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  • Most tried items: Caramel custard
  • Nearly everybody mentioned Family

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Food is too oily
Salil Goswami - Burrp User

Salil Goswami

February 15,2016

Chicken is of worst quality

firstly there was a huge waiting-queue. That I understand. but the quality of chicken served is worst. It was all rotten from inside can be seen in the pic below. Plus the quantity served is below average. Would not recommend to anyone.
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rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


July 13,2015

Nice Dal Makhani

The Dal Makhani and the Kebabs are absolutely brilliant. The Dal is so good that you will only have that and forget about chicken and all that. Though the Kadai chicken is also very nice.

It is just Opposite Gokul, so after a fun night there, make sure you try Baghdadi.
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Sunny Gurnani - Burrp User

Sunny Gurnani

June 16,2015

Cost effective in costly area

The cheapest or should I say best cost-effective restaurant offering some yummy Mughlai food in this locality. It is advisable to go by bike over car for I have returned two times only because I couldn't find parking. I used to love their Chicken Biryani which can be offered at any better rate however the quality seems to have gone down in my last two visits and haven't visited them ever since. I tried Chicken Masala, Kheema Do Pyaaza and both of them tasted to be made in the same gravy except some minor differences. Their butter chicken was good. Their one roti would fill one enough for it is really big. Their starters were good back then however won't know about its present taste.
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Walter white - Burrp User

Walter white

March 31,2015

Loved it

A place to be when you see huge lines in front of bade miyan. Though i really feel that BM is also living off their royalities but keeping that aside, this place is meant for those who want to have food in reasonable price and with some authentic muslim food. Do not go here for ambience, visit here for food.
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Karma ... - Burrp User

Karma ...

February 28,2015

Absolutely yummy food!

Well, love this place. They have this huge roti which I just love. The authetic cuisine of Mughlai chicken is what I visit here for. Moreover it's never too crowded as compared to other chicken eateries in the Colaba street. Light on the pocket and extremely yum to taste. Ambiance is of a regular normal open restaurant type. Purely for food and not for experience.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 30,2015

tasty food

Non vegetarians have another amazing option to have tasty food here,with everything being the oily,fried version of course. I even had Egg biryani and liked it! We ordered chicken fried rice and chicken chilly as we (a group of 10 students) were staying in college hostel overnight before an event the next day,and both the items were very tasty and did not upset any of our stomachs!
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 24,2015

non veggies love this place

My hubby loves chicken and since we dont cook non veg at home,we often go out specifically for him to crave his chicken cravings.this is one of those places for him. he loves butter chicken here along with tandoori roti. i guess there are many like him who love this place. never tasted anything myself here but looking at my hubby's happy face,I suppose it does taste heavenly!value for money,prompt service and no ambiance to speak of.
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saurabhu21 - Burrp User


August 20,2014

Great Food, Extremely Low Price

So I finally happened to discover a place in Mumbai that serves great Biryani. The restaurant offers great food but what took me by surprise was the price of the dishes. This place is a heaven for those looking for some great non-veg food at affordable price.

Especially recommended for Dilli Walas!!

- Saurabh
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Rahul Garg - Burrp User

Rahul Garg

March 18,2014

Vegetarians don't ask questions ....

Vegetarians don't ask questions when your not prepared for the Answer..

Cheap Yes.
VFM Hell yeah.
Amazing Location ...Check...
The Best Tandoori Roti in town...Hands Down.
Great tasting but highly limited eggetarian menu.....ohh yeah...

Such a favourite infact that I've given it my own name.....BIG DADDY ..(yes i know it sounds kinky).

But ...

Is the vegetarian food really vegetarian???

Are there separate kitchen, utensils etc......your joking right....if you cared about these things....might i recommend relish, shiv sagar, thackers....

But one second ...is the prepared gravy....used in 90% of the dishes as the base even vegetarian??

I was told that the stock used the gravy has chicken, I once went into the kitchen to see for myself if indeed they do have separate gravies for vegetarians, I did see 2 separate cauldrons..

BUT ..

Subsequently I've been told that this was merely the same gravy kept in 2 utensils because they just need so much of it...

Would i go there just for the amazing daal fry tadka and butter roti....yes.

Do i love the amazing gravy, gravy fry, paneer masala etc....yes.

Will i ever try to verify if the gravy is vegetarian....probably not..

p.s. if you do ignore that one very relevant question as an eggetarian, go on any day besides a sunday, the quality does suffer under the onslaught of the sunday crowd and the staff has a zero tolerance policy to any changes to dishes on Sundays.
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Abhilash Kanaparthi - Burrp User

Abhilash Kanaparthi

February 06,2014

Mecca of Value for Money Non-Veg

Have been here many times with my friends. To some this place may seem unhygienic, but this place has its own charm. Good value for money.
Have always hogged till I die here. The chicken masala is a must try here.
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nourin_jivani - Burrp User


December 06,2013

Unhygienic Food

A budget a hotel but had heard a lot about it. I had order for butter Chicken which was just average Being a very low budget hotel there is nothing like ambiance and service. The Gravy was very oily and after the gravy we ordered biryani which also let us down . Honestly it spoiled our evening and my friend also at some throat problem due to that extra oil will not recommend a visit.
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ardeshirdesai - Burrp User


November 26,2013

Value for money

The joint is not what will draw your attention. But if you are a foodie and want to try some excellent food, this is the place. The tandoor items are just too good to resist. The chicken served is so juicy and thoroughly marinated. The price is so nominal that you will come out with a full stomach and will yet crave for more.
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Manjyot Rait - Burrp User

Manjyot Rait

October 08,2013

Awesome Place for Quick & Cheap Food.

