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Anil061091 - Burrp User


August 02,2013

Lovely place

Simply LOve with this place since the time I was introduced to this place years ago. The place has such laid back and cool ambiance.

It’s definitely a place to hit with your buddies over beer and spirits ...and occasional shots too!
The all time favorites like prawn koliwada, fries, onion rings, chicken tikkas are always cooked to perfection and we end up ordering a lot more than we need...and surprisingly it just vanishes in No time...So the Food quality is Good and so is the price...Not too Expensive.

Happy hours are the best time to go
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Rishabh Shah - Burrp User

Rishabh Shah

July 30,2013

Great place!!!

Been here twice.Its serves great food.The service was upto the mark.Dont miss the sizzling brownie for desert,and do prefer the dinning upstairs!The ambiance is beautiful.A must try.
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Divya Kamra - Burrp User

Divya Kamra

July 22,2013

Modern Dhaba

While discovering places to eat in Thane, we came across this rather pleasing restaurant on Wagle estate. With a quick glance to zomato app, decided to make a pit stop here. The entrance is welcoming with small fountains with a green pasture right outside.

When you enter, there is a massive screen welcoming you. Maybe because IPL is going on, but mind you the screen is massive! There are 2 sitting arrangements. One on the ground floor and one above it. We gave a quick look upstairs and decided to sit there, as it looked cozy and you could even see the screen.

The ambiance is very nice. The furniture, lights and use of wood is aptly done. I had a instant likeness for this place.

Ordered nachos with beans and cheese sauce, over 2 drinks. The nachos were good. Nothing unique but liked the taste. For main course we ordered pasta in cream of white and mushroom sauce, which had traces of broccoli and tons of olives. The dish was served with garlic bread, which was dripping with butter. And olives somehow over powered the taste of the whole dish.

Also ordered enchiladas. Now, they were served in white sauce and their gravy was also kind thick. Something I have never seen before. The taste was average.

The major drawback of this place is serving time. They take awful lot of time to get your dishes prepared and served. Our main course took so much time that we actually lost the appetite and felt like cancelling the order.

Total cost for 1 starter, 2 drinks, pasta and enchiladas was 880. Again the taxes made up for around 100 bucks which was over. Nonetheless, visit this place for the sheer ambiance that they provide.
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vixen26 - Burrp User


April 16,2013


A place that is confused about its calling. They house food and drinks but are firmly stuck in the in-between; neither poor nor great.
Another place that could use a few more bulbs, although if they prefer the darkness, which would surely lure couples from different ends, they need to re-look at their theme.
Not a fan of fusion, so personally my only visit here felt too heavy on the wallet and not enough on the palette.
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pratikg31687 - Burrp User


February 03,2013

Not a good fusion

Food: so-so
Ambience: so-so
Service: abysmal
Location: inconvenient
Pricing: higher than the quality of food and service

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ketanmhatre1 - Burrp User


January 22,2013

Definitely deserve 5 stars

It is one of the best restaurant in thane. Serves really tasty food. Be it Punjabi... Chinese...Oriental...all dishes are really good. Ambiance is also nice. Songs played are also good...volume can be lower though. Chicken Alishan Kabab...must try. Sizzlers are too good. I am frequent visitor to this place and will recommend to everyone to visit atleast once.

One small thing...where they can improve is order taking. Otherwise service is fast. Food serve is hot and delicious.
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Bacchus - Burrp User


December 18,2012

They sell stationery too

Good food. Not that pricey. Nice Ambience. Just that we once found a stapling pin right in the middle of our loaded fries. Despite that, i've been there 3 more times. The waiters are sub-humanly lazy, i must presume they're perenially under influence or maybe hypnotized - you never know what goes these days. But yeah, the food is still great. There you have it!
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Sudip Gidh - Burrp User

Sudip Gidh

November 16,2012

Experiance is not good

Food is ok .........ambiance is very nice..............Staff is completely lazy ..........if you need water you need to struggle lot to get it ...............our experience is very bad ..................I will surely not visit this Resto any more ....................................
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Monica Ahuja - Burrp User

Monica Ahuja

November 10,2012

best continental food in thane

fusion dhaba truly stands up to its name...truly a fusion restuarant...could do something about the price though.
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Sophia Sharma - Burrp User

Sophia Sharma

September 30,2012

Pathetic and Overrated

This is the most pathetic and overrated restaurent I have ever visited. Please dont go by all the good reviews posted on Burrp... Thats why I got conned in to going here.

