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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Thai Papaya Salad, the Tom Kha Je soup, the Crispy
  • Nearly everybody mentioned with cousin

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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 30,2015

Asian fine-dining

All Stir Fry is one of my favorite authentic Asian fine-dining. They have unlimited wok buffet option wherein you are free to choose your base noodles/rice, veggies for your dish from a wide variety and your choice of sausages. And the serve is unlimited. But however I always prefer for al-a-carte menu which has wide variety of soups , dimsums, appetizers – everything lips smackingly delicious. The decor and furnishing is modern. The service and staff is absolutely top-notch.
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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 27,2015

Best Asian Food

This by far is one of the best Asian food restaurants in town.the restaurant has a trendy look & feel to it, with long wooden tables and bench-style seating. Been here like a million times in the last decade and never disappointed. I have to compliment them on their consistency and quality of food. The ingredients available were fresh and delicious, as always. I opted for a mix of tofu, broccoli, bell peppers, baby corn and zucchini along with flat noodles in a garlic sauce. It’s a perfect blend for spicy lovers like me.
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Heman Shah - Burrp User

Heman Shah

April 20,2015

“Over Rated”

I had heard a lot about this place and finally made it to the restaurant. Upon entering, this is a good place to be in, but very noisy, as it was jam packed. As the name goes by...ALL STIR FRY and we took one of that, while the others went for A La Carte...
the soup we ordered was extra spicy for a normal human on earth and the dim sums were also not that great, so were the starters.
We ordered for Virgin Mojito and we were presented with Fresh Lime Soda with mint leaves as our drink. They thought we are some fools to accept that as mojito. Overall it was a very sour experience and will not highly recommend anyone.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 22,2015

Perfect oriental date

It is one of my favorite authentic Asian fine-dining restaurants in Mumbai
The service, ambience , food and the atmosphere all together compliment in setting the right mood for an oriental dinner date!
My Fav Cambodian Prawn soup - a delicious broth soup made from hint of black pepper and mixed Asian herbs with yummy prawns to satiate with every spoon.
This place manages to maintain it food quality and hygiene levels and also use different utensils for Veg and Nov Veg.
The complimentary Fortune cookies are the best part of the entire oriental affair!
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  • All Stir Fry, The Gordon House Hotelimage
  • All Stir Fry, The Gordon House Hotelimage
  • All Stir Fry, The Gordon House Hotelimage
  • All Stir Fry, The Gordon House Hotelimage
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 30,2015

A bit expensive

The concept is unique where one takes noodles, veggies,fill the bowl up and take to the chef and ask them to prepare it live with choice of sauces. Quality of food is good and service is very polite and the chef smiles which is great.I was confused about which sauce to use and chef asked me what kind of taste I am looking for and then stir fried something amazing for me. Expensive but it is okay considering the quality of food.
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December 27,2014


This amazing stir fry wok is surely gona make u fall in love wit this place for its unique style..the self mix combination in variety of sause.. MUST MUST GO place..!!
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Tanvi Juwale - Burrp User

Tanvi Juwale

May 12,2014

Oriental haven in the lanes of Colaba

The interiors are good but it could be a task to find owing to the fact that it is located in a small lane behind The Gateway of India. Once inside what appeals to me is the ambience and the interiors; minimalistic white and apt yet elaborate. Crackling spinach and their live wok stations are nothing you wish to miss out on.The choice of vegeatbels and meats at the wok station could be wider. The prices seem reasonable but the range of wines needs an improvement. Loved the fortune cookie!
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ruchaghag - Burrp User


April 28,2014


I use to enjoy going to all stir fry till they started increasing their prices to a hefty 750 per person, for the same dish with minimal variation. The restaurant serves bowls of exotic vegetables, meats, noodles, with a variety of sauces to go with. therefore it is overrated and high priced.
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Farah Edroos - Burrp User

Farah Edroos

March 11,2014

stir fry

Amazing place for people who love their food cooked in front of them. The prawn thai curry is to die for, Even the starters and the place is newly done on interior and the bar in the side, was a great experiencce
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rekhaumeshshah - Burrp User


