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Abhik Ghosal - Burrp User

Abhik Ghosal

October 28,2015

unique Place

it is unique & location was good.. Lots of memories with school friends & we always use this place for reunion.Chicken a LA really good to taste & For me Oly is a perfect hangout junction.
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Rajdeep Bhattacharjee - Burrp User

Rajdeep Bhattacharjee

March 28,2015

Lazy Evening in 'Olypub'

I visited ‘Olypub’ with my friend Soumitra Kumar Sahoo and its one of the cheapest pub in my knowledge. I have been to this place a number of times. This is where you get alcohol at much cheaper rates compared to other pubs and bars. It’s the best place in the city to booze, with friends. Ordered drinks are poured right in front of you from the respective bottles in proper peg measures. Olypub used to be famous for its Chateau Briand, Chicken A La Kiev, Chicken A La Olypub and the Mixed Grill. We ordered ‘Chicken A La Olypub’ along with the drinks. It tastes quite good and just melted in my mouth. Hygiene is not a priority here, and so is the decor or ambiance. If you got a tight pocket yet you're looking for good food and cheap drinks do visit this place located just ahead of the park hotel.
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SHayan Ghosh - Burrp User

SHayan Ghosh

February 28,2015

Place to chill out

It is one of the old pubs of Park street, one of the most happening place of Kolkata. Location is very good and easy to find out. A place to chill out with. Chicken a la kiev and hamburger steak are truly awesome. Cutlet and beaf steaks and porks are also popular though I usually do not order them as chicken comes to my mind first.
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Adriana Eternity Hazra - Burrp User

Still A Stand-Up Hangout

If you want to have lunch with some drinks, Olypub is the place to go. While people rave about the beef stake here, it should be noted (especially for the people that don't eat beef) that their spread of chicken and seafood dishes, while simple, are simply delicious. Drinks are always reasonably priced. And while the service in this place is always a turn of, it's not hard to take the bad with the good at a place like this.
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foodie614 - Burrp User


May 24,2013

Just Chill !

A nice chilled out place to go to in the evening with your mates and grab a beer with some good classic snacks. It surely does give a retro calcutta feel !
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asifiqbal313 - Burrp User


March 13,2013

Good Ol' Oly

One of the oldest bar on Park Street, the place undoubtedly has some of the typical continental dishes on the menu. The beef stake or Chateau Briand is one of their signature dishes and the loyalist swear by it. A chunk of well grilled meat with fried egg, mashed potatoes and boiled peas is 'the' dish to try. Their Chicken Al Kiev is not for the faint-hearted as there is melted butter oozing out as you cut throught this deep friend chicken pieces. Overall a great place to relax after a hard day's work.
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restaurant123 - Burrp User


December 11,2012


Only those who visit this place 2-3 times will be sooner or later get addicted to it. One of the oldest pub in Kolkata. see more details about olypub at http://kolkatarestaurants.blogspot.in/2012/02/olypub-park-street.html
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Sammya Brata - Burrp User

Sammya Brata

August 27,2012

Beef,Beer and Oly!

A student has been into the mix of things for quite a while now! As graduates, Olypub has been one of the most popular sheds of a gang of frolic-stricken young souls who thrive of FUN, entertainment, music, dissipation, liquor and beef-steaks as sole respite. And if all those aspects boil down to one dwell, no one can stop the free-flowing spirits. Located at the heart of the city, Oly is a different proposition all together, with the masti and the environment transforming lives since ages. The quality of food and drinks have never dipped since those days and has promise of serving the next generations with ease. Amazing place; amazing grace!
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Titas Kar - Burrp User

Titas Kar

August 22,2012

Needs to get better!