Firstly id like to say , define ur priorities boss. What are u lookin for ? Cheap food ? Quick service ? No Bullshit Waiters ? All u get here. Now let me tell u what not to expect. Ambience. Its like the owner dosent know the word , so u cant blame him. But if u think the owner is stupid. He's Not. One hell of a guy. Hasn't spend on seating from the start i suppose(only on repairing it maybe) , hence the worn out look. Not spend money on false roof and all. He saves alot of money that way. Old construction with new painting. But all this is not what u guys are here for right ?
My usual order is One Butter Chicken , One Tandoori Roti , One plate "Half Rice" , One Single piece fried Aloo & Finally a Coke. Total bill ? 110+15+30+20+20. U do the math. And this is my lunch and i m sorted.
Roti is Full Paisa Vasool. Only thing sometimes they r lazy to make rotis so u can tell the waiter to get a fresh one made instead of giving u a reheated one. ;)
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 04,2013


I do NOT get the big deal about this place. Its really extremely average according to me and yet finds its way through so many food listings or must try places in international publications which I think is quiet embarrassing. Not only because I expect such restaurants to have atleast decent interiors - the food is nothing great. The caramel custard is the only average dish over here and I've eaten better ones at Olympia Cafe or Kayanis.
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abhishek2rr - Burrp User


September 20,2013

"Biryani" at Bagdadi

After reading reviews and listening from a friend about food at Bagdadi, had thought to go for it if get an opportunity.
Recently went to town for some work after its completion decided to head at bagdadi for lunch.
As the first look of the restaurant makes clear that its a low margin business entity.
The inside look was like a very budget hotel.
Finally on the move to food i decided to ordered Chicken Biryani as was alone would not have been able to finish chicken/mutton curry.
The biryani i received in due time.
But the biryani was much like a Half Tandoori (its fact), No essence of traditional spices or Dum to rice. It was having a Huge wing portion of chicken (as against usual small or medium pieces in biryani) which was half cooked and rice spread over it, There were no proportionate combination of Rice and chicken.
The plates and glass to were not much cleaned.
After all not much satisfied by Bagdadi.
The only thing is that VFM, the reason people and budget travelers prefers it.
If possible Try food at New Apollo Restaurant, serves great food and ambiance along with XFM. Next to Bagdadi
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renuka1nadkarni - Burrp User


August 19,2013

Non-fussy food

When I think of Bagdadi's the first thing that comes to my mind is the huge rotis that they serve. These are fresh off the tandoor and fluffy, absolute delight when you dip into a spicy, masaledaar curry. I've found that the Mutton bhuna, though a tad spicy, goes really well with this roti. The chicken fry and gravy is an unusual dish here - you get one piece of fried chicken and a soupy-thin gravy to go with it, but it is delicious all the same.
If you have the space after the main course then go in for their Caramel Custard, it is made the old fashioned way and is yummy!
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Lizy Dsouza - Burrp User

Lizy Dsouza

July 08,2013

lightning fast service

a roti as big as your entire face. This place bagdadi is smartly located besides the much famous bademiyaan restaurant. As bademiyaan was at a turtle speed for their service me and my friends landed to this place.. cheap food.. amazingly fast service and the food quite yummy..good place to visit
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atuldeswal - Burrp User


May 29,2013

For those who love fat

Well its good for foodies who love oily food. My health freak friends rather stay away. I do not rec bagdadi when you have bade miyan next door.
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Alfaz Dange - Burrp User

Alfaz Dange

April 13,2013

Awesome Taste.........

Great TASTE for Non Veg lovers. Ambience and Taste are really Good.Try the Chicken Bhuna its Awesome . Caramel custard as a dessert option makes your day...
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ns41798 - Burrp User


March 25,2013

I can go here anyday

The best non veg option is Colaba area...Enjoy the Chicken Khada Masala with Bagdadi special roti...You will love it...and don't miss the instructions on the walls...Bagdadi's have taken inspiration from people of Pune here...
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Milton  Rebeiro - Burrp User

Milton Rebeiro

March 19,2013

Must Visit when in town

This is one restaurant you must visit when in town. The chicken fry and the chicken masala is just too good. The roti is hugeeee.
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shardul gosavi - Burrp User

shardul gosavi

March 04,2013

best chicken ever

I am going there form last 3 years almost 3 times a months
best chicken ever have
you must try chicken dry masala and tell the waiter to take the chicken and gravy separate
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Arpita Vyas - Burrp User

Arpita Vyas

March 04,2013

Super Chicken

This weekend I went on a micro-mini food trail with my family: - Bade Meeyan, Gokul & Bagdadi....

Just FYI, I will be posting this same review for all the 3 places mentioned, so that anyone who is searching for either of these places, can read this review....

There are only 3 things needed to make any eatery a great place to visit:-
(1) Amazing Food
(2) Good Service
(3) VFM (Value For Money)

And all the 3 places that I visited mastered these requirements.