It is no Dhaba just a restaurent. Service is so bad That I actually had to make my own Fingerbowl after asking them 17 times... even though they brought the bill.

The peri peri chicken was undercooked, but the Captain insisted on replacing and not cancelling it, so basically we had to parcel it... By the time the redone portion came we were ready to leave... paid 3000 bucks and parcelled 75% of the Food which shall be shared by the maids now.

Totally avoidable place
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Mitali Waghmare - Burrp User

Mitali Waghmare

September 08,2012

Awesomeness personified!!

One of the better places to eat in Thane.Good food, nice ambiance the staff is friendly and cordial the bar menu is extensive and the Mexican food is the best. There is not a single reason not to go there.
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Sejal  - Burrp User


August 16,2012

A fine first experience

Went there for the first the first and yes I sure came out smiling after a very good meal. The enchilada was up to the mark! Really delicious. Though I did come across few glitches.
1) The Black Foo Chicken starter had a very strong essence of sesame oil, which could have been mellowed down, so that the flavor of spices and chicken could've been more prominent and enjoyable.
2) The Golden Fried Prawns starter was very bland and had too little of salt and taste (neither did the sauce dip help much).
Apart from these two, the rest of the meal was pretty much burp-worthy.
Don't forget to try 'Golden honey fried noodles with ice-cream' for dessert.
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Sameer Naik - Burrp User

Sameer Naik

May 08,2012

Very Hospitable Service, Amazing food

Suggested by one of my spouse's friend, since then its been one of our favourite hangouts. The food and the service is amazing. Choice on the menu is different from what we could find anywhere else in Thane. One thing that which always impresses me and I would like to mention is that they always call you to wish you on your anniversary. Our favourites - Chicken Momos, Mexican cuisine.
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Food_My_Life - Burrp User


March 04,2012

Good Mix of Food Variety

Had a surprise visit at Fusion yesterday.
Taste was really fantastic, with great combination of food & ambiance.
Chicken MoMos, Nosi Gorang, Oriental food & sizzlers were tasteful.

Would look forward to try rest of the dishes in next visit.
Dish Quantity can be improved.
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sid R - Burrp User

sid R

March 03,2012

Awesomeness at its PEAK! m/

ok..iam actually kind of addicted to this place so much that most saturday nights i find myself slurping on enchilladas here!...this place is too good!..the price is moderate...not very expensive...the ambience is awesome as well!...the staff is very friendly and take proper care of the GUESTS...yeah i said guests and not customers..
every place has its pro's and con's...buh i just cant think of any negative marking about dis place....it was plain pure awesome!...
if u go here....do try out the enchilladas, and ofcourse the swiss fondue!!...and YESS!!!...DONNT forget to try their woodstock pizzas!...they are mesmerizing!!!!...i loved their pizzaas!!...lott of variety and the best part is that u can get authentic european WOODSTOCK pizzas at a cheaper rate compared to dominos and its oder shitty partners..:x
anyway...awesome place overall...price is right!...and food was great!..cheers!
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clgroves - Burrp User


February 17,2012

The Mexican is not for Western palattes

I ordered Mexican food (enchiladas, nachos w/ salsa, etc.) and found it to be difficult to eat. The Indianized flavors completely overwhelmed any Mexican quality.

In the US, where I am from, Mexican food is very popular, especially near the Mexican border. It is relatively authentic Mexican cuisine, often owned and operated by Mexican immigrants.

The point of my review is to say only this, as a fair warning to any other Westerners who might be considering ordering Mexican food here: don't have expectations of authenticity.

I'm awarding 4/5 stars because I don't want to disrupt this restaurant's standing. I realized that I am not the intended audience for this food, and therefore my review should only be heeded by Westerners.

However I have to say that the Punjabi kadi & makka ki roti I also ordered were excellent and fully deserving of 4 stars.

