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Junisha Dama - Burrp User

Junisha Dama

December 20,2015

Old cosy cafe with very British-like food.

Winston Churchill posters and large print-outs that spell the menu adorn the walls. The cafe is small and cosy and makes you feel at home. The food is European home-like, but you'll see the Indian influences thanks to saucey pastas. Opt for the baked dishes, burgers and mains. The country style chicken in a brown gravy with mashed potatoes and veggies is very English. The burgers are big and fill you up. Pastries and cakes are a bit dry but will remind you of an old grandma's. Try the Irish coffee cake, which is a hot seller here.
Service is quick and the food is pocket friendly. Go here to know why it was once popular as very little has changed since its inception.
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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 28,2015

overcrowded but food worth it

It is a small place located at Colaba causeway. It is a small and cozy restaurant with huge sofas and a few comfortable chairs.As you enter, you notice that the walls are covered with the menu. very limited seating and you will always have waiting to get in.Very good continental food=Cheddar Baked Chicken and the farmhouse pasta are must try.
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Navya P - Burrp User

Navya P

February 28,2015

nice place

A place to dine amidst old world charm. Been here with college friends which is perfect company for such place. We ordered Beef Chilli Pasta, Cheese Spinach and Corn Lasagne, Pollo Valdostana , Pollo Arososto, Fish Fingers, Spice n' Nice Fries , Chicken Cordon Bleu and Raspberry soda. Portions were great for us since we were all starving and everything was simply lips-smacking delicious. Value for money for such quality and quantity and laid back, cosy ambiance.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 30,2015

Food is really good

Even though the ambiance leaves a lot to be desired and service could be improved upon, the food more than makes up for it with amazing filet o fish burger, cheddar baked chicken, fish fingers,prawn nirvana...seriously great food which one would never know unless one stepped inside! I am so thankful to my friends who introduced me to this place! A bit expensive which means I cannot go here every week...but when I get job and start earning money...I will be here every week!
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hansika289 - Burrp User


June 11,2014

Eat away!

Don't be let down by the size of the cafe as the food is to die for at this place. They have sumptuous meals filled with substance. The place radiates a sense of homeliness. Recently, I had the blueberry cheesecake which was an enriching experience. Right from the cheesecake melting in the mouth to the oozing blueberry jelly from the middle of the cheesecake, the whole experience is one worth having.
Apart from that the waffles topped with sweet maple syrup and honey with a scoop of vanilla ice cream juts bakes a filling snack for all waffle lovers. The waffles are crisp, hot and combined with the cooling ice cream just makes your day.
So go ahead, try it...
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Clinton Tixeira - Burrp User

Clinton Tixeira

December 18,2013

Good Food

i had visited this place with my friends when we had gone for shopping at colaba this place is situated right in between of colaba causeway it is always full...we managed to get our table after 15 mins...when we entered in was a small resto with a 5-6 tables...i wanted to try out this place because my friends used to tell me that you great good food here...we were greeted by this lady here who is actually the owner of the restaurant..she was sooo kind and humble..she told us to try some of the best sellers of this place...we ordered one coronation lamb , chicken pollo pasta and lamb chops ...when we received our order the plate was soo eye catchy...lovely presentaion...the taste of all the 3 dishes was great...the lamb was very moist and soft and yummy all a great experience
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gourab_c - Burrp User


November 28,2013


Seldom does one come across a restaurant, where almost every single option in the menu is near-perfect. Churchill is an example. I usually avoid visiting the same restaurant more than twice. Churchill is an exception. In fact, a friend of mine whom I once took out for dinner at Churchill regrets how she misses out on the Churchill salmon, now that she has moved over to Dubai. A regular at Churchill, there is hardly anything in their menu that I have not tried out. Their proportions are bountiful, and we often avoid the starters and dig into the main course right away. A huge favorite of mine is chippolati -- a tomato-based preparation of salmon or prawn (i usually prefer the salmon!). Another must-try is their pollo arrostto, with a spicy pepper-based sauce. The beef tenderloin steak is to die for. I prefer my steaks well-prepared and the steak at Churchill nearly melts in the mouth. No dinner at Churchill is complete without their amazing hand-picked dessert, each one of them mouth-watering. Most importantly, it is quite cheap and has a very friendly, cosy décor and an equally friendly staff, who takes keen interest in the order that is placed, often coming up with their own suggestions. The best place ever!
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 07,2013

Reasonably priced most awesome place ever

I would be one of the biggest fans of this place and I am not sure if this has entirely to do with the fact that it serves amazing food. Maybe because it is located on the causeway, maybe because it is so cozy, maybe the friendly staff, maybe the name... I could go on. I usually hate repeating restaurants but Churchill is one of the few, I would never say a no to. Right from the cold coffee, to the peach teas, from the grilled to perfection chicken steak to the mouth watering chicken lasagna; from the crunchy onion rings to the roast lamb sandwiches - the food is to die for. Reasonably priced, you'd not spend more than 700 for two persons (hearty filled stomachs mind you)
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Z H - Burrp User


