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ruchaghag - Burrp User


May 16,2014

must go

We always hit china gate when my girls and I meet to catch up, lots of seating, great ambiance, hospitable and reasonably priced food. I personally love their chicken Malaysian noodles and chicken dumplings. All in all its a great place to grab authentic Chinese food.
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J  - Burrp User


February 07,2014

Yumee Chineseeee

This is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in this city, the food is just yumeee, i love the corn which they serve.Located centrally in the heart of bandra this in one place you cannot miss. They also have a branch at andheri which is also as good.
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nuttycrunch - Burrp User


September 18,2013

Worst Experience

CHINA GATE, BANDRA, was always my first choice for Chinese food, I Always believed if "IF ITS CHINESE,ITS CHINA GATE".........
But no longer I believe in it, Last time when I was there on 14th Sept,even after having a booking I had to wait for 30mins, finally I got table, service was very slow, food had no taste, and when I called the steward and asked him he was trying to give some explanations which was going over my head, so I called for the manager, looking at me he first ignored and then showing off as he is very busy went inside the kitchen and couldn't be seen next 30mins.If such are managers then its better to run a restaurant without a manager,atleast the company will save some money, and guest will have satisfaction of not getting ignored. So long I knew that in hotel industry guest are known as god, but sorry to see this.
I just paid money and left the place. SAD SAD!! SAD!!
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kewa31  - Burrp User


August 17,2013

Good Experience

Nice chinese restaurant in town.
value for money.
tasteful and variety of starters.
soups were amazing too.
good ambience!
And quick service!!
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Ashmita Malhotra - Burrp User

Ashmita Malhotra

August 03,2013

lovely place

China Gate, probably the best chinese i have had in the city. This place has never dissappointed me at all whatever i ordered from their menu. One of my friend made me have fish in oyster sauce wiyh steamed rice. Now whenever i go there its a must dish for me. Totally love it. A little expensive on the pocket thiugh but will not at all dissapoiny you with their food.
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FairReviews - Burrp User


July 28,2013

A great chinese restraunt

China gate never disappoints. A wide variety of appetizers and entrees are available. The black bean sizzler with manthao bread is a personal favorite and always manages to amaze. The pricing is a bit steep but at the end of the day, definitely worth it. The ambience is decent and is usually vibrant and rather exciting. The service is decent.
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Manmohan Mehta - Burrp User

Manmohan Mehta

July 27,2013

My Fav chinese place

China Gate has never ever disappointed me - everything on the menu is great but the outstanding dish has to be the Chicken Black Bean sizzler with the Manthao chinese bread !
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chocodip - Burrp User


July 06,2013

Unpleasant experience!

I made a booking at the restaurant for a table of 3 people at 8 pm and requested them to ensure the service was good since it was my friend's birthday. Sadly enough, none of that happened. The Asian guys taking the order (not sure if they're Chinese or Nepalese) were okay in terms of customer service. He recommended a few dishes and had a polite demeanour. However, the rest of the staff who were Indians had no clue whatsoever. They couldn't understand English, took time to serve us and it made us think that the restaurant was trying to fool customers by just having some Chinese looking guy who was good at taking orders to provide an authentic Chinese restaurant feeling. The food was lacklustre and very very average. Had better Chinese food at other restaurants. We ordered Sesame Chicken as starters that hadn't even been cooked properly and had chewy bits in it. The Corn Cream was passé and the soups were devoid of any flavours. There was nothing special about the China Gate Special soup which was supposed to have crabmeat, fish, prawns etc in it. I barely saw 2 prawns and no taste of the crabmeat or fish to be honest.
The main course again, failed to please. The egg fried rice was strictly ok and the Shanghai Chicken didn't really satiate our taste buds. This was highly recommended by the guy who took our orders.
There was something else which really bothered us as well. We had a group of foreigners who were sitting at a table infront of us and had been provided with napkins. None of the staff bothered to keep napkins on our table. When we asked if we could have some, the waiter said that they'd run out of them! Ridiculous! He brought tissue napkins instead but we could see that there were cloth napkins on another table and asked him to bring them over, after which he did. What was that really? We get discriminated in our own country whilst the foreigners get pleased!
Gave them the benefit of doubt thinking that perhaps it was a momentary lapse of service but the final blow was when we asked the staff to cut our cake in half and pack it in two separate containers so that 2 of us could take it home. There were some chocolate decorations on the cake that were removed and probably eaten by them because they simply disappeared and were never given to us in our respective boxes (we double checked this).
I'm saddened by the fact that inspite of calling up to book a table and requesting for good customer service, we didn't get any of that.
Definitely not visiting the restaurant again, no thank you.
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Kumail Mukadam - Burrp User

