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wanderersatheart - Burrp User


January 17,2016

Coastal Colours and Curries!

Set in a medieval Portuguese villa sorts, the ambience reeks of Colonial era. The restaurant has relaxed Goan vibe, complete with a huge church bell at the entry and a coastal European appearance.
All you miss is surf and sand, hoping to find the ocean as you gaze out of the window.
Goa Portuguesa offers a versatile mix of Goan, Konkan and Portuguese platters in veg and non-veg. Portuguese origin Goan delicacies including Caldo Verda (national soup of Portugal), Vindalho, Cafreal, Xacutti, meat croquettes are a must try. Cocktails and beer are served with special discounts over lunch. Also, the restaurant levies only 10 percent service tax.

Read the full experience about Goa Portuguesa on our blog : http://www.wanderersatheart.com/goa-portuguesa-restobar-mahim/
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rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


June 09,2015

Mind Blowing Experience

It's a mind blowing experience. Please do try the Bombay duck, it is the best Bombay duck in all of Bombay. We also had Prawn curry which was exquisitely cooked. The best part about the restaurant is that the owner is very friendly.

He actively talks to all the customers and there is also a guitar player who plays lovely songs at every table.
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Nicholas Dias - Burrp User

Nicholas Dias

February 01,2015

good place

team Goa Portuguesa is really amazing with the service and ambience. the servers unlike other restaurants really know what is on the menu. Just for fun we pretended that we had no idea about the goan cuisine and asked for adviced. we were shocked to see that our server actually recommended goan delicacies like prawn curry and chicken curry. this place has some really good food and I must say it is really impressive

It is a little expensive but the seafood dishes should be on your list first
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 31,2015

Goan Delight!

Since i am a goan how can i not love this food! I love fish and this place offers the best goan fish curry ever! Seafood heaven for everyone.. i love the tiger prawns the way they are prepared here and i love malwani food as well.. The menu offers a variety of options .. A bit expensive but for a seafood lover this place is a must! In the end don't forget to try the bebinca! A goan dessert which is really yum!
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Susan Dsouza - Burrp User

Susan Dsouza

June 23,2014

Mouth Watering Food

This is the first time my husband and I had been to this place. My hubby is a lover of goan food so after lot of research I short-listed this place to surprise. I banked on this place purely on the reviews and friends recommendations. The place was as authentic as its food. We order for Papad Stuffed prawns and paneer dry made in goan masala, they were totally divine. For main course, we tried the authentic goan prawn curry with apuma. We had this gentlemen who played the guitar and dedicated a song from me to my hubby. Mr. Suhas Awchat was seen personally talking to his customer and later to us which was very appreciated. There is a saying "Service with a Smile" and this is something that I witnessed with the man who was attending to us. The staff was very courteous. All in all my purpose of going to Goa Portugueasa was achieved. My hubby truly enjoyed his surprise and so did I. Thank you to the Goa Portuguease Team to make our saturday evening so memorable.
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Nishad Lad - Burrp User

Nishad Lad

November 24,2013

goan feel!

This is one hotel which gives you the goan feel. I am myself from goa and portuguese cuisine delights me! I had chicken cafreal which was very well made with small pieces of chicken boneless ones! The pomfret curry was amazing too! We had dry masala clams which was quite ok. The fried surmai was delicious!! The solkadi was good too The pricing is slightly on the upper side, but its worth it! Recommended from my side!
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rohanbhaterocks - Burrp User


October 04,2013

The Goan Style....

It was an tiring Saturday and i was starving....Me and my friends decided to choose a restaurant close to mahim or dadar so that we can reach there soon...Initially we agreed for Oven fresh but considering a weekend and the rush, we had to change our mind... One of my friend suggested Goa Portuguesa...The ambiance is made by pure Goan style...the staff here is good and well behaved.... The food served is good...You also have person who plays guitar and sings for your favorite song...its a total fun being here....Also the owner of the restaurant is a cool guy...He personally visits all the tables and asks for suggestions.. We came out with a good experience and a good dinner with our tummies full pack...
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doublehelix - Burrp User


September 21,2013

A few unacceptable practices

Ordered kolambi khichadi (prawn khichadi) from GP after a long time with specific instructions. The khichadi was excellent...everything I remember it to be but I'm put off by something that happens with billing AS A RULE! The bill says price + Addnl Govt taxes and S Charges (Service Charge, not spelled out) minus discount for ordering out. Now note that their menu prices include taxes so they are adding on a 10% Service Charge (basically a 10% tip) for a home delivery. That is atrocious! When I asked for an explanation, I was told that it is mgmt policy. Of course, they'd love to get 10% more money but that is cheating. No other way to look at it. My prior in-depth review has another note of a different cheat. This is not done. You play fair with your customers and charging a hefty tip for a home delivery item is not done.
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johnarnold400 - Burrp User


July 07,2013

The most excellent MEAL ever!!!

