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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 28,2015

Best shawarma

I am a huge shawarma fan, and this place is one of my favorites. The chicken is marinated well, and the dips that they provide are amazing. The Shawarma are definitely the best things to eat in this restaurant.Egg roll was really brilliant. Well coocked and served. Dum Biryani is again one of their specialitiesThe pesto hummus with pita is definitely worth a try too!
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 31,2015


One of the best places to have a shawarma without a doubt! Its located in carter road with a number of restaurants to choose from.. I also like their tandoori chicken..They also have some good fresh juices..This place is always very crowded reason being the shawarma..the service is good .. You can either sit inside or eat on the road itself !
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Foodies2 - Burrp User


January 04,2015


Bad Chicken Shawarma led to severe Bacterial Food Poisoning.The Quality of the Shawarma has gone down very badly.Ordered 1 Chicken Shawarma & 1 Mexican Chicken Shawarma on late Saturday nite. Guess we were sent the stale or left overs. Wheat Pita bread was raw & not roasted. Chicken had Skin & FAT on it. The shawarma had loads of OIL oozing out. Surprisingly 1 counter staff accepted their mistake while the other person under whose supervision it was made denied the above mentioned complaints. Infact he said that it was not possible as it was a Saturday which means that it is possible to be served stale food on all other days.SAD that some few good eating joints in Mumbai don't maintain their food quality.Seems that they get OVER CONFIDENT over their ratings & move focus thinking their food can NEVER go wrong.Check the food quality before eating or u will spend the entire next day being very ILL in bed.
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heena  ashar - Burrp User

heena ashar

December 24,2014

Extensive menu, but Shawarmas Rock!!

Been here numerous times (only problem, they didn't have any outlet in South Mumbai). This has been taken care of, recently opened a new outlet in Fort (lane next to Ayub's)

All my visits here, it's only been Shawarmas and shawarmas. They are one of the best (in comparison to Piccadilly & Cafe Excelsior)

Wifey always goes for the Veggie Mexican Shawarma & me (how much ever I try to resist, always land up hogging 2 of these wonderful Lebanese delicacy). Have tried all the varieties, this time went for the Carters Spl Dajjaj Shawarma & the Spl Mutton Shawarma. True to their names these are absolutely SPECIAL.

Frankly speaking, I can never get enough of Lebanese food.
So i'll be visiting again sooooon and super happy to go to the one close to my house @ Fort
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Aashka Oza - Burrp User

Aashka Oza

October 29,2013

Quiet a variety

Their Shawrmas arent dont ace the list but are definitely flavorsome, soft and juicy. Just how they should be. Lots of options to chose from which is also very important in terms of a varied menu. Service is decent, ever so crowded at most of the times coins its popularity. Price is average.
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ashishgupta2412 - Burrp User


October 23,2013

Decent Shawarma, expensice fattush

A cool place with decent shawarma at carter road. i tried it on recommendation on my friend and found it to be fairly decent.
Prices of some products were decent and some doesnt justify the quantity and quality.
price of shawarma is decent. but falafel 5pc at 130, hummus with pita at 130, fattush salad at 200, hummus with chicken at 230 is very high.
Try it for variety .Taste is decent, not a let down. but can do better
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Radhika  Varma - Burrp User

Radhika Varma

August 26,2013

shwarma at it's best

Yes I guess they serve the best shwarma in town. For veggies they have great options with paneer, potatoes and mushrooms. the pita bread is so soft that it melts in your mouth unlike a lot of places where the bread is not cooked properly. The extra garlic dip and pickled beetroot and cucumber adds the extra zing to the dish. My personal favorite is mushroom and potatoes as i m not a paneer fan
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Amit C - Burrp User

Amit C

August 16,2013

Best Shwarma in town

without a doubt, this place has the best shawarma in town... the chicken shawarmas are to die for... always crowded .. a lot of yound kids crowding the place every evening..

ive only tried the shawarma and the mushroom tikka roll... and both were amazing.. its the best place on carters to have a quick bite..

there are other options on carters for shwarma's also.. ive tried all of them.. and this is the best.. so save yourself time.. and go eat some nice rolls here....
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Divya Kamra - Burrp User

Divya Kamra

July 30,2013

Veg- a total let down

When crossing carter road, saw this huge crowd at this joint. This is right opposite CCD and Costa, you cannot miss it.