Best of luck, Fusion Dhaba, and I hope also to see more authentic Mexican food in India soon.
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Deepak Hegde - Burrp User

Deepak Hegde

January 29,2012

Good food but Pathetic Service

Had been to fushion dhaba on 27th to celebrate my daughters birthday
Food was fine but service was so pathetic they were taking ages to bring food to the table and that too restaurant was literally empty.. I am wondering what would be the situation on weekends.
I may not be going there again
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littleglutton - Burrp User


January 26,2012


Been here twice..! Its awesome.! food - great. Service - great. Everything is great..! Dont miss the sizzling brownie for desert..! And do prefer the dinning upstairs..! Ambience is too good.. MUST try.
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Harshad Ghodke - Burrp User

Harshad Ghodke

November 09,2011

One of the Best places in Thane

Thane has very limited places like the Fusion Dhaba. I have been here few times. The only bad thing is that they play music while the matches are being played. The management might have their own reasons for good.
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Prashant Koli - Burrp User

Prashant Koli

September 26,2011

Wag Your Tongue

It's becoming difficult for our family to plan ahead for a treat in far away place (from our home) as all members are occupied with their own work.So going out is limited to 2 or 3 places favourited fairly close to our residence. The prominent amomg them are 5 Spice, Saki Naka and Bansuri,Mulund(East).

But such onerous pattern needed to be broken,we thought.So at the suggestion of my son we decided to try something else...

Going through the Burpp I decided to try Fusion Dhaba at Thane.

I went through all the reviews and had shortlisted order beforehand...as there is a fight between my 2 kids in ordering the dishes.

We realised that we had visited neighboring halls on many times for functions but somehow failed to notice the place as most of adjacent area remains in dark.

So here we go...

No soups...I ordered 'Crackling Spinach n Paneer' and Chicken Momo. Kids realised there is something wrong. Actually there wasn't any wrong..only decided to reduce their fighting.

Cracking Spinach N Paneer: succulunt Panner sauted and rolled in Garlic/Ginger sauce and served with finely cut n deep fried Spinach. Good but we felt that we had tried better one at 5 S pice and also at Zaafran, Crawford Market, in the past; agreed but still very good.

Chicken Momos: dumplings ...outer cover was very good to excellent...stuffing was also good...Very Good.

That was followed by 'Prawns Shaslik', a sizzler, and a 'Chicken Tikka Sizzler'. The portions were fairly large, lot of vegetables and salad (I like them but not the kids),and rice. Praws and Chicken were in just enough quantity.Overall fair to good. We realised that our stomach filling was done at this point only.

Children were sitting n eating silently and hence I though of giving them a chance to order something of their choice. They ordered Chicken Enchiladas. I really did not pay any attention to what it was as I was not in a mood to try their choice, particularly when stomach is full. But as it happens wife signalled me to try that the dish to please them. Okay,so I thought...that was beans wrapped in sort of a pancake... in potato n cheese sauce..This was okay...not very good..even kids agreed...

Clay Pot Chicken Rice was juicy,different kind of flavour n taste,we thought. Good to very good

The let down was Sizzling Brownie with hot chocolate and ice-cream. This was really bad...brownie was stale and pot holding the whole thing was small to accommodate. Brownie at 5 Spice or Gypsy,Shivaji Park is too good.

Service was very good,prompt...no issues

When they realised that it was a birthday celebrations they offered free desserts...so much thoughful.

I asked my kids : will you like to come again. "Yes", was their reply; "but will try different dishes" was the addendum.I know they also realised that the flavour/taste/dishes were different than the ones we were accustomed to and they would like to try many dishes.It won't, however,be able to replace our choice places.

Interior: we were on 1st floor,wooden flooring,wooden tables with bamboo back-rest.We liked that, what we didn't was AC was not effective.When we walked down to groundfloor while leaving we made a decision to sit there next time.

Rating wise-

Decor: 4/5

One of the best point of Fusion Dhaba could be affordability. I haven't seen any up front resto this affordable. One can trully try all their dishes one by one, albeit on diiferent occasion.

Go..wag your tongue..there are many toungue ticklers.


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SupriyaPrabhu - Burrp User


September 20,2011

Awesome Place !!! Value for Money!!!

This place is exactly what its name means "FUSION DHABA". It has all the cuisines that will liven our taste buds like continental, Oriental, Italian, Mexican, Indian etc. I have been here many times with my family and I want to recommend this to everyone… The ambience is very cosy. Service is also good. The stewards there are friendly and good at suggesting dishes to you. The buffet option in the afternoon is very reasonable and also it’s good to have kitty parties there. Plays good music. On the whole this ones a must try and value for money!!!
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Sekhar CK - Burrp User

Sekhar CK

September 19,2011

Good place

In a nutshell

Food = 4/5
ambience 3/5
costs = 4/5
service = 3/5

Overall 4/5
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Shrayank Gupta - Burrp User

Shrayank Gupta

September 18,2011

Great Indian Food

I've been to this place quite a few times now....normally I've stuck with the Mexican and Italian food, which are really really awesome and true to their name. Yesterday Iwent there with my friends, we tried out the Indian food and it was just out of the world....the gravy and dal were brilliant and I haven't had jal frezi that good in a restaurant in quite a long time. I'd recommend this place to everybody. It fits into a good budget also, something like 270/person. But this place is worth every penny

I guess the service could be made a little quicker....other than that...I have absolutely no complaints.....
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binsk007 - Burrp User


August 24,2011

Nice place for dinner

I was there with my Sweetheart on his birthday dinner. was pleasantly surprised I eat here only once but I like the place. awesome food, lot of variety in menu...service is also good. The place is truly awesome.
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foodie2111 - Burrp User


August 10,2011

Absolutely 'Oye'some!

