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Junisha Dama - Burrp User

Junisha Dama

December 20,2015

Excellent kebabs and overall Muslim food.

Cafe Noorani is very popular for biryani and kebabs but honestly the biryani is average. Banjara and Kali Mirch Kebab are to die for. Well-barbequed and juicy and flavour-packed.
Try the Nargis Kofta, Patiala Chicken or one of the Mutton specials with their cheese garlic Naan. The service is fast and attentive. The recommendations by the staff are accurate and the pricing makes it a budget place. The food is worth the price, the Ambience is ordinary and overall decent. Wish to see more people flock here.
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agnihh - Burrp User


December 06,2015


Had asked for mutton kadai...these cheats brought the dish with 1 piece of mutton and 2 pieces of chicken loaded with thick gravy...they thought people are fools who would not come to know the difference between mutton and chicken....crooks to the core!! Avoid it...were unapologetic when they were caught...happened last week in their AC restaurant.
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 29,2015

Best tandoori ever

I frequent this restaurant for its tandoori .They serve the best Tandoori chicken and fish .Caramel custard is to die for.Their kebabs are good, butter chicked and naan are finger licking,They serve king size portions.The cafe is partly air conditioned and boasts of patronage by well known personalities. It also offers home delivery all over South Mumbai. If you're in Mumbai for a visit, Noorani is a must-eat-at place.
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Vivekgajula - Burrp User


July 23,2014

A Journey which take us to a tasty food place.

Last week a friend and I visited Haji Ali and our hunger lead us to Cafe Noorani. We tried the Noodle Soup followed by the Chicken Satay. For the main course we ordered Butter Chicken and Roti. The food served here is tasty but spicy. And we thoroughly loved the food. My friend and I decided to visit Noorani whenever we come to Haji Ali.
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Roshan Ashraf Shaikh - Burrp User


my mom and i come to this place for lunch whenever we come to haji ali. Best and halal food. barely-little-or-no coating on chicken/meat/seafood.

Only complaint is that they don't surmai fish as much as they should. its one of the few places I know that makes surmai but on most cases they usually have ravas, so I end up having pomfret minus the head.
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Rahul Garg - Burrp User

Rahul Garg

March 18,2014

Fall from grace....for vegetarians..

Noorani was an once a week or more place for me for nearly a decade...

Despite being an eggetarian. (this is the restaurant i credit with giving me and through me my friends the venerable EFR, and its combination with indian gravies).

Infact it was the only Muslim Food joints that was regularly visited by vegetarians.... and deservedly so.....ideal location, great reasonably priced food, great rolls which would be kept ready to pick up as you finished your late night or even between hopping of clubs, lots of vegetarian options, Home Delivery.

What made this disctinction even more special was that it was the first among equals (shalimar, delhi darbar, persian darbar being the others).

Then suddenly for no apparent reason the vegetarian recipes were changed, and they digressed from their regular gravies (which were the same for non-veg and vegetarians) to a more mainstream "Shetty Punjabi" like taste ...for sometime even eggs left the roomali roti (blasphemy though the eggs are back and the roomalis are as soft as ever).

And probably in the interest of maintaining theyre own high standards the paneer dishes are now Rs200 each.

And the late night factor has expired like the rest of mumbais night life..

Yes the venerable EFR is as good as ever, the caramel custard and rumali rotis are as soft as ever...


The Writing is On the Wall..

"Noorani isnt what is was once for the vegetarian/eggetarians of South Mumbai and probably never will be again"...

A combination of "ifs.., buts.... and Ands " has ensured that.

Its 750 for 2 eggetarians.
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margos - Burrp User


February 26,2014

Fairly Average

Decided to try this place after reading some of the reviews. Sad to say that it was disappointing.
We went on a weekday around 8 p.m. (it was quiet ) and the staff behaved as if we were disturbing them. The ambiance is just "OK" and the food is average, nothing to get excited about.
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khushrao - Burrp User


February 06,2014

Good Food...

This restaurant serves reasonably tasty mughlai food at affordable price. The mutton biryani is one of the good dishes available.
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P D - Burrp User


January 20,2014

Look beyond the Biriyani

I'm quite surprised people know Noorani for Biryani because frankly it is overrated. In my opinion, there are other dishes which are better. For example, chicken chili is great, one of the best I ever had although bit salty. Ask for the dry version, I'd been eating almost every weekend for the past year but not yet bored with this dish. My typical weekend takeaway consists of Chicken Chilli (dry), Chicken Lollipop, Veg. Bhuna (another good dish). Rotis are a bit thick, rubbery and slightly sour in taste best eaten when hot. Frankly speaking they could improve on their rotis.
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VVG_burrp - Burrp User


January 20,2014

Deliciously spicy, oily, and all that!

