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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 22,2015


This one of the best outlet amongst all its Mumbai branches..The stewards help you get our luggage if you have arrived from airport and are very polite. They have a tray of the days fresh catch- wherein you can choose for any fish/crab/lobster for a meal.
The Bombay Duck, fish curry and rice are their top notch serves. Lobster curry was very soothing and creamy. Prawns special curry , the fish tikkas in red or green sauce are simply luscious. Must admit that though they are a seafood restaurant their Mutton dishes are awesome. Interiors kept clean and neat. Prices are reasonable. Starters and juices are recommended.
Mouth watering dishes ,excellent taste ,good ambience ,good service .
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 15,2015

A Seafood Story!

This place is rated as one of the best seafood places in mumbai. Everytime i go there i'm completely satisfied with my yearning for seafood! The stuffed bombil and prawns in garlic sauce is my all time favourite..The biryani is also worth the taste! You cannot go wrong with anything on the menu.Slightly overpriced but worth the food!
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wilfrdrichrd - Burrp User


March 30,2014

Great food....Greater prices

Very good place to bring your date or family...Tasty and fresh sea food dishes...Ate clams and squid....Both were lip smacking...Try this place when you've got big wallet
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mihirsavla85 - Burrp User


February 12,2014

awesome sauce

loved the basa fish.also had the solkadi and a full meal and enjoyed the food,the service.have been with my two childrenand on special ocasions.the terrace dining place at vile parle outlet was very enjoyable,though the lighting was a bit poor.everything in general was good.except the lighting. better to go with a table reservation.
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Trishang Shetty - Burrp User

Trishang Shetty

January 16,2014

Best food

Can this place be any better? The food was delicious ,service was good and totally worth the money.
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Foodie_anil - Burrp User


January 02,2014

Average Experience with Service but Food is good

We had visited this place for my mothers birthday and our experience was not that great. The food was good but not upto the standards of Gajalee, I have eaten earlier at Juhu and Andheri and my experience was good. The Waiters were not attentive and resulted in some wrong orders as well. Overall we did like our experience but was not a Gajalee experience.
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AMITKHANN - Burrp User


December 28,2013

best fish food in mumbai

You get the best bombil fry and grilled pomfret ever here - the bombil is served fresh and hot - it just melts in the mouth . Love the butter garlic pomfret - go little early if you don't want to wait the in queue as the waiting is long on weekends after 9 pm...
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Nishith Mehta - Burrp User

Nishith Mehta

December 02,2013

Too Good..

This place is awesome has the positive energy which develops appetite automatically.. the ambience is good.. the staff is at there best.. Food is awesome over here.. Go for everything to any thing in the menu.. I think every dish is specially made by the chef for us.. I have been here 3 times and still need time to complete the menu and satisfy my craving..
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RidhimaN - Burrp User


November 30,2013

seafood at its best

where do I start. everything here is remarkable good. sol kadi to begin with is as tasty as it can get. the Bombay duck fry is to die for. the prawns koliwada is a must try. crab tandoori is here where I started and continued my live affair with crabs. the basa fry and basa stir fry is unmatched by any other restaurant. its our of this world. the wade ghavne and onion garlic kukcha is mouth watering. the prawnbiryani is fabulous. the mutton dum biryani is sealed with amazing flavours. it just can't get better then this. its a expensive place for seafood but food is great. to end it malai kulfi and caramel custard you shouldnt miss.
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rakesh_sawant72 - Burrp User


November 17,2013

Amazing experience

We had a great experience, the food was very, very good and the service was also excellent. The staff spends time in explaining the dishes and guide you with the menu items to suit the taste you need. Authentic taste, true flavours of Konkan, great seafood, our compliments to the Chef. Wow, will go back again soon.
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

November 09,2013

Insanely amazing

A birthday treat from a friend was pending. After much contemplation over the venue, we reached the old guardian of sea-food, GAJALEE at Vile Parle. It’s the best amongst its entire chain.

The place was crowded but we got a place to sit and immediately proceeded to place our orders.

Sol Kadhi – It’s a favourite with some of my friends but I personally don’t prefer it from here. It’s too pungent for my liking.

