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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 29,2015

stress Reliever

This is an amazing option to spend an evening with colleagues after work. If you are looking for authentic Italian food head to this place. The place boasts a good ambience and crowd however, the food is expensive with a very small quantity.The portions of food are quite small. The spinach ricotta raviolli is a must try. Good mocktails. Refreshing place to go every once on a while when in BKC.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest,

Thank you for your review. While we are glad that you enjoyed the food and ambience at Cafe Infinito, we regret that the portions were not up to your expectations.

Your feedback is very important and rest assured that it has been taken into account.

Thank you for the special mentions of our Mocktail's and the Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli - It's an honour!

We look forward to serving you again soon.

Best regards,
Team Cafe Infinito
Reservations: 022 2656 7777

Raj786 - Burrp User


April 28,2015

Best Pizzas and Pastas fare

The place is located in the centre of Mumbai best business destination and is nicely done-up. They have the best pizzas and pastas. Sandwiches are also nice. Service is also very quick and prompt. The wine they had was good and happy hours were on till quite late.However we didn't expect the mosquito attack in the indoor air conditioned section as well.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Raj,

Thank you for your review. While we are glad that you enjoyed the food and service at Cafe Infinito, we regret that you did not enjoy your overall experience.

Your feedback is very important, please accept our sincere apologies for the incident during your visit.

Thank you for the special mentions of our Pizzas, pastas and sandwiches - It's an honour!

We look forward to serving you again soon.

Best regards,
Team Cafe Infinito
Reservations: 022 2656 7777

Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

Good place

The price is expensive and portions are not as generous as they could be! Had spaghetti with meatballs but portion was just enough for 1 person,I had thought I would share with a friend but he ended up ordering a chicken sandwich.Taste wise very good.Ambiance is nice and a place one can frequent with friends but price needs to come down a bit for sure!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest,
Thank you for your review. It was our pleasure to serve you and we're glad that you had a good time. We look forward to your valuable patronage.

Best regards,
Team Cafe Infinito
Reservations: 022 2656 7777

Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 19,2015

Musical night!

A good friend of mine (Vernon noronha) was performing here so i was invited for the event! I really had a nice time ..The food was ok but the drinks were on happy hours..Really enjoyed my friends performance..The ambience is pretty good..
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Lillian,
Thank you for your words of praise. It was wonderful having you over and we're happy to know that you enjoyed the Band and Bar Nights and the extended Happy Hours.
We would love to have you over again soon.
Best regards,
Team Cafe Infinito

our2cents - Burrp User


July 29,2014

Disappointing. Not worth it.

Visited Otto Infinito as a 'Gourmet It Up' member and found the food very good but portions measly. In its new avatar they have decided to revamp the whole menu into one of your regular coffee shop staples. Very poor service, insipid food and poor presentation. Everything was disappointing including the starters, soups, pastas and the desserts. The music was loud and if they are trying to match up to Hard Rock Cage then they need a new DJ and a better sound system.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest,

We regret that you did not enjoy your experience at Cafe Infinito. Please accept our sincere apologies for not being able to make your visit a memorable one. Your feedback is very important and rest assured that it has been taken into account.

We look forward to serving you again soon.

Best regards,
Team Cafe Infinito
Reservations: 022 2656 7777

Ajit Balgi - Burrp User

Ajit Balgi

April 10,2014

BKC gets a new diner, lounge and a dance place!

The news of the shutting of Otto Infinito the Mediterranean restaurant in the corporate hub of Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) was little saddening as the restaurant seemed to be doing well on a few of my visits, once during the Sunday brunch. Nonetheless I assume the management must have given a thorough thought to the decision and now has come up with Café Infinito an all day diner in its place.
Cafe Infinito still in its first month of operations with a layout pretty much the same as its predecessor. A welcome change is the vibe of the place with a formal cream and brown furniture giving way to more vibrant colours and a major addition and possibly an attraction for many is the bar. What more is a DJ playing in the later part of the evening with every night being a different genre. The bar is fully stocked with a fair collection of wines, spirits and beer. We ordered a Basilico Smith Martini (Rs 275), a Berry Sangria (Rs 475) and a Mozzarella and Parmesan stuffed Chilli nibble (Rs 175) and to begin with. The Martini was refreshing but the Sangria was a little too sweet but bursting with berries while beholding its winey taste. The chillis were delightful drawing salt from the cheese, the scent from the lemon rind and the spice from the chilli. It is a must try!
The food menu gives you an elaborate choice with a selection of breakfast items including waffles and pancakes, salads, antipastis, sandwiches, risottos, pizza, pastas and desserts. We ordered a selection as below:
Leafy Greens, braised figs, artichokes, pickled onions and grana shavings (Rs 255): The crunch of the leaf, the sweetness of the dried figs, the earthiness of the artichokes, the prickly grana shavings and the surprise sweet bits of nougat thrown in made the salad such an ethereal combination.
Arugula, Goat cheese, red wine poached pear and balsamic (Rs 290): My favourite leaves, the spicy Arugula, the salty and sharp goat cheese, the plump pear and the mouth watering balsamic dressing with pesto doused croutons made this salad a good choice again.
Gnocchi with Harissa fondue (Rs 275): The gnocchi was perfectly cooked with the Harissa being prominent in a tomato base. It was four pieces of gnocchi. Would love to pay a little less for this.
Soya, barley and crack wheat burger (Rs 320): There is only so much you can do to a veggie burger and hence I skip it always. This one alongside the Portobello mushroom variant caught my eye because of the patty. The burger was good but not a phenomenal difference that I spotted; maybe I must chuck the buns and taste the patty by itself on my next. You take a call here!
Garniture Pizza (Rs 525): Potatoes on my pizza for the first time. A splendid thin crust with simple yet powerful toppings of brie and sour cream, this pizza will make you think of it as you eat.
Pappardelle aglio olio (Rs 395):
A classic served al dente with olives and pinenuts.
We kept washing down every course and got ready for more with some cooling iced teas, grapefruit and jasmine (Rs 225) was perfumed with bitter undertones from the fresh grapefruit and the Cranberry, Raspberry and Earl Grey (Rs 225) was completely masked by Raspberry with no taste of Earl Grey. We finally settled for a classic dessert the Tres Leches (Rs 225) though I am not a great fan of the most commonly used whipped cream,feel it lacks flavour and also it has no dairy but vegetable fat. The dessert a rich sponge cake soaked in vanilla milk and completely dressed in cream was very pleasant, the sponge was great and the milk was chilled. Enough of whipped cream bashing now ?
Meal for 2: Easily under 1500
Verdict: This place has a real fresh and lively ambience, great food and reasonable pricing. Cannot be missed!
P.S: Happy hours every day from 1700-2100 hrs
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Jayashri  - Burrp User


April 04,2014

Major disappointment!