People don't believe me when I get into olypub, and don't order wine . Why? Because of the magnificent item called chicken-a-la-Kiev , that's a speciality of this place! A buttery pool inside a grand chicken piece, that's the magical dish for you. But the ambience has got to get better. It's too murky , and the cutlery need to be upgraded too.
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Kaushik Banerjee - Burrp User

Kaushik Banerjee

November 18,2011

Defines "Kitsch Kolkata Food"

It's sort of unnerving for a teetotaler to enter a famous bar in town, just to taste the food. Not that I never did that earlier, but add to that huge amount of expectation from one of the most famous establishments in the town... NO! I don't want to get a black eye from my tipsy friends!
Olympia Pub IS Kolkata in many ways, for many of us. A melting pot where students with a bit of pocket money and richie rich guys with plastic money all sit together and enjoy... the unmentionables for a middle class bengali family!
So I entered OlyPub... not dark but well lit place, very unlike what I imagined. Multiple levels of sitting arrangements, slightly low ceiling, friendly "uncle-like" stewards... it wasn't a crowded late afternoon, just a few guys sitting here and there and a few girls as well, looked more like a college canteen (government ones, not the posh private college canteens) than a bar, except the thums up bottles were replaced by beer bottles. I just wanted to spend some time, so just ordered the famous beef steak and chicken a la kiev (and some water, they don't serve diet coke). Steak came first and... fast! It was... well let me put it this way... not sizzling hot. Well done. But would have loved it more if it was a bit more warm. But tasted wonderful! Slightly Indianized version with masala and onions. Good Beef!
The Chicken a la Kiev was awesome. The best I had till date was from Mocambo, couple of hundred feet away from Olypub. But Olypub's CalK was nearly a quarter the price and more in quantity (you get two mid sized instead of one large at Mocambo). I was so satisfied with the dishes that I was grinning almost unknowingly when I was paying the bill.
This place is a must visit if you are visiting Kolkata, even if you don't drink at all!
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jacx89 - Burrp User


September 16,2011

Olypub Beef Steak

Olypub has the most amazing beef steak which is not too expensive also. The last time I went there, was during the rainy season, so the carpets must have been damp. The whole place was stinking... @Maxfox007, I am planning to visit Olypub on my next trip to Kolkata, will make sure i take a note of your experience and be more careful. I love the food here!
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Maxfox007 - Burrp User


May 05,2011


Like all others readers I am also a die heart fan and a frequent visitor of this Oly Pub and I always came out of that iconic hang out place with all my friends giggling and having a big smile in our face.But the last and the second last two time was the exception, an unexpected incident occured.After finishing our drinks and food we took the bill,as we all know the billing counter of Oly Pub is on the ground floor.The waiters while carrying the bill from the counter to the customers sitting upstairs add an amount of at their own will,which the visitors out of trust on the age old Name oly Pub pay, generally without cross checking. Second last time I visited we just informed this to the person in the counter and he appologised and we went away.But today the same thing happened and I was taking the bill to the billing counter downstairs and the waiter just snatched it. This type of frauds are not expected from such an renowned place of Kolkata. So I would request the owner to keep an strict eye on the waiters.And the visitors to cross check the bill amount before paying.Basically, the waiters prepares an bill in an white paper which in not at all issued by the billing counter personnel.
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Amod Indap - Burrp User

Amod Indap

March 23,2011


I love this place to the core...in just one visit. Its kinda like the white collared beer bar. No frills, nothing fancy, slow service, yet an atmosphere to fall in love with. Random people share the table with you in case there's no place. Of course, there were some over-the-top drunk people talking loudly...or were they just the stereotypical bongs...(just kiddin guys)...Discovery of a lifetime...Thunderbolt beer. Strong, yet smooth. Post 2 bottles, felt its after effects till late that night and this is not a usual thing. I'm already hunting for this brand in the market. I like the part where they pour the drink in front of the customer. The waiter was very slow on the 'chakhna' front, we kept yelling for attention, I guess coz of the friday bit. Food-wise, tried the Oly Chicken. It was good, but I prefer my chicken hot, so this is more for the mild, continental type palate. I'm already planning on getting my a** there this Friday. Kudos to the price range as well (1 starter, 1 main course, 2 rum large, 3-4 beer bottles = Rs.800 something).
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Prerna Sherpa - Burrp User

Prerna Sherpa

February 17,2011

Old School !!!

Reminds me of my college days, when we used to frequent this place.
But i have very fond memories here. It doesn't matter if it takes the waiter an eternity to
get your food and drinks, the glasses and plates are dirty and chipped,, the cutlery wont cut your steak,,there are roaches running on the carpet floor,, and rats in the loo !! you leave this place a happy person... plus the drinks are way cheaper here compared to the rest of Park Street.
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tiirthankar  - Burrp User


February 09,2011

fair bar !