Bombil Fry – The best bombil fry, I have ever had, amongst all the places I have eaten at; fresh, crisply fried. Better than the fish is the chutney which accompanies it, we wipe off at least 3-4 bowls of the chutney during our entire meal.

Surmai Fry – It’s a rarity that I don’t like Surmai here in whatever form; tikka, fry, curry. Though others relished it, I found it a bit too hard that day.

Crab Tandoori – Ever watched Dhoni build his innings in a T20 match, he plays the initial overs carefully and then hits the daylights out of the opposition, hitting strokes that only he is capable of generating.
The crab tandoori was that gastronomic assault on our taste buds by Gajalee. They built up the fervour through Sol Kadhi, Bombil Fry and Surmai.
From the time the crab was placed on our tables till the time we had polished off every shred of meat that we could find, nobody uttered a word except asking for the cutter or some cutlery, such was the effect on us.
The aroma of the spices was spell-binding, the meat was nicely cooked, making it tender and succulent.
Amazing Crab Tandoori, hats off to the chef!

Main Course:
Prawns Masala – Fresh prawns cooked to perfection in their trademark spices. A taste they have retained for many years now.
Palak Khichdi – Nicely cooked with right flavour of palak.
Mutton Biryani – Though this place is renowned for its sea-food, the mutton biryani is equally famous which is pretty surprising.

Caramel Custard – Good in taste but I have had better ones.

The standards of service are very high and very exemplary. If you need anything or have to be served anything, any steward who is around or is free will come forward to serve you irrespective of whether the table is allotted to him or not. A friend of mine was not ease with breaking the crabs, even without asking she was offered help with it.

The damages for the above came to Rs.4400 for 4 people which is decent for the quality of food offered.

Food – 5/5
Service – 5/5
Price – 5/5
Overall – 5/5
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Jatin K - Burrp User

Jatin K

August 20,2013


The best seafood in mumbai is what i believe they serve. to start with sol kadhi & bolbil fry.. they give you the perfect taste one could enjoy for a starter. added advantage of eating here is that they let you choose your own crab for their harvest. very friendly staff along with extensive menu to choose from, one would not surely go dissappointed or dissatisfied from here. in all the best place for sea food lovers.
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shobhashenoy51 - Burrp User


August 12,2013

great seafood.

have been to gajalee many times. I simply love their tandoori ravas. Not to mention the crab in green chilli sauce although it costs a bomb!! The eternal favourite of almost everyone is their bombil fry- simply awesome! I dont think their Sol kadhi is of course must with every meal,
The atmosphere is nice -simple yet inviting. It seems to be very popular with sea food lovers. The food critics are full of praise for their food- especially recommend the Vile parle outlet over their other restaurants.
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SabGhiasi - Burrp User


July 27,2013

Fish fun!

We have a running joke in our family of five. Gajalee’s fish might be the only thing we agree on. My absolute favourites at the Parle haunt is the grilled basa, stuffed pomfret and fried prawns are beyond delicious. Though I’ve been to the one at Phoenix, I’d still recommend visiting the one where it all began, in Parle.
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Pranay Warke - Burrp User

Pranay Warke

June 13,2013

Best Place For Sea-Food

Undoubtedly the best place in the western suburbs for sea food. Was there with family last week and thoroughly enjoyed the food. A must go for every foodie.
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Puja Chakravarty - Burrp User

Puja Chakravarty

June 13,2013

Excellent Seafood Eatery

My family and I had visited this place on my parents' wedding anniversary. We chose this place after getting high recommendations from our family and friends. Well, it definitely lived up to the hype. The seafood options are gorgeously delicious. I tried lobster for the first time here - fantabulous! Also, the butter garlic tiger prawns were heavenly. And, yes, the famous Bombil Fry is a must have! It literally melts in your mouth. Overall, we had a terrific experience here. Would love to go back again someday. I highly recommend this place to all seafood lovers :)
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

April 20,2013

Dil Maange More

You sure need a reservation if you have to come here for satiating your taste buds. More so if you are dining here on week-ends and in a group of more than 4. The minimum wait period is 20-30 mins, but it’s worth every minute.

This is the oldest and BEST outlet in the Gajalee chain. The ambience is very simple and clean, with a small air-conditioned dining area.

