosy place, but the sheer number of tables with relatively large chairs in a cramped interior left me aghast. Although, I must mark the chairs were quite comfortable.

The name 'Gostana', gave it a very meaty feel, I was quite depressed to see a rather limited menu. Nonetheless, I decided to order for three items. The first one - 'Lamb Multigrain Burger', the multigrain bun was very soft and delicious, I would have liked it to have a slightly coarser grainy texture to it. The minced lamb was at best average, should have been more juicy, plus a more depth in flavour would be welcome. I was stunned to note the sheer lack of condiments in the 'Lamb Multigrain Burger'. The second item - 'Fish Multigrain Burger', I felt this one was a huge letdown. Once again, I felt the multigrain bun should be grainier. The fish mince was mashed a bit too much for my palate, I could barely feel the fish. The fish mince was a little too bland and banked a bit too much on the mayonnaise for taste. Here too, I was taken aback by the paucity of condiments. The last order was - 'Strawberry Shake', I felt this was a sheer rip off, Rs. 90 for a glass of chilled frothy Nesquik, I am sure Strawberry preserve and syrup would give it more punch.

I must say the service at 'Gostana' is prompt and cordial. The food can be better. The pricing could be milder, as I was not too impressed with my food. Better spacing of the tables would be great. On the whole, two stars from me.
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nighthawk - Burrp User


August 28,2009


Visited this really cozy place.easily the best burgers in mumbai
SUPER burgers,they use only whole grain or brown bread only.
really Neat place . go there before its discovered by everyone.i had a lemon juice which was tad bit on the expensive side but tasty.
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