I had been wanting to go to Café Infinito since the time it was established as Otto Infinito. I had read numerous good reviews of Otto Infinito online and on January 2014, when Groupon came up with a deal offering a 5 course dinner for a couple at Rs.999, I jumped at the opportunity and purchased a couple of vouchers of the same. Last week, I came across a news article which told me that Otto Infinito had closed and was now operating as Café Infinito since mid-March. I had my apprehensions of how good and accepting would this change in name be, towards my pre-purchased coupons (which was valid till 8 April). So I immediately contacted Groupon asking for a refund of my amount. However, Groupon assured me that it would not be any problem and asked me to go ahead with the deal. However, a new limited menu here on burrp plus very few reviews on the new place had me very hesitant to undertake an hour-long journey to reach there post work. But I did so yesterday with a couple of close family members, only to have my fears confirmed. What made it embarrassing was that it was my treat to them!

There was light music playing in the open area and the outdoor area seemed breezy and looked comfortable. However, we decided to sit inside as we thought it would be more comfortable. We were wrong. There was a big office group inside and if their commotion wasn’t enough, the music playing was super loud. And after some time, even the mosquitoes began their 5 course meal, feasting on our blood. Just too many of them and that too indoors!! I guess that would be because they keep opening and closing their main door many times.

As my guests went in to freshen themselves, I handed over the vouchers to our server for the evening who presented me with a separate menu for the 5 course deal. Now I was ready for this one, since the same had already published on the Groupon site before I had purchased the vouchers. Infact, I had already selected my orders from the same, based on the reviews given by others. However, to my utter shock, the menu which was given to me was a major different version from what was shown online. The previous menu was very vegetarian friendly (this one was to be a pure veg dinner) while the new one had almost no options for the vegetarians. “Just one option of each – better take it” types.

I was told that for vegetarians there would be just Minestrone soup available. I told the server as to what had happened to the lovely options given in the set menu published on the website and why was none of that there in the list. To this, he coolly said that since now this place is Café Infinito, the menu published by Otto Infinito would not stand! What a reason! That was the first big disappointment of the evening since I had specially come all the way from town to taste their “authentic Mediterranean” cuisine – Not the stuff which we usually tried at other places. On our persistence, our server went to confirm in the kitchen if there were any other options available for us. Thankfully, he returned on a slightly positive note saying that we could have Mushroom soup as well. Not a great choice but definitely not what we expected. The previous option was the Cold Potato soup which was something I was definitely looking forward too. The soup was served with a basket of tiny breads and butter which went well with it.

• Post soup, our server reappeared once again informing us to place all our orders immediately from the list provided. From then, our meal started on the set of limited terms dictated by our server. Here’s a brief on the same:
• Salad: The beautiful choices like Cypriot Mix Grain Salad, Feta & Palm Heart Salad and Palm Heart & Chestnut Salad on which I had laid my eyes while buying the voucher were nowhere on their list. What we got was the boring Veg Caesar Salad and another leafy salad with Figs (mind you – precisely 2 pieces of figs!)

Appetizer: Café Infinito decided that the vegetarians were supposed to have only the Bruschetta and got us that. 3 tiny (mind you,not small) pieces for a couple!! How I craved for the Mezze Dip and Cous Cous cake that we were entitled to.

Main Course: Again, names like Vegetable Tagine and Mixed Vegetable and Cheese Malfatti was missing – from the menu as well as our server’s advice to us. All he could get us was a Pizza, a pasta (red/white sauce) and a Spinach Cannelloni. Since we had no other option we called for 2 pizzas, a white pasta (both average) and the Cannelloni. By far, Cannelloni was the only dish which appeared a bit special (and was well prepared too) as compared to everything we had had so far. But again just 3 finger sized pieces !! Pizza and Pasta made me want to run away!! Dude, that’s not what I paid for!!!

Dessert: They had two options – Chocolate Truffle cake and another dessert whose name I forget, made of whipped cream. We never got to see the other dessert as our man soon came back saying that it was out of stock. So again it was just chocolate truffle cake for all of us.

The portions and sizes had become a kind of joke in the group as we kept guessing what the size of each next course to arrive on our table would be. Just before dessert, my brother predicted that each cake piece would not be bigger than the little salt and pepper shakers on the table. And sure enough, when it arrived, we all had a hearty laugh as he was bang on right. Since this was supposed to be fine dining, we were ready for small portions but these were miniscule. Guess that’s why they didn't bother changing our side dishes to the main plates at any time during the meal.

It was very clear that guests ordering from the main menu of the restaurant were being bigger portions than those who had a voucher. No problem on that – only if it had been mentioned on the voucher. Why the false representation that the buyer is actually saving a good amount by buying their voucher. No complaints to Groupon here – they have generally been very cooperative but yes, I will bring this fact to their notice too.

We all proceeded to grab a Subway and some nice filter coffee after this ‘5 course meal experience’. Major disappointment for all of us as we were really looking forward to some different Mediterranean dining. Will I be brave enough in the future, to travel an hour to this place for dinner on a weekday ?? You got to be crazy!!
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Tejas P - Burrp User

Tejas P

April 01,2014

Truly a fine evening..enjoy the food and ambience

Decided to give my wife a bit of a royal treatment on a Sunday evening by taking her to Cafe infinito. I think it was a perfect setup to end the weekend. Cafe Infinito has an excellent outdoor seating with candles lighting up your table. It may not be highly recommended during the warm evenings but it does seem enthralling nonetheless. We decided to sit indoors since it seemed quieter and the music played there.

The staff was very courteous. Kindly suggesting what might suit our taste as well as taking care you enjoy every bite of your food. Every time someone came to clear the dishes, they would check with us if we were enjoying the food. Absolutely nowehere have i been treated this royally. The bread basket can go with a range of your courses. The dip provided...the soup....or you could just nibble through the delicious varieties. Take a round of the soup and appetizers and you will be waiting for what more is in store. The salad could help a bit of a generous helping of dressing.

When the mains were served, we had a pleasant smile on our faces....the presentation was immaculate. Taste wise..good. Although the portions are limited...but that is what you expect from a fine dining experience. You get to enjoy different flavors...during the five course meal. We ended our indeed feasty evening with a dutch truffle. It was rich and very chocolaty.

The service remained the highlight of the evening with the overall decor and ambience coming a close second. Could not have been a better option to gain some brownie points from your wifey :P
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jainnamu  - Burrp User


March 30,2014

Nice place with an outdoor seating !

Otto Infinito has been renamed Cafe Infinito.