We started with Bade Meeyan and ordered a 'Chicken Baida Roti'. It is a roomali roti stuffed with minced chicken and coated with beaten egg. This is then cooked to perfection....Totally unhealthy for the calorie counters, but utterly delicious. The roti was crisp on the outside and the minced chicken was perfectly cooked and spiced. This was served with some chopped onions, a slice of lime and really tasty green chutney. I have visited this place many times and everytime I leave a happy customer. Be it the sheek kababs, the tandoori chicken or the baida roti, everything is cooked perfectly, everytime.

We then moved on to Gokul for some chilled beer. Here we ordered for chana daal chaat, masala papad, dal fry and super crisp garlic naan, again accompanied with come chopped onions. The chana chaat was filled with bags of flavor with the right balance of lime juice, chopped onions and chopped tomatoes. The dal fry was amazing and the super crisp garlic naan was a perfect accompaniment.

Finally, we moved to Bagdadi. Here we ordered tandoori chicken fry, masala chicken fry, tandoori rotis and caramel custard. The tandoori chicken fry was something I was eating for the first time. It is basically a tandoori chicken dipped in some batter and fried. Although delicious, I still prefer the original tandoori chicken to the fried version. The masala chicken was super tasty. The gravy was perfectly spiced. They also serve extra gravy if needed. The caramel custard was a great surprise. I wasn't expecting it to be so perfect with the right amount of sweetness and chilled. It was so smooth that it would just slip into your throat. It was the perfect way to end a perfect meal. :) :) :)
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shanegutha - Burrp User


February 12,2013

VALUE for money

Rember goin to this NOt so Hyfginic YEt TASTY food as kids and as college goers.
The Rotis called as Khabuz or Khubz are Insanely HUGE Naan like rotis. We always have this Khabuz wuith Chicken Leg Masala.

And Pls ask for the Orange Aloo...Its like roasted potato with some orangish coating !!! Tastes TOO good.

Pls avoid going to this place if you are a Hygiene Freak !! As its justy a typical Chiliya like hotel that SERVES AWESOME food.
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aish11 - Burrp User


February 12,2013

VFM place

Been there after attending the Kala Ghoda festival.Imagine they had a waiting line at 10.30pm.We were seated in 20mins .The day's special was gone,so opted for the Chicken Fry.Got a huge leg piece per plate .Then opted for CHicken Masala ,yum with Tandoori Roti .The portions are huge .Didnt have space for desserts :(
Coming out ,we saw another 10 ppl lined up.Boy,do they have a following or what !?
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Perdect for non veg & Chicken Feasts

Just happened to visit this place twice in a year and must say its one of the best places for all typical non veg items on the menu, esp chicken, they serve all kinds of chicken stuff and must say, I have seen all the varieties of all possible chicken parts only in this hotel's menu card, it is complete with all the items that have been creatively put up in thei simple menu,

The idea for writing this review came from the restaurent itself where I saw the Cerificate of burrp.com posted on its walls declaring that this is authentic burrp certified restaurent and is surely paisa vassool.........(on certificate itself)
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Chetan Thaker - Burrp User

Chetan Thaker

December 01,2012

Caramel Custard is brilliant!

When someone is in this area, first place to go to is Gokul for a pint of beer, bade Miya's for dinner and finish off dinner with probably mumbais best Caramel custard. For 45 bucks while standing outside the restaurant, it is slightly on the higher side, but the texture, taste and temperature are perfect!
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Knead_with_love - Burrp User


November 16,2012

Total VFM!

Totally VFM!
Only for Non vegetarians!!
Old, Rustic and seems like it will fall anytime but serves lip smacking chicken fry masala and huge ...really huge rotis!!!
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Gayatri Kale - Burrp User

Gayatri Kale

August 17,2012

Used to be a good place

I used to eat many times at Bagdadi but past few years its popularisation has decreased the taste of food......any gravy non veg food is just marinated and placed in the the gravy just before order which in turn result into ok food.....no more a recommend
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flower2975  - Burrp User


June 08,2012

Great place

The fried chicken with potato is to die for...simply superb!!!
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viditagarwal - Burrp User


May 17,2012

if u havent been yet.. go asap!!!

PS: strictly non-veggers..

accidently bumped up in this place ...this place sits
right besides bade miyan,,food is just awesome,,with a very
very friendly price-tag
though ambience wise this place is 1-2 starer but you always have an
option of pickup food and relish it in ur own comfortable adda..
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DNA2255 - Burrp User


January 17,2012


Oh... this is one of the best ever.. the chicken fry /masala with the amazing kadak roti... take a bite of it and you will just keep continuing..many other things to try out similarly.... good quantity... quite interesting things happen.. there is a reloading menu board (just like the old cricket scoreboard in stadiums).. always crowded.. so be ready to share your seat with strangers.. don't look for more cleanliness... really fast service...you can even ask for some complimentary stuff like the empty masala gravy....And don't worry much bout wallet... all this come for a very reasonable price... app 250-300 for 2 people....a must try one for all...
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foodie tryingstein - Burrp User

foodie tryingstein

January 06,2012

Always Broke and Always Hungry!

A. and I were there to attend the very disappointing exhibit of Uppercrust 2011. We didn’t enjoy the exhibit, we thought it would be more fun to go back to causeway and hog on some chicken curry and Jumbo rotis at Baghdadi. It is the most reasonable and by far the best meal you can have in town.