Where do I start from!? Amazing decor, amazing food and amazing prices!

The interiors are freaking impressive (I know THIS because I work for an architectural magazine!). The water feature outside and the amazingly dark ambiance inside, nice music and the works. Comfortable and classy! ME LIKES!

The menu is sheer rustic awesomeness! The drinks menu on an A4 wooden plank, and ghoongroos on the food menu! Brilliant!

The food is amazing too..Alishan Kebabs, Chicken Cham Chinga (or something like that) with the melted cheese sauce...omfg! And, do try the Bamboo rice; it is simply awesome! The drinks are great too :P (as always!)

So, overall...can't wait to go there again! :D Yayie! Sheer awesomeness!
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aloksharma83 - Burrp User


July 01,2011

Mesmerizing Food and Ambience

Hi, I had recently been to Fusion Dhaba and this place is truly magical.The food is too yummy to mesmerize ur taste buds. Ambience is also best in its class. Well said- It's truly Oyesome!!
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tanayas - Burrp User


June 30,2011

Must Try!!!!!

Excellent food, lot of variety in menu...service is also good..nice place for couples or friends.Reasonably priced.average meal for two is 500.Their non veg meal combo is only for 169 which includes soup,
rice/noodles/jeera rice
and desert of th day...
Good quantity and excellent taste..alcohol is also reasonable.
A totally paisa vasool
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amruta007 - Burrp User


June 20,2011

nice and yet to be discovered

Quite surprised that not many have yet discovered this place. Its a nice place with great food, ambience and large size drinks.....although they should do with happy hours.....hoping to hear soon about it...
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rohitm700 - Burrp User


June 05,2011

Nice Food

The restaurant is a treat for Thane people, good ambiance,wait staff very courteous, excellent food and cocktails, the rates are average.My recommendation will be to start Buffet Brunch on Sunday's very soon.
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Luvgoodfood - Burrp User


May 10,2011

Good for Chinese & Indian

We had ordered for chicken burritos and chicken tikka. Burritos was served COLD .. wrap was cold, filling was cold n it was served with sour cream which tasted like homemade butter that we use for making ghee. Tikka was good. Next we asked waiter to tell us his recommendations. And all he could tell was sizzlers and chinese!! Ordered for Sizzling chicken and Clay pot prawns. Sizzler was OK while Clay Pot was amazing. Guess best to stick to Indian and Chinese.
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Aayush Agrawal - Burrp User

Aayush Agrawal

April 18,2011

HUmongous prices

An average pint may cost 85 but add to it 25% VAT.A CArlberg Strong will cost you@ 200 +25% VAT.

Its insane.
These are the rates of any upbeat discothequre in south mumbai.
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ragingvoice - Burrp User


April 03,2011

Fussion Dhaba- Nahh-- Its Fusion Dance Bar

This is the place that was a ok sometime back. But this has totally changed when me with my family and friends visted this venue to watch THE FINAL'S OF CRICKET WORLD CUP. We had paid money to watch the match instead we were forced to listen to the pathetic music played by the DJ during the match.Inspite of brining this to the owners notice time and again he ignored it as he was still playing the load cheap music to entertain his friends. If this is what he had in mind he should not have opned it for the public and collected money from them. I must say this is not a place where you can visit with family. The worst part was even at the end of the match when we wanted to hear the players comments there was music played and to be honest the DJ looked to be more suitable for the roadside shows and that is what this place has become .To the plight of all we had to see men taking off their shirts and dancing in the floor completely drunk with the owner. Trust me not a place to visit...
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Joel D'Souza - Burrp User

Joel D'Souza

March 28,2011

You got to be kidding "Fusion"???

