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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

March 01,2015

Come here if you crave good punjabi food

This is the perfect place to be for great Punjabi food. My neighbors tell me it has become bit expensive in recent years but I think the quality is good enough. The standout in the menu is butter chicken and garlic naan and the kebabs are simply mouth watering too. This is asli Punjabi food with asli ghee and oil and not for calorie conscious! Value for money!
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Sheetal Mehta - Burrp User

Sheetal Mehta

February 02,2015

okayish place, good atmosphere

I have been to this place umpteen number of times. I would say the food is okayish , nothing so marvellous abt it. They have good choice of punjabi food, I like their subjis and rice. The tandoori dishes are also good.Another good thing is u can sit for as long as u want, and the service is very good, they do not interfere unnecessarily when u dont want them around.I find this place more comfortable for lunchtime.
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Karan Bhargava - Burrp User

Karan Bhargava

November 19,2014

amazing service

The service, the food, the ambience. Its amazing. Had a very good experience with Golden Punjab, vashi. Would definitely recommend the same to all my friends :)
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

March 18,2013

good 1

The place is ideal for formal dinings and quiet family outings...I have been here with my family a number of times...The service is always good, but the waiters should know more about the menu and the food on the menu...The ambience is good and the food is tasty and reasonably priced, except that only parking at the place may be a lil problem, rest the restaurant is good...:)
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

January 28,2013

Good food..parking problem

The place is ideal for formal dinings and quiet family outings...I have been here with my family a number of times...The service is always good, but the waiters should know more about the menu and the food on the menu...The ambience is good and the food is tasty and reasonably priced, except that only parking at the place may be a lil problem, rest the restaurant is good...:)
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Chetan Thaker - Burrp User

Chetan Thaker

December 06,2012

their indian food is brilliant!

Love their tikkas and kebabs.

The daal makhni and biryani are a perfect combination and is just awesome. masaala papads are good too.
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mehtarajeev50 - Burrp User


August 16,2012


One of the places which u tend to comeback after trying the ‘new’ and the ‘in’.
I remember having been taken to this place for dinner hosted by one of our teachers during the good old school days at fr Agnel. The taste of butter chicken to this date, I haven’t forgotten and the restaurant has still the same taste . I sometimes wonder if the Butter chicken and dal makhni are made in their factory.
The interiors have so evolved over a period of time from the dim and cosy to the flashy in the late 2000 and now the white and brown sophisticated.
Although nowadays the look has become more of a conference room kind L L
The staff seems is been there with them from the beginning, they even recognize my voice when I order food at home. Don't want to advertise this place, but for me it’s a second home, not just another restaurant.
The service on week ends may go haphazard at times , but the warmth , the comfort always remain.
My recommendation is for regulars you can try Butter chicken and dal makhani , which is the best I have had anywhere.
On the Chinese side, chicken in barbecue sauce is my all time favourite.
In the deserts there is not much they boast of, only the regular kulfi or the run-of the-mill sizzling brownie.
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rahul.m - Burrp User


May 20,2012

Worst Food & Service ever!!!

people who have come across good reviews of this place and wanna try out beware!!! the food is THIRD CLASS!! and to top it the service is harrowingly pathetic... the waiters are only excited to serve customers who are regular here, and when we went it was almost like none of them even noticed us after they had us placed at the table... even i went there reading the reviews here... but NEVER EVER AGAIN....
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Smitz Floss - Burrp User

Smitz Floss

May 10,2012

Not much impressive ....

Have relished on the yummiest North Indian dishes, but was disappointed here.
Not very impressed though and also over priced ....

.....The food was not all that bad at all...but request the management to work more on the typical North Indian taste and lower down the prices a bit and then...definitely things would work very well ....
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Meeta  - Burrp User


April 21,2012

Borderline North Indian food

Going by the name, u'd expect they would serve decadent punjabi fare, if nothing else. But this one serves just about the same thing you will get in any other restaurant. The food, Indian that is, no doubt tasty, but there is nothing grand or Punjabi about it. For instance, I missed that my dal tadka was not cooked for hours for that yummy 'ghuta-hui-daal ka' taste.