Kumail Mukadam

June 28,2013

Indianized Chinese

Somehow, though they try to be authentic, i do feel that their dishes are Indianized to a certain extent. I'm not saying they are not good, just that they aren't "Authentic". Overall is is your normal slightly upper end reasonably priced restaurant which i used to enjoy untill recently when it was shifted to the 2nd floor (or 3rd). Earlier the ambience featured alot of mood lighting coupled with Chinese artifacts whereas now its just Dark! Thee food is the same though.
It is said that we eat with our eyes and if you can't see properly what you are eating you cannot enjoy your food. My al time favourites include Prawns in red chilly, Burnt garlic fried rice and their Red Snapper.
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ryan0311 - Burrp User


June 08,2013

Horrible Valet Service !

I visited China Gate, Bandra last night...
The valet service has been given raincoats instead of umbrellas...

These guys have ruined my car seat when they returned the car.. since it was a rainy night.

Absolutely unacceptable !!

If its a rainy day... watch out....
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October 11,2012


very authentic chinese food ! 10/10
tasteful decor 10/10
soft lighting 10/10
good service 10/10
never crowded 10/10
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mmoushumi - Burrp User


June 07,2012

Timeless Chinese

Chinagate bandra -
Food - Absolute value for money , delicious and fabulous
Recommend - Fish in Black bean sauce / coriander sauce
pork/ beef chilly - yummmzzzz
Prawns in red chilly
Egg Fried Rice
Service : Quick , efficient , attentive

Great Place for a family dinner but just wish that it was more spacious , with too many guests this place becomes very noisy .
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hituu92 - Burrp User


February 28,2012


China Gate was my favorite chinese restaurant few years back, but with its growth in size the food quality has stooped to a low. The last 2 times i went there, i left with a BAD experience. Food was not cooked well, and was not even tasty. The last time i was there, i was welcomed with a swarm of MOSQUITOES and also i was surprised by a COCKROACH on my foot. When informed the waiters, they turned away and acted STUPID as if they were asked to build a rocket ship. NOTHING was done to make my experience better, and in anger i stormed out informing the manager about how unpleasant my experience was.
I will surely never enter this restaurant again, and neither will anybody I know, because even after informing them about this I did not get a vibe that anything will be done regarding this situation, or make my next visit better.

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Akhil  - Burrp User


February 10,2012

Sometimes Good sometimes not

China Gate is a proper mixed bag... you need to pray before you enter the restaurant. Sometimes the food is great but sometimes it could be the worst meal.

I dont know why they cannot be consistent with their food??
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Poorti Pawar - Burrp User

Poorti Pawar

February 05,2012

One of the best Authentic Chinese Restaurant

Visited this much talked about place for our Anniversary Dinner.. Reservations were done in advance,hence was not much of a problem getting a good seat... The place was pretty crowded considering the weekday.
The place is totally group friendly,hence you can listen to people chatting or laughing too loudly and it can disturb your lovely romantic evening a little... but the food overcomes everything.. Had splendid four course meal.. veg dumpling soup, glazing chicken with veggies, Mexican pot rice and chicken Thai basil noodles..Everything was simply yummy tasting... and more importantly, all of this for only Rs.1100/- ...We were simply amazed...!!!
Here,prawns dishes are very pricey hence we stuck to chicken n veggie dishes which were splendid.. Had our tummy full of delightful food & sweet memories of a wonderful evening.. Total thumbs up for this place.. Going to visit this place again for sure...

