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Mitchelle  D'Souza - Burrp User

Mitchelle D'Souza

September 29,2014

The best frankies

The place may look unexciting, however you will be disarmed by the mere wafts of the smokey frankies this guy churns out by the dozen each hour. It enjoys a big share of customers and seldom will you find the frankie counter vacant. The Chicken frankies that come with copious amounts of cheese, veggies and nice chunks of succulent chicken are a sheer delight to your palate. The other stuff that you get here such as the biscuits and pastries are very pedestrian. So as much as possible refrain from buying them. The prices have gone up in recent times, but the frankies are splendid as ever. The Frankie is wholly and solely its masterpiece.
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Vaibhav Patodia - Burrp User

Vaibhav Patodia

November 06,2013

Best Frankie in Mumbai

Without a doubt, they serve the best frankies/rolls in Mumbai. A coincidence some 12 years back landed me there and have been pretty much regular now. The makers are very generous in terms of fillings, cheese, oil etc.. Its pretty heavy stuff, you really need an appetite to go beyond one frankie/roll. In the Mumbai language its a total "paisa vasool" place. Great options for both veg and non veg there..
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Hogger03 - Burrp User


September 28,2013

The Frankie King.

Yes this is it, you are a die hard frankie lover this will satisfy all your cravings, order any frankie on the menu, mainly the chicken cheese and mayo, and you will be blown away by the generosity of the stuffing's but obviously it will also mean a few extra hours in the gym the other day.
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mukuljain83 - Burrp User


September 02,2013

Awesome Frankies

This place serves one of the best frankies in town. There are large number of varieties for both Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians. The frankies are spicy and you can choose from options such as paneer, cheese, vegetable, mayonnaise, egg, chicken, etc. The place also serves good quality cakes and pastries, which are available in eggless options as well. The pricing is very reasonable and is totally a value for money option for having a fast snack.
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Janak Khilnani - Burrp User

Janak Khilnani

August 14,2013

Frankie Lokhandwala style

Best place to have frankies in Lokhandwala wala. For vegetarians having issues with non veg around, there are SEPARATE counters!

Great diversity in options! Choose your flavors and topping-cheese paneer mayonnaise Schezuan

its all available

for those who are weight conscious, wheat rotis are introduced at an additional cost of rs10 only!

get there and enjoy the stomach filling lip smacking frankies
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Anjum  - Burrp User


March 12,2013

Decent rolls

This is no place for vegetarians. The paneer and aloo rolls don't even compare to the chicken ones. My favourite one is the simple chicken roll. It's too oily, a little spicy at times (when the guy making the roll is a little too generous with the masaala) and is always loaded with onions (unless otherwise specified) but there's something about the taste that makes me go back for more.
The prices of the rolls have increased quite a lot recently, and so has the oil content but I like eating it once in a while. It is really heavy and filling. One roll serves as an entire meal.
The bakery products like the pastry's are strictly okay, not all the great, so try at your own risk.
Worth a visit!
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amrita  - Burrp User


November 10,2012

So Done with Oil.

People are mad abt breadkraft but i have seriously had better rols plus Faaso's opening at so many places I dont think I'b be going to Breadkraft anytime. Still if you at it n want to pick one roll out of their extensive roll menu pick a double egg chicken tikka roll.
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foodie11061106 - Burrp User


November 09,2012

great rolls

i can just binge on any roll from breadkraft....takes little time but worth it...must try would be chicken cheese roll...anyday...What puts me off is the crowd,the wait is a tad bit long which makes one impatient but when the roll is made, it is worth every bite.
I wish they had the home delivery for the rolls too..However, the chicken bun with mayonese that is served at the counter inside is bad.It tastes really sad.So stick to rolls when at Breadkraft.You would not be disappointed.
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Nikhil Chinchankar - Burrp User

Nikhil Chinchankar

November 09,2012

WTF is happening!

I remember the first time I visited Breadkraft for its famous Chicken Roll. I was in school then. The beautiful roll immediately placed itself safely in my heart and was an instant favorite. Back then I paid 25rs for it...
When I visited Breadkraft recently, I had a minor cardiac arrest! The same franky for 90 bucks! Along with it, the quality was way below what Breadkraft was famous for. I pass by the place often and I remember seeing a queue outside waiting to grab a delicious roll. Now, the picture has changed to a couple of teenagers waiting for it. The picture itself is self explanatory...

Disappointed... :'(
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Anjum  - Burrp User


October 19,2012

Not the best but good enough

I'll admit the rolls here are a bit over rated since there are other places which serve equally good rolls but I like going to this place simply out of habit.
Fortunately I've not had any of the bad experiences described by the other reviewers here (except for the long wait), though the guys making the roll have often ignored the request of 'no onions.'
Out of the rolls I've eaten from here, the plain chicken roll is the best. Yes it is oily and heavy and all that, but it really depends on a persons taste and preference.
For me, occasionally when I feel like pigging out, eating here is fun.
Do try the place at least once, you might just like it.
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ajayshetty89 - Burrp User


September 11,2012

chicken Frankie the best

I had first eaten chicked frankie at warden bakery but with time their taste changed then i once had ti in Bread kraft since then i am loyal customer it simply delicious
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Ashrita Doofenshmirtz - Burrp User

Ashrita Doofenshmirtz

August 24,2012

Slowly Going Down the drain

I used to have Breadkraft frankie since the first time it started. I was a kid back then and the Chicken Franky that is so popular was all of 20 bucks. Now they have added in a bunch of unnecessary flavors there, and frankly I feel that it just tastes like chicken and masala! It has no balance of flavors and is very oily. The staff is very rude and success seems to have gotten into their head. The roll is not worth the 65 bucks I have to pay for it now because it is not even half as good as what I had when it was worth 20 bucks. I feel Breadkfraft is now completely over-rated and a lot of places in the same lane offer much better rolls for better prices too.
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lesburrp80 - Burrp User


December 31,2011

Disgusting Food & Service - Customer Complaint?