When you say “Fusion” you mean we get to try out dishes which are unique and different! We traveled from Powai to check out this place on March 26, 2011.
What was in store was totally bewildering. The staffs are not familiar to languages except for Hindi or their native language. There were something about 70 staff on that night. When we placed our order we were keen to try out Mexican, Conti, Italian however, as the steward took our orders he kept insisting to try out their Indian or Oriental items. We were okay with his persuasion but didn’t know what was actually in store. We ordered the Quesadillas, Nachos Grande & Crispy Tacos which was reasonably good & different.
Then the main course, we ordered Mexican, European (as the menu card states) & sizzlers. The steward mentioned that the food will take anywhere between 45 to an hour to arrive. We asked why & he said that their Conti cooks are away & only cuisine available is Indian & Oriental. Ohh, I mean why the name Fusion in the first place??? How can the Conti cooks be away & still show us the same menu card???
I can understand that there is a different between fast selling items & food that never moves but hey, this is absolutely ridiculous. The Indian & Oriental was just about passé which I think many other restaurants less expensive would have dished out superbly.

Terrible terrible place & will never go there even if the food was thrown at 50% off.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Mr Madan,

Thank you for your humble gesture. We are honored by your generosity & will surely oblige your suggestion in the near future.

karans23 - Burrp User


March 20,2011

VAT is a Buzzkill..

The place looks perfect.. however.. wen ur food bill soars higher than the drinks.. esp with a grp of 21 ppl.. somethin is messed up... the service was slow.. (we were 21).. and it was like a Tsunami which they never anticipated in their life..;-d..so.. comin back.. the vat was 25%.. which was a real buzz kill.. no wonder they can offer the happy hrs...an acceptble experience.. but they consider budwiser was foreign and so .. no offer on tht.... but the VAT did not thrill us.. we had our food bill as 6.5K and drinks as 3.5 K...
hope this helps !
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mandaarpatil - Burrp User


March 15,2011


Great place... awesome food... superb ambience..
fusion dhaba is a place worth visiting... dont miss out at dis one guys..
a lot of options to choose from..
must try's: The FD special kebab (mind blowing), crackling spinach with paneer (i hate spinach and i never eat it wen my mom cooks it... but the staff recommended it to me...and i took d risk and ordered it..and bang on was the staff.one hell of a dish.best spinach i ever had.all u spinach haters shud definately try this one.) , pot rice (simply amazing... juicy and filled with lots of flavours).
great value for the money spent...m all set to visit this place again with my friends tommorow.. pretty confident of a great experience all over again.
thumbs up to 'fusion dhaba'
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Shuchita0307 - Burrp User


February 25,2011

Good one

Had been here for dinner on a weekday and was pleasantly surprised with the food quality and the USP of this place : the price
we ordered a huge variety of food and everything was good and moderately priced.
Would strongl recommend this place for the good variety of food served here and the service and most importantly .. veryyyy light on the pocket.
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souravdada - Burrp User


February 15,2011


I eat here once a week. Its a fun place to hang out at. Things you have got to try:

kalimiri kebab
crackling spinach with paneer
salt & pepper prawns

clay pot rice
chick biryani

Oh please oh please try the
sizzling brownie
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Chinmay Chopade - Burrp User

Chinmay Chopade

February 03,2011

Great Place...

Visited the place for new year... Great tasting food and nice choice of drinks... Ambiance was perfect not too loud and not too silent.. A must visit place...
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Ankita Kulkarni - Burrp User

Ankita Kulkarni

January 04,2011

Great Place

I had gone to Fusion Dhaba on the 31st of December 2010..The place is truly oyesome..The food was great and so was the service..The ambience was good..All in all a great experience..Totally Recommended!
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truptione - Burrp User


November 14,2010

Tried for the first time on 13nov2010! Fantastic!

We went looking for some good chinese food in Thane. After browsing on mobile internet saw burrp reviews and quickly decided to go to Fusion dhaba at Wagle estate.
Ambience Great!
Starter- we tried the chicken momo- Real yum with the sauce
Drink-Tried the Mama Thai( pineapple, lemongrass, basil and ginger drink) Awsome....repeated this one after the sizzler..was really good. (but expensive)
Maincourse- Tried the Prawn Shaslik (Garlic)sizzler....it was so good that we actually called the chef( Chef Dipankar) and kissed his hands for the delicacy. Best sizzler that we both enjoyed as my belated birthday treat.
Honestly it was an unexpected pleasant surprize.Excellent treat...
The price of the mocktail drink was exorbitant. Non alcoholic drink should not cost so much.
Will look forward for more often visits and hopefully there is consistency in the delicacy and taste of the food.
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RHIMA  - Burrp User