March 07,2014


it has changed interiors or not (heard it was shut recently for the same). The wok style eating quite excited everyone. So what you do is, take your wok and choose your kind of veggies, meats and sauces and have the cook make it for you right in front of everyone.. Fun, fun and yum, yum! Others on my table had the Thai Papaya Salad, the Tom Kha Je soup, the Crispy Tofu with Chilli and Pepper Corn side dish
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carlalfonso - Burrp User


February 05,2014


Amazing destination for a empty stomach. A must try for those who love their food cooked in front of them. New preparations have been introduced. The garlic pepper is my favourite.
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Thomas Gomes - Burrp User

Thomas Gomes

January 02,2014

Guys you should STIR FRY your 2014

Awesome place for Thai & Chinese cuisine. Well managed staff and restaurant. Should really visit. Try the Wok guys. Pick up of your choice and get it stir fried in front of you.
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Arty_Murarka - Burrp User


December 12,2013

Love the wok

All stir fry is our favorite go to place for the Wok. The À la carte menu is great as well. But we love the wok. Pick up anything you want. And the chef cooks it right in front of you in the sauce of your choice.Yummy!
It gets a little noisy on the weekends. However the food more than makes up for it!
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Sid Chitalia - Burrp User

Sid Chitalia

November 15,2013

Amazing food... Great ambience

One of the Few places where you get Awesome Thai and Chinese Jain Food.
Its a very well managed Restaurant and the Servers and Captains are very polite , courteous and always serve with a smile.
They do get a tad worked up on weekends.. but where doesnt it happen in mumbai nowadays!!.

Whats great - Woks have always been signature to this place but surprisingly!! i Love the Ala- Carte as well. Amazing Kaukswe and The Thai Green Curry.

What needs improvement : Weekend Service!! and few tables dont have a back rest at all. When one has a Choice (Read Weekdays) its fine but on Sundays when one has to take whatever table is available.. its a bit upsetting. Come on MGMT.. do something about it!
Also please do have some quota for Walk in Customers too as it is always not possible to reserve in advance. We don't live in a perfect world...
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 07,2013

It was amazing

I was dying to try this place since ages and finally convinced some work colleagues to get me there! Its a sprawling huge place when I went there first - not too sure if after renovation, it has changed interiors or not (heard it was shut recently for the same). The wok style eating quite excited everyone. So what you do is, take your wok and choose your kind of veggies, meats and sauces and have the cook make it for you right in front of everyone.. Fun, fun and yum, yum! Others on my table had the Thai Papaya Salad, the Tom Kha Je soup, the Crispy Tofu with Chilli and Pepper Corn side dish and the Indonesian Grilled Chicken. I had a Chicken Wok with burnt garlic and pepper rice.
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Yashesh Gandhi - Burrp User

Yashesh Gandhi

September 20,2013

Great food! Not so great recently

I've been a huge fan of All Stir fry and especially their A la Carte Menu, and not the make your own wok..

Our order used to be fixed pretty much starting out with

Veg Manchow soup: Which is my favorite manchow soup, amazing on taste, and lots of veggies!

Kung Pao Potato, Water Chestnut and Baby Corn: We normally order a mix of either of these 2 veggies in a kung pao sauce

Veg Steamed Wantons

Veg Papaya Salad

For the main course we order rising rice and teppayan fried noodles.

All these are always great and tasty.

We've had the honey friend noodles and ice cream at several occasions.

Recently the food hasn't been up to the mark, but it was better the last time we were there.

And have fun reading your fortune cookies at the end :)
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Aravind Manickam - Burrp User

Aravind Manickam

August 30,2013

Surprise! Surprise!

I am not a globetrotter, so my first reaction of All Stir Fry was my review title. I have to thank my cousin sister for taking me to this awesome place. After my first visit, I have been there for more than 20 times before the closed down for renovation. Best thing is making your own dish from the ingredients.
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Lionel Almeida - Burrp User

Lionel Almeida

August 20,2013

Nice place to visit

Well I you have not been here you must go. The please is absolutely amazing
Their tom yum soup is one of the reasons that I want to go back (keeping in mind that live on the other side of town)
I can’t say I have a favorite stir fry, but I have to say I am going to try them all. . . . .
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Vaibhav Mehta - Burrp User

Vaibhav Mehta

August 13,2013

The Bowl concept

Was introduced to the Bowl concept for the first them and ever since then only had that. the food is really fantastic and had some really amazing sauce and veggie combination.