They have a nice outdoor seating,it was nice and breezy when we went 10 days back.We actually had the groupon voucher for 499/person which was a steal with the amount of food it offered :

Complimentary bread basket (this was given by the restaurant,not part of the voucher)

2 soups
A) Mushroom soup - Good
B) Minestrone Soup - OK - found it a little sour to my liking.

1 starter - Jalapeño Poppers - small serving of 3 pieces - Good

1 salad - We had the veg Cesears salad - Ok - not too much dressing,too leafy.

1 Pizza - Good. Very crip and thin
1 Pasta - penne in white & Red sauce - Very Good

1 dessert - They were very kind & served 2 desserts -
A) Lemon Sorbet - decent
B) Black Forest cake - good

We had also ordered the grapefruit and jasmine iced tea which I didn't quite like.

The service was very good,very helpful and courteous staff.

Overall a nice experience and would recommend visiting Cafe Infinito.
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manusi987787 - Burrp User


March 11,2014

Good Place To Eat

Appealing ambiance, exceptionally good food and great service. Although it was a Saturday evening we had no problems finding a table. The waiters were attentive and courteous. Food wise the menu is quite extensive and we had so much to choose from. We started our meal by ordering Harissa spiced prawns, Tahina chicken skewers which were just delicious. We then moved to the main course but before that we wanted to try pour hands on salads too, so we called out for Feta and Palm heart salad which was also quite good I must say. For main course we ordered Mushroom Truffle Ravioli & Moroccan Roast Chicken and for my kid we ordered vegetable spaghetti, because of the huge portion we ended up finishing it. The finishing touches to the meal were the desserts (moist Belgium chocolate cake & Tiramisu). Otto is a great place to be with either friends or family to have great time and hog onto some scrumptious Mediterranean food. Would surely come back again.
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dhruvimihir - Burrp User


March 07,2014


the service being a tad bit too slow and the food not being anything too innovative can totally take you down.

However, some dishes do deserve a mention - The Chicken Mishkak which was served with a delicious tamarind jus and the Maghrebian platter which was an assortment of succulent lamb, chicken and mutton kebabs. The mains were actually majorly disappointing in terms of quantity served and taste. The herbed grill chicken was bland, dry and the accompanied rice lacked taste. The pink pasta was also served with squash which was not mentioned in the menu.
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shipraa21 - Burrp User


February 27,2014

Perfect for a date

I took my fiancé on a date hoping it would be a great experience. And indeed it was! We went there quite early in the evening and so we got a table for two without the booking. The ambiance is very classy and appealing as you enter the place. We then decided to go ahead with the order. The staffs were quite helpful in giving us their suggestions. We started off with a Spaghetti Aglio Olio Peperconcino in vegetables. Was really above my expectation and the portion was also good enough for two. Later we moved on to the main course which was also very delicious and deserves its mention, we ordered Mixed Vegetable and Cheese Malfatti and Arabian Sea Jumbo Prawns & finally ended our meal with a Hazelnut cheese cake. Overall we enjoyed our time here. Will definitely visit this place again!
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apuu88 - Burrp User


February 18,2014

Otto Par Excellence

Looking for a nice fine dine experience. Otto Infinito is your answer. It is not just about good food but a great experience. The seating arrangement is awesome, and the tables are well spaced out giving one a sense of privacy. And good ceiling height making is look quite nice and grand. Quite a rarity in a space crunched city like Mumbai. As for the food, it is really yummy and very well presented. And the service, it is just the kinds you expect at a good fine dine place. Excellent! I was very much amazed by their wide variety of main course. But, overall it was nice experience to share. As for the food just to give you an idea, we called for Tahini Chicken Skewers for starters, Chicken and sundried Tomato risotto along with sautéed mushrooms and French fries overall the total came up to Rs1200 with taxes. Overall, it is a great place for all occasions, including a formal corporate lunch or a special dinner with friends/ family. And I really liked my experience and would definitely visit them again.
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arpit101 - Burrp User


February 18,2014

Good food, good ambiance

The moment you enter the premises you feel elated with the classy ambiance, high ceiling, the open counter, and the overall look of the place. The prices here can’t be considered Reasonable but for the location and the kind of crowd it caters to it is completely justifiable to be a bit pricey. We ordered starters, salads, & pasta along with some desserts. For starters which we chose was Kataifi Prawns and tahina chicken skewers which I loved it to the core. For salad we indulged into Balsamic Chicken and Apple Salad which consisted of slow cooked raddish & tomato, green apple, mixed lettuce and grilled balsamic chicken with some basic dressing. This tasted pretty Ok but would have loved it, if they have offered some more dressing options in the salad. The Pasta was better than what I expected, we took Spaghetti Aglio Olio Peperoncino with prawns (you can also get it in vegetables or chicken as well) but it just tasted wonderful. Also we took Mushroom Truffle Ravioli which was superbly done and went well with our other main course. Service is good & regular. What is very impressive about this place is the food plating and presentation skills displayed. I can rate this place as a fine-dine place for a as the ambiance is impressive, service is good, and food had some items that we loved to the core.
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Vidhika Khatwani - Burrp User

Vidhika Khatwani

February 09,2014

Yummy food!

Was out with a few friends here for dinner, and absolutely loved the pizza and pasta!

The desserts are average, with nothing too exclusively...

We also faced a lot of issues due to the mosquitoes but the staff was very helpful and even wrote an email to me while apologizing for the problem.

Overall, the ambience was good, the service was excellent and the food was yumm...
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ajeeta19 - Burrp User


February 05,2014

Love it

Love this place for its wide range of options available, lovely ambiance and of course the food. Have tried the mezze platter, beet root risotto which was fantastic, and fettuccini alfredo.

Only disappointment was on a recent visit when we had the fondue as part of the strawberry mania and was quite disappointed to see that it came with exactly 2 small strawberries. While the chocolate in the fondue was good and it came with other dipping options, I was expecting a few more strawberries given it was part of the strawberry mania festival.
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

January 16,2014

Come here for a once in a while experience!

Otto infinito at BKC is blessed to be located in such a fine area with lovely spacing and bang next to their brother restaurant Yauatcha. However, the service being a tad bit too slow and the food not being anything too innovative can totally take you down.