Some of the best North Indian food I have tasted! The place is well known for their non-vegetarian options, but it is still a hit for me even though I am vegetarian. Noorani doesn't hold back – the portions, the spices, and the oil are all over the top but the result is simply delicious. And they deliver!
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Sudhaa - Burrp User


December 12,2013

Best Non Veg place

Ambiance is not that great,but their briyani,non veg starters and my most favourite caramel custard is to die for..Mouth watering food... Must try ! Been there a couple of times..and will continue to go there..
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foodie1615 - Burrp User


June 28,2013

Mouth watering food

Needless to say i am a regular visitor to this restaurant, love the rotis served there, will never get them, anywhere in mumbai.. The green chicken, red chicken, afghani ... prawns everything is the best. For me any occassion i prefer celebrating it at Noorani, cos im crazy for the food. They are just he best.
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Prashant Shirsat - Burrp User

Prashant Shirsat

April 11,2013


I would give this place 50 Stars if i can. I order from this place almost every saturday. Till now have eaten The Infamous Chicken Biryani, Chicken Tikka biryani, Bheja Masala Fry, Baida Roti, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken, Chicken Liver Masala Fry, Chicken Moghlai, Chicken Tangdi Biryani, Paneer Tikka Biryani, Chicken Kolhapuri, Chicken Garlic Masala!!! and many more!!! Every time i order, my stomach growls in anticipation, and Noorani has never failed. The rates are reasonable, the portion sizes are adequate for the prices.

NOTE: This place is for pure NON-VEG Food Fanatics, there are veg items, but frankly i did not want to try as i am an avid non-veggie!!

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Shahnaz Halai - Burrp User

Shahnaz Halai

January 02,2013

Where's the 'Noor'?

I have always sweared by the Chicken Tikkas and Tikka Biryanis I hv ordered frm here at my wrkplace. However, this time when I was there after visiting Haji Ali, I really expected a lot from the Mutton Biryani.

To my amazement, it was 'crap'!! I don't know what they served us in the name of Mutton Biryani.
Maybe they just don't knw how to cook mutton!!
It was just red mutton gravy with white rice on top served to us. The worst part- the mutton was really tough, undercooked and all were bony pieces.

To my amazement, when I called the waiter to ask what it was and maybe there's a mistake with the order, he said this is the Mutton Biryani and we should have gone for boneless!
If for 150 bucks, gravy and rice is what you get then I make better stuff! :)
I would advice to anyone going here- be really wise while ordering mutton dishes or else be ready to thrash the Manager/cook for serving crap like this!!
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Varjaand Sethna - Burrp User

Varjaand Sethna

April 30,2012

Dinner at Noorani

I just reside at a 5 minute distance from this restauret.The hotel is famous for its non-veg food. My personal favorite is the butter chicken with cheese nan and fish tikka biryani...the ambiance is satisfactory and staff average...but trust me a much visit place....will love the food there...
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ame88the1 - Burrp User


April 28,2012

This place has lost it now

in 90's and early 2000 this place was great and food was awesome but boy..!! what has happened now...butter chicken was simply poor..biryani was very ok .. The meat was very dry..This place surely need attention now.
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DNA2255 - Burrp User


January 31,2012


One of the best in mumbai for the core INDIAN food... classic chicken tikka ( with green chutney) and normal chicken biriyani (but deadly taste) is a must try combo.. good quantity ...sufficient for two....Decent ambiance with ac, well maintained... Do not miss to c the replica of few starters show cased at the entrance.. gives little idea before ordering... reasonable prices..
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A J - Burrp User


January 17,2012

Noorani - Not all all, Rani!

I very clearly remember the taste of the take-home Reshmi Kabab Biriyani that I had tasted from Cafe Noorani. And woo, I was mesmerized. So, last week, when we decided to head off to taste the food of this place, I was all starry eyed.

We chose the AC section, and well, it looked like how a typical, non-fuss restaurant would look like. This pleased me, for I liked the non-nonsense types too. And that's where the magic ended.

We ordered for a Shikanji Sherbat, thinking it will be as magical as the one we had at Almond flower. But whoa! What came was water mixed with an extra-sticky, sugar-laden syrup. Eeek! That killed my taste so bad that I was super glad when out non-veg platter came.