A must visit for Chinese food lovers
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Sameer Agrawal - Burrp User

Sameer Agrawal

August 05,2013

nice chinese

it as a nice chinese selection of rice n noodles. the best is the WOK walk in the kitchen and get yourself a custom made meal or rice or noodles or both with a selection of sauces.
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saumilshah25  - Burrp User


August 01,2013

Great Food

have been here many times. the food is too good. I disagree with the earlier reviewer mentioning poor service cos i have been visiting this place many times in past few years and never faced such problems.

Rising rice - A must try dish and the water chest nut appetizer is also too good. The wok is also too good which gives one an option to have the dish of their taste.
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bcaldeira  - Burrp User


July 09,2013

Not that special

To be perfectly honest, my friend had built up this place to be awesome,legendary,etc ... but the wok was just about ok ... the concept is great and there was something similar in Bangalore but the execution i.e. the actual output from the wok was not that great ...I have enjoyed great wok preparations both overseas and in Bangalore and by comparison this kinda fell short. The ambience was great, service really good, but the main event i.e. the wok preparation was 2/5
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Amit More - Burrp User

Amit More

May 12,2013

Extremely poor service

You have to call for plates, water, forks......everything. Keep reminding, no one pays heed. Absolutely rubbish service.

This was my first visit and surely the last one.
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Abe  - Burrp User


November 12,2012

Ticks all the right boxes

Great ambiance - check
Good tasting food - check
Good quantities - check
Good location - check
Doesn't bankrupt you - check

Now wondering why I don't go there more often :)
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Reply from restaurant management

Please do come more often it will be our pleasure to challenge your tastebuds

pri1611 - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Oriental delight

One of the best places in town to go for oriental food..
Love the interiors with the woks mounted on the green wall.
we ordered for crackling spinach, which was cooked perfectly..
Then we had vegetarian woks. The variety of veggies available is good.. The sauces, hunan or extra spicy devils sauce or black bean are all great. Love the whole experience of watching the chefs cook our food in front of us!
After 2 rounds of wok we ordered for dessert.
Honey noodles with ice cream! Yum Yum Yum...
And then come the fortune cookies which complete the entire experience wonderfully :)
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coolreviewer - Burrp User


April 06,2012

This place has shut shop

This place has now shut shop. Rather head to Yokos or some better place in Colaba.
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chinka - Burrp User


February 24,2012

Great food in a nice place..

Have been to All Stir Fry a couple of times now and during a recent visit to celebrate my new car, decided to write a review on this fabulous place. Any place that makes you remember the food and go back hungry for more is worth a review.

Firstly the ambience and interiors have a fresh contemporary look. The staff at the entrance is nice and pleasant and in most cases the serving staff are equally good.The service is quick and hassle free.

Coming to the food, there is a wok where you can eat all you can (all kinds of meats and vegetables) but since it was mostly noodle oriented, we decided to stick to the à la carte.
Of the many we ordered, simply loved the Nasi Goreng and the Fire Prawns. The quantities were good and the very well made.

Would definitely like to go back for more !
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bhumesh007 - Burrp User


January 29,2012

Sauces and more

This place is amazin! was recommended by a friend and i am grateful to him.
Amazing food and nice ambiance and wonderful crowd!!

Just waiting to revisit!
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slimfoodie - Burrp User


November 30,2011


Good food and service. Just loved the chicken with crispy noodles.
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ashwinsshetty - Burrp User


November 14,2011

Wok all the way..

the concept of wok has impressed me a lot and its a different experience to see your food cooked live in front of u! there are too many variety of sauces and all need to be tried to please ur taste buds. the chef on the live counter explains you the different sauces and then suggests you as per your requirements. you can also taste the sauces before adding it to your food. the variety on the stuffs range from all type of veggies, meat, egg and sea food.
P.S. avoid drinking too much before or while eating as it may kill ur appetite. also, make sure you build a good appetite before going there.
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Shreyas Kulkarni - Burrp User

Shreyas Kulkarni

November 13,2011

Pathetic Service. Consistently

This is the third time in the month that I went to ASF. And the service is downright pathetic. Apparently, it seems as though the management has changed and they don't welcome regulars anymore or a couple of people. If you go in large group, maybe the waiters and the manager would appear to take notice. Apart from that, if it's just a family or couple, they actually have the audacity to come up to you mid-meal, and request a change of seat as a larger group has arrived !!!
And don't even get me started on how food quality has dropped from amazing, to barely mediocre.