Went to Goa Portuguesa this Afternoon with my group...............had an awesome time there. First of all we got to sit on one huge table all 8 of us then once our order was taken we got a guitarist at our table and he was singing Some amazing songs...Cant remember his name but he was a young chap....Once our starters came to the table we all dug in and trust me it was delicious esp the crumb fried Bombay duck...then came the main course I must say the Tender coconut cashew nut suke DELIVERED what it said It was yummy along with a few appam...sad thing is I Never tried the gravy dishes as I was stuffed to the brim....May be next time :) ............For me must visit place.....again....and again......and again............FOREVER :) :) :) May be next time i will try out the pork sorpotal.
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Rohini Mohanraj - Burrp User

Rohini Mohanraj

June 12,2008

Good food!

I read all the review of this restaurant & I have no clue why so many people dislike it. I love this place & I'm a regular. The food is always delicious, service is always pretty good but it is slightly heavy on the wallet.

The caldo verde & goechin soups are very yummy & full of flavour. For starters, nutty veg on toast is pretty food. For dessert, bibinca is highly recommended...it tastes divine!! :-)

The best part is that u can from menus of goa portuguesa, diva maharatracha or culture curry! Therez a lot to choose from.
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Sinchan Banerjee - Burrp User

Sinchan Banerjee

September 16,2007

why is this place still open???

went to goa portuguesa after hearing abt it from a frnd..expected some authentic goan food...we started with a stuffed crab dish which was excellent...but very small amount served if you consider the price charged for that...main course was chef recommended...they suggested vindaloo (expected to be a typical dish which tittilates ur taste buds)..but alas...one pathetic preparation...other main course chicken and veg dishes were nothing to write home abt...all very normal and nothing gr8 as expected...
the bar is good and serves u well...ambience was ok with live musicians who play acc to ur choice..
anyways it was a mixed experience waiting to turn sour...shocker of a bill !!!!!!!! 10% EXTRA SERVICE TAX on everything..25% total tax on food and 33% total tax on alcohol...reason: The owner is donating the 10% tax to a charitable organization(share from ur wallet boss..don't charge it on the diners)...also it is nowhere mentioned on the menu neither it is communicated beforehand...funniest of all is that when we asked questions they gave us a patron discount!!!!.....
in all an OK OK restaurant with nothing gr888...good name but bad service...god knows how this one has been in business for so long...an avoidable one for sure...
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Dhruti Shah - Burrp User

Dhruti Shah

September 17,2006

Goa Portuguesa & Culture curry

Cuisine- Goan and South Indian Location : Mahim, lane opp. Hinduja hospital Started by Suhas Awchat and his wife this Goan and South Indian eatery is a very relaxed, warm restaurant offering you an interesting and reasonable choice of Goan and South Indian food

Ambience - The restaurant has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. Part of the restaurant has a Goan look and the other part is made of chattais and an small open kitchen where they make appams and neer dosa. In evenings you have a singer and guitarist who come and sing for you on your table.Food - The Culture Curry menu is designed with South Indian actors and actress and the Goa Portuguesa menu is also designed very interestingly. The soul curry (Rs 30) and another drink made of curd and ginger is good. The baigan vada, (I forget the South Indian name) (Rs 70) is also a good starter and so was the fish. The mushroom vegetable (Rs 120) bucks and the appams and neer dosa were good too. Their portions are reasonably large.They have a special lunch thali for Rs 120 and 80 veg & non veg respectively is also good value for money.

Service - The service is friendly, warm and quick

My recommendation – Good place to take a large group for lunch as its not heavy on your wallet; also a nice place to chill and catch up with friends or family in evenings
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