Was eager to know what its about, and saw this is a place crowded by teenagers and college students for shawarmas and rolls!

No seating and a small place, people were just picking their ordering and having it on the roadside.
Huge variety if you are a non veg lover, but sadly less options for people like us who are veggies. Nonetheless ordered a paneer tikka roll and mushroom roll. In one word, bland! Nothing special about it and was filled too much! And at cost at 120 rupees a roll, definitely not worth it!

Maybe the non veg is good that's why you see such a crowd. For veggies, a total thumbs down!
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July 29,2013

Good Shwarma

Carter's Blue is a small shop at the Carter Road corner serving rolls, shwarma and kebabs.

One can judge the place by its popularity. There is always a crowd waiting to tuck into their delicious chicken tikkas and shwarmas. The view and aroma of chicken grilling is enough to get the passers - by salivating.

The place has no ambience to speak of - just a hole in the wall with few plastic stools thrown out on the pavement. Food, however, is delicious enough to let one overlook these.

The recommendation would be to have chicken shwarma, easily their tastiest and fastest selling item. Though Indianized to an extent, it is still much better than what is available at most other places.
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Lizy Dsouza - Burrp User

Lizy Dsouza

July 08,2013

Love it!!

a shawarma with generous portions ..love this place even though its overcrowded
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Mitchelle  D'Souza - Burrp User

Mitchelle D'Souza

July 06,2013

Chomp Adda

The shwarma's and rolls here are yumminess personified. Simply drool worthy and mind blowing. Its a no-frills stall with just a few stools and cramped for space with quick service. Do not look for ambience here. Its just a eat and scoot away kinda joint. It would not be wrong to call them the best shwarma joint in Mumbai.
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coffeedesk - Burrp User


May 16,2013

Wrap and roll

This is my go to place for a healthy quick fix meal option. I usually end up getting the chicken shawarma, hummus and pita. While I've ordered stuff from here a number of times, the service and the quality of food has always been consistent.

What I love about this place is that they even manage to get home delivery orders to you quickly and correctly.

Extremely good value for money.
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Bhavya Kaushik - Burrp User

Bhavya Kaushik

March 08,2013

If u r in Bandra !! Try this place !!

Food: Having tried a lot of shawarmas in the city (Including Maroosh and Piccadilly), I can say that Carter's Blue most certainly does serve the best shawarma in B town. Their roomali rolls and kathi rolls are also one of the best in Bombay. Tender, juicy pieces of meat with mean onion wedges and tangy chutney muddled up to create the perfect roll is something that this place does very well
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Shahnaz Halai - Burrp User

Shahnaz Halai

January 02,2013

Best Shawarma tried in Mumbai till now!

I must seriously mention that after being disappointed with eating Shawarmas at so many places across Mumbai, I seriously craved going back to my hometown (Dubai) for having that one juicy bite!!.

Alas! this is one place which is much closer to the authentic Shawarma.
With no french fries (thnk goodness) and only pickled veggies, garlic sauce and lots of roasted meat!
So juicy and fragrant that you cannot stop savouring it till the last bite.
An Absolute delight! :)
The Chicken Shawarma (Dajaj is Arabic for Chicken) and also various Chicken tikka variants are gd options. I still need to try their mutton Shawarma. Too bad in India we dnt get good Lamb Shawarmas :(.or if anyone knws of any places, please suggest.
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tanyapatel - Burrp User


November 13,2012

the best shawarmas !

the chicken shawarma here is quite good , but what i really crave is their mutton shawarma.. not only do they serve it to my likign (without any veggies) but the extra mayo makes it all the more delicious! a little expensive though it is 110 for chicken and 180 for mutton , i still go back every week ! theres no ambience so you either sit on one of the plastic chairs or grab your roll and enjoy it on the sea facing promenade.
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amrita  - Burrp User


November 10,2012

What the.

