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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 27,2015

Best Breezy experience

Perched on the terrace top of Icon hotel on Marine Drive, the views from the Dome are breathtaking. If white loungy sofas, subdued candlelight and the Mumbai sky-line is your thing, you're going to love this place. The bar is breezily elegant with a multi talented man playing background music.Cocktails are expensive.Service was a top notch, u ask bartender and no time drink is in front of you.
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Reply from restaurant management


Thank you for visiting Dome at InterContinental Marine Drive and taking the time to write a review. We are pleased to hear that you enjoyed the ambiance and view at Dome. We are also glad that our service was up to your expectation.

Do visit our pages on Facebook (www.facebook.com/InterContinentalMarineDrive), Twitter (https://twitter.com/InterConMD) and Instagram (http://instagram.com/interconmd) to stay updated about our upcoming events.


Bhavesh 1127 - Burrp User

Bhavesh 1127

March 28,2015

Enjoy the Spectacular View from this place...

In the heart of Marine Drive with some of the best views of the city, the open-air Dome attracts a young crowd who sit, amid candlelight, on plush white sofas and chairs. Its one of the best sunset-drink spots in the city, and the fact that the menu includes a selection from the excellent Kebab Korner only sweetens the deal. Drinks are fairly expensive, but if you are on a budget, grab a Kingfisher for Rs. 300. Thats hardly a steal, but you are paying for the view.
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  • Dome, Intercontinental Marine Driveimage
  • Dome, Intercontinental Marine Driveimage
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Mr. Bhavesh,

Thank you for visiting Dome at InterContinental Marine Drive and writing a review about us. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed the ambience, food and view at Dome.

We look forward to seeing you again so you may have the opportunity to experience our other Food and Beverage venues at InterContinental Marine Drive – Kebab Korner and Long & Short.

Do visit our pages on Facebook (www.facebook.com/InterContinentalMarineDrive), Twitter (https://twitter.com/InterConMD) and Instagram (http://instagram.com/interconmd) to stay updated about our upcoming events.




December 31,2014

Best View

One of the most Spectacular view with great music in cool breezy climate..need to have more on food..
  • Dome, Intercontinental Marine Driveimage
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Mr. Shah,

Thank you for visiting Dome at InterContinental Marine Drive. We are delighted to hear that you enjoyed the ambience at Dome. We have noted down your feedback regarding the food.

We look forward to seeing you again so you may have the opportunity to experience our other Food and Beverage venues at InterContinental Marine Drive – Kebab Korner, Koh by Ian Kittichai and Long & Short.

Do visit our pages on Facebook (www.facebook.com/InterContinentalMarineDrive) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/InterConMD) and Instagram (http://instagram.com/interconmd) to stay updated about our upcoming events.


Aditya Thakkar - Burrp User

Aditya Thakkar

April 26,2014

Fell in love!!!

without doubt one of the best places in mumbai!!! went there with my fiancee on our 1st post engagement date and boy was she impressed!!! the place has got a breathtaking view of marine drive and the city. the food is great and so is the service and ambiance. music was also nice and classy and just loud enough for us to hear, both the music and each other. although i cudnt drink cuz i had to drive, bt i must admit their bar menu is pretty awesome.

all in all, like i said b4, one of the best places in mumbai

cheers to you guys at the dome!!!
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lindanit - Burrp User


April 11,2014

just okay

It didnt live upto my expectation. Maybe because I went at night. I think best time to visit is sunset time. The menu is very limited with hardly any options to chose from. Loved the tiramusu cake though! Simply awesome
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VVG_burrp - Burrp User


January 20,2014

Not many better places in Mumbai than Dome

Dome makes you feel good. It makes you feel like bringing your mother here. Your father. Your significant other. Your business colleague. Everyone and anyone. You want to show them why you like Mumbai so much. You want them to experience the glamour of the Queen’s Necklace from the best vantage point. A premium place with premium prices, but a beyond premium experience. Must visit!
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sanchijain89 - Burrp User