The platter was good looking and as my (nice) waiter had explained before we ordered, was a mix of Chinese and Indian. The mix was fine, though the seek was too dry for comfort. The chicken was nice and well, one could judge the quality of the meat with the smooth texture it had. Excited we ordered for Chicken Baida Roti as well.

It was fine, well-filled, but again, over spiced and dry. There was no smoothness to the whole thing. So was the case with the Bheja Masala and the rumali rotis, which were better termed as nylon kerchiefs!

Overall, a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. The meats were dry, over spiced. One hoped that at a restaurant such, one would least get to sample some well-cooked Muslim delicacies. But sadly, you come back with a big disappointment and a messed up stomach.

Left me wondering why so many people were inside there? Have people lost their tasting tongues to pollution, too?
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sagkhanna - Burrp User


December 13,2011

Just Location

Every time I have been to Noorani, I have gone there thinking this time should be better. maybe the last time it was not my day but Year after Year I try, it seems they have maintained a standard of NOT improving food quality. Food is strictly mediocre, service is OK. Typical stench as one enters the A/C section. I just don't know why I land up at Noorani. Maybe because when all places are shut this is the best option. Also the Location at Haji Ali where no other competition exists may be the reason why they are doing pretty well.
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Sumon Gantait - Burrp User

Sumon Gantait

December 09,2011


Went to this place for a quick lunch all the way from Lower Parel, but while ordering we came to know that the vaida-chicken paratha is only available after 2pm...so we ordered for chicken sikh kebab followed by chicken biryani to kill some time.Finally we did get to taste the paratha.

Overall good ambience & moderate service.Average wait time is 15-20mins.
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vishalmestri - Burrp User


November 20,2011

Good food

I have been here couple of times and it is really nice if u r only interested in good food..i think there is no ac...but as far as food is concerned, really gr8 in kababs, biryani...
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Manu R - Burrp User

Manu R

September 18,2011

Mouth Watering Kebabs!!!

Got one word to characterize the Mutton Seekh Kebab- Heavenly!!

The Mutton Biryani was not too greasy AND delicious!

Go Noorani!
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narendra  punjabi - Burrp User

narendra punjabi

June 16,2011

good food

Nice value for money nonveg food but sometime they had off days too.
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foddiemandy - Burrp User


June 07,2011

try moghlai gravies n custard but dont try biryani

Had been to this place on Friday for lunch..
ordered Chicken kabab's which were good, then chicken nargis was very good in taste, moghlai style and rumali roti, is so soft with layers never had before like.. then tried chicken biryani which disappointed me completely, did not expected..waste of 200 bucks for one plate biryani.. caramel custard was good in taste as usual and tried fried ice cream which also disappointed..

Price: 3/5 =
Quality: 3/5
Quantity: 4/5
ambiance: 3/5
service: 3/5

full course lunch for 2 was for clsoe to 1000 bucks..
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jdvivek - Burrp User


May 24,2011

awesome moghlai food..

very good food at a very affordable cost..i've visited this place around 4 times..love the green chicken, tandoori, the caramel custard n the phirnee..a great place to satisfy your taste buds..n really had a big burrrrppp...
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Aakanksha Ahsknakaa - Burrp User

Aakanksha Ahsknakaa

April 05,2011

Overhyped Caramel Custard

Went to Cafe Noorani on 1st April 2011. had Falooda, Caramel Custard & Strawberry Cream..

Caramel Custard - BADDDDDD.. it tasted Burnt!!!!! never having it in Noorani.. EVER!!!

Strawberry Cream - Heaven!!!!!!!

Falooda - yumm yumm
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Nev Vazifdar - Burrp User

Nev Vazifdar

February 23,2011

only for home delivery

the home delivery here is quick and available till late.... the portions are huge and price is great. chicken tikka biryani is the best ive had so far
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Vishal Salunkhe - Burrp User

Vishal Salunkhe

February 09,2011

Good Old Noorani

Have been going here since childhood almost everytime I used to visit Heera Panna - which was atleast once a month. In love with the mutton biryani and the rose falooda here- they are a must try. Noorani offlate has also introduced some new age dishes to its otherwise predominantly mughlai cuisine, but they mostly fail to make a mark.

You should stick to the basics when you visit this place full of simplicity and cheap food.

Must try dishes:
Mutton soup,
Mutton biryani
Mutton pulav,
Egg biryani
CHicken Biryani,
Caramel Custard,
Rose Falooda ..
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Vipul Singh - Burrp User

Vipul Singh

October 21,2010

Dont know why?