November 12,2010

nice ambience ,yummy food, but long wait

Fusion dhaba
My first time in this restaurant and as i steped in i was like wah nice place,great ambience,
now lets mention the food
we had garlic bread with cheese, and chck momos, the garlic bread was very tasty,momos lovely with the sauce, we had clay pot rice and it was very juicy lots of flavour. we had chicken sczehwan it was ok.

for dessert we had mudpie ,and it was good too.
well now comes the services part
hmmmm we had to wait a lot ,a lot meanin a lot,captains were very busy, confused, we did get wrong food twice but was changed immediately with lots of apologies.guys if u are really very hunger then u might starve to glory out there...but its a fun place too..
p.s go 1/2 an early on weekends..,
i wish i could get a better service nxt time coz i liked the place..pls see to it nxt time
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pnagrecha - Burrp User


October 26,2010


Have visted umpteem times..will visit dis friday...very good food..and ambiance..i m basicaly a foodie..so realy njoied the food...:)
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TURNS27SOON - Burrp User


October 26,2010


Being there twice such beautifull place. Food is awsome & Service is also good. Nice place to visit. Rates are all reasonable with a quality & quantity food.

Must visit
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prasad123 - Burrp User


October 24,2010

A must visit place

Had been with my family to this restaurant after reading a lot of good reviews and must say the place did not disappoint at all... Entrance has water fountains which is quite scenic... The interior decor is awesome too.. The food was delicious especially the non veg chicken starters were very delicious.. The big projector is a big add on as you can watch live sports while eating.. Overall a nice place to eat out. On the budget side, its not too expensive and you wudn't mind paying for the service and food quality..
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arun_sh - Burrp User


October 19,2010

nice evening

I felt happy there. There was a large projector screen where some cricket match was being screened. Because there was some birthday party in Hall Area at ground floor so service boy guided us to first floor area. total area was into L shape. I liked the furniture, dim light and food. Food was awesome. We tried some dishes which was not Indian. restaurant staff helped us to choose. I spent more than one hour there with food, chatting with my wife as I celebrated her birthday there. I really enjoyed food there which was very tasty. It was Quesadilla dish, bamboo rice with one vegetable curry dish (suggested by staff) which we like a lot. value for money as well as. but in the end I want to tell restaurant owner why I am giving one star less into rating. As I told you there was one birthday party at ground floor area. there was nothing which can stop the noise of that party even that party was not too much noisy but still there was some noise. Owner should think something innovative about that. Any way try this restaurant you will feel good.
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Dipti Chopda Kini - Burrp User

Dipti Chopda Kini

October 17,2010

Truly a fushion...

Read a lot abt thz place on burrp...so finally I decided 2 chk it out wit my husband. The place is done in purple & the flowing water at the entrance looks perfect. Its a small and cozy place with welcoming smile on every1s faces.

We settled 4 a table on the 1st flr-the seatg is comfy-tables r done in wood & the menu card cums wit a bell-which is very interestg.

Both of us wr in a mood for sizzlers-choices wr less-so v ordered 1 veg & 1 nonveg.They turned out 2 b awesum & tried April lady-which was diff.For all thz v paid 500 bucks-which is very reasonable 4 such yummy food.
Will surely cum back 2 try othr options on the menu...
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nayakbhagesh - Burrp User


October 08,2010

its realy nice...i liked it

i like d ambience it was simply ausumnnn...abt the food tried both veg -non-veg its gr8 will say do try veg/chicken mo mos,den in dessert choclate mousse,sizzling brownie ..they were simply ausumnnn...... just was disappointed wid the staff as he was asking us to order d main course reapeatedly inspite we wanted 2 order sum more starters (dun knw y he was in hurry to take orders)....other than dis its really place to visit along wid frnds n family tooo..
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souravdada - Burrp User


September 07,2010

Oyesome Chinese fest

I love this place! I would have to say this place serves: more varieties, one of the best Chinese food in Thane. It has FAB ambience - tables are not too close together. The food presentation was lovely, and staff there were polite, obliging and attentive - but not overly so. It’s probably slightly hidden which is why it stays so quiet.