Food Quality__ 5/5
Food quantity__4/5
Ambiance__ 4/5
Service__ 4.5/5
Value for money__ 5/5
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Sumon Gantait - Burrp User

Sumon Gantait

December 09,2011

Authentic Chinese

We recently visited this place to celebrate my friend's birthday. The place is good, service was decent. Really liked the crab meat soup. Also Grilled-chicken-black-bean was awesome. Some real authentic Chinese, bit over priced. For 4 of us the bill was 2250/-.
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kato99 - Burrp User


November 28,2011

Great place ! - but no desserts on weekends !!!!!

We (8 of us) ad dinner here on Sat 26/11 and uniformly had a great time. The ambience is great and the food was very good. The soup quantity is huge - and the other portions are great as well.

For 8 people, having a round table was most comfortable. The total bill was around Rs 2,400/- which we found to be reasonable.

After the meal, we were all in the mood for either honey noodles or date pancakes - with icecream. We were informed that they do not serve these desserts on fri/sat/sun ! Apparently, these take long to make and I guess guests also linger over these - hence occupy the tables for a much longer time ! The other standard desserts were available.

As a business, they do not want the guests to occupy their tables for too long - especially during the busy weekend time ! I think their sister concern RedBox also follows the same policy. So none of the exotic desserts are available on weekends !

This was unfortunate - hence the 4 starts.Else, I would give 4.5 stars to the place.
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mr_moody - Burrp User


October 19,2011

Good Experience

Went to the restaurant with my family, tasty food, prompt service great ambience... The family really enjoyed.. the only problem is its a little too noisy...
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Gunny McGee - Burrp User

Gunny McGee

June 30,2011

Great food but too expensive

Love China Gate. The Jade Rolls are amazing and overall the place, aside from being a little too stuffy and formal, is fantastic, quality-wise. Portions are a little on the small side though and overall the food's too expensive. There are always two of us and we order one starter, one entree, an extra rice, and no drinks other than water, and the bill comes to as much as other places where we both order entrees and eat well. You shouldn't feel ripped off and hungry when you're done with a meal at a good restaurant.
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Vishal Sinha - Burrp User

Vishal Sinha

May 13,2011

apna chinese place

This is our all time go to place for Chinese in Bandra when I am visiting my sister and bro-in-law who work in Bandra. Maybe it is because we have been coming here for so many years and the folks @ China Gate know us, but our visits have always been good. We like the food here and the guys always customize the dish to our liking too.

Staff has been friendly most of the times so we have no complaints for this place.
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j_arian - Burrp User


December 16,2010

Lost its Glory!!

This place used to be buzzing for all the right reasons at one time... Now its just running cause of its name!!!
went their to celebrate a friends promotion and man was it awful!!!
They took us to this remote corner where they got all these beams and the place was stinking like someone removed their socks!!! the service was fast once we ordered but the food was terrible.. and they got us water after 15 minutes before they took our order!!
we ordered the crabmeat soup which was ok but the portion was only 4 soup spoons worth... Disgusted with tht we ordered a chicken fried rice and Tiger Prwn in chilli garlic sauce.. the rice came in and then they told us they didnt have tiger prawns .. changed our order to chicken hunan thn which atleast came fast.... I used to love this place but going by their current confused method its gonna tank soon..
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ItsRayna  - Burrp User


December 07,2010

horror in my soup

I went to China gate with my family despite its bad reputation and the only reason being that Mainland china was full. We called for a round of soup and starters...I had a few sips of my soup and suddenly I felt like something was lodged in my throat. My sister asked me to gulp down some water but I was too scared to do that because a fairly big piece was stuck inside...I thought maybe its a bone? I wasn't sure but luckily, I didn't drink any water, I tried to cough hard and spit it out instead....to my horror it was a piece of metal!!! My family was furious and we immediately called the manager. Can you believe what he said? He just took the metal piece away, said sorry-sorry-madam and walked away! Hello... the piece could have scraped my throat..anything could have happened...It was a big piece! I wish I could just sue these guys.... but we were so hungry and frustrated we just walked out. Burp team please teach them a lesson!!
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boss21 - Burrp User