This place amazes me with its high business volume and i always wonder why? Their food is very average (Caramel custard is woww), service is efficient and ambience in nothing to write home about. Pricing is quite reasonable. I must also admit that I end up eating here at least once a month despite all these reservations.
I think what makes this place work is its simplicity and the consistency in food. Whether good or bad, the food has remained the same for years and i think that is a key to their success.
In any case, is there any logic to success?
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Vishal Sood - Burrp User

Vishal Sood

October 01,2010

Good Mughlai Food

Visited this place for lunch with my office colleagues as I had heard that it is a landmark of sort. But I must say there are better places esp. near the Taj Mahal Hotel.

The food is good but not great. I tried the Tandoori Chicken which was delicious (a bit spicy), but was dissapointed with the biryani as I was expectiing a Dum style biryani.

But I liked the fact that the place was clean (esp. in the AC section) and was not at all heavy on your purse. We ate to our hearts content and then too the bill was not more than 250 per head. Which I feel is awesome considering the location (just next Haji Ali) and the food.

So people visiting Haji Ali can definitely give this restaurant a try.
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koolboy1994 - Burrp User


January 20,2010

Awesome place!

Hello all..
Me and my family are regulars at Cafe Noorani and this place is awesome as always!

Usually when we go there, we have to wait outside as teher are no table available..but once we are in we cant just control ourselves to munch on the delicious Roasted Chicken there.

The 'Hot and Sour Soup' is a bit spicy but is a treat to taste buds..and not to forget, the Fish Tikka Rolls are just simply delicious (and a bit spicy too!).If you order 'Dal Tadka', dont get upset by its looks... it is the best dish after Roasted Chicken in the restaurant.

Dont forget to buy a 'Sizzling Chocolate Ice cream' for dessert.It comes with a Hot Brownie and tastes extremely delicious!

The service is quite slow but the food is tempting!
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Vaibhav Gaikwad - Burrp User

Vaibhav Gaikwad

October 27,2009

Nice for tandooris

Have been to this place quite often and I must say that everytime I have been there the experience got better.
I love the tandoor over there. Mostly have chicken tadoori.

Price: reasonable
Quality: nice
Quantity: ok
ambiance: ok
service: ok

Overall its good to be there to eat non veg.
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sagheero - Burrp User


June 19,2009


Fairly decent for its Bhaida rotis and chicken tikka biryani but other fare is fairly pedestrian. Small portions and expensive. Strictly a snacking joint when in the area.
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bhumesh007 - Burrp User


June 10,2009

Kabhi kabhi...

This place was once a hit on my loot list. But once a dismal chicken tandoori and rumali roti like a rubber plate made be lock the gates to this place.

I prefer Shalimar at Dongri for any kind of Mughlai or Tandoori dishes.
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Abhishek Kulkarni - Burrp User

Abhishek Kulkarni

June 03,2009

Back up Restaurant

The food is good, but nothing great. Not the healthiest for sure. For me it is more used for Home Delivery and I like the Chicken Masala and Malai Kofta the most.

It serves Indian and Chinese Cuisine. I don't love the food but I am always game for it

Avg Meal - Rs 120
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Mohan Naidu - Burrp User

Mohan Naidu

March 23,2009

Cafe Noorani main hum Zaroor-aani..!!!

After a strenous shopping at heera panna and not findin anything for yourself....well u can find the best food adleats for u ad dis place...amazing biryani's...man dunt get me started....very tasty food...a simple cafe not dat hi fundoo...but serves u the best ad best rates....
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MANAN  - Burrp User


March 04,2009

bombay's best...every time..

the food here is just too awesome. ..
have been there way toooo many times
and everytime tried a different dish..
and everytime have overeaten ...
and everytime have enjoyed ...
and everytime have craved for more...
and everytime have vowed to return more hungry...
and everytime have skipped starters...
and everytime have had meat sweats...
and everytime paid the bill without seeing...
and everytime have dreamt of getting married to someone who can make food like this on a daily basis...
and everytime ...keep thinking about my next visit here.
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Suraj Puru - Burrp User

Suraj Puru

January 11,2009

The second visit..