The best thing about this place that your drink is poured in front of you, so n need to worry about peg size.And, the 'dalmut will keep on pouring.
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summeet - Burrp User


January 14,2011


Godmaxx is something that its a maximum GOD place that u can expect..:P
i've been to oly quite sometimes now..the ambiance gives u a feel of old kolkata in the heart of park st. they serve you drinks in a way which is really unique.. they would make the peg in front of u using some measurement stuff(i dont knw wat its called),but its gives me a good feeling, i dont knw why..:P
beef steak is a starter which u wud defintely dont want to miss over here. apart from that, the shaky chairs, menu cards, half torned apart..its so perfect in its own way..i love d place
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Chayan Deb - Burrp User

Chayan Deb

November 01,2010

Ol' Calcutta Cult

If your sole aim is to get drunk and you don't want to spend too much...hop in to Olypub, no you won't get a good ambience, you won't have much choices for food, nor drinks...still Olypub has this feel of Calcutta, and that makes it so popular among revelers.
You have to be there to know why it is an Ol' Calcutta cult.
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Ranit Mukherji - Burrp User

Ranit Mukherji

October 12,2010

Ole Ole Ole

One major discomfort, besides rats, roaches, locusts and God knows what else, is their non-compliance to cards, credit or debit. And this, when the rest of Park Street offers the cashless option. But for those who haven't been there, there is fare you've missed in life. So go binge hog on the Chateaubriand steak (better known as beef steak), complete with french fries, boiled peas and carrots and mashed potato. Sit on their heads and bring the steak back through the kitchen if you have to. But don't quit it. You get one of the city's best french fries here (and believe me, proper finger chips are getting harder to come by). Insist on the mustard sauce which has real good tang here. Don't miss the cocktail sausage with your drink. And yes. The chicken-ala-kiev. Just be wary of the molten butter inside when you blow the top. A little warning. There's a certain degree of inconsistency about the food, but then, you'll go if you think your luck is worth a try. Cheers.
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Poulami Mukherjee - Burrp User

Poulami Mukherjee

August 29,2010

Why do we keep going back here?

First time you visit olypub is a shock. THIS is that hallowed place all your friends keep talking about? This shabby place, dimly lit, full of shady characters, dingy seats & the family of rats that lives underneath the corner tables. But then olypub grows on you, don't ask me why, i really don't know.
First thing you do at Oly is grab a waiter & appear like you will tip him well so that he's interested in serving you. Next order the food. The food is mostly good. Most people love the beef steaks, ask for it to be well done though if you don't want knives & forks flying about. The chicken ala oluypub tastes good as well. Then the alcohol. Don't decide anything by the menu, they don't have most of the stuff, so keep a few choices ready. The price as most people claim, is not cheap anymore.
Try & sit downstairs, it is cleaner & no rats there.
The best part about the place... they will never ask you to leave, even if you sit there for 6 hours & get raving drunk. ;)
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Sudip Maitra - Burrp User

Sudip Maitra

August 24,2010

What you see is what you. Olypub a Legend.

A legend of Kolkata where drinks are the cheapest and the food prices reasonable. Be careful when you walk on the uneven floor especially after a few drinks or you might trample over the next table.

Since its a very down to earth place and has served as Kolkata's traditional water hole for decades no one looks at the decor or the old faces of the waiters who have been serving here since the beginning. You come here to get a cheap drink and that's what you get. No frills no hanky panky but very down to earth.

The best part of the place is as I remember is that the waiter pours your drink on your table to show you he is not serving short. So much for the show as I have always noticed that whenever they pour the drink their hand shake resulting in the customer getting a few extra ML of liquor. Its has a double benefit... the customer gets more and the waiter gets a heavier tip. Both are happy. Where else will you have fun like this?

Cheers Olypub.. we who grew up in Kolkata in the 60s still love you as much if not more. No trip to this old city is complete without a visit to Olypub.

Olypub ... You are great. Keep it up.
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Nabanita Chatterjee - Burrp User

Nabanita Chatterjee

August 19,2010

Just okay...