December 17,2013

white nude

Had heard about Dome at the Intercontinental but went just last month. It was on the eve of my birthday that me and my wife went there. The lighting and music is great. The music could be a bit louder at some tables so anyone wanting to just listen to it and not talk can indulge.
The view of Marine Drive from the top is breathtaking, just that if you sit on any of the tables outside you wouldn't see it till you actually go up to the railing. The staff is very friendly, they suggested us another table inside to get a better ambiance and view which is a rare quality today! The food is amazing too, the taste is great with a decent serving portion...again a rare situation these days.
Overall a great place to go for a dinner date and chill by the sea view with some lounge music and a drink.
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Nishima Avasthi - Burrp User

Nishima Avasthi

December 09,2013

Not a good experience

Reserved a table for wedding anniversary but due to traffic we reached half an hour late and without checking with us our seat was gone. Had to sit on a high chair. Later we requested for a shift to a sofa but we were denied saying some big group to be expected. Snacks are limited and in that also chef's special sushi and paneer pudina stuff was yuck in taste. Requested to parcel the cake but even the candle was packed which was submerged inside the cake. Thankfully we saved ourselves from eating it.The view was good. It is better if one reaches before sunset and doesn't order much for snacking.
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Shailesh Singh - Burrp User

Shailesh Singh

December 09,2013

Okay Only

Food --
Don't go with a lot of hope, the place is just Okay for anything you eat. You may not find services that great as multiple people keep dropping into you to serve you better (kind of) and as it happens you cant build an ordering pattern or take suggestions. Anyways it s not for dining however if you are not a alcoholic or lets say driving (as it happened with me) , even the offerings wont go great for you ;)

It s decent , if you reach just about 5.30 and get a sea side table , you see sunset and the feel is great. However if you are hooked to those high rise , I am telling you , you will feel erratic after sometime unless you are under the influence of alcohol. Still i would give full marks as the view you get for the sea takes you to another world for a while. Newcomers can try with a caution (don't spend much time & money ;) )

They are average , some are good & some are reasonable only. Experience may vary!

Prices -
No doubt you don't expect them to be generous on your wallet ;) so be watchful of time and order , as well as the reason why are you there

To summarise , go , watch sunset , take a quick drink and byte! Go home or find a good place for dining
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Sahil Mohan - Burrp User

Sahil Mohan

November 13,2013

Worst Place Ever I am ever be at

I have not visited or dined at this place, but today I called up at the given number to enquire about the Buffet Dinner. The person at the reception transferred me to the the other department and I was kept on hold for 5 mins 39 secs.

This is a good example to understand what lies ahead.
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Anuj Kapadia - Burrp User

Anuj Kapadia

November 06,2013

Racial discrimination

Reposting this since it appears the hotel really values feedback and has already deleted my detailed review. My wife and I went for a quiet evening of drinks and food to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I had called in and made a reservation earlier in the day, mentioning the special occasion. When we first arrived at Dome, just in time for the sunset, we asked for a table near the water and were rudely informed by the girl at the reception counter that it was meant only for people who spent over Rs. 15,000. This was surprising considering I had never heard of this "rule" before, and it didn't seem like it was uniformly applied (e.g. there were two regular guys at a large window side sofa area, meant for 8, enjoying beers and a few snacks). We were escorted to a low 4 seater table just across the bar where the chairs were very low and uncomfortable, and we couldn't even see over the neighbouring tables - defeating the purpose of going to Dome in the first place. We asked if we could at least take one of the bar stool tables, so that we could enjoy the view. It was still uncomfortable for me especially with the legroom, but we were trying to make the most of the moment. Shortly, we saw two European women walk in and seat themselves on the neighbouring bar stools. Within a few minutes, they were ushered over to one of the large empty sofa seats with the water views! Livid, I walked over to the reception area, where I was informed by the manager that they were offered the sofa seating because they were 'too tall' for the bar stools! I was so angry and asked why they assumed (a) I am not going to spend 15K (which the girl then conveniently changed to 10K when I quoted this) and (b) that I, being taller than those women, was comfortable on a bar stool! I told that manager that I did not appreciate his apparent racial discrimination. The manager then tried to salvage the situation by offering us a nice two seater in the corner of the rooftop lounge, overlooking the sea. This had been empty from the outset, and had we been seated here, I would have no reason for this review. As we sat down there, having been shuffled around twice in 10 minutes and missed the sunset, he also casually informed us that we would need to vacate the table by 8:00pm (it was 6:45pm at the time), and suggested that an hour and fifteen minutes should be plenty. The reason was that it had been pre-booked by someone else! I have no clue as to why my reservation did not merit this table. At this point, we were too tired to fight on the timing, and had dinner plans elsewhere anyway. But a classy hotel like the Intercontinental didn't have to explicitly mention this after our already sour experience, especially considering the occasion! To compound this, my wife's drink wasn't up to par (it was a simple whiskey sour) - however, the server did take the drink back and tried to give her something she liked. In a nutshell, if I'm expected to dole out top rupee for a major brand, where I'm met with discriminatory service and a sour attitude plus can't enjoy the ambience, I don't see myself patronizing the Dome / Intercontinental again. There are plenty of far better establishments in the city that I'm willing to pay for.
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kashraj - Burrp User