There is nothing much in terms of ambiance and service is just about alright.

Verdict: It aint bad, but it aint that good too. I have had much better North Indian food in Vashi, and this one was nothing spectacular. If you like the typical same-gravy masala taste, you will certainly love this place, but nothing grand in terms of Punjabi food.
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Chintu  - Burrp User


April 19,2012

Good food for high cost

I celebrated a birthday here last December. Staff was very helpful and efficient. Since it was early evening, the place was almost empty. The place is very clean with bright lights. Food is very tasty with proper Punjabi tinge in it. But it burns your pocket...:(
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santoshsingh2 - Burrp User


April 06,2012

Great Food and Service

Fantastic Food specially Punjabi Dishes. Service is excellent with courteous staff. Good Aesthetics. Well Managed. But naturally it all comes with bit high cost.
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Anil Narula (livetoeat) - Burrp User

Anil Narula (livetoeat)

February 19,2012

Golden Food at Golden Prices

Golden Punjab, the place with the old gold look, golden yum food and golden service...and its golden on your pocket. The Punjabi menu here is as good as you get in this part of the country...recommendations are "Rahra Meat" " Dal makhani" and "Lachcha Parantha". This is one of those places which are always full, but if you have to wait, its worth every bit. The food is made with proper Punjabi masalas and the quantity is also good. So go ahead, enjoy your Golden experience.
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ami1210 - Burrp User


January 02,2012

Avoid Chinese here! Punjabi stuff is good!

Great place to try their punjabi stuff.. every dish has a unique taste, not like other restaurants that have a similar gravy for all dishes... quantity is also great... You also get roasted peanuts for munching :)
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ashish kumar - Burrp User

ashish kumar

October 28,2011

Great place but costly too

Hi all, I have been going to this place with my family since it started working, it is one of the best in Vashi locations no doubt. if someone looking for Punjabi food - excellent choice. but mind it it will come with a price as well. but if the food is good i don't mind paying the price. the ambiance is great and usually empty in off times. so it is excellent choice for couples who need silence. the staff is good and the food it indeed mouth watering. Giving away 3 stars just dude the cost factor.........rest is great....
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Sec44Awala - Burrp User


October 02,2011

Just fantastic

just a fantastic Place for all occasions.
A perfect place for Punjabi food and a very courteous owners and Staff.
A must for every foodie to visit
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Rohit Dsouza - Burrp User

Rohit Dsouza

August 23,2011

Excellent ambiance and food

Great place to enjoy your food.The non veg food is superb. Do eat salt and pepper prawns
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Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

July 03,2011

Very warm service and good food

Went to this place last Sunday and was pleasantly surprised to see the burrp! certificate proudly sitting behind the owner's desk.

While we were waiting outside for our turn, the watchman pulled some plastic tokens out of his pocket and got the children to enjoy some of the rides (which they've put up in the waiting area) for gratis. Nice.

We got our table after 15 mins of wait as promised. Most of the reviews here are for the non-veg items, however we being pure veggies decided to go for a Veg Seekh Kabab and a paneer dish as our appetizers.

The main course was also very good. We had Dal Makhani, Tava Sabji and some plain rotis.

The service was very efficient. The waiters didn't evade eye contact as "seen" in some other places.

The desserts were good too - Gulab Jamuns and Ras Malai.

Highly recommended for Vashi folks.
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funky_toner - Burrp User


May 10,2011

FFAAAiiinaallly a gooodd place

umm the place is quite awesum ... for a family dinner :)
u shud try prawns OR fish salt-n-pepper...both r equally gudd :)..
the butter chicken is gud enuf wid lachcha paratha ..
me n my frend went der ..nd we ate to our hearts content felt as if we were gnna burst nd the bill ws around 1000.Rs .. it worth it :D
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April 22,2011

Loved it.

Delicious food...gr8 humble service...beautiful cool ambience...
Should try Chiken in Thai Sauce,Veg platter,Korean Rice...
if u go on moghlai...try any chicken variety....d paneer is soft n fresh...
v din go for drinks....but drinks will make a hole in ur pocket...
one of the finest dinning resturant in navi mumbai
Good for: A date,a meeting..cant party....
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Chetan Thaker - Burrp User

Chetan Thaker

February 09,2011

Good food, good ambience, healthy proportions

Probably one of the very few places I really look forward to visiting in Vashi.