This is one place I would not be visiting or recommending anymore!

I wish you had negative stars to rate this one!
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Minoo - Burrp User


August 15,2011


Went there for lunch on a Saturday...

Great place , good service. WOK with mongolian sauce was a great choice. The Nasi Goreang ( Indonesian dist ) was a slight dissappointment tho .. since i already had it a few times in Bali.

Me recommends this one. Thumbs UP
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Stir Fry-Dining at its best

Housed in the pristine white landmark called The Gordon House, All Stir Fry is a tribute to each of the 5 senses. From the absolutely breathtaking ambiance to the exceptional and prompt service ASF is a fine blended scotch- once you've had it, nothing else will do. Everything on the A La-carte menu and buffet is sure to be a nirvana for your palate(esp. Lamb in Earthen Pot) and guess what its not heavy on the pocket either. Never have i been so generous in my praise to any restaurant in any of my reviews but ASF is the Ace of Spades from the house of Mars Foods and deserves every bit of it. Happy Eating
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you very much.regards avinash bhatia sales manager

Jinal Parekh - Burrp User

Jinal Parekh

April 21,2011

WOK of the Town

Stir fry bring the Wok experience to mumbai.. It was a truly great experience. We were to pick choice of our veggies and sauce. I would also like to appreciate the Chef, He would make sure that different utensil is used to prepare the WOK for customers eating vegetarian and non-vegetarian. They would also help you with choice of sauce you would like every time you go for the preparation of the WOK...Yes, did I mention it is unlimited.

There was a little disappointment in the food ordered from a la carte...but I think i should rather Thank you for the WOK experience!!
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MANAN  - Burrp User


March 17,2011

good Chinese / indonesian stuff !!!

All stir fry has always been a nice and inviting place since ages in Bombay

The place surely has a very nice ambience .

we ordered a combination of veg and Non veg
but before we could order we were made aware of the Quick Wok meal ( buffet ) ..which was very tempting . hoever we settled for ala carte .

starters were

Indonesian grilled chicken
Chinese Okra
Jade dumplings

followed by some really "awesome " Phad thai shao wong noodles with prawns ..which at firs looked scary..but one bite into it ..and it was heavenly . Bro*fist*
pan fried noodels were good for the veggies
and so were the Moon Fan rice

As for the drinks the

gentleman's delight : a cool blue drink loaded with rum n vodka..n malibu ..was gooood
so was the long island ice tea .

BUT A REDBULL FOR 225 ..was a total rip off ( hence one star less ) .

overall the food was excellent...and so were the drinks .
A place like this is totally VFM specially when the staff goes an extra mile to make sure ur well served and well advised .
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KR  - Burrp User


January 15,2011

Wok a Place!!

This place has been around for some time now, and the Wok continues to draw the crowds. The make-it-urself wok has got an excellent choice of veggies and meats/ seafood. Pick what you want and how much you want!! While there is a wide choice of sauces, it is preferable to pick the milder ones, the others are difficult to differentiate in taste. Most importantly, please load your bowl in the correct order of ingredients - helps the chef. Service is attentive and prompt, and friendly.

Great place for casual dining.
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ACHILLE - Burrp User


January 03,2011

Great concept... ingredients lack of freshness!

Good concept, nice decoration, truly interactive, very very good sauce but the freshness of non veg food can be a lot greater improved. All in all, not so much good value for money. A little needs to be done to make it great. Try harder!
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Sona24 - Burrp User


December 26,2010

First timers

I had gone there on a sat Night ... First things prior reservation is a must and insist for seats with the back rests.. Else a pain in the back is sure to come...the menu both food n drinks is a good one... We had the hed thod which is a stuffed mushroom starter.. N a crackling chicken... The pokcohoy was average ... N the pad noodles also could do with some flavors.. Guess we ordered the wrong stuff.. But many ppl were gng in for the wok.. Which is a delightful experience as u can choose ur pic... Overall a delightful place to hang out with frenz n family..
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kiteflysoff - Burrp User


December 25,2010

Great food and great experience.