October 13,2013

Ambience excellent, food menu limited

This is a great date place. You can definitely wine your loved one here, but don't count on dining her here, since the food menu is paltry at best. Make separate reservations for food elsewhere.
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dharman_2410 - Burrp User


August 03,2013

Romantic to its nature

What a place !!! Whatever words I use are not enough to describe it !! The unobstructed panoramic view of the Maximum city, with the stark juxtapositions of the glitzy queens necklace !! The Place Is Quiet Expensive And The Crowd Here Is Upper Class Business Elite's. All About The Place Is Ambiance. It has everything. At night it give a feeling of you being outside India.
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Jayashri  - Burrp User


April 19,2013

Best view in SoBo

When one has to decide on ways to spend some great time with loved ones in South Mumbai, Dome rules. Dome is the open air lounge and roof top restaurant at the Hotel Intercontinental whose marvellous location simply takes your breath away. They serve an array of snacks with drinks and hold food festivals from time to time according to the flavour of the season. The place is frequented by the young and stylish crowd of Mumbai as well as the business people. Yes, the prices are certainly not what one would call reasonable but the same seems justified as just watching the blue Arabian sea, the beautiful sunset and the landscape view of the sparkling Queens necklace from this fantastic place will ensure that celebrating your special occasion at Dome remains a memorable one.
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Bhavya Kaushik - Burrp User

Bhavya Kaushik

April 02,2013

Average Experience

Its a place for everyone - A hang-out place for GROUP,A romantic place for COUPLE, A business TREAT place !! I went to this place after monsoon and as a result they covered the terrace lounge which made the ambiance very bad considering its location at Marine Drive but overall I feel it was very expensive (I Had 1 Starter And 3 Drinks For like 2700 bucks) !!
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Monil Shah - Burrp User

Monil Shah

April 01,2013

marine view

This is the perfect place to have the necklace view of amazing n gorgeous marine drive u can seat by the pool have yur food wih yur fav drinks a quite sophasticated n expensive but ntng can be better then this
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Shahnaz Halai - Burrp User

Shahnaz Halai

January 03,2013

Need to try out some more

I had been to this place just once, as a part of an interview ;). This was more than a year ago.
Although, it was a bit formal for me and I had only tried coffee and a smoke on the terrace, it was an awesome experience for me.
To view the queen's necklace from the top and they also have an infinity pool nearby.
You can even sit back and relax by the pool!
More than anything I think it was just the location and the ambience for me!!
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baracuda76 - Burrp User


May 29,2012

Seriously over hyped !

Went there last weekend..
Good for : Location, Ambiance, staff.
Disappointments :
Only 3 beers were available out of 9-10 listed in the menu,
It took them half an hour to get a starter !
We had ordered chicken Afghani, Bade Miya's chicken is 10 times better than those lumps of meat !
They don't serve main course, I'm writing this because someone has recommended it for a long dinner, for that you'll have to shift to the first floor, if your idea of dinner is starters n snacks then go ahead !

The trade off was huge for the sake of the view and ambiance !
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Swati  - Burrp User


April 15,2012

You deserve to be here!

I was slogging the whole of last year, and yearning for things to fall into place. And when they did, there was no other better place I wanted to be at than here. And the place did justice as the ambience, staff and food really make you feel like you desrved to be there.

Ambience: The lovely evening breeze set up against the magnificent view of the marine drive is breathtaking. Add to that, the music was just perfect moving from lounge music at 8 to house around 10pm. The AC inside the dome however, could do with a stronger cooling in this clammy weather.

Service: As we waited for a table outside, we were ushered into the plus velvet dome. The service was courteous, quick and also gave suggestions from the wine menu. They were gracious enough to inform that there was a table available outside so in case we wanted to enjoy the lovely breeze, they would help us set the table outside. That's the type of service that hits the spot.

