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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 30,2015

Array of dishes

They have an array of dishes from various cuisines.

The presentation and the taste is next to perfect.

The different types of salads and the personalised pasta will surely set your buds on fire.

The main course offering have an Indian, Oriental and Chinese buffet. The dessert table is like your own personal island. The pastries and the cakes were amazing. So soft and delicious, they would just melt in your mouth. This place has been a hot spot for family reunions or get-together's, hence its always noisy here.
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Harmeet Arora - Burrp User

Harmeet Arora

March 07,2014

The Only Star Hotel in Goregaon West

We have been very regular to Grand Sarovar Premiere in Goregaon West due to its proximity from our house. The Buffet Spread and Quality is something that you can vouch for. We would surely recommend it for Families and Business Meetings.
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Ajeeta Mulye - Burrp User

Ajeeta Mulye

December 19,2013

Worth visiting one time

I was impressed with the ambience and quality of good. Live guitar was total amazing surprise. Amazing desserts. Disappointing fact was that they served just chicken mutton prawns n one kind of fish. I was expecting salmon, beef, pork etc. a bit costly place but worth trying one time. I would like to suggest them to have more varieties in mock tails
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Preshita Chaurasiya - Burrp User

Preshita Chaurasiya

May 27,2013

Perfect Place To Eat And Enjoy

180 Degrees not only enchants you with great food but also with the ambiance and service.
Definietly worth trying.
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franticfoodie - Burrp User


March 29,2013

VFM !!

Awesome lineup of starters and desserts... Complete VFM food with good ambiance and courteous staff.
Had a great time with family.
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Joslyn  Pereira  - Burrp User

Joslyn Pereira

November 02,2012

Great Exeperience

Went for the Sunday Brunch, with Family and had awesome Experience, the food, Service,variety and attention to detail was awesome,, and we all had a great time ....

The spread of Starters, Mains and dessert was well laid out and the best part was they also had a life Chat Counters and kids food and Gola Counter ..........surely Recommended
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A B - Burrp User


May 06,2012

its not only about the food...

...but also about the experience. My family frequents this place very often for dinner buffets. Undoubtedly the spread is decent with the Soup and Salad Section and the main course including a mix Chinese, Asian and Continental cuisine. The ambience is a mix of contemporary and clean space with a warm touch of brown in the decor elements.

However, our visit last night was really disappointing.

They had a group of guests who were hovering around the food stations, kids running around the place which added to the noise and clutter. For many of us who were there to have a quite dinner, the management could have taken care keeping the sanctity of the place.To add to it the food stations took ages to be refilled. We actually had to prompt the staff thrice to ensure that there is food available.

The buffet is reasonably price. However, on asking if they have a combination of soup , salad and Dessert only (instead of a full fledged one) they quoted an exorbitant price to include the dessert as a part of the combo. If somebody could explain how did they arrive at that calculation.

Lastly, even if its during the late hours, they need to ensure that the food is fresh - not cold and unpleasant in appearance.

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Jasmine Pereira - Burrp User

Jasmine Pereira

March 12,2012

VFM Buffet

Been there for lunch yesterday - Sunday lunch. Been with friends, the Spread is extremely Lavish & presented very well. Good Vegetarian fare - live counters of Chaat, waffles, golas, rotis, pasta...all customised. It was presented well, hot & tasty. Service too was good. Also a nice concept of live singing. Neil - the singer is a fantastic guy - was great at Hindi & English songs, old ones & new ones, We did have a 4 yr old kid with us who requested him to sing Spiderman son - which Neil did sing fantastically...So am sure we did be back soon with more freinds & family.
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Amit Gokhale - Burrp User

Amit Gokhale

December 31,2011

Very good place...

Had been there a couple of days back. Being a weekday it was not crowded and hence no waiting time, which was a surprise. The Tomato Shorba was particuarly good and so was the rest of the course ( I took ala-carte, they have a buffet dinner option too). Only grouse was the slightly slow service which was surprising even though the restaurent was not even half-full !!
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neena89 - Burrp User


December 19,2011

Great Place to Eat in the burbs!

If you like great food at a totally value for money price, 180 * Dining is the place to be at. from the amazingly fresh salads; yummy soup; great choice of continental; Chinese and Indian food; to delicious desserts, they serve it all.
I have been to plenty of places to eat, but this place beats all the other places "hands down".
Great Food, with Super Ambiance and charming young servers.
"Totally Like"
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Venky Chetty - Burrp User

Venky Chetty

November 13,2011

Just right !!!

This hotel is the on the first right after my place...
I have been here a few times and I came back satisfied every time.
Enough spacing, varied food options, good quality food, buffet oriental, western and Indian (starters are great, especially the lemon chicken). The first time I went the price was like 650 per head with kids free. Now its more than 1000 per head. But still worth it.