That distinct flavour in their chilli chicken is so distinct. Seems so simple and yet no one can get that flavour exactly the same. I will never forget the flavour of the best meal I have had with fifty rupees left in the end of March 2008. After paying the sum of rupees two hundred for a yummy and satiating lunch for two we moved on to Crawford market for dessert.
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Ramesh Ganeshan - Burrp User

Ramesh Ganeshan

January 04,2012

Goodbye 2011

Ok, not another review, you'd say...but yes, a story fyi...

Have been coming to Bagdadi since the 1990 when a plate of Chicken Chilli Fry was Rs. 20 or thereabouts...and the Khameeri's were approx 4-6 bucks a steering wheel...in fact my rock buddies & pals and moi have been loyalists of Bagdadi ever since (as for most of the time, us rockers/metalheads are generally broke and need to eat ravenously at as low a price as possible...bukkhadgiri at the lowest costs).

Few of our bukkhad gang have strayed from the Chilli Chicken to the Chilli Beef, to experience a guilt with no regret euphoria from the tasty nibblets melting in the mouth with minimalistic fat content in it.

All this in a kind-of-dreary, but well-lit setting in the presence of a plethora of foreigners visiting this place (at any time of the day) for its acclaimed food, amid the flurry of our hurried fellow countrymen (and women) who always seem to feel safe in this place due to the reassurance offered by the (once large-sized) currently miniscule, Rules & regulations board, hanging inside this epicurean insitution.

Being into a business in the opposite end of town, I find it quite difficult to get here these days and for most of the time, schedule visits to Bagdadi but more often than not ending up cancelling them...I guess you can call it a grown-up 'Sin'drome.

This happened for the last 4-5 scheduled visit plans, and as the year drew to an end, I felt listless about not striking it off my to-do list for 2011.

I called up my ever-so-loyal-brother-in-arms, my Man-Friday from work, my colleague Sai, that we had to do it before the year ended...JUST coz the year would not be complete!!!

...And we marched off to fill our desires on 31/12/11 to reach there by early noon. I had (to be honest) not travelled by either bus or train the whole of 2011 (and had to do it for fear of becoming a complete and utter bourgee) and decided that it was the only way to do it...and so we did.

We were lucky to get a table to ourselves and a friendly waiter who seemed rather amused at my ordering 2 steering wheels 'running mein'.

2 Chilli Chicken breasts (yes you can ask for them), 1 Beef Chilli plate, and 6 Khameeris later, we gambolled out of the place soaked to the brim, satiated to the core, filled till kingdom come (with space only for a sandwich ice-cream a few corners away near Churchgate Station), smiling endlessly about how good the life seemed...funnily enough feeling rather 'higher' than if we would have consumed a lot of booze instead of the feast at Bagdadi.

PS. A confession...I miss the delicately spiced but divine Beef Tawa Kebabs that Bagdadi used to dish out over a decade ago. (and I'm not even going to bore you all about the rest of the menu which is to say the least brilliant, but we rarely get past the usual fare of the Batter-fried Chilli Chicken, which, oddly enough doesn't seem to be available anywhere else around Mumbai...any suggestions???)
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Adil Saiyed - Burrp User

Adil Saiyed

December 12,2011

mouth watering!!

Been coming here since 10-12 years now and has been one of my favorites. The chicken fry masala is just awesome!! has its own unique taste. No other place, in Bombay at least, can match the lovely HUGE tandoori rotis!! :) Ambiance is a little sad but I am sure the real foodies wont mind that...has its own charm...you will always find a mixed crowd from all walks of life.
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Esprit Noir - Burrp User

Esprit Noir

November 22,2011

Still as amazing...

Visited this place once again after a long time, and had a great time once again. For a change i was in time (before 9.00 pm) to try their famous 'Chicken Khada Masala'. I love their chicken chilly fry, which i usually have, but the khada masala is really delicious. Also, i tried anda fry rice, half plate, and i have never ever eaten such soft fried rice before. for those who love eggs and rice, this is the most perfect dish ever. while the anda fry rice is great on its own, i suggest try it with a little khada masala, and its the perfect dinner to satisfy not only your appetite but also your street food cravings...!
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sidweta - Burrp User


November 13,2011

amazing food total worth for money

after a long tiring day of hard work u need to have the correct amount of proteins and from where can u eat the right meat at the right price bagdadi indeed !!!!
chicken fry and chicken biriyani are a must to try !!
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knockknock - Burrp User


October 23,2011

old world prices

nothing has changed, the standards are still quite decent. With these prices you can ensure that nobody starves in mumbai. The Mutton pulao and Bhuna beef are my favorites here. quarter chicken with potato aint half bad
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bustedsan - Burrp User


October 22,2011

chicken fry a must try

superb chicken fry , food is superb m mean its like finger licking good guys pls do try chicken fry and their tandoori roti , i loved each and every dish i ordered and its chicken heaven
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utkarsh.thakare - Burrp User


August 16,2011

Who Cares...Been here Done that

This place located opposite a Bar looks notorious and not for a decent family guy.... But hey Who Cares...... If they serve good Food!! Lol I dont care a damn of what kindaa people sitting around me once I get my food on the table ;-)

Good Food, Awesome taste, Bad Ambiance



Have Fun ;-)
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moiz.n.ahmed - Burrp User


July 03,2011

Thank You

Hey Friends Thank You For your Feedback it helps us to improve our services...I really appreciate it..
Moiz Ahmed
(Bagdadi Family)
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July 01,2011

Chi Fry & Chi Patiyala

This place rocks in terms of food.....Delicious mindblowin,,,,,v ordered chicken fry dat was less oily n excellent...then v ordered d days special chicken patiyala.....pure fingerlickin moghlai gravy wid a huge baghdadi roti...after dat v did order akhni pulav dat also was fab.....in all paisa vasool.....dont go on the ambiance...d waiters r a little rude....shud try....
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Kaushik  - Burrp User


June 13,2011

Tasty & cheap!