First visit to Oly was just about okay..The service was quite sloppy.Ambience was weird.Can just say that do not try this place if you're used to a CCD or a Barista for that matter.But yeah...the drinks are REALLY cheap though you won't really find half of your brand preferences most of the times.But overall,a nice place to sit around and talk (but not for too long)! And yeah,girls only groups are allowed :) can't be sure of in the evenings though.
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Rohit R - Burrp User

Rohit R

July 12,2010

Chalta he

wn no other option Left out.olly wud b a suitable place..God place to chitchat with friendz over a glaas of beer..Food is kinda OK..Beef Stake is a good n well made dish..They dnt have BEER MUGS..They dnt accept Cards too.
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shreetama - Burrp User


April 26,2010

Yess.. and No!

YES for myself and NO if you ask me for recommendation.
This place infested with rats and cockroaches has something indescribable about it that makes it so special. I think one can't have a midway opinion about Oly, either love it or hate it.
If you haven't heard of it from your friends already, chances are you won't like it.
Food: They serve generous amount of food. Nothing special about it. Haven't had beef steak myself, but my friends swear by it.
The only thing bothers is that I guess girls only groups are not allowed.
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S Pinstripe - Burrp User

S Pinstripe

August 30,2009

Oly of course...

Almost all who have spent their adolescence in Calcutta have had their first taste of alcohol at Oly. Me too. So there's a huge dollop of notsalgia associated with anything to say about Oly....
But then here I am suggesting a place for non-visitors, remember? (For me, Oly would forever be rated 5 stars, really. After all, there's a price for nostalgia).
But leave behind nostalgia (which a first-time visitor will not have), and you get nothing else. The beer menu's ridiculous, the beef steak (which tasted brilliant to the untrained tongue) is merely average... and ambiance? What ambiance?
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panushwari - Burrp User


August 07,2009

Very Old and Dear Friend

When you enter on a busy Saturday Evening, you will have to look around and find a friend who's already seated. Otherwise, you can be standing anywhere for a considerable amount of time.

The service: sloppy.

The food: Mediocre. The beefsteaks are the most wanted item on the menu... yet they arrive with cold peas and mash. And you can't cut the steak with a normal knife.

Why then am I giving it a GOOD review? Because it is a WONDERFUL experience for those times when you cast off the bored social gear and just be yourself with friends. And yes, this place reeks of beer, and you can often see rats. Also, women are not allowed to sit alone. But they return with men and INSIST on being seated.

And yes, this place makes very good ham sandwiches. Please try them along with Chicken A La Olypub. A strangely wonderful concoction after a few beers or vodka.

Btw, most of the times you wont get the brands you are looking for.

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Abhishek Kulkarni - Burrp User

Abhishek Kulkarni

June 17,2009

What an Experience

This was a place I had not heard of for two years even though I was staying in Kolkata. This place is home to a select few. I was taken here by one of my friends during my last week in Kolkata. The atmosphere is so simple and the crowd is something totally different. You will end up coming across the entire intellectual crowd of Kolkata sitting and enjoying their drink reading some book or noting a diary. You might never expect this place to attract foreign clientèle but you will come across several foreigners here and ladies too make up quite a percentage of the crowd which is usually absent due to the crowd in other such pubs.

The food is nothing great, but try their egg dishes, they are quite OK. One thing for sure is that you are sure to hit a conversation with the person on the table beside you. This is the Olypub culture
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Tanmoy Das - Burrp User

Tanmoy Das

June 05,2009

One of the Oldest N The Best

At Olypub, Beefsticks Rocks!!!!!!! You got to have the beefsticks to get the true feel..Place is little clumsy .. i guess its preety old but food is good... Nice place to hangout with your friends .....
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Neelini Sarkar - Burrp User

Neelini Sarkar

August 13,2007

an acquired taste

Contrary to what's written in the tags for this place, oly is neither "discotheque" nor "expensive" by any means. Its very much a place frequented by oldtimers, office goers, the occasional tourist, and college crowds. It is a bar without an actual "bar". You sit at the table and order your drinks. Among food, the beefsteak is a favourite for many, but I would advise you to be careful about eating anything there. Its one of the cheapest places in Calcutta where you can sit and have a drink, if you don't mind the occasional rat prowling about below the sofas. if you are okay with what the place has to offer, then you'll love it.
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