Lovely dinner at the only place that would not only take fresh reservations in Colaba at 8 PM Friday night Christmas eve, but also hold the table for about 45 mins for the unfortunate patrons battling a monumental traffic jam. Awesome food, attentive service and reasonable prices. What more could you possibly ask for? Well, maybe a separate seating area for the overexcited and a tad noisy kids.. :)
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Priyanka Pandit - Burrp User

Priyanka Pandit

December 03,2010

All Stir Fry to the Rescue

Are you tired of the mundane options of Chinese Food available in the market??

Are you fed up of spending hard earned money on stuff that does not satisfy anything leave alone the hole's they make in your pocket??

Then this is the place for you. All Stir Fry! Say it out loud "All Stir Fry" -

A fantastic ambiance, with a novel idea that practices what it preaches. Pick your own fresh food, see it cooked in the satellite kitchen with your choice of sauce and eat as much as you want...

A brilliant place for foodies and newbies alike. The À la carte menu is also well planned if your looking for an expensive but exquisite Oriental Dinner.

I personally loved the Black Currant Ice Tea & the Sweet Chilly & Hunan Sauce.

A must visit once place for all the food fanatics out there as no one can be told what the experience is like unless you try it personally.
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chinkong - Burrp User


November 02,2010

all stirred well :D

went here for a fun time with frnds and family and as always this place doesn fail to please.

it would be the perfect place if they had a limited serving wok option. none the less foods gr8.. ambience is good and staff is informative and helpful.
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Swapnil Pinjarkar - Burrp User

Swapnil Pinjarkar

October 02,2010

Jus de way u like it!!

Been my 1st time @ tis place today.....
Gr8 Food.....
Gud Ambience.....
A helpful staff.... they suggested us a good variety of delicacies...
Gud quantity per serving.....
Worth the time n money u spend here....
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Vick 90 - Burrp User

Vick 90

September 06,2010


The Wok (Live kitchen) concept is amazing.
For just over 400-500 per head , you get a big bowl, where you have to choose your own ingredients (pasta + noodles + varieties of chicken toppings + varieties of veg toppings etc ) ..Go to the "walk in" kitchen and tell the cook to prepare your dish (Hot/Spicy | Medium | Mild)..
You can change your bowl and prepare a new dish as many times as u want !!
How good can it get!

Awesome food and awesome ambience!
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Kartik Bakshi - Burrp User

Kartik Bakshi

June 27,2010

Great place!

Great food! I have been to All Stir Fry on numerous occasions, and the quality of their food always makes me happy... Its a delight to try new dishes at this place, because you rarely go wrong. And what's more... the place is quite well priced... I like their interiors, but the wood perhaps doesnt absorb noise... and so on weekends there is quite a din... the staff is quite friendly and helpul and the cocktails that i have tried have been pretty decent... all in all, all stir fry is definitely worth a few visits :)
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khoju - Burrp User


June 02,2010

Will definitely be going again

Food 4/5
Ambience 3.5/5 little noisy
Service 4.5/5
Loved the idea of having my food made exactly as per my specifications and in the ratios I wanted...... great concept.....
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sameerdalal - Burrp User


March 23,2010

can be repeated often

Great for people who love Asian cusine, the buffet for Mangolian is good and reasonably priced, with unlimited helpings one can take small quantities and try different sauces, mix them about to suit your palate.
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tully - Burrp User


February 18,2010


I visit this restaurant very often,
Food - everything in the menu is really good, anything that i have ordered till now has been excellent, and if you don't want to order a la carte there is the option of having the wok, which is basically make ur own noodles, and you can have unlimited bowls unlike noodle bar where you pay more and get much less quantity!
Ambience - the ambience is good, wish it were a little better though
Service - the service here is amazing! the waiters are all very friendly, their recommended dishes have always been good, and the service is reasonably fast
To add to it all their bar menu is vast aswell, so overall this is one of my fav chinese places in the city!
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February 03,2010

Wok an idea, sirji!