If that's what they call one of the best shawarmas in town they are blind plus have no taste sense. Maybe I hav had way too good shawarmas in Delhi read lebanese point n Al bake that this was unpalpable, so disappointed
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coffeedesk - Burrp User


October 29,2012

Quick fun eats!

I could eat the chicken shawarma from here, every day of the week. Even the tandoori chicken isn't bad. While they also use some colour, the meat is tender, succulent, and mildly flavored.

Moderately priced, I would recommend this place for a quick bite anytime. Don't expect to hang around and eat though because even the limited outdoor seating that was there earlier has been removed now.
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prakashf00die - Burrp User


August 24,2012

Shwarmas all the way

Just cant get the taste of those delicious mouthwatering shwarmas out of my head.Keep it up guys
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john47 - Burrp User


August 01,2012

Love the shwarma keep going back for more

The best shwarma I've had .Have not tried anything else on their menu yet but i'm definitely going back.This is no fancy joint and no seating here. Either you stand or take it away in you car.Also its quite cheap.Looking forward to going back and trying something new here
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July 16,2012

Awesome shawarma

paneer shawarma is awesome and very filling too.burrpers have to try this one!
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coffeedesk - Burrp User


April 07,2012

Excellent swarms

Street side eatery but delicious food. Try their chicken shawarma and tandoori. Delicious.

The number listed is incorrect though. New no pls?
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Mukund Rajasekhar - Burrp User

Mukund Rajasekhar

March 28,2012

shawarma and tikkas!

awesome shawarmas ..!!
perfect to grab a bite with ur friends late in the night...

they also serve amazing chicken tikka and other indian kebabs...!
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real_foodie - Burrp User


December 30,2011

not that great

i stay in bandra so i can tell you that this place is a Hype..its just an ordinary place with bad ambience..
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Puneet Jawali - Burrp User

Puneet Jawali

September 04,2011

Gives you the Blues

At first glance, this might not look all that famous at all. It seems to be just one of those snack-stalls that are found widespread throughout. And to be honest it isn't the ideal place for a 'family dinner' either. However, these first impressions would soon fade away.
I had gone there on a Sunday afternoon with 3 of my friends, just wanting to have a day-out. And typical of this time of the year it was raining pretty heavy. One of my friends suggested we go to Carter road. On reaching there, we found ourselves with quite a few options for a quick bite. As much as the comfy-ness of the Cafe Cofee Day outlet lured others, I convinced them otherwise and said we should try out something different. As we started to move along that road (don't remember the exact name) the first thing that caught my eye was an delectable treat to an eye- an electric stew with chicken wrapped around it. And the strong smell immediately whetted my appetite. The shop did look a bit shanty, compared to the other ones nearby. As a result, my friends (two of them girls!) started complaining and said we go someplace else. I was soon able to waffle them into coming to the place. One of my other friend having recommended to me about shawarmas he had tried out Carter road himself. I figured this might be it.. And indeed it was.

As it was obvious all four of us ordered what had got us to that place at the first place- Chicken Shawarma. The shawarma was simply brilliant. Along with it he gave beets and cabbages soaked in vinegar and a Mayo-dip. And it sure was great.And I don't know if it were the view of the sea or the shawarma itself (or maybe both!) but that was one experience that will be hard to forget.

Definitely a must-visit if you are anywhere around Bandra.
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neelomi - Burrp User


June 17,2011

Best rolls ever at VFM prices!!