Our Order:
1] Sol Kadi – It’s on the spicy side but not the best I’ve had
2] Bombil Fry / Tandoori Ravas / Golden Fried Prawns / Aloo Cheese Roll – Supposedly the Bombil Fry is their invention. Tandoori Ravas was marinated in a red masala; Awesome Taste. Try the Aloo Cheese Roll, it’s nice.
3] Dahi Bhindi – This is a Gajalee speciality. Crisp fried Bhindi sautéed with onions and served with tempered curd.
4] Sp. Surmai Curry – Boneless Surmai in Spicy Red Coconut Curry.
5] Pomfret Koshimbir – Another invention from the house of Gajalee, Boneless fish with fresh coconut and green masala. You have the option of opting for another variety of fish. It is mildly spicy and tastes best with Vade / Chapati.
6] Mutton Biryani – Though this place is known for Sea-Food, the regulars here swear by the Mutton Biryani. It cooked in a clay pot and is enough for 3 people. If you are late to arrive here, you may not get to taste it as the Biryani vanishes soon.
7] Lobster Butter Garlic Pepper – Although the preparation was nice, we opted for a very bland version in spite of being warned by the Steward and didn’t like it.

Damages for the above Rs.7000 for 8 people.

We ate with a lot of gusto and relished every morsel.

The service is very quick, efficient and always with a smiling face. They do give valuable suggestions while ordering.

Ambience – 3/5
Service – 4/5
Food – 5/5
Price – 4/5
Overall Rating 4/5

This place is among the Top 3 MUST VISIT joints for Sea Food lovers.

We were told later that their Crabs are to die-for. Let’s save it for the next time. Gajalee, we are coming back for more.
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Pranav Kubade - Burrp User

Pranav Kubade

February 15,2013

Never Again....

Steeply priced..... No alcohol served at Vile Parle outlet. Average quality..... Overall a big NO....
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shekhar0711 - Burrp User


December 11,2012

Just awesome

A 'Shetty' friend of mine introduced me to Gajalee a couple of years back and as they, rest is History!

My regular feast: Tandoori Crab, Clams Koshimbir, Bhakri and Solkadi...

Very intuitive and informative staff being excellent with their recommendations
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ajaygohil23 - Burrp User


November 12,2012

cant ask for better

your search for good coastal cuisine ends here. Just order anything from the menu and enjooooy.
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Melvin DAlmeida - Burrp User

Melvin DAlmeida

July 11,2012

Best for Seafood!!!

This place is defnitely one of the best in Mumbai for seafood. The staff is courteous and polite. There is a fish named seabass or BasaIt tastes amazing especially crisp fried one must try it at least once. Also the bomay duck fry is very good and fish fingers too. I like to enjoy their fish over a dal rice plate or a thali.
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Ulrica.Dias - Burrp User


March 04,2012

Awesome place!

I visited Gajalees at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel with a friend. Here’s what I think of it-.

The Ambience- Whilst not comparable to five star restaurants, the ambience is comfortable enough. The place is large and well-decorated; the table linen clean and white. My only complaint- the tables are so close together you can actually hear the conversation at the next table. I give four out of five for the ambience.

The Food- Gajalee’s is mainly known for it’s coastal sea-food preparations. The fish, prawns and crabs are fresh and prepared well. If you have trouble choosing from the menu, go for the veg/fish/chicken/mutton thali. Vegetarians- beware- the vegetarian menu is not extensive but the dishes in it are tasty.

We ordered the mushroom soup and it turned out to be a Chinese style Manchow soup with mushrooms in it. Never mind that, it was delicious. For starters, we had mushroom tikka- excellent and hara bara kababs- very good.

I was in the mood for prawns and so we ordered prawns ambothik (a Goan prawn preparation) for the main course. We had it along with jeera rice, dal fry and vegetable kadai. Everything was extremely well prepared. For drinks, I recommend the sol kadi. It is the best I have ever tasted. However, the dessert menu disappoints – just kulfi and caramel custard. Whatever happened to good old phirni or rabdi? I give four out of five for the food.

The Service- While the waiters are extremely polite and helpful in suggesting dishes, the dishes look about twenty five minutes to arrive- a tad long. I give four out of five for the service.