If you live around Goregaon, you must try this place !!!
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Gaurav Rana - Burrp User

Gaurav Rana

July 06,2011

excellent food and great service

We went for a friday lunch at around 3.00, the buffet was till 3.30 but we were wrongly told by the waiter that we can't take the buffet. Anyways we ordered from there continental menu, actually a very limited menu. initially we were kept busy with with the complimentary bread and snacks along with the drinks we ordered. The food came in decent time and it was really yummy.. it made our day.. We ordered a BLT sandwhich and fried fish with chips.. ambience was also nice and service very cordial. would love to visit again to devour the buffet
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Elviraaa - Burrp User


March 17,2011

Great Offers for World Cup

Went to watch the India - SA match, the match was a thriller, though was dissapointed with India's loss, was atleast very happy with their special offer at the Liquid Lounge, their Bar adjoining the 180* Dining restaurnat, we had our drinks and dinner there which was total paisa vasool, Match on Big Screen, Drinks and Dinner quite reasonably priced and great bunch of staff.
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santoshv82 - Burrp User


March 13,2011

Good place, decent food.

If you are around Goregaon, this is one of the very few good places.
Being in the 1st floor of a star hotel, the ambience is great.food is decent, good variety.
The pricing is on the higher side, need to consider that its part of a star hotel.
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Elviraaa - Burrp User


February 23,2011

Brilliant & VFM

I would call 180* Dining the most amazing place to dine in the suburbs. With the choice in salads (did not count, but would be more than 25 to 30 varieties), choice of soup, choice of continental, chinese and Indian main course, and of course the best part being the dessert, Wow! we felt we were in culinary nirvana land, and we spent close to 4 hours gorging on the food.
And the best part came when the bill arrived, we had not checked with the rates, and had planned to spend more than 1200/- for the buffet per person, but was pleasantly surprised when the bill came to less than 900/- per person, which includes taxes.
Total Value For Money, man.
Am surely going to go there again and again, only will have to go to my tailor to get my trouser loosened.....
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Ritesh  Fernandes - Burrp User

Ritesh Fernandes

June 18,2010

Ok Ok

I been there for official dinner...v have taken buffet dinner..ambience is too good staff courtesy is really nice but food is ok types as per the cost what they r charging it’s not worth paying
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Venkatesh Narayanan - Burrp User

Venkatesh Narayanan

April 06,2010

A good experience

We had been on a Rajasthani food festival where the host was dressed in typical gagra choli and the whole environment was decked up with flowers accompanied by rajasthani folk band who would come to your table with their own attire and dhol to dance and sing. Now comes the food. Apart from rajasthani food. there were all types of food, including continental, Mediterranean. There was a salad counter where we got completely boggled with the variety. Sweets again were completely dazzling.There was a chaat counter as well. It was 750 per plate and was worth it. Needless to say that the staff was extremely courteous. The only problem is to reach there, its in the middle of the always jammed SV road and cars can take its own time to reach but once you're there, you will enjoy.
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sraddha - Burrp User


April 05,2010

Limited Choices

I have been to the place twice, but both the times I came out highly disappointed with the dinner spread offered. It heavily lacks in variety. The soups are just limited to just two options, which I noticed twice, the salads are a good lot. I doubt you get a second round of starters, cause no attendant really bothered about it. And the main course is a disaster. Its almost like being forced to have with nothing much to choose from.

The saving grace is however the desserts. They are a delectable spread which I loved more than the main course. Its simply great with a lovely blend of the Indian and the western.

The staff - attentive, however you had to remind them to clear the table. The plate taken for the starters was finally whisked away after 3 reminders and the fork was never replaced till the end.

The ambiance is really good, well maintained and absolutely awesome.

At the end of it, I felt that I paid a price for the ambiance, the salads and only the desserts. Not going back again. Completely dejected with the food. The lack of variety for the main course suffers badly. Not a 5 star quality of food at all.
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Hetal Kudecha - Burrp User

Hetal Kudecha

March 17,2010

Excellent food, lovely ambiance, attentive staff!

Was here for the buffet lunch on Gudi Padwa. Must say have not seen such a variety in vegetarian food for quite some time in this side of town, which is also VFM and very tasty.

Reached at 1:30 pm and the place was just starting to fill up. The staff is very courteous and helpful. My 2 year old is a handful to manage and I did not have a problem at all with her. She even satisfied her taste buds quite well with the Hakka Noodles and Strawberry tart :). We helped and helped ourselves to the Soup, breads, salads, starters, continental and Indian food. The Indian food consisted mainly Maharashtrian fare on account of Gudi Padwa. The Chinese menu was left out by choice and not for the want of taste. The deserts were excellent and delectable.

There is enough to appease even the pickiest of eaters and by the end of the meal we were all satiated and pleased with ourselves. I cannot comment on non vegetarian fare as we all were vegetarians only.

The 5 star rating is well deserved and I plan to return there for a sumptuous breakfast soon!