In one word - GREAT. Go for the Chicken Dum biryani and you will be happy and content for the rest of the day. It's THAT good. Butter Chicken and Dal Makhni are recommended. Ask them for their green mint chutney (on request) and that is just pretty damn good as well

Good number of tables, enough staff to avoid you waiting for your order and they don't like seeing your plate empty. I rarely do this, but I usually ask the captain to recommend some dishes and for the umpteen number of times I've visited, not once have I not liked a dish.

Expect to pay about 300 bucks a head
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shilpi567 - Burrp User


November 15,2010


After having been hammered with praises for this place, by a colleague for months, finaly went there on sunday 14th november. I was told by courteous host that will have to wait for some time..
Quickly enough I got the table...
The interiors are bright with combination of walnut brown veneers and off white upholstery. Cutlery is quite stylish, especially the long dish for serving spring roll. and the fish shaped bone china for pomfret.
I was recommended Thai soup, which i found good , and little different.
In starter we went for Pomfret -pudina tikka and chicken honey chilly. Chicken honey chilly is not as good as what u get in western sububs but I must say that, never, ever, have i had pomfret barbecued so well. On the cocktails I went for my regular bloody mary as there is nothing more than the regulars.
But the show stopper was their dal makhani and Butter chicked which I savoured with Butter Naan. here the Butter chicken and dal makhani can any day beat these dishes in North, hands down.
I was later told by the owners that in both these dishes they dont use artificial colours.
For deserts, Children went for brownie with hot choclote, while i stuck to mundane malai kufi with Gulab Jamun.
Many a times we use the word authentic , quite casually,
But without being too pompous i was this restaurant serves punjabi food which i really really authentic rather than the what you normally get in Mumbai -food which looks Punjabi, smells punjabi but doest taste punjabi..
A must go place for Punjabi lovers.
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sandy M - Burrp User

sandy M

September 25,2010

Has the cook changed?

First time I had kabab platter, I quite liked it & gone back after almost 4 months. But, it was so sad that I could not believe. Not roasted properly & masala was not upto the mark.
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Kunal Jain - Burrp User

Kunal Jain

September 23,2010

Sone ki chidiya(Golden Sparrow)

After a training session at Reliance Me and my colleagues was looking for a place to have some quick snacks and our search took us to this place.

We ordered veg and non-veg platters along with some drinks and i must say that Veg platters are damn good and so the non-veg platters as per my colleagues. Beers are chilled and service was damn good.

Quantity of the food was good and so the quality. Now i know if i will go to Vashi any time then i have to go to this place for food and drinks.

For all the Punjabi's in Mumbai a must visit place. I got a chance to talk to the owner of the restaurant and found that they are running this restaurant since last 24 yrs.. I mean they are in this business since last 24yrs and still they have maintained their status as one of the best Punjabi restaurants in Mumbai
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anjana25 - Burrp User


June 08,2010

In search of Rajma Chawal

The first thought which comes to my mind is the smell of Rajma Chawal cooked in an earthern pot for hours simmered in spices overnight till the lentil is tenderised to serve the inate north-indian palate. Ok! GP may not suffice these in absolute terms, but it satisfies a north indian tummy which has been sampling Punjabi food at various locations in Mumbai. I discovered GP only because they served near-authenic Punjabi cuisine in Vashi, where Rajma doesn't even feature in other restaurant's menu. It is deliciuos and value for money. The bar service is also decent. The ambience is comfy, nothing to write home about, overall a very pleasing experience. A sure shot recco for Delhiites who are desperately looking for a home made meal.
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gauri.k - Burrp User


September 06,2009

Golden Punjab: Exceeded Expectations

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon when the four of us trotted into this restaurant for a late lunch.
I had previously heard reviews of it being good, so I was keen to try their fare.
After ordering mocktails are couple of starters (all of us preferring non-veg fare) namely:
Mixed Tikka (Rs. 220)- an assortment of tikkas. Very Good.
Fish Tandoori Medium (Rs. 340)- succulent well marinated pomfret fish with a to-die-for garlic sauce

We then dug into the main course of :
Chicken Tikka Masala Boneless- Average run-in-the-mill kinds
Fish Curry Amritsari Style (Rs. 410)- smooth, not too-laden-with-cream curry was medium spicy as well as not too heavy and plenty for the four of us;
with the regular order of Butter Garlic naan and Rotis.