Good for a tasty value meal, not so good for a family dining experience
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Reka M - Burrp User

Reka M

May 17,2011

Chicken Fry and Chicken Clear Soup

If you are the one who bothers about ambience stay away from this place. Go for the clear chicken soup..It is VFM. The half chicken fry is yummy, the KFC's have to catch up with what Bagdadi has to offer. The Biriyani's are a great flop. Go for the Chicken chilly masala with the Large bagdadi roti.
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Sagar Tambe - Burrp User

Sagar Tambe

May 10,2011

one more

its the place where the hungry stops...........i love the food.....nothing else.....always crowded......no wonder why.....but the chicken fry.......is like amazing....with the gravy and those huge roti's............if its colaba cant stop ur feets from bagdadi.......it reminds me of my college days......
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kkrish97 - Burrp User


May 06,2011

Awesome is the word..............m/

If you are hungry,feel like eating chicken,fancy rotis and accidentally happen to be at Colaba then the one place destination to stuff your tummy without burning a hole in your pocket has to be Bagdadi.......every time i hit this restaurant i come out all smiles,be it the XXL sixe roti or the exquisitely cooked chicken fry.....or the gravy or the final showdown in the form of caramel custard,its totally worth the price.I totallr relish every time i walk out of Bagdadi and i am sure many will.........................
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Abhishek Singh - Burrp User

Abhishek Singh

April 01,2011

The place

Awesome place to eat good. If you're not the one who loves ambience, music but love to eat, this place is quite good at low cost. simply when you wander alone in colaba, die to eat, be here. dainty chickens. mind there's also Bade Miyan at hand. enjoy both. :D
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Yadvendra  Singh - Burrp User

Yadvendra Singh

February 07,2011


Went there last night and was sadly disappointed with the food...the famous fried chicken was cold and totally tasteless.....the bhuna ghosht was no better....the chicken was sooo undercooked....the curry in the chicken was negligible compared to the size of the roti..i guess it is part of their game plan to give less gravy so you order more and pay more...we were charged per piece for everything including the number of chicken pieces which I find rather ridiculous...the place is over hyped....next to bade miyan this is absolutely dismal...we actually left mid-meal because we couldn't finish the food and went next doors to bade miyan to satiate our hunger....i wouldn't be recommending this place to anyone
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Ajith Mathew - Burrp User

Ajith Mathew

January 31,2011

Massive Rotis

This is where we used satisfy our hungry souls...
Everything is big here... No small portions...
The Chicken is big.. The roti even bigger
In the end u settle it all with a Caramel Custard...
its one burrpy place
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Siddharth Bhat - Burrp User

Siddharth Bhat

January 29,2011

Awsome place

A place for guys to go to and remember good old college days of eating cheap and good food.
The beef chilly was mind blowing. You got to try that one.
The chicken fry was decent, though the masala had not seeped through well enough.
Everything is great for the price that you pay! Great place to go after a couple of drinks and with the right kind of company.
Don't take anyone who is finicky about ambience and status!
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Vikram Karve - Burrp User

Vikram Karve

January 05,2011

Mouthwatering Mumbai Memories - WHOLESOME VALUE FO

Next time you are on Colaba Causeway, in Mumbai, have a meal in Baghdadi. It’s on the ‘Bade Mian’ lane (turn left as you walk down past Regal before Mondegar, and then after a couple of steps take the first turn right, walk past Bade Mian on your left, Gokul restaurant on your right, and on your left you will find Baghdadi). Otherwise enter the lane opposite Olympia and you will find Baghdadi on the first turn to the left.

Baghdadi’s speciality is the huge Khaboosh Roti and along with it try any chicken or mutton gravy dish. The special dish of the day is always good – White Chicken on Tuesdays, I think, is what I like best. The White Chicken and the soft fluffy roti – it’s finger licking stuff!

I like their Chicken Kashmiri and Mutton dishes too. And there always is my all time favorite – the inimitable tried and tested Baghdadi staple dish Chicken Masala at all times.

Their Biryani is different too – there is a huge Tandoori Chicken piece in it. But I prefer the Biryani at Olympia across Colaba Causeway. The Tandoori Chicken on its own is delicious too, especially with the roti, as an appetizer.

But my all time favorite is Bagdadi’s huge fluffy Roti (is it called the Khaboosh Roti or the Khameeri Roti?) with any gravy Chicken dish or Mutton Masala or even a Chilli Chicken. Whatever you eat, don’t forget to order their unique wholesome khameeri or khaboosh roti – it’s the specialty of the place, their signature dish, and I don’t think you get it as good anywhere else.