If you fancy being able to throw together your own customized bowl of stir fried vegetables / noodles and then relish the idea of seeing it done in front of your eyes, all stir fry is the place for you! An excellent range of vegetables and sauces to spice up your wok!
Apart from the stir fry theme, the restaurant has an extensive menu, and the food is really good...i particularly like the green thai curry here.
The restaurant is also done up very tastefully with some intelligent use of lights and spaces and the place is always a delight to visit. The staff is pleasant too.
P.S. I still look forward to reading my horoscope in the fortune cookies with the check :)
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Animesh Dwivedi - Burrp User

Animesh Dwivedi

October 08,2009

What a Wok


I have been a fan of Mongolian food at 'Genghis Grill' in USA and I really did never thought that I am going to find an even better place right under my nose here in South Mumbai. Awesomeness takes a new meaning here at 'All Stir Fry' and I am in a dilemma if you ask me what was it that I liked the best about the place.

My fiancée always wanted to go to this place but on the condition that we will go there on the day we want to celebrate. What could have been a better day than choosing her birthday?

Here are few toast to awesomeness:
1. The Wok Bar: You can eat all that you have to stomach for. I refused to believe that we could have as many servings as we could gobble (now you know why Genghis Grill falls short). A sweet choice of salads, pasta, meat, etc to choose from and toss it with a plethora of sauces to choose from.

1. The ambience: I nice casual setting in the first floor at Gordon House has beautiful interiors with an overdose of glass and pristine white. There are a couple of huge screens and provide for ideal settings to catch sports.

1. The service: The staff is really friendly. I told them that I have a company and its her b'day and they were on spot with the arrival of the cake on the table and each staff signed the b'day card personally making the visit extra special.

I am definitely going to this place again and it will be unusual if I don't go back to Wok bar and instead try something from the menu.

What a Work!
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Pratish Sanghvi - Burrp User

Pratish Sanghvi

September 08,2009

Wok Experience!

I have always fancied the live kitchen concept - where i can see my food getting cooked in front of my eyes and if the same is customized per my tastebuds - nothing can get better! All Stir Fry fits right there. Located in the Gordon House premises, the moment you enter the restaurant, you will be pleased by the ambiance & the decor. Its different in all its sense - the wooden benches on one side and a home styled couch and a center table on the other - gives a varying choice of seating. At one end of the restaurant, you will be pleased to watch a game on the big screen.
Moving onto what i call is the USP of this place - the Wok experience. In a designated section of the restaurant is a well stocked veg & meat bar with very clear instructions on a board as to how one should proceed. Beginning with varieties of noodles, and then an endless list of vegetables (spring onions, zuchini, babycorn, spinach...u name it & they have it), and to top it off with either tofu/paneer or your choice of meat - you stock all of this as much in a bowl (diff bowl for veg & non veg for they are cooked in different woks) and move to the section where you choose your sauce and hand over the bowl to your chef who will stir fry your veggies in your selected sauce. Even the sauce variety are plenty to choose from - mild to very spicy..black bean to sweep & sour, etc. What you get back in your bowl is a delicious mix of your fav veg in your sauce - made hot & fresh in front of you. And what more you can make as many trips to the wok as you can! We tried a couple of different flavours - sweet and spicy and then a korean sauce - both were excellent.
The service and staff is pretty good. The chef at the wok was very helpful and suggested me a mix of two sauces and did his best. The end of the meal is occompanied by thier famous fortune cookies. It was really good and when we asked for a few more, the server gave us half a dozen to go! The wok is much like a buffet experience and comes with a price tag of 450/- pp. To me this is a steal with the quality and taste of food. Def gonna visit this place more than once!
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Abhishek Kulkarni - Burrp User

Abhishek Kulkarni

August 06,2009

Great Variety

This place has got a really big menu. There are a number of dishes to choose from. The decor is also something I really liked. The wooden benches, are really very comfortable.

The food service could be slow as the restaurant is always crowded and bustling with conversations. They have a WOK counter as well where you can chose your ingredients and sauces and have your stir fry prepared right before your eyes.