November 26,2010


orderd a veg sezwan fired rice and a panner in chilli garlic sauce , found egg in the veg sezwan rice , panner tasted weird , landed with hardcore acidity and a stomach problem within 2 hrs , and the service was horrible , the waiter wanted to know in advance how much i was gonna tip him , and got a torn note as change . .............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
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machete - Burrp User


October 14,2010

not a recommend anymore

I think if a restaurant can't get its soups rite then i don't know what to say .. its one of the days that a bunch of us decided to head out for some soup, so we decide chal lets try china gate .. we ordered the chicken hot and sour, the china gate special soup and the veg soup .. all three soups din't have salt, the hot and sour was ordinary, if i wanted something like this i would have headed for cater rd, the "special" soup was awful, the fish used was not fresh at all and it was smelly .. we decided to order a starter as my friends are fish lover and were ready to risk the food saying that maybe they are having a bad day with soups .. the Tshing hai in fish was ordered, surprise surprise .. disappointment again, i have been to china gate during my college days numerous times and the food was really great .. well that was some 6 years ago but now the quality of food it at the low, not sure why ppl still prefer going there, actually come to think of it why did we go there :p
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August 05,2010


i doubt that even my dog would eat this shit. the service is BAD they have got some uneducated untrained boys from some slum and also i am sure the cook has left them as the food tastes as if i am eating from the road side hawker

the music is over and soon i expect this restaurant to shut down .
there is no management very non professional I HATE IT !
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snm1981 - Burrp User


July 19,2010


its overrated went for a big family dinner none of us liked the food..

noodles were ok, chicken was average well done but beef suckyyy , not worth it ....wont go back again
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Seemant Kaul - Burrp User

Seemant Kaul

May 20,2010

Chop-Stick Fun

We went there for a casual lunch, and it ended up in a lot of fun.
The food is good, authentic Chinese. The prices are towards high side. Staff is very polite and quick at serving.
if u go here, ask for chop-sticks and learn to eat with them...the staff trains you in them, and after that have fun with it. :)
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Alan De Mello - Burrp User

Alan De Mello

May 02,2010

not if you're spoiled for choice.

the servers don't know the menu. a server says one thing about a dish, the maitre 'd says entirely the opposite. i had to wait 45 minutes to eat, because they fucked up my order twice.

also, i ordered black label, and they gave me red. who DOES that?

on the plus side, the kitchen is open late.
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Tanya D - Burrp User

Tanya D

April 21,2010


If u relish chinese and ready to shell out some cash donot ever miss this place...even for the price i say the food here is absolutely evry pennies worth....Awesome to the core in evrything ....ambience, food, service, etc etc ...u name it and its the best here
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Rajesh Rebello - Burrp User

Rajesh Rebello

December 23,2009

Good Chinese Cuisine

They are among the best chinese restaurants in town, good ambience, although not purely chinese, but certainly a meal you will appreciate.
It gets a little crowded in the evenings, and a lot during weekends, but then its expected given the location that it is in.
Although there are better options for chinese, this place is worth a try !
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pankajasthaana - Burrp User


November 12,2009

Keeps me coming back

Another place I thoroughly enjoy, but if you're one who rates the overall experience higher than the food, then this might leave you disappointed in parts.

I have been visiting this place for a few years now. Its consistent. Some claim that the food is not authentic Chinese, and I would tend to agree that it has been modified to suit the local palette. If your not a purist, you're likely to enjoy the food.

The place tends to get quite crowded in the evening. I've had to wait on a few occassions during lunch time as well.

Like many Bandra restaurants, this place attracts the rich wives' kitty party groups during lunch time (even witnessed the phenomenon at Salt Water Cafe!!). Things could get noisy and the sound of ladies shouting out numbers as they play their games might be disconcerting to some. Like I said, I go there for the food and remain fairly insulated to sound when I eat. Yet if you want to avoid running the risk, its recommended to visit in the evening when it would still be noisy, but the chatter would be more of the general hustle and bustle rather than from specific tables.