Food: We ordered the asparagus tempura sushi which was just perfect! And had merlot wine to go along with it. The quantity however, is not really something that can fill your stomach. but the taste definitely wins here.

Unlike most 5 star restaurants, they have no qualms about pictures being taken. Afterall, you are playing for the view first. A shot of Absinthe, a glass of wine and the sushi set us back by Rs 2700 but do add this place to your to-go list if you are ever in Mumbai.
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Rashmi  - Burrp User


January 27,2012


Dome is an overhyped place.Me and my husband visited this place as it was my birthday and i think it was a very wrong decision as it was neither romantic nor was the food good.
Drinks were average.
Service very bad.
Food was salty and no taste at all.
Anything we ordered like some lobster dish and chicken dish ,all were pathetic.
Its overpriced. I would suggest Aer which has better view and better food.
Not recommended.
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Gita Baratam - Burrp User

Gita Baratam

November 17,2011

Never Again

Positives: Location, Courteousness of Staff & Indian items on the menu
Negatives: Whatever else you can think of

I'd been wanting to visit this place ever since I'd moved to Bombay, what a letdown! Firstly, the seating is SO BAD, the sofas are huge and the tables in between are so bulky that there's no space to keep your legs, so we had to sit with our legs stretched out and anyone not looking where they were going may have tripped over our feet.
The mushrooms were tasteless, I can make better stuffed mushrooms! Why do most Indian restaurants use ONLY Button mushrooms? There are others available which taste much better, even our desi mushrooms taste better. Anyway, since we told them that the mushrooms were tasteless, they compensated for it with an achari paneer tikka, which was good, but very heavy. The Tempura was not at all crisp and came to our table at room temperature.

Why do restaurants have drinks on their menu and not in their bar?? After the food fiasco, not getting what we would have liked in drinks was very disappointing.
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Ashwini Menon - Burrp User

Ashwini Menon

November 09,2011

Cool Creperie!

People who like having good food must visit this place. It has a nice cosy feel...brightly lit. Good service. Last but not the least.... good, light, healthy food.
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pacmangs1 - Burrp User


October 19,2011

hyped sobo place...

was there last month...it is now not open air as it used to be...so without ac ur sweating like a pschyo without any breeze...no music...boring...boring...
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Pranav Modi - Burrp User

Pranav Modi

September 11,2011

One of the best places for a date!!!

It was Saturday evening, and i decided to go with my fiancee to Dome coz i had heard a lot about it. As soon as you enter, you have a magnificent view of the marine drive. its a paisa vasool view :)
There are only 2 corner tables for two ppl and they take reservations for table only before 8.30. So make sure that you have things already planned. Idle time to go there would be around 6.30ish where you can view the sun set.
They have a decent variety of cocktails. We ordered Long island ice tea and mojito. Both were well prepared. They have a limited menu for food.

But all in all AWESOME experience. Awesome view, Awesome ambience and the staff is really courteous... 5 Stars to Dome :)

P.S.: I didnt find the place so expensive. The place is worth it when you got all the above mentioned things under one roof.
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Ritu Kapadia - Burrp User

Ritu Kapadia

April 02,2011

If you want class, then here it is :)

I was here for a romantic dinner. I think it is one place where if someone proposes to you, it is impossible to deny it.

Lovely location.
Best during winter evenings.
Great ambience.
Good food.
Friendly staff.

Service could be a little more better.
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magix - Burrp User


January 25,2011

Awsome Crowd !!!

Good place, not good staff....we waited for 1.half hr still didd find the decent place to sit....still the view of Queen;s Necklace is awsome loved it....crwd was too sexy.... liked it ;)
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Rhea  - Burrp User


January 19,2011

Heave on earth

Well even if he isn't prince charming and your dating a frog the place turns the frog into a prince its a dream truly worth dreaming over and over again not boring at all the food good but the wines are great as well as their Saturday nights very stylish and sexy! Must splurge Princesses
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Vishal Salunkhe - Burrp User

Vishal Salunkhe

September 06,2010

Magical Ambiance - Avergae food

It was her Birthday and I wanted it to be special !!