However, some dishes do deserve a mention - The Chicken Mishkak which was served with a delicious tamarind just and the Maghrebian platter which was an assortment of succulent lamb, chicken and mutton kebabs. The mains were actually majorly disappointing in terms of quantity served and taste. The herbed grill chicken was bland, dry and the accompanied rice lacked taste. The pink pasta was also served with squash which was not mentioned in the menu. The desserts were a winner. Since they had a strawberry festival going on - we ordered the chocolate fondue with strawberries, brownies and marshmallows... now you can't really go wrong with this fail proof dish so they didn't.
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November 28,2013

Ol a good place

Based out of Bkc it is easy accessible from our work place so we have had a couple of our office parties here. OI is a good place for a quite meal with friends or professional acquaintances. They have a good spread of continental cusine. The couple of times I have been here, I have tried out the beef burger, pepperoni and harissa chicken piazzas, Turkish kebab to name a few. The soups are quite bland so order them if u really appreciate continental flavours. The pizzas are crisp, wafer thin and simply delicious especially the pepperoni pizza. The Turkish kebab are a must try. And don't miss out on the desserts they are superb. And yes a special mention for their breads that are warm and just melt in your mouth. The ambience is good. The service is a little slow. Price wise is not that expensive. Next time you are in BKC and looking at a good place to hang out with, give this place a try, you won't be disappointed.
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shirin1980 - Burrp User


October 30,2013

Spacious and delicious!

Been twice to Otto infinito, once for a gourmet it up set meal and the second time for an executive lunch buffet.
Gourmet it up set meal was a fabulous dining experience for me and hubby. It was a 10 course tasting menu and a bottle of wine to be shared by 2, all for a 1000 bucks per head. Quite a steal. Quality , taste and presentation of food was excellent.
The executive lunch buffet on weekdays was priced at 300 bucks per head included 2 soups, 3 salads and 3 desserts. Makes for a good working lunch, ESP if one works around the area.
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n1t1n0u8ey - Burrp User


September 26,2013

Good experiences

Have been here a couple of times, both through Gourmetitup offers. One was a ten course meal with the other a 7 course one, with wine included. The wines and the food was good on both times. Only 1-2 courses disappointed. There breads are really good. Do try their desserts. Next want to do their Lunch buffet.
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

September 05,2013

Worthy at Breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Doing business in Bandra Kurla Complex and feel the need to let your hair down after work? Need a quiet restaurant to read your Sunday papers over breakfast? Want to catch up with all your buddies in a not so noisy al-fresco setting? Or just a business lunch? This is the potential that Otto Infinito has in my opinion, set out in the backyard of buzzing Bandra in a quiet location in BKC. Now before I start sounding like their PR manager, I still have the couple of bills in my pocket basis which I'm writing this review.

My first trip to this restaurant was in April, and I was dying to go back again since I never gave it all the time I should have the first time. They say they serve Mediterranean cuisine, which is a smart way of saying they do Moroccan, Turkish,Italian, Spanish and other cuisines all under the same roof. The place is an imposing 6000 sq feet including the al-fresco seating, and in the same complex where Yauatcha is (they're both owned by the same guys in India).

The first trip was a 10-course tasting menu, which gave me an opportunity to try out their multiple cuisines all in one go, little by little. I booked a table for 2, arrived in time, and chose to sit out on a Saturday night. Next to me was a group of 10, all chatting and laughing away to glory which made me realise they won't be able to talk so freely at a restaurant in town with loud music at that hour of the weekend.

Service was courteous, and the restaurant seemed to have the good intention of making it a nice 2-2.5 hour long tasting session, but towards the end I had to ask them to clip it to about 1.5 hours because I had to go elsewhere.

The food, boss, the food. Here is the food I had over the first time. We started with cracking the bottle of Reveilo Chardonnay which was coming to us along with our tasting menu (to be shared between two). I won't go over the whole menu, but lets touch upon the important bits.

The Mezze dips were very very nice. There were about 5 kind of dips, served with a small bread basket to get us rolling. What better than some nice Hummus to start your evening.Cold Potato Soup: I've never had potato soup before, but it tasted great, not just a mashup of potatoes with extra hot water in it.

The Ricotta Ravioli: Now, Ravioli is something easy to sound but not so easy to make esp. if it is handmade. I think this was the course that took them a little longer to bring out, but was absolutely worth the wait, especially paired with the chilled wine that was flowing along. But the Highlight of the evening for us was the Pan Seared Lamb which was cooked to perfection. It wasn't chewy, it wasn't cold, it wasn't dry. It was tasty and you could savour the juicyness while you ate it all.

Right after the sort of main courses we were brought the Cucumber & Lemon Sorbet. Sorbet in the middle of the meal was right there to cleanse our palate, before we could be served the Cafe Gourmand dessert platter, which had some very very good desserts.

I can tell you I was doing injustice rushing them through the courses at the end, but i had to go. But they still kept their cool and made sure not to mix up the food and keep up the service.

I also returned recently to check out their breakfast menu, on a lazy Sunday and they were open at 8 am. For breakfast, we went with the Berber omelette, which is highly reco'd if you are on the healthy eating side of things. baked eggs cooked with Moroccan tomato sauce and fresh Pita bread, served hot. I also experimented with the Breakfast Pizza, which is a thin crust Margherita Pizza with eggs, sunny side up on top. I never knew such a thing existed and I was just joking with a friend about such a pizza a few days before. Here it was.

I've also seen their deli, which rolls out on the go salads and sandwiches for that busy workday, but never tried it out myself.

In my view, the restaurant has every thing going for it. The location is smartly selected, the food tastes great, the service is attentive and courteous. And the pricing is very very reasonable except for some high-end main course items. You could easily go here for a meal for two and come back full and appreciative within 1500 Rs. without the alcohol.
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varpri - Burrp User


August 31,2013

Loved Thy Pizza!!!! everything else was a let down

went there on 22nd Aug (last week) with my wifey for a romantic dinner and must say that the ambiance was kinda mixed. this place is in the middle of bkc surrounded with all corporates thus there were a couple of big noisy group tables around us.

Food: the food was overhyped!!! good but not exactly excellent as this place has been hyped up to be. The menu for dinner seems pretty limited although they cover most cuisines but they should have more dishes in the salads and appetizers section. even the pizza there were limited options.

My wife is a fan of the legendary chicken ceaser salad but unfortunately this aint on the menu. the server suggested some grilled chicken salad which was crap to the core since it was sweet as it has some figs in it i guess. ideally the server should have informed us that this salad would have been sweet and thus we may not have ordered it. anywayz my wife has the chicken salami pieces and i had to gulp down the sweet veggies.

i also ordered the tahina chicken skewers but again sorry to say it was pretty mediocre. a few chicken pieces it seemed were skewered grilled and served. the server said the sauce would be spicy but it was a let down.i assumed the sauce would be a dip but instead it was painted on the plate by the chef well. though it was nice it anticipated better.

The saving grace: The chicken pizza was the best dish of the day and saved the evening from being ruined!!! i loved the thin crust pizza and definetly will go back for this dish alone. However i would like to again say that there were very few options for pizza.