Valet parking is available and the better option to take. Generally efficient, I've had one experience of a mess up when they just forgot to call for the car and left us waiting well over 20 minutes.

The soups are very good. The Menchow, Talumein and Lung Fung soups are my staple choices. Plenty of options for starters for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, and thats one of the things I like about the place. The crispy fried lamb, jie jie chicken and dumplings (all kinds) are safe bets. Wooly chicken is a bit different and worth a try for the more adventurous. You'll be safe asking the waiters for their recommendations. Its worked for us over the years.

Never really paid attention to their bar menu, though I do believe they serve liqour and I remember an occassion when one of my colleagues ordered for beer.

The main course is also quite impressive. There is a vegetarian tarot's nest which is quite interesting. We love the Garlic Burnt Pot Rice and recommend it. Vegetarians have a good spread, and for the others you're safe to go with chicken, lamb and fish alike.

For desserts, options are few. We stick to the chocolate mousse, which we enjoy quite a bit and recommend.

Its reasonably priced and a meal for two would be in the range of Rs. 1,000.

Dont select this place for a nice personal cosy evening. You'd rather go to catch up with friends or just go for specific dishes of the menu that call you back.

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taranamalhotra - Burrp User


November 09,2009

Horrible restaurant

i went to china gate on 8th nov, 2009, food was ok, could not eat peacefully as waiters stand on your head, manager is useless, deserves a kick, as he allowed 2 drunk men to light cigartettes, upon my objection twice did he stop them. now i am going to file a complaing for allowing smoking in public place
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ItsRayna  - Burrp User


September 27,2009

stinky noodles, stinky service

i went to china gate for dinner and 3rd time had a bad experience. first we got a table for 4 and after our starters came, they asked us to shift to another table in some corner just because they wanted to join our table with the adjacent table for a bigger group. VERY VERY BAD. but looking at the big group waiting, we just moved.

the restaurant was hot and noisy, we just wanted to eat and get outta there asap! we wanted to call for main course. it took a while for us to get the waiter's attention. we finally ordered and it took very long to arrive. that's granted on a saturday night. but is it fair for food quality to be compromised just because there's a rush? our noodles were literally stinking!!!! so were the veggies in hunan sauce. the waiters were indifferent to our needs. they were running around. we called for virgin pinacolada and it came right at the END of our meal when it was time for desserts.

to sum it up, the service is horrible. the food is horrible. i guess china gate in bandra is crowded only due 2 convenient location.
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Tanvi S - Burrp User

Tanvi S

August 18,2009

It's just a name!

China Gate is not exactly the authentic chinese food. Yes, they do have a whole big menu but most of it is highly ok. Nothing gr8, there are better restaurants in Mumbai which serve Chinese food at the same prices.. So if u r going to this place only for the ambience and the cute chinese looking waitresses, there are better restaurants for that too..:)
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Aayush Chokhani - Burrp User

Aayush Chokhani

July 18,2009


China Gate

I went to this place on a weekday and walked in considerably late - so confortably got a table.

The valet parking guys are not so efficient, but finally managed to give my car to them.

The place is huge with good ambience, crockeries and lighting.

The service was good with waiters moving around eager to help.
Food was good. Specially the threaded paneer was damn tasty. I think they could have included something more to the vegeterian menu.

For better chinese I'd still recommend Mainland China or Aromas of China
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Suzie Jon - Burrp User

Suzie Jon

April 16,2009


good food...excellent ambience makes this place one of my fav joint. Though i prefer to be here dring the weekdays cuz weekends r always packed n the waiting periods r upto 45 min!!! Overall a nice n cozy place to go...
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Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

April 01,2009

Grossly Over-hyped!