With this in mind, I screened all the places possible for a perfect evening dinner - after thinking about all the suburban and town based star hotels, I decided to try out The Dome. I was a regular at the Czar Bar on the ground floor, and the food starters served there were surprisingly good for a place that should be better known for its bartenders and cocktails (being a disc)... This made me try out the Dome on the D Day..

1st impression was the impeccable service - which is an expectation from any star hotel. 2nd and the lasting impression was the ambiance / decor and the view of the queens necklace... It was a surprisingly pleasant evening and we decided to sit outside next to the wall. It was diwali time and there were crackers all around us welcoming us to the night sky.

The menu had a very limited choice and this really put us off for a while .. We ordered a Vodka Cocktail and Teachers + coke. For food it was a veg sushi for the lady and a steak main course for me. The Sushi was good in terms of taste authenticity, but I disapprove the concept of a vegetarian SUSHI in the first place. The meat quality of the steak was strictly average but the sauce was excellent.

I luckily happened to bump into the Duty Manager who happened to be my school friend, which gave us an extra prompt and courteous service in the 2nd half... It was all in all a wonderful experience..

Service: 4 on 5
Ambiance 5 on 5
Food: 2 on 5

Go to this place only if you want to go on a long dinner and impress your better half, do not have much expectations from the food - but be rest assured that you would have a flawless date !!
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Sal  - Burrp User


June 14,2010

Best LIIT in Mumbai

Get there early to get a good table and watch the sunset. I think all the reviews have covered most but all I wanted to add is have the Long Island Ice Tea. Served in a tall glass,its the best in Mumbai with just the right amount of alcohol.
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February 02,2010

A place like a painting!!!!

A charming, open air place looking into the Arabian, well done up and how!! Truly breathtaking! Suggestion: Go to make a date memorable - avoid if you have a bunch of noisy friends...let others have a memorable date :)
Warning: Packed even at 12.00 am on a weeknight!
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Abhisek Guha - Burrp User

Abhisek Guha

December 16,2009

Just a Perfect Place!

This is a place where hanging out with friends/partner is something worth memorable. I have been there one Saturday night at around 12.30, am reached there from Leopold, we had 2 Dutch friends, and the charm of this place left them spellbound!
Once you reach the top level (8th floor) the swimming pool is on the right side 7/8 step up, it is open air, though the pool is swimmable only if your age is near 5 years :) just take a cushion, a long glass of wine or any drink and relax in the cozy bed with beat of music. Clear white semi inclined sofa with a glass made short table in between. The other section is wider dining place, here the architect is different, normal seating posture. Anyways wherever you choose your place you can see the mesmerizing view of marine drive & wide alignment of queen’s necklace which will no doubt refresh your mood!
Pricing is very cool here just around 600/- for a cocktail with tax [the maximum I have ever paid for a 30 minutes drink ;-) ] we did not take much food, but those tastes just O.k. got some Bingo things as compliment with Long Ice Tea..lolls. The waiters are humble and co-operative as I felt.
Over all very good place to visit once in a while specially if u have any memorable day to cherish.
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Miki N - Burrp User

Miki N

August 26,2009

Yes, the view

5 stars for the view, location, service, ambience, and menu. A star off coz it can get hot in there when the AC is off.
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Mumbai Moo - Burrp User

Mumbai Moo

June 14,2009

Tequila sunrise meets Mumbai sunset

The high cost of the drinks makes this the perfect place to save for a special celebration or a treat.

Arrive at around 6.30pm to bag a good seat, and make a quick prayer for a clear sunset, then sit back, relax and unwind in the Spanish feel of this 7th floor bar.

It will be difficult to leave, even long after the sun has gone down...
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Priyanka P - Burrp User

Priyanka P

June 09,2009

Awesome view, great cocktails

The view here is what makes us return to this place. They have already put up white tents in preparation for the monsoon so I guess, I will back here in the monsoons as well. If you want good ambiance and not-so-bad food, this is the place to go. The drinks and the view are what you are paying for. I never had so huge a serving of Long Island Tea as the one here. The food is nothing great, but not bad either.
The seating is a little low and arranged in a way to not encourage much talking. I love the all-white decor.
Stay off the food and you might say that this place is worth the bill.
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The Shah - Burrp User

The Shah

January 15,2009


Weather permitting - this is the most spectacular establisment in Mumbai - hands down. Dec / Jan - are the most favoured months. They have started serving dinner from both the hotel restaurants now - which fills in the food gap. Only gripe is that it's pricey - dinner for two with a few rounds of drinks is easily Rs 5000 - 6000.
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Piyush Suri - Burrp User

Piyush Suri

September 24,2008

Great view and drinks!