Most letdown dish of the day: I am a fan of the spagethi aglio olio and was really looking forward to this but it was a complete let down. It was decent but not as excellent as it should be. it was completely dry and garlic seemed to have a guest appearance in the dish. my wife and sis can make a better aglio olio then this.

anywayz to sum up my evening it was kinda let down with all the hype surrounding this place but for the Pizza which made my day!!!!

meal for two without drinks: 1500-2000. decent pricing but i wish they improve on the food mix.
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Shivani Desai - Burrp User

Shivani Desai

August 13,2013

Worth every penny! 5 stars!

Simple yet beautiful ambience... Quick service... Creamiest pastas.. Lovely flavors.. Freshly baked breads served on the go.. And a blueberry cheesecake to dieee for! After a long time I have been to a place, where each item ordered exceeded expectations. Experience Infinito indeed. Compliments to the chef!
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janhavi - Burrp User


July 07,2013

otto infinito

the place is wonderful, right in the middle of bkc, very good atea. the food is out of the
world. the chef and staff as feiendly as ever. the eggs were so well made. make to order. just so yummmm. pan cakes were as awesome as the chef who made them. l
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Harsh Sheth - Burrp User

Harsh Sheth

July 07,2013

Pancakes, Couscous Upma & Smoothies - Amzng Bkfst

Our 1st Burrp event & it was so worth it... Otto Infinito is an excellent location & Chef Azad showed us some unique n healthy breakfast treats... Sharin was an amazing host.. super tasty food, amazing people and a fantastic experience...
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kyaboltitu - Burrp User


June 11,2013

Amazing Time

To each his own.Reviews sometimes are misleading as it always boils down to ones own adventure at the venues. I too got mislead by the review but decided to chance my arm.

To my pleasant surprise I was overwhelmed.It was my parents anniversary and we decided to hook up for the 10 course meal. Its not for the hardcore eaters but the spread is enough to delight you. We had a galal time and this place has a fantastic ambiance especially in the evening. Staff also seemed nice .

Thanks Otto ...for me its Definitely..! :)
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kavitarasam - Burrp User


June 05,2013

Awfully Disappointed..

This afternoon I decided to try Otto Infinito for lunch. I have been here for dinner, and the experience was quite good, but today it was just one disappointment after other.

I reached the place around 2 for lunch, at a time when the office lunch crowd was about to leave. While entering the premise,I had seen a board announcing the lunch special of soups, salad and dessert and decided to opt for it.

To begin with I had their sea food soup which tasted more of Okra instead of seafood. I even doubt if it had any kind of fish/crustacean in it. Mind you I had confirmed with the waiter to check if it was the sea food soup he mentioned before filling my bowl. While all this was going on the lady with the bread basket refused to serve/ask me if I wanted bread. She did look at me and just moved on. Finally another server had to ask her to offer bread to me.
After being let down by the soup and service it was time to try the salads. There were in all 4 options for salads chicken, tomato and feta cheese, mixed greens with dressing and a pasta salad. When I went to the salad bar to fill my plate only the chicken salad bowl and pasta salad had enough in them to suffice the patrons around. Mixed greens and tomato feta cheese salad needed refilling. These bowls were finally refilled when I was about to leave. I had already made 3 rounds near the salad bar to see if they had any mixed greens in the bowl.When they did mange to fill the tomato salad bowl it did not have any feta in it!!!! Just plane old tomato chopped and left in the bowl. Another customer and I had to ask them to add feta cheese to it.

During the 45 mins or so that I spent at the restaurant no-one bothered to refill my water cup or bothered to offer more bread.(They have better service in the evenings)

The only saving grace was the desserts and the bread that they refused give. I don't know if it was because I went alone for lunch that they decided to ignore me or if the service is generally bad during lunch hour!!
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132kamal - Burrp User


May 19,2013

Why is the restaurant hiring sub-standard staff ?!

Last evening, we, a group of 7 (4 adults & 3 kids) walked into the restaurant. I did not make a reservation as I was specifically told by one of the lady staffs (on the day Bal Thackeray passed away) that a table reservation was not necessary. This was our first visit only to be greeted by the pouting and scornful Mr. Paresh and the plump so called "Ms. goody two shoes" at the entrance. It being hot, we requested if we could be seated inside. We were declined as they said that they had simultaneous reservations for atleast 80 guests !!! Surprising indeed !! There were only 3 tables occupied inside and 3 outdoors. We were told to sit out with extremely poor lighting - infact it could pass off as NO lighting. I requested Mr. Paresh and the lady if they could help us & did inform of being told that a table booking was not required. They simply refused in a very callous manner. We thought over for a while and decided to dine elsewhere. To this Mr. Paresh muttered insultingly, shrugged his shoulders and said "it is your wish" - he couldn't care a damn. Congratulations Mr. Kishore Bajaj for redefining Hospitality ventures ! Either you are basking in the restaurant's artificial glory or cutting corners by hiring such spiteful and sub-standard staff. We went there only on Mr. Rajani's recommendation and were really looking forward to a delightful evening as the kids' exams were getting over. Thank you for making our evening ' RUDELY SURPRISING ' !!
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vrushali prabhu - Burrp User

vrushali prabhu

May 12,2013

Perfection to infinity

Courtesy Snapdeal, had a chance to sample the Sunday Brunch. While I walked in, I was skeptical because I didn't carry a printout and hence was doubtful if all could go smoothly. I was welcomed warmly and things were sorted out while I was asked to help myself to the lavish spread. The first highlight was the breads and salads (special mention to Seafood Tian)...amazing thing done to the fish which became melt in the mouth with flavours in tact...Second highlight was the variety of salami (which I could taste was Chorizo and the piquant fish served along with it...) The third highlight was unlimited drinks where I could see the bartenders whipping up different kind of cocktails, well presented... Mine was a watermelon martini, it was my first time with a cocktail and thanks to Otto, it was awesome...I didn't realise that I already downed four....The next highlight was the vegetarian main course which was well made..Its observed that dinner buffets and unlimited spreads lose the focus from the main course but that equally tantalised my tastebuds...

The last but not the least was the dessert, which very few places get right. You can call yourself a Continental and serve chocolate mousse, some pastries and ice-cream. You call yourself mediterranean and then serve some cheesecakes with kiwis and such...But these guys hit it off with the desserts...A strict warning to all those who visit here...DO NOT LEAVE...I repeat DO NOT LEAVE...without tasting the
Baked Yogurt with fresh fruits
Chocolate Nemesis (top class and my personal favourit, deserves a 5 on its own for the texture, the balance of taste and the presentation style)
finally the Black and White....absolutely brilliant...speechless to the variety and innovation even in desserts...