The Price- Moderately priced. A meal for two should cost around Rs. 1600/-.

Overall, a great experience. I would recommend Gajalee’s to anyone who is a lover of seafood. I would definitely visit again.
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Spacedust - Burrp User


March 02,2012


We ordered from here last weekend (Feb 2012) and were very happy with what came...

The order included 2 portions of prawn biryani, 1 rawas curry (white gravy), i portion of surmai masala (king fish) and a portion of smaller sized prawns (than Tiger) in a green chilly masala....Total Damages - 1800/-

I think I liked the prawns in Green Chilli Sauce the most.. It isnt nepali food (i mean, not the Indian Chinese variant) but succulent prawns in a thick green chilli based sauce... Super stuff... the biryani was well done (more like a pulav than a biryani). the two fish currys were good.... the surmai masala being having more character than the rawas curry...

All in all a nice experience.... 4 of us ate this meal and no complaints on quantity.......
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luv4food88 - Burrp User


February 03,2012

makes me love sea-food

i hated sea food till i was taken to gajalee - mindblowing and i salute the chef !! the bombil fry and fish curry is sumptuous - its so simple and yet so amazing!
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Deepa  Khaladkarr - Burrp User

Deepa Khaladkarr

October 16,2011

Coz' of Gajalee,ive started eating fish :)

Yes, I should admit that, since childhood, i totally disliked fish, coz of the "smell", but ever since I have started visiting Gajalee, that notion has gone out of my head, as Gajalee serves real fresh fish, which doesnt smell at all. I am in total love with the Crispy bombay duck fillets (bombil fry). They are just simply awesome and the taste is so consistent. Last time tried the BASA fish, that was exceptional too. Chicken my fav is always the best, that too, thali with the vade. Not to forget the "sol kadhi" and Malai kulfi which follows. All in all, I love to go to Gajalee, again & again
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cerealKiller - Burrp User


September 11,2011

If I were a fish, I would wish being cooked here!

If you are looking for the most authentic Konkani seafood in Mumbai, Gajalee is the place to be. This restaurant proves that you do not need to dine in 5 star locales to savour a good fish.

There are AC as well as non-AC dining areas, but as there’s a huge rush after 9, I suggest not being choosy. The non-AC section is spic and span as well and the patrons are mostly local families, owing to the non-alcoholic menu.

Let the aerated drinks (Rs 30) be spared. Try the Solkadi (Rs 25) – a slightly sour juice made with kokum and bright pink in colour. You might find it pungent at first, but it goes best with the spicy seafood fare. The most common dish here is the seafood thali (Rs 285) – Bombay Duck fries, fish curry, couple of other appetizers and roti/rice. But if you want to be amazed and don’t mind losing some cash, go for something more exotic.

This time, we tried the Fish Tikka starter (Rs 450) made with Surmai. It was cooked to perfection! Quantity was okay for two persons. We wanted to have a crab and were treated to choosing between two live ones. Having a crab without the shell is no fun. You want to wear a bib, get both your hands dirty and use the shell cracker and the tweaking forks to the fullest. We asked the crab to be prepared in Schezwan sauce (Rs 1881). We’d earlier tried crab tandoor and lobster Schezwan and wanted to have the best of both worlds this time. The tandoor preparation is a little dry. Schezwan has more gravy and is spicier. This was accompanied with Ghavne (Rs 25 each) – thin dosas. We unanimously declared the meal as the best crab we've ever had! The total damage was Rs 2566.

Some other dishes worthy of being mentioned here include the prawn biriyani, crab soup and stuffed pomfret tandoor.

Do not be deceived by the modest ambience. This is a popular celebrity spot. The staff is excellent, with suggestions as per the likes of the patrons, helpful when you need a shell to be cracked and has a good fleet of valet parking attendants.

I think I was born an omnivore just to dine at Gajalee.
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Nishant Nair - Burrp User

Nishant Nair

August 31,2011

Crab Tandoori Really Good

It was the first time that i had crab tandoori and the experience was really good.
Had a crab masala too and though the portions were generous the masala was not as per my taste.
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ojosdeangel77 - Burrp User


January 28,2011

nothing out of the ordinary

Well, the restaurant definitely lacked space, and the tables were placed so very close together that you could practically hear what the folks next to you were talking about... and sometimes... even hear them joyously munching away at their food..