This place has a great view and I just love the drinks. Perfect for a date or hanging out with team mates. Music is not that great. Service was prompt and courteous.
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

September 14,2008

Expensive, but the drinks are good!

I've kinda frequented this place 3-4 times of late, and each time it grows on you. Getting here in the rains is an absolutely lovely time, but, sob, sob, I get here with business associates more often than romantic interests!

Nevertheless, these guys at the Interconti make you comfortable and get you some of the best drinks around. Like they have this huge 600 ml Long Island Iced Tea, which took me an amusing hour and a half to complete, while my buddy was 6 mohitos down in the same time! :) They have a nice selection of beer also. and it all kind of nicely falls into place

Good place for a business meeting or a date!
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Zishaan Hayath - Burrp User

Zishaan Hayath

June 18,2008

Great location, pathetic food

The location is simply awesome. Everyone knows it by now.

But the food really sucks here. We ordered prawns to go with the drinks, and I haven't had such bad prawns in any 5-star in India.

Couple of drinks, one starter, two desserts came to 3,500.

Go for the place, not for the food. And stick to food they can't mess up.
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savino_gayatri - Burrp User


March 22,2008

Only thing going for it is the ambience

Its beautiful, no doubt. But if you order some snacks and expect it to taste good, you're in for a rude shock. I was warned about the food but thought, no restaurant can be THAT bad. I changed my mind instantly. Everything including the soya sauce has more salt than the arabian sea.
We had seats by the edge, which made the ambience even better, but the seats are not comfortable. Maybe its because I'm short, but I had to sit forward most of the night to be able to hear what my husband was saying, over all the music. Had a back ache at the end of it.
I must add the cocktails are good..
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Gail Arkless - Burrp User

Gail Arkless

May 13,2007

Go for the ambience

Sitting high up above Marine Drive the Dome is a gorgeous place to chill out. Large white sofas, low tables, oil burners add to the relaxed atmosphere. The drinks menu is reasonably long if not reasonably priced, but this isn't an every day bar. Its a special occasion, date, birthday place.
Its not the place to come to eat though. The tepenyaki and sushi is only average and at the price they charge, not good value for money. The crab tasted tinned and the sushi rice did not appear to be the real deal. It also has the tamest wasabi I have ever come across!
Go to see and be seen, its what its best at.
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Deepak Shahdadpuri - Burrp User

Deepak Shahdadpuri

May 13,2007

One of a kind - one of my top 10 places in Bombay

I like Dome. The view, the ambience, the service and the vibe. We should up at about 10:30pm on Sat night with 4 month old Rohan. When we got to the rooftop, the place was very busy with no tables available. Anyway, we were told that children were not allowed. I tried to argue that Rohan is technically an infant (under 2 years old) and not a child. Didn't work.

BUT they did say we could get a table at the poolside on the big lounge beds which was perfect. We were very comfortable with our glasses of Sula Dindori Reserves whilst Rohan was bobbing away to the chilled house music pumping from the speakers. We shared the Lindt molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (20 min cooking time).

Awesome evening - great view of the queens necklace, fireworks somewhere in Colaba, very good service and the first time Rohan had been out past 10 pm and was enjoying every minute of it.
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Gaurav Jain - Burrp User

Gaurav Jain

December 16,2006


Excellent view, fantastic decor, the sun goes down and the romance quotient goes up. A great place to bring a date.
The food is ok, the desserts good, the drinks over priced however. Still worth a visit once in a while.
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Roshan DSilva - Burrp User

Roshan DSilva

December 12,2006

Romantic and Cosy

This is the place for a romantic evening out. The view is splendid -you can see the entire queen's necklace and me and my better half have always managed to pick times when we get to see some fireworks :-) (don't ask me how!!). The food is nice though we've never had a full meal - just snacks, a few drinks and the right company make it a great place to go. A definitely must visit for all the mumbai romantics.
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Vineet Prakash - Burrp User

Vineet Prakash

December 31,2016

good place to dine out

best placebest placebest placebest placebest placebest placebest place
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