The food was great! we ordered Chicken momos , Black pepper chicken, Drunken prawns were all excellent and the chicken pot rice was my favorite. This place also serves Italian, Mexican and Indian will surely try those when I visit the next time…..
Total damage done with a pitcher of foster – Rs 1050….
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kshruthika - Burrp User


September 06,2010

Ambience was greatfood not that great

Had been to fusion dhaba dis evening...the ambience as great.....we even got a complimentary drink whilst waiting for the order which did impress us lot. But the starters were not good they were bland.....tried flaming something (dont remember the name) from their new oriental menu........it was bland i guess expected excellent food along with the excellent ambience......we ordered second starters..again dont remember the name......but it was wrapped in a leaf...again an oriental dish....the worst part was that had to wait for half an hour for this dish and in the end it dint turn out to be good.....However teh potluck rice was yummy (i guess i remember the name because it was great)....but i feel FD should focus on their taste aspect and a faster service is required considering we were the only customers there for a long time......
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kinjal bauva - Burrp User

kinjal bauva

July 24,2010

dikhao pe na jaao apni akkal lagao...

just the entrance and ambiance is good but the food is very much disappointing, tried for Italian food,,, its was not at all worth the money n bad quality. visiting it never again. thanks.
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JasBits123 - Burrp User


May 31,2010

Food ok, but Drinks very very expensive

i just want to suggest to the management of fusion dhaba.. please decrese ur drinks rate..12 pegs of vodka costs 2500 at ur place..outside u get it at half the rate.. ok agreed place is gud.. but still not at all cost effective as far as drinks goes. Food is ok.. few things are gud, but otherwise just ok, not upto the cost and hype
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n1t1n0u8ey - Burrp User


May 14,2010

Quite nice

Very good ambience.
Great starters. Good Dips provided with all starters that we had ordered. Nice change from the usual tomato ketchup and chutney routine.
Good offer on drinks.
Disappointed with main course and desserts.
All in all good place to go for a few drinks and starters over a match.
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Abhishek  - Burrp User


April 30,2010


We wanted to try some new restaurant in thane after getting bored going to same ones week after week. Came across nice reviews in burrp about this Fusion Dhaba and thus decided to give it a try.The entrance of the restaurant is great , the ambience inside nice. The IPL was over , so they were screening WWF on the big projector screen which is not so good to watch when you dine . The music however was bollywood. As the name suggests , its fusion , so they have Indian , chinese, Italian . We had ordered French Onion soup ( nice and different) and sweet corn soup ( bad!) ;for starters chicken kalimiri kebab ( okay but the chicken could have been more succulent ) and crackling spinach with paneer ( Yummy) . For main course , we went for chinese ......Yam mein noodles ( tasted like tasteless Maggi noodles with some spinach thrown in ) , bamboo rice ( rice in soya sauce with very little vegetables and no bamboo shoots ; now the name is bamboo rice b'cause it came in a cheap "bamboo" container ;very bad taste) , hakka noodles ( so-so) , chicken chilly ( tasty ) and shanghai veg ( not tasty) . They had an ongoing offer on domestic liquors -buy 2 pegs and get one free. The prices ...ok .....chicken kebab Rs 169, chicken chilly 149 ,noodles 129 , shanghai veg 169 ). To sum up , we were disappointed and don't find any reason to come back though we didn't try much Indian or Italian .
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swets2785 - Burrp User


April 12,2010

Clean bold

This specific title is because we got to see IPL match MI vs. RR on Sunday. The ambience when we entered was perfect for a quite family dinner or a romantic dinner, if with your partner. But within a few minutes it turned into a sports bar almost, with the croud cheering for MI all the way. The emotions was electrifying, minus the free goodies that you get on ground in the stadium. Good option to watch the IPL matches. To top it all the food in terms of variety & taste is very good. We ordered Indian & Italian food and both were good. Serving time is a bit long, incase you are really hungry. But it was perfect for us as we wanted to spend more time together.
All in all a thumps up!
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December 10,2009

Amazing place!!!

Was there with my family for my birthday dinner. The entrance is grand with fountains and plants. The ambience is really good. The staff is really hospitable.

The name says it all, it is a place which serves different cuisines. Indian, Italian, Chinese, Thai, etc. We ordered some Indian starters which turned out to be delicious. We wanted to try something different from Indian food, everybody was bored with having same kind of food everytime you go out.

We tried a chicken sizzler which was perfect. My sister tried pasta made in makhani sauce which surprisingly was one of the best sauces I have ever had with pasta. This dish was a proper fusion of different cuisines.

It is a great place to go with friends, family and partners. This place is a worth a try.
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elton151087 - Burrp User


December 02,2009

Extra-ordinary!! Dont miss out on this one!!