This place, which I discovered 3 years back, serves THE BEST Paneer Tikka Rolls I've ever eaten. Although their non-veg menu is more extensive and the place is known for meat-based rolls and Shawarma's, their veg food is superb too!! Friends who have tried the Chicken Tikka Roll and Chicken Shawarma have loved it too and keep coming back. The taste has stayed consistently good all these years; at 80-110, their rolls are complete VFM and very filling. The next best thing to the rolls is the accompanying garlic-based mayo. Never tasted anything like it anywhere else. Surely their USP.
Not much seating except for plastic chairs along the footpath, but this seating is fine too because the place is buzzing (it's the most active and youth-populated part of Cater Rd).
I keep going back for their rolls, and surely recommend all Burrpers to give it a try too!
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Kunal Jain - Burrp User

Kunal Jain

May 16,2011

Best Shawarma

Went to this place last night with a friend. This is my first visit to this place so i don't know what to order so my friend suggested me to try "Paneer Shawarma".

The paneer shawarma was very good. The panner was so soft and fresh. This place is known for non-veg rolls but the veg things are good too. Will definitely go to this place again.
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February 23,2011

Second Best Shawarma I have ever had!!

The Shawarma here is very different to the shawarma I get back home in Hyderabad...here the chicken is rolled up in pita bread with sour cream and pickled veggies opposed to the ones in which the chicken is mixed with tomato,cucumber,capsicum and mint chutney and mayo is used instead of sour cream....but this variation is also very tasty...I especially loved their sour cream...would really like it if they start selling bottles of their sour cream because itz REALLY good!!!
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max_burrp - Burrp User


November 15,2010

Best Chicken Rolls and Chicken Kebabs in the world

I often eat chicken rolls and chicken kebabs at carter blue while I am at carter road. This restaurant is located just opposite to cafe coffee day. It has no dinning place but they keep 2 4 sitter tables on foot path. Apart from this, its a great place to eat.

They serve best chicken rolls I have ever eat. Price of chicken role is just Rs.70. They serve,

chicken tikka kebab role
chicken reshmi kebab role
chicken pahadi kebab role
chicken panajra kebab role
and lebenis roles

in kebabs
they have
chicken tikka kebab,
chicken pahadi kebab,
chicken sonali kebab,
chicken banjara kebab,
chicken kema kebab.

All there Kebabs are very soft and cost only Rs.90-110.

they also surve, Veg Kebab's like Panner Tikka roles and kebabs etc., chicken stuff parathas, juices etc.,

There garlic sauce with vingar dip salad is best and have no match in the world.

I suggest eating out chicken tikka kebab, chicken padahi kebab, chicken kema kebab with rumali roti and focourse chicken lebenis roles.

I suggest you try out everything, everything they make is very tasty and cheap.

I wish carter blue was located near my home, I would have been guaranteed daily customer.
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Vishal Sood - Burrp User

Vishal Sood

October 16,2010

One of the best Shawarma's in town!!!

This place situated opposite coffee day and next Ramu dosa on Carter Road, is the one of the best places for Shawarma in town (I am yet to find a better place)

The place is not a sit down place, more like a take away food place. But the shawarma's are really good.

It is not expensive (80/-) compared to Maroosh, which serves one shawarma for about 125. Also the filling is just perfect (can be a meal in itself). You can really feel the the meat which is really delicious, juicy and tasty.

So skip all the other shawarma places around carter road and head straight to 'Carter Blue'
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Roanna Fernandes - Burrp User

Roanna Fernandes

October 11,2010

Best Shawarma # 2

After Piccadilly's in Colaba, this place surely has the second best shawarmas in Bombay. Priced at Rs. 80 and accompanied with a mini-tub of garlic sauce and pickled vegetables, you'll love the shawarma here. The chicken pieces are grilled to perfection and Carter's Blue adds just the right amount of chicken, veggies, french fries and garlic sauce in the shawarma. The service is super-duper quick! I was there on a Saturday night and it was pretty crowded as it seems to be a popular joint. I barely ordered my shawarmas and I had them on a plate in less than 5 minutes! WHOA! Will surely stop by more often, it is absolutely yummy. :)
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Tusharr  Mehta - Burrp User

Tusharr Mehta

April 17,2010

Negative rating

Wish their was negative rating also.... wud have given -5 for this place. The place is real bad for food. The chicken pieces are absolute dry it will not go down ur throat. The same thing is wid paneer also. Absolute crap n non sense.