At 1850 (food+ alcohol), we may call it exhorbitant, at 1200 some may afford once a while visit....the variety and uniqueness in menu makes it completely VFM for me.

I would like to specially mention that the decor is minimalistically elegant while the ambience is Sunday picnickish...(no date place)

I would like to thank the stewards and really appreciate their indulgent yet non-intrusive service!!! There's something to learn there for all the multi-star food places... Thanks for making it so special!!
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Vish2b - Burrp User


April 28,2013

Amazing experience

Opted for the Gourmetitup option for dinner. We had a 10 course tasting menu. The ambience was fantastic with a candle light outdoor seating. Well trained and pleasant staff added to the overall experience. The food was divine and even though it was a tasting portion, we were full by the 6th course. Still drooling over the lime Sorbet. Would be happy to visit again.
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Ontheprowl - Burrp User


February 18,2013

Auto finito - Nothing infinite at Sunday Brunch

Am I glad I got a voucher for this or what. We got to this place, looking all promising with its breezy outdoors and cozy indoors. We went in and were seated immediately. After we told the very unsmiling waitress that we were going for the brunch, we ordered our drinks- a watermelon martini and a mint one. 20 mins passed. Our drinks were nowhere to be seen. 30 mins later, our drinks were still not at the table. Finally, after begging for them, our waiter got us martinis that made us want to throw up. Promptly sent them back. On to the food. The hummus tasted canned, the concept of mutabel was lost on the chef and every other thing was deplorably untasty. There was a live pasta counter, which was the best thing there. The desserts were the most mediocre trash I have ever tasted anywhere at a place that expected me to shell out something around Rs.1800 per head if I didn't have a voucher.
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Vikram Vora - Burrp User

Vikram Vora

February 18,2013

Disappointing Sunday Brunch!

Tried the Sunday Brunch on 17 Feb 2013. Big mistake.

Shoddy service (20 min to get a drink) , an indifferent manager (did nothing despite letting him know that the buffet tables were empty-twice!), extremely average tasting food (except for the pizza that was good) and a very poor brunch menu.

For Rs 1800++ per head for the alcoholic brunch, the choice of alcohol is also limited - KF beer, wine & vodka martinis - thats it.

I'm told this place has been around for a few months now, so it couldn't be teething problems.

With a great location & an al fresco section, expectations from this restaurant were high.

I absolutely recommend NOT going for the Sunday brunch here.
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Netra Kasalkar - Burrp User

Netra Kasalkar

February 08,2013

Awesome food...

I planned to visit Otto Infinito this friday evening to try their thin crust pizzas & the pasta that they serve. I personally liked the seating arrangement outside the restaurant & being a Friday evening luckily it was not crowded at seven thirty.
We ordered for a penne pasta with pesto sauce & sun dried tomato & a thin crust pizza with margherita base & toppings of jalapenos, black olives, bell peppers & onion. The pizza was served first, it was awesome rather a square pizza than the regular round size. The pasta came later, but to our disappointment they got spaghetti instead of penne. We had to hunt or the server & ask him to change the same.
For dessert we thought of ordering chocolate & passion fruit ganache which was nice too. Food excellent but the restaurant should focus on the service as it is too slow & the servers are confused at all times.
The server who took the order was invisible after he took our order. They should keep one server responsible for x no of tables & he should only overlook that section which will ensure proper service.
Will surely visit again for the ambience & food though.
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Anahita Irani - Burrp User

Anahita Irani

December 31,2012

hyped and expensive

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karan2791 - Burrp User


December 05,2012

Definitely worth a visit !

A very comfortable ambience which compliments the food well. A much needed relief from the abundant fast food joints available in the area. Came here last week for lunch. Over crowded like all surbaban restaurants but worth the wait ! The bruschettas were nice but the chicken wasnt upto the mark. Small portions served which are not upto the mark when compared to the price charged. Overall decent ! Kudos
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest, Dear Guest, Thank you very much for your review about your experience at Otto Infinito. I am happy to note that you had a pleasant meal with us and the services extended by my team were to your satisfaction. Your points have been duly noted and we are glad that we could make your experience memorable. Thank you once again for having dined with us and we look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you back to Otto Infinito. Your point on the chicken and the portion size has been communicated to the kitchen.
Samiya Shakir
Senior Sales and Marketing Manager

Jiten Saheta - Burrp User

Jiten Saheta

December 04,2012

Just another expensive restaurant

Food :
Variety : A menu which seems to be copied from any one of the new age restaurants... Take your pick indigo deli, mosche et all.
Taste : As expected... Nothing to say wowo about
Cost : Quite expensive
Portions : Stingy

Ambience :
outdoor.... Faces the road... Could smell the dust in the air from construction in the next lane..had to move indoors
Indoor : Ordinary...absolutely nothing to comment on

Wine : No domestic wines, imported wines at 700 a glass
Cocktails: tasted great, but at 650 a glass...too steep for the type of place

Net.. If i want my average new age mix of world cusine... Am happier at indigo deli, mosche or lpq.... At this price range would be happier eating at a nicer restaurant in hyatt nearby.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest,

Thank you so much for your feedback, at the onset our sincere apologies for not having received the fine service and food you deserve. We have taken your points into the highest consideration and discussed the same with the management.

Samiya Shakir

sray2012 - Burrp User


December 03,2012

Lovely place, good service but below average food

Visited for the first time. Sat outside which was lovely because the weather was very pleasant. The ambiance was nice and the staff was efficient. The food fell really flat.
The chorizo ravioli was nice and so was the spaghetti in Harissa sauce. However the others were below average
The moroccon roast chicken felt little over done, too fibrous and the flavours were not good at all. Felt burnt. The beef priced at 2500 for a plate was not at all up to the mark. It was a small piece, felt flattened with no flavour. The texture and flavours of a good quality beef was missing. The prawn was average.
Also the portion size for the pasta was absolutely ridiculous. Was almost like a baby meal. Infact while we were commenting on it we overheard similar comments from diners next to us.
For a meal worth 5.5 k for 3 without alcohol, desserts or even cold drinks good food if not outstanding is expected not just good service and ambiance. Don't know if I'll go back again
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

November 27,2012

A feast for taste buds as well as eyes

I have been to Otto Infinito twice, once for breakfast and once for dinner. I've had a great experience both the times. Their berber omlette is a must try if you are there for breakfast. The baked eggs topped with olives are served on a bed of spicy Moroccon sauce with pita breads on the side. Whole dish is served in a tagine pot. The hazelnut cheesecake and dark chocolate and passion fruit ganache are the winners in the dessert section.