So far so good, we contemplated of ordering a Chicken Dum Biryani (Rs. 280) along with the remnants of the curry; but we rather parceled it. (I sampled it later and it exceeded expectations)

Somehow even with a full stomach we ordered for Dessert; three of them:

Caramel Custard (Rs. 90)- Perfect! Cannot avoid it. I had to resist my temptation to order a second round.
Malai Kulfi (Rs. 70)- Too icey but alright.
Chocolate Mousse (Rs. 90)- Was very chocolate-y, but thick in consistency which was a turn off.

All in all we left the place with a smile and without a oh-i'm-so-full-i-can't-walk feeling.

Service: 4/5 (although the Dum Biryani takes 15minutes extra, rest came quick)
Ambiance: 3.5/5 We took the upper AC area, nice and comfy couches/sofas.
VFM: Rs. 1900 (incl. tax ) for four excluding the alcohol.

Overall: Must visit place. Will visit again :)
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narekuli - Burrp User


August 29,2009

Lost its touch

Recently visited the restaurant after a long time... have been staying in Navi Mumbai for the past 20 years (call me an adivasi) and I have been there about 3 to 4 times ... Tried their GP chicken special, rotis and chi biryani... the roti's were good... the main course was not so great... somehow its lost its touch ...
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Foodie13 - Burrp User


May 27,2009

I'm loving it...

Have been here a few times. Love the place!
Amazing food and friendly service. Gets very crowded on weekends......

Ive had various vegetarian dishes here - the methi paneer is amazing and the rotis are always hot and fresh!

Vashi needs more restaurants like this one !
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amit bhojani - Burrp User

amit bhojani

April 08,2009

amazing food and fast service

had been there for lunch. it was very good range of starters and the service is quick. food was amazing in taste and quantity also. must go for non veg lovers.
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Sushim Saini - Burrp User

Sushim Saini

January 28,2009

Nice place

Its really a nice place to visit. Food is good. I tried a punjabi mutton dish which is very spicy ( which i like ). The service is also very good. If you want to enjoy a few drink with gr8 non-veg its really a must-to-go place.

But in weekend must prepare for a long waiting time with parking problem that is the only minus point of it.

Overall a nice place to enjoy with few friends but not for a Rock-on party.
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miiraage - Burrp User


October 21,2008

Refreshingly quick service & tasty food

Life in Navi Mumbai is a bitch... there are not too many restaurants for a quick working lunch out here...

Golden Punjab manages the quick and makes it tasty too...
The decor is very simple, crowded four and six seater tables arranged so as to make maximum utilisation of space... The waiters are quick to get take their orders and very nice with their suggestions...

You get Indian as well as Chinese here... The soups we tried were Chinese and they turned out to be pretty good...
The Indian food was pretty yummy. We had Adraki Chicken and Mutton handi. The mutton was soo yummy... the meat was really tender...

All in all a nice place to eat.

Apparently people in Vashi have figured out that this is a nice place to go out to in this neck of the woods.
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venkat_9099 - Burrp User


January 06,2008

Go for quick service

When I go out for a drink, I want my starters to be served as quick as possible. Golden Punjab serves food faster than any other restaurants in the area.

Ground Floor is a non-smoking zone and first floor is a smoking zone. If you are with your family, make your reservations for a table in non-smoking zone as there is no proper ventilation in the smoking zone and it makes one suffocate.

It is peaceful and got a nice ambiance.

Chicken tikka, prawns koliwada and tandoori chicken lollipop are my usuals. Prawns Koliwada is a must for me and the quantity and taste is better than compared to others.

I hated Chicken biryani. Being a Hyderabadi,good biryani is one thing I rarely find in the restaurants in Mumbai.
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