If you are a vegetarian, it’s best to try Kamats, Kailas Parbat or the pure veg eatery adjacent to Sahakari Bhandar, or Chetana in Kalaghoda.

But if you’re a hard core non vegetarian, and have a cast iron stomach, the next time you’re somewhere near Gateway or Colaba in Mumbai, and you are terribly hungry, and want a quick, hot, tasty, nourishing, satiating and fulfilling meal that’s easy on your wallet, just head for Baghdadi. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll carry with you mouthwatering memories of the finger licking food for a long long time.
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Animesh Das - Burrp User

Animesh Das

December 02,2010

The Comfort Zone

"When your mind goes blank in the pouring rain,
And you can't get back on your feet again
Well, your girlfriend tells you that the world is dead
And it just ain't working inside your head..."

Whenever i feel as implied by those words from the new Monster Magnet album, i can't help but search out some grub at Bagdadi's. Been frequenting this shady, yet trendy hotel in Colaba since college, and i must say that it keeps dragging me back.

Be it the ease and quick service, the juicy chicken legs with a tandoor aloo, or the chewy chunks of beef to be had with the enormous roti, the food here does not disappoint, especially considering what you end up shelling out. Do try their caramel custard - its saccharine sweet, though always served warm (not that i'm complaining - the damn thing manages to hit the spot after a meat heavy meal).

And if you'd rather avoid the aam junta food, order one of their daily specials. Especially the white chicken that's available on Tuesdays.
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Pavan  - Burrp User


November 24,2010

not this plzz

since there was a huge queeeeeeee at BadeMiya.. we thought of trying Bagdadi... though cheap, the quality of food is nowhere in comparison to its nieghbors.. we ordered for chicken masala, butter chicken, chicken fry, beef bhuna, paneer masala.. trust me veggies better better stay away.. for non-veggies.. the beef is good, chicken can taste better..
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Rupesh Ravi - Burrp User

Rupesh Ravi

September 24,2010

Awesome place!

Just because this place is close to Bade Miya,
You would only see a fickle crowd here.
Food here is awesome, shouldn't miss the Baida roti here.
It has the looks of a typical Irani restaurant,
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Akash Mohimen - Burrp User

Akash Mohimen

July 22,2010

Beef Biryani and Aloo

Although most people like the xxxl sized tandoori roti and the tandoori chicken and the butter chicken, i have come to settle for a staple menu at Bagdadi. The beef biryani is perfect, not too oily and not too spicy. Add the tandoori aloo to it and one can have a satisfying meal at less than 100 per head. It is such places which keep the old world charm of Mumbai alive!! :)
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snm1981 - Burrp User


July 01,2010

lagey raho...........

dont miss the sign, that says dinner will not be served to overly drunken person...... such an amazing old world place, with old world prices...must must try quarter chicken fried with a whole potato and caramel custard.........
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moiz.n.ahmed - Burrp User


June 30,2010

Simply Awesome

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Anuraag  - Burrp User


April 26,2010

old skool....

Ok...first a few words of caution...is located in a by-lane which is always overcrowded with most of the ppl's focus towards the nearby bade miyan...also, be prepared to go without naan if u reach before 7pm (7:10 to be precise !)....now about the food....chicken fry is a must have....60 bucks for a quarter chicken with a fried potato (simply yum!)....had a chicken fry masala and a naan....another thing....conventional wisdom calls to order 2-3 naans so that there is no break in eating but here, order only after ur done with ur naan..its humongous....and i had chosen the 2nd table and was under the constant stare of the cashier cum owner as though he half knew i was going to write a review for the place and felt like he was threatening me to write a good one :P ..the chicken was heavenly...simple gravy...good quantity...but the caramel custard was the real steal at 25 bucks....total tab came to 175 which by no means is downright cheap, and contrary to other posts, 75 bucks cant buy u a good meal in case you, like me r not satisfied with just 1 piece of chicken :)
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

February 13,2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

In the past @ Las Vegas, the minimal blackjack bet would be 2$, and a good hearty chicken meal would cost 1$ 75cents. That became the warcry for winners, and that is what is true for a Chicken Dinner at Bagdadi.

The place will look a little rusty, but why change the winning formula, eh? They have a mention in the Lonely Planet, and hence they attract the foreigners. They are known by the Mumbaiyas, and hence they get the local crowd. A lot of people would also overflow from the next door Badey Miya, which is super duper crowded all the time

So much for the good references the place enjoys, the food is a limited menu, say some 20 flagship items which would be listed easily on a wooden board. You'd have to share a table, but it is alright!

On the food, you must try the Chicken Fry, which is one thing almost everyone would try here once. You can call for it with your Roti (more the size of an 8-9 inch Pizza) and with some extra gravy (chargeable) Its marvelous, and then you have the Chicken Khada masala we tried, which was a substantial portion too.

The Custard is good for desserts, and seemingly the guy knows his food has a strong aura about it, and hence the only soft drink we saw stocked in the cooler was Thums Up.

Overall, an enjoyable experience. I hope they don't screw it up!
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chris_D666 - Burrp User


December 11,2009

Glory Lost!

At one point in time I could travel from Andheri or Navi Mumbai to this place just on an instinct. But my last few visits have proven to be quite a culinary disaster. The chicken masala fry ended up tasting a lot like fish and no, it wasnt post my trip to the nearby bar and the stew was just didn't match the standards of expectation....