I agree with Pratish, the Chinese tastes very "Indian". For authentic Chinese, I'd probably head to Ming Yang or Mainland China. But the food at China Gate is just about passable. I'm vegetarian, so here's what I called for (suggested by the manager):
- Tom Yum Soup: too spicy and oily
- Corn & WaterChestnut starter: Very good
- Burnt Garlic fried rice: huge uncooked pieces of garlic! Ugh!
- Mixed veggies in Hunan Sauce: Good

What makes me rate the place so poorly is the ambience and service. Although many may disagree, the restaurant is far from being romantic. It is packed with family-crowd most of the times, and is extremely noisy.
What's worse? The service is terrible! The staff is very arrogant and confused. The main manager there (I don't know his name) failed to suggest good wine! He had to summon a waiter to help him with that. And if you ask me to pay Rs.500-700 for this terrible service, I would roll my eyes.

The saving grace of this popular joint, is that it's one of the very few Chinese cuisine options in Bandra.
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Lisabelle Gonsalves - Burrp User

Lisabelle Gonsalves

February 25,2009

Perfect for a relaxing dinner

I dined at China Gate last Monday... and that's probably after 4 or 5 years. The place is still as great as it used to be.

The mood lighting and spaciousness of the restaurant create the perfect ambience for a relaxed evening. The music they play (probably from my parents' generation) completes the experience.

And just like the decor, the food was simply lovely. We ordered for the Chicken Pot Rice and a cantonese-style chicken. Don't quite remember the exact name. But the food arrived quickly which was a good thing because I was hungry.

I think China Gate is one of the few places that gives you authentic Chinese food -- mildly flavoured!

Oh and the best part is the prices. We paid just about Rs 700. :p How cool is that!
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Siddharth  - Burrp User


October 23,2008

great food, one of my favorite chinese restaurants

Quite contradictory to my review of the china gate branch inside croma, i have given this place which is the original china gate 5 stars:

i always make it a point to go to this restaurant when im in bombay. great food, tasty, well presented and fresh!! there is literally an explosion of flavors in your mouth as soon as you consume! some of my favorite items on the menu are spicy crab meat soup, the chicken manchow soup, the bean curd and shanghai-paneer (vegetarian appetizers), the chilly garlic prawns, sesame chicken (appetizers), the pot rice, roast pork chilly, schezwan fish......dont recall the other items but pretty much everything on the menu is gauranteed to be good. the sauces kept on the table itself are also very nice and good to be used as dips for your appetizers.

the service is prompt, friendly staff...no issues on the decor, ambience and hygiene level as well.

the only problem ive found at this place is that the waiting times for a table are really long and frustrating and it takes over 40 minutes on a normal weekday to finally get seated...weekends are a whole lot worse. however, i will go there for the food and experience if time permits. its usually 500-600 per head for dinner.
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Kiran DSouza - Burrp User

Kiran DSouza

October 21,2008

China Gate - A shade better than ok

It was the 20th of Sept and the Wife's b'day was during the week. She was in the mood of treating me and a visit to the Mount Mary church as also on the cards. Combining these too events together we finished the latter and were walking down Waterfield road trying to see what place we could end up having a decent meal at not a very obscene price. We chanced upon China Gate and decided that was the place for the treat.

We enter the restaurant and found that it had split levels which was kind of groovy as I have seen restaurants with a couple of levels but 3 - 4 levels ... well it was something else. It was around 8pm when we entered here and it being a Saturday expected it to be busy and possibly crowded. Luckily it was not. The captain was on hand with the menu and it took us some time to make up our minds. Once placing the order and while sipping on a Fresh Lime Soda I did look around and found that the upholstery had frayed in the adjoining sofa the entire furniture on the whole needing refurbishment.

We ordered Sesame Grill Chicken and a Sea Food Platter as starters. The Chicken came first and was gulped down in no time. It was tasty with a lot of Sesame seeds sprinkled on the grilled chicken nuggets. The Sea Food Platter disappointed me. First of all you could not make out what were the different kinds of fish that was placed on the platter. It was only after biting into a piece that I found out that it squid and the rest also had to be discovered the same way. The presentation was quite poor and the odd light green colour of the preparation didn’t help either. It was one poor choice.