The service is quite courteous and finally your offered their "fortune cookies". Do read your fortune, but don't forget to bite into those cookies. I personally loved the Mongolia noodles and the yellow Thai curry. The satay was also quite good. The fish wasn't well done and had a slight rubbery texture and was quite awful. What saved the day for that dish was the sauces and the vegetable saute served with the fish.

All in all a place that should be visited.
Damages for 4 - Rs 2300
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Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

April 16,2009

Gr8 ambiance, so-so food

I went to All Stir Fry last night, finally, after getting all that awesome feedback from my friends! The place pretty much lived upto my expectations.

The ambiance is superb! Not sure if its intentional but one part of the restaurant is dimly lit and the other (where woks are made) is nice and bright. So you can have that perfect date or even have family dinner. I also like the idea of benches having detachable back-rest.

There's some feel good factor about this place but I must break this to you: the food fell way below my expectations. It may partially be because I went for a la carte, not the set Wok meal. I called for noodle soup (too bland), fried rice (stinking of tofu), pan-fried noodles (good). My friend called for stir-fry chicken (average). The place was crowded but the service was quick and friendly.

The bill was quite a shock (500 per head) but the effect was diluted with the sweetness of fortune cookies. Thats why the 3-star rating!
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sangoimoni - Burrp User


January 15,2009

Wok Rocks!!

I've been to this place twice..Once with my colleagues for lunch and then with my friends for dinner.

My experience both the times was really good. I am a salad lover and a veggie and so i had a lot of options to choose from..

As you enter, the Show Kitchen, emblazoned with the place’s logo, immediately draws your attention. Inside a chef is typically firing up a wok for a hungry patron.

This place is hugely popular for lunch and I recommend reserving you place well in advance. Dont get very comfortable with the starters and the wok it something to try, with a lot of space in your tummy..!!

Amble over to a buffet-like place and get yourself a bowl. In this bowl, heap in as many veggies as you can - spinach, corn, broccoli, carrots, cottage cheese, etc. Also choose a noodle which you like and heap it in. Then make your way to the cooking station, through sliding glass doors which keep the aromas sealed inside the show kitchen. Hand it over to the chef, and tell him you’re a vegetarian. He will actually use a separate wok and utensils for the vegetarians. Classy!

Choose a sauce, and he tosses in your bowl of veggies. 2 minutes later - voila, your bowl of noodles and veggies is ready. Hot, steaming and smelling yummy.

Rates are not really high.. I paid about 450 per person for wok... And its totally VFM..

The best part is "Fortune Cookies" given as complementary sweets after the meals. In the cookies, a fortune message is written and you can have as many cookies as you want to keep trying your fortune.. Lols..!!!

The ambience, food, service... everything rocks..!!!
A must try place..!!!
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iamendangered - Burrp User


January 14,2009

Expected !

What i really liked about the place is the open feel, it feels like you're invited for this huuuge house party !

Food is relatively expensive, 300-500 per person depending on how hungry you are, portions are adequate, not too liberal, not too little

One really good thing about the place is the staff, really quick and pleasant.
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silveredge - Burrp User


January 05,2009

Good food, god price

This one of the few places that you will not tire going too. one of the most unique concepts in mumbai it is worth every penny specially if you are a food lover like me.
What they have is the wok fry. If you choose this they give you a bowl (veg & non-veg bowls are specifically marked). You take your bowl and pile on the food in the bowl from the salad bar which has a choice of vegetables and meat. Now word of caution. Don't be shy of piling the food in your bowl. After cooking it will reduce quiet a lot. and even then if you are still shy don't worry you can have how many rounds as you like. Once you fill you bowl up you go to the cooking area and hand the bowl the the chef who will cook all the stuff with a sauce of your choice. Here also the chefs have taken care they have separate woks (vessels) for veg & non-veg.
What also good is that even on a busy night the wait is pretty short. Another thing I like about this place is that they are not dependent on the wok part eventhough it is the major part of their business. They have large menu for the people who do not want to have the wok.
So go there and enjoy
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Suryesh Chatwani - Burrp User

Suryesh Chatwani

October 29,2008

Lets go down for a WOK!