September 16,2013

Lovely little cafe

Café Churchill brings back many old memories and I always go back feeling nostalgic. Tiny little place, literally tiny with 8 or 9 tables. Usually a waiting during peak meal hours, I think I have almost tried everything on the menu. And everything is good! Trust me! Their steak is gorgeous and massive! The pastas are lovely too. And desserts are killer! They are on display in the refrigerator – pick any one and you won’t be disappointed. P.s: they don’t accept credit cards !
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anirudhsaha - Burrp User


August 04,2013

meat me

Colaba is an wizard with a few neat tricks to give him just that little awe to keep him abreast in a sea of fancier gimics and expensive tastes...while Leopold n Woodside inn & company keep the hip crowd occupied ,imbiss has many clawing back to the colaba scene..the lowest denominators too have a say with new Martin's keeping meat hungry well feed,all without fleecing them. I happily consumed my evening on deciding whether to weather a trip down town n skip the above listed and try another restaurant squeezed into a wall. Brilliantly located is what I would ,as I assume parking at night after 9.30 won't be concern here,cafe Churchill is the place to be on any spot on the week...assure u that an image of Mr .Churchill will look into your food before its served to assure the same taste n affections that its served with in this cafe...had the waiter recommend us a fish stake,lamb chops ,lasagna and beef stake...absolute delight.the four make a meat eating troop n have the right sizes to justify.we were absorbed by the personalized service and the regulars were extremely helpful....I'm gonna refrain from a detail as this would simply do injustice to all,those who haven't been to this exquisite meat shrine...please devote some time and pledged your allegiance..I'm,so stuffed right now ,I can only dream of that cheesecake almost kicked off the plate..
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puneetjethani10 - Burrp User


August 01,2013

Mouthwatering Stuff

This place serves the best lasagne & garlic bread .. a very very small place there might be hardly 5 tables owned by an old parsi lady i guess in colaba..amazingggg food..the iced tea is also good here..the only bad part is that u havto wait a long time if ur going on a weekend cuz the place is very small..the chocolate gooey pasty is heavenly.. a must try !!!
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gluedtofood - Burrp User


November 09,2012

Best discovery!!

This is one my best discoveries in Colaba. This small, cute cafe is for sure a hidden treasure. Even though this place doesnt really plate the dish well but it makes up for it with the amazing taste. Their desserts are to die for!!! The veg lasagne and the mix sauce pasta is superb. Even the ravioli is nice. not purely and authentic italian cafe but the slightly different taste gives it an edge and makes you wanna sample the entire menu. those ppl who have not been here are surely missing out on something really special.. P.S. the servers are really helpful and the owner is very knowledgable and has a fantastic memory..
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The Shah - Burrp User

The Shah

September 16,2008

Food 3.5/5, Ambience 2/5, Service 2.5/5

Had heard a lot about this quaint cafe. Did not live up to the expectations. You cannot use low budget as an excuse for unhygenic. Tables, plates, glasses were filthy.

Food 3.5/5
Average fare from all over the place, hamburgers, club sandwhiches, lasagna and pasta, middle eastern lamb and Tandoori chicken sandwhiches. Everything average with the potential to be so much tastier if a little more care was taken. Would not return for food.

Ambience 2/5
The place is nothing much, a small cafe, but you have to know that going in. So can't really complain. But cleanliness is a must and that's where this place looses out.

Service 2.5/5
Waiters are trying to rotate tables so tend to hurry you a little. All in all ok. Our waiter insisted that the red garlic sauce he served us was tartar sauce :) . Enough said.

Point to note - Chop N Chop dish - is your chicken parmesan with indian masala. Pretty tasty.
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Adhish B - Burrp User

Adhish B

November 26,2007

ummm cant think of a title

Name/Location: Cafe Churchill, Colaba

Average Cost: around 200 bucks a dish

Food: The food here is mostly contienental. They have a lot of meat nd some stuff with bacon which is good. they have some really nice pastas which are definitly worth a try. besides their normal menu on the wall they also keep having specials which are good too nd really allow you to experiment. the food is rich and the servings are quite large. They also have some good deserts nd i come here to have baileys cream cake after basilico discontinued it.

Service: The waiters are polite though the food does take some time to come. its a pity they dont accept credit or debit cards though.

Ambience: The place has pictures of winston churchill hanging everywhere. The place is cramped. They definitly need to expand. The decor isnt anything great though ur not uncomfortable either. Churchill is extremely popular nd due to the small space inside you often have to wait for a seat. Lets hope they decide to expand soon

Conclusion: This place is very popular amongst youngsters because of its food. Its a nice place to chill in Colabaa though it would become a lot mroe comfy if they expanded.
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