Not worth paying single penny.
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Chandni Tolani - Burrp User

Chandni Tolani

March 25,2010

Super Shawarmas!

This place is the small food joint next to the famous Ramu dosa. They serve really delicious Shawarmas. The last time I went there I tried the Tandoori chicken. They had cut the tandoori into pieces so that it's easier to eat and they served it with green chutney and garlic sauce... Yumm!
Skip all the other Shawarma places at carters and try Carters blue.
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mailmequick - Burrp User


October 15,2009

good, good..

Though this place is small on size, its big on taste..especially their shwarmas..

However, be wary, monsoons not the most ideal time for sampling road side joints..n this one's no different.. i learnt my lesson the hard way..my bad..

but ya, am still a fan..
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bandraboy - Burrp User


March 13,2008

outflanked performance!!!

This eatery is a clear underdog at the famous 'khau galli' of carter road. It arguably has the humblest presence amongst the not so famous - volume comprising, check box eateries in this locality but it scores and it scores on many aspects:

1. No nonsense food
The menu is straight - they do not promise stuff that requires a David Blain approach (servicing orders magically from available resources in the refrigerator). Gripping a juicy shawarma is the fastest - takes 3 -4 minutes and comes with an option of customizing the contents on request. 'Baida roti' makes headway with tender masala chicken slits set down with perfection. It is so pleasing to the sense of taste that these days I make a mental picture of 'baida roti' whenever i feel famished. Falafel, cheese parathas and other veg/chicken rolls are equally terrific.

2. Price and cleanliness
This place is not even 15 feet wide and 15 feet long - but you will never notice disarray in terms of cleanliness of food they serve and the overall upkeep of their place. They are just a pavement away from the hustling carter road turn with vehicles passing every second but still they make up with regular cleaning of the place. Their pricing is the most reasonable in this locality - most of the items cost Rs 50 while good fresh fruit juices are served chilled for Rs 40 or so. I really dont remember any item on their menu that costs more than a 100 rupees. They are plain reasonable - and they do not cut any corners to make you feel you visited a cheap place. The leftover chicken on shawarma rod is not used the next day. When asked, the owner said that he takes it home and the family consumes it while the eatery gets fresh supply the next morning.

3. 'Chotu'
Chotu is the youngest server in their team of 5-7 people. He is 14 and has the required talent to put a lot of seasoned servers in high profile eateries to shame. He is very quick and handles everything in the owner's absence. This boy is the 'MS Dhoni' of their team and is excellent with guest relations. People ask for him when he is not around. He deserves excellent tips and people do not hesitate in making this boy happy.

All in all, this place is perfect to grab a quick bite - then gulping a part of a fresh fruit juice to complete the process of grabbing a quick bite :-) Reading this review may propel a lot of fellow burrpers to check this place out but I caution you not to go in groups if you plan to sit here - there is not enough capacity to seat people.

The best way is to call for home delivery or pick stuff up on the way!

I just hope that this place maintains the present quality, adds new offerings and keeps growing. Bandraboy says, "All the best!!!"
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Madhuri Sen - Burrp User

Madhuri Sen

April 26,2007

Quaint hangout option in Carter's own 'khau galli'

Great shawarmas, burgers and juice. 3-4 tables spilling onto the pavement. Haven't tried the sandwiches and pizzas. Friendly service on location and fast home delivery (they are just about a month old, so hope the good times last). They also offer breakfast (anything that you choose to have and they'll arrange it, they claim). Yet to take them up on that offer. Anyone who does...it would be great to hear from you.
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k_sarana - Burrp User


February 05,2013

The best shawarmas

Love this street side eatery for their shawarmas.
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Calvin D'Souza - Burrp User

Calvin D'Souza

August 18,2012

Oh the shwarmas!

It's goodness wrapped in pita bread, to be frank.
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