Dear Mr Mukesh Bhagwandas Sajnani,

I am writing to express my displeasure at the food and service offered by BreadKraft, at 15, Sunswept Bldg, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400053.

On Thursday, 22nd December 2011, my friend and I visited the BreadKraft outlet located at the above mentioned address. We ordered one chicken cheese Franky which we intended to share between us. I politely requested the attendant who was preparing the Frankies to kindly slice the Franky into two, to which he brusquely told me he wouldn't do it, especially as others would see and would ask for the same favor. According to me, it was extremely discourteous of him to turn down such a simple request of mine, particularly when other restaurants and snack bars do it. Nonetheless, not wanting to create an unpleasant situation, I told the staff that it was fine.

We received our Frankie, which unfortunately, was over salted and after a couple of bites, I almost started choking as a chicken bone was lodged into my throat. With great difficulty, I managed to forcibly spit it out, only to find a 2 inch chicken bone in my hand. I was extremely disgusted at its sight and the thought of it in my Frankie was appalling. I immediately rushed to the gentleman giving out the snack coupons and anxiously reported the incident, to which he very disinterestedly said ''The bone must have gone into the food, so what?'' I couldn't believe he had such a callous attitude and I asked to speak to the Manager. He pointed out to a man, who was not in the Red colored breadkraft uniform and said he was the Manager. I rushed to that person and explained the situation to him. Shockingly he said to me '' We have hired new staff and things like this happens time to time, no big deal'' and he then turned his face and walked away. My jaw dropped to see such lack of botheration and concern towards a customer complaint, especially from a Manager. This attitude of your employees clearly shows how much you respect your customers and the despicable level of service you offer them.

I myself am a manager with a leading international airline and service is one of our company's top priorities. Honestly, I wasn't impressed with that offered on my visit to your restaurant that day. With this email, I have attached a snaps of the chicken bone taken outside your shop as evidence.

I doubt I will ever want to eat anything from breadkraft again and after my experience today, I am not sure if I will want to patronize your services in the future, unless there is someway you can convince me otherwise and restore my confidence in your organization.

I expect a prompt reply to my grievance and this issue dealt with on high priority.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Leslie D'Mello
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foodiecollin!  - Burrp User


June 03,2011


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vishalagl9 - Burrp User


February 16,2011

response to ameymurur

Perhaps mr.ameymurur does not know that breadkraft does not sell frankies (mumbaiya style) but they sell rolls (kolkata style) and that they are supposed to be made that way only......it is also ridiculous to compare rolls to lebanese cuisine...you are very much welcome mr. ameymurur to go to "lebanese corner a few blocks behind" but the fact is that any person who wants to eat rolls will go to breadkraft only......no offence intented....
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Leonidasguitar  - Burrp User


February 16,2011


I am simply puzzled as to why people eat the frankies at breadkraft. The frankies are very,very heavy, a thick greasy roti with two eggs and god knows what ridiculous chicken filling, the whole thing is then rolled up and sold as some excuse for food...avoid...rather go to Lebanese corner a few blocks behind for good, honest cooking.
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foodie2011 - Burrp User


January 02,2011

SImply yummy!!

Try havin a roll here...
And then, the next time try passing Lokhanwala lane without having the roll...
It will kill u!!!
Just delicious...u cant resist this roll!!!
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Pratik Sheth - Burrp User

Pratik Sheth

January 25,2010

One Word... Awesome

Whenever i used to visit mumbai, no matter where am I or what is my schedule, anyhow i visit breadkraft... jst in love wid frankies here.. go for any... mind ma words.. ANY.... n u'll just love to eat that... big in size n gr8 in taste.... yummyyyyyyyy.....
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Jay  - Burrp User


May 04,2009

must go...

simply go n have any frakie....and i mean any..they are all awesome...

they are huge in size so tough to finish the whole thing...but on the other hand they are very tasty...so u will huff and puff, and finally manage to complete it...

go for it!
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ramkamal - Burrp User


April 17,2009

Frankly Frankies!!

I have no issues with oil and stuff.. so I just love their Chicken cheese frankies. They are just awesome. I also like the idlies, fresh patties, chops, and garlic bread. But when it comes to Frankies, no one can beat Breadkraft!! It's just NUMBER ONE!!
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

May 16,2008

Bake, Cake, Rolls & More

Practically an institution & landmark in lokhandwala. Makes one wonder, why it did not feature.

Opens at 7 am in the morning. Fresh Bruns, idlis for those in need of sustenance. Come 9.30 -10 & the wide array of bread rolls, with veg & non veg stuffings - manchurian, tikkas, paneer, aloo, & whatever you like.

There are some pizzas also that can be heated & are reasonably good. Then the veg & non veg pattice.

By 12 the hot & fresh frankie; grilled sandwiches & the works are all ready to be had......this goes on till late night.....

Teens, aunty, uncle, servants, driver, you name it & they have eaten here!!!!!
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