Ordered a starter (i cant remember what it was coz it was a while back) ,prawn biriyani and a prawn curry to go with it, and i just wasn't overly pleased or impressed.. The food was thick and heavy with masala, and there was a LOT of oil.. too much for my liking i guess..

Service was okay all in all.. But i was disappointed with the food after hearing good stuff about Gajalee dishes.
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Eatingads - Burrp User


January 15,2011

Absolutely the BEST!

It's the MOST amazing food in any restaurant I've ever eaten. Love their tandoori crab, pomfret tandoori, stuffed or fried, bombil fry, tisrya koshimbir, prawn fry, stuffed bangda, butter garlic crab... each and every dish on their menu is simply superb! the restaurant is also extremely VFM and a good place to spot celebs... I've seen Jaya Bachchan, Madhu Sapre and Aditya Chopra there, a true testimony that even a low frills place can attract anyone, if the food is so great! My favourite restaurant in the city!
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hitesh udeshi - Burrp User

hitesh udeshi

September 01,2010


swear by the food once it come 2 eating sea food in mumbai

the best prawn biryani anywhere in town

and the same goes for the spl masala prawns

the fired surmai and seasonal bombil is also simply too good

all in all great food and amongst the best food quality food and reasonable prices once when u compare with restaurants of similar nature
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Vibhav Kamat - Burrp User

Vibhav Kamat

August 08,2010

Mere Average food

Well firstly let me clear i am a Goan and a fish lover;
actually we had ordered food from gajalee to our place cz we wanted homely atmosphere :D we got the delivery in about 45 minutes which was quite satisfactory ( i stay jus a minute away walkin distance from gajalee)
We ordered surmai curry, stuffed bombil, oysters and fried surmai oh n prawn coliwada the bill came abv 1.5k and the food was just satisfactory not as high as its been rated before..
what i loved the most- Stuffed Bombil Fry :) (an extra star Just for that)
Quantity - very less
Quality- Average
Verdict- Go in if u are planning to shell out a lot of cash without a worry..
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Arjun Engineer - Burrp User

Arjun Engineer

January 07,2010

Average food

People go all gaga over the food..coz they aint eaten real coastal cuisine. the food is average...& definately overpriced
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mini s - Burrp User

mini s

November 28,2009

temptation taste

the best is the bombil fry especially here,with solkadi.its yummy. The tangy fish curry is excellent as well as the qty. good for ssea fooood not mutton or chicken but a bit hard on the pocket
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Jasper Daniel - Burrp User

Jasper Daniel

October 29,2009

Yummy Food and Friendly Service

This is THE place for seafood. The waiters do a good job of guiding you through the menu. The chapatis here are awesome. Very soft with a hint of ghee in them. Goes perfect with their tangy fish gravies. In the In the non AC section you get the thali and it's value for money. Don't forget to ask for their yummy solkadi when you are there.
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ramesh sathu - Burrp User

ramesh sathu

October 26,2009


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Flavs D Foodieee' - Burrp User

Flavs D Foodieee'

August 19,2009


been to this place umpteen number of times before.. but tried out a very diff menu this time. I tried the reg bombay ducks (dats somethin my meals incomplete without) then had chapati & pomfret koshimbhir - a green prep wit boneless cubes of pomfret. A very nice subtle not too spicy prep. we then ordered for a prawn biryani... which was absolutely amazing. A perfect blend of spices. a little spicy, but u dont mind it coz of the amazing succulent prawns. D drinks on d table were sol kadi & masala butttermilk which was just fine. For desserts we had the lovely caramel custard & malai kulfi.
Not mentionin any other details.. coz gajalee is always a pleasure to eat at...
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passioncool74 - Burrp User


January 17,2009

excellent VFM

Outstanding food, Extremely courteous staff, VFM pricing and good portions make me want to visit this place over and over again. The surmai curry is heaven! Keep it up guys!
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Burrped - Burrp User


January 02,2009

So Fishy & Yummy !!!!!