For the main course we had ordered Chicken Pot Rice and Roast Pork. Steamed rice was covered with an oriental chicken gravy. I was initially apprehensive of what the dish would taste like but was pleasantly surprised to taste Jasmine flavoured rice and the gravy was excellent too. The Roast Pork was finely cut slices of pork in gravy which I personally felt didn’t have much flavouring on its own. Well the gravy did but the pork, it seemed might have been boiled separately and then mixed together when the patron would order. This process hardly gives any times for the meat to absorb the flavouring of the gravy.

On the whole the whole experience was good with very quick service. We finished our meal by around 8:45pm and asked for the bill. During the meal a group entered with a few boisterous kids and I feared they would make a hash of the treat, but luckily they were directed to another level at the end of the restaurant. The background music was unobtrusive.

The cost of the entire dinner is given below
• Sesame Grilled Chicken: Rs.250.00
• Sea Food Platter Rs.525.00
• Roast Pork Rs.225.00
• Chicken Pot Rice Rs.220.00
• Fresh Lime Soda (3 nos) Rs.150.00
• Mineral Water Rs. 55.00
Total Rs.1425.00

It was an inexpensive dinner without any drinks. I am surprised when I just read one of the earlier reviews that alcohol is served in the restaurant. The Captain never showed us an wine menu. Well that’s for next time then!!! I would recommend this restaurant for anyone who would like to have a decent and quick meal. Happy Gastronomy!!
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Mayuri Sharrma - Burrp User

Mayuri Sharrma

September 25,2008

Walk inside this gate

China Gate
Link square Mall, 3rd Floor, Linking Road, Bandra (W).
Tel: 2646 9003 / 2646 9004

Mon-Fri Dinner 800 per person (ladies 450 per person)
Service charge 5%, VAT 12.5%

Cuisine: Largely Chinese, with additions of Japanese, Thai and Korean.

Open for: Open for Lunch and Dinner. The restaurant can get awfully crowded during lunch on certain days of the week as it is very popular with the ‘kitty-party’ crowd.

Serve Alcohol: Yes

Parking: Valet available

The first thing that is sure to strike you when you enter this restaurant is how spacious it is. Though they have, the prerequisite for any Chinese Restaurant, usual faux ponds with koi fish swimming in it, toads sprouting water, dragons greeting you at the door and Chinese silk paintings dominating a wall, this restaurant is done up extremely stylishly. Soft lighting lends warmth and comfortable rosewood tables and chairs are spaced widely enough to offer adequate privacy to each table.
The spacious floor space has been tastefully divided into areas which hold tables to seat large groups/families and those for couples and groups of four.

Attentive, quick and courteous, though language was a slight problem with some. The manager was very attentive too, doing the rounds of the tables and guiding, chiding and keeping an eagle eye on the staff.

What we ate;

The buffet includes;
Soft drinks and fresh fruit juices

4 types of soup (2 veg and 2 non-veg)
(I had the chicken manchow soup, which with delicious)

A mind boggling array of starters with non-vegetarian choices far out favoring the vegetarian ones in number. The starters are mostly fried and steamed. 4 different types of sauces are the accompaniments.
(Do try the dumplings and the sticky rice starters)

A sushi counter
Vegetarian (mango sushi!) and non-vegetarian sushi which were strictly a-okay. The sushi wasn’t rolled very expertly, nor did it seem very fresh. Though the pickled ginger slices were good, the wasabi paste was extremely dry, the consistency of clay!

Main course
Steamed rice, fried rice and noodles. 4-5 varieties of vegetables/curries.
Once again, very little choice for vegetarians, with just 2 veg dishes. I had steamed rice with red Thai curry, the curry was really nice.

The dessert counter showcased diamond-shaped Chinese desserts like chocolate, blackcurrant and lemon jellies (please avoid!) along with squares of tiramisu, cheesecake, gateau’s and torte’s (really, really good!) and wedges of tea cakes like butter cake, walnut cake etc (very dry!)
Do try the tiny cookies though, they were super-yum!
They also have a Baskin-Robbins ice cream counter with a dozen flavors to choose from.