The entire concept of Wok is too fascinating...
Yeah this is my first and only wok place...soo probably i am little biased...
but i have been there thrice in this on year.... and its never let me down...
hell, i even went there for 31st.. it had great crowd...!!!
i mean for me on 31st all i need is a little chilling out at a good place with good crowd...and this place sure had it!
i mean if u don't like what you've made i think its probably beecause uve screwed it up and its your fault...!! coz frankly ... atleast as far as the woks are concerned... u kinna select whatever u like from the content to the sauce ... so if u gotta blame nebody...i think it should be urself and not the restaurant...
coz when i had been there my friend...dint like what he made...and hates the restaurant till date...!!!
i wouldn't call this place very expensive ... yeah but i have just had wok here with my friends..and we've never tried anything else... soo u better consult the other reviews as well!
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Misha m - Burrp User

Misha m

August 20,2008

Incredible Wok

All Stir Fry is completely a foodie's delight. You can make your own combination of veggies and noodles and choose from a wide range of sauces and condiments...A monthly visit is a must in my life. Love going here again and again. The seatings a bit uncomfortable and if the place is full (which is normal) then it too loud...so pick a week day and ray it is empty.

Try the Black Bean sauce or Kungpao sauce with your veggies and its to die for....
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Khadija Lokhandwala - Burrp User

Khadija Lokhandwala

August 20,2008

Wok Works!!

My fiance & me went to All Stir Fry last nite since we both love to try out new stuff. We skipped the regular soups, went for chicken satay Bul Duk (they had a dimsum satay festival on) which was tender, well cooked and tasty. And then we tried the Wok.. awesome concept and and plenty of choices to choose from, be it veggies or beef, lamb, chicken,sea food..the works....
The Ambience is ok... Music is ok..
I tried my choice of veggies and chicken wit hunan sauce.. kind of sweet & spicy..good one..Unfortunately by the end of the first bowl I was stufffed so could'nt make the second trip.
Definately a must try and must visit place....

The pricing is reasonable. The Wok costs 350/- INR which includes unlimited trips to the chef.
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    - Burrp User

December 04,2007


Surprising, none of the reviewers here have tried the WOK at All stir fry...

Goes to show people just do not know what to eat where.

The wok is this lil DIY thingy where they give u a lil bowl and u go to the counter n fill it up...

I usually skip the veggies n the noodles n go straight to the meats.....
meats of all sorts.... Chicken, bacon, ham, fishcakes, prawns, squid, beef, etc.......yummmmmmmmmmmmm... just plonk em in ur bowl add some beansprouts n some baby corn (so that u dont look like an all meat eating glutton) n get it stir fried in the sauce of ur choice....

They have a choice of 12 to 15 sauces which u choose along with condiments.....

worth every penny and you can go in for seconds, thirds, fourths.... thats my limit... not for the tiny tummies though.

they even give u chopsticks to eat.... hehehhe
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Devika - Burrp User


August 16,2007

Not too inspiring

Although we ordered half a dozen dishes, only one really was worth trying again and that's the spicy prawns.

On the whole, this is a very average meal place and way too noisy.
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Gaurav Jain - Burrp User

Gaurav Jain

February 01,2007

How the mighty have fallen

All Stir Fry for me is one of the great downward spirals of recent times. The staff continues to be great however the quality of food and taste has fallen belwo acceptable standards.
The Teppan Fry which was great turned tasteless, the malaysian noodles were over salted, the kung pao paneer was nothing like the taste explosion it used to be.
The Wok used to be this choice killer where you didnt know whcih one to go for coz they were all so good. That has turned into this sort of nightmare where none taste good.
Even the rest itself seems slightly tired and worn out. Especially after they expanded into Tides...
One of my fav places and i dont go there anymore.
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Neha M - Burrp User

Neha M

January 24,2007

The best Wok !

There are not many places in south bombay serving a perfect wok. All Stir Fry at the Gordon House serves the delicious chinese and mongolian food !
i love the wok in hunan sauce .. but my all time favorite is the " Fire Chicken Bowl"..yum !! Apart from that one can choose from soups (try the sea food soup, my friend swears by it !), iced teas- all the possible flavours from peach, lemon to a black currant, strawberry...ah now here comes the highlight .. they serve these awesome fortune cookies after your meal .. my track record has been of 6 cookies after dinner... each of these come with a message ;)

Yum all the way .. a must try !
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