And I mean it! Absolutely love the place.... To avoid "crowd and sorry it’s over” scene... reached there for lunch at around 12.30pm...on the 31st Dec..

Began with soothing Sol Kadhi.. an appetizer drink made of Kokum juice and coconut milk garnished with fresh coriander leaves..

Tandoori Pomfret :- Fish was FRESH , grilled perfectly, the masala is so tasty and chatpata that u cant stop from coming back for more...
1 serving is good for two pl (excluding the head of the fish, which i personally don’t like. ...)

Chapatti: - Soft, almost homemade taste.

Mutton Chaap: - It’s a Gravy dish with 2 huge Mutton Chaaps ... have the gravy with steam rice...... YUMMMMM

DUM GOSHT BIRYANI: - Arrived in a covered sealed clay pot..... Out of the world taste... Fragrant basmati rice....with potato pcs and soft, succulent, tender mutton pcs.. and not too spicy masala , covered with plain rice and fried onion ( birist) ...
Accompanied with green color sweet & sour onion tomato raita . {If u order takeaway it comes along with the clay pot …..which can be reused for making some nice thick kool dahi….}

Malai Kulfi :- is good but not lke the Parsi Dairy Kulfi what they used to serve earlier
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Jiddu - Burrp User


October 14,2008


Everything is awesome in this eatery. The food, the service, the seating and the location.

The Mutton Masala needs a special mention. Also the full fried Kapari Pompfret!!!

Its a place frequented by celebrities. I have bumped into Lata Mangeshkar, Kajol, Sohail Khan, Suresh Wadkar so far!!!

Go for it.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

April 26,2008

Fish every time

After a long gap of nearly 8 years visited the place again. Nothing has changed, the same lovely personalized service, fantastic bombil, other fish varieties & whatever you can eat......
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Riz Shaikh - Burrp User

Riz Shaikh

December 18,2007

Absolutely A1

I can honestly say that this place has made me a seafood lover! The food is absolutely mouth watering.
Try the tisriya koshumbir, surmai fry and the special prawns curry.
The service is absolutely perfect.
In fact the service at gajalee is a benchmark for other restaurants.
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Ash Deshpande - Burrp User

Ash Deshpande

November 12,2007

Jhakaas Tiger Prawns

I have been to this much frequented place twice in the last 3 weeks and both the times i tried the Tiger Prawns.
The price is as per catch and can be in the range of 300 to 500 per piece as per the size. Order them to be Tandoor roasted and they come out on the table ina nice golden brown colour. The marinated spcies rubbed genrously on the prawns has already seeped in to the prawn and each bite is a bliss.

Sol kadhi is as good as home made. Fish is the only item I recommend here. If you are ganged up with a meat lover then offer him soem chicken, but I am sure he has eaten better chicken or Mutton in many other places. So heas to content with only filling up his stomach while you all will die for the coastal ffod to be offered.

Service is good. And if you know the Manager there (Like I do) then getting a nice place will be easy.

So next time you crave for a Prawn or some good pomphret, head to Gajalee.
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Karan Karayi - Burrp User

Karan Karayi

June 09,2007

i hate bombil, i'd die for theirs

i sometimes wander in just for the bombil...feast for the gods it is! the place is mid-range to slightly above average when it comes to burning a hole in your pocket but the food makes for it. the thalis are great, and i always loved thali's so that figures. their tandoori pomfret is apparently very popular but i don't get what the fuss is about. it's good, but if i had to pick a signature dish for them, their bombil is it.

i'll put my money where my mouth is and say they serve some of the best sea-food in town at the price. my favorite for seafood
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Nidhee kekre - Burrp User

Nidhee kekre

January 16,2007

Paradisus for Fish lover's.

A simple place, without too many frills and fancy, serving excellent fish.

They basically serve manglorean cuisine based yummy dishes and their fried fish is excellent. The place is neither too expensive and cannot be labeled as competitive. One who loves to eat fish cooked the indian way should visit this place once.

Look out for their fired Bombay Ducks....crisp and simply superb.
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Hardik Furiya - Burrp User

Hardik Furiya

November 19,2014

Grt Food

Great Food!
Amazing Service!
Loved it!
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