I think you should know;
The staff do not inform you of what all the buffet compromises of.
The main course and dessert are served in the inside dining room, as a result of which most people unknowingly skip those or find out about only much later.
The buffet has limited choices for vegetarians.
The strong smell of the non-veg food being fried, on an open counter, could be off putting for vegetarians.
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Pratish Sanghvi - Burrp User

Pratish Sanghvi

June 09,2008

Excellent Chinese (Indian Style)

One of my favorite Chinese restaurants in town. The orange tofu with fried spinach if just great. Also do not miss the korean rice. Gets a little too noisy on the weekends plus has a very limited wine collection. Apart from these downsides, this place is the perfect spot for some amazing chinese food especially with an Indian touch on it - not too expensive either (if ones compares this to China garden or Royal China)
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gitanjalib - Burrp User


April 07,2008


Bedlam during the weekends and friday nights when one has to wait in long queues down the tiny street but the food is well worth the tedious wait. The ambience is wonderful and everything that I have tried on the menu has been fantastic! The service is efficient and the staff are attentive without being non intrusive (although this is more true during the weekdays rather than weekends). Highly recommended!
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saurabh shah - Burrp User

saurabh shah

November 07,2007

good food (veg)

it started off in a chaos. it was a sunday. the traffic outside on the tiny street was absolutely crazy. the attendant at the reservation counter was a little overwhelmed by the crowd of people standing on her head. clearly she couldn't handle things well. so things started off on a bad note.

however, once we got a table for 8, things were pretty cool then on. the service is excellent. they brought out the soup and starters almost like a fast food restaurant which was impressive.

i don't remember exactly the food we ordered. but i must say that the food was pretty good. we all liked it. though they have a smallish vegetarian menu, it's decent enough!

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reemsaied - Burrp User


April 06,2007

Superb place

Try the Chicken Pot Rice...amazing aroma and taste.
Service is also great...(have dined on weekdays only)
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shail damania - Burrp User

shail damania

February 15,2007

One of the best

I dont know if its authentic or wat but the food is crazy.Dam awesome food. Sometimes they'll even make some off the menu dishes for you if you ask them.I think their Double Cooked chicken is the best.Also their Thread chicken is good.They have a variety of rice which I havent seen ne place else.Korean rice (wid mixd sea food),Bamboo rice, Pot rice and therz a kind of a rice they have coocked in a leaf.Excellent.Sundays not adviseable.
I dont think there can be any more to a restaurant.
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Bips  - Burrp User


January 31,2007

exellent chinese on flashy waterfield rd

If you feel like chinese food amongst the shi shi bandra youngsters and socialites, this is the place to go. Chinese food is very authentic and the place oozes class. Service could definitely use some help, but they do not tend to be as overstaffed as most other places. Try the crispy vegetables with pepper and salt as starters and the coriander veg pot noodles for dinner. Both were excellent.
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Tanz D - Burrp User

Tanz D

December 14,2006


there is not one thing taht i can say negative bout this place...the ambience, food, service, presentation is all fabulous.........its an amazing place for good food.......
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Arjun J - Burrp User

Arjun J

December 09,2006

just ...... delicious

great mouth watering chinese food, if u dont mind waiting for 25-30 mins (on weekends especially) then this is the place for lovely chinese food...thts all i have to say
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sproy - Burrp User


January 11,2017

Quite overrated!

Went there on a Tuesday, expecting it to be quiet. It was chock-full of noisy families and groups! I thought I'd found a great place. Well!
Had a lemon-coriander chicken soup. It was so-so, I think Mainland has a more authentic flavour. Ordered a red snapper and a chicken dish (don't remember the exact names).
Both dishes were quite tasty but rather Indian Chinese, and quite expensive for their value/taste/quantity. I guess they have hit a sweet spot with the clientele, so they are making money while the going is good.
The ambience, service and music are strictly ordinary. We were given a table near a window. The window has never been cleaned since inauguration, it seemed!
If they are charging Mainland prices, they should strive to provide that sort of value in taste and service as well. They have a long way to go!
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