PS: We also got a 33.33% discount on account of the festival. Could not have wished for a better ending to a lovely lunch!
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NaveedKajani - Burrp User


February 20,2010

Simply Rocking

i went to 180* on a Sunday Afternoon for their brunch and must say that it is the most awesome value for money place, some of my friends had their brunch with liquor package, must say they have one of the biggest spread which will satisfy the vegetarians also, with dim sum, chaat counters, dosa counters along with their largest buffet counter, it is one place where you can go without having your breakfast and eat to your hearts content.
Cheers Guys! I'm still burping.......
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rmalik - Burrp User


February 12,2010

Rock On

One more time good Job 180 degrees. the food and service was great and upto the mark. I must say your buffet is the best in the town.
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Hemant777 - Burrp User


November 08,2009

Great Food Festival

This place had put up lucknow food festival which was just too good. The variety they offered was just unbelievable. The staff was good and ther service was excellent. I was personally greeted by the main chef. Great Job Guys
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nishusaagar - Burrp User


September 16,2009

Awesome Food

This place is food heaven ....the spread is one of the largest sprad i have ever seen. The food and the desserts are just too good . The best part is that you have the option to eat all kinds of food from continental to chinese to indian. To top it all the Service is great and the staff is very friendly and they make sure you leave with a smile. I just loved thier Salads and the ambience is aamazing overall its a great place to dine and Great value for Money
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Venkatesh Chetlur - Burrp User

Venkatesh Chetlur

July 02,2009

Good buffet spread

Been here quite a few times - and have never regretted it. I read some of the reviews on the services side - happily, I have not had any issues thus far.

The buffet has lots to offer by way of variety - usually offers indian plus other cuisine - both veg and non-veg. The quality is excellent. too.

This place often has some festival or the other - they setup cuisine from that place with some entertainment thrown in as well.

Overall, no complaints.
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hawkeye - Burrp User


March 22,2009

Decent spread & pricing for the Lunch Buffet

Have been here with family a few times now for weekend lunch buffet. The spread is decent, not too much nor too little - indian, chinese, pasta and sometimes the dosa / pav bhaji live kitchen options

The place is rather spacious and i have had nothing to complain about the service plus my kid likes the song that their musician performs

Give it a try !
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Natkhat Babe - Burrp User

Natkhat Babe

July 18,2008



their afternoon buffets are good..more variety n gud service
but the midnight buffet is loussy......pathetic

we requested them to increase the price n add some more options..

just veg & nonveg biryani , 1 vegetable, 1 dal & unlimited pepsi..
no breads & rotis ..........the food was gud..but not interesting

the midnight buffet is not worth it....more waiters than the guests...

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amitmasalia1 - Burrp User


May 26,2008

don't go for dinner

The ambiance of both the hotel and the restaurant is awesome, but the service is bad They don't have the slightest bit of regret about it, either. I have their apology letter which is signed by the restaurant manager, Kevin Vessokaer. admitting that they failed to serve us to standards. The main issue is that they don't have enough staff to attend to guests. I would warn against dining here ever. Beware.
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Suchitra  - Burrp User


May 14,2008

Amazing variety, Ok-Ok food, Bad service

We had gone to the 180 degrees lunch buffet for a team lunch on a weekday...The place is BIG and has a good ambiance...Even though there were quite a few people it never got crowded, not even near the buffet tables...There is enough privacy and the seating is quite well spread out...The place has a really nice atmosphere for large group outings - may be that's why it's so popular with the office going crowd here...

The buffet had really good variety containing soups, lots of salads, starters, north Indian food, Chinese food, live pasta counter and a large spread of desserts...

But that said, nothing in the food was impressive...The soup was ok and the salads (at least 5 each in veg and non-veg) were all pretty good...The two veg starters, spring rolls and some fried stuff were both so-so...There were two non-veg starters - chicken lollyopop and some chicken kebab - while the chicken lollypop was nice, the kebab was too dry, hard and almost tasteless...

Going to the main course, the north Indian dishes ranged from ok to bad...Only the pulav was good...The pasta was kind of bland and too cheesy for my taste...I didn't try the Chinese, but my friends commented it was nothing great...

The best part of the buffet was of course the desserts - the range was just amazing...There were some more than ten items I think ranging from Indian sweets to Puddings & Pastries to Mousse and plain fruits...Of course I couldn't try all of them, but everything I tried was really good...

Now coming to the service, it was quite bad to put it mildly! The plates and spoons would never be cleared out when we came back with our next course...The water almost never got filled...We had to constantly ask for forks and spoons...They never asked for a second round of starters...They took too long to serve the rotis and so on...The only good part about the service was that we had a couple of Jain friends with us and they were pretty patient with them and catered well to them...But then its become more of a hygiene factor in most restaurants in Mumbai...

I won't dump the place till I sample the a la carte menu but the buffet is a definite no for me...
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