There's a lot of focus on the presentation as well which wins half the battle. The al fresco section is beautiful but beware of the mosquitos in that area.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Shirin,

Thank you so much for your great feedback, we look forward to hosting you again at Otto Infinito soon.
Warm regards, Samiya Shakir samiya.shakir@kahospitality.com

deepakkhatri86 - Burrp User


November 26,2012

Riot of Burrps: Otto Infinito

Would love to get straight to the food, but when the ambience compliments the gastronomic journey you are set to embark upon, I guess it deserves more than just a mention. The warm, not too bright light setting, with a comfortable expanse of great interiors sets a great mood the moment you step in.

We were introduced to Chef Azad briefly, who took us through the menu. Getting to the food now. We were served a welcome moctail Pico Punch to brace our taste buds. The drink served its function of a palette cleanser but the Cinnamon lacing was a bit too strong and kept leaving a strong flavor, nonetheless was truly a taste cleanser.

The Amose Bouche,a chicken filled aubergine roll, plunged me into a mild tumble of happy flavours playing in my mouth. Great combination of flavours! Another sip of taste cleanser, and I was introduced to my appetizer, Haloumi Cheese with watermelon. I loved the play of textures the cheese which had a bite, and the lightness of the watermelon all coming together to create a work of art. Also, in conversation with Chef Azad, he told us that the hydrating qualities complete the appetizer as the Houlomi cheese is sun-dried, which concentrates the salt content. Another appetizer which I tried wer the Kattafi prawns cooked to perfection.

A Mezze platter was served with assorted breads and a variety of Sauces and dips to keep us continually chewing and flavorfully occupied while our main courses were on their way.

I chose the Moroccon Chicken with citrus pan jus and feta. The chicken was a tad too chewy but the sauce was the saving grace, a satiating meal overall. I also had a go at the mushroom trio, a great risotto which I guess should’ve been my choice, but being a meat loyalist I deprived myself :P

For dessert I had the Raspberry lemon and white chocoloate Opera, a great dessert but too sweet to my liking, causing me to shift my focus to the Cranberry Cheese cake lying next to me which I thoroughly enjoyed and licked off the platter
A lovely mealy, though I had to snatch a few things from around to make it one, but it’s the final outcome that matters, which was great. Thumbs up to Otto Infinito and Chef Azad.
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Ashutosh Bohra - Burrp User

Ashutosh Bohra

November 25,2012

Awesome food is Awesome

I could very well rename the restaurant to Awesome Infinito... I attended the Burrp's Chef's Table and It was such a Pleasure to have dinner at one of the finest Restaurants in BKC. What stood out about the place was definitely the Presentation of the food and the ambience. The waiter who served us was Bipin and he did a splendid job, service at it's best. Also was nice to see The Manager/Chef Azad Arif & Bipin again taking turns to cater to the little princess and prolly the youngest burrper present along with us.

Okay so as we all gathered for the Chef's Table ... Chef Azad came at our table and gave a brief description of the food that we are going to be served, He even told us that he would personally see that the dining experience was one of the finest and attended personally to each and every burrper. Good job Chef.

So we started the Dinner with Amuse Bouche (Pre Appetizer) served on a spoon and it was like Spa for the tounge suddenly all of the burrpers felt WOW what was this. Its like when you are sleeping and you get a punch of awesomeness hehe. Okay then we moved on to the appetizers and we had Kattafi Prawns for the non veggies and Grilled Halloumi/Zucchini and apple soup for our fellow veggies and all the appetizers received great response from the burrpers. The Kattafi Prawns were like nice kurkure prawns and very light. I also tried some Grilled Halloumi what awesome veggie dish and it just worked wonders with the watermelon. We were also served Pico Patch and Ginger Beer as mocktails to go along with food both were very different and interesting. Then came the time for Main course and yeh this time the chickenlover said hello to Moroccan Roast Chicken. It was just brilliant wow so soft and juicy yum yum. What made it special was the sauce that they served along with the chicken. Must have dish for all the chicken lovers.I also had Orange Tarragon butter poached lobster It tasted good but since I haven't had lobster at many places can't really rate the dish.

Last but not the least, Behold Ladies and Gentlemen the Desserts are coming. We were served three different desserts Raspberry lemon and white Chocolate Opera which was presented beautifully full marks to OttoInfinito for this dessert and the taste was good. Then the 2nd one we had was Signature chocolate & Passion fruit Ganache, this is for the ones who like dark chocolate. I don't like dark chocolate but still It was a good experience tasting this. Then came the best cheese cake I have ever had CRANBERRY CHEESE CAKE. Well when you think of a cheese cake you think of a triangular slice like the way it is presented in all the restaurants across mumbai. Thats where this is different the way these people presented one of the fellow burrpers mentioned. "Cheesecake aisa bhi dikh sakta hai?" Exactly very good presentation of the desert and OMG the taste was wonderful. The Best Cheesecake I have had till date.

Overall I had never thought it would be such a great experience,. Thank you Chef Azad Arif for the making the evening a memorable affair, you made the event #ChefsTable live up to it's name. So if you would like to see your food dressed like a bride on a wedding day this is the place to go.

Many Places serve good tasting food without much attention to the presentation that's where this restaurant stand-outs. They also have a lovely ambience inside the restaurant. You also have a good chance of bumping into some stars over here. We saw Leslie Lewis at the restaurant and Also saw a Rolls Royce Phantom outside the restaurant. Too much Awesomeness happening on a single day :D

Be sure to check out the pics I have posted in the photos section to get a visual idea of what I have been telling you about.
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Vinay V - Burrp User

Vinay V

November 18,2012

European food lovers.. presenting Otto Infinito

Presenting Otto Infinito for your taste buds...After a long time BKC finally sees a ray of hope for food lovers .. otherwise for the working crowd at BKC there was just an RBI junk food or pizza hut or a US pizza joint. I visited the place for an afternoon working lunch and the place was full of corporate ppl.

Loved the italian pizza ..thin and crispy and very authentic.. the ambiance is not very cozy and gives a look of a typical business restaurant..
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Vinay,

Thank you very much for your review about your experience at Otto Infinito, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai.

I am happy to note that you had a pleasant meal with us and the services extended by my team were to your satisfaction.

We are glad that we could make your experience memorable. Thank you once again for having dined with us and we look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you back to Otto Infinito.

