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Salil Goswami - Burrp User

Salil Goswami

February 15,2016

Chicken is of worst quality

firstly there was a huge waiting-queue. That I understand. but the quality of chicken served is worst. It was all rotten from inside can be seen in the pic below. Plus the quantity served is below average. Would not recommend to anyone.
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Munazzah Ansari - Burrp User

Munazzah Ansari

January 07,2016

in budget

good mughlai food and very much in budget
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rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


July 13,2015

Nice Dal Makhani

The Dal Makhani and the Kebabs are absolutely brilliant. The Dal is so good that you will only have that and forget about chicken and all that. Though the Kadai chicken is also very nice.

It is just Opposite Gokul, so after a fun night there, make sure you try Baghdadi.
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Sunny Gurnani - Burrp User

Sunny Gurnani

June 16,2015

Cost effective in costly area

The cheapest or should I say best cost-effective restaurant offering some yummy Mughlai food in this locality. It is advisable to go by bike over car for I have returned two times only because I couldn't find parking. I used to love their Chicken Biryani which can be offered at any better rate however the quality seems to have gone down in my last two visits and haven't visited them ever since. I tried Chicken Masala, Kheema Do Pyaaza and both of them tasted to be made in the same gravy except some minor differences. Their butter chicken was good. Their one roti would fill one enough for it is really big. Their starters were good back then however won't know about its present taste.
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Walter white - Burrp User

Walter white

March 31,2015

Loved it

A place to be when you see huge lines in front of bade miyan. Though i really feel that BM is also living off their royalities but keeping that aside, this place is meant for those who want to have food in reasonable price and with some authentic muslim food. Do not go here for ambience, visit here for food.
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Karma ... - Burrp User

Karma ...

February 28,2015

Absolutely yummy food!

Well, love this place. They have this huge roti which I just love. The authetic cuisine of Mughlai chicken is what I visit here for. Moreover it's never too crowded as compared to other chicken eateries in the Colaba street. Light on the pocket and extremely yum to taste. Ambiance is of a regular normal open restaurant type. Purely for food and not for experience.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 30,2015

tasty food

Non vegetarians have another amazing option to have tasty food here,with everything being the oily,fried version of course. I even had Egg biryani and liked it! We ordered chicken fried rice and chicken chilly as we (a group of 10 students) were staying in college hostel overnight before an event the next day,and both the items were very tasty and did not upset any of our stomachs!
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 24,2015

non veggies love this place

My hubby loves chicken and since we dont cook non veg at home,we often go out specifically for him to crave his chicken cravings.this is one of those places for him. he loves butter chicken here along with tandoori roti. i guess there are many like him who love this place. never tasted anything myself here but looking at my hubby's happy face,I suppose it does taste heavenly!value for money,prompt service and no ambiance to speak of.
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Rahul Garg - Burrp User

Rahul Garg

March 18,2014

Vegetarians don't ask questions ....

Vegetarians don't ask questions when your not prepared for the Answer.. Cheap Yes. VFM Hell yeah. Amazing Location ...Check... The Best Tandoori Roti in town...Hands Down. Great tasting but highly limited eggetarian menu.....ohh yeah... Such a favorite infact that I've given it my own name.....BIG DADDY ..(yes i know it sounds kinky). But .. Is the vegetarian food really vegetarian??? Are there separate kitchen, utensils etc......your joking right....if you cared about these things....might i recommend relish, shiv sagar, thackers... But one second the prepared gravy....used in 90% of the dishes as the base even vegetarian?? I was told that the stock used the gravy has chicken, I once went into the kitchen to see for myself if indeed they do have separate gravies for vegetarians, I did see 2 separate cauldrons. BUT .. Subsequently I've been told that this was merely the same gravy kept in 2 utensils because they just need so much of it... Would i go there just for the amazing daal fry tadka and butter roti....yes. Do i love the amazing gravy, gravy fry, paneer masala etc....yes. Will i ever try to verify if the gravy is vegetarian....probably not.. p.s. if you do ignore that one very relevant question as an eggetarian, go on any day besides a sunday, the quality does suffer under the onslaught of the sunday crowd and the staff has a zero tolerance policy to any changes to dishes on Sundays.
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shanegutha - Burrp User


February 12,2013

VALUE for money

Rember goin to this NOt so Hyfginic YEt TASTY food as kids and as college goers. The Rotis called as Khabuz or Khubz are Insanely HUGE Naan like rotis. We always have this Khabuz wuith Chicken Leg Masala.

And Pls ask for the Orange Aloo...Its like roasted potato with some orangish coating !!! Tastes TOO good.

Pls avoid going to this place if you are a Hygiene Freak !! As its justy a typical Chiliya like hotel that SERVES AWESOME food.
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viditagarwal - Burrp User


May 17,2012

if u havent been yet.. go asap!!!

PS: strictly non-veggers..

accidently bumped up in this place ...this place sits
right besides bade miyan,,food is just awesome,,with a very
very friendly price-tag
though ambience wise this place is 1-2 starer but you always have an
option of pickup food and relish it in ur own comfortable adda..
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