In the off chance that my visits have been an unfortunate coincidence i'd definately recommend the chicken masala fry/ stew and roti's and caramel custard for desert...

The service is quick. Just the way I like it.
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chris_D666 - Burrp User


December 11,2009

Glory lost!

At one point I could travel across the city just for a meal at Bagdadi, but the last few visits have been an utter turn off in terms of the food itself... The Chicken masala fry tasted a bit like fish and the stew just didnt meet up to my expectations.

On the off chance that my last three visits were a coincidence the roti and chicken stew are a definite must try.

And as for the service goes...it's a no-nonsense get done with it quick kind. Just the way i like it.
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menut91 - Burrp User


November 10,2009

Best chicken ever!!!

Any chicken lover should put this place on his must visits.It is not too spicy and stomach filling. The biriyani is awesome. And also very cheap compared to Navi Mumbai. And the fastest service seen too:)
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sagheero - Burrp User


September 11,2009

Zara Hatke...

No frills food, yet not your typical mughlai. Baghdadi goes soft on spices and serves out gigantic portions. One khaboos (huuuge naan!) and half a serving of chilly chicken or chicken bhuna is sufficient for a good meal. Also recommended is their amazing nalli gosht (succulent n soft) and white chicken. The biryani rice can be had to mop up the meal. Affordable, quick service makes this an awesome proposition!
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Manoj K - Burrp User

Manoj K

July 31,2009

Feast when hungry..

Take your real hungry chicken lover friends for eating out and satisfy them with size of chicken while serving others before they serve you :)
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Swapnil Pinjarkar - Burrp User

Swapnil Pinjarkar

May 23,2009

Cheap n filling.....

wen u come over to the causeway side.......bagdadi is by far de best bet if u hav to hog on some yummy chicken........i havnt had beef but loved the chicken leg piece......its available in 2 variants.......normal chicken legpiece n schezwan chicken legpiece......both of them r superb......u get a huge legpiece wit lots of gravy.......hav it wit 3 rotis n u r full......de rotis r of de size of a paper dosa!!!!.....U may be tempted to ask for de chicken soup but de guys there r courteous enuf to tell u de truth ;) ....all this at very very good price..... (read: cheap)
i just wished they served bheja fry in the evenings too......
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Ramaaah Deviie - Burrp User

Ramaaah Deviie

May 03,2009

So cheap, So good!

Quite unassuming this! Not a place to take ur date. Best if u order it for home delivery (min order Rs.100/-)or even parcel pack it there itself. Full paisa wasool (with interest). Biryanis are not that great but the non veg curries are just yummy! This place can put many a hi-fi restaurants to shame!
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genesis - Burrp User


March 18,2009

Simple and Delicious

One restaurant with 'character' (bench chairs and tables, quirky signs)
1 Chicken Chili Fry, 2Khameri Roti
Mix and Scoop Into Self
Top Up With
One Caramel Custard
Garnish with a smile of pure bliss at seeing the price on the bill

Highly recommended if you are a foodie who cares about the food and not 'ambience'

Beats Bade Miya hands down (though the menus are totally different)
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Gastronaut - Burrp User


February 14,2009


For the pure pleasure of good food this place is awesome. No showsha (punjabi term for showing off), this place is made for those who love food. Everything they have is great Briyanis, Chicken Fry (OMG!), Beef Currys..
I haven't tried their veg, i think it should be good if someone doesnt have problem eating at a 'pure non veg place' You know what I mean?
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athsam3 - Burrp User


January 11,2009


The hotel may not look quite inviting but is hotel to be in colaba great food, cheap rates, quick service.Overall its one of the best hotels.If you ever visit this place try Chicken Fry Masala with Roti (the size of roti will surely surprise you if you are visiting for 1st time) its their main dish.
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hsachdev - Burrp User


November 04,2008

The best fried chicken and beef in town

A place I rate right on top of the charts! Have been a regular there for the last 18 years- right from my college days (Govt. Dental College) when me and a bunch of my fellow foodies use to eat there at least thrice a week. A very satisfying (huge) meal would cost us all of 15 rupees back then........

Cut to the present.....new management (taken over a few years back by the Bade Miyan but mercifully, the quality of food remains more or less the same. Yes, the chicken is not as humongous as it used to be and the roti's as thinner- but i still don't complain).
The place is actually quite old and run down- reasonably clean though! Don't miss the old warnings still plastered on the walls ("Food will not be served to over-drunken persons").
Right guess- no booze here but have no fear- old faithful Gokul is right across the street.
If you are in the mood for some major hogging- start with Chicken Fry - this is piece of Fried Chicken (you can choose the body part you want- Breast or Leg) along with a fried potato- both with a delicious light reddish batter- Yum!!
The standard order is Chicken Fry Masala with Roti. It is the same Chicken Fry but with some yummy gravy. The roti's are divine (used to be much better)
If you are a Beef eater then don't miss Beef Kanda (onion) Fry. It is not on the menu but order that instead of the regular beef fry (with tomato's and potato's). Top all this with a delicious caramel custard.
Soft drinks available. Can also try the mutton korma, biryani etc.
Can have a full meal in under 100 rupees.
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Ajoy Lawrence - Burrp User

Ajoy Lawrence

October 02,2008

If you wanna beef, better be here

The hotel is excellent. There are not so much varieities but the beef out here is really good.