The first impressions are often biased so decided a second visit was in order. The AC section is quiet and ambience is nothing to write home about..A mix of veg and non veg menu...Veg Patiala...Chicken nargis... and dal tadka...the veg was over rated oily and well too much in quantity. The chicken was enjoyed by my daughter and wife so should have been good... the dal though loks were not appealing surprisingly tasted good... So to sum up - an average esting joint if u are not going for the specialities...
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Suraj Puru - Burrp User

Suraj Puru

August 09,2008

Value 4 money

The hyderabadi biryani was a new version from the last i had eaten in hyderabad!!!! it was great(is it supposed to be green!!!) the noorani soup is recommended. the service was surprisingly good maybe because weekend was just beginning.the falooda was awesome in qty and quality..... my li'l one freaked out on it..... no frills,,, good food,, gr8 price... go for it for 'a regular food for hunger' outing.
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Aniruddha . - Burrp User

Aniruddha .

June 23,2008

Noor - e - Haji Ali

I stepped into Noorani with a group of friends last weekend, expecting it to be a typical Muslim style eatery – with the typical fare to offer. Frankly, had no great expectation from this ordinary looking place, but it surely over exceeded my expectations.

The traditional flavour to all the dishes, the faint aroma of the Dum Biryani and the visual array of sweetmeats greets you as you make way into the quaint little eatery. Different sections to suit the pocket – we chose the AC section and made ourselves comfortable in one corner of the place.

A deliciously savored Chicken Tandoori (You don’t get Half Tandoori out here), some succulent kebabs and crispy green kebabs served with a minty chatni. Murgh in the Nargis (Chicken Nargis) followed later with some soft rotis and we were in seventh heaven.

Not wanting to leave out on the Biryani, we ordered a Reshmi Tikka Biryani – an unconventional Biryani. It tasted a little sweet as well as those juicy pieces of Reshmi Tikka provided with the required zing to the dish. Long grains of rice were finished off in a jiffy.

It would have been a sin to leave the place without downing those mighty glasses of Falooda – all laced with dry fruits, ice cream, fresh pieces of mango and fresh cream. A heave-a-ho and the content were poured down and we left the place potbellied and content to the heart.

An only thumbs down would be the not-so-elite seating. Neither was it plush. But with good food and hunger pangs in your tummy, who really bothers.

A quick list of what all we ate.

* The Starters *
1 Chicken Tandoori (Full)
1 Chicken Tikka
2 Crispy Green Tikkas (My personal Favorite)
1 Veg Manchow Soup

* The Main Course *
1 Veg Hyderabadi Biryani
6 Tandoori Rotis
2 Murgh Nargis
1 Reshmi Tikka Biryani

* Desserts *
5 Royal Faloodas
1 Noorani Special Falooda – I would prefer calling it as “Heavenly Falooda”
2 Caramel custards

A Total damage of 1720 bucks between the 8 of us and we left with no-so-light wallets. A total value for money, also considering the location it is located – Haji Ali Junction, this place certainly rocks.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

May 02,2008

consistently moghlai

On the way from town, hard day at shopping, feel like a bit, stop over have a fresh lime soda, biryani, kulfi & continue.

The taste has not changed in the last 20 years & guess is not likely to.
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Janice  - Burrp User


March 26,2008

The closest it gets to dining with Moghals

I simply love the food at this Muslim cuisine restaurant! Their Romali rotis are to die for... and the Bheja Fry... Mmmmmmmm

I'm not sure what to recommend, since I can safely say you'll like it all. And depending on how broke you want to be, there are different sections you can chose to sit in (with differently priced menus).

Tip: Save some place for desserts if you can ;)
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vishal84balgi - Burrp User


September 17,2007

Ausome chicken Baida Roti

its at a good location next to haji ali,the food is ausome (simply ausome) must try include chicken-baida-roti, chiken tangdi dishes,biryanis (all types)

i guess u can make out that its an all out non-vegetraian place

the ambience could be worked upon for a even more fabulous place but overall good place for value for money even some expensive dishes r worth it
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Z S - Burrp User


April 21,2007

Unbelievable Mughlai Food

Really good Tandoori chicken and Chicken Tangdis.
Known for their famous Chicken Tikka Biryani, few know that they also have a Reshmi Tikka Biryani, which I usually prefer. Of course, their regular mutton and chicken biryani is to die for.
The best part is that they deliver!
I'm hooked... order at least twice a week!
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underemployed - Burrp User


December 07,2006

Best Chicken Biryani

Whether u r in crossroads or at haji Ali or for a Visa interview ;) this is the place to Enjoy the very best chicken biryani .. may I add that it the closest u would ever get to eating the Hyderabadi biryani in Aamchi Mumbai ...
do check it out , enjoy the food without burning a hole in your pocket...


Satisfaction Guareented
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A B - Burrp User


October 15,2011

for the biryani

would rate it for serving the best chicken biryani in town.
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