Samiya Shakir
PR Manager at KA Hospitality

sunshine1234 - Burrp User


November 10,2012

average and noisy

went on a weekend afternoon. was very noisy and crowded.. good if you like spaces like that..but I didnt like their sound proofing and ambience frankly... food was well priced for the brand but patchy..the sandwiches are no great shakes..their lamb couscous served in a tagine is a bit better..the service was very slow. the deli counter is a better bet with well priced takeaway stuff..try the same rather than the restaurant.. expect to pay about 2.5 k for a meal for two sans alcohol..
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A S - Burrp User


October 21,2012

Shaadi hall

We booked this place a week back for cocktails and dinner with a client on saturday night. The place is like a huge shadi hall with not a single table worth sitting. I am sure till last minute the owner must be tossing between creating a shaadi hall and restaurant and opted for second..and forgot to change the decor. Poor ambience - walked off without eating.
My opinion is well supported by the Featured review in this site as it was a birthday party and probably needed a party hall....
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Spreading Joy - Burrp User

Spreading Joy

October 07,2012

Okay food- very noise, bad ambience

Large place - done up in a basic manner .....you get the feeling you are sitting in a food court. But why the hell is it so noisy !!!! You need to put some sound absorbers or whatever !

We were all veg. The mezze platter and maghreb platter were decent. Main course was grilled aubergine something , mushroom ravioli and a margerita pizza. I would say the food is decent/okay but not great.

Damages were Rs 800 per head for 2 starters, 3 main courses and 2 mocktails.

I would not be going back - too noisy and lacking any character. I would much rather go to the adjoining Yautcha which is owned by the same management.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you very much for your feedback about your experience at Otto Infinito, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai.

I deeply regret that during your meal with us, you have not experienced the quality of meal that you expected from our brand.

It is feedback from esteemed guests like you that helps us to constantly introspect and assists us in striving for better dining experiences to our guests.

We have looked into the noise issue and is now undercontrol. Nothing is more important than regaining your trust and all of us here hope that you will give us the opportunity to welcome you once again at Otto Infinito and provide you with a meal that you rightfully expect from us.

My team and I look forward to your continued visits and take this opportunity to assure you of our best attention and service at all times.

Samiya Shakir
PR Manager at KA Hospitality

Siddhartha Jain - Burrp User

Siddhartha Jain

September 21,2012

Horrible Service

had the worst customer experience at Otto Infinito restaurant in Mumbai tonight. We are served Squid breads along with the usual breads. To us VEGETARIANS and the manager could just about say "we have informed the chef, and he will not mix them in the same basket in the future". Pathetic. I had to break a plate to get some more attention and after all this, the manager got us our bill. Horrible staff. Vegetarians, pls do not go go to this place in Bandra. Beware.
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Sal  - Burrp User


September 09,2012

Teething Issues

The opening joins a slew of new and hip restaurants opening in BKC. Visited twice, once the day post opening and then over the weekend.

Food: Over two visits tried most of the veg dishes including the veg tangine, Margarita pizza, bruschetta, ricotta ravioli in mushroom truffle sauce, broccoli lasagna, mezze platter.

The Mezze platter consisted of 5 dips of which the hummus, labneh and tomato were the best. Unfortunately the quantity of bead served alongside fell short. The revolving breads saved the day.

The bruschetta had 3 different types - regular tomato, mushrooms and ricotta.

Rather order the Margarita as a starter though. This was the highlight of the meal and we landed up ordering two when the first one was snapped up in a matter of moments. A square pizza instead of the usual round was loved by the everyone including the non veggies.

The Ravioli in mushroom truffle looked a little unappetizing due to the grey colour (I know it's mushroom and so has to be grey). The stuffing also didn't do much for the dish. Can be avoided.

The broccoli lasagna was average. The veg tangine was served with a side of olive cous cous. The sauce was a bit too much tomato and tangy but worth a try.

We also tried the fruit tart and chocolate tart. The chocolate tart was divine consisting of dark chocolate with a side of stewed cinnamon apples.

Drinks: They dont serve alcohol and even in terms of mocktails they only had two non-tea based one. They need to spruce up the offerings.

Service: The staff seemed to be well trained what the menu consists of but a bit slow in other aspects. The first time it was half full and the tangine took over an hour to arrive. The manager and chef apologized and offered us free desserts which was a nice touch. The second time during dinner each person had to ask for plates before getting them. I understand a restaurant would face some teething issues initially and I hope they can get up to speed especially given the rush and recent popularity of BKC restaurants.

Damages: Around Rs1500 per couple since there is no alcohol yet

Verdict: A great option for those working around especially there carry and go meals. Wish they would increase the veg offering and spruce up service.
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FreakyBawas - Burrp User


August 31,2012

Big On Food & Infinity = Spacious

It was their third or fourth night of opening, having said that the place is nice, spacious as the name suggests, we were celebrating a birthday............................
Great Food, Excellent presentation and more importantly the flavors were fresh and different.
We were 10 of us so we had the opportunity to taste a large variety of VEG & NON VEG on the Menu..... so here goes
DO get the Square Pizzas --- Non Veg Pepperoni was excellent & the Veggies liked theirs too (gobbled up in a couple of mins defy mean they tasted great)
DO try the salads - Non Veg we recommend the lobster Salad (comes on a base of greens & fresh fruits & was delicious) and the Veg Pommegrante Salad was great too
DO get the well reviewed Mezze or like us the Falafel etc platter - the sauces are well flavored accompanying this dish
DO try the beef carpacio (a generous filling) with shavings of cheese and fresh greens with olive oil tasted YUMM
DONT get the truffle Veg Souffle cause somehow it tasted a bit eggy and nothing like there was any truffle oils in it

we liked ALMOST everything here as most plates were squeaky clean
DO get the Moroccan Spiced Roast Chicken (the accompanying sauce has strong flavors as well) served with yumm mashed potatoes & greens
DO Get the Harrisa sauce Pasta it was a fav on the table (bit of a spicy sauce)
we also like the Mushroom Raviolli (Veg) and the Chicken & Sun Dried Tomatoes Rissoto
We Dont recommend the Veg Lasange (was totally bland) and also the lamb stew served with corntela wasnt great
We also dont recommend waiting a longer time than usual for the crepes vegetarian ----ours took a long time to come when the rest of the food was on the table
Service was very attentive as it should be & what we have come to expect from the team at Hakkasan/Yautcha etc,,,,our waiter made great recommendations and was friendly

Overall Good Food would highly recommend consider your choices and you will have an enjoyable evening with a mix of Salads /Pizzaz/pastas etc
Service was good
Ambience of the place is nice with light music & space

Dont drink the HI FI KA Bottle Mineral Water (@ 100+ a bottle not worth it) again we were not warned this is chargeable and we would have been happier with normal /regular water
We were not warned that the Crepes Veg would take ages to come and this is a flaw (while ordering informing us would be helpful instead of leaving two hungry ladies staring at their plates while everyone else got their food)
We were celebrating a birthday but we got NO special treatment from the management (despite having told them at the time of booking & the manager/hostess Ms Khyati stating she would make it SPECIAL)
Desserts were not that great

All in all an enjoyable evening with friends and good food would recommend

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