The caramel custard( a special sweet of the restaurant) is one you dont wanna miss.

The rotis served are also special. The place is not very hygeinic but that would not stop you if you really want to have a real go at beef.

Chicken and mutton dishes are equally good.

To sum up, it is should be best-bet for a non-veg restaurant in Mumbai.
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Rahul Rahul - Burrp User


September 28,2008

VFM at its best,......

Visited Bagdadi finally after reading so much on Burrp!…. It is behind regal theater very close to Bade Miyan. I have visited Bade Miyan earlier and wondered why it was so crowded and Bagdadi was seldom….Anyways the approach to this restaurant is quite shady…you may also bump into a few roadside drunkards….

Got a table without any waiting as I had expected….and as suggested by fellow burrpers ordered Chilly Chicken fry with Khameri Rotis…Boy, these Rotis were huge, crisp & awesome….Chilly chicken was good though not out of this world….It was more of a chicken fry masala with a gravy full of chillies…I checked up with the waiter & he told me they even prepare it in a chinese way…,..Serving quantity was pretty good…

They serve a speacial preparation every day and on that particular day they had chicken Kashmiri, which we ordered with another Roti …..It was better than chicken chilly though a little oily…The waiter suggested that you may even try chicken handi, Bhuna & Kadai next time..

With a bottle of water & a soft drink the damage(for 2) was 160 Rs. Now where will you get that Value for money in Mumbai? …..
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dilip bhende - Burrp User

dilip bhende

August 13,2008

For Arabi Food

Arun Kolatkar, the first Indian poet to have received the Commonwealth poetry Award for the English poetry collection Jejuri, took me to Bagdaadi some 6 years ago. He insisted that I should try thier kababs. Nothing fancy to look at but the taste was authentic. So was masoorghosh daal. Thier speciality was and i am sure it is even now the chicken tandoor with naan roti. You will see most of the Arab clientele favouring this combination.

Arun is no more. But i am indebted to him fot taking me there.
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    - Burrp User

December 04,2007


To all you people out there... you do not eat chicken at bagdadi... you eat beef.... beef biryani, beef chilly fry and those huge rotis...

the food quality may not be as good as it was about 3 years back but its still good.

the service.. excellent, though in a place like this it wouldnt matter....

the only problem is that if you are alone you have to share the table with 6 other people... that kinda kills my appetite but if u r in a big group... fun fun fun.
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Prashant Jain - Burrp User

Prashant Jain

October 20,2007

paisa vasool

i m purely veg and as u guys know tht this place is best known for nonveg... very little options for veg... but still good enough... nice veg too out there... n i just love the caramel custard out there... dont forget to reserve atleast 3-4 caramel custard as soon as u reach there.. coz thts the desert which get finished almost everytime...
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ravibhushan - Burrp User


July 10,2007


Went here after reading the reviews on burrp! and you guys were spot on. The chilly chicken fry with khameeri rotis are to die for and they are massive! Enjoyed the place every bit. A must visit if you are feeling thrifty
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trevor rodricks - Burrp User

trevor rodricks

November 25,2006

Dont miss the Chicken Chilly Fry !!!

This is one restaurant at which you got to look at your plate and nothing else. You can really strech your rupee to the fullest and cant eat more than Rs 75 per person however hungry you are !!!
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Noel Barretto - Burrp User

Noel Barretto

August 17,2006

Chicken Chilly Fry with khameeri rotis

I have fond memories of lunch at Baghdadi. My first job was at my dad's shop in Colaba and my meagre stipend sure did go a long way at Baghdadi! A colourful, albeit shabby place often filled with Arab and African tourists, it's usually crowded at lunchtime and there is usually someone standing next to your table waiting for you to finish. But don't let that put you off.
What Baghdadi is most famous for, and the only thing I ever order, is its chicken chilli, available as chicken chilly fry and chicken chilly masala. A huge chunk of chicken (you can ask for a leg or breast piece - I am a leg man) to be eaten with even huger khameeri rotis. Finger lickin' good!!
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Vikram Karve - Burrp User

Vikram Karve

August 17,2006

Bagdadi - Value For Money Food in Colaba

Next time you are on Colaba Causeway, try Bagdadi. It's on the 'Bade Mian' lane (turn left as you walk down from Regal, and then turn right, walk past Bade Mian on your left, Gokul on your right, and on your left you will find Bagdadi. Otherwise enter the lane opposite Olympia and Baghdadi is on the first crossing.

The speciality is the huge Khaboosh Roti and along with it try any chicken or mutton gravy dish. The special dish of the day is always good - White Chicken on tuesdays, I think, is what I like best.I liked their Chicken Kashmiri too. But there is the tried and tested Chicken Masala at all times.

Their Biryani is different too - there is a huge Tandoori Chicken piece in it. The Tandoori Chicken is good too.

But my all time favorite is Bagdadi's huge fluffy Roti with a gravied Chicken or Mutton Masala.

When you are hungry, and want a quick, hot, tasty, fufilling meal that's easy on your wallet, just head for Bagdadi. You won't be disappointed.
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Munazzah Ansari - Burrp User

Munazzah Ansari

January 07,2016

in budget

good mughlai food and very much in budget
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kc52125 - Burrp User


September 06,2011

Amazing Chicken fry

Too good to miss...superb taste and value for money.
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