Very Few restaurants can come close to this one!!
First off the ambience was AWESOME especially the lighting.. talking about food, i would say that it was extremely sumptuous!
we were served a complementary aloo chat at first,and the thing that impressed me a lot was that the waiter was kind enough to give us an extra serving!!
we opted for Enchiladas and the French cheese onion soup!
the enchiladas were amazingly awesome..and the soup was again a delight!!
for the main course we went for Sizzlers- mushroom and cheese, sizzling chicken(couple of em) and a Vietnamese clay pot rice!
The mushroom sizzler was alright and the chicken sizzler was again a treat to the mouth!!
As we had finished our dinner, a complementary dessert(rabadi gulab jamun) was in the offering!!
since our bill amount was exceeding 500, we were offered the mushroom sizzler as a compliment!! i mean what else can you expect more??...
Overall great food + Great ambience + very friendly service + VFM = "FUSION DHABA"..
The total damage done for four was 700..
The Owner is very friendly and polite and has really maintained the place up to its level!!
So the moral of the review is that "U CANT AFFORD TO MISS ON THIS ONE"!!
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deepee - Burrp User


November 30,2009

once again a treat !!

sunday night is usually dinner out... we mostly try out new places but again my girlfriend suggested we go to Fusion Dhaba... So this time it was my girlfriend, her friend and myself headed to FD. we called for the usual round of drinks for me and mocktails for the girls. Since the girls were hungry, ordered for tacos... well made - crispy, well stuffed served with good helpings of dip. For the next course we ordred for a FD masala - good blend of curry with correct amount of masala, not too spicy not too bland alongwith garlic naan's and tandoori roti. called for the check after we were thru with our meal... the restaurant surprised us on the check... we got the starter complimentary and one alcoholic drink too :-) hey the management sure is trying it's best to say - Great Food, Good Atmosphere and Fun Times... keep it up FD, see u soon!!!
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beans - Burrp User


November 23,2009

Great !!

Hey guys
Need to try out this newly opened joint at thane (w)
Nice selection (fusion at its best)
Tried the Pizzas (Yummy) and the Enchiladas (Nice Portion) and Garlic Bread . My Friends Ordered for some Indian (Achari Kabab) as suggested by some one in the previous review (it was good) and a couple of Indian Dishes (Cant remember the names) but were good.
The interior is good and the ambiance is great.
Bar selection is perfect .
Presentation of the food and pricing is very good as well.
Will surely visit .
Damage could not be more then 300 / person ( I was not the host)
Anyways a great sunday to spend . Thane needed this.
Will surely visit that place again and post my comments , till then .. Chio
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deepee - Burrp User


November 19,2009

chill place to hang out!!

was there last evening with my girlfriend for dinner... the service had improved since my last visit which was a week ago, reason, the last visit wasnt a memorable one in terms of food... my girlfriend voiced her opinion about it to the manager who promised us a 25% discount with a better food fare on our next visit. so there we were last nite to check it out once again. boy the service was impeccable, the food just right, no complains... i would definetly pay this place another visit, a must go as the place isnt crowded, good menu with a variety of dishes and a well stocked bar :) cheers fusion dhaba!!!
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prithvish Ashar - Burrp User

prithvish Ashar

November 13,2009


Was passing by Thane yesterday and a friend of mine suggested me fusion dhaba . Was a bit reluctant to try out as had not heard much about this place. Green lawn with fountains and changing light .. quiet impressive the entrance . Once you enter you see the bar which is fully stocked . Nice Decor . Specious . Giant screen. This place has 2 level sitting. Inquired when was it opened , i was told couple of weeks back. Vishal was the name i guess who suggested me to try some signature dishes of this restaurant . Asked for Veg Platter (Good) Chicken Achari Kabab (V.good - must try) Butter Chicken (Good) The menu by the way has a mix of Indian / Mexican / Italian / Chinese but i thought of trying the Indian as we were just the 2 of us and the name Dhaba reminds of Indian cuisine.
Portion size was quiet ok as per the pricing . Service needs to improve . Overall a nice experience . As far as the damage is concerned : 650 with a couple of beer (Pint Rs 85)
Will surely visit this place again if i happen to be in Thane again to try out Italian as i saw a Wood Fire Pizza oven which was not yet operational . wonder why !!!!!
Cheers guys , do give it a try .... would be gr8 to watch sports on the big Screen ....!!!!
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poojapujari9 - Burrp User


September 10,2012

modern dhaba

like the interior.. waiters are lazy but food is good
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